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red mail Sherelees Jazz Band - (Stainforth - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for anyone who was involved with a marching band called the 'Sherelees' in the 1980's. We used to meet to practice in a building on Cemetery Road, Stainforth - Especially interested in photos as I have lost the ones I had of me playing Kazoo. Susan :-)
Mortons In Stainland Nr Halifax - (Stainland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for family links with Thomas b1807 and Charlotte b1807 Morton. They moved from Stainland to Chipping Norton between 1851 and 1861. They took their nine children with them but some returned to Stainland later.
red mail Hanson family search - (Stainland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Can anybody help me look for my ancestors? My GGGrandfather, HERBERT DYSON HANSON, was born in 1862 in Halifax, Yorks. His 3 sisters, MARTHA, EMILY & EDITH all born in Stainland. Their parents were DAVID & ELIZABETH HANSON. Both born in Halifax, 1828 & 1829 respec. I know nothing of David's parents and it's them I am stuck with. Both born around 1800 I guess. Can anybody help me please?? Thanks in advance Andrew
red mail Mellor family - (Stainland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anyone have any info on SAMUEL MELLOR b.1810 in Stainland. The 1841 census shows him married to Elizabeth and living on Hunslet Lane. By 1861 the family have moved to Farrar Yard, Hunslet. Samuel was employed first as a smith and then as an engineer in a paper mill. Known children were Mary b.1830, Nancy b.1833, Rachel b.1846, Ruth b.1849. Three daughters married into the Routh and Brier families. Any info appreciated. I've no idea who Samuel's parents were or of Elizabeth's maiden name. Thank you. Helen.
red mail Robinson - (Stainland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for parents of Sarah Hardwick Robinson b1828 in Stainland. Beleive father maybe William Robinson b1800 Married Johnathon Cooke
red mail James Morrell from Stainton/Bradford - (Stainton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am searching for ancestors of James Morrell, possibly born 1808 Stainton, who married Mary Boocock (born 1813 Pudsey). James and Mary lived all their married life in Bradford and had 9 children - Benjamin, Elizabeth, Lydia, Ann, William, George, James (my great grandfather), Richard and Mary. Can anyone help me please...Ken from Melbourne
red mail Gardner, James - (Stainton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Desperate for information on James Gardner, father of Philip Forrestor Gardener b 1876 in Stainton, Doncaster. James was married to Sarah Burkenshaw Dannatt in 1874. It is believed James had at least one brother who may have emigrated to New Zealand. Philip was orphaned quite young and I would like to know when James died and who his parents were. Sarah died in 1883 in London.
red mail Edith Mary Curtis - (Stainton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching my great-grandmother Edith Mary Curtis who was born in Stainton Yorkshire circa 1877. She married my great-grandfather James Pegge in 1899 in Doncaster. Does anyone have any information or family trees they would be willing to share about this lady?
red mail Photographs - (Stairfoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I have a large collection of photographs of Stairfoot near Barnsley. Please contact me if you are looking for something in this area.
red mail Stairfoot, Barnsley, Langleys and Holdstocks - (Stairfoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Families of George and Betsy Langley (Harper) nee Riley of Stairfoot, brother Robert, and Eliza (nee Pickering or Clayton) brother William and Ellen Langley (nee Holstock from York, my g.grandparents)Dunnigan, Cook, Calpin, Mccann of York, Pape of Wombwell and Wakefield, and Fred and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Barfoot nee Langley, sister to the above of Hunslet.
red mail Baines/cycle shops - (Stairfoot - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I think that the BAINES family had a bicycle repair shop in the STAIRFOOT area of BARNSLEY during the early 1900's I am trying to locate the shop or their home, can any one help ?
red mail John Robinson of Stanbury - (Stanbury - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching John Robinson of Stanbury who knew the Bront√ęs and was present at Charlotte's wedding feast in 1854. I want to know about his parentage - he was born in Stanbury, probably in 1837, but what were the professions of his parents? There is a William Robinson of the Friendly Inn, but I need to be certain if this is his father. Any information at all would be helpful. John married a lady called Sarah from Hemingfield and later lived in Wombwell until a ripe old age. An article about him was written in the Keighley News in 1923. Please, any information about his origins, parents in Stanbury, gratefully received. Juliet
red mail Pollards of Stanbury - (Stanbury - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am interested to know the descendants of the Pollards of Stanbury who were living in the mid 19th century, at the time of the Brontes in Haworth. Richard Pollard died in 1735 and was buried in Haworth.
