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Middlesex (County, MDX, England)
This page is for the entries of people who don't know the name of the village or town their family came from and only know it was in Middlesex.

County town: Brentford and Chiswick
Other major towns: Harrow, Ealing, Wembley
Origins of Name: Land of the Middle Saxons, Anglo Saxon
Population 1801: 71,411
Population 1961: 2,234,543
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red mail Arthur Charles Ross from London, England who marries Elizabeth Carroll 1877 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.
When living in New South Wales he says hes from London in England. I cant find him anywhere in London- or rather there are multiple Arthur Rosses and its hard to discern which is him when none have the whole name. His first son is Harold Arthur Alexander Ross 1879 and the next one is Walter 1882 his first daughter is Alma Grace 1884 and then she is followed with Bertha B A 1887. Some trees have him as the son of William and that might be the case but hes not got a son called William (although his last son Charles might be Charles William) and there arent any sources demonstrating this. Can anyone help locate him in england before he moved to Australia thank you?
red mail Edward Davies B:1852 Brentford, Middlesex
He married Emily Parsons in 1883 in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. In every census he says hes from middlesex (Brentford). The only one the right age in that area is DAVIS, EDWARD HENRY mother: WEBB Reference: 1855 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 44 but Edward never has Henry in the census records as a middle name and there are no census records where he actually lives in London. In 1881 an Edward Davies Birth abt 1852 Brentford, Middlesex resides with spouse Mary (Where born: Mountain Ash, Glamorgan abt 1859) and children Eva Ann and Elizabeth. Presumably Mary dies as we know Edward marries again in 1883and then he turns up in 1891 census Edward Davies the head of house with wife Emily, in 1891 hes listed as Edward Davis the head of house with spouse called Emily and then in 1911 hes listed Edward Davies the husband of the head of house and wife Emily listed as head. My DNA relatives ancestor is Edward and Emilys son George James Davies whos married to Elizabeth Morton.
red mail Jarvis
Can anyone help. I've hit a brick wall with my efforts to find info on my Great Grandmother EMMA JANE JARVIS We think she was born in 1878 in Stepney, London. She married JAMES FREDRICK JAGOT 22nd October 1899, her dad may have been named William. They had loads of children.Their son James William Jagot died in WW11. Their daughter, Violet, my great Aunt used to say she was one of triplets and that she was the only one to survive . My nan was their daughter Charlotte Louise Jagot who married Edward Charles Nash.
red mail Robert Rowe & family (Leslie, Edward)
I am looking for any information on Robert Rowe (b. 1853), wife of Alice (b. 1871, maiden name unknown). Together they had Leslie (b. 1901? - 1933) and Edward Rowe (b. 1903). After Alice died in 1911, Robert "remarried" a woman named Winifred Emily (b. 1884, maiden name unknown), but I cannot find any official recognition of this marriage. I believe Robert Rowe died around 1917 but I cannot find record of this either. Edward and Leslie lived with Winifred in Westminster until 1926 and 1927, respectively. Leslie then married Queenie Wright, and I believe Edward emigrated but once again I cannot find record of this. It appears that Winifred Emily Rowe remained at that same address in Westminster until 1939 but I cannot find any record of her after that. I appreciate any information.
red mail Benjamin Ames and Mary having children in the early C19
Hi there, there doesnt seem to be a London marriage on this couple. Children who are all baptised in St Matthew, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, England are a Rebecca Ames 1809 Thomas Ames 1805 Samuel Ames 1806 Sarah Ames 1798 Benjamin Ames 1803 all list parents as Benjamin and Mary. The only marriages in the area for a Benjamin Ames are 1791 he's a widow St Matthew, Bethnal Green, England With Jane Slade and 1787 Marriage Banns Place: St Botolph without Bishopsgate, City of London, England Spouse: Hannah Low. Theres a Benjamin Ames Spouse Mary Clarke Stating intent to marry 29 Nov 1796 Threxton, Norfolk, The marriage is 26 Dec 1795 Attleborough, Norfolk, England. The problem is that the one marrying Jane Slade is in St Matthew, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, and thats where the kids are baptised although all the kids are to him and Mary... are there any marriages between him and Mary which just arent really showing up at the moment thank you?
red mail William Ashley 7 July 1835 m Elizabeth Gilling (more likely Gillitt) on September 14, 1857
William was baptised on 02 Aug 1835 Saint Leonards,Shoreditch parents William Ashley and Rebecca. On 29 Dec 1844 Saint Matthew,Bethnal Green an Eliza Ashley is baptised to William Ashley and Rebecca. On 4 Apr 1847 Sarah Ashley is baptised to William Ashley and Rebecca. I cant locate any more children baptised to William Ashley and Rebecca so assume that William 1835 my 3 great grandfather would be their first child after they got married. A William Ashley married Rebecca Ames which was transcribed incorrectly as Amer witnesses were a Benjamin Ames and a Joshua Lewis. In the 1841 London census a William Ashley the same age as this one lives with a William and Sarah Gillitt which makes me think the Gilling on the transcription of the marriage with spouse called Elizabeth is incorrect and she is Gillit. William married Elizabeth 1857. The only problem is that at the same time as this William is active in London parents William and Rebecca theres a William with parents John and Ann who are also from Middlesex so dont know which one is my William- the son of William and Rebecca or the son of John and Ann? Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou. I certainly think spouse named Elizabeth was Gillitt and Gilling is mistranscripyion because that census record in 1851.
red mail James McCarthy married Sarah Cluley on November 12, 1849, in Finsbury, Middlesex.
