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red mail HODGSON - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of WILLIAM SMITH HODGSON born 1853 Idle, Thackley. He was the son of Mary (nee Brown) and Jonas Hodgson. His siblings were: (1) ANN ELIZABETH HODGSON born 1851 Idle (2) THOMAS BROWN HODGSON born 1852 Idle, married CHARLOTTE HARGREAVES, (3) DAVID HODGSON born 1853 Idle. WILLIAM SMITH HODGSON married SARAH JANE ROOKE at Bradford in 1873. They had issue: Edith 1874, Charles William 1876, Arthur 1878, John 1880, Harry 1888, Thomas 1890.
I am seeking information or descendants of HENRY BARRACLOUGH born 1890 at Thackley, Idle. He was the son of Ann (nee Brayshaw) and John Barraclough. In 1901 he was living with his grandparents at 47 Windhill Old Road, Idle. In 1911 he was at 45 Windhill Road, Idle.
I am seeking information or descendants of EDWIN RAISTRICK born 1900 Idle. He was the son of Emma (nee Lee) and John Henry Raistrick. Edwin had 3 siblings: (1) MARY REBECCA born 1886 Idle, (2) ELIZABETH ANN born 1889 Idle and (3) LUCY born 1891 Idle, married PERCY NORTH. In 1901, the Raistrick family lived at 1 Windhill Old Road, Idle, and in 1911 they were at 557 Leeds Road, Thackley, Idle. EDWIN RAISTRICK married LILY NICHOLL at Bradford in 1920. Born at Bradford in 1900, she was the daughter of Mary (nee Smith) and John Nicholl. They had issue: Albert 1921, Edwin 1924, Frederick 1929, Kathleen 1930 and Doreen 1934.
red mail OBANK - IDLE
I am seeking information on WILLIAM JOHN OBANK born 1883 Thackley, Idle. He was the son of Lucy Ann (nee Lee) and Frederick Obank. William had 9 siblings: (1) CAROLINE born 1878, married FREDERICK WILLIAM WALTON, (2) EVA born 1879, (3) THOMAS born 1881, married ANNIE P WOODCOCK, (4) EMMA MARY born 1885, married JAMES HERBERT BAXTER, (5) EDGAR born 1888, (6) LAURENCE SAMUEL born 1890, married CLARA EMILY THOMAS FLETCHER, (7) FRANK born 1892, married EDITH GAWTHORPE (8) HORACE born 1895, married MARJORIE NETTLETON and (9) ADAH born 1898, married FRANCIS WILLIAM DAY. In 1891, the Obank family lived at 4 Cypress Terrace, Idle, and in 1901 they were at 3 Leeds Road, Idle. By 1911, William was married and living with his wife and son at 628 Leeds Road, Thackley, Idle.
red mail RUSSELL - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of WILLIAM RUSSELL born 1896 Idle. He was the son of Alice Mary (nee Whitaker) and Joseph Russell. He had two siblings: (1) MARTHA ANN RUSSELL born 1894 Idle, married JOHN WILLIAM ALDERSON and (2) HARRY RUSSELL born 1902 Idle. In 1901, the Russell family were living at 22 Leyfleaks Road, Idle and in 1911, they had moved to 4 Cobden Street, Idle. WILLIAM RUSSELL married MARION EDITH CORDINGLEY in July, 1922. She was the daughter of Hannah (nee Booth) and Thomas Cordingley. Their children include: Thomas E 1923, Harry Gilbert 1925, Aubrey William 1927 and Mary 1940.
red mail KITCHEN - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of WILFRED KITCHEN born 1891 Windhill, Idle. He was the son of Clara (nee Preston) and Fred Kitchen. Wilfred had 7 siblings: (1) JOSEPH born 1892 Windhill, Idle (2) MARY ELLEN born 1895 Shipley (3) SARAH ANN born 1896 Shipley - married Charley C Swift (4) CLARA born 1898 Shipley (5) BERTHA born 1899 Windhill, Idle (6) LOUIE born Saltaire and (7) JOHN born 1909 Saltaire. In 1891 the Kitchen had moved to 8 Bradford Road, Shipley. In 1901 they were at 97 Briggate, Shipley and in 1911 at 2 Dove Street, Shipley.
red mail NORTH - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of JOHN WILLIAM NORTH born 1887 Idle. He was the son of Mary (nee Russell) and Joseph North. In 1891 the Norths lived at 6 Spring Street, Idle. In 1901 they were at 4 Cobden Street, Idle and in 1911, at 7 Victoria Street, Thackley, Idle. John North married CLARA HARDAKER in 1909 at Bradford. John North had 3 siblings: (1) SARAH ANN NORTH born 1889 Idle, (2) ANNIE MARIA NORTH born 1896 Idle, married DENIS CONSTANTINE MOELLER and (3) EDWIN RUSSELL NORTH born 1901 Idle, married PHYLLIS MILES.
