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red mail Relatives of Richard WARD b: Abt. 1745 - (Darrington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information related to Richard WARD and descendants. Many thanks in advance! > 1 Richard WARD b: Abt. 1745 England d: Yorkshire, England (Darrington, West Riding?) > +Hannah CRAVEN b: Abt. March 06, 1748/49 England m: 1768 England >> 2 Jonas WARD b: March 03, 1764 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire, England src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire >> +RHODEHOUSE >> 2 Mary WARD b: February 10, 1767 Darrington, West Riding, Yorkshire, England src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire >> +John PICKERING m: December 22, 1787 Darrington, Yorkshire, England src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire >> 2 Richard* WARD b: July 16, 1769 Yorkshire, England (Darrington, West Riding???) src1: Mt Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois, src2: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire d: March 09, 1859 Greene Co, IL src: Mt Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois >> +Elizabeth* WARD b: June 20, 1774 Yorkshire, England src: Mt Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois d: December 07, 1856 Greene Co, IL src: Mt Gilead Cemetery, Green Co, Illinois m: May 13, 1794 Darrington, Yorkshire, England src: Ancestry View CD: English Parish Records: Yorkshire (West Riding), Nottinghamshire
red mail Parish records - (Darrington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hi trying to trace the Roberts family, James Roberts was born around 1809 in Campsall he married Mary Limbert at Darrington around 1833 but his name shows as James Robert Cowood this is were I get stuck.All records thereafter refer to him as just James Roberts They had a son William who was born at Darrington around 1836. Any help or advise would be appreciated. Thankyou Alison
red mail sanderson - (Darrington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
We are researching the Sanderson family.Joseph Sanderson was born in Darrington in 1764 and his son Ephraim was born in Darrington 1794.Is anyone else researching this family?
red mail Reuben George Wilson - (Darrington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Born 1864 Cawood. Have a wealth of information but not when Reuben G. Wilson died.
red mail Varden - (Darrington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Herbert James Varden b. 1877 moved his family from Norfolk to the Darrington/Knottinly area by 1919. His daughter Rose Ellen Varden b. Dec 1909 had 2 daughters Emily 1938 and Marjorie 1944 and maybe a 3rd. They were born at 1 Paradise Gardens which was the name given to the Workhouse. The eldest daughter lived with her mother, grandmother and baby sister until late 1944 when she was adopted, as was Marjorie. I would like to find out what happened to Marjorie if possible!
red mail Auckland - (Deepcar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hello I am tracing my family history and I would be grateful for any information. Here is an outline of my history so far:- great grandfather - William Burton - 1867 - 1929 , born Deepcar married Martha Jane Gilbertson nee Jackson His siblings wereArthur , Louisa , John , Mary , Alexander , Charles and Henry. great grandfather Charles Alexander born 1842 in Wickersley m Selena Tate then Helen Prosser. I would love information on the marriage of Charles and Selena great great great grandfather Edward 1814 - 1873 m Ellen Yelland/Ann Oliver - children born at Wickerlsy - Charles 1842 and Ellen 1843 great great great great grandfather Charles 1777- 1832 m Sarah Clayton - think this family were based at Wickerlsy and children christenedat the parish church. Their names are:- Edward , Harriet and James ( 1814 , 1818 , 1824) great great great great great grandfather William A 1744 -1817 buried at Burghwallis m Susanna Walker at Burghwallis in 1767 great great great great greatgreat grandfather William 1718 - 1806 marries Elizabeth Pinder at Kirk Sandall. Many thanks
red mail The deighton Bray Family - Noble scions of Antiquity - (Deighton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Anyone on the Deighton bray line? It sounds like a railway line but it is family history. James Bray, Deighton, Yorkshire b. around 1750, clothier and cloth merchant. I believe his father was Antony or Anthony Bray who was born even earlier.
red mail BRIERLEY - (Delph - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail Sarah Needham - (Delph - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Trying to find out more about Sarah Needham born 1855 in Delph.She married James Lucas 1879 at St John the Baptist, Hey. Also Edmund Needham born 1858 Saddleworth, trying to find if they were brother & sister. Also if their parents were William & Hannah.Thank You, Sylvia
red mail Shrigley's from Delph> Saddleworth>Linthwaite>Marsden - (Delph - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I have Shrigley ancestors who arrived in Delph from Macclesfield in 1740. His name was Henry Shrigley, a sojourner tailor, son of Nicholas.
red mail John Kenworthy Ashhurst - (Delph - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am trying to find details of my gt.grandfather who was born in Delph in December 1825.
