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red mail Caroline Adams married Thomas Burrell October 1825, in Bermondsey
Hello can anyone help with this please? At the marriage the witnesses were John wheelan and Benjamin Phillips. There are possible Carolines though not sure which is correct. Caroline 1806 Lambeth; Caroline 1807 Southwark and Caroline 1808 Wandsworth. My ancestor calls her children Elizabeth Burrell 1826 Thomas Joseph Burrell 18301833 John Burrell 18361901 Emma Burrell 1843 Rebecca Burrell 18451888 Caroline Burrell 1848 Celia Maria Burrell 1848 Please help with this thankyou.
Breeze Family
I am looking for information on the Breeze family who lived at 89 Galleywall Road Bermondsey at the time of the 1911 census, though they moved away by the early 20s. Father  Walter, Mother Jane / Jennie (my great aunt), Sons Walter George Edward and Arthur Thomas. Regards, Bill
Looking for information on James Startin & Susanna Harvey married in Bermondsey but were both from East end area. James was a minor when he married and his dad attended called John Startin. Susanna Harvey was born in the area of St Leonards Shoreditch 1764 and James Startin in St Botolph Bishopsgate around 1771. They had a daughter named Harriet Eliza Startin. Any information would be much appreciated
Death of My Maternal Great Grandfather
His name was William James Raper, born on the 22/02/1852 in the Parish of St, George, Middlesex. On marriage the family lived in Bermonssey at 42 Charlotte Street. My Grandfathers Birth Cert. shows William's occupation as a Theatre Musician (which establishment I do not know). I have been searching for a number of years for a record of his death but seem to have hit the perverbal ' Brick Wall '. I do know he was also a Music Teacher. He was married to Margaret Harriet Jane Green and that besides my Grandfather he had at least four/five daughters, two of who I have traced. They were also theatre Musicians. I have reseached all the major web sites with no trace at all. Would appreciate any guidence please!
Looking for any information on The MOORE family. CHARLES MOORE b 1809 Bermondsey, who married MARY ANN NOBBS in 1831, was a tarpaulin maker. Is there any other information about this family?I believe there were 10 children born to CHARLES MOORE & MARY ANN NOBBS. CHARLES MOORE had at least 4 siblings. His mother was ELEANOR DUGGAN born 1777 St Botolph Aldgate. Does anyone know anything about the DUGGANS or about DUGGAN'S WHARF on the Thames which imported china clay. (possibly not connected to this family).
Can anyone help me find any photos of the Baden Family. William and Emily Baden had 10 children. Emily Sarah 1881, Alice 1885, Mary Edith (My Gran) 1888, James George William 1891, Albert Charles 1893, Samuel 1899, Ellen Elizabeth 1892, and Kathleen 1906. William was my Great Grandad and i do have one photo of Emily, and a creased photo of my Gran Mary Edith Baden. Someone out there who is related must have more photos, please help. Time would be about 1890 onwards up to 1953. Thank you in advance, Kate
red mail Charles Abbott of Grange Walk
I am searching for any information on Charles Abbott b.1865 at 80 Grange Walk. He was a hatter by trade and lived with his wife Annie Mary (nee White) and children Fred and Annie at 7 Grange Walk. Both Charles and Annie Mary Abbott had died before their children were 10 and so grandmother Ellen Abbott b.1822 looked after the children at 8 Grange Walk. Ellen Abbott was widowed and rent collector at that time (1901 census). Ellen Abbott (nee Luxton) had been married Brittain Abbott b.1823 d.1877 who was in the leather trade for many years and lived in Grange Walk too.
red mail Guinness Buildings, Bermondsey, London
Im looking for information on Edward Kelly and his partner who lived in Guinness Buildings in the 1980's
red mail CORDELL from Bermondsey
Looking for descendants of siblings to Joseph Chidley CORDELL, b.1800. Parents Joseph CORDELL & Elizabeth CHIDLEY. Thanks. Janelle.
red mail Sarah Clayton
Looking for any information on Sarah GARDNER, formerly CLAYTON. I have a birth registration for Henry GARDNER, born Nov. 11th, 1849 In the district of Bermondsey, Subdistrict of Leather Market in the County of Surrey. He was born at 15 Fergusons Rents, Bermondsey. Not only am I looking for information on Sarah Claytons family, but also on Leather Market and Ferguson Rents. So far, I have found nothing. Thanks for any help.
red mail Florence Cattel/BURRIDGE
I have located my great aunt Florence. She is shown as living at 25 Brunswick Court, Bermondsey, in the 1901 Census but she is calling herself BURRIDGE, not Cattel, and as a Widow. She was an Army Accoutrement Maker. Two Police Constables lived nearby (Charles Hale and James Rushton). I wonder if this fact had anything to do with my great aunt describing herself as a widow and changing her name.
