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Thomas Nicholls working on board Sidonian and Utopia
There is a Navy record that shows. Thomas Sidney Nicholls Working on a ship in 1903 he Born 23rd Feb 1886 Battersea Wandsworth England. Winstanley Rd. I am seeking records to help me search for him. I cannot find a death record or Marriage in England. The ship travelled to and from Glasgow or Liverpool to Quebec. The ships he was shown where the Sidnonian and the Utopia. He was last shown on Training ship Mount Edgcombe Salt Ash in 1901 age 15.
red mail JONES Edwin Henry & Arabella (DAVIS) son Archibald
Edwin and Arabella JONES are my great grandparents, they lived at 30 Chatto Road, Battersea from approx 1911-1919. Previously living in Chelsea. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated
red mail SAWYERS in Battersea
Looking for any information on SAWYER name living in Battersea, around Chatham road, Usk road or Forthbridge road 1930-1966
red mail Frost & Rago
James Frost and Mariannina Rago (Italian) lived in Battersea. The 1911 census states 2 children died, I can only find one. Any help please?
red mail FOX family
John and charlotte mary fox, lived in battersea from about 1890 to 1940's. Any connections of interest please.
Dunn 2nd Battalion Scottish Rifles WW1
My grandfather Stephen McQuillin b 1888 was with the 2nd Battalion Cameronians Scottish Rifles. He was in Malta before the battalion was moved to France/Belgium to fight in WW1. He and my grandmother (Emily) were great friends of the DUNN family. I have a photograph of my grandparents with Mrs Dunn. I don't know the first name of Mr Dunn who was in the Rifles with Grandad but I would like to make contact if I can. I think that Mr Dunn my have been 2nd Lt Dunn. The only thing I am absolutely sure about is that he had a son called Geoffrey who would have been born around 1926 which is when my mother Jean McQuillin was born. At the end of the war, the Rifles went to India and I have a photo of mother and Geoffrey wearing pith helmets which I would like to share with the DUNN family. I think that when DUNN left the rifles, he may have settled for a time in Glasgow before moving down to Battersea.
red mail Webber Family
I am looking for any information about Maud Webber, born in Speke Road Battersea in 1885. Her parents were William Webber and Susannah Green. Some tragedy befell the family and Maud became a "nurse child", where she next appears on the 1891 census in Suffolk. Any information much appreciated.
red mail Simpson / Schammell / Ellewell family circa 1700 - 1870 Battersea, Telbury, St Dave
Does anyone have any idea of Walter and Sarah Simpson, who had 2 children; one of which (Walter Jrn) was sent to Tasmania for stealing bread when he was about 17. I know someone asked this some years back, but I can't find any responses. It would be very much appreciated so that I can continue with my family tree. Also the Schammells (from Telbury app 1750 on-wards, or before) x Ellewell family from about the same time periods (St Dave, Silver Street, UK). Thanks
red mail Richards Bootmakers and Shoe repairs
I believe that three generations of my family lived and worked as bootmakers and shoe repairers based at 32 Queens Road Battersea from the late 1800's until around 1932/1933. I have discovered that at some point after 1933 it was renamed Queenstown Road- it was a reasonably sized shop with two windows, centre door and the name RICHARDS over the front. It wasa as far as I know started by my Great Grandfather William RICHARDS who was a bootmaker and leather worker, it passed to his Son Walter Cornelius RICHARDS who continued the business until he died suddenly around 1932. My father, George Edward RICHARDS attempted to continue the business but lacked the leatherworking skills and with the competition for shoe repair by chain stores the business closed after a short period. In the 1911 census three generations are living there though my father was not born until 1912 - ao there must have been substantial living accommodation above the shop. So far I have been unable to discover anything about the business or find any contemporary photographs of the area around 32 Queens road. If anyone can help me trace more information about the shop, whether it was owned or leased etc and the dates it opened and closed it would really help my family research
red mail Driver and Byatt Family, Wayland Rd
I looking for any person who have any kind of information on the Driver and Byatt family and any kind of information on Wayland Road Many thanks....
red mail Ada Hart nee Lloyd
Ada was born in 1874 and lived in 19,Soudan Road with husband William Hart.Can anyone tell me where and When she died,I think it could have been around 1935. Ad had sisters ,Louise,Emily and Edith. Father was Benjamin Lloyd.
red mail Looking for Radford from 59 Gayville Rd
I am the daughter of Charlie Radford, son of Hannah and Faithfull Radford, he left England many years ago, I was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. I had an Aunt Nellie,and cousin Helen, I would like to know my Radford family.