On the marriage he says hes a carpenter living in French alley the son of John and Sarah is living at the same address the son of Richard. Thats where my first problem arises as he says hes a carpenter but in later census records a fish monger so unsure whether this is really my ancestor. Anyway his children are Sarah 1850 John James 18521911 Louisa 1857 Ann 1859 Alice 1862 Emily 1864 Florence 1869 Elizabeth 1872 Charles 18751945 However cant tell which one James is as there are a couple who could be him. 15 Mar 1829 A John McCarty and Ann baptise a James McCarty at St. Marys, Lambeth, thats three miles away. This presumably is the John McCarthy and Ann Leshon who are married there in 1824. However theres also a James McCarthy baptised in Westminster to a John, and thus it could be him. Any help would be much appreciated especially given that its unclear James McCarthy and Sarah Cluley are even the right couple given that James changes his work and none of the children are called Richard.
red mail Joan Baker b.1923
I have been told of the birth of a Joan Baker in 1923 to Fanny Elizabeth Baker (nee Saville). She had only four children that I am aware of and am stunned by the appearance of a Joan Baker. I have known the family since childhood and feel sure I would have been aware of her had she been Fanny's child. Is it possible she died near birth? I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on this. Ann
Jane Elizabeth Field born 1883 St Pancras
Jane Elizabeth Field married Alfred George Longuet on 18, December 1904 in St Pancras aged 21 years. From the marriage certificate, her father was Albert Field deceased. These are my grandparents, and I have a reasonable amount of information on the Longuet family, but find no trace of a birth in the St Pancras area for Jane, nor any notification in any census return with her parents prior to her marriage.Can anyone assist with any thoughts please. Bert
I am seeking information about Catherine Emily Louisa Green who may have married and changed her name. She was born in 1876 in Gundagai, New South Wales, Australia. Her mother was Ellen Elizabeth Green nee Jones of Highgate and her father was Thomas John Green. It is believed Catherine and her mother left Australia around 1879 and returned to UK. No records here in Australia have anything about either of them except marriage and birth of Catherine. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you H
red mail Fanny Elizabeth Baker Nee Saville
I am trying to find any relatives of the above B.1895. She had two sons whose names I have forgotten and two daughters, Vera and Connie. I am trying to find someone named Darren who contacted me 7 years ago and was related to Fanny Elizabeth and seeking family information. I am hoping he will contact me again. I would be grateful to hear from any descendants of the Saville family, especially those related to Fanny Elizabeth and living in the Feltham or Staines area.
red mail Mabel Woodbridge
Hi, I am searching for information on my Grandmother, Gladys Woodbridge , she was born to Mabel Dorothy Woodbridge in 1915 and may have been put into a home /orphanage but where is a mystery to me. I have an autograph book dated from 1930-1934 in which are lovely verses from various people, including, "Mother", D. Stanmore, E. Taylor, A. Wheatly, Henry Lindt? Mrs J. Wallen. Some of the verses are of a religious sentiment. Does anyone know of a place where unwanted babies/children, would have been sent AND DO ANY OF THE NAMES SEEM FAMILIAR TO YOU? Mabel married and lived in Pottery Lane, Kensington for a time around the 1921. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you Julie.
Brampton or Brompton researching?
Over many years of study I have accumulated much information on branches. My line is below. Descendants in chronological order. SHROPSHIRE - William de Prees b1168 d1224. Philip de Prees b1194 d1276. Hugh fitz Philip b1220 d1276. William fitz Hugh b1246 d1302. Hugh fitz William b1274 d1330. William fitz Hugh b1296 d1352. de Brompton b1319 d1375 de Brompton b1342 d1398. Nicholas de Brompton b1367 d1426. Richard de Brompton b1393 d1449. Nicholas de Brompton b1419 d1475. John Brompton b1445 d1501. John Brompton b1471 d1527. John Brompton b1500 d1555 (Elder brother Thomas). John Brompton b1531 d1586. John Brompton b1557 d1611. Edward Brompton b1584 d1642. Thomas Brompton b1613 d1663. Edward Brompton b1644 d1716. 1651-1687 both Brompton & Brampton spellings occur. Samuel Brampton b1687 Shropshire d1756 Worcestershire. WORCESTERSHIRE - John Brampton b1715 d1786 Samuel Brampton b1756 d1827. Charles H. Brampton b1794 Worcestershire d1850 London. Edward H. Brampton b1829 London d1905 Middlesex. MIDDLESEX Albert E. Brampton b1863 d1940. Benjamin J. b1888 d1958. Kenneth A. Brampton b1915 d1983 Windsor, Berkshire. The Writer b1947
red mail Stanley George Austen Born 31st Dec. 1890
Stanley George Austen ( or Austin ) married Edna Spencer June 1918 Marlybone London. Can not find a trace of either after this date. However I have found a Stanley George Austin birth date 31st Dec. 1890. in 1939 living in Jupp Rd Stepney married in 1930 to a Matilda H (nee Moles ) Where wasStanley George Austin living in Stepney in 1939 born ??? there are no children living with them at this time. Matilda Austin died in 1984. My grandmothers brother Stanley George Austen was born in NZ 1889 however on his enlistment details into the NZ Army WW1 1914 I note that birth date was stated being 31st Dec.1890. Any information relating to Stanley George Austen (or Austin) or Edna Austen (nee Spencer) or Matilda H Austin was she married to a New Zealander ex WW1 soldier served in Cairo .. If any of this puzzle can be matched I appreciate all information. Thanks for all you assistance Mavis
red mail John Summers
I am trying to find any relatives of my uncle, John Summers, who was born in Uddingston, near Glasgow, c. 1920. He was the brother of Francis Summers and Annie Summers. They lived at 22 Crofthead Street, Uddingston. John moved to England, probably Middlesex. I would really appreciate any information on John Summers and his family.
