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red mail Evans Family - (Lee Brockhurst - Shropshire)
I am researching Edward and Ann Evans who lived in Lee Brockhurst from 1799 to 1810. Children were Harriet, Sarah, Anne, Jane and Francis. Sarah married Robert Davies at Hodnet in 1825
red mail Gough Family - (Lee Brockhurst - Shropshire)
I am researching the Gough family from Mostyn Pool/Lee Brockhurst from 1900 on.In particular Richard Gough who died 7/2/1918 aged 90
red mail Hopwood - (Lee Brockhurst - Shropshire)
I am trying to find info about Sarah Hopwood, my great, great grandmother who was born in Lee Brockhurst in 1815.
red mail Holding/Houlding family - (Lee Brockhurst - Shropshire)
Seeking any information about the Holding family - especially John Houlding's(1820-1881) ancestry; mother was Margaret, father was Daniel.
red mail Leebotwood, Salop - (Leebotwood - Shropshire)
Looking for the family of Elizabeth Burgwin, born c 1841 at Leebotwood, or for any info re this place.
red mail Burgwin family - (Leebotwood - Shropshire)
I am trying to trace the Burgwin family . My great great grandfather was Edward Burgwin born in Leebotwood in 1817 . He was married to Ann Powell from Shelve. The family moved to Churton ( 1846) and Church Pulverbatch (1881). They had six children including my great grandfather Jeremiah born in 1846 in Churton. Jeremiah married Mary Ann Garraway in 1870 and they had six children including my grandmother Norah Jessie born in 1887 in Shrewsbury. My grandmother married and emigrated to Canada in 1911 and we have lost contact with the Burgwins remaining in England. Any help you offer will be greatly appreciated.
red mail Leebotwood Church Memorials - (Leebotwood - Shropshire)
My ancestor, Henry Acton, husband of Hannah (Corbet) Acton died in 1685 at Leebotwood. What is the name of the nearby church? Also, is there an online site wherein one may read all the memorial inscriptions present in this church?
JONES of Leebotwood, Shropshire - (Leebotwood - Shropshire)
William George Jones 1888-1973. Born Church Stetton, Married Sarah Clara Davies settled Shrewsbury and Merrington (Bomere Heath). Retired back to Leebotwood
red mail Probert/Spout Lane - (Leighton - Shropshire)
Does anyone have any info about Proberts of Spout Lane? Possibly Richard and Annie, son Harold? I remember visiting in the 1950's.
red mail george adams - (Leighton - Shropshire)
im looking for any relatives of my grandad george adams, he had a sister margaret, brother albert i believe and younger sister emma. are there any relatives relating to these people. i do know that margaret married a man called dodd.
red mail Thomas Ford (1873) - (Leighton - Shropshire)
I am looking for anyone who might know about Thomas Ford who was born in Leighton in 1873. His father was William Ford (born Wroxeter in 1836) and his mother was Eliza Ford (nee Overton, born Buildwas in 1831). In 1916, he married Gertrude Harris. In particular, i would like to know if Thomas had a military career. He was a groom most of his life and apparently he was a groom for David Lloyd George some time in his life. I have a photograph of a military man on a horse who is supposed to be Thomas but i can't prove it and he is missing on the 1901 census which is when many men would have joined up, served and fought in the Boer War in South Africa and this would fit with his absence on the 1901 census. Any information about Thomas would be good but information about his occupations or military career would be very welcome. Thanks!
red mail Lightmoor - (Lightmoor - Shropshire)
Does anyone have any information on the brick works at Lightmoor or the Hammer Inn. The license was taken off the Hammer in 1936 to accommodate the builing of the Beacon at the top of Ironbridge bank. The Hammer had a very large malthouse, but all was demolished by the Telford Development Corporation in the 1960's. Some of the windows in the Hammer were cast iron Darby windows from around 1800.
red mail Woolley /amis - (Llanfair Waterdine - Shropshire)
Richard Woolley b 1748 married Elilzabeth Amis at Llanfair Waterdine in 1783. Their two children Thomas b. 1785 and Mary who married George Powell of Clun were born there. Does any one connect?