red mail howson - (Delph - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail Alexander Edward Fowler - (Delph Hill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Born in Delph Hill in 1849. Worked on the railways and married Mary Ann Wilson from Burnipfield, Durham about 1868. Would like to know his mother's and father's name and if there were any siblings.
red mail Kenyon - (Denby Dale - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm interested in any information relating to the Kenyon family in Denby (or nearby Cumberworth), especially any connections to the mill owner Jonas Kenyon (1817-1890).
red mail Susey Smith - (Denholme - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for a Susey or Susan A. Smith who married John Thomas Brodgen. She was born in Denholme in 1840 and was residing in Altofts in 1881 and 1891. Their children were Charles Henry, Hannah, Edgar S. Ezra, Flora and Zillah. Any help on either Susey or John Thomas Brogden born in Ilkley circa 1839 would be most appreciated. Thank you
red mail White Windows Farm - (Denholme - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information on Tidswell family of White Windows Farm Black Edge Lane. Abraham Tidswell 1810-1843 and wife Sarah Robinson 1803 lived there for many years. Son Abraham 1839-1890 and his wife Ellen Hainsworth 1840-1922 also lived at the farm with an elderly aunt Sushanna Tisdwell 70yrs old in 1871 census details. Does the farm still exist?
red mail Denshaw Henthorn family - (Denshaw - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'd be interested to contact anyone who has information about my mother's family. She was born Denshaw at Brimmycroft Farm as Amy Henthorn. Her father John William Henthorn ran a local milk delivery and before that the family was involved with the Black Horse Inn, Denshaw. His wife was a Buckley. I have the line going back to 1560 and currently I have 200 local people in my Tree.
Wharton - (Denton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm looking for the Wharton family from Denton, Yorkshire. Samuel Wharton (b:c1812 d:1891), my GG Grandad lived at Hole House Beck. He married Ann Drake, my GG Grandma, from Pannall and after she died c1856 Samuel married Jane Marsh - there may be a Northern Ireland connection here. If anyone knows of any descendants of Samuel Wharton please direct them to this message. I'm intersted in Samuel's ancestors, I believe his father was Thomas Wharton (b:c1760) and I also believe at some point he too lived at Hole House Beck, Denton, Yorkshire. Good old Samuel managed to father 14 children between the two marriages! There must be someone who knows something. Help, Please.
red mail John Harris - School teacher at Dobcross - (Dobcross - Yorkshire, West Riding)
John Harris (Harriss) born Rame, Cornwall in 1857 trained at Battersea College and was appointed as a teacher at the Church of England School in Dobcross in January 1880 and appears to have taught there for a year or so. He later received a written reference from the Revd. William Simpson, Vicar of Dobcross and became a Church of England priest. Any information on Dobcross School at the relevant time, greatly appreciated.
red mail Eastwood Saddleworth Greenfield Dobcross Berger Norway - (Dobcross - Yorkshire, West Riding)
The Eastwood owned wool Dying Mills in the mentioned area, a branch first moved to Berger in Norway and opened a mill there, then William Eastwood traveled to the US (New York area) although I don't believe stayed and traveled back to Norway Would love to hear from my Norwegian cousins Eastwood's. Any information photos or documents on my Eastwood bloodline.
red mail BARKER - (Dodworth Bottom - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching my mothers family ,Barker of Dodworth -can anyone help me fill a few gaps
red mail Dodworth and Dodworth Bottom. - (Dodworth Bottom - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for details of the parents of Robert Booth, born 1811 'On the Sea', but whose family came from Dodworth. He married Hannah Robinson, also of Dodworth,c1830 and they lived in and around Dodworth all their lives.Their youngest son Uriah, born c1855, a coalminer, disappears from the census of 1881, but reappears in Manchester in 1891, married, with family. Family legend has it that he fled from Yorkshire after a fight with blackleg (strike-breaking) miners, when he pushed a man off a train. Does anyone know of any industrial unrest in the area between 1871, when Uriah was 16,and 1880? This is the most likely age-range for hot-headed action, and may explain why he was not registered in 1881. Incidentally, this name is sometimes mistranscribed as 'Wiah' or 'Wriah'. Any information on the history of Dodworth, and the Booths, is welcome.
Uriah Booth - (Dodworth Bottom - Yorkshire, West Riding)
General unrest in area due to coal-owners cutting wages. But strike at Church Lane Colliery, Dodworth in May 1877 which lasted until Dec 1877 when the miners had to accept the lower wages. Owners brought in blacklegs from Wales and Durham, but they were confronted on the station platform by the Dodworth miners and "pursuaded" to return home. However, many families had already left Dodworth to find work in other places.