red mail Hurley. Middlesex/Cardiff
Great great grandfather was (Albert) John Hurley born 1826 from Somerset. Married Maryanne Morris born 1829 Berkshire. Married St Annes Westminster 1851. Their children were Albert John born 1851 Middlesex, Edward Augustus born 1853 Middlesex, Minia Miriam born 1857 Middlesex, George H born 1859 Middlesex, Louis Charles born 1861 Cardiff, Laura Ernestine Augusta born 1864 Cardiff. I am trying to find out what happened to Minia Miriam and Laura Ernestine Augusta after 1871 when Maryanne died. (Albert) John Hurley had another family in Middlesex. I am descended from Albert John born 1851.
Ross on Wye
Does anyone know of a William John Bolton born 1838 approximately in Middlesex but raised family in Ross ? Married to Harriett Partridge in Dum Dum whilst serving in Royal Artillery. Died 1920 in Bristol . Many thanks Barb
Seeking information on Matilda OAKES (nee JONES). Born about 1877 Middlesex. Mother, Lousia CRIPPS. Father, Philip Benjamin JONES. Matilda married a William Charles Edward OAKES. Matilda and William ended up in central Queensland, Australia. Seeking immigration information: assisted immigration or not, date, what port did they enter Australia, which ship etc? Did they receive some sort of land grant? Thank you, Annie.
CARRINGAN James / Mary / Ellen
Seeking information on CARRINGAN. A James CARRINGAN immigrated to Australia in August 1914 on the "Euripedes". Wife is Mary. Daughter, Ellen, born 1891 Middlesex. Presume Mary and Ellen immigrated with him. In Australia in 1920 Ellen married a Charles Albert PARKER. This is all the information I have to hand on these CARRINGANs ... no birthdates, no locations other than Middlesex, no siblings, no wife's maiden name etc. Any information gratefully received. Thank you, Annie.
red mail George Swain
I'm searching for descendants of George Swain born 4/6/1913 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. His parents, George Wilson Paul Swain and Beatrice Emily McCann moved back to Fulham c1915
red mail Daniel and Sarah Collins Ruislip
Looking for help in finding the marriage record of Daniel and Sarah Collins(b.1788), parents of James Collins who was baptised in Ruislip on 22 September 1822. Have tried Irish records without success and also no success in England.
red mail Beaumont Place St. Pancras, Marylebone
Does anyone have any information about the above? An ancestor of mine was named as living here on the 1841 census. This was a Daniel COLLINS born Ireland 1791. I am wondering if I can get any more clues as to where he came from in Ireland if I can get information about this address. Would this have been a known address for immigrant labourers? This is a common Irish name and difficult to pin down. I would be very grateful for any help.
I am after information on the family of Charles William Hughes (son of Abraham Hughes & Jane Hudson) and Sarah Ann Barker (daughter of John & Sarah Barker). Charles was married to Sarah Child (1832 - 1858) and had two children (I think). One being Sarah Jane Hughes (1854 - 1934). Charles then remarried Sarah Ann Barker (1850-?) in St Thomas, Stepney, Middlesex in 1871. Charles died in 1874. I'm not sure if they had children and wonder if anyone can assist with details? Charles was a Lighterman. The other option is that the Charles William who married Sarah Ann Barker is the son of Charles William Hughes SR (known as William) as per details above. I'm not sure, but would love some help.
red mail Darbon/Cox in Acton
My father was Charles Cox & was married to Gladys, they had three Children Danny, Dudley & me Deidree, I had aunt called Rose she was married to Joe. Remember them so well and their son I was a bridesmaid at his wedding. Charles mother was called Amy lived in Acton & worked in a laundry ironing as I remember. Hope someone can tell me more about family.
red mail Seeking Edward Lazell/Layzell
Edward Lazell Born in Bethnal Green or St Johns Hackney 1791 or possible as late as 1796. Does anyone have any information please?. We cannot find his baptism to help us with seeking his parents names. We cannot find any siblings either. We know much about his whereabouts and life beyond 1815.
red mail Langley
Edward Langley was married but had children with a lady surname Cole, they had four children, The first was Gwendoline F, Lilian Maude, Joan E and Brian H , 1935, a year before Edward Langley died. I would like to know her Christian name please
red mail Elms
My late Grandmother Charlotte Elms born 1878 registered Brentford Father John Elms. Cannot find Mother. Can any one help please?
I am after details on Joseph Lind and his son Johan Leonard (aka John Leander) Lind. Joseph was a Land Surveyor and son John a Swedish Seaman born in Tanum Parish, Sweden in 1849. John died in Sydney, Australia in 1926. John married Sarah Jane Hughes (born 1854, Poplar died: Sydney Aust. father Charles William Hughes; mother Sarah Child??) in the Parish Church of Poplar in 1880. John & Sarah had seven children: Eliza Jane, John Charles & Sidney Frederick were all born in Middlesex prior to the family moving to Australia in 1890 where they had another four children. Can anyone find Lind's living in Poplar, Middlesex around 1880? Perhaps there are census/electoral records showing who Joseph lived with? Thanks
red mail Howell/Biden
I am looking for records of my grandparents marriage - there is no entry in BMD. Winifred Biden was nursing at the Isleworth Hospital from 1915-1918; John Howell was on the board for the hospital at that time. They likely married between 1918 and 1921. Any idea where the records may be or if they were destroyed? My grandfather lived in Ealing.