red mail Thomas - (Llanfair Waterdine - Shropshire)
Charles thomas Born 1859, to 62 probabley of farming stock went on to marry and live in AdfortonThomas
red mail John Allen Edwards - (Llawnt - Shropshire)
my grandfather,born 1887 ,probably on a farm,moved to Llangollen,married jane Williams in 1908.want to know about his early years in Llawnt.Anyone from there?
red mail hughes - (Llynclys - Shropshire)
I am looking for any Hughes/lewis family from llynclys or morda Iam trying to do a tree but as both my parents have gone do not know where to start! Iremember my nan sarah ann hughes and her husband hywel from LLynclys but that is about it and this was in the seventies, I lived in Morda until 1976 when my my mum died and lost contact with the area. Please help thanks
red mail Younghusband of Lodgebank / Lodge Bank - (Lodgebank - Shropshire)
Looking for any information on W. Younghusband of Lodge Bank. I have early ginger beer bottle c.1860 impressed as above but cannot find further details. Bottle was obtained from sale of contents of large house in Lancs but Younghusbands appear mainly around Cumberland / Northumberland. Not sure if this is correct Lodge Bank. Any info appreciated. May be in directories or on census' as ginger beer manufacturer / brewer / wine & spirit merchant?
red mail BETTON - (Longden - Shropshire)
red mail Sarah Gwilliam - (Longden - Shropshire)
Am looking for any information on Sarah Gwilliam ,b. Longden 31 March 1846. She was the oldest child of Jane and John Gwilliam. The family later moved to Cantlop. There were 13 children in the family. The youngest- Richard , was my grandfather.
red mail Mapp- Emma &John - (Longdon on Tern - Shropshire)
I'm looking for details on Emma Mapp, who was born in Longdon, Shrops in 1839, although she moved to west Midlands before 1860 , when she married. Her father was John Mapp, but I have been unable to find details about him?
red mail Steventon 1783 in Longdon - (Longdon on Tern - Shropshire)
Looking for parents of John Steventon born about 1753 who had a son Richard born 1783 in Longdon-on-Tern with his wife Martha born about 1757 there. Richard had children in Tipton, Staffordshire. Richard had a sister Jane christened 23 NOV 1779 in Longdon. Also would like to find marriage records for John and his son Richard so I can learn their wives' maiden names. Thank you for your help.
red mail yeomans Longford - (Longford - Shropshire)
My great grandfather Louis or lewis Yeomans was born in Longford Shrops about 1854,His father was Richard Yeomans and mother Sarah Talbot.Louis married Annie Couchman Stockwell in Kensington. They met whilst in service together.Grateful if anyone has any other information.
red mail Glanville - (Longnor - Shropshire)
Looking for any information on a farming family of this surname or anything of the like, who lived in the Longnor/Frodesly area in the 1900's. -Karen
red mail Everall/Everell - (Longnor - Shropshire)
Searching for Henry Everall/Everell born about 1838 in Longnor. Living in Berry Street, Liverpool in 1861, employed as a Grocer's assistant. Married 1863 to Annie Thomson in Birkenhead. Moyra
red mail Sockett - (Longnor - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on Margaret Sockett, born 30/11/1802 in Longnor, Shropshire. Parents very probably Richard Sockett and Martha Griffiths. Margaret lived with William Fox in Pontesbury and had these children: Richard, John, Jemima, Joseph, Martha Elizabeth, Robert, Peter, Jane, Mary Ann. Buried in Bayston Hill churchyard Any information as to the marriage of Margaret and William above, as well as of ancestors gratefully received
red mail Smith, Maude Mary - (Loppington - Shropshire)
Does anyone know anything about Maude. She was a Housekeeper (domestic) at Parish Farm, Loppington in 1920. Does the farm still exist and what happened to her after January 1921?
