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Derry, Dhoire, Doire, Doire Choluim Chille, Londonderry (city) County Derry, Londonderry
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red mail Pollock
I am interested in finding more about my gg Grandfather JAMES POLLOCK he was a Miner Born in 1833 in County Derry, Ireland. His parents names were James Pollock who was a farmer and Jane Caskey. He married Ann Jane Watson on 21 November 1861 at Christchurch in Castlemaine, Victoria in accordance with the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England and Ireland. Marriage Certificate District of Loddon, Victoria. Number 232 in the Register. They lived in Daylesford, Victoria and he died there in October 23, 1894 aged 61.
red mail Darlow/McNaught
Hi. Does anyone know of a William McNaught who married an Elizabeth Darlow sometime around the early 1900's. They lived in Derry. ANy info on the McNaughts or Darlow would be a greta help Jacqui
red mail Great grandfather Ainsley Stewart
Searching for records in Ireland for my great grandfather Ainsley Stewart, born in Derry about 1838 and his wife Ann Stewart also born in Derry1843.Lived in Felling Co.Durham and had 10 children including twins born about 1870 called Frederick (my Maternal grandfather) and Annie.Their eldest son was Samuel born1858 then James born 1860, Robert born 1863, William born 1867.Martha born 1874, Thomas 1876 Joseph born 1878 and Elizabeth born 1881.Ainsley died before 1891 but have found no records of his earlier life in Ireland.
red mail McClatchie
Thomas McClatchie born Derry round about 1775, no birth or family at this time known. Found in army records discharged from 26th regiment of foot Gibralter April1815 (just missing waterloo!). Discharge depot was Paisley where he seemed to stay marrying Marion McLeod. HIs son George is my link who died in Glasgow 1869 aged 39. Anything on his Irish link (got through army records) would be much appreciated.
red mail William Harvey Dob 1857c City of Derry
I am trying to trace the family of my gg grandfather. His father was called John (who had died before 1878 when William married) and moved to England before 1878. He was married in South Shields, Durham to a Margaret Hogg. I do not know the name of his mother but his first child was called Mary Catherine, and she may have been called after her. He became a policeman in North Shields and then a watchman after that, after sustaining injuries in the line of duty. On the 1911 census William states he was born in the City of Derry.
red mail Gallagher/McCherry
I am looking for any family members of Frances Gallagher born approx 1930.
red mail Hughes family
Still looking for more information on Robert Hughes and Mary young who lived in Spencer Road, and Olive Terrace. Mary died in 1925 and have been several times to Derry and visited both homes (one now a shop) but would like to trace their wedding date and where they are buried as have searched all graveyards in Londonderry. Any information would be welcome. I am their son Thomas' greatgrandaughter (my father "James" was the youngest of Thomas' family) and Thomas married and settled in Edinburgh.
red mail McGonigle, William and George
I am trying to trace my ancestor William McGonigle born about 1834 in Derry. His father seems to be a George McGonigle born 1818. The family may have lived in the city of Londonderry or perhaps the Coleraine area. William immigrated to the United States before 1860 and lived in Illinois and Iowa. He married Hanora Burns and had 15 children, one of whom is my Great Grandmother Eliza McGonigle Reeve. I am interested in locating where William and his family originated and anything about their life and culture. I would love to locate any descendents of George and his son William McGonigle in Ireland and elsewhere.
red mail McAleer
Trying to find any information on my gr grandmother Mary McAleer born c 1845 Magherafelt, parents, John and Sarah, nee devannie. Not sure if the birth would have been recorded in londonderry or County Tyrone. As it would be parish records, could anyone point me in the right direction, as i have come to a full stop.
red mail Cornwell or Cornell from Derry
The family legend is that two brothers left Derry,Northern Ireland for the United States sometime before 1809. They were shanty Irish Catholic. One brother is most likely JOHN Cornwell. He settled in New York. The whereabouts of the other brother was lost. In the United States, the last name seems to alternate between Cornwell and Cornell. It was most likely Cornwell in Ireland. Names that are associated with the family are Robert, James, Peter and William. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail McLUSKEY
Seeking any info regarding any of the following, first 3 born Londonderry. MICHAEL McLUSKEY Blacksmith no d/o/b HELEN BUCHANAN his wife no D/O/b DANIEL McLUSKEY their son, b 1851- 1916, Any info would be greatly appreciated, any birth dates, siblings for all, anything! Daniel married ANNE ROONEY from Glasgow, 1853-1898. They had 11 children ANNIE b 1880 BRIDGET b 1877 ELIZABETH b 1876 HELEN b 1875 PATRICK b 1878 DANIEL b 1890 KATIE b 1885 MARGARET b 1888-1939 MARY b 1883 ALICE b 1893 CHRISTINA b 1897 known as Chrissie Any snippet of information, or advice, suggestions would be more than gratefully recieved. Wendy
red mail Moore
I am looking for information on my grandfather's family who is from Derry. His name was James Moore. His parents were born in Ireland, but came to America and my grandfather was born and lived his whole life in Philadelphia. They own a pub in the area, called Moore's. I am hoping to travel to the area within the next year and am hoping that some of his family is still there.
