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Stoke-upon-Trent (and Stoke-on-Trent) Staffordshire
Stoke-upon-Trent, often called just Stoke or Stoke Town, is the original town. Stoke-upon-Trent was also the name of a parish which included most of the area known as "The Potteries". Stoke-upon-Trent is now pa... more
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red mail Whitfield Family Ancestry Assistants
I am after any information and help in tracing my ancestry history earlier than the 1800's. I have traced the Whitfield heritage back to a William Whitfield DOB abt 1787, Shelton, Staffordshire, England. William married Ann Allen, DOB 1797, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. William and Ann had 8 children, all were born in or around Stoke upon Trent and lived most of their lives there. The help I need is, I am unable to find any information on William's parents, if anybody is able to help, it would be much appreciated. William married Ann on 23rd April, 1815  Wolstanton,Stafford,England, they lived around the Old Stokes Lane/Road area most of their life. William died on 27th December, 1867, Hartshill, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire.
red mail IBBS
Based in Northumberland, I have traced my family back to the Potteries area, mainly Stoke. I think I have a Henry Ibbs in 1839, marrying in Burton on Trent ( I would like find his parents etc.) ; another Henry marrying in Stoke in 1877 as a widower, aged 59 - I cannot find his earlier marriage. Any clues appreciated.
red mail GARNER
Levi Garner m Florence Pointer 1919 Wolstanton, children Gladys b 1919, Marjorie b 1937, Graham b 1941, brother William m sister-in-law Bertha 1915 Stoke-on-Trent, children Alice b 1915, William b 1917, Elsie b 1920, Thomas 1822. Any descendants of the above.
henry atcheson/atcherson carson
Henry lived in Stoke on Trent from at least 1868 to 1881. He is said to have been born in 1844 in Montreal(not substantiated) and in 1868 married Caroline Turton in Stoke.Would love to hear from any relation who can say why he came to England(possibly in London earlier), as emigration was usually from England to Canada, not the other way round. Also can anyone say where he went to after 1881? His marriage to Caroline produced one son, George, though Henry and Caroline were never found living together from 1868 to 1881.
red mail My Brother
I am looking for my Brother John J Taylor, born in 1937, He was adopted at an early age the same as myself, I was named Monica Taylor then, My birth mother's name was Mabel Taylor and a sister to Jean Taylor. We were born in close proximity to Stoke on Trent
red mail Warrilow's Stoke on Trent
Hi, is there anyone related to Thomas Davies Warrilow 1847 married 1870 to Mary Shore 1847/1935. Thomas's parent were Thomas 1826 and Rosanna Bagnall 1826. Any clues would help "stuck" thank you
red mail Looking for Frank T Ashworth who married a Margaret Holmes in 1966
I'm looking for a man named Frank T Ashworth born around 1945. He is my Mother's Half brother. The last sighting our family have of him is when he was maybe 2/3years old in the Thundersley/Essex/Romford area (unsure of the exact home location at that time) I found a marriage record to state he got married to a lady named Margaret H. in 1966 in stoke upon trent. I would really like to find any information about him as his family lost contact and don't know what happened to him but we long to meet him. If anyone has any information please contact me. Best wishes, Shannon
red mail Hodgkinson (Hodgkisson) - Steel
I am looking for more about John Hodgkisson (Hodgkinson) who married Hannah Steel on 18 March 1815 at Norton in the Moors but both are listed as being from Stoke. I have had this listed as Hodgkinson but still looking for the Steel link.
