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Searle family
I'm looking for any details of the SEARLE family who lived at 259 Earlsfield Road, Wandsworth from about 1915 to at least 1928. The address was given on the parish register for the marriages of Bessie Searle (born 1896) and John Searle (born 1898). The head of the family, John Robert Searle (born 1870), went missing from about 1916 and was recorded as "deceased" on his son John's marriage in 1928. I can't find a record of John Robert Searle's death or that of his wife Phillis (or sometimes Philadelphia). I have a suspicion that he might have absconded and changed his name or identity. If this rings a bell with you I'd be pleased to have your thoughts. Thanks for reading this.
Looking for the children of William Austin died 1934 in Kent but all the signs point to the family having lived in Wandsworth. Really trying to find out the connection between the two places.
red mail Burial Site
Can anyone assist me in finding the burial site of Elsie Boxall she died 6th February 1970. My husband is under the impression shes buried in a family plot. Her maiden name was Reynolds. Many thanks for reading this Liz
red mail Scout Troops in Wandsworth 1914-1918
Does anyone have any records or memories of family member(s) who belonged to any of the Wandsworth Boy Scouts' Troops during WW1? I'm researching a family member born around 1898 who was a member of the Boy Scouts in Wandsworth during the First World War. He was a Patrol Leader and appears to have taken Scouting quite seriously, as he gained six proficiency badges and a Service Star. He wore a Scouts' lapel badge on his everyday jacket when not in uniform. Around 1917 he won an impressive-looking trophy. He was clearly proud of this achievement as he sat for a studio portrait, in Scout uniform, holding the trophy. The photo is clear enough to show some details of the trophy: a wooden shield appx 16in / 40cm tall with a circular, cast metal medallion approx 4 inches / 10cm in diameter in the centre. The relief image on the medallion shows two scouts with walking poles standing on rocky terrain. The trophy has four engraved 'scrolls' on each side of the medallion, a large engraved scroll at the top, and a smaller engraved shield at the bottom. Sadly, even a high resolution scan is not clear enough to show any of the engraved text. I would love to find out more about this trophy - what was it awarded for, and its whereabouts now. It's the kind of thing that somebody's granddad or uncle would have been proud to have won, and would surely have handed the story down to younger generations. If anyone has any thoughts or memories of this, please do contact me! Thanks
red mail DAVID TERRY
I am looking for information on the above name lived in Wandsworth Surrey or nearby about 1950 till now father name Bob Terry deceased was caretaker of flats in Wimbledon in 1960-1970
red mail James Hollis b. 1757
My 4th great grandfather was born Aug 19, 1757 in Wandsworth Surrey (according to his pension application for service for the American patriots in the American Revolution). He sailed to South Carolina as a British soldier and served under the command of Lord Rawdon at the siege of Ninety Six (1780 when Hollis would have been 23). While later guarding Charleston harbor, he deserted and joined the patriots. Does anyone have information on a Hollis family in Surrey in the 1750s? Does anyone have suggestions on where to search for a birth record or military record? I would appreciate any help.
red mail William Culmer Alsop
Any ifnormation about William - I am really interested in what he worked at and information about his wife whose first name I only know. thanks Bronwen, ChCh, NZ William Culmer Alsop husband of Elizabeth (belonged to the Free society in 1777 in Wandsworth) B: 1757 M: Elizabeth (surname unknown) B: 1761 D: Children 11? 1776 Aug 6th Elizabeth (christened Aug 6th 1776) Buried Sept 16th 1776 1777 Dec 4th William (christened 30th Dec 1777) 1779 Dec 19th George (christened Jan 9th 1780) 1779 Dec 19th Mary (christened Jan 9th 1780) 1780 April 7th Ann (christened April 9th 1780) 1782 Jan 4th Daniel (christened 3 Feb 1782) 1783 Clara (christened 13 March 1783), Wandsworth, Surrey 1785 Aug 24th Elizabeth Sophia (christened Sept 15th 1785) 1785 Aug 24th Sarah Amelia (christened Sept 15th 1785) 1787 Sept 7th Caroline-Louisa (christened Oct 13th 1787) 1791 Culmer William (see below)
red mail Freeman Family
Searching for information regarding Frederick Robert Freeman born 1894 fourth generation coppersmith, married Alice (passed away in childbirth) and had Frederick and Ronald Freeman (resided in Australia with families and since passed away), second wife Mary Elizabeth Morley and had son Derek Freeman October 1934, believed to have been issues within the family most likely with Mary and therefore Derek was sent to The Bluecoat School in York (closed after WW2 -intro of education act 1947) Mary died within this time and this is all that is known. Frederick married third wife Elizabeth Alice Paulter 31st March 1945 both residing at the time in Chiswick. Frederick Robert Freeman was the eldest son of Robert James Freeman and Amy Ruth French. Siblings George Henry, Albert Ernest, Alfred James and Marjorie Ruth. All went on to have extensive families. Significant areas = Chiswick, Peterborough, York Please let me know if you have any further information??
