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red mail Joseph Riddle Smith and Elizabeth Milburn
Joseph Riddle Smith, was born at Mitford in 1844 to Henry and Margaret SMITH (Margaret was nee RIDDLE, also sometimes spelt Riddel). He married Elizabeth MILBURN on May the 7th 1884 at ASHINGTON. He and his bride both lived at Ashington Colliery, and Joseph, his father Henry, and Margaret's father Thomas MILBURN were all pitmen. Joseph was a 39 year old batchelor, and Elizabeth a 37 year old spinster. As far as we know there are no living descendants of the couple, and so far we haven't found any sign of them having had children. Would like to hear from anyone who recognises the surnames Milburn-or Riddle, or perhaps knows that there were/are descendants.
Eliza Lindsley ( Ashington )
Hi. I am looking for relations of Eliza Lindsley who was born in 1896 and married to Alexander Young in 1899 and had 8 children Thomas, Hannah, Agnes, Elenor, Alice, John, William, and Johnathon, but Alexander died in 1913. Eliza then married Thomas Douglas in 1916 and had a further 3 children. married Eliza Young and died in 1913 with 8 children. Agnus young ( born 1903) married James Wilkinson who's daughter Ann wilkinson ( Born 1921) is my mother, Ann Wallin.
red mail Binks and Williamson families
Looking for info on the 2 families united by the 1925 marriage of John George Binks and Sarah Selina Williamson. I know their fathers were George William Binks and John Williamson but nothing further. Thank you for any help.
red mail robson family, ashington
Searching family of John Robson born 1912. Father was William who married his partner Martha Ann McLean in 1913. A daughter was born also in 1913 but died 1914. Martha Ann McLean died in childbirth in 1913. Did William remarry? Did John survive, did he marry? My mother would have been John's aunt. Can anyone help answer these questions. William came from a large mining family. His brother Thomas was killed in WW1.
red mail Ledgerwoods Ashington
Hi I am tracing my husbands family tree and would like to hear from anyone related to Jane Ann Ledgerwood born 1877 who married Joseph Peacock. Her parents were Thomas Ledgerwood and Sarah Lawrence Would also like to hear from anyone from the Lawrence side of the family Julie
red mail Young
My Grandmother Florence Young, born Ashington Northumberland 28.03.1902 had a letter sent to her from her niece Amy who was living in Felixstowe at the time, probably in the early 80's . I'm trying to find out which of her siblings had a daughter called Amy and her sister Freda? A tricky request I know, but in the letter she refers to My Granny as "wicked Auntie Flo". I would love to know the family link. I have the letter and she refers to her late husband Alfred, and her son Ivan. Any information would be wonderful as there are no family members left to ask. Thanks Donna
red mail Richardson Family
I discovered that my grandmother had an uncle name 'Henry' Richardson. He sponsored one of my aunts in her immigration to the US. I think the parents names are George and Jane Anne (Smith) Richardson. They lived in Cowpen Lane for a short time. Jane Anne had a younger sister, Esther (Smith ~ parents Henry and Mary Hunter), who married Nicholas Carr and they immigrated to the US in 1881. Nicholas sponsored another aunt in her immigration. The family are all coal miners. They are connected from Bothal to Ashington, including Newcastle upon Tyne, Earsdon, Backworth, Cramlington, etc) I would appreciate any information on the family. Thank you.
My father lived in Ashington and his name was Robert Alderson Gibson. I would like to know why Alderson was chosen as his middle name as it doesn't seem to be a family name.
red mail robert brotherton
hi i'm looking for the brothertons of milburn road ashington my grandad had a older sister hannah nixon . he was called robert and his wife was mary brotherton. all so hannant.
red mail James Rigby Byers
I am looking for James Rigby Byers who married Florence Ada Meynell in Northallerton, Yorkshire in 1908. Sometime later they moved to Ashington, where James owned two chemist shops. Three of their four children were born there- Florence Emalina (1910); Alice M. ( 1911) and Edith M. ( 1913). I would appreciate any information about these people - relatives of my wife.
red mail Kenneth Redpath
Looking for Kenneth Redpath born 1943 , son of John Redpath & Constance Errington.. His sister Mary Elizabeth died in 1966 & her daughter Julie would like to make contact . She was only 5 when her Mum died. She now lives in Western Australia.. Any information appreciated..
red mail Cole - Shopkeepers, Station Road
I am searching for any information about a bakers and confectioners shop that was situated at 77 Station Road, Ashington in the early years of the 20th century. The shop was called ARTHUR COLE & SON BAKERS & CONFECTIONERS. I would like any information at all about this shop especially how long it was there for. If anybody has a photo of Station Road that includes the shop I would dearly love to see it. Other surnames associated with this family are Best, Smith, Steer, Johnston, Lloyd and Sim.
