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Feasby Acklam by Malton - (Acklam - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the Feasby family who lived here in 1840's. Hannah Feasby died here in September 1842 Thanks for your time
red mail Barker,Sanderson - (Acklam - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Robert Barker married Hannah Sanderson 1830 (Scrayingham church) They lived in Acklam. Any information please? Robert died aged 55 in 1837. I think Hannah born in Strensall.
red mail John Stalkel Hudson, Sarah Ann Esgate - (Acklam - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John Stalkel Hudson Born 1862 Yorkshire, Migrated to Australia about 21st July 1883, boarded "Duke of Westminster" and arrived Brisbane 21st August 1883. Sarah Ann Esgate born 1860 sailed on same voyage with father, Thomas Farrer Esgate Born at Little Sumner 1829, mother Catherine Howard born 1831 with 4 brothers Thomas 1854,Robert 1866, Walter 1870 and Reuben 1873. John stalkel married Sarah Ann and had 3 children Robert 1885-1960 ( my grandfather),walter 1890-1928 and Lily 1893-1971. I would be gratefull of any further information but would at least like to know the village and part of Yorkshire they all came from.
red mail Wilson - (Acklam - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any information about a Richard Wilson, who married Sarah Foster around 1815 at St. Leonards, Malton. They had 5 sons (George, Leonard, Robert, William and Richard - some appear to be baptised in Leavening and Acklam), and came to Canada in 1831 (settled near Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada). I am hoping that someone may be able to help me locate any information about my ancestors.
red mail Dunn Family Of Aike - (Aike - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the family/ancestors of Elizabeth Dunn prob. of Aike b. 1816, married 1835 James Robinson of Leconfield. She is the brother of Watson Dunn and parents believed to be James Dunn and Elizabeth Harrison from the area near Beverly.
red mail Kell Family - (Allerthorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
George Kell b:11/12/1858 in Allerthorp.Registered February 1859.Father was Joseph Kell,mother was Charlotte(nee Fent)They married in Beverley in 1854.George married Hannah(nee Daddy)in Sutton/Stoneferry,Hull in 1876.ANY info appreciated
red mail MORRIS - (Allerthorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any info on Frederick Morris who married my grandmother Sarah Mallender in worksop in 1897. His father was William Morris. That is all the info I have at the moment, as he left my grandmother about 1912 and have no trace of him after that.
red mail Laverack - (Allerthorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Ada Evelyne Laverack was my great great grandmother. Born 17 May 1861 Allerthorpe to Auniss Laverack. Her father although not stated on the birth certificate was stated on her marriage certificate to my great great grandfather as Charles Oxtoby. They were both only 16 when Ada was born and Ada was brought up by her grandparents in George's Cottage Allerthorpe. If anyone has any other info regarding this I'd be very grateful.
red mail Thomas Anlaby - (Anlaby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Thomas Anlaby (or Thomas de Anlaby) was a fifteenth century clerk in holy orders. He occupied or owned the manor which was on the present site of the Manor Road Estate, but died at Hessle. Anyone interested in this piece of local history please contact me.
red mail michael ernest jones - (Anlaby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
hi im looking for michael ernest jones who used to live on lloyd street anlaby,id like to make contact with him if anybody can help please.
red mail JOHN FOSTER - BLACKSMITH 1841- 1871 - (Anlaby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Census and other records show that he had a business in Anlaby for many years. I am seeking any information and photographs. His wife was Jane Leaper from Eastrington. John was born in Market Weighton.
red mail Staveley/Staley/Westoby - (Arnold - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I now find that Christopher Staveley was born at Arnold though baptised at Long Riston
red mail Staveley - (Arnold - Yorkshire, East Riding)
The previous message was not very helpful, was it ? For more information please see the village of Bewholme or the name Staveley.
red mail briggs/arnold/normington - (Arnold - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My great grandma was martha(briggs) arnold and had my great grandfather and don't know if he had any brothers or sisters his name was herbert arnolddon't know what his fathers name was.he married(herbert)clara normington(normington)they had 10 children,some were born in bradford(yorkshire)and some lynn mass(usa)my grandfather was one of the 10 his name was Ellis I am guessing early 1900's they came to usa
red mail Jackson of Arnold - (Arnold - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am trying to locate families of George Jackson and Rosanna Forbes.They lived at Arnold, and their children, Harry, James, Robert, Tom,Frank,George,Annie, Alice, Nora were all born at Long Riston or Arnold, George was my grandfather. The children were born between 1872 and 1890. As far as I know , they all stayed in the area. Any help would be appreciated
red mail Jacksons of Arnold East Yorkshire - (Arnold - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information regarding the above mentioned family. The family were farmers from this area. My great grandfather x 3 was robert, his son Benjamin was my great grandfather x 2 his son William was my great grandfather and his son Stanley my grandad. Any information would be gratefully accepted
red mail Robinson Of Arram - (Arram - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for family/ancestors of Robert Robinson who was living in Arram in 1871. He had a brother named James in the general area and a nephew also named James who married Elizabeth Dunn of Aike in May of 1835. James and Elizabeth subseqeuntly wentto America.