red mail Edith Mary Hart
Edith was born in Bishop Stortford in 1871,lived at the Middleton Arms in the Latchmere and then at 13,Elspeth Road,with her sister Ella and brother Stephen.The two women were fancy embroideresess .Can anyone help as to where they may have worked and have any knowledge of the future life of Edith Mary.I have a photo of her in 1923 but have no facts to whether she married or where she lived after Elspeth Road.I have no death date for her.My family were from Edna Street Battersea and figured largely in St Marys Church ,Battersea,in the choir,marriages ,births and deaths. Ediths.parents Stephen and Susannah Hart.i have all relevant info on all the family,B M D certs and cencus records,I need help with tracing Edith Mary after 1911,she did not marry Albert Pearne,I have sent for that marriage cert and age and father are completely wrong.Her last known address was Elspeth Road.
red mail Bailey family
Looking for knowledge of Bailey family at 128 battersea high street, tobacconist shop from about 1911 till end of WW11. George and Beatrice Bailey nee Knight ,in Battersea until 1993.
red mail William James Read born 1876 Battersea
I am trying to find any info on William James Read, born in 1876 married to Mary Jane Hewitt and had 3 children, Richard born 1899, Mary born 1901 and Frederick born 1903. He was on the 1901 census, but not the 1911 census, where Mary is listed as a widow and living back with her parents and children. Mary is my great Aunt and I would love to find any info on how William died, or when, I can find no listing of any death for him between the dates given. Help!
red mail Fletcher family Burnley
Can anybody help me. I am looking for the parents of James Fletcher born Burnley 1809. he is the father of James Samuel fletcher born 1835 in Clerkenwell Middlesex.
red mail Bruck family in Battersea
Peter Bruck, baker, lived at 4 Landsdowne Place, Bridge Road in 1871. In 1881 he was listed as a greengrocer, living with his family at 3 Lillie Bridge Terrace. Can anyone help me find these addresses on a map? Children were baptized at St Mary and St Saviour.
Bernard Joseph Arnull Search family connections
My ancester William Arnull born 1878,he was a Club Steward in Battersea up until his death in April 11 1914 Age 36. He was married, his wife a Margaret Jane (neeConnon) from Macduff Scotland on BMD, and his son William Samuel age 2 on the 1911 Census born Marylebone they were living in Jameson Street Kensington in 1911. He is Buried at Streatham Cemetery.Grave number 711.C I would like to find out if he has any family living now. I think there may have been another son born 1913 Bernard Joseph Arnull who married a Vera D Brentford in 1940 But have got no proof of this ,can anyone tell me if he was a son. he died in 1995 age 81 Please get in touch.William was the son of William Samuel John Arnull and Mary Ann Arnull (nee Brown from Newmarket).
Brighton Belle Driver Bill Moss
A Mr.Bill Moss, lived in Battersea, maybe Latchmere Road, he was a friend of my aunt and uncle Mr,and Mrs. James Winch. James worked as a storekeeper for Collis and Woods. builders and decorators. Mr...Moss was a top link driver of the special train the Brighton Belle, I think He had two children. One, a girl, taught herself languages by the old 78rpm. records. The time, mid to late 1930s. Does anyone know what became of the family?
red mail St George the Martyr Battersea
My Letchford family were baptised at St George the Martyr Battersea near nine elms. I want to try and find a picture of the church if anyone knows of one I would be grateful to have a copy Margaret
red mail goff/ feller
I am trying to find any decendents of emily ke cooger and joseph goff , their daughter was phyliss m goff ( then feller) and she died in 1948 after child birth , her son was (or still is ) known to us as phillip feller , he may now or have been Raymond p feller . I would like to find decendents through this line of the family.
red mail william russell
William Russell b c1908 wayland rd? father frederick,mother louisa (paine) siblings-albert,florence,alice,nellie,may,dissapeared late 50s,think he got married,never heard any more about him,any info on what happened to him would help,ken
red mail emma jessie whale
b 1859/60 as emma leatherby in st george in the east, she was the third wife of john provident whale. I have just found that she did not die until 1950 in battersea, and i wondered if anyone has any info on her or her family from the battersea area of this time.
red mail Ethel Maude Smith
I am looking for any information on Ethel Maud Snelling nee Smith . She was a School Teacher in 1911. She lived at 13 Castle Street along with her Gt Aunt Harriett Howlett and Uncle and Aunt John and Sarah Howlett. Does anyone know where Ethel trained to be a Teacher or where she taught
red mail Snelling of Trott Street, Battersea
I am looking for any information on the Snelling Family that lived in various addresses in Trott Street, Battersea
red mail Woodward/Bailey
Need info on Elizabeth Ann Woodward 1855-1879 who married William Albert Bailey 1856-1909.Elizabeth's parents were Thomas Woodward & Mary Goodger. According to the 1881 census Elizabeth's daughter Edith was living with her grandmother Mary & uncles James 1847 & John 1853 & aunts Sarah 1852 & Emma 1859 until her father's second marriage in Dec 1881.Would like any info on the Woodward side of the family.