red mail John Beshaw death news article 1859
Hi My 3 x Great Grandfather John Beshaw died aged 48 in Whitechapel, Middlesex on 29th November 1859, at London Hospital, Whitechapel, his death certificate says cause of death was 'A violent death, inflammation of lungs and broken ribs' There was an inquest held 1st December 1859 in Middlesex, I was wondering if anyone could point me to any newspaper articles as to the inquest and what may have happened to John? Any help much appreciated
I'm looking for information on Thomas George Currie born abt 1793 and died in Middlesex 1839. He married Elizabeth Jane Carrington, 1793 Hanover Sq and died Shoreditch 1841. Their son Robert Currie (married Priscilla Anne Harris of Paddington) is my link. Any information on Thomas and Elizabeth would be great. I'd love to know how they fit into the Scottish Clans too if anyone knows?? Thanks
red mail Hammond
I am looking for the family of my grandmother, Ivy Florence Jackson (nee Hammond). She was born on 18 August and I understand it was in 1912, she lived her early years in Durnsford Road, N15 before marrying and moving to Welbourne Road, N15.
Lyon/Lyons/Reynolds 1892-1895
Herbert Lyon/Lyons/Reynolds Herbert Richard --"-- Richard --"-- We know that the name changed somewhere between 1900 and 1930 but we don't know the details. He variously lived in Whitechapel, Mile End, Shoreditch and we believe in Hatton Garden. He may have come from a Jewish family or raised by them. The Reynolds name seems to come from Essex. All of the above are fragments of information from a number of sources including Herbert's own statements. If we can work out the name change, it would be a break through, so if you have a Herbert/Richard born c 1892-1895 then please get in contact. Thanks - Terry
red mail Charles Trew, Hoxton
I'm looking for information on Charles TREW, born about 1765, who is listed as a victualler and his address given as Green Man, Hoxton and elsewhere as Eldridge Place.He was married to Catherine PALMER in 1788 at St Lukes', Old Street and died in 1811. They had four children: Catherine, born in 1790; John, born in 1807; William, born in 1788 and Ann, born in 1805. Does anyone know anything about Charles and/or the Green Man in Hoxton?
red mail Brown/Darling Ashford Middlesex
Looking for any information on my maternal grandfather Fred Brown 1893-1991. Married to Annie Brown nee Darling. Fought in WW1, he also was a member of the home guard during WW2 and a policeman. I know the national archives will help, just don't know where to start!!!
red mail THOMAS GREGORY, Preston Harrow
I am seeking decendants of the above named b Nov 1837. He was a direct ancestor of my mother. All replies welcome.
red mail WAUGH
WAUGH Jane. Born approx. 1829, wife of A.Waugh Esq. of Dublin. Widowed, she married Hastings Moira Wainwright (widower and son of the late Captain William Wainwright of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers) at St. PeterĀ“s Church, Dublin on 28th December 1883. Any information please
red mail Rixon and Talbot families
Tracing ancestors and descendants of Emily Grace Rixon, born Emily Grace Talbot in approximately 1889 at Middlesex UK, possibly in the Hammersmith area. Emily Grace Rixon was a daughter of Joseph Talbot and his wife Sarah Anne Talbot (nee Lewis). Grateful for any information and happy to share all my research.
red mail Frederick Lewis
Contacted the GRO re Fred Lewis, born 10 April 1902 in East London, father called Fred Lewis (deceased on wedding certificate in 1928). He doesn't exist! some (or all?!) of our scant information is wrong although Ann, his daughter, believes it to be true. Stumped!
red mail 8 Mattock Lane Ealing/Home for Motherless Children
The house at this address was used as a Childrens' Home in the 1930's and before. It is now a prep school. Does anyone have any knowledge of this building in the 1930's when it was a childrens' home? I particularly want to know about the staff and regime at the home and if it differed in any way from similar institutions of that time. Catherine
red mail Bristow
I am interested to know if Joan B Bristow, who married Henry Tompkins in 1955 in Essex UK, was related to Maurice Bristow who lived in Ilford Essex in 1939. I have not been able to find out too much information on Maurice Bristow. I know he worked in the Ilford Co-operative Society as a Manager in the years leading up to 1939. Thank you.
red mail Where was Albert Leonard Beshaw?
I am unable to find any information on what my Great Grandfather Albert Leonard Beshaw was doing during World War I, I cant find any service records for him, did every young man have to enlist? In 1914 he would have been 22 years old as he was born 1892 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, I know he married my Great Grandmother in 1916 so by this can I assume he did not enlist for some reason?
red mail elmes
Benjamin Elmes was born c1782 in Southwark. Married Mary Green c1805. Is anyone researching this family.
red mail Thomas Everett SCOTT
Looking for information for Thomas Everett Scott born 1852 Shadwell Middlesex. He was christened 3rd Aug 1855. His father John William & Emma Scott. They lived at 3 Love Lane Middlesex. Thomas Everett Scott went to Queensland Australia and in 1876 married Mary Jane Fullerton. They had six children between 1877 & 1890. They moved to Sydney after 1877 as their first child was born in Queensland the rest in Sydney. I can't find the death of Thomas anywhere. After 1890 Mary lived with William Warr. He died 1910 Waterloo NSW & Mary Jane died 1896 Darlinghurst NSW. Robyn.
