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red mail John Del(a)force (1710 - 1785) Married with Elizabeth
Hi there, have received great help already by a user on this particular genealogy, and was just hoping to reach out to any people who may have more details on this line- already know that the Del(a)forces are well researched, so with any luck someone knows how these ones slot in to the overall picture. John Del(a)force (1710 - 1785) Married with Elizabeth (although possibly Elisabeth, depending upon the record). John died May 1785 in Spit. London. Buried May 22, 1785. His son was James Delaforce (May 5, 1734-October 12, 1788). He married Elizabeth Harris on April 22, 1753. Their children were: James Delforce 17531835 Ann Delforce 17551756 Mary Delaforce 17581861 Elizabeth Delaforce 17601823 Jonathan Delforce 17611825 Charles Delforce 1765 Unknown Not sure whether the sudden Delforce/ Delaforce name change is through mistranscription, relatives turning against eachother, or wanting to keep businesses separate (in one branch some went into wine whilst others went into markets selling meats and things like that). Nevertheless, does anyone know anything more about these people, Elizabeth who married Johns maiden name, and anything more historical in the genealogy? Thankyou!
red mail Hubbard, Samuel married with Delaforce, Eliz. had child Maria
Hi Samuel possibly married Delaforce, Elizabeth, although this is uncertain currently; he had a child Maria who was 1792-1865, and who died at the institution in Hanwell, seemingly. The name Maria is quite interesting as you would expect either Mary or Marie so wondering now whether Delaforce is correct, given that a Hubbard, Samuel, did marry a Manteca in London around the correct time. Any details on who Samuel's parents were, whether Delaforce was accurate, or why Maria was admitted to Hanwell would be great thankyou.
red mail Hubbard, Maria married with Marlow, William.
Hi there, was hoping you could help with these people. Maria and William lived in Spit. London, England, and their daughter Elizabeth Maria Marlow married a hatter, Louis Lecand Harwood. Louis' parents were Harwood, Joseph and Le Cand, Charlotte. Can anyone assist with Maria and William, please? Maria's dad was possibly Samuel and the mother a woman with the surname Icke but this is not certain as the only matching person grew up in Leicestershire which doesn't make sense, as why a woman would relocate in that era is uncertain as only men would have been able ti have a career which would require relocation.
red mail Isard/ Izzard/ Yzat/ Easard, Sara married with Le Cand, Daniel 17451809.
Hello! Sara and Daniel were in Spitalfields where they had 11 children baptised at Artillery, which seems to have been a Huguenot chapel near the artillery lane in London. Sara's surname has various spellings in the baptismal records, which can be Yzat, Izzard, Isard, Easard, etc the most likely of which is Isard and the least likely to be correct is Yzat. Despite having located all the baptism records, marriage doesn't come up in 'search' so does anyone have any advice as to where to look to get the marriage details please? Daniel was buried in January 1809.
red mail LE CAND, Charlotte, the dau of Daniel Le Cand and Sara- married HARWOOD Joseph.
Hi guys, actually managed to break through the wall of my great great grandmother, Sarah, with the assistance of people here. Now looking for her ancestor Charlotte Le Cand who's Baptism was 06 Apr 1777  The Artillery-French Huguenot,Spitalfields,London,England 1 Source Charlotte's baptismal records list Daniel Le Cand and Sara as her parents. Charlotte married Mr Joseph Harwood, and their son Louis LeCand Harwood would marry Elizabeth Maria Marlow, the dau of Mr William Marlow/e and they would have a son John Henry Lecan Harwood who would marry Sarah Ann Ditzpatrick and then after her death in December 1886 (or that quarter) would marry again to Alice Emily Hopping. With Sarah, John would have a daughter Sarah 1880-1953 who would marry Louis John Carter September 1903 in St Luke's Hackney. They would have a daughter Violet Dora Carter 16 DECEMBER 1905 - 31 December 1985. That was my great grandmother Any help with Charlotte Le Cand, especially with identifying her mother 'Sara' would rather obviously be much appreciated thank you.
