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Thackray Confectioner 18 Scabourough st
Thackray.Wyatt.Nicholls. London John Thackray. St Brides 1882 London. "Thackray". Not Thackery! Occupation Confectioner 1882. Family at 18 Scarborough St 6 Goodmans Fields. "John Thackray" 42 Wife "Eliza" 33. Son, My link to family is: Aurther aged zero. Others are Thomas 2.. James 4..Agnes 6..Edward 7.. Note death Harriet Whitechapel 1855 1c??All of "6 Goodmans Fields, 18 Scarborough St". Marriage of Aurther & Hannah Wyatt 20 years later. 1882.St Brides Fleet St. The WYATT FAMILY : Ann Wyatt age 57 present on list however missing is John Thomas Wyatt. Address: "London City reg dist of Castle Raynard" "9 Ireland Yard ""Caster Lane" The City. Note Aurther Thackray is alive in 1910! Marriage in 1910 Croft & Marther Wyatt Thackray with Whitness Aurther Thackray & Emily Sharratt. Who is Emily Sarratt? All the best to those in their search. Re update. On Birth of Matha Wyatt 03/04/1883 Arthur Thackery note change in Thackray on Certificate. Arthur Thackery is recorded as a Baker. Census return 1861 Has same address with John Thackray as Head job as a Confectioner, Trades are closely related. Johns shows birth as 1819. They had a servant Mary Seandam unmarried aged 23 years. On the Birth is 57 Rissinghils st? Bassinghall st? I cannot find any info it someone could advise please. ?? Also (for Gday) in is this the register? Next to signature of Arthur Thackery as spelt not Thackray. Thackray info all fixed Ancestry uk.
red mail Westfall/Callaghan
Hello, I am looking for any info. regarding WESTFALL and CALLAGHAN who lived on Brick Lane E and also St Georges in the East between 1902-1911. Thank you,
red mail Ann CROSS
Looking for anything on my paternal gg mother above believed b. 1814 - 1816 in Whitechapel, Middlesex. She may have married/lived with a William WILKINS b. 1811 - 1813 in Stratford, Middlesex. Thanks John
red mail George Rouse
I am looking for information about George ROUSE, born in 1834 in, I believe, Lincolnshire, but who moved to London and married first of all Ann BATTY in 1857, and then Helen, or Ellen, CLEMENTS in 1866. He may have worked as a driver when he first came to London, but by 1861 appears to have been a tailor. I can find nothing about him between 1866 and 1881. He died in 1882.
George John RUSSELL born 1843/44 was my great grandfather. He was born in London, his father being John RUSSELL born 1819 in Stanton Harcourt Oxon. John RUSSELL was married to Elizabeth ODGERS from Cornwall in 1845 in London but she is not George John RUSSELL's mother.There are several George or George John Russell's in London at this time and to compound the situation he was married as John George Russell. In 1864 he married Sarah Ann Pratt and had four children, two of whom died young. My grandfather, Charles Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Adeline survived. At the age of 27 he died of a fractured skull as a result of an accident at work in a brewery in Whitechapel on 19th February 1871. I am unable to progress until I know who my great grandmother was. The children were born in the areas of Whitechapel/Mile End/and Bethnal Green. So far I have been unable to obtain the Coroner's report. John RUSSELL went on to have thirteen children and according to his marriage certificate he was a bachelor prior to marrying Elizabeth ODGERS. Any help with this brick wall would be gratefully received. Edna
red mail Jane Myers or Miers
I am seeking information about Jane Miers (or Myers) born before 1812 and baptised 19 July of that year at St Mary's Whitechapel. Jane married John Athill 3 Feb 1812 in Stepney. They had 13 children.
red mail Tailor from London 1800s
My sister and I are trying to trace our ancestor, Henry Baker. We only know, from census records, that he was born in approx. 1809, possibly at St George's in the East, and his wife's name was Eliza (possibly Elizabeth). She was born in Redditch in approx. 1816. They were living in Liverpool in 1844 when their son, Albert was born, but in the 1851 census they were living separately in London, where he is listed as a tailor in lodgings. They had two older girls, Emma and Eliza, born in Hull and ? Liverpool. We have been searching the family history websites for a long time, but can find no trace of their birth or marriage records. (we wonder whether a marriage actually took place) If anyone can help us with information especially names of their parents, we would be really grateful. Lyn
red mail GILL
Searching for information about Elizabeth Gill who was born in Whitechapel in about 1789. It is possible that her father was Daniel Gill and her mother was Ann Davis. Elizabeth was tried at the Old Bailey in 1807 and transported to Australia.