Seeking the descendants of William Henry Owen Board, born in Abergavenny on 25 April 1890 to Arthur William Board and Jessie Selina (nee Owen). He lived briefly in Cornwall, circa 1911-12, and served in WWI in the 1st Dragoons. In 1923 he married Florence Craske and they had three children: Florence  born Wandsworth 1924; William - born Wandsworth 1926 and Phyllis - born Gloucester 1927. Daughter Florence married a Thomas Dear in Maidenhead in 1950. William Board died in 1953 in Eton, Bucks., aged 63. Please contact if you are related.
red mail Jean Cecil. Snoope
Looking for my cousin Jean born 1947 dad Albert Cecil mum Grace Purdum can anybody help me thanks
red mail Leppard
I am trying to trace any members of the Leppard family who lived in Wandsworth. They might have had greengrocers locally in Wandsworth.
red mail PRITCHETT family
Looking for any descendents of the PRITCHETT family who resided in Wandsworth/Battersea for many years. Richard Pritchett was a greengrocer at 598 Wandsworth Road.
red mail Frederick James Greetham
I'm looking for date and locality of the death of Frederick James Greetham. H was born 26 May 1878 in Clapham Surrey. Married Ethel Mary Watkins 18 August 1900 in St Pauls Church Clapham. He died before August 1928, as he is stated as decease on my Mothers mariage certificate. If anybody can help with information I would be very grateful.
Thornton Stanley Franks
Thornton Stanley Franks I have where he was born Dec 1854 Wandsworth London and know he died in Newton Abbot Devon approx. 1942 what do I need now to order death certificate where hoping it will show perhaps another member of the family ?
red mail Kernot family
Looking for information on the KERNOT family of Wandsworth in the mid 1920's. They were Charles Ernest (B:1924), Ethel (B:1926), Gladys (B:1928) and Raymond Horace (B:1933). Their mother's maiden name was STANLEY, but I cant find any other KERNOT's in earlier years. They all married but I only known about Raymond, as he was my wife's cousin's father-in-law. Any info would be much appreciated.
red mail Dora Rhodes
I am looking for my cousin Dora Rhodes born 1933 in Wandsworth, London and appears to have married Donald A Gladwell in 1952, Wandsworth, London. PamHer parents were Alfred Rhodes who was born in 1904, Burnley Lancs and Dora Emilia Powell, they married in 1923 Wandsworth. In the 1980s Dora lived in Wandsworth and my parents would sometimes see her whilst shopping in Wandsworth High St. Dora's father and my mother were siblings it is beleived within the family she may be living in Devon, England. Any info would be great Pam
red mail Lawrence G Allen
Born 1953 Resided at Southfields and had a sister Elaine who married Martyn King. Trying to find him or his where abouts or his sister.
red mail RENOUT
William J G Renout; born 1921; Married in 1948. (Westminister) This would be my uncle. Any information of the above would be appreciated. My aim is to contact living relatives. Gene
The shooting of Florrie McQuillin.
As told to me by my mother, her sister Florrie (Florence Ann?) was shot in the head by a jealous? boy friend working as a coalman. The bullet did not kill my aunt but remained in her brain and she was taken to hospital. The so called 'boy friend'shot and killed himself in the entrance hall of the family house. Aunt Isabella, of a tidy mind, swept his brains up with a dust pan and brush, and from that moment did not grow any taller! Later, whilst on a visit home from the hospital Florrie became over excited and died. The family, as far as I know, was as follows. Head Stephen McQuillin, master blacksmith, Richard, later to join the Cameronians and later the Custom Service, Isabella, Mary Ann Emma, my mother and Elizabeth. The mother of this family had died earlier, when I do not know. Stephen remarried a widow Holden? who had two or three boys and was i was told the typical Grimms Stepmother. Did this happen in Riverhall Street, Wandsworth C1902? What records do the Police have, was it written up in the local paper? Stephen died at the beginning of the last war and was buried by my cousin Sydney James Winch,the son of Isabella, after his escape from Norway in an Irish cattle boat. Does any one have any knowledge of this sad history of our Langley.....McQuillin family, do hope so. Who was the coalman? thank you, Bill
red mail Descendants of Thomas and Emma Hopkin
Thomas HOPKIN: m Emma OLDREY 1865, lived at Stimpson's Buildings, Wandsworth, 1877-1913. Daughters & their married names: Annie ROCK, Louisa CANNELL, Maud HAYNES, Emily GOULD, May GAULD, Eleanor (Nellie) BARTLETT (left for Australia 1906), Grace COKER, and Kate KELLY. I have letters and photos from some of Nellie's sisters and it would be great to share these. Maybe Nellie's letters from Australia are lurking in someone's attic....