red mail Waldron/Brown
Hello, I'm looking for information on sisters Sarah Waldron and Ann Brown (nee Waldron) who according to their brother John's Will, they lived in Church Lane, Spitalfields around the 1820s. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
red mail Family of Louis (Lewis) Harris & Esther Cohen
I'm researching the family history of Louis or Lewis Harris, who was born in Spitalfields in 1812. His father was Lazarus (Eliezer) Harris, a watch maker and privileged member of the Great Synagogue. He married Esther Cohen, daughter of Benjamin Woolf Cohen of Aldgate in 1833. The family lived in Spitalfields and St. Mary's Whitechapel until 1851. After emigrating to New York City in 1852/3, Lewis and several of his sons went into the cigar making business. I'd love to hear from anyone who might be related to these members of the Harris (or Cohen) families.
red mail Dubock
Looking for Dubock descendants. Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets. My great great great grandmother Susannah Dubock was born 1792 to Edward Dubock and his wife Sarah Briggs, married 1792. Children baptised: 1792 Susanna 1797 Edward 1799 Sarah 1801 Thomas 1802 Ann 1804 James 1806 Elizabeth 1809 Sarah 1811 Louisa 1813 William Francis 1815 Angela (f) 1817 Sophia IN 1815 Susannah married William Horatio Brown and ended up in Van Dieman's Land where she had 8 children. Married John Stenner 1844, died aged 80 At her parents wedding in 1892 a George Dubock was a witness in the register. It is assumed he was related- possibly father, or brother or half brother. Edward Dubock died 1840 aged 67 (ie born 1773) Other parish register entries, the "hard" evidence" are: 1. the marriage register entry for George Dubock to Jane Jones in 1771 shows George as a "widower" and his wife as a "widow" 2. the marriage register entry for George Dubock to Sarah Chippen in 1774 shows that George to be a bachelor. Other register entries are: 1. 1719 Daniel Du Boc and Marie De La Mare baptised a George Du Boc. (Threadneedle St) 2. 1746 a George Dubock married at Lydia Tin in a non conformist church. 3. 1753 George and Lydia baptised a George Dubock; 4. 1763 Lydia Dubock was baptised to George and Lydia Dubock 5. 1764 Lydia Dubock died. Departing from the hard evidence, the rest is reconstruction/ conjecture/ and at times guesswork. One such postulate is that Edward Dubock, born 1772, was a son of the second marriage of his father George Dubock to Jane Jones in 1771, and that the George Dubock who married Sarah Chippen in 1774 as a "bachelor" was born 1753 to his father and his first wife Lydia. If anyone has any more hard evidence to add, it would be much appreciated. The surname "Tin" appears, in the context of the 18th century to be of French Hugeonot origin, and originating mainly from Burgundy. Daniel Du Boc who married Marie Delamere (De La mere) in 1715 at Threadneedle St, and baptised son George in 1719, looks to be the son of Daniel Du Boc and Marie Couille. This Daniel Du Boc could well be the Daniel Du Bosc born 1668 to Daniel Du Bosc and his wife Judith Letellier in Gruchet St Simeon, Haute Normandie. The father Daniel Du Bosc may be the son of Daniel Du Bosc and Esther Pulain, born 1638 at Le Bucquet. Delameres also came from this area, attended the same Huguenot temple in Luneray, from which there appeared to have been a mass migration of the congregation close to 1680, as persecution worsened.