Wycliffe Road
I lived at 106 Wycliffe Road from 1939 until 1952 then at 86 until1959.I attended Basnett Road school 1940ish Then later Holden Street School and Sinjuns.Would like to hear from any one from Wycliffe Road Hanbury St. or near by during 1940s or 1950s Colin
James Wm OVER
I'm researching James Wm Over b 1869 Battersea later moving to Mitcham and would like to hear from anyone who has come across or is researching these OVER's James father was Wm Over b 1839 Wraysbury, Bucks.
red mail tickners from st mary cray kent
any information on the following family tickner from st mary cray kent John and Elizabeth had the following children in st mary cray kent in the middle of the 18th century namely Mary Tickner.bpt.16.02.1752.daughter of John Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Elizabeth Tickner.bpt..04.08.1754.daughter of John Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent John Tickner.bpt.30.11.1758.son of John and Elizabeth Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Dolly Tickner.bpt.27.04.1760.daughter of John and Elizabeth Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Mary Tickner.bpt.15.05.1762.daughter of John and Elizabeth.St Mary Cray Kent Elizabeth Tickner.bpt.15.08.1762.daughter of John and Elizabeth.St Mary Cray Kent Thomas Tickner.bpt.08.07.1764.son of John and Elizabeth.St Mary Cray Kent Henry Tickner.bpt.08.05.1769.son of John and Elizabeth.St Mary Cray Kent(born.1766)Henry Ticknell(tickner)married a Lydia Mills Ticknell(tickner)07.07.1795 in Loose Kent Henry and Lydia had the following children Sarah Tickner.bpt.06.05.1798.daughter of Henry and Lydia Tickner.maidstone kent Thomas Tickner.bpt.01.02.1804.son of John and Lydia Tickner.maidstone kent John Tickner.bpt.06.02.1806.son of John and Lydia Tickner.Maidstone kent Anne Tickner.bpt.20.08.1809.daughter of John and Lydia Tickner.maidstone kent Jane Tickner.bpt.1811.daughter of John and Lydia Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Richard Trot Tickner.bpt.1814.son of John and Lydia Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Rebecca Tickner.bpt.1816.daughter of John and Lydia Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Lydia Tickner.bpt.25.05.1819.daughter of John and Lydia Tickner.St Mary Cray Kent Jane Ticknell(Tickner) born.1811 had the following children born illegitimately and baptised in St Mary Cray Kent Emma Tickner.bpt.08.04.1832.daughter of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent Sarah Tickner.bpt.18.05.1834.daughter of Jane .St Mary Cray Kent Rebecca Tickner.bpt.07.08.1836.daughter of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent Edward Tickner.bpt.23.09.1838.son of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent(died.1908) Charlotte Tickner.bpt.25.12.1840.daughter of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent Charles Tickner.bpt.25.12.1840.son of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent(died.1884) Fredrick Tickner.bpt.05.11.1843.son of Jane .St Mary Cray Kent(died.1901) Lewis Tickner.born second quarter.1849.son of Jane.St Mary Cray Kent(1881) Frederick Tickner married a Esther Tickner(maiden name Ogden) born in Manchester married in Orpington kent on May.12.1866 they had the following children Maria Spriggs(maiden name Tickner)bpt.19.07.1868.St Mary Cray Kent Charles Frederick Tickner.the third quarter of 1870. Middlesex William Tickner.bpt.19.05.1872.Orpington Kent Frances Alice Tickner.25.11.1874.Orpington Kent Edward B the last quarter of 1875.twickenham Jane the first quarter of 1878.kingston surrey Edith Tickner in the first quarter of 1881.kingston surrey Esther Tickner .born.1882 in Kingston surrey Died.1883 aged 1year and 5 months at her aunt Sarah Tickner in Orpington Kent Maria Spriggs (maiden name tickner) had a illegitmate son named Arthur Tickner in the second quarter of 1893.he was Norbiton near Kingston Surrey
red mail Wing/Bryant/Vernon/Mason Families
Any info re the above family names in the Battersea area c.1950's and earlier. Ellen Vernon ran a corner shop in Bramwell St. Alice Wing ran a sweet shop in Braeburn avenue. Vernons came from Chelsea. Wings from Southwark. Bryants from Ireland. Any info, memories will be welcome. Thanks.