red mail peter mills
can anyone help me find my bro he lived in wandsworth some time ago he did work for the bbc i have not seen him for along time i was 21 now im 63 hope someone can help me
red mail Wandsworth
Please can you help Louisa Hilton nee Peters was killed in a car accident on xmas Eve 1971 in Wandsworth. Where can I find the Newspaper Report? Does anyone one know what newspaper it would have been in. Thank you.
red mail 2 North Street Wandsworth - james Jelley
looking for James Jelley and Elizabeth Belgrove
Looking for more info. on the Butler and Gillings families. George Butler b.c1900.married Nora Gillings b.1905 in 1930 in Wandsworth. They had one daughter - Patricia b.1932. Nora married again in 1943 to George Cameron, they had no children. I would like to make contact with any descendants of the Butler & Gillings families.
red mail Peters - Wandsworth
Emma Amelia Peters was baptised at St George The Martyr, Battersea. In 1880mThe address was Eascote Road. Can anyone tell where it is/ was please? Or was/has it been renamed? Thank you
red mail Arnold
William Arthur Arnold, plumber, born 1887, married Joyce Faulkner, Wandsworth or Streatham moved to London, Ont. Canada any info or pics please send
red mail Barclay
Looking for any information on my great grandfathers family Barclay. George Henry Barclay (blacksmith) married Laura Brewer they had a son Walter James b1885?? d1946 who migrated to Australia around 1912?? I have also seen that in 1877 George Henry Birchley marry Laura Brewer in Wandsworth so am assuming same couple.
red mail symonds family
Can anyone help me to solve the mystery of my paternal grandfather Charles Stephen Symonds birth. The 1901 census records him living in Southampton with the Needle family as a boarder. His birth place is given as Wandsworth, his age was 24. His fathers was recorded as Charles (deceased) on his wedding certificate. Any help appreciated
red mail St Annes Home Wandworth Streatham Hill
I have a relative who was in this home from before 1891 census, until his death in 1907.His name was Robert Marshall, a farrier/ blacksmith, born 1837.I know it was part of the St. Pancras Home for elderly and infirm. I would like to know the circumstances of WHY he was there.Robert had a wife and young family who did not go into the home.They lived with a George Marshall, presmably a relative although I can't find the link.Robert's daughter told her grandson she remembered being in Wales. I would also like contact with anyone with Robert and Catherine Marshall in their ancestry.
red mail Seawert
Frederick Seawert B: Oct 31, 1901 Christened: 1 Dec 1901 Sailed to America Nov 23, 1920 from Lisbon D: 10 Apr 1986 in Brooklyn, New York
red mail The Bray family
Looking for any information on the Bray family. My grandmother Winifred M Bray married Charles G H Eckett in 1922 in the district of Wandsworth. Winifred had 3 sisters, Nell, Violet and Doris and a brother, Syd. I belive they had some connection to cousins in Canada.
red mail George Moore/ MOORE family
I am looking for any information regarding George Moore who was born 1778 to James and Diana Moore in Wandsworth. I believe he had 5 brothers/sisters. He became a calico printer and sometime during the 1830s moved with some of his family down to Plymouth where he died of consumption but was listed on his death ecrtificate as a Gentleman. I am really keen to know if there were relatives of his still living in Wandsworth area particularly about 1850 when his daughter moves back to London and has an illigitimate child who is my greatgrandfather. If anyone knows of any Moore family that lived in Wandsworth between 1750 and 1900 I would love to know if there is a connection. Also if anyone knows about the Calico printing business in Wandsworth.
red mail Cartwright
Looking for eric cartwright born feb 1926 mother ina cartwright daughter of sydney cartwright house agent auctioneer. Ina had sister mary and gwendoline brother john. Ina had two children eric born 1926 and pauline born 1928 st mary abotts hospital kennsington.Pauline was adopted to welsh family and changed name to olwen margaret preece. What happened to her broher Eric? Please help.