red mail Roy and Joyce Howarth - (Stanks - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Seeking information about Roy and Joyce HOWARTH and Roy's mother Betty who lived together in Stanks for many years around the 1940's and 1950's. I fondly remember being taken, with my brother and sister, to visit them by my parents Percy and Dinah Newton. We also visited Alfred and Kate ROGERS at nearby Whinmore to whom the Howarth's may well have been related. I would be very interested to know how my parents and the Howarths met. They were friends for very many years but I was too young at the time to understand who they were.
Blackburn Joseph and Louisa - (Stanley Ferry - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Am looking for family of Joseph and Louisa Blackburn, Jospeh born 1861 in Stanley, had 8 children, parents were George and Sarah Blackburn. Have info to share. Thanks JJ
red mail John Melvyn Lunn - (Stanley Ferry - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does any one know if their is any family relating to John Melvyn Lunn who passed away on the 24th October 2005. A Christmas card was sent from Pat and Gordon .I belive they come( from Stanley but the post code on the envelope was Bradford (seeking Gordon & Pat)
red mail Does anyone know Maud Hughes - (Stanley Ferry - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am searching for the hughes family who lived in Stanley from 1900 onwards. Maud was about 10 years old at this time. I am told they lived on the grove and that Mauds father was a guardian of the poor. I think the family came from Shropshire or Staffordshire. Mauds uncle was called Tom.Mauds married name was Williamson she died around 1925. Any information would be very welcome
red mail holmes in or around stanley post1800 - (Stanley Ferry - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Frederick Holmes was born at Stanley in about 1811. Any info will be welcome.
red mail wood - (Stanningley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
looking for any info on joseph wood born 1850, had 3 known children john thomas, 1880, nelly 1884 and POLLY 1886 she was my g grandmother married in middlesbrough to a harry saunders
red mail Benjamin Croft Yorkshire - (Stanningley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am seeking information on my G-ggrandfather, Benjamin Croft, b 1835 in Stanningley, Yorkshire. By 1861 he appears in Kent County living with his inlaws, wife (Emma Mary Boyman) and daughter, Clara. Later children were Richard, Walter, Arthur, Rose, Emma E., Bertie, & Ettie. If any of you have run across any of my CROFT family I'd appreciate hearing from you. I descend through Arthur, who imigrated to Texas ca 1892-5. Thank you.
red mail smith - (Stanningley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
amanda .has kindly given me information .which could help to trace more family.james smith born in selby 1865.mother elizabeth smith .father william smith .married grace anne illingworth. (born in 1864 ) in 1888.leeds .had children . john w illingworth .graces child in 1883 . harry smith 1890 .maggie smith 1865 .and also louie smith 1892.amanda .has told me william died in 1895 .age 30 .buried in stanningley parish church .grace died 20 years later .buried same church.would love to find more on how the family .got on .
red mail William RHODES & Esther CRAVEN - (Stanningley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Searching for birth of William Rhodes around 1806 and Esther Craven around 1807,either Stanningley or Calverley area.They married 24/8/1829 Parish Church of Calverley (St Wilfreds)any information at all gratefully received
Jeffcock Family - (Stannington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for downline information for Jeffcocks of Stannington born in early 1800's.
red mail Jeffcock Family Ties - (Stannington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Am in the process of trying to build one big Jeffcock family tree and have found connections with Stannington and Attercliffe in Sheffield as well as Bramley and Leeds. Need some help to look at the bigger picture.