red mail Arram/Leckonfield :Williamson/Sissons - (Arram - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have information to share
red mail CAVILL - (Asselby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John CAVILL born about 1790 in Hive near Howden married Frances SCOTT (born Asselby nr Howden about 1794) on 13.3.1819 Occupation Corn miller (Son George CAVILL born in Sutton-in-Holderness 1825 or 1827 (he married Sarah BROWN in Leeds 1850, moved to Elvington, had several children, moved to Loftus in Cleveland, then emigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1890's, age over 66, following at least one of his children!). I'm descended from a daughter who didn't emigrate.) 1851 - John and Frances CAVILL still living Sutton-in-Holderness In 1871 John & Frances are living in Snaith with Susan Frances Cavill (grand-daughter) and Lavinia VASHTY (granddaughter). Frances died Goole September quarter 1873 John died Goole September quarter 1874 If anyone could glean (pun intended in view of John's occupation!) any info on him and the rest of his household (especially his parents, siblings, and other children) I'd be very grateful.
red mail John Levitt - Mary Palmer - (Asselby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Can anyone help with the parents and/or siblings of John Levitt born 1816 in Asselby.He married Mary Palmer in Drax on 5 Feb 1844.They had at least 6 children the 2 male children were both classified as Deaf and Dumb on the census returns I cannot find any birth records for John in Asselby 1816
red mail Hesslewood - (Asselby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Any information on M'maduke Hesslewood of Asselbie who married M'gerie Mounsie on 2 June 1578 appreciated.
red mail Mounsie Dallison - (Asselby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Any information appreciated on either: William Mounsie of Assalbie who married Margaret Dallison on 12 Oct 1611
red mail Arthur Mounsey - (Asselby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on, and parents of Arthur Mounsey of Assleby probably born around 1715-20, married to Elizabeth ?. Had children Joseph, Elizabeth and Ann.
red mail the hill familys in Atwick - (Atwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Hoalgate And Elizabeth Hill lived at 5 Cross Street Atwick.Georgeand Sarah Hill lived at 4 Church Lane and David Hill lived at 6 Bewholme Road. Any info on the familywould be of help
red mail Binning - (Atwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
George Binning of Atwick, b.c1860 son of Wm. Binning, married Esther Staveley b. c1862/3 of Bewholme in c.1890. They had son George E., and Christopher, at least. I would be pleased to exchange information. Norman Staveley.
red mail ALLEN - (Atwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Hubert Allen lived in Atwick in 1939/40. Then was called up. Born in 1920. Any info would help. Married Freda ? in 1937/8 I think. Thanks
red mail Cliff Lane Atwick - (Atwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Hello I'm interested in the history of Yule Lodge Cliff Lane Atwick. It was also known as The Haven before changing its name. I know that the name changed because a Mr and Mrs Christmas lived there! I'd be grateful of any info, does anyone know about the houses which have gone to the sea? Thanks;-)
red mail PEARSON or PEIRSON Family Atwick - (Atwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on MICHAEL PEARSON son of THOMAS PEARSON and JANE (BOTTERELL) PEARSON. He was born around 1700. I have found baptismal records in Atwick. Hoping to find a definitive link to my ancestor Michael, who was in Orange County, Virginia in the 1720s. He worked in Virginia for the Beverley family of Beverley in Yorkshire.
red mail Agnes Mounsie - (Balkholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the maiden name of Agnes who married Thomas Mounsie on 25 Oct 1562. In the parish record as "Agnes of Balkh" Any other info on Mounsey appreciated.
red mail Balkholme - (Balkholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have a Francis Beverley born in Balkholme in 1785. Are there any Balkholme records anywhere?
Blanshard - (Barlby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Michael Blanshard was a farmer ar Barlby. In 1811 he married Ann BRIGGS at Selby. They had sons christened at Barlby: William in 1818 and Nicholas in 1825. I think Michael was christened at East Cottingwith in 1789, son of John Blanshard, but would like any further information about Michael and his father .
red mail Turner family of Barlby - (Barlby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Seeking info about the family of farmer Thomas Turner (c1783-1861) who moved from Hatfield near Doncaster to farm in Barlby c1830. He was married to Nancy Pattrick (c1789-1856) from Thorne and had children: William 1808 (married to Ellen/Helen Brewer from Barlby); Elizabeth 1811 (living in Finningley married to butcher George Chester); Thomas 1813 (married to Mary Ann Sampson & later her sister Charlotte); Hannah 1815 (married to Samuel Barrass, a keelman); Mary Ann 1818(emigrated to USA with husband Jonathan Quarton from Osgodby) and Charlotte 1820(married to Joseph Vollans from Church Fenton). Family returned to Doncaster area after suicide of Nancy at the age of 66 in January 1856. Which local papers may have carried accounnts of the tragedy? Any help gratefully received
red mail Barlby Burial - (Barlby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am trying to find where my great-great grandfather (Charles Chilvers) was buried. I know he died in Barlby in 1935. Can anyone help?
emma lottie garnham - (Barmby Moor - Yorkshire, East Riding)
wife of john henry ross, lived at rose cottage barmby moor,would like to know where she was born or came from prior to yorkshire , somewhere near bury st. edmunds suffolk,born about 1889?