red mail Mary Ann Jessett
Trying to find info. about my Great Grandmother, Mary Ann Jessett, born c1861, married Andrew Alexander 25/9/1884 at the Emmanuel Church, Richmond Road Wandsworth. She died in Balfour Street, Glasgow 13/10/1920. Would love to find their children's names and where they lived as they only show up in the 1891 census with 3 sons living at Mountfield Row, Romney Marsh, Kent. Any info. would be greatly apppreciated. Thank you
red mail COOLEY Thomas
Thomas Cooley born c 1834 and came from England. On some documents he is born in Wandsworth but have had no success finding a birth/baptism record for him or family in Wandsworth. His parents were Edmund Cooley and Ann Witham. I would like to find more ancestors. Thomas came to Australia as a convict arriving in western australia on 7 Sept 1856. According to the English 1851 census he was already in the 'house of correction' as a 19 year old. His brother James in the 1871 census was a butcher and lodging at 103 High Street Wandsworth, in 1881 James was a servant at the White Swan in High Street Wandsworth. If this family rings any bells I'd like to hear from you. Cheers Janine.
red mail Holmes Family
Hello I am wondering if there are any descendants of William John HOLMES born 1861 and Rosetta Jane LANGSTON. Also, of his brother George HOLMES born 1865 his wife was Mary possibly HUGHES. Both brothers settled and were still living in Wandsworth and Battersea as shown on the 1911 Census. Their parents were Edward HOLMES & Sarah STONE and they moved from Wandsworth to Greenwich SE London,sometime between 1871-1881. It would be great to make contact with any of their descendants. The surnames shown below are what I have found on FreeBMD site, unconfirmed marriages as I have not obtained marriage certificates yet.
red mail Alsop / Blackburn / Blackbourne 1750s
Any information on Williams' parents or his wife and her surname and Clarissa (Clara) Blackbourne. William Culmer Alsop, Born 1757, Married Elizabeth (surname unknown) born 1761. Children include: Daniel (christened) 3 Feb 1783; Clara (christened) 13 March 1783, Wandsworth, Surrey Clara Blackbourne (Clarissa Blackburn) (b 1788, Wandsworth, Surrey)Married 8 May 1813 (London) married culmer William Alsop, offspring of William and Elizabeth.
red mail Royal Victorian Patriotic Home for Girls. PAIN,PAINE
Elizabeth (Mary) Pain,PAINE born 1858 Mauritius was listed here in 1871 census age 12, she was my grt.grandmother. Emma PAINE age 11 no birthplace given was also there. Any help or info on these people or this place would be appreciated.
red mail trying to find
Can any one help with this family, Annie Bellinger nee Munday from Hampshire was the mother of Lizzy and Frederick,born Wandsworth 1899. Freds wife was Dora Clator from Melton. Fred and Dora stayed in Wandsworth/Mitcham area and had 6 children. Fred died 1968ish. Cant find any father for Fred. please help.
red mail MAYHEW
My mother Violet May MORLEY's sister Gertrude E. MORLEY married a Charles F. MAYHEW. Their first child was born 1909 in Streatham, London S.W.16, and the family lived in Wandsworth before WW2 and possibly later. Would love to hear from MAYHEW cousins Herbert C., Gertrude Eva., Dorothy R., Leonard A., Millicent, William, George E., and Peter L. and Kitty. Or - more likely - their children and grandchildren. Have much information to share. Vickie in Canada
red mail marriage Renshaw - Honeybone
Marriage certificate for John Renshaw and Florence Annie Honeybone, married August 1906 Wandsworth, to be given away to first family historian to contact me; charity donation welcome.
red mail Field family of Wandsworth
I would like to make contact with anyone who knows of a William Field a Bootmaker in 240 High St Wandsworth 1841 census.He married an Elizabeth Unknown and had six children that I know of.They were William,John,William,Henry,Elizabeth and Mary Ann.
red mail Wilder Family of Wandsworth
Looking for decedents of John Richard Wilder (born 1859 Chalsey Buckinghamshire) Stanley Richard born 1902, Doris Ellen born 1904, & Leonard Edward born 1906. And their decedents.
red mail Howell's of Wandsworth
I am looking for any information on Edward Robert Howell born 3.2.1888 in Wandsworth. His parents were Charles Edward Howell and Emma Laura Howell (nee Marks). Thank you.