red mail Heys Bethnal Green & Rochdale
I have traced my husband's Heys family to Padiham just outside Burnley, Lancashire in 1830s. Ormerod Heys c.1835/6 was born to Mary Heys (nee Butterworth) widow of Richard Heys. Ormerod Heys married Alice Ann HAYHURST at Haslingdon Register Office 1856. Ormerod and Alice Ann's son John Ormerod Heys was born at West Hartlepool 1859/1860 (was registered as Hayes). Their other children were: Alice Anne (1867/68 West Hartlepool) married Joseph WOOD in Rochdale. Frederick (1871 Newcastle), married Sarah (?) 1898 but died 1901. Thomas Henry (1874) Newcastle married Polly NUTTALL, Rochdale 1899. Sarah (1877/78 Newcastle) married William OLDHAM, Rochdale 1901 and Harriet (1881 Bow London) married Joseph Henry WALLIS, Rochdale 1904. The family were living at Candy Street, Bow in 1881 but by 1891 Ormerod had taken his family to Rochdale, all except for John Ormerod Heys who had married Ann(ie) CONNER in 1881 at St Johns Bethnal Green - Our London branch. Their children all born in Bethnal Green were Annie HEYS, died young, John Albert Heys, died Cornwall 1961, Thomas HEYS died 1915, Joseph (not found yet), Richard Heys died 1974 and Alice Anne HEYS who died a spinster in Bromley, Kent in 1984. although I found a daughter Annie HEYS born to her in Croydon, Surrey in 1913.
red mail James Foster
I am looking for James Foster who was born, possibly in Camden, in c. 1800 or a bit earlier. He certainly died there in 1846, when he was in Gower Street. He was a house painter and might have been in Peter Street, Soho in that trade in 1818. He was living in the St Pancras/Camden area in 1830s and '40s up to his death in 1846. His wife was Sarah Mutlow who said she was born in Bath in c. 1811; they were married in Brighton in 1829. He had two sons: James Mutlow Foster (b. 1838) and Albert Edward Foster (b. 1842). Any further information would be appreciated.
red mail John William SCOTT & Hannah WHITE (formerly Thomspon)
Seeking information of John William or William John Scott b.1817c Bow, Surrey, (Coal Whipper) & Hannah White b.1827c Shadwell, Middlesex (1st marriage Thompson) (Charwoman) of SHADWELL, STEPNEY & RATCLIFF in early to mid 1800's. John & Hannah's children, John William b.1850. Thomas Everett b. 1852, James b.1854, Unknown child b.1855 & Richard b.1857 Thomas Everett Scott was a Mariner & somehow ended up in Queensland Australia by 1876 as he married Mary Jane Fullerton in 1876. It is unknown what happened to Thomas as no record can be found of him returning to England or a death in Australia to date.
red mail John Hudson
John Hudson was born about 1800 and married Jane (maybe Davidson). They married about 1830 and had three children. Two of them died young and the middle boy James emigrated to Australia at the age of 6 with his then step-mother Jane Hudson (John's second wife) formerly Jane Valler. John Thomas Hudson (first known child of John and his first wife Jane) died aged 10 months and was buried on 16 September 1831, Parish of St George, Bloomsbury, Borough of Camden, County of Middlesex. Home address was Little Coram Street. This sad event was followed a couple of years later when his brother Charles died aged just 2 months. He was buried on 14 June 1833 - same details as those of his brother John Thomas, except that family address was Little Guildford Street. Sometime following the birth of Charles in April 1833 John Hudson's wife Jane died - no details have been found relating to her - maiden name, birth, marriage or death. The marriage between John Hudson and Jane Valler took place in the Parish of St Mary, Lambeth, County of Surrey on 31 December 1833. Witnesses were Thos. Hudson and Jas. Longman Gawler. They had one child Ann Own Hudson and then John died about 1837.
red mail Elizabeth Ada Douglas b.1899
I am seeking information about Elizabeth Ada Douglas, daughter of Charles Douglas and Elizabeth (Childs). Born 1899 Kensington, Middlesex. She was the youngest of 8 children Edith 1882, Charles 1884, William 1888, Alfred 1889, Louisa 1891, John 1894, Helena 1896 Information of any of the above may help. Thank you
Brew Brothers Motors
Does anyone have a any connection with Brew Brothers who had a garage on Brompton Road West Kensington? It was still there into the 1960's.
red mail L.G. Perry & Family
Trying to locate family relatives. Lional Gordon Perry his wife Hilda E. Perry (Nee Bowers) and son Michael Perry. Last heard of living in Manton Avenue. Hanwell SW7. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Charles Conway FERORS/FERRORS
if anyone has any information about the parents or siblings of Charles Conway Ferors please let me know. Charles Conway Ferrors (1809-88), born to George, married Anne (1815-49) and Caroline F Jellett (1824-1902) who also married Richard Mainstone, children John 1832-1907, Mary Ann 1850-1916, Charles Henry 1852-1926, Harriet Alma 1855-1928, Ellen 1860-1933, Alice Stella 1862-1929 and Arthur Thomas 1865-1916.
red mail Lucy Cussons
Seeking information on Lucy Cussons born 1815 in Oldham but living in Middlesex in 1851 with her brother and sister-in-law but no further trace of her after this date or her brother William Cussons last found in Manchester in 1851 as a cotton merchant. Any further information on either of these people would be appreciated
Susannah Chalk b.1799
Susannah Chalk 1799 - 1842 was apparently born in Middlesex. She married Edward Taylor (1785 - 1843), a baker in 1825. I have been unable to find records of her birth, and therefore parents etc anywhere. The birth date comes from the 1841 census and her death certificate. The birth place from the census (not always the most reliable source of birth places). If anybody can assist with information it would be appreciated.