red mail shirley and sheila frear - (Barmby Moor - Yorkshire, East Riding)
does anyone know the twins who grew up in village
red mail Richard Cooper (abt 1715) - (Barmby Moor - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Any information about the COOPER family would be of interest as my 5 x GGm (Elizabeth) was the daughter of Richard. Elizabeth married Thomas HALL in 1774. Thanks. John
red mail Brown family..Barmby on the Marsh - (Barmby on the Marsh - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am researching the Brown family and have got back to a John Brown who was born in 1788 and lived in Barmby on the Marsh. He married a girl called Sarah born in 1789. They are buried in Barmby churchyard also in the same plot are two of their 8 children. Nearby is the plot of a Wilson and Sarah Annie Brown (nee Chadwick) my great grand father. His son Wilson Hartley Brown moved away and became a farmer at Swillington Common near Garforth. Any information regarding the Browns at Barmby prior to 1788 would be most welcome
red mail Boldan family - (Barmby on the Marsh - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Robert and Jane Boldan lived in Barmby on the Marsh round about 1843, they are on the 1871 census. They had a daughter, my greatgrandmother who was called Sarah Askham. I think that the Boldan family came from nearby Asselby.
red mail Thomas Edward Holland - (Barmby on the Marsh - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Thomas edward born 1889 in Barmby. Married Elsie Underwood. was in the army as an engine driver in france attached to the kings own yorkshire light infantry. for many years he was a railway signal man on the hull and barnsley mne and was employed in the west riding as asselby, barmby and the ouse bridge. when he returned from the army he began work as a local preacher - methodist. thomas is my husbands grandfather. we would be grateful for any information than the above
red mail Florence May Robson - (Barmby on the Marsh - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information about Florence May Robson....all i know is that she married James Herbert Holland who was born 14 May 1886 in Barmby. who were her parents, where and when was she born did she have any siblings, where/when did she marry?
red mail allison - (Barmston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
red mail Burgess - (Barmston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Anyone related to the Burgess family originally from Barmston?Jerimiah Burgess was born there 1820.His wife,Hannah had Annie,John,Mary elizabeth,Jane,Harriet,David,William and Emma.John,was my gt,gt grandfather,on my mothers side.I know Johns sister,annie married Benjamin Addenson(later recorded as Addamson)they lived Scarborough.I would love to see some photos of any of the Burgess family.Also have tried to find william Henry burgess dob,1872,my gt grandmothers brother.He worked on the great western Railway at one time.Anyone interested,I am sure we could swap info.
John Sawden, Schoolmaster 1823 - (Barmston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Would be grateful for any information on parents or siblings of John Sawden (may have been c.31.12.1790 Sewerby, East Yorks. with parents George Sawden and Rachael Jackson). John Sawden was schoolmaster of Barmston in Baines Directory of 1823. John m.1819 Burton Agnes to Rachael Collinson, but died aged 33 yrs. 1824 at Barmston, leaving two daughters, Mary and Eliza Sawden (my great(x2)grandmother).
red mail John Brown - (Barmston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am researching John Brown born abt 1819 in Barmston, possibly father of John Augustus Brown born abt 1854 in Newby who married Alice Jane Watson, they had ll children. On the 1881 census I found two John Browns - one married Sarah, children Mary and Annie and the other married Elizabeth, children Elizabeth Dawson and grandchild Clara Dawson. John married to Sarah was a farmer of 10 acres and John married to Elizabeth was an Ag Lab. Does anyone have any information please.
red mail William Henry Burgess - (Barmston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for anyone who is related to the Burgess of Barmston, Jeremiah 1820, William Henry b-1872, and sisters, Mary Ellen b-13/10/1875, Annie E 1878. William was a railway porter in the 1901 census, living Hull. Jeremiah married Hannah Walker.
red mail Metcalfe and Dawson or Dowson - (Beeford - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for the families of Joseph Metcalfe and Harriet Dowson who were married in Driffield 15 July 1850. Joseph was aged 21 yrs, residing in Beeford and father's name is given as James Metcalfe, Gardener. Harriet was aged 23 years, residing in Beeford and father's name is given as Richard Dowson, Labourer. She signed as Harriet Black nee Dowson so may have been a widow, although she is described as single. This couple emigrated to New Zealand in 1851, but both died within 10 years leaving young children. Any info would be appreciated.
Wheldon Weldon Acklom - (Beeford - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John Wheldon or Weldon married Elizabeth Acklom at Beeford 1798. Can anyone confirm this from Parish records, or tell me any more about these families in Beeford?
red mail Dukes-Hinds - (Beeford - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information on Drusilla Dukes who was living in Beeford at the time of her marriage to Mathew Hinds in 1811. This couple settled in Beeford, living next door to the rectory until they migrated to Canada in 1849. All children baptised in Beeford. Any information about Mathew and Drusilla would be appreciated. Drusilla's family believed to be connected with Baptist Church. Family connected with Methodist church in Canada. Any information regarding Nathan and Jane Dukes who appear to have been Drusilla's brother and sister-in-law and who also were associated with the Baptist Church would also be greatly appreciated.
red mail Robinon, Barrett - (Beeford - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any information on my ancestors who were married in Beeford, Feb. 20, 1830. Their names were Francis Robinson and Isabella Barrett. Francis was born in 1796, and Isabella in 1794. They emigrated to Ontario Canada soon afterward and purchased a 100 acre Crown Reserve property in Albion Township, Peel Co. Ontario, 30 miles north of York (Toronto).
red mail cross lazenby - (Beeford - Yorkshire, East Riding)
i am looking for anything about cross lazenby, born in beeford 1819 or 1820, died driffield 1876, was a agricultural labourer, then a small farmer and also listed as a wesleyan preacher. would also like to locate the wesleyan chapel in beeford. can anyone help?
red mail Trowhell 1800s - (Bempton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on Ann Trowhell (or Trowell or Trowhill) b. Bempton 1832. May have had brothers Robert, John and Dodson. She married James Appleby in about 1850-1853 although I'm unable to find a record of it! They lived in Seamer and had 13 children. Any info appreciated, thanks.