red mail Mary Hill
I am searching for siblings of Mary Hill born in Spitalfields, London in 1825. She died in 1897. Her parents were John and Mary. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail John Hill
I am searching for John and Mary Hill, parents of Mary Hill born in Spitalfieds on 2 October 1825. John is listed as a Dyer on the marriage certificate of Mary Hill and William Hensher in 1846. The address on the marriage certificate for Mary was 14 Fullerton Street, Bethnal Green. William's address was 3 Busby Street, Bethnal Green. William's father was a Cook. The witnesses of the marriage were S Manchee and Henrietta Amelia 'Gee'? There are so many Johns and Marys in the records that it is hard to decide who are the parents! Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Ward family 1861 Census
Hello, 1861 census family: Danial R. Ward 51, son William 17, Son Frederick 14, dauther Sarah, 12, daughter Eliza 10, Spitalfields, Christ Church, London. Looking for information on this family, especially Eliza. Trying to find my great grandmother, Eliza Ward, who fathered my grandfather Edward Bingham born Feb 4, 1876 in Clerkenwell workhouse London. I am wondering if there is a connection between this Eliza and my great grandmother? Would appreciate hearing from you if you know of this family. I can find no evidence of a marriage. With thanks, Shirley
red mail eliza Ward born Bunhill Fields circa 1851-53
I am searching for relatives of Eliza Ward who was my grandfather's mother born in Saint Luke's parish Bunhill fields, London circa 1851-53. Grandfather's name was Edward Bingham, born Feb 4, 1876 in Clerkenwell workhouse. His father's name was James Bingham. I can find no evidence of any marriage. I was able to discover Eliza (using the name Elizabeth Bingham on the 1901 census living on Rupert Rd in Upper Holloway). I know this to be his mother because of military records when Edward joined the army and listed her as Elizabeth Bingham living at that address on Rupert Rd in Uooer Holloway. Could Eliza'a Mother have been Sarah? Helo anyone. Thanks Shirley
red mail Brunton
My 4th greatgrandfather, John Brunton was born Spitalfields 1785 and christened in Christchurch. His parents were Walter, a cabinet maker, and Elizabeth. He had a sibling, whose sex I can't find, allegedly called Fisher, born in 1788. He moved to Yorkshire by 1808, where he married Elizabeth Rhodes in Doncaster. Does anyone know any more? Or have advice on what to do next? Thanks!
red mail Anderson/Baker
Anderson , Baker of England and Australia Trying to trace any living family of William Anderson who married Eliza Baker in Spitalfields, Middlesex, on 24 May1874. They had a son Harry Born in Bethnal Green and who married Louisa Emily Williams in Perth Australia in 1906 and they had the following children : Reginald, Edna, Dorothy and Ronald. These families have been based in WA. Does anyone recognise these names?
red mail Are there 2 Rev. Nathaniel Salters?!
My husbands ancestor Sarah Salter was born on 25 Jul 1806 and baptised at ChristChurch,Spitalfields. On that baptism record it lists her parents as Nathaniel Salter and Elizabeth Adams. The only record of these people I can find is a marriage between the Rev. Nathaniel Salter and Elizabeth Adams on 16 Oct 1787 at St.Dionis,Backchurch,London. After asking for some help on the background of the Rev.Nataniel Salter I received lots of information that suggested he went to Cambridge and was a curate in East Donyland,Essex and then Suffolk. Except this person seems to have died in 1801.SO..are there possibly 2 Rev.Nathaniel Salters and one of them dies later than 1806 or are there 2 sets of Nathaniel Salter and Elizabeth Adams- both seem unlikely but if the records state he died in 1801 then he can't be the father of Sarah Salter. Can anybody shed any light on this discrepency??
red mail Hemp and Flax dressers of Spitalfields
Am wondering if anyone has knowledge of the occupation and origin of the hemp and flax dressers of London, in particular of Spitalfields? I have reached a dead end with this ancester who appears on the 1861 census as a hemp and flax dresser, but cannot find him on any other census or even his birth. He is Francis Franks born ca. 1827 and married Susan Barrett of Bethnal Green. He is dead by 1881 and his children's names are Sarah, Jane, Eleanor, Francis, Susan, and Mary Ann.
red mail Hands Family
I am researching William Hands born about 1837 who later married Alice and eventually moved to Plaistow/West Ham. I would be grateful for any further information.
red mail Crook Family
I'm researching the Crook family who were Hatters in Browns Lane Spitalfield in the 1700s-1800s.Any information into this family would be appreciated.
red mail Louis Govett
I am looking for Louis Govett 1869 an acrobat married to Clara Mouncher. His brothers Will and Sam were known as 'The Poluskis' a well known comedy act. I am interested in finding Louis's daughter Catherine Frances. She married a George Washbrook and later a Charles Walsh. She had two children surname Barrett. Barbara
red mail Walford/Wolford/Woolford
Margaret Macord married John Wolford (or variant) on 19 Jun 1771 at Christ Church Spitalfields. Does anyone have further details on John Wolford or their descendants? I believe John was an apothecary/surgeon. A couple of generations later an Eliza Macord married someone called *Walford*, first name unknown, a surgeon, possibly the grandchild of John and Margaret, in about 1835; they were therefore probably at least second cousins.
