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red mail Todd/Wiltshire
Hi. Im currently researching my grandmothers Family tree Marjorie Todd born 1904, father Harry Todd from Camberwell & her mother was Louisa Maude Wiltshire born 1878 . She was Aaron Wiltshires daughter, Arons father was Zachariah all originally from Essex wondering if that fits in to any research that you guys have done. Cheers
red mail Marriage witnessed by Francis Adam Kerch MARYLEBONE 1820s.
In March I located a marriage record of a James Ferdinand Kirche Im researching and the marriage in the 1820s or 1830s was witnessed by his brother Francis Adam Kirche; however, that record vanished from my shoebox and now I cant locate it, as searches for James Ferdinand Kirche dont turn up this marriage (a James Kirk marrying in 1823 in Stepney is not him and the witness wasnt the one seeking either). Ive got the marriage of James when he was working as an interpreter servant living Great Woodstock Street Marylebone London stationed in Paris and married a Honorine Angelie Mullot, in which he lists his parents as Adam Kirche and Angel Hance (an Adam Kirche and Angelica Hanns were married in London 1796). Honorines parents on the Paris marriage are listed as Charles August Mullot and Marie Louisa Morine Fourneaux Groux, and Honorine has a sister Octavie Virginie Mullot married Nicolas Brochain on 29 November 1825. Adam Kirche, James and Francis Adams dad died in Great Woodstock Street in December 1825 only a month after James married in Paris with Honorine. However the Paris wife Honorine died pretty soon after this also and James married when he returned to London and was witnessed by his brother Francis Adam Kirche, who died in 1839 in Great Woodstock Street, Marylebone. James had witnessed Francis Adam Kirche marriage in 1830 with Mary Bellinger. I dont know what happened to the record in March but it vanished in my shoebox where Id saved it to check it out later. The marriage clearly stated that James Ferdinand Kirche was getting married and clearly listed the witness as Francis Adam Kirche although I cant remember what the spouses name was. The marriage was later than 1825 as thats the year James married in Paris and the Paris wife died and was earlier than 1839 because his brother died that year. Its very likely the marriage was in the 1820s as in April 1830 James has a daughter Caroline baptised at Great Woodstock Street, the same location as his brothers death nine years later and his father Adam Kirches death in December 1825. In that baptism James is still an interpreter servant and in 1834 he again turns up in France as an interpreter servant on some immigration record, interestingly mentioning he has one child with him but gives not her name; it seems he speaks French most likely through his mother and has made himself useful to a rich household through it, as hes channel hopping rather a lot and is promoted all the way to a butler when his daughter gets married in London many years later. No matter how many variants I try James Ferdinand Kirche, even changing it to James Couch, James Kirk or Jas Kerch or whatever, nothing turns up now and that record is just gone; Ive spent an hour searching through my shoebox on both my main tree and my one dedicated entirely to Kirche, Twitchett and other families during that time and place and it has vanished. I was wondering if theres anywhere I could use the witness as the search term instead and search Francis Adam Kirche. Thank you.
red mail Johannes Franciscus Josephus Kirch and Marie married around 1750
Hello there, have ancestor Adam Kirch who lived between 1755-1825 and had the sons Frances Adam Kirch and James Ferdinand Kirch. There doesnt seem to be a baptism showing Adam or any variant such as Adolf at any time in London but hes too young to have been a Palatine migrant as they were approx 1710. A Charlotta Kirch is baptised in Westminster in 1757 parents are Johannes Franciscus Josephus Kirch and Marie. Given the names it seems likely these are Adams parents. Location also is promising with these. The issue is that the large migration of Germans was 1710 and these again are way too young to have been alive at that time which means they were either later singular migrants or their parents moved to London and had them here; again there are no records showing Johannes in England. Theres a Franciscus Josephus Kirch baptised to Johannes and Susanna in Mainz, Hessen, Germany, in 1737 and this guy is thus the right age but its a catholic baptism (Charlotta was baptised in an Anglican ceremony as were the later generations on that line) and is after the main migration occurred so its unlikely as my Johannes is more likely to have originated in London to German migrants than have been a migrant. Does anyone have any experience with Palatine ancestry in England and know where to check to get something on Johannes and Marie?
red mail HERBERT Family
I am researching the HERBERT Family who had their four children Christened in St Marylebone Church, Marylebone between 1783 and 1800. The Parents were Henry HERBERT and wife Elizabeth. The children Catherine (1783-1784), James (1785), William Saville (1788-1831), Charles (1800). There is a record of a Henry HERBERT being buried in St Marylebone in August 1815 aged 65. I can't verify if this is the man I am looking for. I have information on William Saville HERBERT but nothing on the others. I am particularly interested in learning the surname of Elizabeth. To my knowledge this family is not related to any of the aristocratic HERBERTS that were lurking around the area at the time.
red mail Geoghegan
Trying to trace the wareabouts of Elizabeth Geoghegan before 1878 she had a daughter in 1877/8 in Queen Charlottes Hospital in Marylebone Middlesex I am looking for any information of her wareabouts before,her dob was 1854 not sure of birth place I have all the later information from 1877 but not before.Her daughters name was Marie.