Pearson Family in Dodworth - (Dodworth Bottom - Yorkshire, West Riding)
If anyone could help me find the Ancestors of my Grandmother Ada Pearson, born in Dodworth in 1870, her Father was James Pearson, and his father was James Pearson, who was a weaver, born Abt.1811, he was married to Sarah, for whom I don't have a last name - so my searches for Sarah have been fruitless too. My Grandmother Ada Pearson was married to William Thomas Barber, of Garforth, born in 1867. If anyone has any knowledge they could share I would be truly grateful
red mail Dodworth of Sheffield England - (Dodworth Bottom - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Help required, trying to trace any relatives relating to my Dodworth genealogy. My Great Grandparents were George Thompson Dodworth married to Francis Mary Kirby Grandfather James Dodworth married to Helena Maud Penny Father Reginald Godfrey Dodworth married to Ilse Augusta Posch James Dodworth (Dodie)
red mail Robinson - (Draughton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information on Robinson families in Draughton pre-1800, particularly William and Elizabeth (Tillotson) married Bolton Abbey 21 October 1779 -- and especially their eldest son Thomas, baptised in Skipton Parish Church 7 January 1781.
Whittingham from Draughton - (Draughton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Ant info about the arrival of George Whittingham from Addingham around 1720ish Ive info on some of the Whittinghams from George to william 1822 then to Idle rgds
red mail Dilcocks Of Drax - (Drax - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Would be pleased to hear from anyone related to the Dilcock families who were based around Drax during the 18th and 19th centuries and later moved to Selby.
red mail HEALAS of Drax - (Drax - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anybody know positively of links between the Healas family of Drax and Selby and those named Heelas and Helas in and around Hull?
red mail Drax,Camblesforth,Cowick - (Drax - Yorkshire, West Riding)
From 1851 census. A). Lazenby family were resident in St Phillips area of Sheffield in 1850s and prior. In 1851, George was 46 years old and lived at 9 Jehu Lane. He was a tailor his business was at 2 Morpeth St. I did trace that part of tree back to Snaith/ Drax / Cowick area - But this appears to be on the cusp of West, South and East Yorkshire and records were not so well documented in 1984 and are dispersed at differing places today. B). George the tailor's parents (I suspect) were George Lazenby - Camblesforth in Drax area and Hannah Hague (Syke House - in same area). Their banns Drax - are missing for 1804 - and the trail stops there. The 'folio' ref I found in 1984/85 was P50 - in the IGI possibly ??? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks. Robert
red mail dringhouse - (Dringhouses - Yorkshire, West Riding)
looking for information on the machens living in dringhouse /acomb area from mid 1700s to the early 1800s
red mail Ackroyd - (Dudley Hill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Searching for descendents of Benjamin Ackroyd,a joiner wagon builder, born in Dudley Hill c.1853
red mail James Jackson - Dudley Hill - (Dudley Hill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My grandfather born June 1876 emigrated to USA from UK in 1909 on the SS Cymric. The passenger list shows he left behind his father "Mr. Jackson" at 74 Tong St., Dudley Hill. He went to meet a Tom Jackson in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I'm interested in finding out if there are other descendants. A photo of that address would also be interesting!
red mail Bradley, William 1801 - (Dunkeswick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
All we know is that William Bradley was born C1801 in Dunkeswick, W. Yorkshire. Any connections? Barbara
red mail Morrill family - (Dunkeswick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Seeking anyone directly descended from, or who have any history, of the Morrills who came from the hamalet of Dunkeswick near Weeton in Yorkshire. William Morrill (baptised 1732 at Harewood) married Barbary(a) and had Martha, Barbara, William, Robert, James - all from Dunkeswick. Any help gratefully received Howard
red mail GRAHAM/WHITE - (Dunscroft - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My father in law was born in 1926 on his birth certificate his Mother was Elizabeth Graham formely known as White. I cannot find a marriage certificate for her. There is a death certificate for an Elizabeth White in 1929 in Dunscroft. I know my father in law was brought up by his Father Andrew Graham. Can anyone enlighten me on this.
red mail spencers of earlsheaton - (Earlsheaton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for information about Ernest Spencer,born 1893,if anyone can help me.Ernest was the brother of Lucy,Annie,Hilda,Amy,Fred and Willie,and Samuel,and the son of Herbert and Ellen(nee leigh).There was a family fall out,and i have no trace of him since the 1901 census,apart from a court case in the 1930's,when his address was given as Ossett.Samuel was the only one of the children to marry,and he was my grandfather.My grandmothers sister.Velleta,married into the Greenwood family,who owned the local mill in Earlsheaton,and it seems that most of the spencer family worked there,and that indeed the greenwoods were Mayors of Dewsbury.My mother was brought up in providence street until her marriage in 1943.I would love to know what became of my uncle ernest,and if he married and had any family.