red mail Cole - Shopkeepers
I am looking for information about the COLE family who moved to Ashington from North Yorkshire sometime between 1901 and 1910. Arthur Cole was a master baker and together with his wife Charlotte ran a bakery and confectionary shop at 77 Station Road Ashington. The couple had 12 children but only 8 of them moved with their parents to Northumberland. Their son also named Arthur married Louisa Emma Smith in 1908. He also ran a shop at 1 Catherine/Katherine Street, Hirst. It was a General Dealers. Another of their sons also became a shopkeeper. John Robert Cole, married Minnie Best in 1904 at which time he was a Coal Miner. He and Minnie later moved to Red Row, Bedlington Station where they ran a General Store attached to their house. If anyone remembers or has any information about this family or their shops I would very much like to hear from you.
red mail William nelson Ashington
hi, am looking for information on william nelson from ashington, killed in action ww1.
red mail Mining family Ditchburn move from Cumbria to Northumberland
Looking for any information on Thomas Ditchburn and his wife Mary who came from Flimby, Cumberland, but moved to Ashington, Northumberland, between 1892-1901 with their five younger children. They were all miners and must have moved to find work. Were living at 99 Maple Terrace, Ashington, in 1901, by 1911 they were at 187 Severn Street, Hirst, Ashington & Thomas, 67, was still working as a coal miner. In 1914 they were living at 105 De Walden Place, Pegswood.
red mail Graham, Ruth - Ashington, born 1908
I am trying to trace my family tree on my Grandmothers side Lydia Graham, born in Newburn 12/11/1899. She lived in Arial Street, Ashington from 1910 up until 1938 and I am trying to trace her family and the family of her sister Ruth Graham. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Edward and Mary A ARKLE Ashington
I would dearly like to make contact with any descendants of Edward and Mary ARKLE, who, on the 1901 Census resided at 35 Fifth Row, Bothal Demesne. Children at the time included Thomas and George. Living with them at the time was Mary's Mother, Mary A WALKER and her son John. I believe that John later changed his name to James BROUGHTON and was a Merchant Seaman. Any information will be greatly accepted.
red mail looking for long lost cousin.
looking for Ivan cowe who,s father was Thomas Cowe they lived in Ashington until Thomas died in the late 1960's then I lose Ivan. Can you help me??
red mail Margaret Morris
I am trying to find Margaret Morris (her surname may have changed) or family who were living in Ashington in the 1950 / 60 they moved to there from Hebburn, they lived in the then new houses. Her father and 2 brothers work at the pit her younger brother was seriously injured ( I think on a conveyor belt) about 1960. Her and I were in the RAF together. I think the family were also members of the CIU club because I went there with them while visiting.
red mail William Nelson Ashington
l am looking for any information on william Nelson from Ashington who died in WW1. The pit where he worked had a painting done of him for his family. William was born in 9th Row Ashington in 1892, his father was Michael Nelson and his mother Elizabeth Nee Johnstone.
red mail collins
I am trying to trace any relatives of George Collins who moved from Hastings in Sussex to Ashington and married a local girl. They had several children who kept contact with the Eastbourne relations. George had 4 brothers and sisters who were sent to Canada as their father could not cope with 13 children when his wife died in childbirth. George was born in 1880's. My grandfther was James benjamin Collins. I know some of Georges children moved to Morpeth. We would love to trace anyone connected to the family.
red mail alfred bell frampton
i am trying to find ancestors of alfred bell frampton b 1915 or stan frampton probably b 1930s
red mail Thomesina Wilson
I know my greataunt married a FORNEAR from Longhirst. What was her husband's first name? Thomesina went to the USA in 1908 with young boys John age 2 and Robert 10 months. She is the sister of my grandma, Alice Hancock nee Cochrane nee Wilson of Garden Ciy Villas, Ashington,1890-1972. My great grandmother was Sarah Wilson nee Chambers 1845, who lived at 37 Myrtle Street, Ashington until her death in 1920. ANY LEADS WILL BE APPRECIATED!
red mail james davis
I would like to get in touch with my fathers brothers jimmy and eddie who lived in woodhorn villas in the 1950 onwards jimmy was married to a lady called maureen and eddie lived with my grandma my dads name was roland who remarried to a lady called jean and they lived in blythe they had 2 children heather and jonathan my name is sandra.
red mail spence
jack spence ex 2batt coldstream guards lived in ashington at some point had two children a boy and a girl i think he was in ashington in 1945 dont know anything else at this point so anything would be good alison
red mail William Woodmas(s)
William Woodmass Born abt 1850 Alston Cumberland Married Mary Frances Cowan in Newcastle 1st April 1871.Lived at Bates Cottages Holywell Earsdon Northumberland Known Children. William James, Ann, Thomas,John, Hannah, George Allan and Edward. By 1911 Willam and Mary Frances were living at 55 Catherine Street Hisrt. With sons George and Edward (info from 1911 census).