Searching for information or descendants of John Davis and wife Mary Ann nee Wealleans, living in Marylebone/Paddington area of London - married 3 June 1855 St Mary's church Paddington. John was a painter (father also John and a painter), living in Hall Park. Possibly two sons John Christopher Davis (born 1856) and James William Davis (born 1857).
red mail CONNER, William 1820
William Conner was born 1820, Marylebone. On the 1841 census, he was lodging with the family Cooper, York Street, Marylebone. Details I am missing are: Names etc of his parents: also no trace of him on the 1851 census. I would like to complete this missing information.
Cullen Family
I am researching my family history and looking for any information on Walter Leroy Cullen, he married Amey Smith in Marylebone on 7th Feb 1852 , they had a son Walter William who was born in 1854, they lived at 1b Adam Street and Walter Leroy was a baker. I know Walter William the son went to live in Somerset with grandparents about 1861 but I have been unable to find any information on Walter Leroy Cullen or Amey Smith after 1854. Thank you if you can help
red mail Lancashire
Looking for birth of Thomas Lancashire. On 1871 census he says he was born in Marylebone and gives his age as 20.On his marriage to Bridget Woods in 1872 he gives his fathers name as Robert Lancashire.I can find nobody on the 1861 census that match this. Any help would be appreciated. John
red mail Stourton Harrison
Looking for any information regarding Mary Jane Stourton and George Alfred Harrison who were married on 28 Dec 1886 at Christ Church.
red mail Joyce/Carter
Gratefully received, any information on ancestry of my several times great grandparents (1) John William Joyce, bn about 1843, in Marylebone area, possibly son of a William Joyce, and (2) Eliza (Esther) Carter, daughter of Esther Carter, bn on 13 March 1846 in vicinity of Manchester Square. John William and Eliza (Esther) married in 1864, and had 4 children of whom 3 survived. Their surviving daughter Elizabeth Ann Catherine Joyce (bn abt 1865) married John William Overton. Eliza Joyce died abt 1875, and her children were cared for by Benjamin and Catherine Alger, who are described as grandparents, but were almost certainly not. John William Joyce is said to have remarried. Eliza may have been looked after, until 1856/58, by Henry and Eliza Downs, her mother Esther Carter having died in 1851. Various daughters of Richard Martin and his wife Sarah seemed to have looked after the Joyce/Carter clan (eg Catherine Alger, nee Martin, and Sophia Caldecourt, nee Martin), but are seemingly unrelated. Eliza Carter was almost certainly illegitimate, but gives her father's name (without occupation) as James Carter on her marriage certificate. In the 1840's/1850's the persons connected with Eliza Carter seemed to have lived in East Street and North Street in Marylebone. THere is a confusing entry in the 1841 census to a Boyce family with similar christian names living close Benjamin Alger and Henry Downs, but this is not a mispelling of Joyce, but a different family, the connection, though, being that the "wife/mother", Eunice Boyce, was another Martin sister, although interestingly the surname Joyce does appear to be mispelt as Boyce in a later census when the Joyce orphans were living with the Algers.
red mail Workhouse, 1 Northumberland Street, Marylebone
My mother was born at 1 Northumberland Street on April 5, 1922 named Marjorie Agnes KEMP. Her mother's name was Caroline Agnes GODDARD who lived in Fulham and worked as a parlourmaid at 28 Devonshire Place, St. Marylebone. Caroline later married Albert John KEELING, a Leading Seaman on the HMS Repulse, who adopted Marjorie on April 19, 1924 (maybe 1927). I am trying to find information on my mother's father, my maternal grandfather, who may possibly have the surname KEMP.
Workhouse No 1 Northumberland St, Marylebone
My father was born at No 1 Northumberland St, St Marylebone and I have learnt that it was a Workhouse until 1965. (Now demolished and a PolyTec built on the site) I would like to find out when my grandmother was admitted and how long she was resident at the Workhouse, when my father left and with whom. Can anyone help me discover these details, as my grandmother has long passed away and I have no one to ask.The year I am seeking is 1922. Her name was Ida Dorothy TUCKER and my father was born November 6th 1922.
red mail john colston
Im looking for any info on a john colston born between 1770 and 1785 in the area of st marylebone he married a ann gunston from somerset in 1806 they had 4 children charles ,james,george and eliza and i think they had another son called john as well any info would be a great help as ive run out of leads Thanks
red mail (Agnes) Rose Tilbury
Agnes Rose Tilbury - know as Rose - gave birth to an illigitimate daughter in Marylebone in 1926. The daughter's name was Doreen. Does anybody have any information on (Agnes) Rose? I'd be grateful for any leads!