red mail Coffee house keeper in Bermondsey
My great aunt Florence SCHOFIELD (nee PIPER) ran a coffee house in Tooley Street for many years. She first married George CATTEL (1891) and they had a son, George James. Something must have gone wrong with the marriage for the son changed his name by Deed Poll to PIPER as soon as he was legally old enough (in 1913) but he was calling himself George PIPER several years before that. Any information on this family between 1897 and 1905 would be very welcome.
red mail Clark/Clarke/Omer
Relates London EC and Bermondsey/Newington Looking for information on antecedents of the Clark(e) and Omer family. Thomas Clarke (abt 1796-1836) married Cecilia Ann Omer (abt 1799-1850's), daughter of William Omer (son of James Omer) and Elizabeth Dalton. Thomas Clarke was the son of Thomas Clarke (abt 1768-1833), bedstead maker, and Ann (died 1844), and had 3 other surviving siblings, George, Harriett (married John (Funnell) abt 1831) and Mary Ann (married John Clunie, baker, of Watling Street, EC, abt (1817)). The 4 Clarke children were probably born in London, EC. Thomas Clarke and Cecilia had several daughters, of whom only one, Mary Ann Harriott Clarke appears to have married, to a Henry Barrow, and had children, and one son, Thomas Clarke, born 1835. Thomas Clark (no longer spelt Clarke with an "e") married Ellen Clemons in Hastings in February 1867, and had a son, Thomas, possibly born in Hastings in 1867, and 5 further children. Thomas Clark (born 1835) died in the early 1880's. I have some information on his offspring, with the exception of Thomas born 1867. It is possible that he is the Thomas Arthur Clark counted in the 1911 census living with his wife, Alice Mary Clark (nee May) in Streatham.
red mail Help
I would like help from anyone who can tell me just where to get info on my Gr, Grandad Andrew Jackson, who was knocked down and killed by a "horsed van " in 1918 on a street in Bermondsey. Would there be anything in the papers as an inquest was held, also can i get hold of the inquest records.I have all his birth, marriage and death, and also census records, but nothing about how he died, apart from whats on his death certificate. Anything would help. Kate
red mail JACKSON
Still looking for any photos of Joseph Jackson. Born in Bermondsey 1887, and was also a Bermondsey Boxer. Got into trouble with the law due to Racing Gangs, and was sent to Parkhurst Prison for Seven years in 1922. I have his birth, marriage and death certificates, also the census's and his army records. Any photos would be wonderful, as he was my Grandad and i have never seen him. Please contact Kate
red mail BURIAL
Would anyone know where Christopher Baden who died in 1905 in St. Olave Infirmary, Bermondsey, is likely to be buried. I have tried most of the local cemeteries, but no luck. Also his wife Eliza Baden who died in 1893, again in St Olave Infirmary, Bermondsey. Thankyou, Kate
Daughters of William James Raper
My Great Maternal Grandfather, William James Raper who married Margaret Harriet Jane Green had five or even six Daughters. I have traced two of them, Hilda Maud born 1889 married to a Clifford Wynn in Weston Zoyland and Ethel Jessie born 1882, these two are confirmed as I have their Birth Certificates. I have searched other websites but have now hit a brickwall. Can anyone please help with positive proof ie knowledge of the existance of Birth Certificates around the 1883/1900 period. Kind regards Martin
Christian Forbes and Philip Clare
Christian Forbes married Philip Clare at St Katherine's by the Tower on 27/11/1760. They had one son, another Philip whose birth date I'm not sure of but he married Elizabeth Dowle in 1788 and died in 1827. Any info gratefully received.
red mail Looking for Francis Blake and Annie Donegan descendants
I'm looking for the descendants of Francis Blake (married Annie Marie Ellena Donegan on May 11, 1869, in Bermondsey, England). One of their sons, Walter Albert, born on February 6th 1890 was my granddad. He was part of what is called The British Home Children. He came to Canada (Montreal) at the age of 14. From what I've been told by my parents, Walter was the cadet of a big family (11 children) and all his brothers and sisters were placed in two orphanages (one catholic and one protestant) after their father passed away. It would be nice to get in touch with the descendants of his brothers and sisters who still lives in UK. It's seem like two of his brothers (Francis and Frederick) were once the owners of THE BLUE POSTS, a pub on Newman St., London). "Francis William Blake, married Emma nee Boxall on May 12 1894 at St John, Horselydown, Southwark, his father shown as Francis Blake a leather dresser her father shown as George Boxall, a leather dresser. Francis and Emma had three children, Frances Emmaline Blake christened April 28 1895 at St Augustine, Bermondsey, Arthur Francis Blake christened June 28 1896 also at St Augustine and Herbert Charles Blake christened May 29 1898, Herbert died prior to 1911.Arthur Francis married Hilda Boutchard in 1926 they had twin boys Anthony and Peter J born 1933. registered Barnet, Hertfordshire." Anthony and Peter J, born in 1933 may still be alive. Would be nice to reach them.