red mail DENBIGH - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of FLORENCE SLINGSBY DENBIGH born 1892 at Thackley, Idle. She was the only daughter of Margaret Ann (nee Russell) and Albert Denbigh. Florence had a brother FRANK DENBIGH born 1898 at Thackley, Idle. In 1901, the Denbighs lived at 33 Leeds Road, Thackley and in 1911, they were at 27 Thackley Road, Thackley, Idle. In 1911 at Bradford, Florence married FRANK LUDLAM. He was the son of Mary Jane and Edward E Ludlam and born in 1891 at Allerton. Florence and Frank Ludlam had three children that I have found: (1) ERNEST LUDLAM born 1912, (2) IRENE LUDLAM born 1913, (3) GLADYS LUDLAM BORN 1914. Frank was with the West Riding Regiment during WW1 and listed as a bootmaker.
red mail WATMUFF - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of FLORENCE EVELYN WATMUFF born 1899 at Windhill, Idle. She was the daughter of Jane (nee Russell) and Samuel Watmuff. In 1901 Florence is listed with her parents at 34 Curzon Terrace, Mickelgate, York and in 1911, the family are at Cook Street, Avonmouth, Bristol.
red mail PROSSER - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of the following PROSSERS from Idle. (1) JAMES HENRY PROSSER born 1889 Idle (2) PERCY PROSSER born 1891 Idle (3) CLAUDE ROWLAND PROSSER born 1895 Idle (4) CLARRIE PROSSER born 1889 Idle (5) MABEL PROSSER born 1901 Idle, married Leslie Waterworth (6) ARTHUR PROSSER born 1903 Idle and (7) WILLIAM PROSSER born 1904 Idle. In 1891 the Prossers lived at 85 Windhill Road, Idle. In 1901 they lived at 17 Albert Street, Idle and in 1911 at 1 Spring Street, Idle.
red mail PEDLEY - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of JAMES EDWIN PEDLEY born 1890. He was the son of Eliza (nee Hollings) and Robert Pedley. James married EDITH SOMMERFIELD at St Wilfreds CofE, Calverley in 1908. Edith was born in 1885 at Idle, the daughter of Mary Ann (nee Russell) and James Sommerfield. Edith and James had issue: Robert 1909, Leonard 1914, Willie 1917, Ernest 1920, John 1923, Doris E 1924, Edith M 1926 and Mary A 1927. In 1911, the Pedleys were living at 34 Hampton Place, Idle. Edith had 5 siblings all born in Idle: Harry Sommerfield 1883, Emma Sommerfield 1887, Thomas Sommerfield 1890, Annie Sommerfield 1895 and Willie Sommerfield 1897.
red mail LEE - IDLE
I am seeking information or descendants of THOMAS LEE born 1894 at Idle. He was the only son of Mary (nee Kendall) and Samuel Lee of Windhill Old Road, Thackley. Thomas married LILLIAN DAWSON at North Bierley and they had at least one child - Barbara H Lee born 1915. Thomas died in 1972.
I am seeking information or descendants of ARTHUR LEE born 1891 in Idle. He was the son of Ann (nee Kendall) and William Lee of Idle. Arthur had 5 siblings: John Robert Lee (born 1878 Idle), Mary A Lee (born 1879 Idle), Lucy Lee (born 1882 Idle), Clara Lee (born 1887 Idle) and Maud Eliza Lee (born 1893 Idle). In 1881, the Lee family lived in Leeds Road & Regent Street Idle. In 1891, 1901 and 1911 they lived in Windhill Old Road.
I am researching THOMAS SCOTT BEAUMONT born 1892 at Idle. He was the oldest child of Ann Elizabeth (nee Brown) and Thomas Beaumont. Thomas married HARRIET DEEBANK in 1918 and they had at least one child - John Beaumont born 1924. Thomas and his brother George were living with their grandparents (Isabella and Peter Smith Brown) at 15 Windhill Old Road, Thackley in 1911. I believe Thomas served in France during WW1. Thomas Beaumont had 6 siblings: William Smith Beaumont (born 1893 Idle), James Ripley Beaumont (born 1895 Idle), Charles Parkinson Beaumont (born 1897 Idle, married EUNICE HOYLE - children Patricia M 1930, Geoffrey 1932, Peter B 1934 and Christine M 1937 ), Walter Beaumont (born 1899 Idle), George Beaumont (born 1907 Idle) and Arthur C Beaumont (born 1909 Idle).