red mail William Thomas Wimbridge
My GG Grandfather's Army Enlistment in 1827, aged 19 yrs, show born Parish of St Mary Le Bone abt 1807. No other family detail recorded, I have no knowledge of parents names or siblings. He served with 69 Foot Reg. initial Ireland then o/seas 10yrs W/indies & Canada returned Oct 1842. Served with Regiment different localities in Ire/England until medically unfit; discharge Dec 1849. Married Elenor Barbara McCloy in Ballinrobe 14 June 1844 whose father Sgt. Samuel McCloy of 12th Royal Lancers was stationed Ballinrobe Co. Mayo. _ it would seem some time as Elenor was born Ballinrobe 26 May 1824 Elenor & William's eldest child Elizabeth Sarah born16 Jun 1845 Ballinrobe; Ellen Teresa b 1846; William Thomas b abt 1849 - D 4 Jan 1888, Perth WA. No UK records for these two births, years estimated based on Shipping/death records Aust. From !850 to time of family departure to Swan River Colony W/Aust. as a Pensioner Guard on the sailing ship 'Pyrenees" early 1853 no details located. I see records of a Wimbridge family for St Geo. Hanover. The Thomas William mentioned is not my GGG/Father, His signature on Johns Marriage certificate 22 Apr 1837 in St James Piccadilly Westminster excludes this family group in direct lineage as my GGG/Fth was in the West Indies. I wish it was different, could be related but no way to know. Can you help unravel the possibilities please? Thanks, Maria
red mail gard, garde, guard
i am looking for AARON GARD family who were in st marylebone in the late 1700`s. aaron was married to a woman named mary whos last name may be BARRY. i dont know where AARON GARD (b. abt 1770) came from, some say cornwall but i havent been able to find anything about where he came from or where he went. my 4th great grandfather was his son, JOHN GUARD, who was a convict sent to australia, he became a whaler in new zealand. i would very much like to know of aaron`s ancestors and his children`s families. if there is someone out there who can help me it would be much appreciated. i have looked for so long but no joy. thankyou- tracey
red mail What happened to Dr George Downing Tripp
Dr George Downing Tripp M.D.,M.R.C.P lived with his wife Arabella Charlotte at 9 Albert Road, St Pancras, Marylebone in 1851 The census for that year says that George and Arabella were both born in Bristol. They had four childen at that time and three servants. . After that they seem to vanish from the records, but I have rather flimsy evidence that George was alive in 1872. There was a son named Robert G,K,Tripp who at the Census 1851 was a student at King's College London. What happened to them? Did they succumb to some awful disease or did they emigrate without George?? Any help at all would be so very much appreciated
Robert HAYWARD born about 1797 and wife Jane born 1802 Devon had 3 children born in Marylebone -James 1826 Sarah Ann 1835 Robert 1837 and Jane 1838 in St Pancras. Robert was born in ? as on 1841 he gives Middlesex, 1851 Clinton Wiltshire 1861 Clinton Herefordshire, can't find one to fit. Would like to trace his parents. Jane who married Robert was born about 1802, but like Robert i 1841 gives place of birth as Middlesex, then as Melbury but gives Dorset and Devon, only one I can find is Devon. Would like to know her parentage also. Thank you.
red mail Turner and Colston
Ancestors Josiah Turner married Charlotte Colston in Marylebone approx 1770, they had 10 children.Any info would be appreciated
red mail Higgason
Any information on Richard Higgason who married Hannah Curtis widow at Westminster 1725,they were my 7th Great grandparents.Any history would be appreciated.
red mail Harris and Pedder Family
My Grandmother Lilian Winifred Harris was Born in Kensington in May 1877 to William Harris, a Greengrocer, and Mary Ann Harris nee Nichols. Lillian shows up on the 1881 and 1891 census living with her parents at 65 Peel Street, Kensington. Her sisters were Maud b.1876, Daisy b.1879, Rose b.1882 and Emily b.1888. The 1901 census shows her living as a servant in12 Balcombe Street, Marylebone. The 1911 census shows her working as a kitchen woman at Lyons & Co., and living at 31 Hereford Street, Marylebone with her children Laurence (my father) and Caroline. Caroline, who died the following year, also used the surname Pedder. Any information would be gratefully accepted.
red mail "The Wharncliffe Gardens Story: Life in a London Village
Looking for a copy of Part 2 of this small book by John Ronald Andrew.
red mail Charles Edinborough in Marylebone
My great grandfather, George William Edinborough was born in Marylebone in Oct. 1870 to Charles and Agnes Edinborough. Birth records are available for all 6 children, as are death records for both parents. Charles died in the Marylebone Workhouse in 1875, and Agnes in a private dwelling in Marylebone in 1928. I cannot find any marriage or birth records for Charles and Agnes. Family bible records Agnes's maiden name as being 'Robbins'. And Charles as being originally from Glasgow. I can find nothing on record to confirm either Agnes' maiden name or Charles being born in Glasgow. However, there seems to be 2 other 'Edinborough family groups' with many records associated - one in London/Middlesex and another in Lincolnshire. Can anyone help to sort this out?
red mail Talbot families of Marylebone
Charles Talbot was born in approximately 1828 at Marylebone/Paddington in what was then Middlesex UK. He married Mary Ann Munro and they had 8 Children. Any information regarding their descendants would be very much appreciated.
red mail Riordan
William Riordan and wife Johanna, in 1861, resided at 20 North St Marybone. Both were born in Ireland. William had been blind, for 35years, and depended on his wifes income as a Charlady.Children John 25ys,Mary 13ys, William 10yrs. Any information appreciated.