red mail Connections in Stannington/Sheffield - (Stannington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching the surname Jeffcock. I have connections with the surname Jeffcock with interests in Stannington. Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you. Karen
red mail Sarah Townsend - (Stannington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am trying to find info on Sarah Townsend who was born around 1806 in Stannington, Sheffield. She had 2 sons before she married Henry Cowen (my ggggrandfather), Charles Townsend and Arthur Furniss. If anyone knows anything about her please get in touch. Thanks
red mail Tattersalls in Stannington - (Stannington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for anyone with links to Tattersalls in Stannington nr Sheffield. The Tattersalls in Stannington appear to begin with William and Elizabeth Tattersall, who have children John 1798, Thomas 1805, Joseph 1813, Charles 1817, Ruth (married into PLATTS family). Many other family members originate from here. William and Elizabeth have a tick in the "Ireland/Scotland/foreign parts" column in 1841 - anyone know where they came from?
red mail Hoult/Huscroft - (Stapleton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching my father's family who lived in Stapleton Cottages from the 1700's to 1901. Charles Hoult was a shepherd and Henry Huscroft married his daughter Harriet, the girl next door. I would be grateful to hear from anyone with any details.
red mail HOLT - (Stapleton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm researching my ancestors that lived Stapleton & Darrington. Does anyone know if the cottages are still there? my 4 x great grandparents were CHARLES HOLT & CHARLOTTE SPEIGHT married 1813 Campsall. I believe they had 9 children (my 3 x)CHARLES married MARY (I think OLIVER 1846)who I think they had 9 children too, (my 2 x) the oldest ARTHUR married ELLEN PRUDHAM 1870 in Wakefield. They are missing from the 1881 Census & ELLEN widowed on the 1891 can anyone help me find when ARTHUR died please, thank you
red mail SHERBOURNE or SHERBURN - (Stapleton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Trying to trace George Sherburn who was born in Stapleton in 1789 with no record of his parents. There have been many variations to the spelling over the years. Currently family is Shirbin. George Sherborn faced the Bristol Quarter Sessions on 10 July 1820 aged 32 years, found guilty for stealing and George Sherborne was on the hulk Justitia in 1821.Sent to Australia 1821 on Adamant. ANY assistance would be appreciated.
red mail Dickinson Family - (Starbeck - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hi I'm searching for in formation connected with the DICKINSON family who lived in STARBECK at the end of the 19th and early 20th century. The furthest back I have got to is Joseph DICKINSON born in Bradford sometime between 1806 and 1825. His son Charles also born in Bradford married Mary and they moved to Knaresborough and then Starbeck. Their son George married Lillian and they had Frances, Benjamin (my gt grandfather) Annie, George, Emily and Falshaw. They worked on the railways. I have drawn so many blanks with this family. Any information would be very much appreciated.
red mail Tripps of Staveley, Yorkshire - (Staveley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My three times gt. grandfather was a Post Capt in the Navy. When he left the service in 1799 / 1800 he went to live in Yorkshire where he became a prosperous farmer - should be really grateful to find the location of his farm.He married Elizabeth Deacon of Portsmouth their only child was born after 16 years of marriage - perhaps because he was mostly away at sea ! There is a headstone over his grave near the door of the parish church. His daughter Elizabeth Ann Tripp was born in Staveley in 1803 but she died in Cornwall in 1868 having married her first cousin Rev. Robert Tripp Vicar of Altarnun.
red mail MORLAND - (Staveley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My great grandfather Robert Morland was born in Staveley in 1834. He fought in the Crimean War and had 3 daughters, Louisa being my Grandmother. He died at Starbeck in 1913. Any information appreciated.
red mail Paley - (Staveley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Any details of the Paley (or Paylor) family in Staveley between 1654 and 1795, preferably not IGI records
red mail Loftus/ Staveley,Shaw Mills and Bishop Thornton - (Staveley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Could anyone tell me the origin of LOFTUS HILL in the parish of Staveley hence the possible family association.
red mail standeven - (Steep Lane - Yorkshire, West Riding)
information wanted about john standeven,born1755at sowerby. also joseph standeven christened 16 2 1783, also titus standeven christened 22 4 1810 at sowerby, also hannah standeven born 15 3 1863, sowerby. any information will be most welcome, thank-you
red mail Hattersley Hawley Glossop Emily - (Stocksbridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail Albert Vernon - (Stocksbridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Son in law of Albert Vernon seeking any relations. Albert Vernon was born 1910 died about 1954. Married Edith Tabberner in Manchester in 1935. Father was Albert Vernon, steelworker.