thomas john robert durham(1805-1868)
hoping someone please can help me to find this person whom i have just come across that didnt know existed at all,he is a very misterious person as cant find out anything about him at all really only that he married a lady by the name of caroline ? and had a daughter with her by the name of Catherine Flora Durham please help if you can hoping to find this information for a great great aunt before shes no longer here as it is a link to her family,she also knows that he had a sister named isabella or she could be known as 'bella; please try to help if you can thanks
red mail EMSON from Middlesex
Searching for information re Charles Emson and his wife. Their son Henry b. 1840 Mdx. went to NZ.
red mail William Jennings
Hi folks Looking for the marriage of William Jennings, born abt 1798/1800, Middlesex. Spouse, possibly named Caroline, born abt 1798/1802, place unknown. They had a daughter, Elizabeth born 16 July 1820 in St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex, Death 1862 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England. Any help would be most appreciated Many thanks Regards Tom
Harriet ann foxon married thomas lawrence 1891, their children were: winifred m 1911, ethel m 1894, amelia rose 1899, arthur amos 1900, alec r 1906, christopher george 1907, george thomas 1892, florence jess 1894, margaret ann 1900. Some of them were born in ealing, hanwell and were married there. Anyone connected please can you contact sue.
red mail winyard slade
looking for information on Charles Wynyard slade born hanwell in 1883 married Isabella tracy in 1935 but could have married prev to charlotte e slade in 1910.i have a addres as 88 seward rd hanell in 1911 any information would be helpful thanks dee
red mail grandmother
Seeking help with search for violet slinger address given as 43 lordswell road paddington 1935. Would be very grateful for any information.
red mail Alice Maud Glindon 1911 mystery
I believe My 2 x Great Grandmother Alice Maude Glindon (nee Thomas) died in Croydon 1913, she was from Middlesex and I have no trace of her at all in the 1911 census!? Which is odd as I have located her children (my great grandmother and her brother) who are living with an aunt and uncle at 1a Popham Road, Islington. I am also unable to trace Alice's husband and my 2 x Great Grandfather John George Glindon in 1911. I wonder why their children were not living with them at this time?!! Is anyone able to assist me as to the whereabouts of my 2 x Great Grandparents at the time of the 1911 census?
red mail alfred Carter
Alfred Carter was born in Marylebone 1848. He married Mary Ann Humphries in 1872 in Brighton. they returned to Middlesex and had Alfred James 1875 Henry 1875 Caroline 1877 and Arthur 1879. Anyone else researching this family.
red mail Sipthorpe
Thank you to all those you have helped me so far with this name. I would now like to find the parents of Thomas SIPTHORPE( who was born 1851 believed to be in Tower Hamlets. He married Sarah Amelia LIVERMORE Thanks for any help you can give me. Brenda
red mail Forster & Byrnes
I would be grateful for any information about the Edward Forster who married Noreen E. Byrnes in Fulham in 1963.
Alexander Roach(e)
I'm trying to find the marriage of Alexander Roach to Esther (nee?). He was a sailor and was born about 1795, but not sure where. Esther was born about 1793 Brompton, Middlesex. They had 2 daughters. Mary Ann born 1821 and Sarah born 1824, both born Mead Row, Lambeth, Surrey. Esther went on to marry Thomas Craggs in 1835 in Hoxton, Middlesex. I have found a burial for a Alexander Roach, age 50 in thwe workhouse, St Pancras, Middlesex, but I have not confimed that it is him. Can anyone help in finding Esthers maiden name and who her parents are? Thanks Maxine
Looking for the families of George Reed (1812). One of his daughters Ann Elizabeth married William Hall another Mary married George Hunt. Another Hannah married Thomas Stansell. Any info would be helpful Thanks Fiona
red mail Olivera-Cook/Renout
Praviana Olivera married James W G R Cook in 1948. Marriage was registered in Middlesex. I have reason to believe that James Cook was also known as William Renout, born in 1921. This would make him my uncle. I am trying to make contact with my father's living relatives in UK or France. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. Gene
looking for descendants of william george durham his son is alfred f durham alfred i believe was born in a place called petersborough i believe also that william married a lady named ellen? who was born in i believe rusherhite ,surrey could any one tell me anything about them please would also like to find schools that they miight have attended at back then am also looking for anything on john hagharty who wasa nephew of williams ,but from whom
durham family
sarah mary durham 1822-1885 youngest sister of william james durham(1807-) sarah was born in westminister ,london but lived in middlesex til here death in 1885 she married horace edward wickam(1825-1899) looking for minnie r.j. whickham 1860=1940 caroline m .wickham(think middle name mary) 1858- gorthon j.n. wickham(1865 any information be helpful
Robert Owen b 1895.
Robert son of Robert and Alice Owen nee' Ringrose. Whilst living at 162,Well St, Hackney, Robert joined the army December 1915, was discharged November 1917. At the time of his father's passing in 1941 Robert, and his family were living in Hoxton. Any information of Robert's descendant's will be greatly appreciated.