Whitmore, William 1875-1918
Whitmore, William 1875-1918, Parents William Frederick and Mary Ann (Cotton) Smith. William was killed in WW1, was thought to have been lost at sea but it has been proved that he was buried in the grave of the Unknown Marine at Padstow, the grave has been rededicated in his name. His Siblings were Levi 1860-1900,Alfred 1862-1932, Lucy Emma 1864-1865, Julia 1867-1908, Mark 1870-1904, Eliza 1873-, Josiah 1879-1918. Alfred was the only sibling not killed in military action. We have not managed to find out very much about Eliza, (Aunt Liz), she may have a Doncaster Connection. Family Names Whitmore Cotton Smith Clowes Litherland Rhodes
red mail LEA
John Lea Born 1850, Married Sabra Louisa Davis Born 1849, 4 Children- Henry b.1875, Emma b.1877(married William Smith of Burton on Trent), John b.1979 (my Grandfather) and Mary Elizabeth b.1882 (lived with the Dale family). Henry and John were sent to Canada. John came to Rochester, NY and married Esther Diana Howell in 1923. Any information on John Lea's siblings would be wonderful. Thank you Kori
red mail Vera Florence Marie Judson
Hi any information regarding this lady would be much appreciated thank you. I don't even know if she is still alive. She would be 91 now. She was born in 1924. Many Thanks
red mail looking for my brother Robert Lyndsay HEADFORD
Born May 19 1950 Robert Lyndsay HEADFORD was about 3 yrs old when 'given' to either to George and Muriel ( either TAYLOR or ELLIS we believe), a childless couple at the time. My parents Reg and Joan have passed on so I have little information but have two photographs of him. He was not formerly adopted, apparently a solicitor handled it but I have had no luck tracing them. The street these people lived in was possible Ellis St so the name of his carers could have been Taylor. I have been searching for years. At the time there would have been 4 other boys in our family with Robert Lyndsay being the youngest. Would appreciate any leads at all.
red mail Searching for Mary Margaret Manns
I'm looking for a Mary Margaret Manns. She lived in Silverdale in the late 1950s early 1960s and was a student nurse at the Limes hospital. She would be approximately 18 or 21 y/o then. Would anyone know of her present whereabouts or point me in the right direction
red mail CAREY
I am looking for help in tracing John Thomas CAREY born in 1877 and who died age 75 yrs on 7th June 1952 in Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk. Before his death, John Carey senior had lived for many years in Grimsey Road, Leiston, Suffolk. On the certificate his death was registered by his son also called John Thomas Carey of 42 Third Avenue, Kidsgrove. I should be most grateful if anyone who knew/knows the family can get in touch with me please. Kind regards, Colin
red mail stoke on trent
looking for information on my grandparents Percy and Hettie Bradbury, she was formally poole. I know he was a pow 1st world war and there is links with Brazil
red mail Job Stevenson, of Shelton, Stoke on Trent
I am researching the parents and family of Job Stevenson, born 1799 in Shelton, Stoke on Trent. He married Lorahammi Lees in 1825 in Hanley, but in the 1841 Census is living with Rhoda and their daughters Sarah and Caroline. In 1851 and 1861 he is now with Laura, but in 1871 he is with Sarah. This all seems very confusing. Can anyone help, please? Thank you. Chris.
red mail Hollins family research
I am doing research on the Hollins family that existed around the Potteries in the 16th, 17th & 18th centuries Mostly around the Cheadle/Caverswall/Dilhorne areas but I suspect that there may be a connection with the Hollins family of Wolstanton/Newcastle/Keele area. Currently looking for a 1650 - 1668 birth for Jacob Hollins (as the 1646 Dilhorne Jacob died in infancy) and a marriage for Jacob Hollins & Jane Limer/Lymer. Any other information gratefully recieved.
red mail Looking for Birth Record/Certificate
I am looking for how to go about getting a birth certificate for my aunt. It would of been in Dec 1916. But I am have heard thru the family rumor mill that she may have been adopted by my grandmother. Her name was Joyce Evelyn or Emmie Welsh born in Dec 1916, I know that my grandparents were around the Houghton Regis, Bedford area, not to sure if that is close to stoke upon trent.Is it possible to request it with her being my aunt I would also like to know if a man entered the war, how often would he of got passes to go and visit his family, was it often, or not at all. thanks kathy
red mail bowyer family
looking for info on the bowyer family from somwhere in stoke on trent. the mothers maiden name is patricia a hunt and her husband is eric bowyer. any info would be great.
red mail hunt family
looking for any info on the hunt family from somewhere in stoke on trent, the mother's maiden name was babara tunstall and the father was stephen hunt. any if would be great.
red mail Lovatt-Foster
Trying to find information about Doris Lovatt Nee Foster, she lived on the Cannock Rd Weeping Cross in the 1940s ,she worked at English Electric in Stafford. Any information woild be greatly appreciated
red mail George Thomas Mansell
I'm looking for information relating to George Thomas Mansell, believed born in Stoke in 1855. He married my ancestor, Elizabeth Goodier in Hulme, Manchester in 1873. Their first-born children died in infancy. I think other children may have survived, but have no proof. I'm also looking for their respective deaths (i.e. George Thomas Mansell and wife, Elizabeth Mansell, nee Goodier). These may have occurred in either Chorlton (Manchester South), or Staffordshire. Unable to locate for sure on BMD. Any and all help welcomed. Kind regards, Frank.
