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Bridlington Yorkshire, East Riding
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red mail Keith Allison, born 1940 or so in Bridlington
Looking for Keith Allison (or relatives of Keith), born to Marjory Allison (nee Sygrove) in Bridlington around early 1940's. My mother Sheila Gutherless (born 1933 to Marjory and Leslie Gutherless), is Keith's half-sister, we are interested to connect with this side of her family.
red mail Clark/Armstrong
I am trying to find any family members of Peggy Doreen Beryl Clark (b 1927)(died Nov 2009) daughter of George Clark and Agnes Dent, who was married to Kenneth Armstrong (1958). I believe Peggy had a sister but don't know of any other relatives. I am a family member who lost touch a long time ago and would like to reunite with my family. Any help would be much appreciated. I have information going back but cannot find any information on Peggy's sister or any other branches of the recent family. Many thanks. From Peggy's (Peggie - former warden of Hanover Grange in Bridlington) obituary, it would seem that Mabel is married to Eric (?) and has children, but she is commonly known as Mary. I have two surnames for Eric - Ward or Kalamet. I have ordered Peggy's death certificate, but am anxious to make contact quickly due to Mabel (Mary's) age.
red mail Mabel Clark
I am trying to find information on Mabel Clark, daughter of George Clark, born in Bridlington in 1927 She had a sister Peggy Doreen Beryl Clark who married Kenneth Armstrong in 1958. Many thanks Jacqui
red mail Blackstone Pinfold Street.
Looking for information on Barbara Blackstone born 1940 lived in Pinfold Street Bridlington, married name Daniels.. My mother in law was evacuated there and is looking for details.
red mail Bridlington
My gt grandmother Mary Pickering was born in Bridlington in 1860. She had six children and I believe that her first two children were adopted or looked after by another member of the family. I believe that the children would have been born sometime between 1875 and 1887 possibly in Bridlington, Leeds or Hull where her other children were born. The father of Mary's last four children was Charles Nichols. They never married, but lived together in Hull. Mary died in Hull in 1929 and Charles died in 1938.
I have discovered new lines in my family tree around the Bridlington area.My Gt Grandfathers were all born in this area I have hit a wall with my Gt Grandfather Benjamin Thompson he was married to Anne Chew 1743. Children were Micheal 1744 Ben 1746 Richard 1748 Nicholas 1752 My Gt Grandfather Thomas 1754 and Samual 1757.Thomas married Ann Coverley 1794. I have some missing dates up to my Gt Grandfather Richard 1797 who married Ann Dodd. Ann was from Northumberland Riplington. Any help would be of great us in my research.
red mail Nicholls and Taylor abt 1811
I am looking for information on Thomas Nicholls Born in 1769 in (Bridlington, Yorkshire, England) and his children Mary Hannah 1789, Elizabeth 1792, Jane 1794, Sarah 1798, Francis 1805, Thomas 1807, Charles 1811, Joseph 1824, and Benjamin 1827. He was married to Hester (?), Ann Jackson Webster, and Susannah Lowson. Plus any relations further down the family tree. Also looking for info on the marriage of Charles Nicholls (B:1811) and Elizabeth Taylor (B:1811) Also James Francis Nicholls (B:1844) marriage to Annie Elizabeth Glenton (B:1841) and son Edwin Nicholls (B:1866). Edwin later married Maria Walmsley
red mail vickers clemmet family
looking for lilian clemmet 21 st thomas st brid
red mail vickers family
anyone have info on frederick davidson vickers married to margaret they were both from cumbria fred died 1975
red mail Charlotte Goulden
Can you please help ? I am trying to find the surname of Charlotte who was born in 1797 in Burlington Quay ( Bridlington ).She married Matthew Goulden ( Golden ) who was born in Garton on the Wolds in 1794 and in the 1851 Census they lived at 13 Hill Cottage Driffield, in 1861 they lived at 37 Eastgate Driffield and Matthew was listed as Professor of Medical Botany. They ahd a servant called Ann Carr who was born in Kilham.
red mail Charles Frederick Barnett/Nora Fitzgerald
I am trying to trace the relatives of Charles Frederick Barnett who married Nora Fitzgerald of Kingston upon Hull in 1908 at the Christ Church Hull. From records I understand he was born in Kingston upon Hull, died in 1952 aged 69, but moved to the Bridlington area during his lifetime and raised a family there. Family as far as I am aware consists of Charles K Barnett born June 1912 in the district of Sculcoates, Hull. A marriage took place of Charles K Barnett in the district of Helm, Bridlington in 1937, birth of Kenneth Barnett 1937, Alan K Barnett 1938, Barbara A Barnett 1945 and Susan Barnett 1948 all registered in the district of Helm, Bridlington. By previous research of the family tree by my late half cousin contacted relatives of the Barnett family in Bridlington (20 years ago). When she died the family tree was unfortunately unaccounted for and possibly destroyed. It is my intention to gather as much information about the family as possible and to renew the lost family tree. If anyone knows of surviving members of the Barnett family please contact me - it would be appreciated - thank you.