red mail John Pugh - (Loppington - Shropshire)
John Pugh Wife Elizabeth ???? Looking for thier Ancestors. They had 3 Children Thomas Pugh 1802 Joseph Pugh 1804 and Mary Pugh 1808 all born in Loppington
red mail BLOWER/BLOWERS FAMILIES - (Loppington - Shropshire)
Researching the Blowers families who lived in the Loppington area in the 1800s. John Blowers married a Deborah Barkley. Are they buried in the churchyard or any other information.
red mail Rodenhurst family - (Loppington - Shropshire)
Please can anyone tell me anything about Mrs Rodenhurst and her family, who kept the shop/post office for 4 generations. I know that Mrs Rodenhurst,s daughter Katie, married George Wright, and they ran the shop until their son Ken took over in 1955. It is old Mrs Rodenhurst,s generation I wish to know about, anything will help, any photos. would be great
red mail Family Tree - (Lushcott - Shropshire)
I am looking for any Lush descendants living in Canada of James L Lush 1882 and wife Elsie Bell. Emigrated to Canada in 1913. Also any descendants of Edwin James Lush 1846 who emmigrated to New Zealand in 1870
red mail Hammonds/Rowton Families - Lydbury North - (Lydbury North - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on the Hammond and Rowton families. John Hammonds married Mary Rowton in 1683.
red mail Rogers - (Maesbury - Shropshire)
I have found that my Ancestor married Margaret Rogers Born in Maesbury in 1844 on 30th July 1871. At the time of the marriage Margaret lived in Beatrice Street, Oswestry at the Dee Tavern Cefyn Bychan, Denbighshire. Her father was the landlord of this pub. I am looking to find any details of the Rogers family.
DRAYTON of Maesbury, Shropshire - (Maesbury - Shropshire)
Edward DRAYTON born 1821 at Buttington, Montgomeryshire married Mary and brought up a family in Maesbury near Oswestry. In the 1861 Census his father Robert DRAYTON was staying with him. John DRAYTON his brother also lived in Maesbury.
red mail Edward Morris - (Mainstone - Shropshire)
Edward Morris (son) was born in Mainstone in 1817. He moved to Herfordshire and was living in Whitney in 1842. Edward senior was a farmer but no other details available.
red mail JONES--HAYWARD - (Malinslee - Shropshire)
Looking for any infomation on Samuel Jones or Ester Hayward who married at Malinslee chapel in 1884---------later moved to Leigh in Lancashire
red mail lello family - (Mardu - Shropshire)
I am seeking any information on the Lello family who lived in the Marde, Bicton, or Clun, area 18th or 19th century.
red mail Taylor family - (Marsh Green - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on James Taylor born in Marsh Green area of Shropshire in 1833. He was listed in the 1851 census working for a farmer called John Davies.
red mail Meesons, Meeson Hall in Bolas Magna parish - (Meeson - Shropshire)
I am trying to find a link between the Meeson family linked with Meeson Hall in Bolas Magna parish with the Meesons who moved to Walsall. The Walsall Meeson seem to have eventually become a family of brush-makers who later migrated to Hull, Bradford, York, Stockton-on-Tees and finally Leeds. I would dearly love to find evidence for the Bolas Magna Meesons moving to Walsall.
red mail Edwyn Fox-Davies - (Melverley - Shropshire)
On 1881 Census Edwyn living in Llanymynech states he was born in Melverley circa 1857. Does anyone know of this family please?
red mail Parents of Beatrice Emma Adams born Middleton Scriven 1886 - (Middleton Scriven - Shropshire)
I am looking for parents of Beatrice Emma ADAMS who was born in Middleton Scriven in the first quarter of 1886. By the 1891 census she was listed as a "visitor" with a family named FARMER in Morville, Shropshire (maternal grandparents??).In the 1901 census she is living with her paternal grandmother, Charlotte Adams, in Boraston. She married Walter KIRBY in 1906 and they emigrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1950, presumably to join their children who had settled there. I prefer not to have to send for her birth certificate due to cost. Any information would be much appreciated.