red mail morgan
hi i am looking for Morgan family children Thomas,Winfred Wilfred
red mail Maria Bromley / Rachel Bromley
Hello, I'm looking for any info regarding my great grandmother Maria Bromley born 1841 in Stoke upon Trent. Her mother may have been called Rachel. Maria moved houses around the Stoke area living in Registry Street, Honeywall, Wood Street, Ocford Street, Brighton Street and West Street after her marriage to Thomas Speed. Maria had six children, Thomas, Mary, Annie, James, Maud and Ethel. Many thanks in advance
red mail Sophia Dair and Family
I am looking for any information on my ggrandmother Sophia Florence Dair, she was born in 1869 in Canterbury, Kent, England and her children are Annie Dair b-1893 in Stoke Staff, Frances Elizabeth b-1895 in Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire,Henry George b-1897 in Stoke Staff, James Dair born 1900 in Stoke Staff. I have them listed in 1901 census as visitors of a Rosa Keefe, no men where listed in the house, so i presume they were in the military. I have no idea what Sophia's maiden name was, I have tried with no luck. Anyone, with any information I WOULD GREATLY I am at a wall. Thanks Kathy
red mail Dorthy Leese
Any information on Dorthy Leese (born August 11,1920?), wife of Charles E Leese of Church Lawton, Stoke-on-Trent, Great granddaughter of Anne and Henry Newman, Kidsgrove. She had a son, Stephen who died the same year as his father (1988?). Stephen had 2? sons.
red mail Bentley/Fenton
I am looking for my great, great grandparents Matthew and Ellen Bentley. Matthew was born in Stafforshire 05 Mar 1813. He married Ellen Fenton Born 1814 in Stafforshire. They were married Sep 1837 in Staffordshire and departed for the US in 1844. I am trying to figure out who their parents were.
red mail William Potts / Thirza Mountford
I'm looking for more details about my Grandfather William Potts b.1903 who married Thirza Mountford b.1904 they lived in Stoke on Trent, had a son William Thomas Potts b.1927. That's about all I know, any further information would be appreciated.
tom foreman-1903-1953
seeking help on tom foreman he married ada fitchford in stoke in 1943 had a son called alan and a daughter called hazel he died in 1953 can any one help with info on his life-work and his family it would be nice to find someone who knew him in stoke
red mail Dorothy Cafe, Longton, Stoke-onTrent
I am researching for my latest novel and wondered if anyone remembers the Dorothy Cafe in Longton. The year I'm writing about is 1952. I need to know whether the cafe - which I think was above a cake shop - was rather 'select', ie. the waitresses wore black uniforms with white frilly aprons, that sort of thing. And also whether they served hot lunches or merely tea and cakes. I'd be most grateful for any information, All best wishes, Margaret
red mail nixon joseph
I am researching the Nixon family who lived in Etruria, Stoke on Trent in the mid 19th Century. My g grandparents joseph and jane(nee Hall)nixon were married in 1877 at St Matthews in Etruria. Both were born +/- one year 1855. Children were Eliza/Lisa/Liza, Jane, Thomas, James, Charles, Elizabeth, Joseph, Annie, Amy Ellen. At some point prior to the birth of Elizabeth in 1894 they moved to Chase Town. Charles and Annie (married Bernard Cooper) also moved to Ilkeston in Derbyshire. My main problem is that no census returns have been made featuring any of the above. Any help would be appreciated.
red mail Lilley
My father's surname was Mc Carthy or Mac Carthy, who married my mother Elizabeth Lilley in 1947. She was the daughter of John R.Lilley from Staffordshire / Stoke on Trent, who also had a twin sister in Stoke -on - Trent. My mother worked as a nurse in London during the 2nd World War. My grandfather John R.Lilley came to Ireland as a British soldier, and went on to marry a local girl Bridget Mc Grath. His soldiering adventures took him to Afghanistan and other far away places, before ending up in Ireland. I understand that there is a museum in Stoke on trent , with some pictures of himself and others, but I still did not get the chance to see them. He was also very good at soccer and introduced it to us in the early sixties. I also understand that he played soccer with some club around the area in England. I would love to contact anybody from that Family.