My Grandfather Wilfrid Robert RAPER was born in Block 2A Vine Street Buildings in June 1892, This is recorded on his Birth Certificate so I guess that Block 2A did exist. Were any ancestors of yours born or lived in this particular block, I would love to get the record straight instead of it being an entry mistake on his Birth Cert. by the then Deputy Registrar.
Can anyone helpme with my missing 2x great grandad John Gubbins. He was born in Limerick, came to England and married Mary mcgrath, and lived in Dockhead Bermondsey. He was a Leather Dresser. There is no mention of him after the 1871 census, but Mary goes on to live as a widower untill her death in 1901 would love any help thats available Kate
red mail Potter family
My Aunt Flo and Uncle Harry lived in Lynton Road, Bermondsey but moved away in the 70 's. If anyone knows their whereabouts I would love to get in touch. Joyce.
Robert William Green
My maternal Grandfather's Grandfather Robert William Green born Bermondsey 1820 married a lady with the christian name Susannah 1862 in St George in the East. I have searched and searched but am unable to find her maiden surname. As a clue my Grandfather's Father, William James Raper born 1852 again in Bermondsey. This is another Brick Wall I cannot knock down. Can anyone please help. Martin
Refreshed search for Green Family
I am once again attempting to trace a Robert William Green who married a Charlotte Enna Hames or Hall circa Jan/Feb/Mar 1909. His father was Michael Green, born c1791 and mother Sarah born about the same time. Any leads would be most grateful
red mail MAJOR family
Great Grandfather ALFRED HENRY MAJOR b 1862 2 Claremont Place Rotherhithe, father William Thomas MAJOR (f Robert) and mother Caroline PRIESTMAN (f Thomas a veterinary surgeon), siblings born Bermondsey Elizabeth Mary b 1856, Willam Thomas b 1850, Caroline b 1852 d 1853 , Amelia b 1854 & Caroline Amelia b 1859 both d 1862. My g/grandfather Alfred Henry Major died 1895 before the birth of his son Alfred Henry MAJOR who was then brought up as Alfred Henry GORDON following his mothers remarriage. Information please re the MAJOR family or PRIESTMAN would be appreciated Linda
red mail austin family in bermondsey
looking for great grandfather descendents around bermondsey peckham area, his name frederick john austin born 1863 approx.
red mail weal
Any information of the Weal family who had a business printing and book binding in Corbets Lane Bermondsey, or the rope making business there also family members might be another family name.
red mail Seeking information on Mary West
Mary married William James West: b 1845 Bermondsey. Listed as barrow boy to his father in the 1861 census and labourer in 1891 census. Widowed in 1901 census and living at 183 Long Lane. I have know information on her maiden name or how she died.
I am searching for information on William Edwards father of James, my 2xggrandfather. In 1846 James married Sarah Elizabeth FAUCHON at St James Church, Bermondsey. He was then a tailor living in Grange Road father listed as William dead. James & Sarah had a son FRIEND HENRY EDWARDS in 1847 and the address then listed was Circus Street, Greenwich and again listed in the Greenwich 1849 Directory. They then emigrated to South Australia before the 1851 census which is so full of information. I need to add that this is not the James who was bap St Alphage 1817 father William and mother Elizabeth nee Roberts. I have done exhaustive research on this family to eliminate as there is a minor connection. If you want information on them I have it!
red mail O'Keefe
My O'Keefe family lived in and around Bermondsey. I believe that William O'Keefe was born in Deptford about 1864. His father may have been William Daniel O'Keefe. When young William got married he named most of his children the same names as his siblings. Bridget, Ellen; Catherine; William; Daniel; John; Ann; and Margaret. I know that O'keefe is quite a common Irish name, but if you don't try, then you can't expect any result. Thanks, Madeleine
red mail Liffen/Liffin
Many Liffen's lived in Bermondsey, and worked in the leather trade. I am trying to trace Liffen's with the first names such as, George; Frederick; Mary; Emma; Emily; and Robert. Madeleine
red mail Sherriff, Guiness Building, Bermondsey 1911
In 1911, Louisa Mary Ann SHERRIFF is living with her parents (George and Louisa) and many siblings at 27 Guiness Bldg Snowfields Bermondsey. Louisa aged 14 is a Fancy Box maker. In 1923 Louisa married George H (aka Charles) COLLINS. George's ancestors came from Cork, Ireland. Any information would be helpful, especially about George.
red mail DUGGAN
Looking for any connections to the family John and Elizabeth DUGGAN (nee JEWELL) who lived in Bermondsey from the 1840s. Known children are John (m Jane WICKS), Sarah Ann (m Benjamin GOSLING), Catherine (m Robert BRADBURY), Elizabeth (m William DUNN), Maria and Mary Ann (m Benjamin ROFFEY). John snr was a shoemaker but after the death of his wife in 1849, he and the younger children were admitted to the Bermondsey workhouse where he died in 1854.