red mail Bailey & Beeley-Dewsbury & Derby 1700-1880's - (Earlsheaton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Traced Baileys back, via Samuel Bailey b1854 aprox at Derby then moved to Battersea, Samuel Bailey b1806 aprox at Dewsbury, William Bailey (I think AKA Beeley) b1781 aprox at Dewsbury (probably loads of relatives buried in Dewsbury Minster) Believe next in line is Joseph Beeley, then another William Beeley but not yet absolutely sure about the Beeley thing. Any ideas anyone? (we're coming up to Dewsbury to look around soon)
Eli Scott of Earlsheaton - (Earlsheaton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
In November 2009 I attended a family gathering to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival in N.Z. of Eli Scott who was born in Earlsheaton in 1840. Does anyone have any knowledge of this family or his father Abraham Scott, who was born 27th February 1816 in Earlsheaton.
Speak family - (East Bierley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Researching the Speak family. Savannah Speak b c 1832 in East Bierley, wife Annie or Hannah b c 1837 in London they had at least 5 children, two were born in Saltaire. On the 1861 census the address given is Caroline st Shipley. The appear to have moved around quite a bit but in the same area of Yorkshire.
red mail east bowling - (East Bowling - Yorkshire, West Riding)
i am researching a house that stood at 691 Wakefield road Bradford 4 (modern day Wakefield road and Fenby/ Lower lane junction) I know who lived there and when, from 1850 to 1928 probably but i have so far failed to find a picture. It belonged to the bowling iron works and was used by their chief engineer it went under the name of Bowling Cottage David
Mcknight Family Bowling - (East Bowling - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm trying to find information on Alexander and Elizabeth Mcknight who lived in Bowling Certainly between 1861 and 1881 when Alexander died. Alexander was a Stonemason from Scotland and Elizabeth was nee Dinsdale from Askrigg. They had 3 children Alfred Dinsdale Mary Ann Mcknight 1864 and James Arthur Mcknight 1871 (my Husbands Grandfather) There was also another Family of Mcknights living in Bowling John and Sarah both from Scotland they had 4 children who died young.Adresses I have are 21 and 23 Broom St and 29 Granby St. Many Thanks.
Beever's Bridge - (East Cowick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am interested in the history of habitation at Beever's Bridge near East Cowick. I know there were several dwellings there in the C19th, and would love to hear from anyone who has further information or can lead me to old photos, either of the current house or the older cottage and others no longer there.
red mail Thomas North Mumby - (East Hardwick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Thomas North Mumby and his wife Elizabeth. Lived at the Vicarage East Hardwick around about 1900. They had 7 children. Frank, Herbert, Thomas, Louisa,Hilda, Ada and Ellen
red mail HENRY BREWERTON MOON - (East Keswick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Born 1824 in East Keswick, died June 1872 West Yorkshire; daughter Mary Jane Moon born 1852 married Albert Barker (1847-1921) of Bramley,Yorkshire. Albert's brother was the famous textile professor, Aldred F.Barker, at Leeds University who worked extensively in China. This is the Moon family of the Bramley mill and general store. The Albert Barker family moved to Manitoba, Canada around 1904. Information about previous generations of the Henry Brewerton Moon familywoud be appreciated.
red mail The Mount, East Keswick - (East Keswick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Home of the Lawrence/Barker family mid 19th century. Any info would be apreciated.
red mail George Henry Moon,grocer/tea merchant - (East Keswick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Info regarding George Henry Moon, grocer and tea merchant, E. Keswick would be much appreciated.
GREENWOOD of Morton - (East Morton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
John Broadley GREENWOOD b 1823 Morton, son of John & Martha nee BROADLEY married Elizabeth ANDERTON 1854 OF Bingley Described as Landed Prop. in Census. Married before 1868 Jemima Ann MORRELL b 1832 Selby. Children born Morton Mary 1857, Martha Broadley 1858 John Anderton 1864. At Lytham St Annes to Jemima Robert Morrell Greenwood 1868 -1947. Living Lythham 1871 Somerset 1881, Grange over Sands 1891 returning to Bingley 1901
red mail Burnham/Mumby - (East Morton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William Burnham and second wife Emma lived in East Morton for years. William's son Albert married Ada Mumby around 1921 but when? Albert is my grandfather.