red mail Durkin/Regan/ Muldowney
PATRICK DURKIN married SARAH REGAN likely in Ireland but maybe England. Daughter MARY indicates she was born in England about 1827. Mary married WILLIAM MULDOWNEY-marriage not located. They had three (known)children: SARAH, baptized in 1849 Walsall; MARY, born 1852 Walsall; Malachi John, born 1854 Walsall. Family information says WILLIAM MULDOWNEY was born in Swineford Mayo Ireland possibly 1823 (maybe earlier). No parents or siblings known. Other persons who married into the MULDOWNEY family: THOMAS JOYCE (2), MARY JOYCE, THOMAS MALOY. I would appreciate any information. Thanks from Canada
red mail taunton cockerill
I am desperate to find anything about a JOHN TAUNTON BORN 1820 and a WILLIAM COCKERILL who married a SARAH ? in the early 1800s . thanks KATHLEEN
red mail Charles Digby Wilson
I've been having difficulty finding out much information about the birth of Charles Digby Wilson. He married Elizabeth Cornish (b. 1837 Moretonhampstead, Devon) the 9th of Sept.1867 at St. Mary of Lambeth, Surrey, but from the census information, they appear to have lived in Middlesex, primarily Marylebone. On the marriage cert. his father is listed as Charles Wilson. There is also an Elizabeth Wilson that witnessed the marriage, but not sure if it is his mother, sister or some other relative. Unfortunately both Charles and Wilson are common names so its been very hard to try to figure out much before his marriage. He would have been born somewhere in the 1820s to 1830s and in several of the census returns he claims Clerkenwell as place of birth. Any help/ideas would be appreciated! Thank you.
red mail Horsnell,Perrin,Patient and Beards
Octavious=John Horsnell both born c1812, hoping to find their marriage before they left for Australia 1839. Also would like to exchange information on the four names above. W.
red mail Evelynson Maud second wife of Claude Goodman Johnson
I'm trying to retrace my ancestors and have just received very interesting information about my great-grandfather on my mother's side - William Goodman Johnson. His son, Claude Goodman Johnson who was instrumental in founding Rolls-Royce, married Evelyn Maud in 1919, but i don't have her maiden name. Anyone know anything about Evelyn Maud? Thank you for any information, I'm a bit lost. Arabel
William Mitchell - Shoemaker
Im trying to find William Mitchell, born about 1872, Hoxton, Middlesex. He married Maud Harriett George 1895 in Peckham, Surrey. He was stated as a shoemaker, as was his father, also William Mitchell, shoemaker. Witness are John William George (Mauds father) and Emily Celia Mitchell. But not sure who this is. I have found William and Maud on the 1901 and 1911 census, with children, John, Henry, Florrie (Florence) and Rebecca. I have found a baptism for a William Thomas Mitchell 1873, living at Barretts Court, Middlesex. Father William Thomas - Shoemaker and mother Mary Ann. Im not sure if this is him. Can anyone help me find William on the 1881 and 1891 census, and if he had any other brothers and sisters. thanks Maxine
red mail Frederick Bowman b. 1774 Sugar Refiner
Frederick Bowman married Margaret about 1815 She was born in West Ham Essex. I would like to know her maiden name. He first married Elizabeth. I would like to know her maiden name. They were married in Bethnal Green, London. they had 5 children, Eliza, Emma Sophia, Alfred Paul, Cecilia Maria, and John Frederick. Margaret had Francis Edward, Robert Henry, James William and Felicia Margareta.
Seeking info on Joseph Robertson & his father Alexander both Master Mariners..Joseph married Ellen Elizabeth Waters dau of John Waters(Master Mariner) Sept 8 1857 @ St. George in the East,Middlesex..Joseph & Alexander were believed to be born in Scotland (no knowledge of mother's names) ..John Waters was born in Norfolk
red mail Simpson.
George Simpson was born in Stepney abt 1850. His parents were Edward Simpson and Eliza Hutchins. George married Alice Louise Schwermann in 1904. George and Alice Simpson are recorded in the 1911 census as having two children, Emily age 5 and Henry age 1. Their address given was 36 Brighton Rd, Westham, Essex. There were three other children. Lillian Willhelmina d.o.b, 1912, Leslie Vernon d.o.b 1915 and Leonard Graham d.o.b 1920. The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1921. This Simpson family lived the major part of their lives in the City of Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand. Kind regards, Wally.
red mail John Fordham married Maria Mulford
I am looking for any information on the Fordham family JOHN FORDHAM born abt 1800 died 1866 in Australia he married MARIA MULFORD born 1800 died 8th September 1862 in Victoria Australia Their children were (1) WILLIAM b abt 1821 he married JANE RHODES & died 28th October 1877 in Corio Bay Geelong Victoria Australia He was the Publican of "The Sawyers Arms"(2) SARAH b abt 1824,(3) MARY (ANN) b abt 1828 (4) JOHN b abt 1835 (5) ELIZABETH b abt 1838 all born in Middlesex.This family came to Australia on the "Travancore" in 1849 Thank You E
red mail catherine bingham
Hello, I am searching for relatives of Catherine Bingham, born in 1870 to parents James Bingham and Eliza (nee Ward) This family can be found in the 1871 census living in Holborn Middlesex. Catherine died in 1889 in Holborn infirmary. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks. Shirley
Can anyone help me find HENRICH EDWARD HEER born in Switzerland about 1811, he married ELLEN SEELEY in 1882 and died shortly afterwards. His father was called Jacob but that is all I know about him. I would be grateful if anyone can tell me more about the SEELEY family who moved from Norfolk to Middlesex in London.
I have recently discovered my family is related to the HEYES family, originally from Lancashire (John Heyes Attorney, Knowsley). My children's great Grandfather was John Parker Heyes. He was married to Madeline WEBB (nee SPENCER). Is there anyone who is also related to the family? Would really like to establish some contact.
red mail Alfred Hutchins went to Australia, when & how?