red mail Butcher/Marriage
My mother in law Edith Marriage was born 19/12/1918 in Manor Street Clapham to William and Alice Marriage nee Butcher. I understand she was put into care with the London County Council. Does anybody know of William and Alice
red mail SCRIVENER Billericay & Chelmsford & Maldon
Hi, I'm trying to trace any descendants of Emma Woollard and George Scrivener. 1901 census shows George 29yrs b. 1872 Boulsham (can find no trace of a Boulsham and perhaps should be Moulsham, Essex) Chelmsford district). Wife Emma 24yrs b. Waterloo. They had 3 children born in Wandsworth shown in the 1901 census as Ellen 3 yrs, Maud 1yr and Rose 3 months. By 1911 census they had the above 3 plus Emily 7yrs b. 1904; Ivy 4yrs b. 1906; Lillian 4yrs b. 1907; Adelaide 2yrs b. 1909 - all born in Lambeth. There is also a brother, Walter Scrivener 16yrs,born Billericay, Essex, living with them. He may have been killed in action Oct. 1914 in Belgium, and had lived with wife Christina? Scrivener at 29 Church Street Maldon, when he enlisted. Back to George and Emma: There appears to be a gap before another 2 children appear - Elsie Scrivener b. June 1917 and finally, at long last, a BOY, Frederick Scrivener b. 1919. Emma Woollard is my grandfathers youngest sister (my great aunt) and I have a large family tree I would like to share with any descendants interested in genealogy.
red mail Church, Horsley family
Would anyone have any knowledge of this family who lived on Warple Way around the late 1800s-early 1900s. Father Henry Joseph Church, mother Elizabeth Church, nee Horsley. There were 7 or 8 children - 2 boys and five or six girls. Particularly interested in information on Henry, the first born. Would be interested to know if there are any descendants out there. Thanks.
red mail GANLEY
Thomas Patrick Ganley 1871 census lived in 26 St George's Street, Wandsworth. He is listed as a scholar at the age of 18. Can anyone identify where he would be at school? At 18 I am guessing either Medical or Church. His sister is named on their mother Mary's death cert as M Duncan, this could be Mary Ann or Mary Bridget. I would be grateful for any information on this family, Thomas' father Thomas Ganley was my great grand uncle.
red mail SIMMONS - KEECH
Looking for information on Samuel Lawson b 1854 Chelsea, house painter, married Jane Wall 1876. They lived Chelsea, Fulham and 75 Guelp Street, Garratt Lane, Wandsworth. Their children were Elizabeth b 1879, Samuel Edward b 1886 who married Susannah and lived 1911 at 54 Lydden Grove, Wandsworth, Ernest b 1893, Alfred b 1896 and my grandfather Charles b 1890. Charles Lawson, carman/driver married Florence Phillips and she had a shop at 416 Garratt Lane where she did dressmaking and sold ladies and children's clothes
red mail Fielder ,Sarah Rebecca
I am trying to find out about my great grandmother, all I know is that her family owned lavender fields in Wandsworth and disinherited her for marrying a drunk and a gambler - Frank Charles Smith About 1900ish. My grandfather was born in 1907 Frank Charles Smith jn) at 14 Pennack Rd Peckham.
red mail Antoine Bertrand
Antoine Bertrand - born in France c1859 married Maggie Smith in Edinburgh in 1887. They had six children - Alfred Jean (1887), Louis Marcel (1889), {both born in Scotland} Wilhelmine Eulalie (1892), Marie Victorine (1892) {twins}, Francine Sophie M (1898) and Albert Bernard (1903) {last 4 born in London}. Antoine also had a daughter Antoinette (c1883) from ?a previous marriage in France. My husband descends from Alfred Jean who first married Ruth Blanche Journet in 1909 - they had a daughter Marie Wilhelmine (1910 - 1994). He later ?married Josephine Ester Doris Payne and had two sons. I have been unable to find any further information about Ruth Blanche (did she die or were thet divorced?) or Alfred's brothers or sisters. On the 1911 Census the family were living in Upper Tooting/Wandsworth Can anyone help me please?
red mail Gess,Thorne,Plant Family. Wandsworth
Looking for any information on the above families who were living in and around Wardley st Wandsworth at the end of 19th and start of 20th centuries.
red mail WOODISS
Trying to find any info on Beresford & Ralph Woodiss. Is Ralph married to Charlotte _ , the son of Beresford. If anyone can help please?
red mail Collier/Fuller Battersea Wandsworth
Tracing William Fuller born Collier in 1880 at Battersea. Whole family changed their surname from Collier to Fuller in early 1891. Any help would be much appreciated.