red mail looking for descendants - (East Morton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Ada Charlotte Fox born 1871 Shropshire married William Clapham born Yorkshire 1869. Married 16 May 1891 Morton Yorkshire. Children; Margaret b/ 1892 Morton Yorkshire mrr Reginald Hardaker, Emily b/ 1894 Charlotte b/ 1895 mrr Joseph Maud, Tom b/1896, Willie b/1897 mrr Clara Nellie Newman, Mary b/ 1898 mrr James Walton, Ada b/ 1899 mrr Edmund Gill, Albert b/ 1906, Clara b/ 1911
red mail Eastburn House - (Eastburn - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anyone have any info on the Jordan family that farmed at Eastburn in the 1850,s. It was a consiberable estate of 800 plus acres. Elizabeth Cocking aged 14 from North Wheatley Notts, was Nursemaid to their daughter. George Boswell , also from North Wheatley and Charles Theaker from Gainsborough were two of five sevants.
red mail SMITH family, Eastburn - (Eastburn - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am searching for my family history in Eastburn. Looking for HANNAH and JOHN Smith, and their children or parents or siblings. Their children were: Minnie Smith (my grandmother) DOB Oct 7, 1890, and her siblings.. Elizabeth Agnes SMITH. DOB 1884, Margaret Jane SMITH DOB 1881, Francis SMITH.DOB 1877
red mail Auckland - (Eggborough - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am tracing my family history and would be grateful fo any information relating to my family. Also in the 1891 census there is a reference to some Railway gatehouses - can anyone help to locate them? Thank you
red mail William Johnson - (Eggborough - Yorkshire, West Riding)
The 1861 census lists my great great grandmother working as a servant for William Johnson in Eggborough. I would be interested to find out more if anyone can help please!
red mail Tate - (Eggborough - Yorkshire, West Riding)
George Tate born 1791 , died 1844. Buried at Kellington. Was publican at the Canal Tavern. An information gratefully received.
Royston Harrison in Eldwick - (Eldwick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information on my family origins in Eldwick and descendents through marriage of Samuel Royston and Elizabeth Harrison: James Royston Harrison, Samuel Royston Harrison and Alfred Royston Harrison.
Anderton Family - (Eldwick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am interested in the Anderton family who married into the Harrison family in the village of Eldwick above Bingley in the West Riding.If you can help me (and I can help you perhaps) I would like to hear from you. Martin
red mail Raistrick - (Eldwick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for decendants of Joseph Raistrick (b.1768) of Eldwick. He had a farm next to Eldwick Hall.
red mail Church Lane - (Elland Lower Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for information on people who lived on Church Lane, Lower Edge in 1947-48. The family may be named Briggs or Griggs. I believe the grandmother's name was Coward.
red mail Upper Edge School - (Elland Upper Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
looking for history of Church Lane, particularly 1920-35, and people who lived there.
red mail holroyd family upper edge - (Elland Upper Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hello i would be interested to hear from anyone descended from John Holroyd and Rachel Rawnsley. They lived at bank end and had children arthur,george,john and my gt grandfather fred. i have traced the family back to 1799 and would like to share info with any other holroyds
red mail Williamson - (Elland Upper Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for connection to WILLIAMSON. The maiden name of my G G grandmother on my grandmother's side was Mary Williamson. In August 1865, when my G grandmother Hannah nee Barrett Bearley was born the family was living in Upper Edge Elland
Sarah Jane Thorpe - (Elland Upper Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
searching for Murgatroyd and Harriet Crowther family that adopted 3 Brier girls, Sarah Jane, Emma and Alice around 1881. Sarah Jane Married Sam Thorpe in 1903 and they had a daughter in april of 1903. Sam Died in 1906. Daughter could be named Annie or that could be her middle name. She may have have been kidnapped and brought to US by Alice Brier. Annie may be my grandmother. I show them on the 1881 census living on Portland St Elland/Halifax.
red mail Re Reading Room - (Elsecar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
From Cassell's Gazetteer c1896 Elsecar W Yorks : 1891 Population : 2,351 - Has a Working Mens Institute and reading room.
red mail Thomas Dean and Sarah Evans - (Elsecar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for family and relatives of of Thomas and Sarah. My great Grandfather was Sam Dean, one of their children. Thomas born Wibsey in 1840 and Sarah about 1843 in Elsecar
red mail OWEN BOYD - (Elsecar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for help or connection to BOYD family from Elscar. Name transcribed as BOID on 1881 & 1901 Census. From 1881 JOSEPH 45, SARAH 43 children ALICE 19, HENRY 17, AARON 13, ANNIE 6, LEWIS 3, OWEN 3 & OLIVE 1 OWEN married AGNES MARY MILNER 1901 in Pontefract & emigrated to Pennsylvania, USA 1909 I have 1920 & 1930 Census but don't know what became of any of them. Thanks for any help.