red mail McSweeney-Dempsey
Looking for info on Eugene McSweeney married Catherine Dempsey,both born in Ireland.They moved to Whitechapel in the 1850's.had four children,Dennis,Julia,Eugene and John.Have Catherine's baptismal from Lislee,Co.Cork. Have not found out anything about Eugene,he is supposed to be a relative of McSwinney Mayor of Cork.
red mail O'Brien
Looking for info on Julia O'Brien(nee Sweeney) was a counciler for Stepney in the 30's.Had a son Joseph who was married to Margaret Busby,and was killed in Italy in 1944.This is a relative and would like to learn more about her.
red mail John Hill (1774)
Can anyone please tell me whether the above John Hill is the father of Mary Hill (1825) who was married first to William Hensher and secondly to William Broadway. John Hill was baptised on 7 December 1774 at St Mary, Whitechapel. His parents were John and Dorothy.
red mail George Phillips marr Ann Leary 1845.
His dad James a Wheelwright of Stepney, her dad John of Kildare Ireland, their family:Thomas 1847 marr Mary Ann Desmond, Charles 1849 marr Elizabeth Postlethwait, George 1850 partnered Susannah Gee,( I am a decendant of this partnership), Kate 1854 marr George J Rogers, Alfred 1856, Fredk 1860 Jouneyman Baker, Jessa 1864, all bn around the Tower Hamlets area, and difficult to trace thheir families. can you help Thankyou.
red mail Sleepy Valley Whitechapel
I am seeking information about a bedding company called Sleepy Valley that once occupied premises in the Whitechapel area during the 1950's, 1960's. Many thanks.
red mail Mary Ann Beck
Can anyone help please? I am looking for any information on Mary Ann Beck. She was born 21 March 1886 in Whitechapel, possibly in 5 Pereira Street. She married Walter Simmonds in June 1906. She died aged 42 in 1929. Before her death she lived in Elsa Street. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
red mail MULLER MILLER of Whitechapel and Stepney
I have found a birth of Johann Wilhelm MULLER born 1766 Whitechapel Middlesex. Parents were Johann Andr. and Agatha Muller. These I know are the parents of Ann Miller born 1768. She had another brother who was a tambour worker in Stepney. How can I find out the name of this brother? Johann Wilhelm anglicised his name to John William Miller. Happy to exchange information.
red mail Gt,Gt Grandfather location
I am trying to trace details of my gt,gt grandfather John Hall who was a bricklayer by trade.According to several census returns he was borne in Whitechapel, Middlesex, about 1796. His wife was called Mary Bradshaw.
Can anybody tell me anything about the family of Barbara Ann Diack who was born in Whitechapel in 1802? She married John Edward Stokes in about 1820. They had 5 children I believe born between 1822 and 1846. Who were her parents? Did she have siblings? I would also like to know about her husband - when and where was he born, who were his parents. I think he must have died between 1845 and 1851 but can't find a record.
red mail Phillip Benjamin/Henry Farmer
I am seeking details of my 3 x great uncle in law Henry Farmer and his brother in law Phillip Benjamin of Whitechapel Middlesex.Henry was born 1 January 1814 in London and emigrated to Sydney NSW Australia in 1834.His sister Elizabeth married Phillip Benjamin and they had two daughters Hannah (Herley) & Julia. Phillip was Jewish and was a General Merchant. The family lived at St Clements,The Danes, Westminster in 1841.Julia was a Milliner/Courtier.Hannah had a daughter.Elizabeth died about 1864 & Phillip possibly died in 1884.Henry Farmer was a Publican and owned an Inn and property in Braidwood NSW. He died in January 1876 and was buried under his Jewish name TZVI ben YITZHAK- Henry son of Isaac.I have been unable to find the name of Henry & Elizabeth's mother, the village where they were born or the date of Henry's emigration to Australia. Any information at all would be appreciated.
red mail The Henrietta mystery.