Grace Edith Booker
Has anyone got any information on a Grace Edith Booker 1910, born to parents Charles Henry Booker and Edith Daisy ?. Both parents were born in the Westminster area. Grace Edith was the child of a second "marriage" or relationship after Charles Henry's 1st marriage broke down. Grace would be my grandfather's half sister, as he was living with them in 1911 in Southfield area of Wandsworth, London.
red mail collins
looking for details for Emily collins b 1897 in earlsfild wandsworth father samuel collins who was a house painter
red mail "Bramblebury" nr Wandsworth Common
Looking for a house of this name existing in the late 1880s; my GGgrandmother wrote a letter from there in 1887 describing the Golden Jubilee but was living elsewhere by the 1891 census and unfortunately does not give the full address. If you have encountered it I would appreciate details. Thank you!
red mail Ranaldi
Researching the Ranaldi family who came to England c1880 from Picinisco,Italy. Giuseppe Ranaldi, Born 1853. in Picinisco. Maria Marcantonio his wife, Born in Picinisco 1861. They had several children. Peter, Dominic, David, was Born 1895, Wandsworth, London. Wold be pleased to hear from anyone with info. David
red mail Wells-O'Brien
Looking for help tracing a Wells family in Wandsworth.My aunt was married to Ernest Wells,her name was Nora (nee)O'Brien,they had one child a son Reggie.I think he had a garage,in 1954 he was married I think his wife's name was Violet but I'm not sure.They had two children a boy and girl I dont know their names.My aunt died late 40s and is buried in Madelaine Rd cemetery,as is my father Matthew O'Brien.I dont know where uncle Ernest is buried or what year he died late 50s I would think.Does anyone remember these people?
red mail Messrs Tomkins & Co, Printers
Does anyone have any information about Messrs Tomkins & co., Printers, of 378 York Road, Wandsworth ? My grandmother was related to this family, of which we know very little. So if anyone knows anything about this old Printers, we would like to hear from you. Many thanks.
red mail Blackburns of Wandsworth
Looking for any information on the ancestors of Thomas Blackburn. He was born in Wandsworth, 28 May 1885. His father was also Thomas Blackburn, Mother Sarah Pearce. They lived at 21 Ferrier Street, Wandsworth. Thomas and Sarah retired to Mangotsfield, Glostershire. Thomas junior served 20 years Royal Navy, retired Leading Seaman, emmigrated to Canada, where he raised his family, passed away 17 Nov 1966, in Niagara Falls, Canada. A second child was William Alfred Blackburn, b 1891.
red mail rowlerson.rawlinson etc
Any information on Rowlerson family from Cambridge then Hackney then south west London needed,from beginning of 19th century and earliar,anything realy. I have lots of info on the late Rowlersons,Dave.
red mail searching for PEACOCK / ROWLATT / BAYLIS
Hi, I'm trying to trace, for a friend, the family of Doreen Freda PEACOCK, born 1916, birth registered in Wandsworth (Doreen's mother's maiden name was Holland). Doreen married in 1935 and her married name was BAYLIS but this marriage broke up a few years later. There was also a connection with the surname of ROWLATT and a child born in Bath in 1945. If any of this is familiar to you or you know of someone who may have been related to Doreen, I would love to hear from you so I can help my friend. Thank you!
red mail Hamlin/Hughes Family
I am looking for any information on Florence Hughes born in 1888 and Frederick Charles Hamlin born Jan 21 1887. Frederick and Florence married in 1910 in Wandsworth. Florence's parents were William and Emma Hughes, Fredericks were Henry Charles Hamlin and Louise Elizabeth Hamlin (nee Lander). Frederick died in 1918 in WW1 and Florence died in 1942 in Ontario, Canada.
red mail Arthur Herbert Hillier b. circa 1881
Any info.on place,dob and army regiment of Arthur H. Hillier who is believed to have been a soldier in the Royal Field Artillery. On 13th April 1903 he married Mabel Fulker at the St Stephen Church in Wandsworth. His battery unit is thought to have subsequently relocated to Athlone in Co. Westmeath, Ireland where on 2nd Jan 1908 his son Joseph Thomas Henry Hillier was born. He is believed to have retired from the Army before the first World War.
red mail Hartwell
Does anyone have any information on Charles Hartwell married to Nelly Mary living around Wandsworth 1901 or Richard Francis (Frank) Hartwell a butcher living at 4 Langton Tce. Any help greatly appreciated.
red mail Looking for Relatives..