red mail Brown/twins Anne and Margaret
Searching for Anne and Margaret who were born in May 1945 in the Doncaster area and were brought up in Bridlington.As children they may have lived on Tennyson Road.
red mail Speight family,Bridlington
Looking for any details of George Speight and my Aunt Madge (Battye)b.1907 who lived in the area between South Back Lane and Gypsey Road Bridlington, Yorkshire
My family tree has my Great Grandfathers living in the Bridlington Bessingby Flamborough areas.Richard born 1825 was married to Martha Lister.Richard born 1896 was married to Ann Dodd.William wasborn 1853 and moved to Merseyside with his parents about 1855 and also Dover Kent.My Gt Grandfathers were all Tailors. Richard lived in Bone Mill Yard The Gate House but I have no idea were this could be.Any information would be greatly appreciated.
William Kent 1685 Architect and Landscaper
Researching family and descendents of William Kent who was born in Bridlington in 1685. He had a mistress Elizabeth Butler who was an actress and we know from his will that he left money to his sisters. We think his son from Elizabeth was George Butler. If anyone else is researching this family I would be grateful for any information.
red mail Horner
Looking for information on my paternal grandfather's family. William Horner born 1882, married to Rose Hildreth Hopkins 1 son Harold. William's father had children from a previous marriage. Any info greatly appreciated.
red mail Fitzgerald
Does anybody know anything about the Fitzgerald family of Maurice Bolton and Louisa who are show in St John's Rd on the 1891 Census. He worked then for the Inland Revenue.
red mail Tom Garforth
My paternal grandfather, Tom Garforth, emigrated to South Africa with his wife and two daughters, Aggie and Eva in the very early 1900's. After arriving he and his wife had a son, Wilfred. Wilfred married Sarie Coetzer (known as Eunice) and I am their only child. All of the above have passed away. Tragically, my wife, Denise Veronica (nee Robertson) died three weeks ago during rheumatic fever-reloated heart surgery, leaving me with my daughter, Michelle Garforth-Venter (a local wildlife TV presenter). I am searching for my paternal ancestry. I visited Bridlington in 1975 where "cousin" Donald and family lived, but have lost contact entirely with that branch of the family. I would appreciate receiving any related historical family information.
Nixon, Vashti
Looking for the family of Stephen Henry Nixon, a jeweller of Bridlington about 1900, married to Sarah Jane Alderson of Cotherstone, Teesdale. I think had 3 children, one named Vashti.
red mail Smith/Jordan/Nag's Head
Seeking information on Abel Smith who married Mary Jordan on 2nd Dec 1823. I know they had one son, William, but I don't know whether there were any more. They kept the Nag's Head in Bridlington around 1840. Does anyone have any information about them or photos of the inn around that time?
red mail Norah Twigg
I have a picture taken in front of Walls ice cream store, 1976 in Flamborough of Norah with the address is High Street. Can anyone give me information about her? Thank you.
red mail Mortimer, Perkins, Hayward
Sarah Jane H. MORTIMER formerly Perkins born Hayward widow of Sam MORTIMER of Bradford died Bridlington March Q. 1906. Does anyone know if she had family there, where she may hve lived or where she is buried? Thank you.
I am looking for information relating to George Jenkinson and Ada Gilson. They were married in 1920. Prior to the marriage Ada had a daughter called Annie born 1912. I would welcome any information that you can let me have which would enable me to trace the family further.
red mail Gilmour/Plumpton family
I recently bought a photo album in a charity shop in Bridlington with the name Mrs F Plumpton of 25A Promenade, Bridlington in it. My initial research shows this to be an Emily Gilmour who married a Fred Plumpton in Brid in 1915. She was born in 1889. Her father was a fisherman called William Gilmour who married in 1880. They lived in Garden Walk off Queen Street, Brid. I'm trying to work out who they all are in the photos and if Emily and Fred have any descendants. She had friends/sisters called Jennie, Elsie and Mabel and seems to have been very fond of dogs, one of whom was called William. I'd also like to find out where Emily and Fred are buried. The pictures appear to date from ca1910 to 1940. Any information would be very gratefully received.
red mail John Priestman
Has anyone any information regarding a John Priestman who was born 1909 in Bridlington? He may have been a farmer or worked on a farm in Carnaby. He was married and had two children. He may have had connections with Darlington. He knew a lady named Florence McGovern in about 1928/1929. A family member would be very interested in any information and with the best of intentions would be keen to make contact with any decendant of John's. Thank you.
red mail Stephenson or Wood
I am looking for any information on Kate Stephenson born on the 17th March 1907 in the Anvil Arms Public House in Old Newton. Took the married name Wood and had a son John William Wood.