I have been searching for the baptism/birth of Henrietta Sophia Hall ca 1820-1822 for such along time and have not had any luck. It is thought she was born in the city of London. She was married or co-habiting with James Battlebury, tailor, in 1841, had three children and disappeared from sight in or around 1850 -maybe ran away. James said he was married in the 1851 census but she is not there with him, nor is his eldest daughter Henrietta then 10 years old (later married William Veitch). In 1861 he says he is a widower. Two children James and Sarah were baptised as Battleberry Hall at St Dunstans in the late 1840s.
red mail Murray
I am searching any information on a Thomas William Murray born in Whitechapel/Aldgate area in 1877. He turns up in the 1891 census in Poplar, but no other records.
the frying pub Brick lane
william burch lived and worked there between 1880 and 1882. I think his daughters worked there on and off between 1884-1888, when their uncle (~Farrow) ran the pub.Any info. about the pub or people who worked there during these years I would be interested to hear about
red mail Stein/Wittmann
My gg grandparents came to Whitechapel from Germany sometime in the 1860's. They were married at St George's German Lutheran Church in Alie St on 19.12.1869 and had 11 children - 9 of whom survived. Their names were Johann and Catherine and he was a pork butcher. For several years they lived on Cable St and anglicised their name during WW1. Since getting hold of their marriage cert I know a lot more about them but still don't know where in Germany they originate from. Are you descended from the same family - if so i would like to hear from you.
red mail Marriage Cert 1872 of Wllm Flint 1850 to Helen Barratt
I have a copy of this certificate which is not my family. I am happy to send by email or post. Details: 31st March 1872;; William Flint Age 22 Coachman, Tower Hill, father James Flint, Gardner and Hellen Barratt Age 21 of Hanwell, father John Barratt, Hairdresser.
red mail Hinchliff
Looking for more information on James Hinchliff born abt 1790 married Elizabeth abt 1810. All 9 of their children were born St. Mary, Whitechapel, Stepney. James is shown as a Broker - an Upholsterer and a Carpenter. I am decendant of his son Henry Hinchliff (a Baker) who married Hannah Sellers 1845.
red mail Cluer in East London
I am researching the Cluer family who were making mirrors in the 17th century, clockmakers in the 18th century and then became tobacco pipe makers in the 18th/19th Century and then Lightermen, operating barges on the River Thames as the clay pipe-making died off. Interested in all Cluers though anywhere in London.
red mail Isaacson marriage
looking to find the marriage place of a Stephen Isaacson and Sarah Bouch who were married in Whitechapel, London, around 1851. I don't know where they married though. Was it in a church, chapel etc? What was the name? Can anyone throw any light please? many thanks
red mail Hillmann and von Thun families
Looking for any information at all about these two German immigrant families (19th century). Gerd Hermann Heinrich Hillmann and Heinrich von Thun were both sugar bakers. Hillmann later (1870s-80s) was licensee of the Duke of Gloucester, 81 New Road, Whitechapel, and his son Johann and wife Gesche (daughter of Heinrich von Thun) continued running it after his death in 1884, until 1899. I have information about Gerd Hillmann's children, but little about any of the von Thun family. Some stayed in Germany, but there were others in London from the 1820s. Possible brother of Heinrich, Peter von Thun, married Anna Sorg in London but both later disappeared from the records.
red mail Industrial School Corn Street
Does anyone know where the children go when leaving the school. I have found John Laskey in the school in the 1871 census but I can't find him in the 1881 census. Would he have gone in the army?
red mail NEBB, James
1841 Census James Nebb age 25, his wife Mary age 25 and son James age 6 were living at Luke Street, Whitechapel with Sarah Laver and her husband Henry and their three children, Caroline age 6, Clara age 3 and Henry age 1. Also living at same address Sarah's parents Richard and Eliza Branson. I am trying to find out if Mary Nebb was a daughter of Richard and Eliza. Not getting anywhere on the name Nebb . Can anyone help?
red mail Moses Magnus of Whitechapel
In researching my family history a relative has given me a birth record for a MOSES MAGNUS - it is headed as a birth certificate but seems to be a retrospective acknowledgement of birth in the UK - it's dated 1807 but the birth is written out as being March 1765. Place of birth is stated as Jewry St Aldgate and the heading of the certificate says 'Birth certificate of M Isaacs' so I am assuming that Magnus would have been born to Jewish parents. If this rings a bell with anyone I'd be interested to know any family history as I cannot tie this in presently with any of my own familial names.