red mail Phelan Jenkins Battle Stacey
I am looking to trace the descendants of John Battle and Kate Phelan and Sarah Phelan Kate's sister. Kate was born in 1888 Sarah was born on the 1st April 1890 both were born in Abbeyleix County Laois. Kate married a John Battle born 1877 in Ireland they married in Ireland sometime prior to 1934. The fact that Kate was a Catholic and John a Protestant caused problems with Kates family after the marriage so they left Ireland for Stoke on Trent it is not known when they arrived. In 1934 they were living at 154 Ashford Street Shelton Staffordshire. John Battle died in 1934. I believe they had 3 children Eva, Olive and Kate I have no idea where they were born. In 1934 Sarah married Herbert John Jenkins born 28th October 1883 at Croxton Staffordshire they married on the 28th April 1935 they had one child born in 1935 Shirley. Herbert John had been married before in 1907 he had married Martha Elizabeth Stacey born 1881 in Eccleshall Staffordshire. They had had three boys James Jenkins born in 1910 at warkhill Staffordshire. Stanley John Jenkins born 13th May 1915 at Newcastle Staffordshire and Thomas Jenkins no other information. I am looking to trace any descendants of these families
red mail Johnson/Brian/Bradbury descendents
Looking for descendant information on Florence May Johnson(nee Brian) who married Jesse Johnson a coal hewer, they had 9 children(Elenor, Gladys, Florence, Gertrude, Dorothy, Margaret, Noreen, Kathleen(D.O.B 22.12.32), and George (D.O.B 20.7.22) who married Joan Bradbury on 26.8.1944 at the Central Methodist Church Meir. George was an RAF serviceman who saw service in West Africa.Joan is the daughter of Albert Ernest Bradbury & Annie Ibbs of Fenton. Any further information greatly appreciated.
red mail Longport stoke on trent
Looking for any information on Ethel Chadwick formerly of Longport died 1949 aged 31yrs she had one child named Melvyn ethels mothers name was Louisa Chadwick
red mail Joseph G Frost JP Stoke on Trent
Looking for relatives of Joseph. He Married Louisa Annie Bratton in Stoke 1886
red mail Herbert Simpson Shelton
Looking for any info on my Great uncle Herbert Simpson 1884-1918. His parents where Herbert Simpson and Emma Adams,brother to Elizabeth,Thomas,John,Harry, who lived at 48 Mollart Street, Shelton/Hanley S-O-T Staffs UK.Any information welcome, as he popped up in your family tree are you related.
red mail comley/gloucestershire
anyone decsended fom james comley of kingscote glos. pleas contact steve comley,many thanks.
red mail comley-stoke-on-trent
I am looking for anyone that may have a photograph of george ernest comley 1st5th north staffordshire regiment 2140. I believe he is buried at larchwood railway cutting cemetary in belgium.He was the son of alfred comley and resided in stoke.
red mail comley family
I am searching for information on john comley born 1874 in the stoke-on-trent/penkhull area.His parents were george frederick comley and louisa comley nee palmer.
red mail William SHERRATT
Anyone looking for William Sherratt (cordwainer), shown on his son George Sherratt's marriage certificate in 1866 (Burslem, Stoke). I know the answer
red mail Rowley
I am researching the Rowley family of Burslem, I have researched back to Edwin Rowley who was born in 1852 and married Betsey Broad back in 1870. Their marraige certificate states that Edwin's father was a Thomas Rowley of whom I can find no further information. Any help regarding my research would be most appriciated. Thank you Cath
red mail Dietch
Looking for any relatives of Henry or Saul Dietch or Deitch living at 32 church st , hanley stoke on trent in 1912. any information with regard to the place or family would be usefull thankyou
red mail Knight , Lawton
My family came from this area and I am seeking out anyone who can help me with the KNIGHT line. Seems mine doesn't match with most others here in the USA. Joseph Arthur Knight the third is my grandfather; he was born may 19 1901 in Packmore. I am looking mostly for his grandfather Joseph Arthur Knight the first. He was born appx 1826 in Ruston and died Dec 1892 in Brindley Ford. That is all I really have on JAK the first his wife name was Hannah. I can not find anything beyond this point. I am now the older generation all others I know have passed. My grandparents were Joseph Arthur Knight III and Gladys Isabella Lawton. We also tie into the Unwins with Charlotte Unwin being Joe III's Mother. Any and all help would be grateful for.