Lady Clark 1870's, Bridlington area
Lady Clark of Bridlington (or nearby) was the employer of my great grandparents Edward and Ellen Leek in the 1870's onwards. Please could anyone identify this lady, or have any information on the Clark household in the area? Edward Leek (b.1855 Bridlington) worked as her head gardener, and Ellen (b.1849) as her maid. Edward's father, another Edward Leake, was also listed as 'Gardener of Bridlington' on his death certificate in 1906. I have identified a Lady Margaret Clark living in Bridlington on the 1851 Census, and a Lady Eleanor Clark in Filey, but wonder if anyone knows if either lived in Bridlington around this time zone of 1870's?
red mail Bloomer Robinson
was my great great grandfather. he was born in Bridlington about 1810 and I am wanting to contact any one who is looking for him. He had 3 wives, one in Bridlington, one in Hertford and my g g grandmother, an Irish lady whom he married in Manchester & brought back to Bridlington to start another family. He outlived all his wives
red mail KIRK
Looking for any info on Katherine Mary Kirk, she attended Bridlington High School for Girls around 1922/1923.Thank You.
bridlington lad
I am looking for any information on the Trown, Clark family history in bridlington, I have traced the Clarks who are traditional fisherfolk back to about 1789 and would be grateful of any information on either family.
red mail June Tindale Sygrove
Does anyone have any information regarding June born 1930 Bridlington, married Andrew A Wilson in Buckrose 1950. I understand she worked for several years in the Free Press Office.
red mail Clark family
Hi my tree has taken me back to the Clark family of Bridlington. I have a fair amount of details on them. They were fishing folk. If anyone has other info, or requires any info please reply. Cheers
red mail LAMPLOUGH
looking for any details of John Lamplough family at Quay Road, Bridlington in 1841 census. Son William (born @ 1826) married Georgiana Greaves
John Perritt, Schoolmaster at Academy, Bridlington
Searching for further details on John Perritt (b.1800 Bridlington) who married widow Rachael Sawden in 1830 at Burton Agnes. John taught mathematics and classics at an academy and Bridlington Grammar School. John and Rachael had three sons, William b.1831 Thornholme, Thomas b.1835 and John b.1840 Bridlington. Rachael d.1847 and John Perritt remarried to Anne Morris 1858 before dying in 1866.
red mail Agnes Allison/ John Thompson mystery
Agnes Allison and John Thompson are in the census as parents of Kate or Kitty,Jane Allison Thompson, John Allison Thompson, Albert Allison Thompson. Did they marry? The mother of Jane, Albert and John is Rachel Allison? Who is she? Kitty or Kate Aline Allison, her mother is Agnes, no father. Where was John Thompson in 1853?
red mail Horton
I am looking for ancestors of John and Rebecca (Milner) Horton both born in 1811? He in Hull and she in Bridlington. He is believed to have been a tailor by trade. They apparently had 4 children before coming to the United Sates in 1850. Their names are Charles, Sara, David and Thomas. They moved to Eden Prairie Minnesota in 1850.
red mail Triplets / link to Cruddas family
On researching my Cruddas line, another family member has told us that there was a set of triplets. The photograph gives their names as Joseph, Martha and Mary. They would have been born c. 1870 - 1905. We do not know whether their surname is Cruddas, or whether they were born to someone born a Cruddas who had subsequently married and therefore changed their name. Has anyone come across any triplets? There is a possibility that they were born in East Yorks but outside of Bridlington.. Any help appreciated! Thanks, Michelle
red mail Brunton
i am looking for information on Fanny Brunton married to john Brunton lived on pinfold street had several siblings one of which was my grandfather Albert, think they also lived on sewerby street
HARPER Band Leaders
We have a slight family link to Edwin and Ceres Harper who were well known Band Leaders in Bridlington
Looking for information re Eliza (Elizabeth) Stephenson born Bridlington c1838 married Thomas Smith 1859 - may have had child(children) to Benjamin Braithwaite. Eliza died March 1865, Bridlington.A daughter Elizabeth Braithwaite is mentioned being born 1858, Bridlington on the IGI. Was there a brother John? Looking for a John Braithwaite with a Stephenson connection.