red mail Louisa Emily Gedlich
My greatgrandmother Louisa Emily Gedlich was born in 1856 in Brick Lane, Whitechapel, parents Frederick Gedlich and Jane nee Venables. I'm particularly trying to find out when and why Frederick (also known as William) came to London from Saxony, Germany. Any help welcome.
red mail Eeles, Crowhurst Seeley, Artillary, Whitechapel
I'm looking for information on my Ggrandma Eliza Crowhurst Seeley B02/08/1872 Norton Folgate Artillary. d 07/12/1910 in Spitalfields. Her father was William Robert Crowhurst Seeley (upholsterer) and her Mother was Mary Ann Harvey (waistcoat maker)b 1847 Clapton. In the 1891 census Mary ann is stated as a widow. in Dec 1887 at whitechapel Eliza Seeley was married to Benjamin Eeles b 15/04/1869 Charlbury, Oxfordshire
red mail Puttnam
John Richard Puttnam born 1892 at Whitechapel London - info from Birth Certificate. No trace of him until 1901 Census at Colgate Sussex, as a visitor 8 years of age at home of Charles Kirby. No trace after that until his marriage at Pontypridd Wales to Elizabeth Powell in 1913 He was with Sth Wales Borderers during Action in 1915. No trace again until 1919 when he was paid off a Ship in Aberdeen Scotland.No contact again until 1922. I have info from then until his death in 1959. Can you help? I would be so grateful of any information. Thank you.
red mail thick/hyslop
looking for descendant of alice and george hyslop, all children were born in wandsworth. margaret. george. leslie ellison, mary evelyn, isabel. if you know about alice and george I would like to email you and find out if we are related. bye betty.
red mail william mcnelly
like to hear from anbody who is researching william mcnelly who married rose thick in 1907 west ham. i am a descendant of rose thick, her parents were hannah ellison/william thick. like to hear from anybody who is related. betty.
red mail constantine/yearley
thomas constantine m sarah yearley, dau sarah bn 1827,whitechapel. sarah m edmund sanders 1846, they came to sth aust with 3 children also sarah constantine who died in sth aust, edmund sanders is my husband gr gr grpa, would like to hear from relations of constantine or yearley. bye betty.
red mail German family in Brick Lane 1856
Looking for Jane Getlich nee Venables, born Cheshunt, Herts, married to Frederic William Getlich, living in Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Whitechapel in 1856, children William and Louisa Emily.
red mail Puttnam
looking for others researching Puttnam in whitechapel and bethnal green also connected to peppiatt and reeves and tulett 1850 to date
red mail SANDYK
Felix SANDYK was born in Whitechapel or Warsaw (depending who you believe!!!) c 1842/3. I have been trying to discover where he was prior to his marriage in 1863 at The Great Synagogue when he was living in Houndsditch, Aldgate. Felix married Hannah LUTTO. By the time their first daughter was named the following January they were using the surname SANDERS. Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated.
red mail jones
looking for descendants of the william anselm jones family. all eldest sons had this name from 1817 to 1890 whiechapel, finsbury, clerkenwell, wapping, southwark areas
If anyone is researching these linked families I would love to hear from you.
red mail Harriett Elizabeth Dickinson
I'm trying to find early history of my great grandmother, Harriett Elizabeth Dickinson. She was born in Whitechapel in September 1971, married James Andrew Dunn and was living with him in Fulham at the time of the 1891 census. By the 1901 census, she was living in Fulham with James Andrew and her first three children, Richard, Elizabeth and Annie (known as Dick, Bessie and Nancy). She later had a child called Walter. James Andrew died in about 1901 and Harriett Elizabeth later married a man called Rogers, with whom she had three more children, Ivy Arthur and Frederick. I'm trying to discover where Harriett Elizabeth was for the first twenty years of her life (have been unable to find any trace in the 1881 census) and who her parents were.