red mail HODGSON - IDLE
I am seeking descendants of CHARLES WILLIAM HODGSON born 1876 at Windhill, Idle. He was the son of Sarah Jane (nee Rooke) and William Smith Hodgson. Charles Hodgson married Martha Mycock at Keighley in 1889. I have found 10 children born to them between 1900 and 1920. In 1911 the family were living at 29 Windhill Old Road, Thackley. Charles Hodgson had 5 siblings - Edith Hodgson (born 1874 Windhill), Arthur Hodgson (born 1878 Bradford), John Hodgson (born 1880 Windhill), Harry Hodgson (born 1888 Baildon) and Thomas Hodgson (born 1890 Baildon).
red mail HODGSON - IDLE
I am seeking any descendants of Edwin Hodgson born 1877 at Windhill, Idle, West Yorkshire. He was the son of Charlotte (nee Hargreaves) and Thomas Brown Hodgson. Edwin married Sarah Ann Lees in 1904 at Madeley, Shropshire. I have found three of their children - Frances Rosa born 1905, Winnie born 1908 and Mabel born 1910. The Hodgsons moved from Idle to Didsbury, Lancashire between 1881 and 1886. In 1911 the family were living at 44 Barn Lane, Withington, Lancashire. Edwin Hodgson had 8 siblings - Mary Elizabeth Hodgson (born 1872 Thackley), Annie Louisa Hodgson (born 1875 Bradford), Ethel Mary Hodgson (born 1879 Windhill), Thomas Arthur Hodgson (born 1880 Windhill), Edgar Hodgson (born 1883 Thackley), Ernest Hodgson (born 1886 Didsbury), Herbert Hodgson (born 1889 Didsbury) and Clara Ellen Hodgson (born 1895 Didsbury).
I am seeking descendants of Edward Alfred Cullingford born 1873, Bradford. He was the son of Mary Ann (nee Barker) and Alfred Cullingford. Edward married Alberta Mary White Hodgson in 1898. She was the daughter of Ann Elizabeth Hodgson. I have found three children for Alberta and Edward - Constance Ruth born 1899, Raymond Edward born 1901 and Mabel Ellen born 1905. The family lived in the Idle/Thackley and the 1911 Census has them at Moorland Villas, Windhill Old Road, Thackley, Idle.
red mail Raistrick/Keighley
I am looking for information on Francis Raistrick born 1843 to Amos Raistrick & Sarah Keighley who both lived in Idle. Francis later took his mothers surname & added William Raistrick to Francis as his christian names.I think he may be my G G Grandfather and I am trying to fill in some blank spaces. Thanks Peter
red mail Somerfield Lodge, Highfield Road, Idle 1920s
I am interested in any information I can get on my grandfathers family home in Idle which my father was born in in 1921. I have also heard Abraham Rich owned a dog track and was very successful but lost it gambling. I have no relatives who can confirm or deny this now and am researching like mad. Can anyone help? pictures info etc.
red mail Benjamin Burnley b 1799/1800 Idle
No information known about his parents or siblings. Benjamin became a successful businessman owning collieries and a coal wharf in the Leeds area in the 1840's and 50's. His family lived in Methley and moved to leeds districts and Wakefield after that. He married Mary Teasdale in 1821 in Middleham North Yorks so he certainly knew his way around. Any snippets or morsels would be appreciated. There is a Benjamin Burnley in the Calverley baptisms b1800 but this I beleive is a different BB who died as an infant in the same year. My BB on his census has his birth place as Idle but no records back this up. Any help greatly appreciated.
red mail Sugden/Keighley
My 3xgreat-grandparents, William Sugden and Esther Keighley, were married on 8 May 1803 at Calverley. William's father was John Sugden and Esther's father Joseph Keighley. William and Esther lived in Idle until at least 1822, but William moved to Southwark some time prior to his death in 1843. I don't know what became of Esther. William and his son William (my gr-gr-grandfather) were stonemasons. I'm happy to be in contact with anyone interested in the Sugdens and Keighleys from this area.
red mail Crabtree
I am interested in Jonathan Crabtree born 1811
red mail Mann family
I am researching the Mann family resident in Idle area from 1720. Specifically looking for any info on the birth/christening of James Mann circa 1801 and elizabeth Illingworth circa 1801
red mail Marriage in Idle Church
Seeking information on a Walter Mitchell, who married a Jeannie Keith, both from Thackley, in the Parish Church in Idle on 22/06/1925. Any Help most appreciated.
red mail Jowett Family from Idle
I am trying to trace my family tree so far have manage to trace a James Jowett Clothier he married a Nanny Raistrick in 1825 at Calvary West yorks. Any help wuold be appreciated.
red mail Heaton
Hi Im looking for the Heaton Family of The Green Idle.I know Joseph Heaton Married a Hannah But i need her surname.I do have a Cencus from 1841 of Idle under the Calvery Parish and also any one got any pics of old Idle?