red mail Geary Family in Bermondsey
Looking for any info for John Geary (1819 in Cork) & Catherine Burk Geary (1820 in Ireland). In 1881 they lived at 13 Long Walk in Southwark Borough in St. Mary Magdalene Parish. There were 2 adult children living with them in 1881...Patrick & Bridget. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Gardiners Chocolate Factory Bermondsey
Hello, I am researching my husbands roots in Bermondsey. I was wondering if anyone had information on Gardiners Chocolate Factory in Bermondsey. He was working there in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Any photos would be great. Thank you for reading this. Pat
red mail Lester
I am searching for any relations of my late father Cornelius (Con) Lester born at St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey. His father was William Frederick Lester, his mother was Elizabeth formerly Buckley who died on 17/1/1940 aged 42 and was at that time living at 37, Trident Street, Rotherhithe. I believe there were 7 children in all, William Lester, Bert Lester, Sid Lester, Con Lester DOB 12/4/1928, Mary Lester born in 1935, Hannah Lester, Bernard Lester DOB 1/12/1936. Mary and Bernard were born in Bermondsey. Any help would be much appreciated. Anne
red mail McGRATH
I am trying to find any McGRATHS who were related to MALICHI and ELLEN McGRATH (O BRIEN) Both from TIPPERARY, and were living in England in 41, 51, 61 and 71 census's in St. Olave Bermondsey. Children were JANE 1833 born in England, MARY McGrath born in bermondsey 1835 (my Gr Gr Gran) married to JOHN GUBBINS from Limmerick in 1854. CORNILIUS McGRATH 1837 born in Bermondsey. MALICHI McGRATH 1842 born in Bermondsey and AUSTEAD 1849 . In 1875 ELLEN McGRATH was found drowned in the River Thames. age 66 The only connection i have with the family is through MARY McGRATH, i cant find anything else on the McGraths, can anyone please help. I would love to know how to trace records in Ireland and maybe get their wedding certificate. Kindest regards Kate
Was born Catherine Jackson 1899 st. olave bermondsey. (father Joseph Jackson) Married John Edward Lahey, children John, Joseph,Alfred, Angnes, Elizabeth, William and Terence. Catherine would have been my great Aunt. I think she died in Bradford 1959 Please contact Kate
Born 1896-1937. married to Mary Polly Bryan children Mary E, Thomas, and John. Any one who knows of the family who lived in St. Olave Bermondsey please get in touch with Katerina. Thankyou
red mail Buckingham, Henrietta Jane
Looking for details for above family name. She married a Thomas Nash.
red mail ROBERTSON - from Glasgow to Bermondsey - Printer
I am searching for information regarding Charles Robertson c 1843 Glasgow to John Robertson (a Weaver) & Mary Brown of Glasgow. Charles moved sometime after 1861 Scot Cen and married St Pancras to Margaret Beattie 1875. He is on 1881/91 cens's at 19 Drappers Road, Bermondsey with family Occ, Printers Compositor. His son Charles John Robertson c 1876 St Pancras also became a Printers Compositor, he married Margaret Ada Henningan 1899 St Olave, Southwark, they lived 16 Millstream Road. Does anyone have these in their tree? Can anyone shed any light on the address's at the time, both are now flats? Or anything to do with Printers in that area? Thank you.
red mail Greaves family 1911, Bermondsey
I'm searching for any information about my grandfather's family - in 1911 they were living at 18 Alscot Road, Bermondsey - the mother's name is Elizabeth Alice Ada (nee Farmer), the father Frederick James Greaves is not listed on that day. The children are Catherine, Elizabeth & Rhoda - the only son is Frederick Octavius Greaves who was 18 at this time. Please contact me if you can help. lesley
red mail 8 Priter Road
My grandparents lived at 8 Priter Road Bermondsey prior to marrying in 1912. She was Elizabeth Ada Collins. She is in 1901 census at this address and prior to that at various other addresses with her siblings and mother Sarah but her father Thomas Richard never appears. Does anyone know of any thing abot them or Priter Road?
red mail JACKSON
MY great grandad Joseph Jackson born 1866 in Bermondsey, married Catherine Gubbins. On the 1911 census it says they had 11 children 7 lived and 4 died, so far i have only managed to find six children alive and married, but the others are a mystery. Glad of any help. regards Katerina
red mail BADEN
Can anyone help me with the name of Baden my 3x great grandad came from Germany about 1850. Christopher Baden was his name, i have all the census info on him and who he married and all of his children, but would love to know how to research the name of Baden and what part of Germany it would have come from, as i am stuck. regards Kate
red mail James & Amy Francis burials - 1856 and 1862
Looking for information about the burials of James FRANCIS/ES in probably the 4th quarter of 1862. He would have been about 69 His wife, Amy (Wills) FRANCIS was likely buried 1st quarter, 1856. She would have been about 60. Is there any record? Which church? Which cemetery? Both were from Kent (Ruckinge and Hernhill). Thanks for any help
red mail Brown... Guinness Buildings,Pages Walk.