Halliday - (Bempton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any information about my husbands uncle. Arthur Halliday (from Bradford area) and his wife Edna, she came from Bempton He had the White Horse Pub at one time and his wife Edna had a fish and chip shop I believe
Glenton in 1700s - (Bempton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have Glenton ancestry,and Francis was baptised in Bempton in 1738,would like his parents/siblings if possible.Thanks
red mail Thompsons of Bessingby/Bridlington - (Bessingby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have many Thompsons in my family tree from Bridlington/Flamborough areas.My gt grandfather was born in 1853 his father Richard was born in Bessingby 1825 and his father was also Richard from Flamborough 1796.I have their trades as tailors and Richards address as The Gate House Flamborough Rd.I do not know if this was a house or part of his job at the time.If anyone can help me solve this or has any information on my family it would be of great help in my research.Also in my tree are names Chew/ White/Dodd/Lister.
red mail WARD - BESWICK, EAST YORKSHIRE - (Beswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for ANY information related to WARD family in BESWICK. JACK WARD married BETSY BUTLER (Date 1900's). JACK died in BESWICK in 1900's. Any information on JACK's family very valuable. Father possibly called HARRY WARD. Thank you.
red mail Duggleby, Huntsman - (Beswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Jane Duggleby (1716-1789) married Robert Huntsman of North Frodingham (he died 1778) at Beswick on 29 April 1744. Robert is my gt-gt-gt-gt-gfthr.
PEARSON / FOX - (Beswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Trying to find connection to Beswick of my 3x grandparents William Pearson of Thorganby Lincs. and Ann Fox Of Skidby who were married at Beswick 03/04/1824.They lived the rest of their lives at Lund where they died in 1877/78
red mail Gray - (Beswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for relatives of Samual Gray (My Grandfther) born in Beswick in 1884, Father Hides Gray b 1832 in Lincolnshire, mother Pheobe Gray(Nichols)b1842 Lund. Brothers Hides, George b1876, Henry(Harry) b1880, sisters phoebe b1872, Elizabeth b1868 ( married Oldroyed)
red mail Wilson descendants - (Beswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I'm looking for any male descendants of John Wilson, born in Garton in 1803. His male lines are: Richard 1824 Lockington; George 1826 Beswick; William 1827 Beswick; David 1831 Beswick; John 1837 Beswick; Marmaduke 1839 Beswick; Robinson 1842 Beswick; Daniel 1844 Beswick; Henry 1847 Beswick. Please can anyone help? Thank you. Judith
red mail Staveley - (Bewholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Christopher (d.1879) was a blacksmith there and he may have come from another part of the East Riding to marry a blacksmith's widow (named Smith ?) He was my gt-gdfthr. Any further news would help.
red mail Staveley Smith Westoby - (Bewholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I now know that Christopher's parents were John Staveley and Frances Westoby and that they married on 12 July 1808. I would still like to go further back !
red mail Short - (Bewholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John and Hannah (Jordan) Short moved from Bridlington, where they were married to the Bewholme/Nunkeeling area about 1795. They left the area in 1817 when they sailed to Canada. However, their son William stayed in England and married Phoebe Dunn on 4 Dec. 1817 Looking for any of William's descendants. Their children are (all born in the Nunkeeling/Bewholme area) John; chr. 5 Jan 1819, Hannah; chr. 15 Jan 1821, Jane; chr. 22 Mar 1822, Elizabeth; chr. 21 Feb 1826, Mark; b. 1828, William; b. 14 Oct 1830 and Ann; b. circa 1838.
red mail bewholme - (Bewholme - Yorkshire, East Riding)
can anyone remember or give me any information on the appleby family that lived in bewholme in the 1930s ... my mother was born there
red mail Reynolds - (Bielby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My ancester Thomas Reynolds was born 1817 in Bielby. His father was John Reynolds born abt 1767 mother Sarah born aby 1786.He married Alice Crosby (nee Stabler) of Shipton.John & Sarah also had Mary, Elizabeth,Ann (married John Hill),Sarah & Jane. Plus William born abt 1809 and married to Mary Ann (could be Bridgewater) Would be interested in any input. Linda
red mail Jefferson and Williamson - (Bielby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for Robert Jefferson, buried 9 Jan. 1768 Bielby and his wife Elizabeth Williamson, probably of Hayton. The marriage took place in Hayton in 1711 and their children were born there.
red mail curtis - (Bilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
trying to find any informantion about william curtis,sutton on hull 1890.was part owener of a ship called the evalda and was born near london
red mail Levett/Levitt of Bilton - (Bilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Trying to find out about my g-g-grandfather Robert Levett, born Bilton in about 1815. I think his father's name was John. He married my g-g-gramdmother, Ann Coates from Bridlington in 1851 (his second marriage) They had two sons; Robert Coates Levett and John Thomas Levett. Robert senior died before 1861, as did Robert junior I think, so John was the only surviving child. Robert senior was a draper in Francis Street, Hull. Any links or contacts would be very welcome.