red mail perrin
I am looking for Perrin's in and around the east end of London prior to 1800.They may have a connection to essex around the Chelmsford area.There could also be a huguenot connection.
red mail Thomas Cogger Spitalfields
Thomas Cogger Engineer bn. Spitalfields 1773 son of Edward and Mary. Thomas was a manufacturer of Iron Printing Presses developed from Lord Stanhope design and incorporating Augustus De Heine's Patent of 1810. One press is at the Science museum, in storage at present, and another was until recently at the Printing Museum at Cockermouth (Lake District), now on loan to a museum in Belgium. One remains in use by noted Kent artist Graham Clarke who bought the press from a printer in Bomley Kent in the 1970's.
red mail Jones/Mercer family in Middlesex
I'm looking for information about the parents and siblings of Sarah Jones born January 1, 1839 in Spitalfields, London, England. She married Henry John Mercer (born January 1, 1837 in Caroline Place, Shoreditch, East London, England) and had 8 children. Henry John Mercer's parents are: John Mercer (born 1807 in Maidstone, Kent, England) and Jane Caselden (born January 27, 1807 in England). Sarah died in 1899. Her husband died in 1897 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England. Henry Mercer was a cooper by trade. At the time of the 1881 census, the family lived at 11 Lessada Street, London, England. Henry and Sarah's children: Their eldest child was Sarah Jane Mercer (born Dec 26, 1858 in Mape Street, Bethnel Green, LONDON (E), London, England died Feb 19, 1913 in Bow, London, England). Sarah Jane married Edward Wheatley. Sarah was a machinist at the time of the 1881 census. Henry and Sarah's second child was Henry J. Mercer born 1860 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. I have no information about who he married. Henry J. Mercer was a cooper by trade. Walter Mercer was their third child. He was born 1863 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. I have no information about who he married. Walter was a flammaer by trade. Sarah and Henry's fourth child was George S. Mercer born 1865 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. As of 1881, he was an engineer by trade. Sarah & Henry's fifth child was William F. Mercer born 1869 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. Their sixth child was Jane Mercer born 1871 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. Their seventh child was Arthur Mercer born 1873 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. Their eighth child was Alice Ellen Mercer born December 22, 1875 in Bethnal Green, LONDON (E), London, England. Alice is my great-great grandmother. She married George Chambers in 1902 in Islington, London.
Rouhan family
My paternal grandmother's maiden name was Rouhan. Her mother was Alice and her father was Albert (an hotel porter). They lived at 37. Lamb Street. Spitalfields. This property was. I believe, a cafe and belonged to Alice's mother Elizabeth Greenaway. we can go back no further, therefore I was wondering if anyone knows of the ancestors, or origins of the family, or family name. Thanks in advance. Barry Humphreys.
red mail Tommy the Fobber Parker
Hi I am looking for the above who lived in Spitalfields with a Maragaret Oakes at 26 Gun Street.
red mail RICHARDS
Looking for details of Sarah Richards born about 1851 to George and Mary (nee Daniels) Richards in Spitalfields. Have found 2 siblings born later Elizabeth-1862 and William 1867, I can’t trace Sarah can anyone help or find any other siblings? Thank you
red mail Willis
Sarah Jane Willis born 1859 married Henry William Payne at St George in the east in 1880. They moved to Alscot street Bermonsey in 1881 amd had a number of children can anyone tell me about their family connections
red mail Thomas Parker
I am looking for any information on Thomas (Tommy the Fobber) Parker. I believe he was living at 26 Gun Street Old Artillary Ground Spitalfields with Margaret Oakes and a son called Thomas who was 5 years old.
red mail trying to find
relatives of John and Mary Ault,Daughter Sarah married Maurice Baxter,2 children maurice and mary anne she married Richard Watterson who was born in Ireland.They lived in fashion street,spitalfields.
red mail ault /baxter/watterson family
john and mary ault nee spurgeon,living in fashion street,daughtaer sarah married maurice baxter.Had 2 children mary ann and maurice,mary ann married richard watterson.Trying to find any family connections
red mail Miles,Alfred
I'm looking for information regarding the parents of Alfred Miles Jnr,born 1819. Father was horsehair weaver and wig maker in Spitalfields.