My wife Helen was born here in 1963 and her brother Anthony in 1960 who later died in approx 1962.She was adopted out in approx 1965. Allthough we have found her mum she will not give the fathers name.If anyone had relatives around this address in the 1960s that could help with a name it would be very much appreciated.
red mail BARTLE-Bermonsey & Southwark.
Looking for decendants of HENRY BARTLE born 1850 in Bermondsey died St.Olave-Southwark 1902.Married Elizabeth Marie Jeffrey in Bermondsey 1877. Had 5 children-four sons Henry Lawrence-Robert Frederick-Benjamin William & Francis Harold.One daughter Lillian Gertrude.Believe Francis married Elsie Kathleen BRITTEN & they had a son Lawrence Edward Bartle.
red mail HAMMOND, Leslie Henry/Henry
Can trace from 1851 Henry Hammond b. Dover Kent abt.1834 living at Globe Street, Bermondsey; 1861 a soldier at Hulme Cavalry, Lancashire; 1871/1881 lodger at Martin Street, Bermondsey with Mr Deacon and Brandon family. 1887 became Leslie Henry Hammond, a widower,married Emily Byford,29 spinster of Bermondsey and lived at Alscot Road, Bermondsey. 1889 son Leslie Henry Hammond born; 1891 Leslie, Emily and child living Alscot Road, Bermondsey; 1892 Alfred Hammond born. 1896 LH/H Hammond died aged 62; Emily Byford/Hammond married James Chaplin widower of Emily's sister, Alice; abt 5 Chaplin children and 2 Hammond children lived with James & Emily Chaplin, Alscot Road, Bermondsey. Not able to trace Henry Hammond's baptismal records or his parents. How long he lived at Dover Kent unknown.
red mail Morgan
I am looking for any information on Alfred Robert Morgan or his family he was born St. Giles in 1883, he was married to Ruth Rogers in 1915, and died in Salonika Greece 1918, they were living at 18 Great Maze Court, Southwark at this time. His father was Thomas Morgan, mother Frances Sophia Hyson. Children were Thomas George Morgan, Joseph Morgan & Mary Ruth Morgan.
red mail thomas sollis/annie bryan
details wanted of history of above who were married about 1913
red mail leonard, simpson , pooley, stonebridge
Above names cover most of my family, dont know history but have always been from Bermondsey/Rotherhithe, either in the docks or the market
red mail Horn/DuGay Family
I am trying to locate the where about of Alexander John Horn b1902. Alexander had a builders yard in Silwood Street Bermondsey London called AJ Horn & Son in or around 1947 he befriended a lady called Myrtle who worked in her fathers Green Grocery store not far from Silwood St. Alex left his family home and five children it is beleived to be with Myrtle. If any one has any information as to what happend to them i would be grateful he was my grandfather
red mail Grace E Hawkins
I am looking for information on my grandmother's sister, Grace E. Hawkins, born 1899 in Chiselhurst, Kent. Parents were Alfred J. Hawkins and Mary Ann Jameson Hawkins. Grace was separated from the family after the death of their father and the family soon lost track of her. All but one of Grace's siblings moved either to Canada or the US. My grandmother wondered until her death, of what became of Grace.
red mail Hart, Lugg
Hart - Albert Ernest b. 25-sep-1865 married Mary Sarh Lugg poss. in 1891-2. He lived in Bermondsey and was an iron founder - three children, Ernest, Beatrice and Sarah. Believe his father was Joseph Hart who married Ann Dudley date unknown. Would like to know more about Albert Harts siblings and family - believe his brother Joseph was the last Conservative mayor of Bermondsey.
red mail Harknett, Franklin
I'm trying to tracing descendants of the children of Emma Franklin, and George Harknett who married in 1902 in Bermondsey, London. They lived in Elim St. off of Tower Bridge Rd. I have the family in the 1901 census, but that is as far as I have got, any help would be appreciated. Regards
red mail bignell/hanks
thomas bignell married gladys hanks abt 1945/46 in south london they had two chidren ,i am looking for their decendants,and also looking for anything on gladys hanks,i know she had a sister who had greengrocer,s shop in the old kent rd in the 1950,s thank you for any info
red mail Fox/death
Am looking for the death of Maria Fox, lived Bermondsey, died 1859 - 1861. Married to Joseph Thomas Fox 1859. Haven't been able to find it through normal channels. Can anybody help Thanks in anticipation
red mail judd
looking for my family. Charles E judd married Martha (my great great grandparents) their children were Thomas j judd, Walter A judd, John C judd, Arthur george judd (my great grandad), Charles H judd, Ellen E judd and Joe W judd. Arthur george judd married Mary A. E Peart at St Olave, bermondsey. they had 3 children , Beatrice judd, Thomas charles walter judd (my dad) and the other child i dont know but think a girl. ive been looking for my family for years and hope someone can help me.