red mail Tebbenham
Samuel Tebbenham,grandfather born marylebone 17 July 1868 have his Navy record died 29 jan 1904 have no more imformation
red mail North Lodge Regent's Park
This concerns a number of strands of my paternal family - Stumbke Bell Cox Thiele all of whom lived just to the east of Regents Park At the back of my gt grandmothers album (Lucy Stumbke nee Bell) are two photos one of North Lodge Regents Park pristine the other shewing it shattered after the gunpowder barge explosion on the Regents canal at 3am. on 2nd October 1874. I have no current idea why the images are in the album - indeed it has taken me several years to establish that the photos are of North Lodge (after finding press photos and an image of a watercolour on the internet which are clearly of the same building) At the time of the 1871 census The Lodge accommodated for the wider Edwards family:- Charles Edwards widower Superintendant of Regents Park aged 74 born Windsor Charles son merchant's clerk 36 born Kensington William son Assistant Superintendant of the Park 30 born Kensington George son master butcher 27 born Kensington James son Clerk to the Vestry 23 born Kensington Eleanor daughter without employment 23 born Kensington Mary H daughter in law 23 without employment born Islington and George Edwards grandson aged 2 born Dalston there was also a servant. Kate Lawn By the time of the explosion another servant was in residence - Emma Jane Hodges who was trapped in bed under the descended ceiling...There were no serious injuries to members of the household. Mary Edwards was formerly Richards - confounding my hope she was nee Bell (having a Mary Bell as a gt gt etc aunt) nor can I find that Mary Bell married a Richards and was widowed. Then in 1881 it takes a curious turn. George and Mary Edwards and their family were living at 12 Wellesley Road - a few doors away from Alice Thiele (nee Bell) at no 20 at the time of the 1881 census. Alice was Lucy's younger sister In summary I cant find an obvious family connexion nor one with the servants present in 1871 or at the time of the explosion but there must be one - especially as one of the photos shews the Lodge pristine before it gained its unwanted notoriety which suggests an intimacy with the building and its inhabitants. There are no Edwards in my family nor are there Bells Thieles etc in the immediate Edwards family having tracked before and afterwards in census returns. Any ideas?
jeremiah snr and jeremiah jnr
Jeremiah harrington born abt 1800 county cork, died 1840 southwark, st saviours, surrey. His son jeremiah harrington born 1840 st saviours, southwrk, surrey. jeremiah harrington may have married a Elizabeth Cronin cork possibly about 1830.
red mail Parkin/Hyde
Searching for any members of this union; Frederick and Helen, m Oct-Dec 1924 St Marylebone, London
red mail Jane Summers Marylebone born 6/6/1830
My ancestor Jane Summers was born in Marylebone in June 1830. Her parents were supposedly James Summers and Ann Margraum. Looking for verification of her parents and any other information regarding them.
red mail GRAHAM, Andrew 1756-1819 Gloucester Terrace - Merchant
died 1819 age 63 birth year 1756 - according to his will three brothers Alexander GRAHAM, John GRAHAM and James GRAHAM Does anyone know more?
red mail Mary Ann Sullivan - 1859 - Middlesex - free birth certificate
I have a birth certificate for Mary Ann Sullivan that I ordered before finding out she does not belong with my family. I am happy to send it to anyone who is investigating 'Sullivan.' Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth - DETAILS = NAME: Mary Ann; Birth DATE/PLACE: 16 Dec 1859; FATHER NAME/OCCUPATION: Edward Sullivan/Breeces markrt & journeyman; MOTHERS NAME: Emily Sullivan (formerly Walklace);`REGISTRATION: 1860 birth. District is Marylebone in the sub-district of All Souls in the County of Middlesex. WANT - An address to send it to.
red mail Keene family, licensed victuallers
My great great grandfather Alfred Tyson Keen had two younger siblings born 1831 Marylebone. They were Ruth Russell Chappell Keene and Rueben Penfold Chapell Keene. They wre the two youngest in the family. What was the origin of these extra names? Rueben died aged 14, Ruth lived to a good age, but never married, She spent some years with her sister Augusta (Darvell) and also stayed with her guardian Charles Strutton in Berkshire. Latterly she lived in Croydon and then in Ealing. She is described in one census as lighterman, so must have inherited some part of a business from her guardian, although he had had children of his own. Has anyone a photo or any details of this amazing woman? Many thanks.
red mail Elizabeth Robinson (Leigh)
I am trying to find any information about Elizabeth Robinson. She was born in Isleworth about 1819-1821, and married John Leigh in Marylebone around December 1846. Any information would be extremely gratefully recieved
Maberly family
I am researching George Mablerl(e)y b1801 and his wife and their family. They had seven children. One daughter, Agnes b 1838 in St Marylebone, married Thomas Stevenson. Any information would be most helpful. thank you.
red mail Thomas Joseph Edwards 1856 Marylebone
Thomas Joseph Edwards born 26th September 1856 in Marylebone, London, the son of Thomas Joseph Edwards and his wife Ann. Any information about either Thomas Junior, any other siblings, or his parents Thomas and Ann gratefully received. Thank you.
red mail William James Fisher
I am trying to get more information on William James Fisher who was born about 1869 in St Martin in the Fields. He must have moved at sometime to Hartlepool, County Durham and married Amelia Mason in 1890. She then died in 1895 or 97 and he then married Minnie Jane Fisher. If anybody has any information on him especially his childhood I would be very grateful.