red mail WILLIAM BRITTAIN EN ON - (Milford - Shropshire)
Hello, I am researching the family of William Brittain, who came to Australia in 1791 on the ship ACTIVE as a Private in the NSW Army Corps Battalion 102. He was listed as a shoemaker by trade. He enlisted under Francis Grose in 1785 and unfortunately we cannot get any military records from prior to his arrival in Australia (paylists) So have come to a brick wall. He sailed from Portsmouth. The dates of Joseph Brittain and family names are consistent so any information on this family and the possibility of our William being part of this clan would be most helpful. And I would be most grateful to be pointed in the right direction to further research, or have help with, the Brittains in Milford and surrounding district Also Kirby Wharfe?? All my best Barbara
red mail LLOYD/COOKE - (Montford - Shropshire)
DAVIES, JONES - (Montford - Shropshire)
George Davies of Welshpool b. 1846 and Mary Jones of Baschurch b. 1845 married and settled at Bromley's Forge, Montford Bridge. Children: Sarah (died in infancy; Georgina Frances; Charles Ernest; Richard George; Mary Jane; Sarah Clara; Stanley Frank; John Edward; Henrietta Eva. Mary Jones' father Richard Jones also settled at Bromley's Forge later in his life as a widower
James Davies And Frances Jones - (Montford Bridge - Shropshire)
James Davies and Frances Jones were living at Broomfield Montford Parish in 1912 and at Forten Bank in 1952. They had three children: Joseph Richard, Olive Kathleen and Marjorie.
Broom - (Morville - Shropshire)
Looking for information on Timothy Broom who was living here in 1831 when his son William was born.Any information on him would be good as none known.
Michael Stedman (b.abt 1551) - (Munslow - Shropshire)
Michael Stedman, b. abt 1551 married to Margerie Crowther in 1571 in Munslow. I believe his father was John Stedman (bur.1561) I am trying to find his mother's name.
John Stedman (b. bef.1608) - (Munslow - Shropshire)
My ancester John Stedman b. bef.Jan 1608 (Munslow) married in abt. 1641 to someone called Mary. I have been unable to find her surname as yet. Any ideas?
red mail Childe-Pemberton - (Munslow - Shropshire)
I am trying to find out about Harriet Childe-Pemberton, daughter of Charles O.C. Pemberton of Millichope Hall in the 1800s. Any information about the family would be wonderful!
red mail seargants/palmers-hanslow - (Munslow - Shropshire)
ann saergant married edward fewtrill they had a number of children--eliza fewtrill was my g/gran ann sargeants mother was a sussan palmer-dau; of john and mary palmer-nee hanslow---any info appreciated
red mail Dorville - (Munslow - Shropshire)
Hi, has anyone heard of the Dorville estate in or around Munslow?
red mail Black Smith Muxton - (Muxton - Shropshire)
I am looking for the Black Smiths between Muxton house and Muxton farm around 1881. David Hughes is the black smith, died 1891. And later his son took over, Richard Hughes.1901 Census. Who did Richard marry and where is he buried.? Im the great great great grandson. Thanks.
Sutherland Arms - (Muxton - Shropshire)
Does anyone have any information about my Great Grand Parents Urion Cowper and Jane Pearce who owned the original Sutherland Arms at Muxton or any of their relatives including my grandmother Elenor Cooper (ne Pearce)
red mail FOXALL - SPARGO - (Muxton - Shropshire)
Frances Foxall was born in Bridgnorth ca. 1854 to Thomas Foxall and his wife Eliza. Thomas was a tailor by trade. Frances (Fanny) married John Spargo April 20, 1878, in the parish of Aston county of Warwick in 1878. The two emmigrated to the US with their 11 month old daughter Frances Mary in September of 1879. Frances Foxall had a rich history that involved widowhood and remarriage to John Spargo's Brother Nick in 1884. Nick's disappearance in 1899/1900 left Frances and daughter Marry in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. Mother and daughter returned to Frances' family in Bridgnorth 1899/1900. I'm looking for what happened to Frances (Fanny) and Mary after their return to England
- (Myddle - Shropshire)
any details on the formston family is what I need. trying to find our origins
red mail Bickertons - (Myddle - Shropshire)
I can trace my Bickerton ancestors back to the early 1700's in Myddle. I would appriciate any information on the Bickerton's of this town and period.