red mail Myers family - (Bilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Mary Myers married John Wheelhouse at Bilton Parish Church in 1839. I believe she was born in Hampthwaite. I have come across a brick wall - any help gratefully received. Many thanks
red mail Birdsall History - (Birdsall - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for any history on the village from years gone bye, can anyone help please
red mail West - (Birdsall - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on the West family who lived in Birdsall. William West a solicitor, and his wife Maria and their neice Margaret who lived in the village in the 1870s
red mail ALLISON - (Birdsall - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on Mary Allison B 1813 Birdsall, Yorkshire She married William Hudson
red mail West - (Bishop Wilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Peter WEST was born in 1796, Bishop Wilton. His father, John, was a blacksmith in the village.
red mail Ringrose - (Bishop Wilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am serching for marriage & ancestors of Thomas & Elizabeth RINGROSE of Wilberfoss & Bolton in Bishop Wilton who had a son Thomas 1739 who moved to Holme on Spalding Moor. They were possibly from Fangfoss, Full Sutton or Skirpenbeck and so l am interested in all Ringrose from those villages and Yorkshire generally; also John Ringrose in Howden & Thomas Ringrose in North Cave from 1830s.
red mail James William Dawes - (Bishop Wilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
James William was born in Bishop Wilton in 1875 I can`t seem to find any information about him,Iv`e looked in the Bmds and the 1881 census without success the only census I have found him on was the 1901 census as living in Bilton near Harrogate with his wife Sarah Ann Nellis and Daughter Eva 3 months.If anyone has information about him and his family I will be very grateful. Roy
Elizabeth LAYTON - (Bishop Wilton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Seeking info on Elizabeth LAYTON dau/ William LAYTON and Ann SANDERSON, bn ca 1730 at Bishop Wilton. In 1780 she mr Joseph SHIRTLIFFE at Kirleatham, son/ Edward SHIRTLIFFE and Ann SOWERBY, bn ca 1755.
red mail abson family - (Bolton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
lionel abson m priscilla wilkinson 1752 information on abson family please
red mail Copeland - (Brandesburton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am researching the Copeland family who have lived in and around Brandesburton since 1732.
red mail Robert Hall - (Brandesburton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the ancestors and family of Robert Hall, born 1822 Brandesburton Yorkshire, married Charlotte from Hanslope in Buckinghamshire, lived in Leeds at the time of 1851 census and finally moved to Northampton where they brought up their children. Can anyone give me more information so I can find his parents and other members of his family.
red mail William Henry Eskrick - (Brandesburton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
He lived in Brandesburton Yorkshire, East Riding. He was born in 1860 and eventually went to Victoria, Australia. Can anyone give me any information about him or his family?
red mail Breighton - (Breighton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am descended from the Peach family from Breighton, Yorkshire and would be interested to hear any information regarding the village or Peach family.
red mail William Brittain - (Breighton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am researching my ancestor, William Brittain who came to Australia, on the 3rd fleet, on the ship "Active". He was a Private in the N.S.W. (Marine) Army Corps Battalion 102 Enlisted 1789 by Francis Grose, He left from Portsmouth he was 27 and had an occupation of Shoemaker. We have his descendants in Australia down through the generations although his UK background,continues to escape us. in 1813 he married in Australia, prior to having a very large family The same family names William,(usually the first son)Joshua,Mary Ann.Sarah,Henry,Samuel, and Alice have been repeated faithfully down the generations and a property was called "Ravenswood," and another farm titled "Milton Park" I have noticed in Yorkshire there is a Ravensfield and Many Britten trails, although I wouldn't know which one to follow. I would appreciate any help from a local, who may know the history in a Place that could have been the heartland of the Brittains at some point, by the name of the village. All my best Barbara
red mail John Drury married Ann Powles - (Breighton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the parents of John Drury born 1824 in Breighton and married Ann Powles in 1844 in Howden Yorkshire. John and Ann died in Bridgegate Howden. Their son Tom George Drury, born 1851, married Sarah Ely from Wetherby and they migrated to Australia after 1891. Any help please UPDATE Now believe Johns father was Thomas Drury (1796-1893) and Thomas' father was George Drury born 1771 in Whitgift and married to Mary Jewitt born 1771 in Bridlington. And then George' father was Benjamin Drury married to Ursula Duckles
red mail Hall Family, Breighton. - (Breighton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Trying to trace ancestors and descendants of Robert Hall, born c1801 at Breighton. He was married to Sarah March. They had 4 children, Elizabeth,1824-1911, Robert, c1830, March c1834, and William c1839. Robert Hall born c1830 at Howden, was my great grandfather, he married Martha Stead from Hatfield, near Doncaster. They had 5 children, Sarah c1856, George c1869, Robert c1870, my grandmother Hannah 1877-1960 who was born at Knedlington,, and Ada c1878. They tended to be a family of Agricultural labourers, and the 1891 census shows my grandmother Hannah Hall living with her father, mother and siblings at Varren Farm Tadcaster.
red mail Woodhouse of Brigham - (Brigham - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am interested in a Robert Woodhouse b. Brigham abt 1778 - 1785. He was a gunmaker & possibly traveled. Each of his children born different places. Scotland 1823, Ireland 1837, possibly another Brigham 1820 & Exeter Devon where Robert senior eventually resided.
red mail John Wekes - (Broomfleet - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Im trying to find out anything on John Wekes and his mother Rebecca. he was born in Broomfleet in 1868 and she was born around 1845. They moved to Sculcoates in 1877 when Rebecca re married. I would like to find out her maiden name and if she was widowed
red mail Skinner - Landing Lane - (Broomfleet - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Two generations of Skinners lived at Landing Lane from about 1880, and were presumably educated in the village or nearby. The parents (my great-grandparents) Richard and Ann are buried at St Marys, and my grandparents were married there. My grandmother had (childhood?) friends Hetty and Eva Forvague. I am trying to find out biographical detail beyond bare dates, any information gratefully received.