red mail Hawley in Storrs - (Storrs - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My g-uncle William Hawley lived in Storrs in the 1950's and I believe worked at the brick works. I have an address for him at Coke Cottage, Storrs. Does anyone know if this is still there?
red mail high and low bradfield - (Storrs - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My g.g.grandfather Ashforth came from this area-Storrs, to be exact,I would like to know the name of the farm he worked-prior to the flood.A little under the map showing Storrs,there is wording which I cant work out,would it be green head or something similar, hope someone can help, Carole
Waddington - (Studley Roger - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Searching for my Waddington ancesters at Studley Roger before 1820. Anything, thanks D.Waddington
William Waddington - (Studley Royal - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William and Ann Waddington ,my gt gt grandparents lived at Studley in the early 1800s.William was a carpenter.His son my gt grandfather,also named William born 1821 attended Aldfield school. In 1837 young William was apprenticed to coachbuilding. Atsometime after he moved to Bradford to continue has a journyman coachbuilder. Does anyone have anything that would be helpfull to my search . Many thanks
red mail Wood Family - (Studley Royal - Yorkshire, West Riding)
am looking for William Wood of Studley Royal. He had sons, including WIlliam,, who was a prison warder at Norwich Prison. There was also a Harry Wood who commmitted suicide after his wife left him
red mail William & Mary Anne (Rhodes) Waddington, Kirkstall - (Studley Royal - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William, my great-grandfather, married Mary Anne Rhodes on 1st May 1875 in the parish church in Kirkstall, Leeds. He was a forgeman then a puddler. Their children were Annie E.(1876), William Arthur (my grandfather)(1878), Tom (1881), Ester (1883), David (1885), Maria (1887) & Ethel (1890). I only knew my grandfather and my grandmother (Annie Cass), her sisters & their families. I am interested in finding out much more.
red mail Swift in Stutton - (Stutton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hannah Swift was born in Stutton (in the parish of Tadcaster) in 1833, daughter of William and Mary Swift, who were also the parents of sons William (b. 1830) and Joseph (b. 1825) and daughters Mary Ann (b. 1828) and Sarah (b. 1816). Any further information about this family would be much appreciated, and of course I will be happy to share what I have so far.
red mail Sarah Clark born about 1802 - (Stutton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for Sarah's parents. She married John Birdsall 17/9/1824 at Sherbun in Elmet and died 1874. I think she was born in the Stutton area. John and Sarah were living at Wingate Hill in 1832 when son William, my gg grandfather was born.
red mail William Poole - (Stutton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William married a Mary ? He was born in Stutton with Hazelwood nr Tadcaster in 1799. Any matches?
Peter Eskholme - (Summerbridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anyone know anything about the Eskholme family? They came from Cumberland to work in the local mill. Peter was a Methodist local preacher and built what became Summerbridge Post Office in the late 1800s. He ran a printing business. The family seem to have scattered from Nidderdale. I'd love to learn anything about them please.
red mail swallow hill mapplewll - (Swallow Hill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
a hamlet in the township and parish of Darton ,2 1/2 miles north of barnsley south yorkshire and 5 1/2 miles from penistone
**ERIC EDWARDS** - (Swallownest - Yorkshire, West Riding)
HAROLD EDWARDS - (Swallownest - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail Taylor / Brooks / Matthews / Hill families - (Swallownest - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any info on grandparents Charles Edward Taylor b 12/9/1908. Florence (nee Matthews) b 3/9/10. Reginald Brooks b 8/5/13 d 27/5/95. Rose (nee Hill) b 18/4/15 d 26/6/2003. All were from Swallownest, Woodhouse Mill area. Little known about g grandfather Jess Brooks. Siblings: Eric, Jack, Minnie Brooks. Sarah and Joan Hill sisters of Rose. Any help much appreciated.
red mail Francis Edwin Knight - (Swallownest - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Has anyone any information about my grandad Edwin F Knight who was born in 1884 in Aston Birmingham. He lodged at SWALLOWNEST area and met and married my Gran Rachael Cooper at Aston cum Aughton church. The only thing I know about my great grandad is his name is William Knight. as stated on the wedding certificate. This was 1911 and he had died before then. I've tried census records but not much joy. on the cert. it states miner as occupation
red mail Elsie Bellamy. nee Brookfield - (Swallownest - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My Grandmother Elsie Bellamy (nee Brookfield) married George Bellamy ( a miner) lived in Deal but originally came from Swallownest in Yorkshire. She ran away from home in about 1934 and was probably pregnant. We think she might have gone to Scotland.