red mail Richardson
This RICHARDSON family was from Scotland. I have a Joseph b. 1786 @ Dumfries Scotland.M. Isabella ? b. 1796 from Newcastle on Tyne.Joseph was a Chelsea Pensioner .They moved to London.Two children Alexander b.1830,Joseph b.1832.Lived Woolwich.Joseph M. Marian ? from Dartford. children Alexander Joseph b. 1855 Woolwich,William b.1860 Camberwell.Alexander M. Enita Bolton,three children.One Miriam, M. John James Hollings.
red mail Bolton/.Richardson
Have researched this BOLTON marrying Richardson to 1700's.John Bolton M. Grace ? @ Plymouth.children;James,Joseph b.1847 ,Francis,Thomas,Samuel.Joseph M. Susan Grace ?b.1846 lived @ 50 Newchurch St.Bermondsey.Children Clara Grace 1843,Anita Kate 1867,Joseph 1873.Anita M. Alexander Joseph Richardson 1856.Children MIriam Nell 1888,Joseph Alexander 1890,Linda May 1900
red mail Pritchard in Bermondsey Surrey
I have a marriage of George Thomas Pritchard to Louisa Jaquiery on 21 June 1868 in St James church, Bermondsey. Groom's father's name is John Richard Pritchard (dead at the time of the marriage). This is who I am looking for at the moment. I have found George and Louisa on 1881 census, living in Linsey Street, Bermondsey, with their children. One of the children is Francis Ernest Pritchard (later to be the father of Dennis Leonard Pritchard born in Camberwell in 1923). I cannot find any other records of John Richard Pritchard in censuses or parish records. Any help with these elusive Pritchards would be most welcome. I had been told that Francis Ernest (known as Frank) had been born in Swansey, but he was actually born in Bermondsey!!! On the 1881 census, George Pritchard's place of birth is put down as Rotherhithe. Thanks in advance for any help. Sarah
red mail Bermondsey area cemetery's
If someone died in Bermondsey between 1855-1865 where might they have been buried? Looking for James Francis (between sept-Dec, 1862) and Amy Francis (not confirmed yet that this his wife) in Jan-March, 1856. Thanks for any help.
Hi I am researching Caroline Hodges who married James White on 7th January 1816 at St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. I am trying to find the parents of both Caroline and James. They had several children including Charles White b.c. 1832 christened at Lambeth. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks for reading. Pat
red mail harper bignell
looking for decendants of both the harper and bignell families who lived bermondsey about 1911 margaret harper died 1922 buried nunhead i know the location her grave and her father came from bignell was her married name any info will be welcolm
Does anyone know anything about the Terrell (sometimes spelt Tyrell) family who lived in Bermondsey and surrounding areas from about 1850 onwards? I am especially interested in William Terrell, born 1875 who may have changed his name to Blake in the very early 1900s. Information on any Terrells in the area would be very welcome.
red mail George Edward Robins
My grandfather, George Edward Robins was born on 23 May, 1874 somewhere in England. At age 17 he emigrated to Canada. I found reference for a George Robins in Bermondsey with a George Robins being born in that year. I got his birthday and immigration date from the Canadian Census 1891. I cannot find which ship he came on which might have given me clues. If anyone recognises this name I wood love to hear from you. Thank you
red mail Reddington
I am looking for evidence of James George Reddington (one d or 2) born to a Susan or Susannah registered as Bermondsey, Camberwell or SOuthwark. I have his marriage and death but can't find the real borth evidence. Wonder if anyone else is researching this line in this area. POssible brother Samuel and father also James George Reddington.
red mail Driscoll-Moore
Catherine Driscoll (1881 - ) is my Great grandmother, father John Driscoll (1851 - )born in St George in the East, married my great-grandfather Edward Stebbings (Stebing) Moore in 1898. I am looking for more information on the Driscoll's.
red mail Alfred John Hawkins
I am searching for information on Alfred John Hawkins, born in Battersea in abt 1864. He was married to Mary Ann Jameson and had 10 children, one being my grandmother, Gladys Mary Hawkins- Sinclair, born Sept 15 1896. The family shows up in the 1901 census living in Bermondsey and my grandmother's birth place is showing as Bermondsey. Please contact me as I am working on our family tree and can not find any information on the Hawkins family.
red mail Giles Fox of Grange Walk Bermondsey
I am researching the Johnson family of Tanners, who had a tanning firm in Grange Walk Bermondsey from 1800 - 1820. The Company was called Johnson and Fox, and the partners name was Giles Fox. I would like to know more about him, and his origins, if anyone can help.
red mail John Francis/Frances 1851-61
In the 1851 census James FRANCES (born Ruckinge, Kent c. 1784, aged 67, musician) is living in Bermondsey with his sons William G Frances Musician (29) John B Frances Hairdresser (19). I can't find James still alive in 1861 census. Did he perhaps die in this area between 1851-61? Would love to find a precise date of death and burial place? Thanks for any help.
