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Warwickshire (County, WAR)
This page is for the entries of people who don't know the name of the village or town their family came from and only know it was in Warwickshire.

County town: Warwick Other major towns: Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull Origins of Name: dairy farm by a river dam, Anglo Saxon Population 1801: 206,798 Population 1961: 2,025,476 Acreage: 628,972 Urban Land 1961: 24.1 %
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red mail Stanley George Austen Born 1889 Auckland NZ
I amlooking or my Grandmothers brother Stanley George Austen b. 1889 on army records 31st Dec.1890 in Auckland NZ. Stanley served in WW1 discharged in London Married Edna Spencer June 1918. There was a Stanley George Austen Died 19th June 1975 35 Borrowdale Drive Leamington Spa Warwickshire- was this stanley George Austen born in Auckland NZ. We have no record of Stanley or his wife Edna returning to NZ Did they move from England ??? Did they have any children ?? If anyone can help me trace Stanley or Edna would be most appreciated. Thanks Mavis
red mail William Hands, Bargee
Hello, my friend's grandfather, William Hands, was born around 1872, married Florence Mullis in 1908. He was born and raised in Iknield port road, and he was a Bargee, that is all we know about him. The couple had children William b 1913 Elsie 1917 Millie and Jack we dont have any news about, Rose Ellen 1920, Charles 1926 and Stephen in 1932. Trying to find a document, such as a census record, or birth and/or marriage record.We know he died in 1955, if you slooths can find anymore pieces of this jigsaw I would be very grateful. Thank you
Bunn in 1820 Birmingham / Warwickshire
My mother's father's mother inlaw was a Sarah Anne FARLEY born circa 1820, in any census that she appears her birth place is either Birmingham, Warwick, Warwickshire or Birmingham Warwickshire. In 1851 she was living with William Farley I can find no marriage record however the birth records of three of their children give her maiden name as BUNN. In 1841 Sarah BUNN a 15 yr old book binder was living in Norfolk street Bethnal Green, the head of the family was Thomas Bunn, place of birth was not required in this census only a yes/no they answered no ie not born in Bethnal Green. So far I have found no earlier records on line - I would appreciate some advice on where to look.
Lookup Warwick St Nicholas
If any kind person with access to the parish registers of Warwick St Nicholas (Deaths) could look up details given for An EDWARD GREEN Died Sept. 1797 I would be most grateful. Just hoping that is the correct person to fill in my missing link. Many thanks.
red mail James/Stonehouse
William JAMES was born about 1859-1860 in Warwickshire England (later migrated to Australia about 1888 where he later married Margaret DARCY nee REAL). According to his death record in 1927, parents are Daniel JAMES and Elizabeth SHORTHOUSE. According to his marriage record in 1892, his parents were Daniel JAMES (grocer) and Rebecca SHORTHOUSE and lists Warwickshire as his birthplace. Cannot find anything for either his parents or a birth record for William. If anyone can give any suggestions that would be great. Thanks heaps!
red mail Solomons Simon/Simeon
I am researching my family history and trying to find any information on Simon/Simeon SOLOMONS, married to Hannah? and died in 1852 Warwickshire. His son Lewis married Charlotte SAMUEL in 1842 and emigrated to Australia in 1857. Would be so excited to have any information
red mail Information
Looking for any information on John Gore Noakes born 1844 in Glamorganshire. His parents were William Gore Noakes and Mary Ann Noakes born Davis ( born approx. 1811 and 1816 respectively. I am not sure of place of birth, it could be Rhymney. I have looked at Census for 1841 but unable to find any indication of the above.
red mail Reynolds, Benjamin married unknown and died unknown C18th.
Hi there, Benjamin had one known child. Hannah Reynolds bapt.Sept 1749 at St Philips Birmingham..... Father Benjamin. Can't locate a record as to his spouse, however, nor any other children, or a likely death. Any help would be appreciated thankyou!
red mail Information
Looking for any information on Jane Louise Pritchard born 1841 in Edgbaston, Warwickshire. Any help would be appreciated
red mail Thomas Harris of Chochill?
I am trying to find where my 4th gt grandfather is from. His U.S. naturalization record states "Thomas Harris was born of Chochill in Warwick Shire in England on or about the 4th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight". Does anyone have any idea where Chochill might be?
red mail Harry & Nellie Plummer
Looking for details on my grandparents. Albert Henry Plummer was known as Harry. He and his wife Nellie lived in Sherbourne Crescent, off Hollyhead Road. They had one son Albert who is my father. We emigrated to Australia in 1965. I am looking for family members.
red mail Ronald Hind
Please could anyone help, my son's fiancee is looking for her dad, who abandoned her when she was born. Can anyone help, his name is Ronald Hind, she has been able to find him living in the B14 area, but can't find the full address. Can anyone oblige. Thank you so much
red mail Woodcock
Hi, I'm looking for information about my Woodcock ancestors. My great great great grandmother was Sophia Woodcock born 1836 in Solihull, she married John Keatley in 1862 in Birmingham. They came to New Zealand on the Resolute in 1865. Her parents were John born about 1790 and Elizabeth Woodcock. Unsure of Elizabeth's maiden name. Johns parents were William Woodcock and Mary Hayward (I think). Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards Leah.