red mail Archard/Thomas/Gamble family- Battersea
Hi,looking for info on the above family in and around Battersea between about 1870ish right up to about the 1940's.The Archards moved there in about 1870,Charles, father John, wife Sarah and family. Their eldest daughter Emma married Harry Thomas and they lived in the area.Their daughter Florence married Walter Gamble from Battersea and they lived there too.In 1911,Archards lived at no.53 Latchmere Grove and the Thomas's lived at no.52.Other addresses were Castle Street, Eversleigh Road, Surrey Lane, Crimsworth Road and many more.Hope someone can help. Thanks
red mail keen kuhn lee dudman family battersea nine elms
living at battersea park road, julius and family, well known as manager of young and co ironworks,around 1890s,up to 1920s, the family had a cafe near nine elms station. more information sought for the wider family or information on the area at that time - the Lee's had a greengrocers nearby, Dudman's grocer or fishmonger? other known addresses Haines street, sleaford street, york road. maybe in clapham too. what happened to them? lots already known but looking for Augustus aka Gus in particular...any help much appreciated
red mail Allen Family
I'm trying to trace the ALLEN family who lived in Battersea in late 19th and early 20th century. They were fancy tilers or mosaic paviours. Lived in Latchmere Grove, Wayford steet. William C Allen, who was my 2nd great grandfather, married to Emma Jenkins - Children William Frederick Allen (my Great Grandfather) Rose, Lily (Became WESTON), Albert and one other child.
red mail Bailey / Hall /Tooke
Does anyone have any information of any of these families in the area during the 1900's -1960's
red mail alderton/vidler
i am looking for anyone who could help my great grandma alice vidler nee alderton and my great granddad albert vidler lived in battersea until the 1960s when grandma and her daughters family moved to dunstable area. grandma had 2 brothers and 1 sister and grandad had many siblins.
Looking for MARGARET SMITH b. 03.03.1889 in BATERSEA married? ALFRED GEORGE LOVELL when/where not known. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Lynne
red mail Fred Bugden
Am looking for Freds family who lived in Battersea. Fred worked in Northcote Market in the 50's, 60's. He wore a flat cap and was well known in the area. I believe he lived in either Sugden Road or Stormont Road.
red mail Arthur Lewis Budd
Ha anyone any details of Arthur Lewis Budd born about 1896 and married to Alice Passmore. I am looking for details of his family - father - mother and any siblings.
I am looking for any information regarding the Afflick Family, Robert Samual and Annie and decendents who lived in various addresses in the Battersea area of London. Addres's are Wallis Yard,18 Queen Anne Terrace,Bullen St,25 Brougham St,Sheepcot Lane,9 Gaines Cottages,54 Parkside St,27 Brittania Place,61 Cheyne Walk,7.5 Usk Rd. Alot of movement ( possibly moonlight flits). They had ten children, two of which died very early, ( 2 months and two years. any information would be of help. Thanks
red mail Seagrave
Mabel Alice Seagrave born 1882 in Battersea, parents George Frederick and Ann Isabella. She married Cecil Strafford (father George)born Beechworth Victoria (mother Sarah Elizabeth Tazewell Pain born Adelaide South Australia). They had a daughter Dorothy born c1925 in Hong Kong. Would appreciate more information on this family.
red mail William cullens Grocers
Hi, I am trying to find out about a man named "Desmond" who apparently lodged at this shop in the early 1960s the Cullens had 2 shops one near battersea county school and one further towards queenstown rd.
red mail John Maxwell Graham and Sarah Ann Dilbey Graham
Lived at 61 St. John's Hill Grove, Battersea. John Maxwell Graham was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1883 and moved to England after WW1. John Maxwell Graham was a telephone engineer. He died in Battersea in 1961. John Maxwell Graham and Sarah Ann Dilbey married in 1938. Before that marriage John had a son C.P. Graham by a previous relationship. First name probably Charles P. Graham. There might have been another child as well from that relationship(in the 1920's). There was also another son born in Canada born in 1914 from John Maxwell Graham's first marriage. I'm hoping we can contact the descendants of John Maxwell Graham who were born in England to John Maxwell Graham's descendants born in Canada. Sarah Ann Dilbey had a brother named H.(Herbert?) Dilbey who lived at 29 Bowes Road, Dagenham, Essex.
red mail Walter John Cornell
Hi, I'm looking for any information about the family of my great grandfather Walter John Cornell who I believe was born around 1886 and lived in the Battersea/Wandsworth/Lambeth area of London. He was married to Lizzie Wheeler in 1910/1911 and had a son, Bernard Cornell in 1911 and daughter Gladys in 1914. He worked on the London buses in 1914 but the 1911 census has his occupation as travellor and I can't find any information about him before that.