Bubwith Yorks - (Bubwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My Great Great Grandfather Thomas Holtby married Mary Godfrey in 1800 at Shiptonthorpe Yorkshire. Their children were, Henry born 1800 in Market Weighton Yorkshire. John born 1803 in Bubwith Yorkshire. Died 1803 in Bubwith Yorkshire. John born 5 February 1805 in Bubwith Yorkshire. Died 15 August 1887 in York Yorkshire. Godfrey born 1812 in Barmby In The Marsh Yorkshire. Died 12 April 1858 in York Yorkshire. Thomas Holtby was an innkeeper in Bubwith at The New Inn which was just of the Main street, almost opposite the School, The New Inn is now a private dwelling. Later in 1812 Thomas was an Innkeeper in Barnby In The Marsh, I do not know the name of the inn. Is there anyone who knows where Thomas was born or baptised, or where and when he died and was buried, also who were his parents.
Ellice, Blanshard; Marshall - (Bubwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Edward Ellice (Ellis) married Rebecca Wilkinson at Bubwith 1750, and they had seven children christened at Spaldington, including Ann, who married John Blanshard around 1780. John's father, Nicholas Blanshard, christened at Bubwith 1712, married Ann Ellis at Bubwith 1738. Nicholas's father might have been Luke, possible christened at Bubwith 1684. Also John Blanshard (Luke's Father?) married Ann Marshall at Bubwith, 1677. She was christened at Breighton Bubwith 1655. Can anyone with access to Bubwith Parish Records confirm any of this for me?
red mail mankin - (Bubwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for the parents of Barbara Mankin.Barbara was born in Bubwith in 1775 and married James Gilyeat in 1812.Would be grateful for any information about the Mankin family
red mail Newsham/Newsam Newsome - (Bubwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for Elizabeth Newsham b 1810 in Bubwith, daughter of Thomas Newsham b 1780 Bubwith & Dinah Foster of Whitgift, Yorkshire. Thomas has brothers William b 1778 and John 1786 as well as a sister Joan 1783. Elizabeth had four brothers and two sisters b between 1805 and 1825. Elizabeth had a daughter Mary b 1835 and then she disappeared. Her parents were with Mary in 1841. Hope someone has so info.
red mail Battle family - (Bubwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information of Battle family of Bubwith. Matthew Battle son of John Battle b 1638 who emigrated to US. John, I think, married Jane (no surname) in 1630 . Any info of family line would be most appreciated Thank you
red mail George waines - (Buckton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
George waines was born 1835/36 but who was his father as assumed father simeon died in 1831. On his marriage certificate it says william waines is his father. A william assumed to be his elder brother was born to simeon in 1815. So his so called elder brother could have fathered him illegitamely and had him brought up in the family home. Any help would be appreciated.
red mail Buckton of Buckton - (Buckton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Researching the descendants of Sir Peter (Piers) Buckton, Lord of the Manor of Buckton 1350 - 1414. Married Cecilia, sons Peter, Ralph and William
Pearson - Bugthorpe, Yorkshire - (Bugthorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Connected with the PEARSON surname in the late 1600's and the 1700's.
red mail potter bugthorpe - (Bugthorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
looking for any info about george potter who lived in beck row in bugthorpe somewhere between 1909 -1940
Irelands at Burton Fleming - (Burton Fleming - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My Ireland ancestors were blacksmiths, and lived at BF from about 1800, There are lots of Irelands in the area; a great number are blacksmiths. I have extensive knowledge, but am happy to share info, and learn more, including Boynton connections fromBempton
Ireland Family - (Burton Fleming - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have a Robert Ireland in my Family Tree who was born in Burton Fleming who was a Blacksmith. His Parents were George and Jane Ireland and he was born 1815. He married Ann Tindall from Rudston he died aged 26 but don't know what of. Any background to his childhood or background would be great
red mail Riby/Appleby family - (Burton Fleming - Yorkshire, East Riding)
In my family tree I have a George Riby 1715 who had a daughter Mary born in 1742 she went on to marry John Appleby 1749 and they had several children. Can anyone give me anymore information about this family Jacquie
red mail deighton - (Burton Fleming - Yorkshire, East Riding)
originated here in burton fleming can anyone go further back with family one of who was john deighton father of hannah who moved to speeton
red mail Mallery/Harper Family - (Burton Fleming - Yorkshire, East Riding)
George Mallery born c 1826 claims to have been born in Burton Fleming and that his father Charles was a 'carrier'. My problem is that I cannot locate George's birth or any record of his father. The Mallory/Mallery family have lived in Burton Fleming from 1700 but have also migrated to adjoining villages. George marries Rebecca Harper in Carnaby in 1846 and is found in Burton Fleming in 1851 with his family but migrates to Cheshire to work as a farm bailiff. Later he claims to have been born in Bridlington and Cottingham. However when he contracts a bigamous marriage he still claims his father was Charles Mallery. Any information about George or Charles would be very welcome.