red mail The Hatton Asylum, Warwickshire
Hi I'm trying to find information on my GGGF who died in the Hatton Asylum in 1912. His name was Frederick George but entered the Asylum as John Mason. Does anyone know how/where I could search? Thanks for any help that can assist cheers Donna
red mail Firmstone
Could you help me, I am looking for the adopted daughter of Gertrude and Victor Firmstone. Her name was Lorraine, and around the early part of the 1970's she was living in Dolman Street Nechells, Birmingham. The last time my husband saw her was around that time. She was adopted by his aunt and uncle because they could not have any children of their own. Unfortunately, we don't know here birth name. I am depending on you, my sleuths to help me solve this mystery...good hunting.
red mail QUARTERING, Elizabeth, 1710- death date unknown; married with LINNEY, George,1710-1801.
Was wonsering who Elizabeth's parents were; she lived in Warwickshire; don't know the year she died; she married a Mr George Linney who lived between 1710 and 1801. It's a rather unusual name. 'Quartering'. So surprised that it's hard to get anywhere with her.
red mail Flat 72 Meadway Tower, Nechells Birmingham 7
I need some assistance, my daughter was living at flat 72 Meadway tower, Nechells, Birmingham 7. She moved in in 2001 and I need to know if she was still living there towards the end of that year. Can any of you slooths obliged.
red mail Lowndes
Researching Rosina Lowndes or Lownes married a Mr Till 1800c Birmingham England later widowed to marry a Mr William Jones a blacksmith in the 1830s. any help on this ?
red mail Robert Sly
My mother had a son in the first quarter of 1952. She gave him up for adoption. I am searching for him and I am wondering what mother and baby home she may have been in and which adoption home she would have taken the baby.
red mail garrison
looking for children of Alfred and amy garrison/nee bucknall/ from Birmingham .also Elizabeth harborne lived in lodge terrace lodge rd harborne 1922 thanks dee
red mail Ernest Guest
Can anyone help me, My great Grandfather and mother Benjamin and Annie Amelia Guest(nee Alders) had a son called Ernest, born in 1907 he served in the Indian police force, I believe and married a lady called Annie Lambert, who had indian connections . Their children were Ivor, Rosemary, June and Sheila. I would like to know more about my little Anglo- indian great aunt, who changed her name to my great grandmother's. And If any of them are still alive I really would love to be able to track down the children, who are my second cousins. Any information that can be given would be really appreciated.
red mail Ralph Reuben Lees
could someone help, I am trying to find where my great grandfather, Ralph Reuben Lees is buried,and the exact date of his death. He was born on 7th November 1866 in Birmingham, to William and Eliza, he married a widow called Matilda Thorley(nee Bradbury), on 1st January 1896. I think he died around 1931/2, but the full date and where he is buried, eludes me. Thank you for your help.
red mail Roy Hazlewood
Hello, could anyone help me. My great aunt Edith Vallentin(nee Sly) re-married, to Thomas Hazlewood,but the marriage record I have found is 1956. A child was born to the couple in 1938 Roy, I am searching for him, I believe he moved from Birmingham to the English Coast, his wife's name being Eunice. He used to work for Rolls Royce, I dont know much more about him than that, but if he is alive, and anyone can help me find him, I have important information for him. Thank you for your help in the past. Curious Fox has always come to my rescue when I have hit a brick wall, I do hope you can help now.
red mail The Sly family
Could someone help me, my great grand parents, Thomas and Mary Ann Sly, lived most of their lives around the Smallheath/Little Bromwich area. Addresses were 43 Blakeland Street, and 78 Blakeland Street. By the 1920 they had moved to 104 Byron Road. Where this is going, I have a photo of my grandfather, John Sly, but I wondered if anyone, who may have connections with this family, may have photos. I would love to know what my grandfather's siblings looked like, and I hope you can help.
red mail Howard Fitzwater.