red mail Collins
My greatgrandfather was William collins married to Margaret Hinson in1872. Among children was Mary Ellen who was my grandmother. She married George P Dodds. He was a music teacher in Ashington. I am researchihg my family tree and would like to contact any relatives.
red mail Charlton / Beal of Ashington
I am interested in Annie Bell who was born in about 1883. She married Thomas Charlton in 1905 and after being widowed married James Beal in 1909. She had a daughter Dinah with Thomas and sons and daughters with James including James, Thomas, Owen, Gladys and Eleanor. She had another daughter Winnie born in Rosalind Street Ashington in 1925 with Thomas Winship with whom she moved down to Nottinghamshire in the later 1920s. Annie died in 1961 and have quite a bit of information on her and her family but there are big gaps and would love to be in contact with anyone with connections to this family, some of who may be in the Mansfield area of Nottingham and also Northumberland. Many thanks Sue
red mail sharp
My great great grandad William Sharp, wife Elizabeth (neƩ Dobie) and 7 children appear in both the 1891 and 1901 censuses, living at 85 Eighth Row. He was a miner but ended up running a shop called 'British (Penny) Bazaars Ltd' at 49 Station Road. I have a photo of him outside the shop but the building has been demolished (I think it was almost opposite the railway station). When he died in 1930 I think he was living in Portia Road (Hirst area I think) and one of his sons (Joseph) was living in Juliet Street. Other children included Luke, my great granda, who moved soon after 1901 to Murton, Shiremoor, and Sydney. Anybody know anything about them?
red mail collins
I looking for any information regarding my mothers cousins who lived in ashington in the 1950's and may still do. Their father was George Collins and he had moved from Hastings in Sussex after WW1. He was one of 13 children, his mother had died giving birth to the 13th child and 4 of the children went to Canada through Barnardos for a better life. George had several children the only names remembered at present are Freddie George and Emily. Mum thinks they lived also in Morpeth. I have been doing the family tree and we would like to have contact with them and to put them back into contact with the Canadian side of the family. George's mothersname was Mary a Christmas his fathers name was James Collins
Looking for information on MITCHELL Family who worked as Agricultural/Dom servants at Ashington Farm Sheepwash Northumberland 1880's. JOHN(Head) 78 JOHN(son) 40, ANDREW (son)30, ALICE (daughter) 28, & MARGARET(grandaughter) 20. Need to know what part of Scotland they came from. They moved to Pegswood employed as colliery screen workers in 1897.
red mail Sharp Family Ashington 1930s
Does anyone have any information about a family surname Sharp who lived in the Ashington area in the early 1930s. The only information I have is that they used to live about 3 to 4 doors away from the home of Bobby and Jackie Charlton.. This information I can remember my deceased mother once telling me. Any information would be greatly appreciated.. thanks john
red mail Hirst Street 1916 - Broughton or Walker family ?
Is there some way to find out if there was a family with the surname of Broughton or Walker living on Hirst Street in 1916 ? Thank You, PJ
I am researching the family tree of Leslie Dunn , His father George and mother Isabella married in 1919 in Ashington/Morpeth They had 4 children George Henry,Leslie,Nancy(Annie) and Margery ,I have 2 addresses where they resided in Ashington , 8 Henley Street this is the last address and where George Dunn Snr died in 1932, The first address is 212 1/2 MILBURN Road, Isabella went on to have a daughter with a Jim Charlton , After the death of George Senior the two sons George and Leslie were sent away to St Andrews Childrens home in Matlock
red mail Grand Street
Anybody know where Grand Street was in 1901?
red mail Patterson Family
Looking for any family members of Patterson family 151 Chestnut Street Ashington, my father was George Lawson Patterson b19.10.1922 migrated to Australia 1952, had brothers Robert and Thomas, sisters Mary Isabella Whitworth, and Jean Ann Williams.
Looking for descendants of Robert RICHARDSON and Mabel WOOD, at least one of whom married in Ashington
I am trying to contact COLIN WILSON, the son of my long-lost cousin, WILLIAM WILSON who was born 13th August 1929 in Ashington Colliery, Northumberland to my uncle GEORGE EDWARD WILSON(1900-69) & ELIZABETH DODD. George Edward was the son of ROBERT GOTT WILSON, 1851-1936, (Colin's great grand-father) who was Colliery Manager at Pelton Fell in County Durham. I believe that William may have served in R.A.F. Two of Colin's aunts from Ashington, BETTY and LEXY WILSON, married and went to live in the Americas.
red mail ashington area-
trying to find history of family, craddocks lived in a village called westsleekburn nr ashington, my greatgrandad was called Alf...
red mail AGER
red mail tapsons where are you?