red mail Chatfield, Barth, Taylor, Lyons
Searching for John Chatfield (ca. 1805) and Caroline Constance Jane Barth (born ca. 1807 Shadwell area) married 1824 at St. Dunstan's Stepney. Known children were Richard (b. 1831, m. Ann Catherine Taylor), Edmund John (b. 1828, m. Maria Lyons), Alfred Barth (b. 1836, m. Mary Ann Lyons), Charles (b. 1837), Sarah Susannah (b. 1839), Thomas (b. 1841), Harriot (b. 1847, m. Edwin Pain), and Letitia (b. 1844). All were born in or around Whitechapel area
red mail Silver - Whitechapel - Spitalfields
Looking for details on the SILVER Family who lived in and around Spitalfields and Whitechapel area 1800 - 1900. Samuel Meijer Silver dob1805 Amsterdam and spouse Priscilla Salomon Proops dob 1808 Amsterdam. Their children Myer(Michael) Silver, Sarah Silver, Mary Silver, Joseph Silver, Solomon Silver, Hannah Silver, Henry Silver, Lewis Silver, Woolf Silver, Eleazer Silver, Clara Silver and Isaac Silver. Woolf Silver dob 1850 and spouse Elizabeth AKA Rebecca Thomas dob 1850 and their children Lewis Silver, Samuel Silver, Eleazer Silver, Henry Silver, Priscilla Silver, Fanny Silver and Sarah Silver.
red mail Any McCormacks out there with ties to Whitechapel, London?
My 2nd great granddad, Thomas McCormack, is supposed to have been born in the Whitechapel district of London, possibly on February 23, 1820. It’s assumed that his family were Irish immigrants in London; his father probably a wharf or dock worker. My family is at a dead-end regarding Thomas’ line, and would love to know more about his origins. Thomas had settled in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA by the 1840’s. Family lore says that he was a ship captain, but he was more likely a sailor by profession. In 1849 he met and married Irish immigrant, Mary Agnes McCarthy, there in New Orleans. By the 1870’s, the couple had settled in Kansas, with Thomas making a living by farming. Together they reared a large family. Would love to hear from you should any of this ring any bells Thanks.
red mail Mary Ann Turner 1872
Also; Sarah Elizabeth Turner 1880 Ratcliff. Can you help please
red mail Sidney Whatley
Sidney Whatley born 1865, son of Sidney and Ann Whatley Married Alice Allen who lived in Bucks Row Whitechapel
red mail Alice Allen lived in Bucks Row Whitechapel
Looking for any info on Alice Allen, born 1865, dau of Charles and Elizabeth. Alice married Sidney Whatley.
red mail Groom family in Whitechapel
John Groom and wife Sarah nee Warren moved to Whitechapel with son John in 1872. Any info?
red mail Abrahams/Velleman
I'm looking for relatives of Philip Abrahams (born circa 1885-90) and his wife Clara (nee Velleman, b.1882), who were married in Whitechapel in 1903. Clara was Dutch and Anglicised her name from Klaartje; she had two brothers, Alexander (b.1869) and Izaak (b.1888). Clara's father was called Hartog (b.1840, married Sarah Lewijt), he had siblings called Aaron (male, b.1842), Izaak (male, b.1843), Wolf (male, b.1845), Judith (female, b.1847), Abraham (male, b.1849), Levie (male, b.1851), Meijer (male, b.1852), Jozina (female, b.1853), Catharina (female, b.1853), Salomon (male, b.1854), Borend (male, b.1855) and Roosje (female, b.1857). Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Philip prior to his marriage, so anything anyone can tell me would be great. Also, I'd like to hear about anyone related to Clara's siblings/aunts/uncles as I have the direct line traced back but don't have much on marriages and descendants of any other branches of the Velleman family.
red mail Gunmakers
I am researching some relatives who were Gunmakers in Chamber Street, Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel late 18th/early 19th century. The names are Thomas Allamby, John Barberick and George Evans.
red mail Nathan/Croeze/Pollard
I am researching the Nathan, Croeze & Pollard families of Whitechapel. I have research to Theodore Nathan who was born in Holland in about 1798. Conrad married Leah Croeze in London in Sept 1871 - both also from Holland. Tobias Nathan married Alice Pollard in 1897, London. I would be greatful of any help.
red mail alexander ellison
would like to have contact with my gr grandfather brother alexander b 1820 Middlesex his parents were george and hannah ellison.I have no contact with any of his decendants.please contact me if related love to hear from you.
red mail Tiller
Trying to find more information on the Tiller family who lived in and around Mile End Old Town, particularly Henry John who appeared to live in Buck's Row about 1882-1891 and William Street 1901. I'm actually looking for his brothers and father who seems to have died quite young and his mother may have remarried a Ferguson.