red mail Wycherley Family - (Myddle - Shropshire)
Violetta Wycherly dau Thomas and Mary baptised 1703 in Myddle. Parents Thomas and Mary Bradshaw married Shrewsbury, St Mary 1700. Thomas and possible second wife Alice both buried in Compton Wynates in Warwickshire. Thomas servant to Earl of Northampton. Thomas possibly son Adam and Mary Witcherley bapt 1677 in Wem. Anyone researching this family in Shropshire? If so would like to hear from you. Thanks Raymond
red mail Davies family - (Myddlewood - Shropshire)
My ggg grandfather William Davies b c1789 and his son Edward b c1827 were born in Middlewood and are living in Birmingham by 1851,when William is a Chelsea out pensioner with wife Mary. I have not been able to turn them up in the 1841 census. Any information would be much appreciated
red mail Ryder - (Nash - Shropshire)
I'm looking for information on Eliza Wall b. 1830's who married Samuel Ryder. They lived at Padgbrook, Nash.
red mail Harold Stead b.Nash/Mayor of? - (Nash - Shropshire)
Harold Stead was son of George and Amelia (Bowen Philpot) Stead, born in Nash c.1871. I have a photo of him in robes with a Chain of Office around his neck. Any info re his life would be appreciated. Also info on how I could learn where this chain of office is related to.
red mail cook/e's - (Neen Sollars - Shropshire)
looking anyone with connection to the cook's of Neen Sollars/ Cleobury Mortimer. So far gone back quite a few generations.
red mail condon - (Neen Sollars - Shropshire)
looking for pauline condon
red mail Henry Harris - (Neen Sollars - Shropshire)
Looking for Henry Harris born c1817 Neen Sollars. He married Ann from Coalbrookdale and had one daughter, Mary Ann, born 1840 Coalbrookdale.
red mail Henry Thomas Lloyd - (New Marton - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on Henry Thomas Lloyd born in 1871 at New Marton. Known as Thomas to his family, he was a general labourer and moved around a bit. Last known address was in Bolton in 1903 where his son Ernie Wilton Lloyd was born but his wife Margaret nee Jones (B 1874 / D 1938) and family all returned to Northwood and Ellesmere by 1911 and are buried at Ellesmere Cemetary but I can't find a death or burial place for Thomas. Can anyone help please? Sue
red mail Jarvis / Miles Wellington area - (New Works - Shropshire)
Am looking for information on Jarvis and Miles families from Little Wenlock area. Edwin Miles Jarvis b c1840 Huntington or Little Wenlock, and lived in New Works was born Miles to father John Miles, but appears to have taken wife's name (Elizabeth Jarvis). His family then appear alternately as Miles or Jarvis in subsequent censuses!
red mail Gough - (Newcastle - Shropshire)
Researching the Gough family of Cefncalonog, Newcastle, 1750's onwards. Anyone with any connections?
red mail Cefncalonog - (Newcastle - Shropshire)
Researching the Pritchard Family (and Gough) who were farming Cefncalonog at least after the 1861 Census. Would like to hear from anyone who thinks they have a connection.
LEA FAMILY - (Nobold - Shropshire)
I am looking for the family of Mary Ann Lea, b1841 in Nobold-Meole Brace area, daughter of Thomas Lea, home town Wellington. Mary Ann married Mark Pugh in 1868 in St. Georges Church, Wolverhampton. On the Marriage Certificate Park Road was given as the address. Is this Park Road in Wellington or Wolverhampton? I would appreciate any help however small, anyone can give. Many Thanks
Loppington - (Noneley - Shropshire)
searching for info on the Harris family. Descendants of William (1739-1831) and Mary Glegg of Loppington ,(1737-1813). Children James(1765-?)William(1766-1842),Mary(1768-1861),Anne (1776-?),Thomas(1777-1858). This was my ancestor who came to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Two other siblings Hannah (1779-?)and Tryphena (1782-1868). Thomas presumed the only one that came to Canada. Any info on descendants in UK would be appreciated.