Hello Does anyone know of the Fitzwater family? Howard was a home child, and went to Canada in 1929, he returned to England, in 1936, and then went back to Canada, of his own volition, once more returning in 1938. Apparently, his next course of action was to join the R.A.F However, there is no information as to Howard's whereabouts, once he returns to England, and he is not mentioned in the Absent Voters list, unlike his brother, Edward., Howard was born to my Great Aunt, Sarah Jane Sly and Louis Edward Fitzwater, in 1914, he married Ethel Venables(Nee Pugh), in 1962, and he died in 1972. If anyone can find out where Howard was living between 1938 and 1955, I would be grateful for your help. Ethel and Howard had no children, but his three surviving brothers and sister, did, although Alfred died in 1947, and his wife remarried. Also, I would appreciate it, if anyone knows of any living friends of the family who might be able to tell me something about Howard's service with the R.A.F. because, at presant that is information it is difficult to get hold of. Thank you
Looking for GG Grandfather Henry Harrison (b:1812) Warwickshire? Death 1913 Wellingrove NSW Australia; Father George Harrison; Mother unknown. Henry was transported to Australia in 1839 after been convicted of an offence in Bermondsey. (old Bailey Proceedings) The charge was stealing from master 27th April 1939. He was 27 years old. The convict records indicate that he had 2 children a boy and a girl. Looking for information on Henry and his family back in the UK, including father, mother, siblings, partner, children. Happy to do a swapies with someone looking for details in Australia and maybe you can do my research in the UK. Have Australian history for Henry. Thanks Rosemary
red mail Sweeney
Can anyone help me, Daniel Sweeney, married Margaret Hanley in 1914, in Ireland. They came and settled in Huddersfield, for a time, where four Children were born, Bridget 1918, Mary 1921, Teresa, date unknown, and Daniel 1922. However, two other children have materialised, Micheal and Lillian, I have no records for them, and wonder if anyone out there has any connection with this family, Mary Sweeney married David Gower, Daniel married Patricia Felton. There doesnt seem to be any further information regarding Bridget. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
red mail Brown
Gertrude Helen - born 1886 Valentines Day! She passed away 1883 in Sussex. I have been told that she enjoyed this area. Among others such as Houndlow, and Twickenham. I am her grand-daughter Joy Leslie born Feb. 2nd 1964. Her daughters name was Trudi and was married to a Reginald Kitchener with one son Mark. Abt. eight years older than myself. I loved my grandmother and wish to know anyone who can tell me about her. She traveled all over the world from shipping labels. She was married to a William Brown - whom due to the war remains in the background, yet I do have reason to believe he provided for both. Regards, Joy.
red mail Gower/Vann/Hollyoak
Hello, it is the Vann, connection I am really interested in, can anyone help, particularly if you are related...... Miriam Forester or Forest, married Anthony(?) Vann, they had a daughter, called Miriam Hilda, who I believe, married into the Hollyoak family, who married into the Gowers, what I am looking for are the marriage records of Miriam and Anthony(if Anthony was his name), which seem to be illuding me, and the possibility of locating her parents. Our illusive Mr Vann, apparently, was born in Italy, but that is debatable... he had some connection with St. Chad's in Birmingham, as regards to the mosaic flooring. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.
Thomas& John Evans
Looking for these two brothers please. They were cotton spinners from warwickshire Thomas was born in 1837 not sure on John as have no information on him . What i have is that they lived in Elizabeth st in Manchester (going on what i was told) . These two brothers are very mystifying as i cant find any trace of them at all, there parents we dont know who they are so please please any help there would be most helpful The search is for a lovely 71 year old lady who would like to know what happened to members of her family. We think that John never married as he got into trouble and was sentenced on the 5/12/1864 for arson and was put on a ship to Australia for convicts. Please can you help
Rotten Family
Looking for information please on the above family, Sarah Rotten ,(she married Robert Keith Archibald Durham) Possible father John Rotten mother unknown Have found a MARY ANN ROTTEN born 1801-1878,her fathers name is John Would like to know if Sarah and Mary Ann are related in any way,so this is all the insight that i have on these people any help please please.
Thomas William Greener & family
Thomas William Greener, was born abt 1888, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. In the 1901 & 1911 census, Thomas was living with his family in Ryhope Village, Sunderland, Co Durham, England. On the 1911 census, his occupation is that of a Blacksmith. At some point in his life Thomas married, left Ryhope, and ended up living in Birmingham with two of his children (not known if his wife went too). The two children, both born in Ryhope, are thought to be Mary Isabella Greener, b abt 1920 and Edward Greener, born abt 1916. Mary married Stanley Smith, in 1941, Meriden, Birmingham(?), and had a daughter, Stella (b abt 1945). Thomas William Greener, believed to have died abt 1973; Mary abt 1994, and brother Edward, abt 2009, all in Birmingham. If the above form part of your family tree I would be most pleased to hear from you with a view to sharing/comparing notes etc.
Possible connection to my family tree, can anyone help?
William J F Hoban married Beatrice Marston, abt 1912, Aston, Warwickshire. They had two children, both girls(?), Winifred Beatrice Hoban, born on 6th Oct 1913, Aston & Doris M Hoban, born abt 1916, Aston. Winifred married Frederick Brewer(?) abt 1936, Birmingham and they had two boy`s(?), Melvin F and Neville F, both born in Birmingham. Doris married Walter Field(?) abt 1916,in Birmingham. Any help gratefully accepted.
red mail John Weaver Baker
Hello from Australia. I am trying to locate the parents of John Weaver Baker, born 1829 in Warwickshire. In 1844 he was transported to Australia. We believe his mother's maiden name was Weaver, but no other details. Thank you for any assistance
red mail Hudson: 1600s - 1900s
Interested in all Hudson research in this part of Warwickshire. Oldest family members go back to Leamington Hastings, Grandborough, Princethorpe, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Dunchurch etc. Later moved to Rugby. Originally perhaps from Kenilworth (SE of Coventry) but not yet proven.