red mail tracing family history - (Swillington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail Speight family - (Swillington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any information regarding the Speight family from the Swillington area. We know that Thomas Speight was b 27/4/1811 in Swillington Yorkshire. Does anyone have any information about this family.
red mail Lumb of Swillington - (Swillington - Yorkshire, West Riding)
William Lumb and wife Mary, nee Dawson, living Swillington 1762-1780 at least with local birth of 10 children. William a schoolteacher, Mary noted in 1780 as daughter of Robert Dawson of Shipham. Can you please help locate William or Mary's ancestors?
red mail Whiteley - (Swinefleet - Yorkshire, West Riding)
George Arthur Whiteley - born c 1880, brother James, parents Benjamin and Frances Whiteley (nee James formerly of Laughton, Lincs) of Swinefleet. Lived in Swinefleet High Street - males all agricultural labourers at the turnof the 20 C - looking for any information on my forebears
red mail Clements, Watts - (Swinefleet - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any info about ALBERT CLEMENTS and his Wife KATHERINE WATTS. Albert lived and died at 83 High Street, Swinefleet. Their children were Douglas, Doris, Edna and Harry. Albert was a Blacksmith and Church Warden at Swinefleet. Looking for any info...
ancestry - (Swinefleet - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My ancestors were members of the Beverley family. They married into the Pass/Holdridge/Dundendale/Reed Roberts/Tenney/ Norwood/Mason families. This was mainly in the early - mid 1800's. Prior to that they came from Whitgift, Howden, and various other villages locally. If anyone has any information this would be gratefully received.
red mail GEARY / CLAYDON - (Swinton Bridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
red mail George ANSON age 37 in1911 Swinton Bridge Census - (Swinton Bridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
George was born in Rotherham as HANSON in 1876. There is conclusive evidence to show his name was changed to ANSON (innumerator errors which 'stuck' and/or family couldn't read or write?) Family living at 112 Don Terrace, Swinton Bridge, Rotherham in 1911:- George Anson 37 boatman born Tinsley Mary Barbara Anson wife age 36 (nee Rimmington) born Thorne George Morrison Anson age 11 born Kirk Sandall/Doncaster Eva Anson age 8 born Attercliffe Yorkshire Thomas Anson age 5 born Kilnhurst Yorkshire... Would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of this family thereafter 1911
red mail George Hanson (mistranscribed as Anson )1911 census - (Swinton Bridge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Recent research has confirmed the above to really be George HANSON not Anson as in 1911 census Son George Morrison Hanson b1899 married Isabella Harbin 24.12.1925 Mexborough Daughter Eva Hanson b1902 married John Henry Hart 24.12.1921 Doncaster Register Office. Thomas Hanson b1905 died 1913 age 8 Any updates welcomed.
red mail CASS - (Sykehouse - Yorkshire, West Riding)
John Hutchinson Cass born 1837 in Sykehouse.Father David mother Mary Hutchinson.John married Elizabeth ? they had 6 children all born in Mexborough.
red mail WOOD - (Sykehouse - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Any information please on any WOOD's particularly Epsheba (sic) Wood. Olga
red mail Sykes Family - (Sykes - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Seeking to contact anyone with any Sykes family living in York in 1851 or born in York between 1845 and 1860
red mail COOPER- tankersley/Hoyland - (Tankersley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for descendants of COOPER originated Thorne/Barnsley. Female line as male line seems to have died by 1901 with exception of Luke COOPER. One daughter known as Lavinia (3 childen)also Blanche. Parents were Selina and George COOPER.
red mail Walshaw (Tankersley) - (Tankersley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Searching for any info on this family- John Walshaw-wife ? Rogers Children; 1. Annie Elizabeth b.1856 2.Charlotte b.1831 3.Joseph b.1852 4.John b.1858
red mail Robinson - (Tankersley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching the Robinson family, in particular the line of William Robinson (c. 1820 - c. 1894) who later kept the Saracen's Head inn in Wath upon Dearne. I believe there may be descendants still in the Wath area. Any information gratefully received. Dennis.