Sidney Thomas Nicholls dob 1886
Thomas Sidney Nicholls Dob 23/02/1886 107 Winstanley Rd Battersea. Father Frederick Nicholls mother Sarah Nibbs. Battersea is part of Wandsworth. Census 1901 at Saltash Cornwall St Germans age 15 Inmate on training ship Mount Edgcumbe. Possible link to 1911 census shows Thomas Nichols Age in 1911 25 Birth Place Clapham, London, England Civil parish, Thereafter I cannot find any further information and need some help. I have had a navy search completed this did not return any results. There is one possible record. Thomas Nicholls .Gender,Male,Age,21Birth Dateabt 1886. Departure Date 19 Jun 1907 Port of Departure Liverpool, England. Destination Port Boston, USA. Ship Name.Republic. Search Ship Database. Republic Master. James McAuley. New record. 1903 Thomas Nicholls born Battersea recorded as able seaman on ship Sidonian. The first ship was Utopia 28769 at port of Aberystwyth Any help please
red mail holden/ howard
Edward Alfred Holden married Lucy May Howard at the register Office in Battersea in July 1942. Edward's father was William Henry Holden. Edward was a sheet metal worker and Lucy was an acetylene welder. (No guesses where they met.) I don't know where these Holdens originally came from. Any help appreciated.
red mail Battersea/ Burial
Could anyone suggest where my Gt Gt Granmother Hannah Peters was buried in 1883, Hannah died in St Thomas' Hospital ( Lambeth) her baby boy Arthur Edward Peters was christened At St George The Martyr Battersea Wandsworth but he died a few days later. I have already tried Wandsworth & Lambeth Cemeteries.
red mail BAYLES
Looking for any information on George Reginald Bayles, born Battersea 1898. He was demobbed from the army in 1919 - what happened to him afterwards? Did he marry, have children etc? He worked for the GPO before joining the army. He had brothers Arthur Victor, John, William, Sidney & Percy. I would also be interested in details of his brothers. They lived at 12 Ashbury Road, Battersea. Would love to be able to trace any descendants. Hope to hear from anyone with any information.
red mail Beardall/ Stanton
My gt grandfather Henry Stanton married Elizabeth Beardall in 1908 at St Peters, Battersea. They lived at 10 Speke Road. On 16 December 1909 she gave birth to their son Harry James Stanton but Elizabeth died 17 December 1909 at Wandsworth Infirmary. Despite extensive research I have never discovered what happened to this child. Henry Stanton remarried in 1919 but Harry James did not live with his new family. Any leads would be appreciated.
red mail WARNER family
Seeking information on the Warner family originally from Long Crendon, Bucks. Living in Sleaford Street in 1911. Frederick Warner b.1879, Elizabeth Warner b.1881 (nee Young). Matthew Warner b.1903 and Violet Warner b.1908.
red mail YOUNG Eva b.1890
Seeking information on Eva YOUNG working as a servant in Battersea in 1911 for the Coleman family who were Potato and Fruit Merchants.
red mail Walter Benjamin Yates
born 1885, mother Annie wid on the 1891 census, with a daugh Emma 4, and a son Henry 8, sadly do not know the fathers name any links with this family, would love to hear from you, or anyone who can help me find out more abou this family many thanks
red mail david john powell
I am looking for information about David John Powell (8/3/1944) Battersea. Son of Emily Ruth Powell (1915). Her parents were Edward Powell and Clara E Pomeroy (married 1913). She had 2 sisters Clara R and Mary Dorothy (married a Mr Maybe) and 2 brothers James Frederick (emigrated to canada) and George E. (married a lady called Sheila and live in Wakefield area with 2 sons David and Jeffrey)
red mail george albert hillier
looking for any info on george albert (dob or place not known) and his wife elizabeth jane hillier(b1886).. three children george/ fredick and william.. were living in Speke rd in 1928. george died in 1956 and elizabeth in 1959.. they brought up their grandaughter Jean ( by Fredrick and queenie carroll) when Queenie died in 1940 and frederick was away on active service in WW2. Jean desperate to kniow more about her family roots...and knows very little...anyone help?
red mail Radford/Hudson
Hello, I am also looking for any family of William Henry Radford and Polly Hudson married 1904 recorded to be living in Ingrave St, Battersea at the time of marriage. Their children were Ivy Maud 1904, Rosy 1907, William Henry 1909 and Nellie E 1911. I am willing to share information with family relatives
red mail Radford/Ellis
Hello, I am looking for any family of Henry George Radford and Elizabeth Ellis living in Battersea from about 1883. Their children were Agnes Caroline 1875, William Henry 1877, Tom 1880, Francis George 1882, Nellie Maud 1884, Florence Emma 1886 and Daisy Amelia 1888. I am willing to share information with family relatives
red mail john whale of battersea
does anyone have any info about john whale's umbrella shop in battersea high street. It existed I believe between 1890 approx and the second world war. My father was born there in 1935 and other members of that generation also. John whale is my grandfather. The whale family also used the name wood for about forty years and I am also keen to find out why that was.