red mail shearer or sherer - (Burton Pidsea - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on Lucas Shearer. Possibly lived in Burton Pidsea. Was pilot on boats/ships in the Hull area c.1880 1900. Had daughter Beatrice who married Walter Brown and emigrated to Canada.
red mail Cawell-Salmond-mith - (Burton Pidsea - Yorkshire, East Riding)
red mail WW1 Walker, Stamford, Harland - (Burton Pidsea - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am researching the lives and relatives of 3 men from Burton Pidsea, killed in WW1 They are William James Walker, Edward Stamford and Hugh Baxter Harland. I would be glad of any information.
red mail Coopers in Burthorpe - (Burythorpe - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Would be grateful to receive any information on the Coopers who live in Burythorpe/Ampleforth around the early 1800s. Thomas Cooper born 1826 in Burthorpe was a Mason.
Hodgson - (Butterwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information on George Hodgson c 1821 Butterwick .son of Thomas Hodgson.He married Mary Ruddock and worked as a Shepherd most of his working life.Any help appreciated.
red mail Morris - (Carnaby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any information regarding the Morris family. In 1824 Ann Morris was born in Carnaby and had 3 children including William Morris who was born in 1850. His father was unknown. Anns parents were called John and Dinah. John Morris was born in 1790 in Burton Agnes. I am especially looking for information about Ann Morris. But any information about the Morris family would be greatly received.
red mail Robert & Isabella Caton - (Cherry Burton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Am trying to find birth place of Robert & Isabella Caton whose children Eliza, Miriam, Alice & Charlotte were born in Cherry Burton, also maiden name of Isabella. Anyone with any information please pass on. Many thanks.
red mail George Everingham - (Cherry Burton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for Parent details of George Everingham Born 1814, Cherry Burton. Married Elizabeth Battle 1837 (Beverley) & Jane Thomason 1850 (Sculcoates) - Resided in North Ferriby & believe Died in Bridlington 1880. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Blenkinsop family - (Coniston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Edward Blenkinsop was born in Coniston in 1811. His father, Thomas, died in 1838. His mother was Mary Northgraves b1791. Need further information on Thomas, or on Edward's siblings. Not sure if the family was originally from Coniston.
Gregg - (Coniston - Yorkshire, East Riding)
red mail Cranswick Family - (Cranswick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am trying to tie up various branches of the Cranswick family between 1700 and 1800. I am trying to link those from Eastrington together and join in the Hutton Cranswick, Mappleton, St Olave and Foston on the Wold branches. I'm especially keen to join up the Brandesburton family from the early 1600s - any information gratefully received and given
red mail ADDISON - (Duggleby - Yorkshire, East Riding)
WILLIAM ADDISON and his family lived in DUGGLEBY.His Daughter DINAH ADDISON married GEORGE WALKER .
red mail tom potter dunnington/skirpenbeck - (Dunnington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My mothers uncle Tom Potter lived 1n 1937 at the Greyhound inn in Dunnington and worked as a farm labourer there. He was 60 at the time, his death certificate says he was found dead in the river Derwent at Skirpenbeck does anyone know anymore?
red mail horner - (Dunnington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
red mail sage family - (Dunnington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
my grandad was born in dunnington in 1925 so was his brothers and sisters, he later moved on to a farm nearby on kexby lane to be a farm hand and then on to elvington village were he lived the rest of his life.
red mail townthorpe rd warthill - (Dunnington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My Family was born and lived in Warthill (Haxby). George H Kirlew (dob 1833) was a gardener and his wife Amelia (dob Escrick 1832)taught at the school. Any matches or other info?
Lorriman Family - (Dunnington near York - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any info I can find on a family called Lorriman who I believe lived in Dunnington near York in the mid 18th. century. In particular James and his wife Jane, who are both buried there in the 1780's, they had several children born there and a daughter, Hannah, who seemingly was born at Strensall, not too far away. I have info on Hannah, her marriage and early death, but would like to know more about her background.....birth/ marriage of parents etc. Hope you can help, Mac
red mail MASON - (Easington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My great grandmother Lucy Mason(born about 1881) daughter of George and Ann E Mason had 7 brothers Arthur, (1879) John Edward (1877), Albert (1885), Edward A (1887), George (1889), william H (1897) and 1 sister Edith (1883). They moved to Sculcoates Hull somewhere between 1890-1897.She married Robert William Storry around 1905.
red mail easington - (Easington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking anyone researching easington branton glad to hear from you les
Hall/Bride Easington. E.Yorks - (Easington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Does anyone know the family connections between Hall and Bride. I have several Halls with the middle name Bride and have seen Henry Bride marry Catherine Hall in 1767, but cannot find anything since then. So I am looking for a Hall marrying a Bride.
red mail Clubley and Kirkwood - (Easington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have a lot of info on Clubleys and Kirkwoods in E Riding and would be willing to swap info as have some queries. Please contact.