red mail Ann Shenton 1820 - (Noneley - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on Anne Shenton who was born in Noneley abt 1820. She married a William Davies in March 1851. They had two daughters Mary Davies born 1852 and Sarah Ann Davies born 1855. In 1861 they lived in Horton, William and Ann were Farmers. Any help appreciated.
red mail Noneley, Wem - (Noneley - Shropshire)
I have recently moved to Noneley and am seeking any information about Noneley itself or its residents, particularly residents of Noneley Hall. cheers
red mail English Poet 1574-1627 - (Norbury - Shropshire)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Richard Barnfield was born at Norbury in Shropshire 1574 and died in 1627. An English Poet. Some of his works were at one time attributed to Shakespeare.
red mail Overtons - (Norbury - Shropshire)
Please does anyone have any links with Overtons living in the Wentnor/Norbury area of Shropshire c 1800-1850.
red mail Beamonds of Norbury - (Norbury - Shropshire)
Edward Beamond - does anyone have any links to Edward Beamond? Born Norbury 1841 (parents Thomas and Jane) married to Sarah Jane (nee Barker??) Edward lived in various places in Shropshire (Shifnal, Ryton, Shrewsbury) and died in Wem, Shropshire in 1886. Edward was a carpenter/wheelwright. I have found him on all census except 1871 and I cannot find any record of his marriage or records of the births of 2 of his 4 children. Would appreciate any help, will help with anyone elses research in return. Thank you.
red mail Jane Ellis - (Norbury - Shropshire)
has anyone any information re Jane ellis born 1850 in Norbury ?
red mail leeke family - (Obley - Shropshire)
my gg.grandparents were living in Bye rd Obley in 1861 looking for any info on the family. they also lived in Abcott and Twitchen
red mail Theophilus Bott - (Old Park - Shropshire)
I would like to trace descendants of Theophilus Bott, born Old Park, Dawley in 1886. Theophilus was my great uncle
red mail Enoch Rhodes - (Old Park - Shropshire)
Looking for information on Enoch Rhodes (born c1811) who was killed in a mining accident at Old Park on 12th September 1846. Spouse Mary.
red mail Dymphna Jane Evans - (Overton - Shropshire)
Looking for family of Dymphna Jane Evans, born approx. 1894, Father Thomas Evans (Tradesman), mother Elizabeth (nee Wynne). Dymphna met my grandfather during WW1 when he was wounded on the Western Front. She subsequently emigrated to Australia in 1919 (pretty sure it was on 13 Feb 1919 from Avonmouth on the Miltiades). There was also someone my Mother referred to as cousin Peg, so maybe Dymphna had a sister or close relative called Peg or Peggy. Thanks, Jane
red mail Ruscoe, Paddol Green - (Paddolgreen - Shropshire)
In the 1851 census one of the households in this village consisted of George Ruscoe (43) Agricultural labourer, born Prees, Shropshire; Elizabeth Ruscoe (43) his wife, born Wem, Shropshire; Hannah Clawley (12, stepdaughter of George Ruscoe) born Wem,Shropshire; Thomas Clawley (8, stepson of George Ruscoe) born Wem, Shropshire; and William Ruscoe (17 months) son, born Wem, Shropshire.
red mail Mary Jane Pugh (of The Bog) - (Pennerley - Shropshire)
My Great Aunt Mary Jane Pugh nee Stevenson was born 1868, first child of James and Louisa Stevenson. At each of the censuses 1871-91, Mary Jane was recorded at the house of her grandparents, Thomas and Mary Roberts. In 1884, Mary's parents and six siblings left for Tasmania (where two more sibs were later born), but Mary Jane stayed behind. In 1896, Mary Jane married Peter Henry Francis Pugh, and they settled in The Bog. In 1911, they were living in Lower Vessons with their five children, Leonard 13, Wilfred 11, Adelaide 9, James 7 and Roy 4. Mary Jane seems still to have been alive at the time of her father's death in Tasmania in 1933. I would be grateful for any information about why she would have lived with her grandparents from infancy and any information about her later life.