red mail richard clark
anybody with any info on the clark family from 1805 to 1935 traditional fisherfolk in bridlington, r clark m ggrandad born 1839,possibly had a son william, killed 04/01/1916 ww1.
red mail Cruddas in Bridlington/Sewerby
I am researching the line descending from William Cruddas (in particular my line which is from William's son, Matthew). William's father was called John and born in Durham, moving into Yorkshire when he joined the militia in 1795. Can't trace John after 1805 when William is christened in Sheffield. William was living in Bridlington by 1831. Does anyone have any information which could help - I suspect William may have ended up in Bridlington by moving with his father (who may have stayed in the army past 1803). NB there are often misspellings of this name(have 20 variations to date!) so it could be recorded with differing numbers of 'd' 's' or be, e.g. Croudace!!
red mail astley
i am looking for any information about my g grandfather richard james lempriere astley he was born in bridlington in 1868 and died in 1941 in brentford wembly i have information on the astley familly dating back to 1708 living in wembly
red mail Taylor family - Bridlington
Charles Taylor (b 1890) married to Alice (Taylor?) (b. 1890). Migrated to South Africa in early 1900s. They had 5 children, youngest Arthur Charles Matthew Taylor, my grandfather. Bridlington is mentioned in the family history, as well as a jewellery business. Any info or contacts gratefully appreciated.
Searching for Kingston family who came from Burton Agnes to Bridlington and Flamborough in the 1800s.
Searching for Sawden family who came from Grindale in the 1700s to Boynton, Burton Agnes, Bridlington & Flamborough. Some were mariners and some were farmers.
red mail Good Family
Looking for info on Rowland Good b.Bradford 1879 m. Bridlington 1900. Was a Journeyman Pork Butcher. May have gone by the name of Robert Good and may have emigrated to New Zealand early 1900s.
red mail Gray and Shipley from Bridlington
I have relatives born in Bridlington by the name of Gray and Shipley, but don't have any death dates. Can anyone help me by looking at the Bridlington death + burial records. I would love to know where they are buried and where their graves are.
red mail Jordan/Short
Looking for family (parents/siblings)of Hannah Jordan who married John Short in 1791 at Priory Church, Bridlington.
red mail Maltby
Any info on parents of Robert Maltby B: around 1700 marr: Mary Hodgson Jan 1727/28 at Bridlington, was tailor from Scarborough
red mail st marys terrace
i am trying to find the localation of st marys terrace bridlington. my g grand father lived there in 1907-1909 but have found records of it dating back to 1882.have been told it is now know as north back lane but this does not check out as they are both mention in the same years.
red mail Frederick Foster MILLNER
born Bridlington c1876 married in 1911 to Christiana GIBSON. Frederick Foster Millner was Mayor of Bridlington for about three years in the 1940s.
red mail Weale's of Bridlington
My great grandfather, Thomas Henry Crellin was married to Ada Weale at the turn of the 20th Century. I know Ada was from Bridlington, indeed they got married there. From a newspaper report, I understand that Ada's father was a hotel proprietor in Bridlington. I would be grateful for any information about the Weales of Bridlington and the hotel they ran. Thanks
red mail wallis family
Looking for any info on the Wallis family who hailed from Brid especialy Mary Ellen Wallis who was my GG Grandmother. Much appreciated Thanks Deb
Allison Family
looking for Agnes Allison b.1832 in Bridlington m. my G Grfather John Thompson c.1854.He was Sleights 1822.I have not found confirmation of this.John was a police Constable,but no knowlege of where he was stationed.First confirmation I have is on 1861 census when they had moved to Rochester in that time they had a daughter Katty L. Allison aged 6.They then had 3 more children.Jane Allison Thompson.John Allison Thompson.and Albert Allison Thompson (my Grandfather) I would be grateful for any info on their whereabouts from 1822 to 1861
I am trying to contact descendents of William Williamson , born 1876 , married Sarah Jane Coates between 1894 and 1898 then remarried Emily in 1937 following Sarah's death in April 1936 . All born and bred in Brid .
red mail Riley circa 1820
Any information about Josh. Riley, born in Bridlington. 1881 Census shows he is 61 years of age at that time. Later married Elizabeth Mason, after her death married Sarah.
red mail Robinson/Pearson
looking for information on Thomas Robinson born 1858 Burton Fleming married Rebecca Pearson on May 21, 1881 in Bridlington.