red mail Watson Family, Idle, Bradford
I am researching the family of my great grand father Thomas Watson, born 1867, He married Ellen Styring, born 1865. Thomas was a shoe maker and one time councillor
red mail William Kerry Dawson
William born 1843 Skipton, Idle. married Sarah Anne from Thetford, Norfolk, as a widower remarried Wilhemena from New Foundland. 1861 census was the last record I can find, any info would be gratefully received.all moved to Tottenham by 1891
red mail Eastburn family
I have a Martha Eastburn who is said on 1851 census onwards to be born in Idle about 1820. She married Henry Aspden in 1840 in Calverley - her address is simply given as Idle. I have not located them on 1841 census, but they later moved to Bowling, then Drighlington. Henry grew up in the centre of Bradford. Does the person with the William Eastburn born about 1822 know if William and Martha are connected? Her father's name is John. Any other information about the family? I have lots of info about her descendants, if anyone's interested. Thanks.
red mail Booth family in Idle
I am searching for information about John Booth born 1812 in Undercliffe, near Idle. I understand his parents were William Booth and Mary Berry, who married in 1799. He married Hannah, but I do not know her maiden name. Their son Joseph Booth, who was my 2xg grandfather was born in 1836 in Pudsey.
red mail Keighley and Pickard Families
I am researching Jemima Keighley born 1812 in Idle who married William Pickard born in 1806 in Sutton and christened in Kildwick. Jemima & William married in Calverley in 1835. These are my GG Grandparents. Jemima was the daughter of Sarah Hutton and John Keighley. William was the son of Richard Pickard and Elisabeth Proctor. I have a great deal on these families including the burial place of William & Jemima and some of their children. Would like to hear from anyone with the same interests.
red mail Mary ALRED
Searching for information on Mary Alred born 1828 in Idle. She married William Smith, . He was a blacksmith so they travelled round the county with his work, their children being born in different places. She died 1890 in Cardiff. Her Parents are William Alred and Esther Keighley, who married 7.4.1828. I understand William Alred was born in 1804, but have no confirmation of that, nor who his parents were.
red mail WAITE
I have a lot of waites in my family tree from idle, if any one is doing same family, please get in touch, i will give any info i can.
red mail Search
searching for Hargreaves family, late 1700 hundreds who were farming in shipley and moved to Idle. Some may have moved later to Bradford or Leeds in mid 1800's
Albert and Herbert Proctor
Anyone with info on Herbert Proctor born 4/8/1910 mar to Emmie Smith Albert b 1876 mar to Anne Mawson Rgds
red mail joe ireland
maybe i can help with information wanted about joe ireland the fairground traveller. father of cyril,winnie and ronnie who lived in idle please get back to me regards selina
red mail Any information about housing in Idle
My partner and i have been living in a cottage in Idle since last year and wish to know if there is any history regarding any hauntings in this area. we have looked on archieves and nothing has been found. Are there any old word of mouth stories about Idle passed on through the generations? we believe that our house may have a spirit and we just need to know about the location of where we live. Can you help????
red mail Parker, Murgatroyd, Mellor, Rycroft in the Idle area
I am looking for further information on any of these families who lived in the Idle or Windhill areas in the 1800's.
Keighley - 18th and 19th century
Looking for any information on the name Keighley in Idle in the 18th and 19th century. All family members christened in Upper Chapel Independent, Idle, West Yorkshire
Looking for Murgatroyd and Parker families of Idle and Shipley in the 18/19th centuries. They were clothiers and farmers. Connected to Maud & Goldsbrough.
red mail 1841 & 51 Census, Idle
I am researching the Eastburn family and would like to know what the entry for the Eastburns, which include William born in 1822/4, states. Hopefully this will give me his parents & siblings.
Abraham OGDEN, christened at Calverley on 28/09/1760. Wife's name was Nanny. Father was William. The Ogden family lived in Idle. Information, please.
Sarah HEATON, born in Idle about 1788, daughter of John & Rachel Heaton. Married William OGDEN at Calverley on 24/09/1804. Any information appreciated.
red mail Dibb
Grace Dibb Mary Dibb Sarah Ellen Dibb Elizibeth Dibb
red mail Mellor family Idle,Bradford,Shipley
I am researching the Mellor family and am as far back as David Mellor(about 1780-1823)who married Mary Wright at St Peters Bradford in 1803.I think they were originally in Shipley as he was a corn miller of Buck Mill.They had several children including William Wright Mellor who was a shopkeeper in Idle and married Sarah Greenwood at St Wilfrid's,Calverley in 1826.They had a few children including David Mellor(born 1833 in Idle)who married Hannah Barber in Otley in 1859.The family moved to Bradford by 1851. I have a lot of information and anything more would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Kitson Family
family migrated to australia 1887 joseph and selina and baby maurice my grandfather
red mail Idle, A Curious Name
Idle is famous for the Idle working mens club, honourary membership available. Approx 2 miles north of Bradford,WRY

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