red mail Bartlett - Rawson Court
Ive been asked to research a good friends family who lived in Rawson Court in early 70s. Bob and Peggy Bartlett. Believe Bob (real names Mervyn Alan) was a park keeper in Battersea Park. Would appreciate any info or pictures of Rawson Court. Thank you
red mail collins parkinson
anyone in battersea with family related to colllins parkinson my nan was jessie rosina collins after she was married she married patrick collins whom together had 5 children 2 boys 3 girls they lived in dikkens street sw11
red mail Randall Street Battersea
Florence Montgomery & son William lived at 34 Randall Street in 1901 along with John? & Alice Wilding, their 5 children & 2 others, probably borders.Would like any information on either of these families or Randall Street at that time.Not sure this street exists anymore. Anybody know what type of houses they were and what happened to them? Were they condemned? Or bombed during either of the wars?
red mail Alice Evans/Born 1898 Battersea
Seeking descendants of Alice Evans or any of her Siblings. Daughter of William Evans and Alice Ada Amelia Evans Nee Alefounder living at Gladstone Terrace Battersea on the 1911 census Where William was residing with his second wife Ellen Evans Nee Humbly and new family Sons William and Arthur and Daughters Florrie and Ada all Born between 1902 and 1911. William senior was the brother of my Father Ernest Albert Evans. There must be some living cousins somewhere.
red mail Catherine Coxhead
Ancesters, Catherine and Hannah Coxhead, born 1792 and 1793 respectively in Battersea, were daughters to William and Catherine Coxhead. William taught in the Battersea Workhouse (any records?) and his wife, Catherine (maiden name unknown) apparently died in Tooley St, Bermondsey but no dates are known. 1792 Catherine married James Cook and they lived in Nailsworth and their daughter, Catherine, married James Webster Cousins in 1853, my husbands gt gt grandparents. Have hit a brick wall with Catherine and William in Battersea/Bermondsey and would be grateful for any leads.
red mail Gardner Family
I am looking for details of Felix Gardner who died in 1853 and resided at, 31 Russell Place, Bridge Road, Battersea. Have a fmilt tree up to this date and am willing to share it. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Searching for Robert Eyles
Walter Henry Eyles married Mary Ann Slyfield June 1892. They lived in Heaver Road, Battersea. Walter's father was noted as Robert (deceased.) Does anyone know anything about Robert? (occupation noted as 'Carman' - railways?)
red mail Harding Family Bakers
Looking for info on New Road Battersea during early 1900's and particularly the Harding family Bakery run by Kate Harding, widow of Charles originally from Beer in Devon, my grandmother Bessie was Kates Daughter. Bessie died in Balham in 1929. Would be grateful if anyone knew the location of New Road.
red mail kemp reed
my grandmother annie florence kemp wed frederick reed 1910 battersea any info please
red mail Millgrove Street SW11
Is there anyone out there who lived in Millgrove St., or the adjoining Dagnell St., before, and during, the war?
red mail George Earl
I am tring to find informatio on George Earl,(my Great-grandfather) all Iknow from 1901 Census was, he was a Greegrocer in 171 Battersea Road, married to Eliza and they had twelve children.
I am looking for any info on Thomas Ernest Lewis, born around 1924 in Lavender Hill area. He joined army and was a dispatch driver and also did gigs as an amatuer magician (then disappeared!). He moved to Belfast and married Elsie Yates and had three sons, Thomas, Raymond and William
red mail Margaret Marjorie Gibbs
I am trying to trace the above named person who is on my birth certificate as my birth mother. I was born on 01-08-1944 and registered as Pauline Margaret Gibbs. I was taken in with my mother by a Mrs Vera Stutter. Margaret left me in her care and I never heard or saw her again I am trying to trace any relatives of my birth mother as my "mum" Vera has died.
Battersea Constitutional Club/Conservative Assn
My ancester William Arnull born 1878,he was a Club Steward,at the Clubs mentioned above, up until his death in April 11 1914 Age 36. He was married, I have found his wife to be a Margaret (neeConnon)on BMD and his son William Samuel age 2 on the 1911 Census born Marylebone .But still do not know if there were anymore children.they were living in Jameson Street Kensington in 1911. He is Buried at Streatham Cemetery.Grave number 711.C I would like to find out if he has any family living now. Please get in touch.He was the son of William Samuel John Arnull and Mary Ann Arnull (nee Brown from Newmarket).
red mail Nevill in Battersea
My earliest known ancestor is Onesiphorus Nevill born 1764 in Wandworth, Battersa, Surrey and married to Sarah Meachem born 1756. The family lived for generations after in Battersea.
red mail JONES KEEN
My great-aunt Annie Jones (nee Keen) moved from Chelsea to Battersea. In 1911 she and her husband, William Henry Jones, were living in Wix's Lane with their daughter, Annie Elizabeth Keen Jones and their son Cecil Henry Marshall Jones.