GREENS OF TANKERSLEY,YORKS - (Tankersley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching the family of GUILIEMUS GREEN born about 1664; his son BENJAMIN b. 1694; his son BENJAMIN 1724; his son EDMUND 1764 -wife SARAH WALKER; their daughter MARY GREEN 1793 who married JOSEPH BARKER from WENTWORTH. thanks,Rose
red mail HUDSON - (Tankersley - Yorkshire, West Riding)
silkstone/ pilley/ tankersley. Any information on the family would be good, I have plenty already but i am interested in more. one man i cannot get info on is harold hudson born march 1900 parents, william and sarah elizabeth (nee hague)born in above area was in both wars in army then served after war. he died 1984 leeds would be good to hear about him.
red mail English Roots - (Thick Hollins - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for William Holliday b. 1800 in Hollindale England - can't find him or his place of birth - he married Diannah Hudson in 1830 in Yorkshire England and I am looking for her parents as well - would appreciate any information on the town or the families - e-mail if you think we may possibly have a connection - thank you
red mail Jonah Goodyear born abt 1803 - (Thorlby - Yorkshire, West Riding)
The 1851 census of Stockton on Forest + '61 census of York give Jonah Goodyear's age as 48/58 and birthplace as Thorlby, Yorks. Was there a Jonah born about 1803 in Thorlby? I have a suspicion that it should be Thirlby, near Thirsk, but I need to check whether he was actually born in Thorlby first. Am grateful for any help. Greetings from Norway. Margaret
red mail Prospect Cottages, Thornbury - (Thornbury - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anyone have any photographs of Prospect Cottages in Thornbury and who would allow me to have a copy. Please contact me if you do, many thanks
red mail George Thompson - (Thornes - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Born 1812 (1851 census stated birthplace as Thornes). May be son of John & Sarah Thompson in which case christening date would be 26th Dec 1812 at Wakefield All Saints and exact date of birth would be 29th November 1812. Any info on these people would be welcomed.
red mail Thomas Blackburn - (Thornes - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Does anyone have any information about a Thomas Blackburn born in Thornes circa 1831. Father also Thomas who was a miller. If so please get in touch.
red mail dobson cannon - (Thornes - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am trying to trace the family of (susan) caroline dobson who married thomas cannon athorbury chapel 28th august 1842. her father was richard dobson also from thornes and was a gardener or labourer the cannons went on to have seven children who stayed in the thornes,alverthorp, sandal and wakefield area.In 1891 susan was a greengrocer at 244 kirkgate wakefield. any information please.
red mail William Hill - (Thornes - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My great grandfather William Hill registered on 1881 census that he was born in Thorne, Yorkshire. He moved to Sunderland when married to Emily Hawley who is stated as being born in Hickland Norfolk. He was aged 47 years and Emily was aged 20 years on last birthdays on 1881 census.I would appreciate any information of above. Thank's to any who can help.
red mail SUMMERSCALES/SCARGILL - (Thornhill Edge - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I'm trying to find information about the parents of WILLIAM SCARGILL SUMMERSCALES born about 1796 (died 1876). In some census returns he is called Scargill in others Summerscales. He lived in the Thornhill Edge area.
red mail Hargreaves - (Thornhills - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Reuben Hargreaves , born 16.6.1773 at Thornhills by Dewsbury. mothers name - Elizabeth. In 1793 Reuben married Ann Auckland. Any further details would be much appreciated.