red mail Richardson - (Elsecar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My Grandmother and her husband kept a sweetshop in Elsecar on the corner where the road goes to Milton. When Grandad Richardson died Grandma moved to Valley Way in Hoyland. They had a family of several children. I would be interested in any information.
red mail Evans in Elsecar - (Elsecar - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I have a Family Tree for Evans in Elsecar in 19th century extending to present day
red mail Malham, Wilson - (Elslack - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Seeking parents of William Malham of Elslack whose daughter, Katherine, married Thomas Wilson of Staveley Hall, co.Westmorland (1570-1624).
red mail Hurstwicke - (Embsay - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Seeking info. on Robert Hurstwicke who died in Embsay in 1680.
red mail Hirst family in Embsay - (Embsay - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Researching the Hirst family which lived around Skipton between 1720 and 1820. The first record of them is the marriage of Edward Hirst and Elizabeth Biker/Byker in July 1748. They had 9 children, most of whom married. Edward was a weaver, then a farmer. They appeared to have lived in Embsay for most of their lives. I have not been able to find any information about Edward Hirst's baptism. Would be grateful for any other information on the family, and especially about finding Edward's baptism.
John MERRYWEATHER - (Embsay - Yorkshire, West Riding)
John MERRYWEATHER was the owner of Primrose Mill until he became bankrupt when he went to Skipton as an Auctioneer Any details of him or the Mill would be appreciated
red mail Wilson - King - (Embsay - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for any information on Henry Wilson b c1812 Embsay son of William Wilson and Jane? I am also looking for his wife, Grace King b c1812 daughter of Robert King & Ellen of Skipton. I think they had 8 children - 2 infants may have died - Skipton. 1 Son Haighten (Highton) Wilson may have also died after 1851 Census and before end of 1852. How can I Find out please. I know therest of family migrated to Australia 1852. Thanking you
red mail cawthorn - (Fairburn - Yorkshire, West Riding)
looking for cawthorn family of fairburn and south kirkby area
red mail Sutcliffe Family - (Fairburn - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for Sutcliffe relations living in / around Fairburn from 1840's onwards. My tree involves Henry Sutcliffe who was a miner. His parents were John Sutcliffe of Water Fryston and Mary Eastwood of Brotherton.
red mail Bennett family at Farnham - (Farnham - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William Bennett, b.1754 married Mary Hardy 19th Dec 1779 in Farnham.their children were: John,Elizabeth,William,George,& Mary. George b.1785 married Isabella Moring. I would be grateful of any information or contacts.
red mail Smith family Forest Farm - (Farnham - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Researching Francis Smith b. c1838 Farnham, farm bailiffe. 1891 Census shows address Forest Farm, family members Fanny Smith (wife & dairy woman) b. c1853 S. Wales and GEORGE SMITH (son) b. c1888. George is a possible ancestor, my paternal grandfather. Also in census were Mary Ann Guite (age 76) domestic servant & Wm. Savage (age 17) farm servant. Any help appreciated from anyone with connections or interest in this family. Thanks.
red mail Farnhill Kildwick- Acton Family - (Farnhill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My Great Great Grandmother Janet Acton of Farnhill died 4th July 1892, age 54, and was interred 6th July at Kildwick Parish Church. I understand she had 4 children. George who was married to Sarah who may have Scottish connections and William- my Great Grandfather- who married Maria Northam and lived in Bristol. There was a sister Miriam and another unknown sibling. Janet's husband may have been a Policeman in the Barnoldswick area of Lancashire. Are there any members of the family still there as I am interested in tracing the family tree?
red mail Charlesworth - Michael c1800 - (Farnley (near Otley) - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information about the Charlesworth family, Michael circa 1800 born in Farnley, married Elizabeth born 1802 in Faceby, Yorkshire. Their daughter Sarah Ann was born in Beeston, Leeds but christened in Farnley in June 1830. Sarah married Stephen Nicholson in 1855 in Beeston, he was the Licensed Victualler of the Sutcliffe Inn, Park Lane, Leeds. If anyone has any information please contact me.
red mail Hartley/Long and Bland - (Farnley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Am looking for information about the long and bland family of "Old" Farnley. My grandparents Lois (nee Hartley) and John (formerly of Deene in Northants) and their family lived at 63 Cross Lane, I know the modern history, but would like to go back prior to 1850. Know Lois's parents were George and Ann (nee Smith) who married at St. Peter's Church in Morley in 1853. Lois and John's eldest daughter was Ann, who married William Bland at Christ Church, Upper Armley in 1899. Know of some of their family, Ethel and Charles F. Would be nice to know a bit more about them.