I am looking for Graham C.A. Carter b. 1936 Wandsworth district. His parents were Philip C. Carter and Barbara Eva Lebkuchen who were married in 1933 Croydon. There was another son born in 1935. His name was Richard A. Carter.
red mail 2 North Street now Fairfield street
I am looking for any pictures or historical information about this address which belonged to my ancestors the Jelley's from abt 1871 - 1891 Street name changed to Fairfield Street in 1906
A William Charles HEWITT born c1793 Shoreditch married a Hannah (Anna) Marie HANDS 1816 Newgate. They ran a greengrocer's shop in Bethnal Green 1851. They had a son John Frederick who married a Mary Jane SAKER in Newington, Surrey in 1853. John had died by the 1861 census when Mary was 27. They had 3 sons Charles William b1854, John b1857 & William Alonza b1859. Does this ring any bells?
red mail KILSBY
I have research on the Kilsby family who lived in and around Wandsworth/Battersea. Contact me if connected.
red mail Frederick George Lee
Looking for information on Frederick George Lee who was born 1865 Ashford, Kent. In 1894 he married Daisy Jane Cox in Ramsgate and died in 1950 in St James' Hospital, Battersea. His address was given as 2 Lynette Avenue, Wandsworth. Any information would be most helpful.
Leon Stanley Reid
Looking for any information of Leon Stanley Reid. Believed to have lived at 4 Brathway Road Wandsworth about the late 1930's until probably 1941/42, with Mary. Had step daughter Ivy . Would appreciate any information. Sandra
red mail Higgs family
I am looking for any information relating to the Higgs family who lived in Wandsworth. Robert Higgs was listed on the 1841 census as a plasterer. He was married to Mary Ann and they had Robert (1821), Alfred (1826), Arthur (1826), Thomas (1827), Frederick (1833), Charles (1837). Dates of birth are approximate as I got them off the census which always stated "born about". Any information is greatfully appreciated. Arthur was my Great great grandfather. He subsequently moved to Australia and married Margaret Holmes.
red mail FITZJOHN, Thomas
My grandfather, born April 1884 Merton, Surrey. married, Ellen Jane SANDS (widow) nee CHERRY, July 1909. Ellen Jane born, July 1889 Wandsworth, Surrey, I am trying to trace her four sons, John Thomas b.April 1910. George Daniel b. January 1915. Robert Kitchener b. June 1916. Name not known of fourth son believed to have been born before my mother Helen Grace in February 1913. All four boys believed to have be taken into Barnardos after Ellen Jane's death in 1923. Any help welcomed.
I am looking for any info. on my Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandfather Francis HANTON. He married 1. Mary ? 2. Mary CREED, 3 Eulalie POTIER, 10 Aug 1823, St. Botolph's Bishopgate. I particularly need to find the birth details for Francis b.c 1780 & the date of his death, believed to be between 1828 & 1834 when Eulalie remarried. /1834
ok, this man is driving me mad. last known address elsynge road, wandsworth, london. born 1886 in plymouth, devon. please help!! thanks
red mail norris
hello i am looking for hannah norris who was born 1801 all saints wandsworth. her parents were john and elizabeth. thank you
Have additional info. on Thomas REYNOLDS who marr. Elizabeth (Betsy) SPARKES 1843 Streatham, Surrey. Info. required on Thomas's parents James and Elizabeth nee STRONG. Contact requested, Ian
red mail Jean Margaret Brilley
Looking for information on Jean Margaret Brilley who died in the Wandsworth registration district in April 2004. She was born 15 May 1935. Possibly maiden name Berry, previously married to a Gordon Hine in 1952. Daughter named Marion.
red mail Alice M Hurrren
I am looking for any information about my great grandmother Alice M Hurren who was born in about 1873 in Wandsworth Surrey. I believe she had a brother, John Philip Hurren, and she married Frank Warren.
red mail WOODHEAD HOUSE, Edmonton/Wandsworth
I believe FLORENCE MAY WOODHEAD married ARTHUR W HOUSE in Wandsworth in 1914. Any info/connections will be welcome.
Orphanges, boys homes
Looking for orphanages/ boys home in the 1910 era. My grand father (cecil Rich) was place in one after his father died in 1910. Pls help i have met another brick wall.
rich, owen
Looking for information on a Mabel Henrietta Owen who married Frank Ernest Rich in 1903. They had a son Cecil Owen Rich ( my g/f). In 1910 Frank died, dont know how. Cecil was then put in a orphanage/boys home I dont know which one or what happened to Mabel after that. Thankl for any help
red mail Ruse from Wandsworth
Hi, Im looking for any decendents from the Ruses or the Prices in Wandswoths area. Any information would be really good. Thanks
red mail Waterloo Road - Surrey
Esther Sophia Reynolds was born 1835 at "Waterloo Road, Surrey" according to census returns. She married George Richard Brett 17 April 1859 at St Clement Danes, Strand, London. Her Father was Francis Reynolds But I have no details for her Mother. I would like to contact any one who has any info on this family.