red mail Riordan,William
William Riordan born 1851c Ireland resided in Marylebone, Middlesex 1861. Parents William and Johanna Riordan. Any information appreciated.
red mail Oakley/Talbert
Looking for information on William Oakley and Alexander (Peter) Talbert who live in Marylebone 1840 - 1890
red mail Richard Chandler
would like any information on Richard Chandler a cabinet maker or upholder in Marylebone when son William Gregory was born. Any help appreciated
red mail Teresa ODDI
In 1938 Teresa Oddi was confirmed at the Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone, and her sponsor was Lena Oddi. She may possibly be the Teresa W Oddi who was born in the Bolton district (in Lancashire) in 1925 and whose mother's maiden name was Secchi. I am hoping to make contact with any of her family or descendants. Thank you.
red mail Bates--
Looking for information on Bertha Bates, Lucy Bates born around 1898, parents were William Samuel or William H Bates and Margaret Anne Bates. Bertha and Lucy were sent to Canada in 1911 from Barnardo Home in England to become servants. Looking for descendants and relatives of this family.
Help please
looking for Harrington family in Marylebone, also any one related to the Ault family. Please also anyone related to thomas and Emma brown. Plus any Fisher family.
red mail Robert Fish
Trying to find anything regarding Robert and Mary Fish. Belived to live in Marylebone early 1800. Had a son Robert Fish born 1823 and baptised in St.Marylebone Church. When Robert married in 1847, his father Robert was shown as "deceased"
red mail crane/shop wc crane earl st now broadley street
Does anybody remember the shop in 9 earl st/ 9 broadley st any information or pictures many thanks for your help on this
red mail Francis family 1800's
I am trying to find out more about this family John & Martha (unknown) FRANCIS. They had two children born/chr. in area - Elizabeth b 12/5/1797 c 2/7/1797 Marylebone John b 14/10/1800 c 26/10 1800 Marylebone Does anyone know anything about this family? Were there other children? Where were John Senior and Martha from? What was her maiden name? Any BMD info. or parents/siblings for John & Martha? Were they married in area? If so, what info. is on the marriage registry? Witnesses.... Any help gratefully received for this mystery couple. Being London, it's a very long shot but CF subscribers have found me some fantastic information in last year.
Looking for the marriage of William McCarthy who was living there in 1881 cencus Barlow Street with wife Maria (?) and children especially Kate 5 months old, anyone with any info would very much like to here from. His father may have been Michael and mother possibly Margaret Williams.
red mail joass/ crowe family
Im looking for any information relating to the family. William Joass was born 1777 , died 1846. His occupation is stated as a gardener. He married Sarah Crowe on the 21st of november 1813 St george , london. they had children john (1820 - 1893), jessie (1821 - 1906), thomas (1825 - ), henry (1828 - ), alfred (1830 - 1900), elizabeth joyce (1831 - 1898) and catherine sarah (1837 - ) Would love any help
red mail Cunningham, Peters, Wicks
Julia Cunningham b. Dec 1838 in Marylebone, her son Joseph Henry Peters b. Nov 23, 1864; her daughter Ellen Philemena Peters b 1867 and her son-in-law Walter G Wicks (married Julia Teresia Peters) b 1865. Any inforfmation on any of the families, especially Joesph Henry Peters' family.
red mail Woodland
In looking on line at census information I believe there to be a Mary Woodland born in Marylebone in 1862 with the father of Joseph... which is the same as the marriage cert... this is the additional information that i have So the information I have is Mary Ann Woodland name is according to a Marriage certificate it names her father as Joseph - Deceased The marriage was in Bethnal Green in 1882 Nov 6 in the Canadian Census it lists her as born in Oct 1862 she married James Edward Gunn Name is according to a Marrigae Certificate it says his father is James - Deceased James Edward Gunn and Mary have 4 daughters Florence,Sarah, Amelia and Bridgette the last child was born in 1890 (Still alive then) He died between 1890-1906 as Mary and the girls show up traveling to Canada in 1906 with Mary's new husband any help is appreciated, suggestions or things to follow up on Thank you Renee
red mail relative search living and deceased
i am searching for relatives of katherine margaret macilquham nee kenny, husband donald, son donald david (known as david) carlton macEachen keith,daughters, jean, janet and kay(katherine) married1907 wandsworth, died 1960
red mail George Lassie Warren
Does anyone have any information about my great great great grandfather George Lassie Warren? He was a piano maker, born in 1833 in St Pancras London, married to Sophia (Belcher), but nobody seems to know when he died, and with a middle name like his (which seems to be spelt differently depending on the record), you would have thought he would have been easy to trace. The last census mention is in 1871.
red mail Barnard/Skillin of Marylebone
William Barnard married Amelia Jane Skillin 1871. They had one son William Charles Barnard, born 1872 Marylebone,apparently no further children.William senior was a coachman. He does not appear in 1881 census or any later censuses. Amelia remained in Marylebone near her Skillin family & died in Paddington in 1922. Her eldest brother, my gtgrandfather, was Richard Henry Skillin, & his wife Letitia left him about 1873 & is said to have gone to America. Did she perhaps go with William Barnard? I would love to know what happened to them.