red mail decoursey
Hi does any one know of a catherine or james decoursey living in spitalfields on 1841/1851 census Father was james died before 1841 and mother ann who remarried. Her surname became loftus
red mail decoursey loftus
hi does any one know of a decoursey catherine who's father was james and born in spitalfields She later married a b norris
red mail Magnus - Spitalfields
Interested in the Magnus family, variously born in and around Spitalfields and Highbury Islington area of London. Head Moses Magnus who married Mary Beer from Devon. Mary appears to change her name to Sarah Magnus (formerly Beer) for later births of their children. Children were, Hester dob 1873, Moses Benjamin b1874, William Henry b1876, Barnett(?) b1878, Raphael b1882, Isaac b 1885, David b 1889, Edward b 1893 and Jane Annie Magnus dob 29/4/1879. Jane Annie Magnus was my grandmother and she married Eleazer Silver 21/8/1898. They had numerous children including Lily who married Ernest William Baker in 1944.
red mail Sherringham
1901 Census William Sherringham married? to Eliza Amelia Morris nee Pegram. Did this couple have children? The two boys on the census are Morrises.
Looking for a connection to the above names who were living in Quaker Street in the 1850's. Info much appreciated.
red mail Seedsman of Spitalfields
Searching for more data on Maria Seedsman's family. Maria married Joseph James Mansfield in 1835. Maria's parents were Samuel (who had a twin, William) and Elizabeth Seedsmen; Samuel's parents were James and Mary Seedsmen, however, I can find no further information whether Maria had other siblings, etc. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Burrows Family.
Looking for a connection with the Burrows family who lived in Booth St,Princes St,now named Princelet,just off Brick Lane between 1861 & 1891.Great Grandmother Elizabeth Burrows b 1868 married a James Decoursey in Bethnal Green 1892. Any info would be much appreciated.
red mail Coudlen
I am looking for relations of Charles Coulden who married Anne Goode. Any help would be greatfully received!
red mail GGGrandfather
I am searching for info; on the Wallis family, Ambrose Wallis married Eliza Auger. Ambrose was born in Spital field 1853.
red mail George D McIntyre b. 1836
Trying to find info on George D McIntyre b. 1836 Spitalfields. Married Sarah M unknown (born c 1845 Lewisham) before 1871 and is shown in 1881 census as a naval pensioner. Lived in Deptford and believe died in Fulham in 1902. Daughter Charlotte Maria (b.1875) married Henry Ball in 1893. Other children are Sarah Louisa b 1872, George Edwin b. 1873 , Harriet E c.1878 and Margaret A b.1880. Charlotte and Henry BALL had several children including daughter Charlotte Mary who married William Levi George NORRIS 1st June 1916 in Rotherhithe.
LEVY FAMILY Seeking information on Isaac LEVY and his wife unknown. He was born around the end of the 1700s. Isaac LEVY appears as deceased (no occupation given) on his son John’s 1850 marriage certificate. Isaac’s son John married Hannah CRAWCOUR on 10th November 1850 in the Great Synagogue in the Parish of St. James Dukes Place in the County of London. John’s occupation is shown as “Fruiterer”. The certificate shows them both living at 53 Gun Street Spitalfields. Prior to this marriage John and Hannah had a daughter. Her birth certificate (Registration District: Whitechapel 1847 birth in the Sub-district of Spitalfields in the County of Middlesex) shows she was born on Thirteenth October 1847 at 9 Fashion Street Christ Church. Her father John’s occupation is shown as “Fruiterer”. On 22 Jan 1851 John and Hannah have a son Henry, born at 53 Gun Street, Old Artillery Ground, Middlesex. John’s occupation is still “Fruiterer”. The 1851 Census, at 53 Gun Street (Old Artillery Ground), has the following: THOMAS LEVY head married 30 general dealer b Aldgate Middx HANNAH LEVY wife married 22 furrier b Old Artillery Road Middx ADELAIDE LEVY daughter 3 years b Old Artillery Road Middx HENRY LEVY son 2 months b Old Artillery Road Middx No idea why his name is THOMAS and not JOHN, nor why he is now a “general dealer”? For the first time Hannah’s