red mail brook or sutcliffe - (Thornton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
thornton area of bradford w yorks
red mail Parkinson Buildings Thornton - (Thornton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for any information on the family of Harold Parkinson Born Thornton 1887at Parkinsons Buildings Thornton Died in Bath Som 1952 Married Florence Christina Blackwell (died 1972) in Felixstowe 1919 Had Tthree children Dorothy 1920 and Fred 1922 born in the felixstowe /Dover area and my father William 1925 born in Bath. Update I have found out that Harolds father was William a Wheelwright and his mother Sarah Ann formerly Knapton Steve
red mail James Mortimer born Thornton by Bradford 1732 - (Thornton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for information about James Mortimer born Thornton by Bradford 1732. I am looking for his parents. Can anyone help please? Thank you
red mail Gamble - (Thornton - Yorkshire, West Riding)
1891 census shows Thomas Middleton living Carlingwha farm Lupton. In household is his granddaughter Catherine J Gamble aged 13(born c.1878 at Allerston Yorkshire) Thomas had a daughter Eleanor Middleton born round 1853 for whom I have no info, but have found a Thomas Gamble born c. 1845 at Thornton who married an Ellen. One of their children was a Catherine J. Has anyone researched this family and can shed light? It doesn't seem that the granddaughter could belong to any of Thomas's other children, but I can't turn any proof up at all.
Marriner - (Thornton in Lonsdale - Yorkshire, West Riding)
This Marriner family lived in the area including Westhouse would welcome any information
John Bateson - (Thornton in Lonsdale - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Hi, I'm trying to find out any info on John, born abt 1770. I have two possibles for his father: Christopher or Thomas. John married Ellin Fawcett in 1797. He was a potter and seems to have been in business with Matthew Jackson Caton
red mail cockburn - (Thornton-in-Craven - Yorkshire, West Riding)
my grandmother was ellen cockburn.she was born in 1875 and brought up in altham lancashire.she married john thomas marshall in 1903.they had 5 children,john,harry,grace,maud and ethel(my mother).did her family come from thornton?
red mail riley thornton-in-craven - (Thornton-in-Craven - Yorkshire, West Riding)
my great-grandmother was sarah riley.she was born in thornton-in-craven in 1850.she had a brother called robert.she married john cockburn in 1870.i would be glad of any imformation on this family.claire,lancs.
red mail Smith/ Goodworth in Thorp Arch - (Thorp Arch - Yorkshire, West Riding)
My great grandmother was Gertrude Goodworth, b1873, and married James Smith of Thorp Arch. Gertrudes siblings were; Charles b1867 and married Nellie Midgely Arthur b1871 and married Frances Hartley Frederick b1873 Any decendants i would love to hear from you!
red mail Thorpe Yorks - (Thorpe - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Edward Frost born c1869 Brooke Norfolk. Married Anna Eliza Yallop in 1891. 1901 living Keepers House, Thorpe. Edward age 32 Head Gamekeeper. Anna age 35 born Mundham Norfolk. Sons George 8, Herbert 6, Charles 4, daughter Eva 1. Looking for any descendants.
red mail Mounteers & Day - (Thorpe Audlin - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for any information about these families. Mounteers from Pontefract and Day from Thorpe Audlin.
red mail John Sayles - (Thorpe in Balne - Yorkshire, West Riding)
John Sayles Master Blacksmith Thorpe in Balne Born 1828 in Skellow
red mail duxbury/tomlinson - (Thorpe on The Hill - Yorkshire, West Riding)
any information on arthur duxbury, married julia dodgson and had 3 children richard, william and hilda, hilda married clifford tomlinson
Hutchinson family - (Thorpe Salvin - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Trying to find George Hutchinson and Eliza Wilson I think George was born at Thorpe Salvin his father was called William and was Lock Keeper at the top lock. George born c1845 William born c1815 George and Eliza married 1867 Sheffield district, maybe Woodhouse. Any info please contact me.
red mail Turner Family - (Thorpe Salvin - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am interested in any information on Elizabeth Turner(neeSmith of Norton, Derbyshire) married William Turner, one of their children Harry Smith Turner was my Grandfarther.
red mail Hutchinson Family - (Thorpe Salvin - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Information available on Hutchinson Family around Thorpe Salvin and Sheffield.George Hutchinson and Eliza Wilson and William Hutchison lock keeper and families.