red mail Nugent Nixon
Searching for family of Christopher Parker NUGENT NIXON. Possibly born 11 April 1779 in St. Marylebone but I have no confirmation of that. Would like names of his parents. Sometime in late 1700s/early 1800s, family name changed due to "a scandal involving the burning down of a church". I'm told it was changed by deed poll, but can't find that either. I believe it was originally NUGENT and then NIXON was added. Could also possibly have been PARKER, as I'm told his grandmother was a PARKER. Thanks!
red mail BRAILEY
I am seeking information on Mary Ann BRAILEY b. 1810 to John & Ann Brailey. Mary was baptised at St Pancras but married Daniel Aldridge in Marylebone in 1834.
red mail PRENDERGAST/ DAVIS, George and Ullatta
I am researching the family DAVIS of Marylebone, London. George DAVIS born 1860 at Clerkenwell and Ullatta fomerly of Cornwall born 1861. At the time of the 1901 London Census resided at 39 Homer Street, Marylebone. They had 6 children, Fred, Ullatta, Robert, Florence, Ethel and Miriam. The child Ullatta later married Frederick Prendergast on 22 Mar 1908 and resided at 6 Venables Street, St Marylebone. They had 5 Children, Fred died age 11, Florence, Violet, my mother Ethel and lastly Ullatta died at birth. Any information on family would be greatly appreciated.
James Maloney Marylebone, Chelsea, Paddington
Trying to find ancestors and descendents of James Maloney who was born in Marylebone London. He later lived in Chelsea after being invalided out of the Boer War. His brother was Edward. Married to Maud Mary Pearce, he had 6 children, Glenco Talina Mary, James, Edward, Ernest, Leslie Patrick and Ruth. We know that Glenco married Arthur Douglas White in 1897 in St Simons Church Chelsea and that Leslie Patrick married Blodwy Rees in India.
red mail Busby Family
I'd love to hear from anyone who has information on the Busby family who were copppersmiths around Marylebone Thank you.
red mail Pearce family
My ggg grandmother Caroline Jane is on the census in 1851 with her parents/ Thomas and Jane Pearce in Marylebone. Does anyone have info on this family? She married John Sheen.
red mail Barnard/ Skillin/ Bennett
Looking for any info on my family lineage: William Barnard married Amelia Jane Skilin ( dates unknown) Children: William Charles Barnard (b.June 12, 1872).? any other chldren. Wm.charles Barnard married Emma Louise Bennett March25, 1894. (Emmigrated to Canada). Emma's brother, Jack emmigrated to ?Texas, USA. Children: William Thomas, George C., Richard, Harry John(b.April 22, 1905), Edith Louise, Fredrick, Archibald Francis. It has been an impossible task to trace this family. Any help appreciated.
red mail Rowley/Kimpton/Kempton
My 4 x great grandparents were Abraham & Harriot Rowley (nee Hancock) and William & Elizabeth Letitia Kimpton/Kempton (nee Garrett).Abraham may have been born in Nantwich Cheshire abt 1774.He was a Sawyer in Brownlow Street Longacre and he died in 1815.He and Harriot had three children William 1801, Harriet 1803 & Louisa 1810. William married Elizabeth Kimpton in 1823 and they emigrated to Australia in 1838. I don't know when his mother Harriot died or if his two sisters married. William Kimpton, born 1778, was a Shoemaker in Windmill Street Marylebone.He died in 1819 and Elizabeth Letitia married George Twyford in 1824. They emigrated to Australia in 1832. Any information would be most appreciated.
red mail William J Sparks Family
My GGGGrandfather was born in Marylebone, Middlesex about 1804 and married an Elizabeth ?, born about 1811, Stanmore, MDX. Between 1834-1850 they had at least 8 children: Catherine Eliza b 1834-St Pancras, Sarah A b 1838-St Pancras, Francis b 1842-St Pancras, Thomas b 1846-Marylebone, Elizabeth 1848-Willesden, and Alice b 1850 Willesden. William was a "Parish Officer" in 1841 and 1851 census. I've been able to find no record of any member of the family, except Catherine Eliza, Francis, and my GGGrandmother Elizabeth, after 1851 census.
red mail Hyde
Looking for family members. The Hyde's were living at 3 Suffolk Place on the 1911 census and 2 Richmond Street on the 1901 Census
red mail William Henry HEMMINGS
Looking for any information on William Henry HEMMINGS born 1842 in Marylebone, Occupation Tailor.
red mail FRENCH
Can anyone help me find Julia French, she was Julia Healey before she married Arthur French about 1860 in Marylebone london best wishes Peter
William Eller married Ethel May Merritt, 1908 Brentford They had 2 sons,James Alfred William Eller b.1911 and Hubert D. Eller b. 1918 Marylebone. Can anyone help me trace the family of Hubert D. Eller. James would have been my father in law. Vivien
red mail Costa or Coster
Looking for parents of Joseph Coster d Marylebone 1849 aged 60. Born? Parents may have come from N England or Scotland, mother may be Margaret.