occupation is known. The 1861 Census, at 14 Duke Street (Old Artillery Ground), has the following: JOHN LEVY 40 fruiter b London HANNAH LEVY 30? wife b London ADELAIDE LEVY 13 dau b London HENRY LEVY 10 son b London John is back to being a “Fruiterer”. The 1861 Census also shows, at 15 St. Martin Street, St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, another possible son of John LEVY, Isaac LEVY a visitor aged 8, born London, Spitalfields. He is visiting the family of John FOLEY, whose wife was the widowed Louisa NATHAN (nee CRAWCOUR) sister of Hannah CRAWCOUR. If Isaac is John’s son it makes Louisa CRAWCOUR the aunt of 8 year old Isaac LEVY. In 1866 Hannah LEVY dies on twenty sixth August 1866 at 14 Duke Street Old Artillery Ground aged 37 years. Her occupation is shown as “Wife of ABRAHAM LEVY a Fruiterer”. “ABRAHAM” must be John Levy’s Jewish name. The 1871 Census, at 4 Devon Place Hackney, shows that John remarried: JOHN LEVY head married 43 Fruiterer born Aldgate EMMA LEVY wife married 25 born Suffolk The 1871 Census also shows, at 16 Panton Street, St. Martin Westminster London, the following: ADELAIDE LEVY niece female 20 professional born London Spitalfields This house is her Aunty’s, LOUISA FOLEY (previously NATHAN, nee CRAWCOUR). Possibly because her mother was dead, and her father remarried, she moved in to live with her Aunt. The 1881 Census shows, at 50 Morning Lane Hackney, the following: JOHN LEVY head married male 50 born Spitalfields, Middlesex, England Fruiterer EMMA LEVY wife married female 30 born Barton Mills, Suffolk, England ISAAC LEVY son unmarried male 27 Spitalfields, Middlesex, England Fruiterer Chas. LEVY Son male 8 Hackney, Middlesex, England Scholar ARTHUR LEVY son male 7 Hackney, Middlesex, England Scholar ANNIE LEVY daughter 3 Hackney, Middlesex, England John LEVY and his new wife now have had three children together and John’s 27 year old son is living with them. He is also a “Fruiterer”. John LEVY dies on Twenty Eighth February 1889 at 50 Morning Lane, aged 71 years. His occupation is Fruiterer. The informant is I(saac). Levy son present at Death 50 Morning Lane Hackney.
red mail Cogger
Thomas Cogger was baptised at Christ Church Spitalfields March 17, 1773, the son of Edward Cogger and Mary. He had 7 known children with an Elizabeth - William baptised 1796, Thomas 1801, Joseph 1804, Amelia 1806, Helen 1808, Mary Ann 1803, Henry William 1816, then another 6 with an Eleanor (Harper or Smokham) - Mary Eleanor baptised 1816, Elizabeth 1818, Ann Maria 1819, Eugenia 1822, Henry Edward 1828, Richard Thomas 1830. Thomas, an engineer of Wardrobe Terrace and later Essex St, Whitefriars, died at 30 Bennett St, Southwark Aug 1, 1849. We have no information on his marriages, if any. Any connections?
red mail J Waughman
J Waughman b. 1831. Married Elizabeth Lawrence August 1869. late Elizabeth Chadwick.Any info please.
Elizabeth l'homme had a cousin Mary Arundale. Elizabeth married Philip Crellin who was born 1793. Was she huguenot? I would be glad of any information.
red mail Spitalfields Market
I am looking for Henry Farrer fruit salesman in Spitalfields market between 1795 - 1800 and lived in Red Lyon Square with Mary Laport and their five children.
red mail decoursey
catherine decoursey born spitalfields on all census 1861/91/1901 Married benjamine charles norris about 1854 Does any one have any information
red mail Sarah Gilbert
Sarah Gilbert b.circa 1777 to William Gilbert and Elizabeth unknown married 1800 at Spitalfields, Joseph Kensit, a goldsmith. Their known issue: Sarah 1801, Joseph 1803, Anne 1804, William 1806 married 1835 Elizabeth Anne Staples, Elizabeth 1809, Sophie 1811, Henry 1813, Thomas 1815 married Melissa Bell, George John 1818, John 1821. All born at Shoreditch. Any information on the Gilbert or Kensit families appreciated.
red mail Besleys
I am looking for information on Besleys that lived in Spitalfields in the late 1800's
red mail Nichols Edmunds marriage 1854
Have the marriage certificate of William Henry Nichols to Mary Edmunds on May 22nd 1854 at St Mary's Church, Spital, Middx Certificate ordered in error is not mine, any takers?