red mail John Lees
John Lees born c1777 at Stoke-on-Trent. He joined the New South Wales Corp in 1796 and emigrated to Australia in 1797. I am looking for any info on him or his family in the UK. Also any descendants of his in Australia. Here in Australia he married Mary Stephens who came out as a convict in 1801. Regards Janice
red mail William Henry Winkle
I'm trying to trace relatives of William Henry Winkle born 1885 in Hanly Stoke on Trent. William married Isabelle they had a son who's name is Alfred ( Alf ) my half brother. At one time my farther had a haulage and coal business called W.H.Winkle and Son Haulage Contractors / Saloon cars for hire / Wedding speciality. Isabelle died approximately on the 03-08-1943, I don't have an address for Alf after this. In 1901 he lived at 98 Rose Street Hanley,in 1924 he was living at 8 Mayer Street Hanley, in 1933 he was living at 181 Bucknall New Road Hanley,in 1943 according to his National Identity Card he lived at cafe and filling Station Baldwin's Gate Stoke --5A Russell Street Shelton--201 Doncaster Road ( hard to make out looks like ) Wath Upon Deane, in 1945 he was living at 205 Bucknall New Road Hanley he then moved to Kent. I would be grateful for any information you may have. Trevor
red mail Johnson Family
I am searching the Johnson Family from Meir Stoke On Trent, particularly Kathleen Christina Johnson Born 22/12/1932.(At one stage they lived in Leason Road Meir.)Parents Jesse Johnson and Florence May(formerly Brian). Kathleen was the youngest of 9 children. Her siblings were Florence, Eleanor, Gladys, Gertrude, George, Dorothy, Margaret and Noreen. Kathleen was a kindergarten teacher and travelled to Australia sometime around 1964 not knowing if she returned. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail FRED BOOTH
Trying to find Fred Booth, (born in Stoke on Trent area) brother of Albert & Elsie, son of William Booth and Elsie Whitehead to complete Whitehead family-tree, and catch-up with news.
red mail Squire
Cyril and Margaret Squire were from the Stoke on Trent area and are related in some way to my father through his mother Nelly Shaw. Any information ?
john hulme
I am looking for information about my great great grandfather's occupation/s. On census and marriage certificates etc he is described as 'pottery agent' 'china dealer'. In 1881 he and his family lived in Wharf St, Shelton, Stoke on trent. His marriage in 1868 took place in London where both his sons were born in 1871 and 1873 (Frederick and George). He was in London in 1891 and died in 1895 in London.
red mail William Hutchinson Wood
born 1872, son of Joseph Wood and Mary Mason. Married Georgina Howard. Any information on him would be GREATLY appreciated
red mail Enoch Emery - Stoke-On-Trent
Hello, I am searching for information on my Great Grandfather Enoch Emery who, as far as I am aware, worked in the ceramic Industry in Stoke-On-Trent. I think he married a lady called Agnes. I have photographs of them, but I am trying to find out more about them and their parents. They had a child William Walter, my Grandfather, who in turn became a well know architect in the local area, and was an artist, designer, potter and printmaker among other artistic talents. He married my Grandmother, Janet Purdie, a wonderful Scottish woman from Glasgow and they lived in Stockton-Brook and then Endon in Staffordshire. I would love to find anything out about Enoch and Agnes (?) or also my Grandmother Janet Purdie as she and her sister Rhona became orphans after their mother's death and were placed in an orphanage in Glasgow. Please get in touch if you have any information or clues about these people, I will appreciate it emormously.. thank you.
red mail Parker JohnTalk O' The Hill
Trying to find John Parker 1802 father of Sarah Parker who went on to marry Edward Hickin and later Alfred Arblaster Brownhills Staffs. Believe he lived in Talk O' The Hill as this is were Sarah came From. Lily
red mail Brian Family
Trying to trace family tree: John Brian lived in Normacot, Longton, Gomsmill, Stoke on Trent, his father was John Brian Mother Emily Molloy, any info would be appreciated Thanks
red mail Passenger List to South Africa 1915
My Grandfathers Brother, Charles Thomas Leat 1880, left these shores to start a new life in South Africa. I have the Passenger list, if anyone is interested. They left from the Port of London on the 28 August 1915 sailing to Algon Bay, South Africa, on the ship Norman
red mail BAKER
Looking for John Baker who married Martha BRATT in 1815 at Norton in the Moors.He was a Potter and the father of Joseph born 1819 and possibly of 3 other sons John,Samuel and Mark.Possibly lived in Penkridge.