My great great grandparents were Daniel Mcdonald born Londonderry and Catherine Lafferty. They had four children Martha Mcdonald born 1870 John McDonald born 1867 Matilda McDonald born 1864 and Daniel McDonald born 1862 in Coatbridge Scotland and married my great gran Jessie Weir 28.1.1887 and died Glengarnock 4.10.1925. I have been over to Londonderry but found nothing.
red mail Jasper Young left Londonderry 1847
I am desperately looking for information regarding Jasper Young born 1827 who sailed from Londonderry in 1847 for Philadelphia PA aboard the Provincialist. I have no additional information regarding his life in Ireland and am using Londonderry as a starting point since I have been unable to find him any other place.
red mail Porter / Sweeney
I am looking to find information on the parents of James Porter born 1879 and his wife Isabella Sweeney born 1889. I believe James is from Derry and Isabella is from Derry or Donegal. James father was Patrick Porter and Isabellas father was James Sweeney James and Isabella were married in ST Eugenes Cathedral Derry in 1911 Their children wera called Patrick William Marian James John and Bridget
red mail James Alexander Grieves, Tamnaherin
James Alexander Grieves, born 1846, in or around Tamnaherin, Cumber Lower, Co. Derry. Father Alexander, mother Mary. Immigrated to Canada about 1880. Would like to find out more about his parents and siblings.
red mail Sarah "Sadie" Ball 1904-1977
Seeking information about family of my maternal grandmother Sarah Ball, known as Sadie. Born Londonderry 1904, married English soldier George Harling at Long Tower RC church 17 March 1924, then returned with him to live in South East London. Believe she had brother Herbert and sister Vera. Do not know her parents names (but have a photo)or any other info about her family.
red mail HENRY - Londonderry
Information on James HENRY born c1821 in Londonderry (not sure whether City or County).His father Thomas was a shoemaker & his mother I think was Ann. James married Joan STOTT in Newcastle upon Tyne England on 3/1/1842
red mail McDorman / McDormond Family
Our Nova Scotia McDorman ancestors left the Londonderry area c 1750. Oral history says there were three brothers - One went to Australia - One to the United States - And one to Nova Scotia. Common family names are Joseph and Mary. I'm interested in any information on this family. Also the history of Londonderry in the 17th and 18th century.
red mail Kerr
Isabella Kerr was born in Derry circa 1863 married James Armstrong 15.8.1878 in Belfast. Lived in Stranraer and had at least 6 children. Grateful for any information. Philip
I am looking for Eugene Douglas-born and raised in Derry.Born around 1963..? I met him at a folkrock festival in Lisdoonwarna in 1986/87 - and later he came and lived with me in Steinkjer, Norway. There are many reasons why I would like to find him - but most of all because I never got to tell him I`m sorry... Tone
red mail carr / kerr londonderry / DERRY
my grandfather was peter carr but also known as peter kerr. some kind of name mix up years ago. my grandmother was a mary houston from the newtoncummingham area but moved to derry. anyone who want ne information on this please feel free to contact me.
red mail johnston/johnson
Looking for info on Moses Johnston born around 1793 from Cty of Derry, Sailed to US from Belfast 9/12/1820 to port of NY. Had three brothers may have sailed with two brothers one stayed behind to care for family. Settled in PA.
red mail Hopper(Harper)Gregory, Brownlee
Looking for info on Robert and Charlotte Gregory Hopper. Robert was born in Ireland and immigrated to England with his family between 1850 and 1856. They lived in Conside Knitsley, Durham, England. Charlotte was born in Scotland to Joseph and Emily Hutton Gregory. I think that Joseph died and Emily remarried William Brownlee. They moved to England and lived in Durham. Robert and Charlotte had several children in England and then immigrated to the US. Several more children were born in the US for a total of twelve. Among the children were James, Joseph,Margaret,Charlotte,Thomas, Robert,Emma, John and Archibald.Both Robert and Charlotte died in Pittsburgh, PA.One in 1895 and the other around 1907. Lillie
red mail Hopper, Harper
I am for info on Rachel and James Hopper. Both were born in Ireland. Rachel in Derry, Londonderry, about 1818. (Do not know her maiden name).James was born around 1816. Married in Ireland and had several children there. Known children were Eliza, James, Margaret, Rachel,Robert, Thomas and William. Family went to England between 1850-1856.Lived in Conside aand Knitsley, Durham, England. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Lillie
red mail hughes family
Any information on the Hughes family who lived at 2 or 3 Olive Terrace, Londonderry from 1908 approx up until the mid 1950s?
red mail McFadden of Londonderry
I'm not sure which part of Londonderry to begin, or what direction to travel. I have run into a standstill with these follow scarce details. W McFadden, born Londonderry, married Frances Turner in 1891, in the district of Maldon, Victoria, Australia. I believe he is a great ancestor to Florence McFadden my great-grandmother born Victoria Australia. Florence married a James Donovan. thanks, Rebekah.
red mail mcgonigle
thomas mcgonigle, moved from strabane to derry late 1890, was a miller. lived in rosemount area of derry.