Looking for details of JANE MARTHA TINGEY born Whitechapel area of London in about 1869, she married William Richards in Bethnal Green 1889 can’t seem to trace her parents or siblings.
red mail JENKINS
Father JAMES JENKINS. Children - Sophia, Robert, Frances, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah,Martha - born 1826 to 1839. Any information would be gratefully received.
Buckley 1866
I am looking for a RC Baptism for a John J Buckley December 1866 +/-. I believe this to be the son of John Buckley & Mary nee Scannell Buckley. They were here for a short time as they came from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales and returned. Any clues on a reason, obviously it is work, would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Alice Carroll/Elson(Hilson) Lazarus
I am looking for information on Alice Lazarus. She was illigitimate and born Alice Carroll in 1862 in Manchester. Her father was Thomas or Edward Hilson(Elson) and she married David Lazarus in 1892 and had a child Lewis George born 1894 Bethnal Green. On 1901 census they are living in Royal Mint Square, Whitechapel.
red mail Robert Bays
I am looking for any information or relatives of Robert Bays (b 1783)who worked as a cheesemonger in Leadenhall Market. Robert married Margaret BROWN in 1801 and they had five children Francis, Henry, Matilda, Alfred and Mary Ann (1818). Addtionally any information about his father also Robert Bays who married Ann (maiden name unknown). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I believe that my paternal grandmother Charlotte Olive HILLS was born in Whitechaple.She had a sister or cousin Flora HILLS.She would have been born in the 1860's.
red mail ellison family
like to meet decendants of william and margaret ellison, they were married in bethnal green 1853. children were margaret,george william hannah, susan thomas james henry. james came to australia in 1880.
red mail Kimber
Looking for more information about my gr gr grandfather, John Robert Kimber born c1823 in Whitechapel. He was a petty officer in the Royal Navy and was described as a quartermaster in 1861. He moved to Squirrels Heath, Romford in the 1860s and was described as a Greenwich pensioner. He married Mary Beardwell from Chappel in Essex in Bethnal green in 1856 but I know nothing about his parents.
I am looking for anybody with the surname Shattner. My greatgrandmother would have been Rose Shattner, she had daughters Della, Annie and Ray, sons Manny, Ruby and Frank.
I am looking for anybody with the surname Meisel or Rodrigues. My great grandfather was Aaron Meisel and his wife was Amelia Rodrigues before marriage.
red mail whitechapel workhouse
birth in 1885
William Jackson, probably from Edinburgh, was a whitesmith and locksmith in White's Lane, London in 1827. Son William, an engineer,born about 1825, lived New Street, off St Martin's Lane and married Mary Ann Popham in 1847.
My grandmother, Emma COKER (nee WILLIAMS born March 1863 at 4, Nelson Terrace, Canning Town, West Ham) was the daughter of Joseph WILLIAMS(S), born Whitechapel c1836,and Ellen Maria HUGHES, born c1836 in Smethwick (Birmingham District). They married 1854 St Dunstan, Stepney. In 1861 they lived in Minster Sheppey, Sheerness, Essex. Who were their parent? Their other children: Born in Sheerness, Ann Maria born 1856; the twins Esther Sarah and Ellen Frances born 1860; Born in West Ham District, John born 1867 and Thomas Joseph born 1872. Searching also the WILLIAM(S) or HUGHES cousins who livid in SWINDON, Wiltshire in 1920-30.
red mail Francis Johnson, Whitechapel
My family of Johnson lived in Limehouse, father was Francis born abt 1788 in Whitechapel, mother was Sarah born abt 1795 in Bethnal Green, children were Elizabeth born 1819,Rebecca born 1821,Anna born 1823, Frances born 1826, Francis John born 1828, Maria born 1830, Martha born 1833, James born 1835 and Jane born 1837 all born Limehouse. I am the great great grandchild of Anna Johnson and would be pleased at any info I can get and give on the family.
red mail MATILDA Hamyer
I would like to know if any-one has any information on Matilda Hamyer, she married George Osborn Pavitt in December 1863 at St Mathews Church Bethnal green. Her parents were John and Mary Ann her siblings were Hannah, Jane, Mary Ann, Sarah, William, and John Henri Where would the name Hamyer originate from??Any information would be greatfully received
red mail Rose
William Rose Butcher with wife Elizabeth and children Carolina 1810 Maria 18132 and Eliza (my GGgrandmother) 1817 all children baptised at St Mary's Whitechapel
red mail Benjamin Marchant Whitechapel
B. abt 1850 Whitechapel married Emily Marchant had daughter Maude Emily Marchant b abt 1884 married William George Harry Head in Pewsey 1908. Father Benjamin Marchant b. London abt 1828 died aft 1871 married to Sarah b.1827 Woodbridge Suffok. Father John Thomas Marchant m Eleanor S Ball other children John Marchant b abt 1859 Hoxton Middlesex married 1878 Hackney to Lucy Lock Fitzwilliam also sister Susan Marchant b.abt 1857 Kingsland. Any info would be appreciated.