red mail John Thomas Foulkes
Seeking information on my grandfather John Thomas Foulkes. He joined the original Salvation Army in the late 1800's as a young man and immigrated to Canada and the United States. I believe the family was in the china or pottery business
red mail Davis/Davies
I am looking for Stephen Davis/Davies b 1821 Wem - Shropshire then moved to Stoke. Married Maria, Children Emma 1849 circa and Eli 1859 circa any help appreciated.
red mail Stanyer, Maxfield Family
My Grandad is Thomas Stanyer, married Nancy Maxfield. Thomas was from Dalehall Burslem. I have no other information apart from Thomas had a brother Jack married to Dot & they lived in Alsager. Any information about the family would be appreciated.
Looking to share information with other Malbons in Staffordshire, especially Stoke on Trent area. I have a lot of them! Malbon4084
red mail Agnes Hutchinson of Stoke
Am looking for any descendants of Agnes Hutchinson b@1864 Stoke. Her mother was Louisa Hutchinson who married John Forbes and John Henry Gallagher. Agnes was last recorded in 1901 Cardiff living with her mother,a widow, as a Circus performer but what happened to Agnes after her mother died in 1905?
red mail Alfred Thomas Pepper/Eliza Anne Clowes (Clewes?)
born 1900 to Eliza Anne Clewes/Clowes and Alfred Thomas Pepper, living in Bond Street, Stoke on Trent. Eliza (Annie?) is my father's aunt, whom he never knew existed as there was a falling out between the 2 other siblings (Thomas and Sidney). Their parents were John Clowes and Sarah Owen, all from the Tunstall area. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
red mail SIMON ROPER
I am looking for my son Simon Roper who was born in Stoke on Trent in 1978. It is imperative I get in touch - all use of private investigors has produced nothing.
red mail Shaw Plant family
Looking for any info on a Harry William Shaw b. 1913 and an Arthur Ernest/Ernie Shaw b. 1912. Both born in Stoke. Mother maiden name is Plant. Fathers name Albert Edward Shaw. I am Harrys Granddaughter. I believe they both moved to Manchester and died in the 1960s but would like to know where they went and where they were buried and any other family info. Please anyone get in touch
red mail smith
my great gran/fathers name was Boriston born 1866 his wifes name was Catherine Hodkiss and his parents are David born 1830 -Eliza Tabbinor. I would like to here from anyone related
red mail BOULTON
searching for details about a James Boulton, born sometime in 1937-39 fathers name was William. Any details would be appreciated
red mail born sylvia capper
hi we are looking for my husbands natraul birth mother sylvia capper, she marries Paul Garrington, then ????rodgers and then a dennis J cadman. we would like to get in touch, she has grandkids she has never seen.
red mail Looking For Gregory Family
I am looking for anyone with information about Marion Gregory (King)She was born in Sub-District of Hanley in the County of Stoke-on-Trent. Birthday is Jan 1920 to a William Gregory and Mary Annie Haynes. She left England to go to United States in the State of Texas with her US born Husband and 6 mth old baby girl. Anyone with any information about the family please contact me. Thank you.
red mail Martin family - Stoke on Trent
Hello I'm looking for information about a freind of mine who was adopted in 1965. She was born in Feb 1965 and was given the name Tracy Martin and her mothers name was Barbara Jean Martin (nee Deakin) She has recently sent for her original birth certificate for this information and is trying to trace her mother and any brothers and sisters from her mothers first marriage to David Martin.She knows that her mother lived in Railton Avenue in Stoke on Trent. Any information on the family would be appritiated.