Please point me in the right direction to find Alfred William George HUTCHINS who migrated to Australia around 1923 or 1924. A. W. G. Hutchins born 8/8/1899, father T.H hutchins, mother Minnie hutchins (nee Harvey). Married Meinwen Jones 16/6/1922. daughter Joan D. b. 23/3/1923. Meinwen & Joan arrived in Australia 14/12/1925. Alfred arrived earlier, BUT can't find any records of him leaving Enlgand or arriving in Aust.. I know he enlisted in the army for WW 2 in Australia. Help would be appreciated. Joyleen
red mail James Randall and Ann Weatherley
Am searching for birth records for the above who were both born c.1806-10 and married at Ickenham on 22/10/1843. I have death records for both but can't find birth or baptism records.
red mail Looking for Eliza Pugh
Eliza Pugh b.25 Feb 1859, Middlesex, UK to Thomas Pugh & Eliza Catherine Marchant (bNov 1839 Kent). 1871 England census has her with her sister Emily in Union House, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire. Have not been able to find any more about her. Her sister Emily married John Baldwin in 1883 in Hopton Wafers. Does anyone have any information about Eliza?
red mail elizabeth wills leech
Can anybody help me find out anything about the Wills Leech family, Elizabeth married at 16 to Henry Wellington Vallance in 1833. These are my g.grandparents, but I don't seem to be able to find out anything about her, if she had siblings, who her parents were
red mail The May family
William May was born in approximately 1825 in Middlesex UK and he might possibly have been a twin. His father was Thomas May born in approximately 1793. Thomas May is believed to have been born in Cornwall. Any information regarding their ancestors or descendants would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to share all my research.
Mary Gower
I'm trying to find the parents of Mary Gower. She was born about 1805, in Holborn, Middlesex. She married Edward George in 1833 at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster. Witness are Catherine Phoebe George (Edwards sister) and George Gower. I'm not sure if this was her brother or her father. .Any help in finding her parents or any other Gower siblings. Thanks Maxine
red mail helen prosser
Helen Prosser born 1898 St Pancras London in the 1911 census age 13 lived in Hanwell Middlesex her father was Walter Wenham Prosser b. 1873 her mother was Elizabeth (formerly Rouse) b. 1874. She was my mother Lily Prosser's sister but I had never heard my mother mention her and can find no trace of her after this census. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you Trish
red mail OFFORD
Looking for any info on WILLIAM OFFORD born 1771,on 1841 census for St.Pancras,Marleybone aged 70 living with wife Ann aged 67. Children of William and Ann are.. MARY 1795....HENRY 1800...AUGUSTUS 1803 chr.Holborn ...and EDWARD 1808. EDWARD married ANN KELK in 1830 St.Lukes Chelsea.In 1834 he was an officer at the palace court
red mail cash
Hi, I am trying to find out some more information about an ancestor called ann eliza dorothy cash who was born in 1837 chelsea middlesex. The only information i can get on her is in the 1911 census. I would like to know who her parents were and if they knew a family called thomas and minnie worsley who lived in cranbrook kent. Ann eliza dorothy cash was living in cranbrook in 1911.
red mail Thomas John Downey
Thomas John Downey AKA Jack Francis Southwell born 1909 Newry Ireland. married 1.Elsie Williams 1934 London. 2. Marion Mitchell London. Looking for descendants.
red mail Houghton/Croxall/Higgins
John Houghton, wife Elizabeth, shown on 1911 census. Elizabeth had been married before as there are stepchildren shown, can find her 1st marriage to a Thomas Higgins and her maiden name was Croxall, parents William and Emma Croxall. Her 1st born son to John Houghton birth certificate shows maiden name Croxall, cannot find a 2nd marriage, however I have a birth certificate for a Betsy Elizabeth Croxall, exact same date and address for Elizabeth Jane Croxall, London Baptisms, both 265 City Road, father coffee house keeper. The mystery is Emma's maiden name shown as Tavener, William was born in Burton on Trent, have a marriage certificate for them and Emma's maiden name shown as Orme. Elizabeth had a brother William born in 1878, 1911 census shows married to Emily (Whitehead) with 6 children, sadly have found a death for William in 1917 WW1, buried in Belgium. Elizabeth and John Houghton had several children one of the girls was Mary who was my Mother-in-Law, she did mention once she lost 4 brothers in the war, but didnt say which war. Another mystery I cant find a birth for Mary, we know her birth date so will send all this information to GRO, have spoken to them about this.
red mail Jane Jarvis
Researching the family and relatives of Jane Jarvis born in Middlesex UK in 1814. Believed to be a daughter of Charles Jarvis and Margaret Ann (nee Leman). Any information very much appreciated. Thank you.
red mail Leman families in Middlesex
Seeking the family, ancestors and descendants of Margaret Ann Leman who married Charles Jarvis in Middlesex, UK in the early 1800s. Any inforation very much appreciated.
red mail Brinkley Jas or James
Hi Please get in touch with me if you have a Jas Or James Brinkley in your tree. James Brinkley born Barnet Herts 1876 or 1877 or 1878. Had children Ria,Jane,James Daisy William. Mother of children Elizabeth Kingham. Thanks
red mail READ
Looking for George Read living in Chiswick abt. 1856. His wife's name was Laura. Only child I can find is Rosina baptised in St. Nicholas Church, Chiswick. Can anyone help?
red mail Green
Looking for details about William Green. He could have been born in London about 1800. He was convicted in the Old Bailey in 1819 and transforted to Australia in 1820. He died at Crudine in NSW in 1874. I'm his 3rd great grandson and he was the first Green in our family in Australia.
red mail The Jarvis family of Middlesex UK
Charles Jarvis born at Middlesex UK in approximately 1781 married Margaret born approximately 1791. All information greatly appreciated.

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