red mail Aiken
Hi I wonder if anybody can help I am trying to find my ancestors who were all from the whitechapel/st georges area of london The head of the family was george w aiken who was born in 1812 in st georges middlesex. He married Mary Ann Carter. They had 3 children, mary ann, robert and emma. but they seem to dissapear here and there throughout the census'. By 1851 - 1861 something seems to have happened to the family as I cannot find either the parents or Robert and the girls are both living elsewhere, Emma is attending the st george ind school and mary is living with her aunt in birmingham. Does anybody have any idea's about the family?? The information I have on the family is George W Aiken 1812 ST george middx Mary Ann Carter/Aiken 1816 Whitechapel Emma Aiken 1949 Whitechapel Robert Aiken 1847 Whitechapel Mary Aiken 1844 Whitechapel. I am the descendent of Robert so I have what happened to him eventually but of the rest of the family I am in the dark. Any help or advice appreciated.
red mail James & Elizabeth Meredith, Whitechapel, London.
Would be interested to know if anyone can relate back to James & Elizabeth Meredith (nee Wilson) who were both born and lived in Whitechapel, London. This couple migrated to New Zealand in 1865. James's mother was Jane Adlam. Am also trying to trace this family back to Wales but so far no luck.
red mail John Allen/Whitechapel
In 1776 John Allen had a business at 1 Whitechapel Road (opposite St. Mary's Church). His occupation is listed in a trade directory as brush maker/household/hardware(m). His sons, Charles Allen 1794, James Allen 1795 and George Allen 1798 were all baptised at St. Mary's. Were there any other siblings and does any other "Allen" think they are related?
red mail HART
Looking for HART connections East End of London, related to RESTELL, COPELAND,etc in St Dunstan's records.
red mail Copeland London Herts
Looking for COPELAND connections: Whitechapel, from Hertfordshire, then Stepney etc. Related to HART, WRENN
red mail VAUS
Any information about Samuel Vaus b1831 in Whitechapel. He married Elizabeth b1823 and had children George b1855 Samuel b1858 Emma b1860 and Edmund b1864, all born in Bethnal Green.
red mail Henry Lawrence
Born about1871. Parents, Henry J and Harriet Lawrence.of Gloster Rd. He was a Carver and Gilder
red mail William Koch
Does ayone know anything about William Koch born in Whitechapel in 1866. He married Mary Ann Brazier in Islington in 1890.
I can trace my ancestors to Whitechapel, 1825-1860, and the LONEY, SHEEN, HURLEY, DONOVAN and FRANKS families.
red mail WHITING family of Whitechapel
Looking for origins of John Whiting c. 1821, who married Mary Ann Dodson & lived in Whitechapel. He was a baker. Their children were: Mary Ann, Emma, John, Alfred, Amelia, Lissy & William Henry.
red mail Brown Family in Whitechapel
I'm looking for any information on John Brown (Cigar Maker) and his family in Whitechapel. John Brown was born in abt. 1831 and married Caroline who was born abt. 1831. They had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls. My Great-great grandfather left the the family at an early age and became a fisherman in Lowestoft, Suffolk, so i'd be interested in any details on the family left in Whitechapel. Regards Paul
red mail Spinks Family
Have you come across Mary Ann Spinks c1845 or her father William Spinks? There is also a Eunice Spinks, but I'm not sure of the connection. Barbara
red mail Fitterer or Futterer
I am reseaching Fitterer's / Futterer's of Whitechapel and the surrounding area in the 19th Century. The family were originally from Germany.
red mail Butler Family in Leman St. Whitechapel
I am seeking any information RE: Henry and Elizabeth (nee Kennedy) Butler who might have lived in Leman St., Whitechapel. They were married in January 1901. Henry Butler was a Police Constable with the Metropolitan policein Whitechapel. His Father, Thomas Butler was a farm labourer.
red mail WORLAND
Looking for info on Arthur and Annie WORLAND living at 3 Artillery Passage from around 1910 and Grey Eagle Street, Spitalfields around 1940's.
red mail Smallwood
I'm looking for any info about my great-grandmother Annie Smallwood b.C1853 & married Charles Pightling 1871 in Whitechapel,London.They had 2 sons & 4 daughters.