Moore - Thorpe Willoughby, Yorkshire - (Thorpe Willoughby - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Connected with the MOORE surname in the 1700's.
red mail MILNER - (Thorpe Willoughby - Yorkshire, West Riding)
researching MILNER families that lived in Thorpe Willoughby. Two brothers moved to Pontefract to marry & raise familes. Looking for any photos or info on Thorpe Willoughby, thanks....
red mail Ward - (Throapham - Yorkshire, West Riding)
The Ward family lived in the village in the early 19c. then moving to Firbeck and Letwell.I would be interested in any one looking into the Ward family
red mail Tattersall's of Throapham? - (Throapham - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for any info about a marriage between Elizabeth Highfield and Robert Tattersall /Tattersill on either of these dates on transcript of marriage of Throapham date was given as 1786 or as on ancestry 1800 , believe Robert is a descendant of mine who would have been born in Derbyshire 1753 and lived in Chesterfield for rest of their lives all we have been able to find out is , if this was our Robert and that his wife was named Elizabeth ( Highfield ) who possibly died in Chesterfield in the 1840;s Is anyone researching the Highfield family,Would be pleased with any info., to finish this episode of family history .
red mail Butler Jackson - (Thrybergh - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Looking for Butler and Jackson in Thrybergh
red mail BURKINSHAW / ILLINGWORTH - (Thurgoland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am asking for any information on Thomas Burkinshaw and Mary Illingworth who were both born in Thurgoland. They married in 1825 at Silkstone and lived at Toad Hole, Thurgoland.I would like to know who their parents were and what became of any of their children, the siblings of my ggrandfather Samuel.I believe their son Matthew may have married his cousin Hannah.
red mail Sidebottom/Aston - (Thurgoland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I have information on Mary Jane Aston who married Alfred Sidebottom in 1875. They lived at Hill Top Thurgoland. I would like to know about their children as they were my grandfather's cousins. I know that one son, Wright Sidebottom, was a gamekeeper. Mary Jane was the sister of my great grandfather, they were born in Sedgley in the West Midlands.
red mail Elsie Sidebottom - (Thurgoland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am looking for information on Elsie Sidebottom around the Barnsley area, i believe Thurgoland, born around 1897 who married a Harry Hampshire in 1918 i know thay had some children but only know Lilian (my nan) any help would be appreciated.
red mail Tufft family - (Thurgoland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I would be very interested to hear about anyone with any information on John Tufft, born in West Bromwich in 1838, but who moved to Thurgoland and worked as a shingler at the Wortley Forge. John was married to Sarah Ann Bissell, originally born in Dudley
red mail Burkinshaw, Thurgoland, Yorkshire - (Thurgoland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
HI Looking for any info regarding Thomas Burkinshaw (b 1930 Thurgoland)and his wife Charlotte (b 1935 Worsbro surname unknown)In 1881 they had I believe 4 children, Anne 16yrs, Frank 12yrs, Solomon 10yrs & Ruth 4yrs. Anne was unmarried and had a son Ernest (1yr old in 1881) whilst in service, apparantly the father was part of the household she worked for. The family address was Hand Lane Bottom, Thurgoland, York.
red mail Lund Family - (Thurnscoe - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Searching for any info on the Lund Family living in Thurnscoe. Joseph Watkinson Lund and Sarah Ann Briggs in early 1900`s.
red mail hudson of thurnscoe/mapplewell - (Thurnscoe - Yorkshire, West Riding)
looking for info on hudsons eliza born 1901 elsie born 1905 and john born 1909 children of john hudson and annie nee crowe possibly born thurscoe .... darton or mapplewell
VE Day, Thurnscoe - (Thurnscoe East - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am wondering if any families living in the Brunswick Street area near the school, at the time of the VE Day celebrations have photographs they could send by email or copy for me. I was told my father's family (Knight) who lived at No.17, were out in the street celebrating with neighbours, at the point where Brunswick St. bends round to the school gates and the other way to Chapel Lane. I would be interested to hear from anyone.
Hirst Family - (Thurstonland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Family of Michael Hirst
NEW GROUND COLLIERY - (Thurstonland - Yorkshire, West Riding)
Information on the New Ground Colliery at Damside, by the steps leading up to Primrose Hill, There was an air/ventilation shaft in the area within living memory, all information welcome.
duckett - (Thwaites Brow - Yorkshire, West Riding)
I am researching DUCKETT of Thwaites brow and also WHEATER In 1901 James and Etta nee Wheater DUCKETT lived at Roydfield Farm, Thwaites Brow. Love to hear from you if you connect or have info Christine

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