Winter family
I am looking for sa Winter family of Spital Square (time span from above 1712-1899). Any informaiton about Winters or Cresses/Creasys in East London would be appreciated.
red mail TAYLOR
Looking for info on the family of George & Julia (JACOB) TAYLOR. In 1869 they lived in Steward Rd, by 1871 they had moved to Gun St with children Fanny, George and Julia. Can find no trace in 1881. George was born in Staffordshire.
red mail Spitalfields
Does anyone know of an Eleanor Millthorpe who always stated on census that she was born in Spitalfields, Middlesex. She married John Swan in 1815 in YKS Tankersley when she could only have been about 16 years old. She later married Samuel Dimberline in Sheffield but then lived in DBY Staveley for the remainder of her long life. Her daughter Elizabeth married Obadiah Millthorpe he said in 1841 that he was born in Yorkshire. Is there a connection between Millthorpe's in Yorkshire and those in Spitalfields ? How and why did Eleanor move to an area north of Sheffield at what must have been quite a young age ? Was she a Parish Apprentice who was farmed out ? Help and/or ideas anyone please.
red mail Harrison , Rusling, Porter , Longstaff families - mid 19th cent.
Searching for Alfred or George Harrison b. c. 1830's, connects to Spitalfields area, and Shoreditch and the Old Nichol area
THOMAS(alias tommy the fobber) pickpocket PARKER
Looking for info on THOMAS PARKER known as tommy the fobber apparently well known pickpocket around spitalfields lived at 26 Gun St.,Old Artillary Ground Spitalfieds 1900/1908 maybe longer either married or lived with MARGARET OAKES had 10 children died 1919
red mail William Gorbold - 1818
Is anyone related to William Gorbold, who was born in Spitalfields in 1818. He had a father called John and a mother called Mary. He might have had siblings called James, Richard Henry, Mary Ann, John. He married Mary White in 1838, she was the daughter of Thomas White. If anyone knows of any Gorbolds in the greater London area, or has any Gorbolds in their family tree, I would appreciate any information.
red mail Silk Weavers And Worsted Manufacturers In Spitalfields
My family in the 18th and 19th centuries were Worsted Manufacturers and Silk Weavers in Spitalfields (although apparently not Hugenots. The main name I'm looking for is Baker but also the names: Beckley, Vautier and McCormack are connected by marriage. If anyone knows anything about them and their lives in Fort Street, I would be interested to hear.
red mail Paines. Louisa
Has anyone come across a Louisa Paines? She was born about 1850 in Spitalfields after which she married James Cartland in 1842 and lived in Islington. Their daughter Jessie Rosetta b.1873 was my Grandmother.
Hi I am looking for COHEN here is what i have Kate COHEN b 1886 m David Josiah EVE her father was Simon COHEN he was b 1848 Whitechappel he was married to Mary Ann LEVI his father was Samual COHEN and he was married to Rebecca Joseph they lived Spitalfields June B Adelaide South Australia
red mail Benson Family
1750s-1920s Benson family of Croydon, Whitechapel and Spitalfields. Main line is Albert Horace (1875-1927), Thomas (1846-1918), Thomas Saville (1808-1867), John (1780-1841), John (1756), John.
red mail Cooper Henry
A Henry Cooper quoted he was 51yrs old and born Spitalfields. Was read in an old book of 1851 census, Hackney Road folio 373. However could not find on reading old film. Possibly father of my first finding in 1851 census of Henry Cooper 24yrs cabinet maker journeyman born Mdsx. Wife Sarah (Drake of Nth Ockendon Essex) 22yrs. Daughter Eliza 1yr. Have marriage cert of Henry junior and subsequent families and marriages and census readings. I think the senior Henry's wife was also a Sarah as youngHenry added Pearce as a middle name on 1861 census as he was then a paper hanger, which became the following on families trade.

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