Seeking info on John Day born 1790/95 in Whitechapel. Married Elizabeth (possibly Hutchins) of Harefield Middx about 1814/18and lived there until his death in 1874. They had thirteen children.
red mail catholic family
looking for relatives of james welsh/walsh who married catherine mcCarthy 1878 st george in the east.also his father michael welsh born Bath in 1835
red mail Knox Road, Whitechapel
Looking for any decendants of Francis & Rose Baglin nee Vincent. 1901 living 12 Knox Road, Whitechapel, daughter Gladys Rose born Sept.1901. Francis was a butcher, but believed to have died the following year 1902.
red mail SILCOCKS
Aaron Silcocks born 1854 Everards Place son of James and Mary Ann Silcock.
red mail Robert Knight and Sarah Burfield
My 5 times great grandparents were Robert KNight born about 1787 and Sarah Burfield. They were married in WHitechapel in 1813. As far as I know Robert came from Bristol and Sarah from London. Does anyone know more. Thanks
red mail Whitechapel
Robert Vincent born 1826 in Fressingfield. In 1881 he and wife Emma were living at 36 Raven Street Whitechapel, Robert 15, Alice 11, Charles 9. Maria 7 and a grandson William Hutchinson 6 months. By 1901 Robert and Emma were living at 125 Bedford Street, Whitechapel, Robert a retired blacksmith. Looking for any descendants.
red mail Whitechapel Bell Foundry
Looking for any descendants of George and Sarah Ann Vincent. George and his two sons William and James all worked at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. Other children were Agnes whose married name was Reed and had daughter Rose born 1891. And Rose Vincentborn 1875. In 1881 the family were living at 12(and a half)Oxford Street, Whitechapel.
red mail Hatcliff Family In Whitechapel And Wapping
Joseph Hatcliff b1789 St. Botolph without Aldgate married 1816 Elizabeth Huttridge b1790 . Their children were John William Hatcliff b1829, Arabella Hatcliff b1830, Frances Hatcliff b1833, Frederick Hatcliff b1835 d 1838. Frances married Thomas Bryant Knight 1853in Bethnal Green.The Hatcliff family originally came from Hatcliff in Lincolnshire.
red mail Humburg Fischer Heinlee Johnson Fitch Jewell
Anyone any info on HUMBURG (or poss HAMBURG) family living in Whitechapel during years 1859 to at least 1880. Father Heinrich or Henry mother Barbara (nee FISCHER), children Lizzie, Louisa (Louise?), Charlie, Marie and one older who later married aJohnson & had a daughter Amy b 1880. Louisa married Carl Heinlee in 1890 but can find no trace of any of them from mid 1880s. Also Fitch - Arthur b 1868 m Clara Eliza Harwood 1888, Thomas b 1835. Jewell : James Edmund b 1859 Plymouth, married Annie Emily Skinner b 1868 also Plymouth.
Requesting info on Brophy family. Michael Harvey Brophy born Whitechapel about 1807 and later resided in New Zealand after several years in the imperial forces.
red mail Whitney
Richard Whitney married Susanna Rickett in Ireland, their son John married Ann Jasse in Ireland. Their daughter Susannah (1783-1849) married John Benson in Cork, Ireland. John and Susannah lived at 93 Church Street, Mile End New Town, Whitechapel.John worked as a Horsehair Manufacturer and his son Thomas Saville Benson continued the business at the same address for many years.
red mail Whitechapel Middlesex
Looking for Goodwin family info 1790-1820
red mail Atkins
George Percy Atkins born 1885 in Whitechapel ( my maternal grandfather ) searching for information regarding his sibings, William, Walter, Lilian, John, Henry & Edith. Father; William Atkins ( born Whitechapel around 1848 ) Mother; Elizabeth Rose( nee Simpson ) born Bethnal Green about 1851 .Other names in Atkins family tree; Mersh, Armour,Green, Johnson, Nunley, Simpson, Valentine.

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