red mail Butler, Davies - (Pentirvin - Shropshire)
Researching leadmining families, Butler, Davies, Overton.
red mail Overton, wern, bowden, thomas - (Pentirvin - Shropshire)
I am searching for the children of Elizabeth Bowden and Richard Overton
red mail Overton/bowden - (Pentirvin - Shropshire)
Contact me we can share details on Richard and Elizabeth OVERTONS' children my grandmother Elizabeth, was one of their daughters.Dalton
red mail The Crimps, MASSEY Family - (Pentre-coed - Shropshire)
My Massey family were at The Crimps, just north of Erways Hall, in the 1850/60s. The buildings no longer seem to be there: is there any record of them? Donald
red mail Griffiths/ Pentrecoed - (Pentre-coed - Shropshire)
I am looking for information on the Griffiths family, farmers, of Pentrecoed. My Great Grandmother was Jemima Ann Griffiths b. Pentrecoed in about 1865. Her mother was Sarah Ann (nee Cooke) b. Wolverley Hall, Ellesmere, in 1837. I don't know anything about the Griffiths side. Jemima had two brothers George and Joseph Griffiths, maybe more. She married Robert Adams of Weston Lullingfields in about 1888.
red mail Someone to take photos of Gravestone's in PETTON Churchyard - (Petton - Shropshire)
I have been going through some of my Grandmothers letters and I struck gold. Someone involved with the PETTON Church had taken an interest in our family and transcribed the gravestones and even cleaned them! I am particularly interested in this guy: THOMAS MENLOVE B 22/02/1787 Petton M ? to FRANCES DARE D 1851 But my ancestry is as follows: JOHN MANLOVE (B 1642) m ANN (M 1667 Shropshire) | JOHN MANLOVE m MARY PATIN (M 1718 Shropshire) | JOSEPH MENLOVE m ANN ROGERS (M 1756 Shropshire) | THOMAS MENLOVE m ANN LLOYD (M 1777 Shropshire) | THOMAS MENLOVE m FRANCES DARE Apparently there are a while bunch of MENLOVE gravestones under the East Window of the church. Would love if someone in the area could snap some pictures!
red mail Richards family, Pitchford - (Pitchford - Shropshire)
My grandad is Leonard (also known as Gordon) Richards from Pitchford. I am trying to trace his parents family, the only names I have are Harriett Llwellyn and Arthur Richards.
red mail Thomas - (Pontesbury Hill - Shropshire)
trying to trace john thomas born in pontesbury 1817 he married hannah ? and had children william,mary,selina and my great grandfather thomas 1856 and bessy 1859 i would like to know more about bessy who and if she married.
red mail Speake family Pontesbury & Atcham - (Pontesbury Hill - Shropshire)
Looking for information regarding the Speake family. GG-Grandfather Richard Speake(b 1871) married Jane Smout. Richard's mother Emma (b 1846) who would be my GGG-Grandmother was not married, she had 3 or 4 children Henry born 1868, Richard born 1871, Thomas born 1885. Alfred? born 1870 (Alfred could have been her sister Mary's son who was also unmarried). Emma's mother was Sarah Speake (also unmarried) had possibly 9 children. Daniel (1836), Eliza (1838), Henry (?), Emma (1846), Mary (1849), Thomas (1851), John (1856), Samuel (1859), Richard (1860/1). On the 1841 census Sarah is living with Samuel and Sarah Speake. Samuel is 75 years old and Sarah is 65. Could be Sarah's parents or grandparents. If anyone has anymore information regarding this family I would love to hear from you.
red mail walker family - (Pontesford - Shropshire)
my great-grandmother was Esther Walker. Her father, George Walker, was a gardener, I believe, for Mr Pryce Jones at one of the large houses there. He lodge they lived in is still in Pontesford. George is buried at the Chapel there.

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