red mail Brooks
Ada Platts married Frederick Brooks in Wellington, Stafford in 1896. Children - *Lillian b. 1898
red mail Steele
Emily Platts married Henry Steele in Wellington, Stafford, England 1896 Children - *James b. 1897 *Henry b. 1900
red mail Grainger
Sarah J. Platts married Thomas David Grainger in 1882 in Saint John, Hanley, Stafford. Children - *Mary b. 1883 *William b. 1887 *Sarah b. 1889 *Thomas b. 1891 *Frank b. 1893 *Annie b. 1895
red mail Jarvis
Mary A. Platts married Oliver Lyttleton Jarvis in 1875 in Penkridge, Staffordshire. Oliver was a shoemaker Children - *Eli - b. 1876 *Walter b. 1879 *Florence b. 1883 *Alfred b. 1886 *Austin b. 1889 *Thriza b. 1892 *Henrietta b. 1895
red mail Platts
William b. 1838 - 1841 in Coleorton, Leicester. Married Elizabeth Mann in 1856. Children: *Mary A. - b. 1854 married Oliver Jarvis *Sarah J. - b. 1861 married Thomas Grainger *William b. 1863 married Louisa Green *Emily b. 1866 married Henry Steele *Joseph b. 1870 *Felix b. 1874 married Mary Cartwright *Ada b. 1876 married Frederick Brooks *Elizabeth b. 1878 *Eunice b. 1880
red mail bates
I am looking for any information about my father Percy Henry Bates born 1925 in Stoke on Trent. His fathers name was John Richard Bates and his mothers maiden name was Gregg. In 1946 I believe the family were living in Newcastle rd. Trent Vale.
red mail Sheldon Bryan
Looking for info about Frederick Bryan who was born in Stoke on Trent in mid 1800s or anything on Sheldon Bryan or William Bryan anywhere in the potteries area
red mail Sheldon family
I am looking for the family of Daniel Sheldon who was known by the name of Daniel Clewes and was born in 1906. Daniel Clewes Snr was a Boatman who raised his son but was never married to his mother. He was on the boat "Hungerford" at Barnton Cheshire.
red mail please help
im getting married next year and would love my brother to be there, peter barker/hamnet, if u r out there or anyone can trace him please help, im desperate to find you, yor dads name was roy hamnett, we think your mums name could ahve been beryl barker, dont know where else to look !!!
red mail looking for peter barker
we are looking for peter barker who was born in fenton, stoke on trent, he will now possibly be in his 30s, his late fathers name was roy hamnett, peter is our step brother and we would love to find him, not sure where he is living now or what his mums name was,
red mail Kent Pendleton Longson Tittensor Rhead Farrington Bell Duckers
I am looking for info on the above names in and around Stoke on Trent/Newcastle Staffs area. Particularly interesed in anyone with connections to Frank Longson c1890 and George W Duckers c1895 Thanks
red mail Sidney Parton Stephenson
Agnes Stephenson Married a Harry Cartwright in 1888. I am trying to find her father Sidney Parton Stephenson I can not find any record of him after 1869. he is then found in the rate books for Davis Street In Hanley Stoke -on -Trent He is not in the 1871 census. there are no Pasish records of his burial .any ideas
red mail Heath families in stoke area
I am compiling family trees for Heaths in Staffordshire. My family originated in Caverswall in the 1600's. We moved to Hanley in the 1700's.I'm related to the ironmaster Heaths of Biddulph. Want to contact and exchange data with Yates, Simpsons and Shorthoses. Linked to all of them by marriage.
red mail george draper
serching for the death of george Draper Born 1838. he was still alive in 1901c it is the only gap in my tree. KenM
red mail William Lewis
Looking for information about William Lewis, born 1860 (Llowes) to David Lewis, b. 1821 (Llandegely) & Margaret Lewis, b. Approx 1833( Llandegely) He married Mary Ann Rees b. 1864 on 11.3.1882 at Llanwennarth Church. Lived in Blaenavon, described as a boiler inspector. Offspring; David J. 1883, William Henry 1885, Rhys T. (Frank?) 1889, Lillian Sarah 1887, Albert R. 1891, Frederick 1893, Gertrude 1899, and Archibald 1900. Moved to 2, Sandon St. Etruria. ( Stoke-on-Trent ) William Henry 1885 went on to marry Elsie Rees of Margam, daughter of Edmund John Rees and Annie Henry. Any info. must appreciated!