red mail Osborne/Osborn
Hello, I am looking for information on a John Osborne who came to St Helena Island with the East India Company. He married Priscilla who was a slave on St Helena and they had had 6 children. John died on St Helena on 26/07/1855, age 68. Hope someone out there will have some information. Thanks Tracy
red mail griffiths
I am looking for the birth date and death of George Frederick Griffiths (may be known as Frederick George Griffiths) he died in Hampshire about 1977. I believe he may have been born in Shropshire. He is ex-army. He was in Shropshire light brigade. Any help please. Thanks
red mail Bond family of Leamington
I'm looking for anything about the family of Thomas Bond born about 1833 in Leamington, who married Jane White, a fellow servant in a big house in London, about 1860 and was a railway guard (later stationmaster)at Paddington station; when Jane died in 1870 he remarried and lived in the Chelsea area.
red mail Henry Conolly Marrage 1866
Henry Conolly married Mary Ann Humphries 1866 at St Philips Church Birmingham Warwickshire,Henrys Father listed James Conolly occupation Plane Maker.Henry born abt 1839 proberly Ireland.Henry lived rest of live living Aston Birmingham and died there in 1920 aged abt 82,His name at death was reg Henry Conley.
red mail Sarah Collins m. John Elliott
Sarah Collins m. John Elliott 1822 in Foleshill, Warwickshire. They had a son, William, b. 1826 in Sowe, Warwickshire, baptized in Foleshill. Sarah Collins Elliott, b. 1800 was found in 1841 to 1881 censuses in Sowe Waste, Warwickshire and she died in 1882. Need her parents and place of birth. The 1861 census says born in Warwick, Warwickshire, but I need to verify. Can anyone help me? Also need proof that John Elliott was the son of Thomas Elliott and Ann Perrey. He was born in 1800, possibly in Stoke, Warwickshire.
red mail Children of Matilda Eaton ..Maiden name Albrighton
Hello can anyone help me find the Daughters of matilda Eaton as far as I know there names are Nancy Eaton ..married name Barron. Second daughter Margaret born 1939 in the Atherstone area of Warwickshire. There fathers name was a William Eaton.
red mail Joseph Markham
I am looking for information on joseph markham, my great grandad. He was born in 1907 and married caroline williams in june 1928. I also know he possibly had 7 brothers and died in 1973. I am looking for the names of his mother and father, if anyone knows can you please send me some information. i would be extremely greatful.
red mail Lloyd
My Grandad Richard Lloyd 1912 born Warwickshire England, married Louisa May Brace, parents Richard Lloyd b1879 Warwickshire and Hannah Ashford b1892 Somerset England, Richard b1912, had siblings Annie Lloyd b 1914, Edward Lloyd b 1916, Joan Lloyd b 1920, William Lloyd b 1918, Jack Lloyd b1921, Ivy Lloyd b1926, anyone with any information, please contact me as this side of my family is like a brick-wall
Descendant would be pleased for any information on the above - relatives, adverts, documents etc. Don't know much about the company I'm afraid - hoping someone can fill the gaps.
red mail WHITES of Balsall Heath/Sparkbrook
I am researching the family of Joseph & Amelia WHITE (nee WOOD) who lived all their married life in Balsall heath and Sparkhill area. In 1881 they married at St Paul's Church and then lived in Ladypool Road. In 1901 they lived in Ombersley Place and then in 1911 in Newton Road. They 'fostered' a number of children. My grandmother, Lillian White was born in 1889 and was their eldest 'child'. Amelia WHITE (WOOD) had two sisters Emily WOOD married a MILNER and Kate WOOD married a BLOOMFIELD. Both large families were said to live in the same area. Also a cousin of Amelia was a member of the WANT family, printers. Amelia WHITE's father John WOOD, tailor, came from Evesham and Amelia was born in Cheltenham. I would appreciate any contact about the WHITE family or relations.
red mail bower john birmingham warwickshire
looking for information on john bower born 1807 birmingham warwickshire sentenced to transportation to australia in the warwick assize on 25th march 1826 married joan hancock in hobart australia 1836 just cant seem to find his parents at all
red mail Blake Family
Looking for information regarding the Blake family Henry Blake dob 1858 @ Bedworth married Mary. S. Robinson in Foleshill 1877 according to the 1901 census they had 8 children William dob 1881,Henry dob 1884, Enoch dob 1886, Selina dob 1889, Charles dob 1892, Esther May dob 1894,Fredrick dob 1896 & Gladys dob 1898. From the 1891 census there was anoher child Mary born 1879 she doesn't appear in the 1901 census trying to find out if she married and to whom or if she died and when.Also any info on the other children(date of death, where buried, families etc would be very much appreciated)
red mail Wilden family of Warwickshire
Seeking information on the Wilden/Wildon/Wheeldon family in Warwickshire
red mail lancaster
searching for Henry Lancaster, who lived in Birmingham and was a coal miner
COPE family of Selly Oak, Birmingham
I am trying to make contact with members of the COPE family that lived in Selly Oak, Birmingham. Douglas W COPE married Edith A CURTIS in 1919, at Ravenstone, Leics. and had four children, known by the names of Mary, Leslie, Wilfred & Sidney. My connection to this family - Edith A CURTIS, born Coleorton, Leics. in 1899, was the eldest sister of my father John Henry CURTIS - the youngest member of the family. This is a big gap in my family history which I would love to fill, and now living in Australia, it is harder than if I was still in England. I know that the daughter Mary, married a man with the surname WALTERS and they had at least one child named Barbara WALTERS. I have recently found Mary's death, in 2002, and she was still living in B'ham, so I'm hopeful that there may be other members of the family who might look at this entry. Christine.