red mail goss
herbert goss, born around 1890. served in free state army. lived near chapel road derry.
red mail faughn presbyterian church
Faughn presbyterian church has a small cemetry. One of the few old headstones is for the Kilgore family (no insciptions on it). My grandmothers family were Kilgores and my greatgrandfather Samuel Kilgore, a presbyterian, died in 1905 in Ardnabrocky, an area close to Faughn Church. It is likely he is buried in that grave but despite twice writing and E mailing the church i have had no response to my quey as to how i can find out about buriel records. Does anyone know in general or specifically about Faughn church?
red mail mclaughlin
i am looking for details of James Mclaughlin (grandfather) born around 1875 in ireland, probably Derry or Strabane area. His mother was Grace Mclaughlin and she may have been a single mother or widow.(If she WAS married her maiden name was also Mclaughlin). James married Eleanor Kilgore in the waterside 1899. The Kilgore family were from Sherriffs Mountain area of Derry. Eleanors parents Samuel and Mary ( Tinny). I can trace the Kilgore side but can't even get a start with the Mclaughlin side. There is a suggestion that he was from farmland called McInness or McIneys Hill in Strabane area but such an area cannot be found. It it is just as likely he was also from Derry.
red mail rose cross
does anyone know if Rose Cross was known as a lady who possibly took in single mothers- to -be in londonderry in the 1870's and helped them with the birth etc. If so, any details of records kept etc??? ( I am looking for my grandfather James Mclaughlin who's mother Grace Mclaughlin may have been helped in this way. I have seen the same person, Rose Cross, register other births of what also appeared to be single mothers).
red mail Kerr/Carr
Looking to find details of my GG Grandparents. Can anyone help with information or family contacts still living in Londonderry. Looking for names ,dates of birth,marriages if any, Deaths also place of these places. The following below is all I have for them. Please help. Francis Croall: Born abt, 1868. Coatbridge,Lanarkshire,Scotland. Father: Patrick Croall, Mother: Helen Croall Died: 22 Mar 1930. Coatbridge,Lanarkshire,Scotland. Married: 18 Nov 1889. To Helen O’Neil . Scotland. Father: Patrick O’Neil. 1.Helen O’Neil. (Wife): Born: 8 Mar 1893. Springburn,Lanarkshire,Scotland. Died:25 Mar 1933. Springburn,Lanarkshire,Scotland.
red mail Kerr/Carr
I am trying to find out details fo of my GG Grand Parents George Carr/Catherine Houston. The following is the only information I have on them. George was born abt 1876,in St Eugene,Londonderry,Ireland. He married Catherine 17 may 1893,in Burr C.Donegal. He died 23 Jub 1910 in Coatbridge,SDcotland. and Catherine died 25 Feb 1953,Coathbridge,Scotland. Looking for their own family details,Sibling,date of birth,marriage,death? Can anyone please help me, and contact me if you know of any family relations still living in Londonderry.. Thanks Bill
red mail Henry/Hendry/Brown/Mc Timney / Macatimney
I am trying to trace Hugh Henry married to Mary Brown circa 1800, they had a son Moses born about 1826.who married Susannah Mc timney or Timney in Scotland, her parents were John McAtimney and Ellen Mullen also from Derry.Does anyone have any information re these names as I am drawing a blank on all my searches.
red mail Looking for relations - Young/burke
Can anyone help trace the parent of Thonas Henry Young,born 22 Aug 1868, to William Young & Mary Ann Burke,in Londonderry,Ireland. Would like to find details for Thomas,s Father & Mothers. Their individuals dates of birth,death,Marrage.
red mail Michael Black born circa 1876
Michael Black left Derry and his young motherless family in the care of the eldest daughter Catherine, my grandmother, circa 1915 to go to France and then to New York - no more has ever been heard of him and his granddaughter, my elderly mother would really like to know what happened to him. I have tried searching US records but there are so many entries for Michael Black from many countries it has proved impossible to identify him. I do know he went to US with a French lady, but she was detained on Ellis Island whilst he was allowed in owing to his having citizenship from preious visit lasting 14 yrs. Any info would be very welcome.
red mail crilley family tree
i am looking for crilley familys living in the parish maghera townland gortade also parish inch townland ballyrenan james or daniel crilly or with crilley this i found 1823 -1838 also1848-1864
red mail page family
researching page & masterton family
red mail MCready Family
Looking for the McCready family, circa 1830 forward. Michael McCready, m. Ellen Brown. Aghadewey(sp?) possibly. Son, John, b. 1860ish.
red mail Creighton family
I am researching David Creighton and his wife Mary Ann (nee Coyle) who emigrated with their children to Australia in 1841 on 'The Crescent'. Any info would be much appreciated.
red mail family tree
i am looking for information re james crilley wilfe mary ann quip or mcguigan moved to glasgow around 1800 to1850 as grate grandfarther born ireland 1852 found in 1901 glasgow senus
red mail Smyth Rev. Thomas
Thomas Smyth was born in Londonderry in 1808. He married Delphina Walker in Rasharkin Antrim in 1834. Delphina was born in Portugal in 1816.Thomas was a Presbyterian minister

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