red mail MOSS/YORK
Am trying to find out about Henry Thomas MOSS baptised 1818 at St Marylebone. His parents were possibly Thomas & Mary. In 1841 he married Elizabeth YORK in St Pancras. She was born 1816 in Gloucester. Would love to find out more about these families. If anyone out there can add anything I'd be really pleased to hear. Thanks.
red mail HEALEY
red mail Muller
I am looking for information about a tailor - George Muller who lived in Marylebone from about 1860 to his death just after 1st world war. He supposedly married Ada Susan Atlee (although I can find no evidence of this). He had several children, one of which was Marie Amelia Muller, (who later changed her name to Mary Elizabeth Miller) I believe his father was a sugar baker called Henry Muller, who lived in the East end of London and arrived from Hanover (Germany). They lived in the East end for while but moved to St James area Westminster, shorly after Geirge was born. Henry's wife was Eliza, who was a tailor, and later Henry himself was listed as a tailor. Here's hope ....Val
William DIXSON married Sarah SPRIGINGS 1772 in Marylebone. Known children, bp Marylebone: John Ogilby (b Dec 1777); William (b c 1783); Sarah (b 1784); Alexander Ogilvie (b 1786); Sarah (b 1794). William jun m Elizabeth HILL 1813,was a clerk in BEIC and died 1865, buried Highgate. Alexander Ogilvie married Sarah Jane JELLICO 1813 St Martin in the Fields - he died in Newcastle upon Tyne 1861. Would like to find info re other children of William and Sarah and especially keen to find source of the middle name Ogilby/Ogilvie in this family
HAMPSON Sarah b. c. 1841 Marylebone
I am looking for the family of Sarah Hampson b. c.1841 Marylebone, who married Robert Joseph Bewley b.c. 1840 Marylebone. Sarah and Robert Joseph married in 1874 yet they were living together and had children starting around 1859. who included Elizabeth 1858, George Benjamin 1860, Robert 1864, Frances Harriet 1858, Emma 1870, Harriet 1872, Jane 1875, Benjeman 1877. Robert Joseph's parents were George and Harriet Bewley but I have no information on Sarah's family. If you have any information on Sarah or Robert, I would love to hear from you and will be happy to share information.
BEWLEY Robet Joseph b. c.1840 Marylebone
I am looking for any of the Bewley family who mostly lived around Marylebone. Robert Joseph b.c. 1849 Marylebone married Sarah Hampson in 1874 yet they were living together and had children starting around 1859. Sarah was born c.1841 Marylebone and they had Elizabeth 1858, George Benjamin 1860, Robert 1864, Frances Harriet 1858, Emma 1870, Harriet 1872, Jane 1875, Benjeman 1877. Robert Joseph's parents were George and Harriet but I have no real information on these two people. I have more information on the Bewley family, and if you have any information, I would love to hear from you and swap inforamtion.
red mail Daniel Turpin
I am keen to find out any information about my great grandfather, Daniel Turpin. I believe he was born in Wolsingham, Durham in 1852, but by the 1890s, had moved down to Marylebone. According to the 1901 census, he was a house decorator. He died in Stoke Newington in 1935. If anyone can give me any further information on this elusive character, I should be delighted to hear from them
red mail James Wilson, b. 1823, Marylebone, Middlesex
Married Mary ? (b. Harlaston, Stafford 1827). They had 4 children, Francis Thos Wilson (Willson), Catherine Wilson, James Henry Wilson. James Henry was my Great Grandfather. He was born in Blackrod, Lancashire and was a Coal Miner. My grandma always said that they had originated from Scotland, so I would like to trace back James Wilson of Marylebone to find out where he originated from. Also, on all census info, family is listed as Wilson (Willson) until grandchildren of above.
red mail Alphonso Lewis Dallery
Alphonso Dallery married Hannah Smith 24 Dec 1809 in St. Marylebone Parish. His parents were Pierre-Alphonse Dallery and Elizabeth ____. Alphonso Dallery was a goldsmith. I am looking for more information about him, his parents or siblings and the origin of the family.
red mail Coster - Marylebone
Looking for information on Joseph Coster b abt 1797 not in Middx, wife Sarah b abt 1798, not Middxx. 1841 at Providence Place, both dead by 1851. Also anything on Mary Harmer b Marylebone 1843 , wife of George Coster married Kensington 1861, living Providence Place 1870s
red mail Teresa DOODY
In May 1938, Teresa Doody was confirmed at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place. I am hoping to make contact with her, or with anyone who may have information about her. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
red mail Kathleen CUDDEFORD
I am hoping to make contact with Kathleen Cuddeford, or with anyone who has knowledge of her. She was confirmed in May 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone.
red mail Phyllis and Rita COOKE
Phyllis and Rita Cooke were confirmed in May 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. I am hoping to make contact with them, or with anyone who has knowledge of them. They would most probably have been born between 1925 and 1930.
red mail Alice Margaret CHIDLOW
I am seeking to make contact with Alice Margaret CHIDLOW, or with anyone who may have knowledge of her. She was confirmed in May 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone, and her sponsor was Elsie Millicent Carr. Alice Margaret would most probably have been born between 1925 and 1930.