red mail Ernest Adams
Hi, I am trying to find some information on Ernest Adams born 1886 in Sibford Oxfordshire. Ernest married Bertha Elizabeth Overton in 1907 in Harbury Warwickshire. Ernest died in 1938 in Warwick and Bertha died in 1939 in Warwick. They had the following children:- Edgar, Ernest, Richard, Norris, William, Adaline, Mabel, Jack and Maud. Any information would be great especially where they are buried. Thanks
red mail Michael Caden's Family Tree
Michael Caden was born in 1820. He was my second great-grandfather, who married Mary-Ann Lowry. William (one of Michael's sons) married Margaret Tye. Any further information please contact me. Thanks
red mail Yardley Family
Looking for ALFRED YARDLEY b.1885/6 in Erdington, Warwickshire. Parents Thomas & Frederica (known as Phoebe) Yardley. Used to travel to the U.S.A.
red mail Partridge Alfred or Joseph
Seeking any information pre 1900 please Thanks Joe
red mail pledger family in london
please anyone know about the pledger family especially arthur nelson pledger
red mail BEASLEY 1807- and GENT1809-
Trying to trace family from William BEASLEY 1807-, married (1831) Ann GENT (1807/9-1878, daughter of William GENT and Hannah CRISP). Lived at 7 Plowman St, Rugby, then at 7 Cherry Tce, Rugby. Had 9 children - Mary the eldest, born 1833 Crick, Northamptonshire; Joseph BEASLEY(1835-1910, migrated to NZ, the second, son also Joseph). Grateful for anyone who connects.
red mail Morris / Luddington / Warwickshire
Morris Family ( Luddington Old Stratford ). Can some one help me, Part of my family is the Morris family, On the 1841 census a Thomas Morris is 20years old and the son of Anthony aged 55y ! wife Hannah aged 55y !. Also on the 1841 census is a Henry Morris aged 30 years old wife is Mary. So I am asking is Henry the BROTHER of THOMAS and is Anthony Morris the Father of the two children!! Can some one help me with all info on the Morris Family in Luddington. Thank you all.
red mail Looking for any information on Joseph Betteridge
Looking for any information on Joseph Betteridge/Betterage/Bettridge born 1842 Bedworth, warwickshire. he married Matilda Prater in 1866 Staffordshire.I believe Joseph had a sister Sarah Ann born 1854 Bedworth, Warwickshire. His mother was called Ann. Unable to locate Joseph on 1851 census records, in 1861 Joseph was an apprentice lock maker lodging in Willenhall Staffordshire. Would love to know any information about Joseph and his parents/siblings. any help would be great. Thanks
red mail Nathaniel Woodward b. about 1590
I am still putting together information this Nathaniel Woodward. There is a lot of conflicting information on him and his family. May have been from Lincolnshire or Wiltshire, England. Came to Boston prior to 1633, when he joined the First Church as a member. He was trained as a carpenter (builder) but the Colony used him as a surveyor on many occassions. He led the crew that laid the border between Mass. Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony, the later between Mass Bay and Connecticut. He was admitted as a freeman (to Boston) on 17 April 1637. The last reference to him is to be found in 1661, but the last reference to his property in 1670, but he is never referred to as "the late Nathaniel Woodward". He may have gone to Taunton, where he and his son had property, or even back to England. He was by then at least 71 years of age. Named in the Journal of American Genealogy, it said that he came from Warwickshire, where his family held positions in the Magistry and the Courte Elite of the county. It said that a Nathaniel and a Samuel were cited by a Bishops bench in 1630 to go to the hall of the Lord de Bermingham to take an oath that they would not preach their Puritan outside their home. They instead left with two yeoman, Henry Saterlee and Richard Sumner to Whitehaven, to take passage to Boston. It also said that papers exist in the Archives at Aston Hall that prove this Woodward line (lineal decendents of Edgebaston, Birmingham Woodward line) is "closely related" to the main Shoevington Manor and Standish Manor, Lancastershire. These papers were deposited there, (Aston Hall) in 1840, and were a sworn copy of another set that were in the Borough Library at Birmingham, Warwickshire. A letter was found at Castle Browmich Hall to Lord de Bradford written by Nathan Woodward in 1644, bearing the post mark of Roxboro, Massachusetts. (Roxbury, Mass)
Looking for James Lyons b Albury OR Coventry Warwickshire in 1844 and left for Australia when 19 yrs of age, his father also James b 1821, would some kind person look up 1851 & 1861 census, Thank-you
red mail Guy's Cliffe House
I am looking for the where-abouts of a rather large painting, It is called "The Cave of Despair" It used to hang in Guy's Cliffe house but it has vanished, Some people believe Bertie Greatheed to be the artist but I think he payed Joseph Severn to paint it. Can anyone help me do you have any answers? Could it still be in amongst the Heber- Percy collection, if so where?