Annie Pilgrim
Am looking to find out more about Annie Pilgrim who married George Reid in Wandsworth in 1897 and who divorced probably in 1919. 1901 census states she was born in Scotland but have been unable to find her birth there. They had children Doris and Douglas.
red mail cox-nickolls
looking for inf on james cox born 1864/65 to henry and elizabeth cox.james married lydia nickolls they had a daughter lydia alice born 1885.lydia alice married allen george edward todd in 1901 in fulham
red mail WOODHOUSE
Looking for STANLEY ROBERT WOODHOUSE c1914 son of CHARLES HENRY WOODHOUSE c1872.Lived in the Wandsworth/Battersea area
red mail Green in Wandsworth/Clapham
Looking for descendants of George William Green b. 1878 in Lambeth and subsequently living in Wandsworth/Clapham. Believed married in Wandsworth in 1900. Thanks, John.
red mail ralph hart
ralph hart was my great grandfather,born 1811 in fulham. his children were minnie maud,my grandmother,lewis A,lionel L,edward R,all born fulham, but living in Wardley 1891.I would like to know more about Ralph if any family members can help. His wife was Emma/Caroline offord
red mail Maurice Harry E Furlonger
Looking for anyone researching the FURLONGER name of Wandsworth I know that Maurice married a ANNIE DOYLE in 1914 in Derby, & they had a son FRANCIS MAURICE. Thank You Ellen
red mail Teesdale, De Jong, Phillips, Simmons
I am looking for info on a G Teesdale and an F De Jong who were witnesses at my g aunt and uncle's wedding Beryl and Tom Phillips at Wandsworth Reg Off May 1st 1909. It is poss that these two witnesses were in the theatrical trade as my rel's were performers.Was De Jong a high class decorator and plasterer who worked on the Palace Cinema in Scarborough or a conductor of an orchestra in Morcambe?
red mail Researching the Toovy family
Any information on the parents of Fanny Mary Toovy, born 1860 would be gratefully appreciated thank you.
red mail Itzinger family
1800 to 1900 any known members of these familys please I have information of some & am willing to share what I have found so far
I am looking for anyone with connections to these family names,all from wandsworth.ABBOTT BRITTON married to MARY ANN WALBY and daughter BEATRICE BRITTON b.1887(other children: Arthur, Sidney, Ada, Ann, William, George, Emma).Beatrice Britton married WILLIAM CAMP b.1888,he worked at Battersea gas station as a gas stoker.(another Wandsworth family). Looking for any family from the Andrews (wandsworth born)family JOSEPH ANDREWS married MARY ANN FROST children include Maryann B.1857,Sarah b. 1860. MARY ANN ANDREWS married CHARLES JARVIS b.1855.Thier daughter MARYANN JARVIS married GEORGE WILLIAM MCDONNELL b.1874 d.1904. Am looking for any of their children or relations. Caroline (CARRIE) McDonnell b.1895,Maryann Louise (BULLA) b.1898, Ethel Edith (ELLINE) b.1899,Ivy Elizabeth b.1903, Florence Lilian b.1906, Albert (SONY)B.1909 HE MARRIED a Violet, William (BILL) b.1912 who married a Lilian Tones, Alfred (BAKE) B.1913 who married Louise Stone,Henry (DERE) b.1914 who married Ruth Carpenter and Bertie (AIR RAID),b.1919 who married LILLIAN CAMP b.1921. All the McDonnells at some time or another also went by the name MCDONALD as well,just to confuse things!Any info or relation/connections,it would be great to share family trees. Melanie
red mail Galloways of Wandsworth
My maternal family lived in Stimpsons Buildings (cottages?) for many years. My grandmother was Daisy (a twin with Christina) and lived with my uncles, Jim and George at Stimpsons Buildings until approx. 1960/61 when she moved to Nottingham to live with family there. Jim and George had died some years previously. My mum was called Isabel and went to St. Joseph's school. I remember the house was beside the River Wandle and not far from Wandsworth Common. Stimpsons Buildings were demolished in the 60's to make way for either a dual carriageway/flyover I believe, so they have long since gone. Has anyone any details of Stimpsons Buildings or does anyone have any knowledge or memories of my family? I would absolutely love to see photos of this place as I have none whatsoever and have only my (very vague) memories.
red mail Cowdery
I am trying to find my father who was living in wandsworth and married a Margaret Copeland around 1901 his name was Thomas Alfred Cowdery and was born around 1881and wereliving insummerly street wandsworth in 1902
red mail Clara Carpenter
Clara was born in the Wandsworth area, circa 1814. She was a Laundress. She married William Locke, an Ag. Lab, and one of their children Richard b 26/08/1839 in Fulham, went on to be a Nursery Gardener. I am trying to trace Clara's parents, any help appreciated, thanks.

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