red mail Irene CASTAGNETTI
I am seeking to make contact with Irene Castagnetti, or anyone who may have knowledge of her. She was confirmed in May 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone, and her sponsor's name was Irma Lumoffen. Irene would most probably have been born between 1925 and 1930. Thank you.
red mail Bernardette CARNEY
I am seeking to make contact with Bernardette Carney, or anyone who may have knowledge of her. She was confirmed in May 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. It is probable that she is the Bernardette M A Carney who was born in the June Quarter 1927 in Marylebone, the daughter of Bernard Carney. Siblings may have been the twins Annie and Marguerite Carney who were born in Paddington in 1915.
red mail Nora(h) BURRAN
Nora(h) Burran was confirmed in 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. I am trying to contact anyone who may have more information about her.
red mail Dorothy Catherine BUDGET
Dorothy Catherine Budget was confirmed in 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone; her sponsor was Dorothy de Lisle Bythell. I would like to get in touch with anyone who can give me any more information about Dorothy Catherine. Thank you.
red mail Mildred BROUGHTON
Mildred Broughton was confirmed in 1938 in the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. I would like to make contact with anyone who can give me any more information about her. Thank you.
red mail Mary and John BRACE
Mary Brace and John Brace were confirmed in 1938 at the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. They may have been the children of William J Brace and Bridget. Any further information would be most appreciated.
red mail Rose Annette BOWMAN
Rose Annette Bowman was confirmed in 1938 in the Roman Catholic church of St James Spanish Place in Marylebone. I am seeking to make contact with her or anyone who knows of her. Thank you.
red mail Dean- Hammersmith/ Marylebone England
Searching for any information on my ancestors G G Grandfather Richard Dean married Mary Western in 1837 St Lukes Chelsea Kensington G Grandfather Arthur Dean married Ellen Meley in 1862 Spanish Place Chapel Catholic Church Marylebone Grandfather James Michael Dean married Ada Annie B. R. Hines in 1902 Paddington Register Office Any help would be greatly appreciated June
red mail Charker family
I would be grateful for any information on the 'Marylebone Charkers'who lived in the area in the early to mid 1880's athough i believe there was an earlier presence. In particular I am looking for information on Edward charker born 1790/1 and two of his sons, James William(1817) and Edward William(1824)
red mail Thomas Williams & Hannah Ashby
Thomas Williams born Feb.1832 or 1833 England died Sept.1889 Cass County, Indiana.Married 1858 Hannah Ashby born 1842 Sussex County, England.They lived in Wisconsin,Ohio,Indiana.They had 10 children.1 born in Wisconsin 1860 & the other 9 born in Ohio.I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.Looking for Thomas Williams parents or siblings information.They are my great great grandparents.
red mail HUCKIN, Robert
Searching for details, and ancestors, of Robert HUCKIN. He married Hannah Ellis 23 June 1791 at St Mary-St Marylebone, London and possibly lived in the St Pancras area. One child, William Huckin, was born 10 November 1793 and another Charlotte Huckin was born 30 July 1796 and married a William Crake Pratt on 4 September 1819 at St Mary-St Marylebone. Charlotte died at Glasbury on 14 March 1866.
red mail Richiardi Family
Looking for anyone researching the Richiardi family. I have managed to research back to c1799. The surname has been extremely difficult to research because of the different variations in the way it has been registered in the census', including Richards, Ricards, Richardi, Richearde, and Rickiardi. Any information would be gratefully received. Regards. Penny
red mail COSTER
Looking for parents of George Coster b about 1838 St Marylebone, married Mary Anne (possibly Banksbland). Children Martha b 1863 Mary Anne b 1873 Thomas b 1865 Edith b 1882 Eliza b abt 1875. Martha m Walter Bartindale, Mary Anne M Arthur George Packer,Edith M John Mitson
Searching for information on above. thought to be a sister of Leonard-Lenard? Crook and Reginald Victor Crook
red mail Sir Horace Jones - Architect
Sir Horace JONES (1818-1887) served as City of London architect and was responsible for the design of many buildings and structures, including Tower Bridge. He married Annie Elizabeth PATCH in 1875 and they lived in Devonshire Place. I am told that he was related by marriage to the SMEED family. Does anyone know of a connection please?
red mail bradford
Looking for any details of William Bradford born circa 1817 originally from Devon who lived in Marylebone with his wife Sarah born approx 1818 census forms give her birth as Devon and also Marylebone address in 1861 is Carlisle Place Marylebone. I have found a marriage for a William Bradford and a Sarah Linton that seemed to fit all the facts - however on sending for the birth certs for Williams children the mothers name is given as Sarah Ford and not Linton. I have not been able to trace another marriage and I am now completly stumped.
red mail Alexander Wilson - CrossKeys Marylebone Lane
I am searching for information about the family of Alexander Wilson who lived at Cross - keys on Marylebone Lane in 1787. He was a shoemaker. Alexander was arrested for theft of some shirts and was transported to Australia for 7yrs. He arrived in Australia in 1790 with the second fleet of convicts and met a female convict named Mary Read (Reid?)also of Middlesex. They had a son James in 1792. James is my 5x Great Grandfather on my mother's side. I can offer much info on the Australian decendants to anyone who can assist me with this search.

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