Trying to track down the Tapson family, grandfather Willie Tapson, 1864 - 1935.
red mail just curious
Most streets in ashington are named after trees or as my friend informs me,shakespear charactors, but where does the name pont street originate?
red mail beswick
any information regarding a Stephen John Beswick who was born in Beadnel in 1888, lived in Ashington and died in 1852. Any living relatives
red mail ritson clough wilson
new names in my tree from cramlington ashington and bedlington
red mail Stephenson Woodhorn
William Stephenson Born Woodhorn Northumberland in 1822(Butcher)married Jane born Jesmond.Moved to Sheriff Hill Gateshead
red mail LEE, Richard Ellison Campbell
Researching my family tree, any help appreciated! Mother was called Isobel Johnson Lee, brothers William, Robert?
red mail family wilkinson
I am looking for information re thomas richard gibbons born 1929 died 1959 married to Helen Bell, son of Thomas Gibbons and Agnes Crate
red mail Looking for Charlotte Duguid nee McMillan
I'm looking for any information of my grandmother Charlotte Duguid nee McMillan married to John Duguid from Logie Coldstone Aberdeenshire around 1940's. Lived in 78? Juliet Street Ashington where my mother was born 24.06.44 and also her older sister Diane. Desperate to know of anything. My mother & aunt were taken back to family home at Logie Coldstone when she was around 6 months to be brought up by her aunts & uncles. Never heard from her father & mother again. I think John Duguid went to South Africa but no news of Charlotte. I think they divorced. Please contact if you know anything. Rhona
James and twin brother John (Jim and Jack)born 1917 to Margaret Barrass, who was born about 1898. Margaret had a sister Sadie, who was married to Jimmy Heron.
red mail Gibson - Juliet Street
William and Catherine (nee Baird) parents of Catherine, Evelyn, Margaret and Robert. Any information?
red mail marsh
looking for any of my grandads (wilfred marsh) relations,he was born in ashington 1905.he had at least two brothers(albert thought to have become a butler in london,william or bill)and a sister posibly rita who had conections with jimmy jackson. wilfred moved to london around the age of seventeen married constance wright 1931
looking for info of harts possible n seaton my grandfather james kitchener hart was born there.
RE: Lock family
Joseph John Lock was living at 170 Pont Street, Ashington in 1919. He married Annie Harvey in 1895. They were both originally from East Molesey, Surrey. I have more info. if you would like to contact me.
red mail Lock Family
I am searching for information about my great grandparents, last known address in 1918 was 170 Pont Street, Ashington. When my grandfather George Richard William Harvey married Mary Katherine Kingston, my grandfathers father was a Lock. If you can add any names or dates to this info I would be very grateful
Ashington History.
An excellent source of local knowledge is Mike Kirkup who has published several books of the history of Ashington and nearby towns. Mike also writes a monthly magazine called "A Creeful of Coals" there are always lots of 'old time' photos and stories in it, this might help anyone trying to trace their family tree.
Charlton Family.
The Charlton family who lived in Pont Street until the late 1950's. there was Hilda- Minnie Norah- Harry and Jimmy. Jimmy was a union offical for the Mineworkers. Any info helpful.
I am the daughter of James (Jim) Barrass born 1917. Jim had a twin brother John (Jack). Both worked as miners when very young and then went down to the south of England. I think thier mother's name was Margaret, who had a sister Sadie. Sadie married Jimmy Heron. I am now living in Canada and would be so happy to find lost relatives.
I am looking for any info on the Harsant family who lived in Ashington between 1912 and 1920. And any Hedleys from 1910 Up to today.
Ashington Northumberland
I am looking for members of the Devitt, Riley, Green families who all lived in Ashington. The Green and Riley families lived in Portia Street Hirst Ashington, if anyone has any information on any of these families pleas contact me.
red mail Eliza Lindsley
I am interested in contacting family members of Eliza Lindsley (born about 1876). She married (name unknown)and moved to Ashington. Her parents, my great grandparents, were Thomas & Hannah Lindsley(nee Taylor). Eliza was one of 9 children, 6 of whom emigrated to Australia. I was told Eliza had 10 children.
red mail Collins
My ggrandfather was WILLIAM COLLINS who married ISABELLA HINSON 1870ish. I believe they originated from the Wooler area. They had several children: William, Jack/John,Thomas,Elizabeth,Nell/Mary ellen, Isabella,Margaret/Meg,and possibly 4 more but I have not got them confirmed. They lived in Ashington Northld where he worked as a miner. He was a Councillor possibly a County Councillor. Any information on this family would be a great help. Thanks

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