red mail Sarah Ann Derrett
Sarah Ann gave bith to a son in Battersea Union Infirmary December 1879.Can you help me with her at this time ( i.e age)or before, I belive she could have been a Jame's. Mike
red mail Morley, Fuller
I am trying to find informaion on Kate Benetta Fuller (nee Morley) believed to be born abt 1871 in Tipperary, Ireland, married Elias Fuller in Battersea in 1895. Her father was Walter Morley, publican on the Marriage certificate.
red mail ANTHONY Family - Battersea
George Anthony (Senior) was born on Feb 18, 1872 at Horley Land Horley,Surrey. He married Alice Penfold (b 24 April 1872) of Styfields House Horley, the day before her 26th birthday, 23 April 1898 at St Anne's Church, South Lambeth. They and their five children left England for Western Australia on 9 October 1911 on the Nord Deutscher Lloyd ship, the SS Cassell. They arrived in WA on 22 Nov 1911. George Anthony died aged 58 yrs. His wife Alice survived until her hundredth year. She died on 8 April 1972. The Anthony and Penfold families inter-married on several occasions in the 1870s to 1890s. Caroline Penfold married Arthur Anthony, William Penfold married Alice Anthony and Alice Penfold married George Anthony. George Anthony (the younger) was Alice and George's third child but the first to survive infancy. He was born at 1 Culvert Road, Battersea. The family later moved to Nynehead St, Deptford and later to Woodstock Terrace, Coulston before going to Australia.
red mail Harvey Bignell families
Richard Thomas Harvey was born at sea in 1815,on the way to or coming from the Battle of Waterloo ,he married in 1836 Catherine ....and they had about six cildren ,widowed I think 1853 he married Eliza Kirk formerly Dunsford born Bignell in 1854 ,they in turn had about another six or so children . He died on Xmas Day 1889 and Eliza in 1901. They lived a variety of addresses in Battersea and Lambeth Is anyone else researching any of these names ,would love to hear from you .
red mail Battersea Boon
My Great grandfather was John Boon, He moved from Modbury in Devon to Battersea London. He married Lucy Summers. They had 12 children, one being my Grandmother. Does anyone know of the Boon's, they lived in Latchmere Rd, Battersea. Mandy
Looking for Thurgood Ware and Brockhurst families or any info. Lived in Battersea from 1870's. Also any info on Foots Row.
red mail Gordon Family Battersea
I am looking for any information the Gordon family. George Gordon 1813 married Amellia Knight 1813. George's Father is James Gordon and Mother Mary but that is all I know about them I belive the family was based in this area for many years in the early 1800's. Any Information is much apprciated.
red mail Alfred Edward Davis
Hi Looking for information about Alfred Edward Davis born in Battersea 1876 his spouse was Ellen Frances Hall Known as Nellie he was a potman in a pub at some time and lived at 92 the High street Battersea when my Grandfather Albert Edward Thomas Davis was born in 1902. Thankyou Gloria
red mail Smith Family
Information sought regarding the Smith's from Motley Street, early 1900's.
red mail Chandlers Shop
Information sought regarding a Gents shop called Chandlers. The shopkeeper was a Jane Mills according to the 1881 Census.
red mail Palmers of Battersea
Looking for living relations or information on ancestors/descendants of Erasmus Samuel Palmer, b. Mar 1849 in Lambeth, Surrey, lived at 25 Goulden Street, Home Road, Battersea SW. Married Ellen Matilda Davis of Hammersmith on 26 Dec 1869, St. Paul's. Children were Alice Amelia 1870, Ellen Matilda 1871, John George 1874, Louisa Mary 1875, Rachel Ellen 1878  1975, Joseph John 1881, Eliza Jane 1884  1968, and Erasmus Samuel (Jr) 1887. Several children emigrated, three (Joe, Rachael, Louisa) to the Buffalo/Erie, New York area, and one (Eliza) to Niagara Falls, Canada, a fifth (Erasmus Samuel jr) emmigrated to NSW, Australia. Most of the boys were Painter/Decorators and Paperhangers. Joe opened a General Store in Erie, NY.
red mail Ada Evans/Jones Battersea/ Wandsworth
Seeking family of Ada Mary Emma Jones nee Evans Believed to have married a Thomas or Charles Jones sometime late 1890's and residing at Broomwade or Broomwood road Battersea.Ada was eldest daughter of John and Emma Evans who in turn lived at various addresses in Battersea Lockington Road, Landseer St,Gladsone Terrace, from 1870's to 1910 any info on the family greatly recieved Thank You.