red mail Elizabeth Brown
Hi Looking for information on Elizabeth Brown born 1861 chilvers coton she married Timothy White in attleborough 1884 they had 3 children , ada 1885, Alice 1892 , Percy George White 1899. I found family on 1901 census , Alice White married Henry Ward 1912 and they had 2 daughter Gwen 1913 , Thelma , PErcy George White 1899 married MAry Chequer 1920 Nuneaton and they had i think 3 children Doris b 1923 d 1927 , Ronald b1930d1930, Percy T C White b 1927 . Does anyone have any information on family especially what happen to Elizabeth ? I know Timothy White died 1912 . What happened to Alice and her family ? What happened to Percy and his family? I have info on Ada White she is my grandmother , but would really like to find out what happened to rest of her family .. hope someone can help please thanks Kym
red mail Capewell - Warwickshire, (Coleshill)
Can anyone help, I have a James Capewell (b. 1814) in Coleshill (Christening), Warwickshire. I have his mothers name (Elizabeth Capewell) and also what I assume is a Cousin or less likely Sister (b 1819) called Elizabeth (who I believe married Rev Amos), she appears on 1841 Census living with James. I know a Joseph Capewell (and Elizabeth) had a child (Joseph) around 1812 and were married in Birmingham c1810, but no firm link. James (1814) married twice - Marriage Cert shows Elizabeth Faughtless (no other trace for surname) and a Mary Marshall around 1852-4
red mail Wildsmith Birmingham
Update to my previous post about Joseph William Wildsmith and Annie "Hannah" Hudson. I have found a second daughter unknown to the family called Ivy M Wildsmith she was born in 1917 and later married perhaps to someone called Jim? Joseph and Hannah also had a son called Joseph William H Wildsmith born 1914, he was known as Billy. Again if you recognise these names, please get in contact.
red mail Looking for parents of Samuel Simkin
1. SAMUEL SIMKIN, was born 1805 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He married (1) DOMESTIC SARAH BROTHERTON 30 Apr 1832 in Warrington, Lancashire, England, daughter of Richard Brotherton and Mary She was born 29 Sept 1811 in Warrington, Lancashire, England. Children of SAMUEL SIMKIN and SARAH BROTHERTON are: i. LOUISA SIMKIN, b. 1832, Warrington, Lancashire, England. 2. ii. PRISCILLA SIMKIN, b. 1836, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. iii. RICHARD SIMKIN, b. 1838, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. iv. FRANCES SIMKIN, b. 1841, Runcorn, Cheshire, England. v. DAVID SIMKIN, b. 1844, Runcorn, Cheshire, England. vi. ELIZABETH SIMKIN, b. 1848, Runcorn, Cheshire, England. vii. JESSE SIMKIN, b. 1850, Hulme, Lancashire, England; d. 1927; m. MARY I. MUIR, 24 Dec 1883, Fall River, Bristol, MA; b. 05 Sep 1854, Fall River, Bristol, MA.
Rev. Richard Amos (b 1821) & Elizabeth Capewell (b 1819)
Does anyone have information about the ancestors of Reverend Richard Amos (Ames)? I believe he was born in 1821 in Warwickshire and married Elizabeth Capewell (born 1819) from Birmingham in 1846. Richard was a Wesleyan Minister and migrated to Australia and Tonga shortly after marrying Elizabeth. Richard died in Parramatta NSW Australia in 1870 and Elizabeth died in 1872. I believe Richard's father's name was Thomas born in 1800 and his grandfather was Sergeant Major Richard Amos born around 1756. I presume they all came from Warwickshire. Thanks
Anyone else researching George Thomas BLACKWELL born 1822 Harbury WAR; son of James BLACKWELL. George, a Methodist Minister married (1) Mary Anne GILKES 1853 at Southam WAR. Children: Emily Jane b1855; George Henry b1856 ?, d1858 Chipping Norton. Married (2) 1859 Witney OXF to Harriett Sarah HARWOOD (b1832 Witney OXF, dau of William HARWOOD and Sarah STEVENS). George and Harriett had seven children born from 1864-73 in ENG & WLS then emigrated to Canada 1874-76. Eighth child b1876 New Brunswick, Canada. Family then moved to Enniskillen, Ontario, Canada.
red mail TIBBITS
red mail Hetherington, Brame
I'm looking for information on Thomas Hetherington, born about 1785 in Warwickshire. He married Elizabeth, born about 1796 in Warwickshire and died about 1880 Stepney, Middx. Their daughter Julianna, born about 1832 in Warwickshire, married Henry Brame, botn about 1821 Warwickshire. They married on 2 July 1844 in St. Philips Church, Birmingham. Their son was Charles Thomas Brame, my Great Grandfather.