red mail Glenton
I am looking for information regarding Annie Glenton/Jackson/Nicholls, born in the workhouse at Bridlington in 1841
red mail Ribbons/Barker
Looking for any information on Robert Ribbons who married Bertha Elizabeth Baker in 1915. They lived in Bridlington. Think he was a window cleaner. Lance
red mail Rudd/Jackson
Looking for details of the family of Clarence Rudd and his wife Evelyn nee Jackson. Evelyn died in Bridlington 15.03.2001. I understand their is a son and 2 granddaughters. Lance
red mail Scaife/Stork
Researching family history. Looking for relatives/friends of my father - Malcolm SCAIFE (used to be a chef) & my Grandparents Nora & George STORK
Searching for any information on Isaac ROBINSON who married Mary HOPPER in 1812 at Burton Agnes, Yorkshire. Their children where John ROBINSON born 1813, and Elizabeth ROBINSON born 1815, both born at Rudston, Yorkshire.
red mail Christiana Gibson
Any information on the fate of Christiana (known as Chrissie) Gibson born 1876 in Preston near Hull, but on 1901 census living in Kirkgate Bridlington with her widowed mother, Chrissie was a school teacher and may have married / settled in Bridlington ?
Any information on George ROWLIN a Butcher of Kirkgate Bridlington and his wife Alice nee Robinson born Benningholme. They had one son called James ROWLIN. Any descendants ?
red mail Longley
Does anyone know of a Mr Ledger Longley who owned a guest house in Bridlington around 1948 please
red mail PARISH RECORDS - 1836/7
I am trying to find the birth record for Sarah Gray who was born in Bridlington aound 1836/7. Her father was Francis Gray & her mother may have been called Elizabeth. Can anyone look up her birth in the parish records for Bridlington please?
red mail Joseph Walker 1830s to 1848
Looking for Joseph WALKER, b: 1801 Corbridge, m: Ann HICK 1833 Bridlington, children: John 1834, William -died,Mary-died, Jabez 1837, Mary 1842, Ann 1844. Family went to Ontario Canada in 1848. HICK, KNAGGS, POSTILL names in Ann's line. David WALKER, brother to Joseph, also in Bridlington.
Bathing Women of Bridlington
Would you please leave contact me if you still require the information on the bathing women of Bridington. I have information in a history book of Brid and will type it out.
I have a Frank Williamson born abt 1916 in Beverley, Hull. He married a lady possibly Elsie and moved to Bridlington.. Frank was the Manager of The Grand Pavillion in the resort and his wife ran there off licence near to the now half moon pub. Theyhad a pensioners bungalow in Gypsey Race. Any information would be fantastic. Did he have children? Frank died abt 1988
red mail WARDILL's
I am currently searching the Wardill family of Bridlington, I am back quite some way but there are some gaps! Any help greatly received. ideally i would like help this side of 1901
red mail Garton
John Thomas Garton born abt 1784 in Bridlington.Came to Canada with the Hudsons Bay Co.He died Aug 13,1831 in Moose Factory ,Ont. Canada
I am searching for any info regarding HENRY or HARRY POCKLEY LAMPLOUGH born 1860 in Bridlington Quay, married MARY MONKMAN in 1880. In 1881 census of Hilderthorpe they are listed. I can't find death confirmation for either Harry about 1888 or Mary about 1895. They had two daughters Margaret and Fanny who were raised by Monkman relatives. Any BMD info would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Sawden family
I would like to know more about the Sawden family of bridlington and Grindale I am a Sawden my grandad was a fisherman in the 1940s His grandad was shipwrecked of the coast of Ireland in 1829 any information please contact.
red mail Worlds Smallest Man
Interested in information on the Worlds Smallest Man who had a german passport and died in Bridlington. Have pictures but not sure if they are the same person. Antique Roadshow from Scarborough 18 Jan, 2004 showed this passport.
red mail Pearson/Hebdon/Hebden Family
Looking for details however small of George Pearson born Bridlington 1869 and married to Lydia Faith Hebdon of Driffield in 1888. His parents were Morris from Harpham and Annie from Bridlington. Lived in Bridlington, Bessingby & Leeds.
Artley In Bridlington
I am a descendant of the Bridlington ARTLEY family. The last of my line to live in the area were John and Jane (DUNNING) ARTLEY. John was the son of William and Elizabeth (SAWDEN) ARTLEY. They lived in Grindale, Wigginton (NRY) and earlier generations resided in Boynton. One branch moved to North Burton. I have been in touch with several cousins around the world and have accumulated a great deal of ARTLEY information. I look forward to sharing info with you. Linda
red mail Bridlington In 1866
From The Imperial Gazetteer by J.M.Wilson Bridlington Yorks Births in 1866 were 456 of which 45 were illegitimate

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