red mail Blue Bell Pub- Sumpton - (East Cottingwith - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My ancestor John Sumpton was the publican from 1850`s-1880`s. Looking for any old photos/info of this pub. Any old village records that could mention him?
red mail Fanny Grice - (East Lutton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for my relative Fanny Grice born in East or West Lutton, Yorks. She married William Sanderson in Driffield in 1852. They had one son Mark. Does anyone recognise these names? I would be grateful for any help.
red mail Escricke - From Ellerker - (Ellerker - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Robert Escricke Farmer of Ellerker - Burial 30th Jan 1800 age 40 years. Born around 1760 (where)? His wife was Elizabeth (surname unknown)? but remarried William Hodgeson 12 Nov 1801. Can anyone help me on this as would like to know where Robert was born and what was his wifes maiden name . This is my GGGGGG Grandfather and I would like to go further back if i can. I have other names of escritt family members from ellerker or if anyone has an escritt in their family tree contact me. Thanks Michele
red mail Thomas Shaw - (Elloughton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for information about lost relations. Thomas Shaw married Elizabeth Best (Elloughton, Yorkshire) -no date found. Their son, Reverend Barnabas Shaw(12/4/1788 - 20/6/1857) married Jane Butler in 1814 and moved to South Africa in 1816, where they had 7 children. I would love to trace some of my English ancestors.
red mail thomas shaw/ellizabeth best - (Elloughton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information on Thomas Shaw who married Elizabeth Best, they had 6 children(4 died in infancy. I only have one childs name Reverend Barnabas Shaw Born 12/04/1788 died 20/06/1857 M Jane Butler in 1814 they had 7 children. There son Barnabas James shaw born feb 1820 died 1902 M Barbara Walkinshaw in 1841 they had 3 children Barnabas James had 12 children. Ambrose George Campbell Shaw born 1860 died 11/09/1950 M Mary Ellen Locke at Shewsbury District of Peddie 08/04/1887. Gordon Locke Shaw born 28/01/1888 died 26/10/1968 M Erilda Gwendoline ferguson in rhodesia his son is William Locke Shaw B 16/09/1938 who is my father, if anyone has any information on this family please could you let me know.
red mail Thomas SHAW - (Elloughton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have information on Thomas Shaw and the family tree all the way through to Owen Shaw and beyond.
They emigrated to Canada - (Elloughton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Robert MOODY married Maria CLARKE 17 May 1806 in Elloughton, He may have been born at Wetwang. Children were Eliza b 1807 Welton, Mary, Christiana, James, John. Eliza married William ANDREW of Swanland on 18 Apr 1828 in St Mary the Virgin Virgin Cottingham Church and has a daughter Eliza ANDREW bp 1829 North Ferriby Eliza married William ROBSON in Canada and he was from the East Riding They emigrated to Candada in 1830 and we now find that Robert Moody and the sons and daughters also emigrated about the same time They are found living in Ontario in 1851. Over about a ten year period the whole family must have left England. No trace of his wife Maria Moody, she may have died in England.
red mail howling - (Elloughton - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any howlings or any relation that lived in Elloughton circa 1834 to present day.
railway gatekeepers Malton line - (Elmswell - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John Agars Ireland was a platelayer on this line, and in later years about 1911, he manned the crossing gates at Kellythorpe. Warwick Burton's book only mentions these gatehouse "in passing", but suggests they are still standing. Can anyone confirm this, please?
red mail Woodhouse - (Elstronwick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
The Woodhouse family were known in Elstronwick from before Herbert 1900, Robert 1862, Isaac 1819 and William born at Flamborough. Robert married Alice Lickiss and I have connected every Lickiss in the world back to one man in Yorkshire in Alne in the md 1500's. The Lickiss GEDCOM is avaialable to anyone connecting to the Lickiss family, just e-mail me. All the best
red mail elvington - (Elvington - Yorkshire, East Riding)
looking for anyone who has a connection with the village
red mail Wilkinson, George Henry - (Escrick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
George Henry Wilkinson was baptised here (Escrick) in 1804, son of Mercy and Richard Wilkinson. On 1851 census he is living in Kings Norton, Worcs, a married gardener (wife not present). Trying to proof that this George married Sarah Hinds, a widow born Sarah Robinson at Shenstone, Staffs in 1831 and baptised a son Charles Henry there in 1832. The 1841 census shows the family living in the Penkridge area of Staffs but then the trail goes cold. Charles is living in Worsc also working as a gardener in 1851 and is my ancestor. In 1858 he married Emma Reading and a witness was Hannah Hinds (a half sister?)
red mail Gra (i) nger of Escrick later York Yorkshire UK - (Escrick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have found ancestors (Gra(i)nger) starting 1560 with William marrying Ann in 1584 (Escrick). Over the years entries mention Escrick/Deighton as places of birth. Later around 1823 Henry Grainger ( Married Mary Burton she was Born in Boltby) They moved to York. From then several generations were in York and some emigrated to Canada/New Zealand etc. Any further information gratefully received. Or maybe I have info useful to someone else. Mike G.
red mail Mitchell - Tate of Escrick - (Escrick - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Any one have James Mitchell born Escrick c.1766 and Elizabeth Tate born Escrick c.1776. Father Thomas Tate Mother Hannah Strangeways in their tree? Daughter Mary Mitchell married William Bond in 1820 in Overton, Yorkshire. My Gr.Gr.Grandparents. Please get in touch.

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