red mail The Dewhirst family, Fartown, Huddersfield - (Fartown - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'd love to know more about the Dewhirsts who had a house in Fartown up the Bradford Road (now under the dual carriageway) from mid Victorian times to WW2. They built many of the houses in Fartown, as well.
red mail Pearson William - (Fell Lane - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for birth place of a William Pearson, father was William Pearson, mother was Ann Robinson, born circa 1836 in the "Fells" Cumberland. Emigrated to Nz in 1861 on Cashmere, Died New New Zealand. No further information forthcoming.
red mail Heap - (Fenwick - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for James Heap and Mary Hirst's family. Their children were George, Emma, Elizabeth,James, Annie and Mary Heap. George Heap was married to Elizabeth Duckitt (thomas Duckitt was father). Henry came to america.
Wakefield - (Fir Vale - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any information on Thomas WAKEFIELD b. 1879 Fir Vale Yorkshire, son of William and Sarah WAKEFIELD. Thomas married Eliza POTTS in Yorkshire in 1900 and emigrated to Australia in 1928.
red mail Potts William Father Eliza &John Thomas - (Fir Vale - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William & Maragaret Potts of Sedgley Staffs, parents of John Thomas born Page Bank Durham 1874 aprox.Death dates of each would be appreciated. William brother to Charles Potts of Worksop Notts
red mail BENNETT.ROBERTS - (Firbeck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Nathan Bennett born 1813 in Firbeck father Thomas,Mother Mary.Nathan married Rachel Roberts somewhere ?.Nathan is my grtgrtgrandfather and I would love to know more about his birth and parents
red mail George Ward - (Firbeck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
His wife Mary ran the post office and later passed it onto his daughter Lucy Hall nee Ward.George was a woodsman for the Hall and Jebb family of Firbeck Park.. He was part of a large family who lived in Letwell.
red mail Kitchen Family - (Firbeck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any information on Kitchen family from Firbeck.
red mail TURNER - (Firbeck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for information on Joseph TURNER of Firbeck (1760-1834). He married Hannah LAMBERT and they had five children who survived to adulthood - William b. 1790 (m. Anne SINGLEHURST), Joseph b. 1793 (m. Anne HALL), Mary b. 1780 (m. Amor RICH), Eizabeth b. 1790 (M.Samuel HOLLEWORTH) and Anne b. 1795.
red mail PARKER - (Fitzwilliam - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I have a WW I photo of two soldiers; the address on the back is as follows; F V Parker; 60 Newstead Terrace; Fitzwilliam. There is a penciled date on the card; 1916. No postal date. Do you know of this family? You can help solve a mystery that has puzzled me for years. Anne, Australia
red mail Fixby, Cowcliffe - Fixby Gate - (Fixby - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hi All Does anyone know where Fixby Gate is? What I can gather from the 1861 census is it is somewhere in Cowcliffe in Fixby. I have great difficulties using and have not been able to find Fixby Gate on that site. Thanks Karen
red mail Jaggar family - (Flockton Moor - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm seeking information on the descendants of Walter Jaggar (b 1846) who was a farmer at Flockton Moor. He married Elizabeth (Smith, I think) and had 5 children: Annie,James, Joseph, Mary Ann and Harry. Harry was my grandfather. I am trying to trace what happened to the other children. I believe that one of the daughters may have married a Field, possibly from Skelmanthorpe.
red mail Flush, West Yorkshire - (Flushdyke - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Has anyone ever heard of this place? I'm assuming it is or was a small village, as my ancestor's address on the 1841 census is 'Flush' in the township of Liversedge. Any information at all would be helpful.
red mail Follifoot - Wood Family - (Follifoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking to sort out the numerous members of the Wood family living in Follifoot in the 19th Century. Begin with Edward Wood b about 1795 Stainburn Kirkby Overblow and wife Phoebe/Phebe b about 1792 Stainburn, died bet 1851 and 1861. Edward was blacksmith and latterly farmer. The couple had numerous children: William (b c1821 Spofforth?), Richard (b c1823 Stainburn), Charles (c 1824 Stainburn), Ellen (c 1826 Follifoot), John (c 1826 -- a twin? -- Follifoot), Robert (c 1831 follifoot), Grace (c 1832 Follifoot), Jonathan (c 1833 Stainburn or Follifoot), Dorcas (c 1836 Follifoot), Phoebe (c 1838 died bet 1881 and 1891 both in Follifoot), and two possible unknown children, one son and one daughter married someone named Smale. There was a grandchild named Colin Wood (b c1853 Follifoot), who married first a woman named Annie (died bet 1891 and 1901) and then a second woman also named Annie. May have had a brother Michael Wood. Some of Colin's children born in or lived for a time in Follifoot, including Ethel (b c1879 Follifoot), Cyril or Cyral (b c 1880 Follifoot), Norman (b 1881 Follifoot), Alan (b 1884 Follifoot). Who were Colin's parents? Who is the daughter who married Smale? There are also several other Wood families who appear related who lived in Follifoot, Knaresborough and other nearby villages.