red mail David Barnes, George Barnes, Anne Stokes, Nellie Watkins
Researching for any information on David Barnes born about 1840 in Maney, Cambridgeshire, England. David's father was William Barnes. David married Anne Stokes on October 23, 1869 in the Parish of Kinsbury, County of Warwickshire. Ann Stokes (b. abt. 1847) parents were Samuel and Catherine Stokes. Their birthplace was Staffordshire, England. According to the 1881 census of England David and Anne Barnes had the following children William b. abt. 1871; David b. abt. 1873; Louisa b. abt. 1878; George b. abt. 1880. George Barnes married Nellie Watkins on October 19, 1916 in the District of Pontypridd,County of Glamorganshire. Nellie's father was William Watkins and I believe Nellie had a sister named Fanny Watkins. George and Nellie had two daughters Lena born in 1918 and Vera born on July 19, 1921. Both daughters were born in the District of Cardiff, County of Glamorganshire. George and Nellie along with their two daughters moved to Sydenham, Ontario Canada sometime around 1922 or 1923. Vera Barnes was my mother. I would dearly love to make contact with other family members and learn more about this side of my family so any information would be much appreciated. Brenda
red mail Marchant/Merchant/Attwood
I have hit proverbial brick wall.Ive got back to Thomas b.`1811 who married Eliza Brindle n 1845. They had three children, Susannah, Mary, John. John b. 1851 had James b. 1879 who had my Grandfather, John Harry b.1904 in Warickshire. My Grandfather maried my Nan, Annie Attwood b. 1909. Her father was William George b. 1881 married to Annie Spencer. I have a missing uncle too, who died in WWII. George Frederick b. 1902 who married Edi, children George & Joyce. After his death they seemed to disappear and I would love to find the "missing link", any informtion at all would be gratefully received. Many thanks
red mail Blakeman - Warwickshire
I'm looking for information about a Charles Blakeman, born March 23, 1858, and marrying Harriet Elizabeth Williams in 1878. They had children Amelia, Charles Henry, Annie, Sarah Elizabeth, Florence, Henry, Beatrice, John Thomas, William Alfred, Charles Edwin, Arthur, Edith, and Sidney. Any information on his parents (Joseph Blakeman and Ellen Goode) or siblings (Ann/Anne Elizabeth and possibly others) would be much appreciated.
Thomas Maunton, born 1799 City of Oxford, married Amelia Palser in 1821, St Philip, Birmingham. Thomas & Amelia had thirteen children, two of whom were Jabez (1824) and Sarah Frances (1832). Thomas was a Tailor. In 1842 the family emigrated to New York. Jabez married Jane Robinson (born 1826 Scotland) and Sarah Frances married Richard Yates Renwick. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Hendersons in Birmingham, 1800s
I'm looking for info about this family. I know this so far: William Henderson born c1825 in ? Dublin, ?Birmingham, married Sarah Ann Rowley born c 1826 in birmingham; children Ellen(or Helen),John, Justus, Kane, Mary, Matthew, Sarah Ann, Thomas & Harry between 1848 - 1868. Wm is described as 'nail cutter' in 1861/71, & 'grocer' in 1881. Sarah Ann was a dressmaker. Williams son Harry, born c 1863 married Ellen Pittaway, had kids; Nellie, Phyllis, Lily, Madeline, Harry (infant death) & Cyril, my grandfather. Harry worked as a 'metal roller', later as a 'foreman of rollers' & died in 1946. Any more info would be great, especially about the wives, Sarah Ann & Ellen. Also, Kane had disappeared by 1881 - did he emigrate/join the army or navy? - he's not in the census or the death records.
red mail Baronet Sir Broughton
Am looking for the name of a Baronet called Sir Broughton in Warwickshire during the Civil War. He had a sister named Ann and lived at Causton Hall. Ann married Thomas Harris and gave birth to Thomas Harris who married the daughter of Humphrey Holen-Erdington.
red mail Bromwich
I am trying to research my Bromwich ancestors from Hillmorton/Churchover/Rugby/Daventry area. Any information on this family would be gratefully received. Thank you, David
red mail Adcocks in Birmingham
I have collected a lot of information about the Adcocks in Birmingham and some from the surrounding area of Warwickshire. Would love to swap information.
red mail SAYER, CATTERMOLE, Warwickshire
Charles cattermole (born 1811 in Southery, Norfolk), married Ann SAYER, (born in Warwick), on May 1837 in Handsworth, Birmingham. They lived for a while in Leamington, Warks, where Charles was born ca 1840. Afterwards they lived in various parts of Birmingham, George Henry was born 09.03.1850.
red mail JAMES, WARD, Warwickshire
Sarah WARD married Edwin JAMES on 24 June 1842, in Birmingham, they were born about 1804/5. He was a cabinet maker. They had about 10 children, all born in Birmingham, except for Elizabeth who was born in London. Edwin's parents were William and Elizabeth JAMES.
red mail NICHOLLS, FRANKISH, Warwickshire
Spencer NICHOLLS married Maria Lucretia FRANKISH on 17 Dec 1820 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, she was bapt 9 Nov. 1799, he was bapt. 1 Oct 1798.