red mail Ball
Do you have any of the following in your tree? All children of JAMES BALL and Elizabeth HOLMES from STOKE ON TRENT, family moved to Cannock in 1880's and were in Birmingham by 1901 MARY JANE BALL born c 1874 in Stoke on Trent - she married George Groves ELLEN BALL born c 1876 in Stoke on Trent ALICE BALL born c 1879 in Stoke on Trent ELIZABETH BALL born c 1882 in Cannock JAMES BALL born c 1884 in Cannock DOROTHY/DORA BALL born c 1885 in Cannock DANIEL BALL born c 1888 in Cannock ROBERT BALL born c 1890 in Cannock FLORENCE LUCY BALL born c 1894 in Cannock Any help or links would be great - thanks Deborah
red mail Ball /Taylor/Holmes/Hill
seeking any information and connections please early 1800's - AARON BALL living in STOKE ON TRENT married to ANN TAYLOR Children include; DANIEL MARY HARRIET - marries Robert Hill AARON - marries Lavinia Holmes JAMES - marries Elizabeth Holmes AMELIA - marries John Hill All living around Stoke on Trent until 1880's - any links? thanks for looking - Deborah
red mail Goodman, Ball
William Goodman married Jane Ball Jan 1892 Leek Stafford, Family moved onto Stoke on Trent. Any info?
red mail Wallbank One-name Study
I have started the Wallbank and variants One-name Study Group. Anyone who is interested in the name please contact me.
red mail Thomas Woodward b.1809
Seeking ancestors of above,believed to be William & Martha,Anyone help,please? William married at Sheen in Peak District.
red mail Newcastle under Lyme
I am looking for John Simpson born 1850 (House Painter) He Married his second wife Mary Sophia Stephenson in 1876 She was a widow. Her first husband was Sidney Parton Stephenson. John lived in Stubbs St Newcastle and Mary In Hassall St They had two girls Ethel and Mary 1880 & 1882
red mail Lovatt
Looking for info on a George Lovatt bn Burton-on_trent 1882 married Priscilla Gough in Stoke St Peters 1906 lived Boothen Green up until about 1918? then vanished from the family home would like to know where he ended up
red mail Bevington
Looking for any Bevington connections around North Staffs.
Julie May Holmes born 30th July 1945 at The Limes U D in Stoke-on-Trent and adopted in October 1945. Mother was born Vera Florence Marie Judson and father was Leslie Ernest Holmes. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Shenton/Kirkland
I am looking for info on Arthur Shenton(great grandad) he married Mary Drinkwater in 1904 and lived in New St. I have loads about the Drinkwaters but cannot trace Arthur back other than his father was Thomas a plumber and died before 1904. Cannot match any census so any help will be very gratefully received. Also Thomas Richard Kirkland born 1888-91 my other great grandfather married to sarah ellen chadwick but died bother my nana's wedding in 1938, I cannot find his death anywhere. Help!
red mail longton connections
Looking for any close relatives of Wilfred Baden JOHNSON. BORN 1901/DIED 1972. Longton.all relations lived in and around the Normacot area in the 1800s and 1900s. any information on this family would be appreciated.........thank you Barbara.
red mail Salfred Family
Looking for info on George Salfred born march 14th 1914 he played a violin at the Grand hotel at weekends or any info on his family
Looking for a connection with someone who is researching the surname SIMPSON. some names i have in my tree are: SIMEON SIMPSON. REBECCA SIMPSON. HANDLEY SIMPSON. CHARLES SIMPSON. WALTER SIMPSON. will reply to all emails.
red mail Looking for Stanyer and Flaherty Family
Any information on ancestors of Wilfred b 1920 m Mary Elizabeth Flaherty and their families Staffordshire would be greatful.
red mail Ashworth
I am researching my connections to the family of Taylor Ashworth b.1839 d.1910. He was an earthenware manufacturer of ironstone and jointly ran the company George L Ashworth & Brothers. Information about his manufacturing would be wonderful. Information freely exchanged.
POWELL FAMILY. The mother MARGARET was born in IRELAND, so was the first born HARRIET. MARGARET & EDWARD came to ENGLAND and settled in BILSTON, then moved to STOKE ON TRENT. Some of the children stayed in BILSTON, while the others moved to STOKE ON TRENT. The names of the children are: HARRIET POWELL, JOHN POWELL, GEORGE POWELL, ALFRED POWELL, JAMES POWELL, EDWARD POWELL, MARGARET POWELL, ELIZA POWELL, FREDERICK POWELL.MARIA POWELL.

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