I am looking for relatives of William Randall who lived in Bermondsey. He had a brother and a nephew named Nathaniel Randall and several other relatives. I do not know whether the other Randalls lived in Bermondsey but believe it is around that area.
red mail Rutherford - Bermondsey
The Rutherford family lived in Bermondsey from the late 19th Century. From 1901 on there are members in Vine Street Buildings. Also MacNamara, Broughton, Copeland, Culpitt & Smith (but a very specific set). Happy to share information.
red mail WARSAP
I am searching for information on Henry Warsap, born in 1873. He lived at 33 Earnest Street, Bermondsey in the 1891 census, along with his father William and Sister-in-Law, Eliza Cammack. In some census compilations the surname has been written as Warsey.
red mail James Ruskin
I have just started to trace my family history, my ancestor James Ruskin is showing on the 1851 Census for Bermondsey south east London, As being aged 32 and born in Cheshunt. I estimate his birth year as 1819 From the census. I have not been able to find him on 1841 Census. Can anyone please help me trace the Ruskin family back?
red mail marchants of bermondsey
Has anyone any info on the marchant family of bermondsey, family last names include owen dinon ,the dinons moved from cork in irland in 1850 to the tower bridge road area they were costermongers and leather dressers
red mail Searching for
James Lambert Tobacconist lived Long Lane ,Bermondsey 1821 with wife Charlotte Ann and children Henry James,Elizabeth and Charlotte Ann, all christened St Mary Magdelein Bermondsey,1821.
red mail Payne/Osman
I believe that Rose Beatrice Payne lived at 1, Ernest Street Bermondsey at the time of her wedding to Albert Ernest Osman in 1908. Would appreciate any comments from other people about the families. Thanks Madeleine
red mail hills family 1917
looking for the parents and siblings of jospeh george hils born in burmondsey in 1917 14/01/1917
red mail Cater Frisby Russ Edwards
Thomas cater aged 26 a Fishmonger born Bermondsey and wife Mary lived 17 Bermondsey Square 1891 with children Thomas 8,Henry 6,Mary 5, Adelaide 2 and Blanche 4 months. Thomas snr was the son of Henry and Elizabeth cater who lived just off the Borough,Henry was a Fish Currer. Would be glad to hear from any one seeking the same family Jane Russ lived with sister H (Harriett I belive) Frisby at 46 Amery Place,Newington , She died 1907 Newington Workhouse,Westmoreland Road, Walworth. Both women were born cater Robert Charles Edwards born 3 King Street,Leather Market,Bermondsey. 1 May 1842 to parent John Edwards and Mary Smith. Robert married Jane cater born Essex 23 August 1863 they had children Robert 1864 Jane 1867,William 1871 Henry 1879 and Ernest James 24 Feb 1881
red mail Edwards Jones Smith
John Edwards born Liverpool to parents Edward Edwards and Sarah Jones. Came to London married Mary Smith they had children Edward,Sarah 1823,Mary 1824,John 1827,Robert Michael (I think named after Marys father) he died a baby,Robert Charles 5 Jan 1842 and Thomas 1843. John was a tanner and the older children were born St John Horsely Down,the younger ones when they lived Leather Market (Kings Place). Would be glad to hear
red mail Edwards Smith
Robert Charles Edwards born 3 King Street,Leather Market,Bermondsey. 1 May 1842 to parent John Edwards and Mary Smith. Robert married Jane Cater born Essex 23 August 1863 they had children Robert 1864 Jane 1867,William 1871 Henry 1879 and Ernest James 24 Feb 1881
red mail Richard Bowen Wood
Hi, I am looking for information on Richard Bowen Wood who I believe was born C1800, I have so far ascertain that Richard was a boat builder in Rotherhithe/Bermondsey, Surrey and that he married Lucy Walker in St Katherine Creechurch, London, England 1817. The two of them when on to have four children - John Bowen Wood, George Bowen Wood, Maria Bowen Wood & Lucy Mary Wood. I would like find out where he was born and any information on his parents. My main aim in my search is to find out where the use of middle name "Bowen" started. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
red mail George James 1821
i am looking for information on george james born in 1821 married Sarah Taylor in 1846 medway they had 5 childern that i know of Ann James 1848 d(1861), Sarah James 1850, Emma James 1853, George James 1856 and Elizabeth 1859. I do know that George snr was a lighterman and so was his son George i would like to get more information on this or the family. The family come from bermondsey/southwark
red mail Mason/Cook bermondsey
I am trying to track down further info on my grandfather Samuel Mason who married a Beatrice Cook in 1924, they had about 5 children including my father Alfred Mason in 1931. They lived in Weston Street SE1 during the 1930's but i cannot trace either death any help thankful. Samuel Mason b j/F/M 1892 Beatrice Cook B ? - maybe Beatrice Maud Cook..