ASKEW (Thomas)
My 4th great grand father was Thomas ASKEW, born about 1770. Married Winniford LINDON March 21st 1701 somewhere in Warwickshire. They had Winnefred Ascough (note spelling of name change) in 1797. She married William LOWER in St. Lawrences church, Foleshill, Warwickshire, 19th June 1813.
Broad-brush approach: William ANDERTON,b:1756, married Mary THELWYND. Children: Abraham (1796) William, John, Mary, Jacob, Rebecca, Martha (1781) & George, 1791. Young Abraham married Sarah SHEFFIELD & they married 14th March, 1815 in Nuneaton. They had William in 1815 and he married Mary WADLEY 4th April 1837. They had son Abraham in 1837, and Mary Ann (B:1852)who married William Dutton Brockas 8th January 1878 in Meriden, Warwickshire. That's why I am assuming all the above came from somewhere in Warwickshire. Any familiar names for you?
red mail John Lyons
I am searching for any information about my great grandfather John Lyons, born 1821, village or town unknown. He joined the army and was discharged in Nova Scotia Canada ca 1850. His second wife, my great grandmother was Sarah.
George Powell married Margaret Dovey circa 1893. Adopted children, who may have been related to the couple, George, Samuel and Maree
Margaret Dovey married George Powell circa. 1893. Adopted children, who may have been related to the couple are George, Samuel and Maree
Underhills in Warwickshire
Members of St.Philips cathederal circa 1830
red mail elizabeth Axton married in Church Lawford
hi am looking for information about my g,grandmother x5. ELIZABETH AXTON, born aprx 1740, married to WILLIAM HIRONS in Church Lawford in 1758 dont know anymore about the Axton's but would like to. hope some one can shed some light on this lady all the best Marian
I am searching for information on the MARTIN,COWLEY,GUEST AND WALKER families in and around Birmingham. My g.grandfather William MARTIN married Rachel WALKER (born in Leeds I think) in Birmingham in 1872. William MARTIN was then staying with his sister Mary COWLEY (nee) MARTIN and her husband Samuel COWLEY and their children in Birmingham. William Martins brother also lived in Birmingham Thomas MARTIN who married Maria GUEST in Birmingham in 1878.Any information will be appreciated.
red mail Liggins Families
My maternal grandfather was a liggins from Churchover, near Rugby. I have traced the family back to 1775,definite line, and possibly back even earlier. There are several Liggins names that appear in village registers within a 10/15 mile radius that may be connected to my family. If you have Liggins ancestors from the Warwickshire/Leicestershire/Northamptonshire areas, I would like to hear from you with any information that you can give me about your ancestors, and hopefully we may find a common ancestor. I will, of course be happy to share any information that I have with any Liggins descendants.
red mail Holdsworth
Trying to find information on George Holdsworth, married to Harriet Matilda Robinson (approx 1900).Lived at 11 Gordon St in 1904.
Stanyard , judd
my GreatGrand father Charles Judd lived with and married Mary ann Stanyard not sure if they did marry as they had 4 girls who had there mothers surname 1 boy my Grand father who had his fathers surname there names where Emily Stanyard who I believemarried a Charles Dale ,Annie Stanyard,Alice Stanyard ,Harriet Stanyard ,Charles Judd /stanyard who is my grandfather my grandparents came out to Aaustralia my grand father in the year of 1923 my grandmother (Mary agnes connolly ) in the year of 1925with my mother Emma Judd and my uncle Edward Judd any info my my granfathers family would be wonderfull I cant seem to find what happen to them all
Hannah J Massey b.Birmingham approx 1858 married Phillip Fisher in 1879. Phillip and Hannah lived in 1881 in Aston and had five children at the time. Frances b.1880, Joseph b.1891, May b.1894, Benjamin b.1897 and Emily b.1900. Do contact me if of any interest.
red mail Pledger
Looking for all Pledgers/Bottrill/Cock/Hart
I am looking for information on Charlotte Hutt born 1856 (possible born in warwickshire) married thomas Willding in Stoke on Trent 1881 father William Hutt
red mail Starkey
I have a strong family links with (mostly) north Warwickshire. pre 1900. I would be pleased to exchange information with anyone who has clear Starkey links in the time frame given, but I cannot undertake research as I don't live in the area.
red mail Hall, payne, gardiner
Looking for information on above families. Hall - Lower Shuckburgh/Coventry Payne - Newbold On Avon Gardiner - Wasperton Elizabeth
red mail Bishops Itchington
Joseph Knight born 1848 in Fenny Compton married Mary? born 1851 in Bishops Itchington children Albert born USA Margaret b 1878 in Bishops Itchington any body know any details of Margaret

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