red mail Annie Elizabeth LEAROYD in Follifoot 1906 - (Follifoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm having no luck in tracing my husband's grandmother Annie Elizabeth LEAROYD. Family tradition has it that she died at or soon after the birth of her daughter (my husband's mother). She was married to Norman WOOD. He subsequently remarried was again widowed and married a third time. I have the marriage registration of Norman WOOD and Annie Elizabeth LEAROYD dated November 28, 1906. She was then 22, which would mean she was born late in 1883 or in 1884. Her residence is given as what appears to be "Cone Bed" (?) Farm, Follifoot, and she lists her father's name as Samuel LEAROYD, farmer. Annie and Norman were married in the parish church at Spofforth. One of the witnesses was a Percy LEAROYD, possibly her brother or uncle. I have been unable to find an Annie Elizabeth LEAROYD in the FreeBMD that matches this information. (There is one of approximately the right age but the father is listed as Richard LEAROYD.) Neither can I find her, or a Samuel LEAROYD, in the 1891 or 1901 censuses for Yorkshire, and certainly not in Follifoot, that would fit her description of herself as a 22-year-old farmer's daughter. Can anyone enlighten me on her, her father or the farm name? The writing on the certificate is difficult to read, so "Cone Bed" is very probably wrong, but is as close as I can come. I have always assumed she is Yorkshire born as everyone else in many generations of my husband's family is.
red mail Cold Bed Farm - LEAROYD family - (Follifoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I now know that the farm mentioned as her residence in Annie Elizabeth Learoyd's marriage record is COLD BED FARM. Her father died there in 1916, when it is listed as being in Spofforth R D. I can't find this on a modern map -- can anyone give me 'directions' to it (e.g. what road it was on and approximately where) or point me at an old parish map that might show it?
Marrie Family - (Follifoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My 2 gt grandparents lived in Prospect Houses in Follifot from 1880's until they died in early 1900's. Patrick and Winefred Marrie originated in Ireland arriving in Follifoot via Knaresborough and Newcastle under Lyme. Patrick was a gardener in the 1891 census presumably working at Rudding Hall. They were Catholics and if anyone knows how I can find out about where they were buried I would be very grateful for the help? Are there any early records for Rudding Hall and where might they be kept? Thanks Margaret
red mail FISHER family in Follifoot - (Follifoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am connected to the Fishers of Follifoot. James, the father, was born at North Grimston and worked in Follifoot at The Ridge. After retirement he and his wife Martha moved to Silsden in West Yorkshire. I would be delighted to know of anyone also interested in, or connectd with, this family.
red mail Bartholmew Smithson - 1770 - Will - (Forest Lane Head - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Bartholomew Smithson - 11th July 1770. Forest Lane Head, Parish of Knaresborough, Yeoman. To my friends Charles Gill of Marton, Yeoman, and Henry Calverley of Scriven with Tentergate, Yeoman, all my real estate, Upon Trust : To allow my wife, whom I appoint Executrix, Ann Smithson to receive the rents and profits for one year, and then to sell and pay William Catton of Knaresborough, Yeoman, the £50 owing him. Residue of the sale money to my daughter Mary Hall. My personal estate tomy wife, chargeable with £100, six months after the death of my daughter, to be divided amongst my grandchildren : Abraham Hall and Bartholomew Hall, £20 each; Mary Kelly, Susannah Hall, and Ann Hall, £20 each. Witnesses : RobertStockdale, Thomas Buckle, John Wilkinson. Inrolled 16th July 1777.
red mail John Parkinson Of Foulby - (Foulby - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for a John Parkinson, born in Foulby about 1819. Lived at 7 Tunnicliffe Fold Dewsbury & aged 32 in 1851 census - a sadler. Married to Mary Parkinson (nee Barber). Children Sarah, George, Jane B.1845 (My wife's Gt Grandma)& Ann. Thanks Ken H
red mail Stocks - (Fulneck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am interested in the Stocks family of this area

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