red mail WILES
Looking for information regarding the family of William Wiles and Isabella Wiles (formerly Bain). Known addresses: 11 Stanworth Street (6.1.1888), 10 Abbey Street (3.2.1890) and Paradise Street (7.4.1893). Children : William (born 1888, killed in action 1914; John (born 1890, died 1891), Henry (born 1893, died 1968) James (born 1896, killed in action 25.8.1917 CEF - known to have been sent to Canada as a "Home Child" in 1913 through Barnados)and possibly James Patrick (born 1897, enlisted with CEF in Canada in 1915)
red mail bermondsey - st.olave area valentine slack
researching family tree and have relatives in bermondsey st olave area surname valentine slack/ slack with a conection to norwich norfolk and hadleigh suffolk would be grateful for any information and willing to share my research to date many thanks
red mail Hart Family - Bermondsey 1800/1900
Great Grandparents - James & Mary Hart lived in Beatrice Road, Bermondsey @ 1901 census.. 10 children - Mary, Michael, John, Gertrude, Reuben, Edmond, William, Francis, Margaret & Bernard. Great grandfather was a seal skin dyer and am looking for further information on the leather industry i.e. register of companies ad employees in 1901. Do you recognise any of these names as your ancestors as I am also completing my family tree.
red mail Green Family search
I am attempting to trace any relatives of the GREEN family particularly Matilda Annie or Harriet who married into the Raper family (William)in the 1880's in the Bermondsey area. They eventually had children (7 OR 8 I believe and all became Musicians)of which I know two Names, Hilda Maud who later married a Clifford Wynn in Westonzoyland near Bridgewater Somerset and my Grandfather Wilfrid Robert born in Bermondsey 1892. Any leads at all no mater how small would be very much appreciated.
red mail Mason/bermondsey
I am trying to trace my family tree, my father was Alfred Mason born August 1930, i have no idea of his parents names, but he was related to samuel mason, father ? or brother? and also had siblings called Leonard and these names ring any bells, they lived in vine st se1 any info welcome.
I am looking for any information on the Terry family. I am a direct decendant of John George Terry born c1863 in Bermondsey. He married a Sarah Ann Mills of Rotherhithe in 1884. Many thanks
William John Goodall, born c. 1875
The earliest reference I can find to William, and his parents - Harry and Annie, is the 1891 census. I cannot find them in the previous census and cannot find any satisfactory birth certificates. William was a book/vellum binder by trade and lived in the Bermondsey area. Any help would be appreciated.
King's Head - Tooley Street
Does anyone have any information on The King's Head formerly a tavern on Tooley Street, St Olave? I believe that it was no longer present in 1878 but during the 1850's and 1860's was run by John Nash and then James Lapidge. Any info/pictures most appreciated as John Nash was my GGG grandfather. Family rumour has it that there were lots of photo's in the pub...maybe some are my family!!
red mail Jennings familiy, Bermondsey
All / any details for Henry G Jennings, Born St Olave, Bermondsey Born 1906 Married Elizabeth White 1934, Died 1934. Leather worker. Cannot find link to Parents, Grand parents. Thanks
red mail Pays Family
Any Pre 1790 information on Pays family - From the 1841 Census I have = Thomas Pays,DOB 1794,(D.O.Death 1852) M. Sarah,their children - Thomas, William & Richard (twins),John(my great great grandfather DOB 1827) Henry,Alfred,Daniel,Frances. Living in Long Lane Bermondsey, and George Street Bermondsey in the 1820's-1840's. In 1825 on the baptism record of William, his father Thomas,is listed as a shopkeeper. On the 1841 census Thomas's occupation is difficult to read, could be either of farmer, farrier, tanner. I believe Thomas Pays. DOB 1794 could be a French Huguenot or Émigré, his place of birth on the census looks like overseas.
red mail David Evans and Jane Jones
I am looking for information on David Evans born early 1800's he married a Jane Jones not sure when she was born or where. All I know is that they had a son called John born 1843 at St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. John married a Sophia Povey in 1865 at St Mary Newington. I would be most grateful for any information on David and Jane.
Looking for the marriage of John Quinton, a Tanner, to a Rachael?, circa 1780. The family lived in Bermondsey until around the 1870's.
Looking for a Charles Forster Church C1789 Bermondsey who married a Elizabeth Bailes St Thomas Church Stockton 01/12/1818 he died pre 1830 any help would be great Sharon
red mail Partridge and Donovan Families
Looking for info on Partridge and Donovan families of Bermondsey. William John Partridge b1841 married Mary Donovan b1842. They had 3 children Elizabeth, William John and Ann.

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