red mail Duckett
Seeking info on the Duckett family in and around Chelsea, Mile End, Battersea and Twickenham. Mid 1800’s Names include *Frederick Augustus*, wife Martha, children Frederick Augustus, Rose, Elizabeth, Annie, Emma, Alfred, William, Henry, James. Any info would be gratefully received. I am particularly keen to establish the parenthood of *Frederick Augustus* and any siblings he may have had. I know Frederick Augustus Junior had children Wilfred and Frank. Wilfred married Doris Prescott and Frank married a Blanche ? Again any info would be welcome.
red mail charles rogers
trying to find the parents and siblings of charles rogers born battersea late 1800's. Know he had sister nellie who died young, two brothers who died in 1914 on board the ship hmas monmouth, charles came to australia after this date and married in 1936 when he was in his 40's to lorna isobel ireland, died 21st july, 1970 at fairfield nsw australia, buried at st marys cemetry nsw australia. unable to find correct death entry on nsw bdm. any help much appreciated.
red mail BIRD
Seeking info on ancestors and descendants of Henry Bird, b about 1837 Clerkenwell, m Hannah Green 7 May 1866 at St John's Waterloo, d 10 Dec 1879 at 8 Gaines Cottages, Sheepcot Lane Battersea. Their children were: Reuben Samuel b 1867 Battersea, Henry John b 1868 Westminster m Margaret Alice Heelis, William b 1870 Westminster, Jane Emily b 1875 Wandsworth m Vincent Gifford, Frederick Charles b 1877 Wandsworth m Kate Wilton, Joseph Martin b 1879 Wandsworth.
red mail MOCKETT
If anyone is seeking infomation on the Mockett family from Battersea(formerly from Thanet) I have researched them and may be able to help.
red mail juden shroll
I am tracing family who lived in battersea , judens lived at thessaly road near dogs home , shroll lived in henley st , also parkinsons and collins in weybridge st and latchmere grove , me and my sister went to chessington school , my granddad arthur juden was a lighterman who drowned in the thames in1943
red mail Taylor family/Battersea
I am hoping to find information on the Taylor family who lived at 265 Eversleigh Rd, SW11, in the mid-1960s. There were three children, Pam, Jennifer and Charles. I'm particularly keen to find info on Jennifer if possible.
red mail John Evans Stationary Steam engine Driver
Has anyone in there researches come across John Evans born Boston Lincs 1832 livintg in Battersea 1870 -1898 recorded on various census as a Stationary Steam Engine Driver.Family would dearly love to see a picture of him driving his steam engine but going nowhere, or even what company he worked for. All copying costs met. Thank you.
Can any one help I am looking for details about PERCY CHARLES NORRIS who married DAISY SALMON in the early 1900. Also the Salmon sisters, May, Violet, Beatrice and their bother charles. Thanks
red mail Simpsons of Battersea
Walter and Sarah Simpson had 2 children, a son Walter born 1801 and a daughter Sarah born 1810, both baptised at St.Mary's Battersea. Seeking information on where the family came from, where they lived and the occupation of Walter senior
red mail Mildred Olive Dunne
I am researching Mildred Olive Dunne, father Albert Edward Dunne mother Alice Elizabeth Dunne maiden name Baxter.She was born October 2nd 1904, family lived at 30 Newland Terrace Battersea.
red mail HEAP/POTTER
I am looking for descendants of Isaiah HEAP and Emily E. POTTER, who were married September 05, 1891 in Aldershot. He was in the 5th Dragoon Guards at the time of their marriage. Their first child of whom I am aware was Fred (ca. 1892) in Aldershot. The other two children of whom I am aware are William (ca. 1894) and Lillian (ca. 1897), who were born in Battersea. They were living with Emily's father, George POTTER, at the time of the 1901 Census. I would love to make contact with these cousins of mine.
red mail ware family
Charles ware was born in 1817 in battersea he married sarah bale the story of this family (my gggrandad)is very sad i will be pleased to share with anyone else researching the family
red mail Funeral Directors
Can any one tell me if A.E. Lemmer were funeral directors in Battersea in 1943, trying to trace where my father Wiliam Francis Reynolds was buried in 1943 he was a catholic. He died at Bolingbroke Hospital Battersea
red mail St Johns Hill Battersea
Does any one have ANY information about the family,s of Reynolds and Dunne who lived at St Johns Hill Battersea from 1925 to 1934, also the family of Blann who were the publicans at the Wagon and Horses Garret Land Wandsworth about 1944 to 1948
red mail Albert? Dennit, builder
I am looking for information on Albert? Dennit who was a builder in the Battersea area up to about 1926 when he moved to either Devon or Cornwall, from whence, I believe, he originated. He was involved with the Battersea Salvation Army. He had at least one daughter and his wife was a chronic invalide who was pushed about in a bath-chair and could not speak. When she passed away, he went back to the west country. Any information gratefully received.

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