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I am trying to trace my half brother Evan Paul Hughes he was born around 1954 his father was Lewis Richard Hughes mother was Mary Bradbury believed they lived in the Ealing area,Evan was also adopted by the Irish local authorities any information would be much appreciated thank you.
red mail Coldershaw Road West Ealing
Could anyone advise me how I can find the number of the house my grandmother was living in in Coldershaw road in 1939? The 1931 census was destroyed in the last war and the 1941 census was not taken because of the war. I have no family members left to ask and am out of ideas. Many thanks
Beacon House School Acton and Ealing
Does anyone else remember Beacon House School? It was a small private school on Gunnersbury Avenue and had moved there in about 1950 from a large corner house in Twyford Avenue in Acton. I didn't attend the school after it moved to Ealing but was one of the first group of 4 year olds who formed the first ever class. There were probably about 8 of us and I have very happy memories of the year or maybe 2 that I spent there from about 1947 or 8. Mrs Henderson was the owner and head and her son Malcolm was one of my classmates. Dopes anyone have any photographs from this little school in Twyford Avenue?
The Haunted House
When I was growing up in South Ealing in the 1950's there was an old house at the corner of St Mary's Road and Cairn Avenue, opposite what was then Ealing Tech. It was known as the Haunted House and was empty and in a semi- derelict condition. It was demolished in the mid/late 1950's I think. What I want to know is what was the story which led to it getting that name? Does anyone know please?
Did you live in Meadvale Road in the 1950's?
The address I am interested in is 192 Meadvale Road. It is listed now as a family run B&B but what was it in 1955? Was it a B&B then, or was it bed-sit's or a family home or something else, even a nursing home? It was given as the home address of my 82 year old great aunt when she died in West Middlesex Hospital the same year. I was 11 at the time and I don't remember her living there only visiting her in what were known as 'rooms' in a house in Kenton. My family, including her sister, lived in South Ealing at the time so possibly she moved closer to them shortly before her death. Does this address mean anything to anyone please?
red mail Patricia Marie George
Looking for Patricia Marie George who married Kenneth Gordon Robin Dale in 1954 in Middlesex England.
red mail George family
Looking for descendants of Edward James George b. 1872 living in Ealing in 1913 on 27 Sydney Rd.
red mail Foundling. Baby found October 1928
My Mum was found on a Cafe doorstep in Ealing on 19th October 1928 and spent the first 9 years of her life in a home/orphanage in Ealing. She was named Rosemary Harley at the hospital. Any information appreciated. She may have attended Girls industrial school home St.Marys Road Ealing or Maurice Home for Girls Mattock Lane Ealing
red mail Labrum Family from Ealing
Searching for any family of Charles Labrum B1843 and Emma Clark B1846 from Ealing.
red mail Cecilia House, Hanger Lane
Can anyone provide me with any information about Cecilia House and it's history post WW2, the electoral regiters suggest that in 1946 it was known as The Lawn Hotel, but from 1947 to 1965 it is Cecilia House. I had a relation listed as living there who was blind and was wondering if it was some kind of institution?
red mail Dyer
I'm looking for any information on Henry Dyer. Date/place of birth unknown. He was deceased by May 1885. It is thought he had twin sons, Henry and Thomas, born about 1863 in Woking, Surrey. Both Henry and Thomas first appear on the 1881 Census as Shop Lads for Alfred Matthews, cabinet maker, at 18 High St, Ealing. It is possible that the twins were, in fact, triplets but not sure. Any help with Henry senior or info on the twins would be gratefully received. It is thought that Henry senior was a carpenter, but not sure. Many thanks. Jackie
F W Woolworths
Can anyone remember Woolworths in Ealing Broadway during the 1960s? Am I right in thinking it had a cafe which served cups of tea and milkshakes, with a coin operated childrens ride in the corner?
red mail Wills Family
I am trying to find any information regarding George Wills retired Police Inspector, who was born on the Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic just off South Africa in 1835 and his mother Catherine Swain who was born there about 1813, they returned to England I do not know when, John Wills her husband was in the Royal Artillery stationed on the Island around 1831 George and his family lived in Lothair Road in 1891
Does anyone remember the Cherokee Dance Band, who used to play at venues in and around Ealing during the 1950s and 1960s. The band was run by 2 brothers, Vic and Allan Meekins, and was very popular. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the band or maybe has some photos or recordings of them playing
red mail Eric House, Mattock Lane, Ealing
I am looking for any information on Eric House, otherwise known as The Home for Motherless Children from the late twenties till the late 1930's. I am very keen to find original photographs of the staff and children at this time. I would appreciate any information about "Matron Hat" in particular. I
Lilley and Skinners Shoe Shop
I was wondering if anyone remembers Lilley and Skinners Shoe Shop in Ealing Broadway. During the 1960s, I was taken there to buy new shoes. The first floor childrens shoe department was wonderful - the centrepiece was a carousel but I dont remember what rides were on it? The shop seemed to be themed on toy soldiers with special chairs and drums everywhere. Can anybody remember this in more detail than I can, and does anyone have any photos?
James Lewis - Metropolitan policeman
James Lewis was born in Eastnor in 1863. He was in service in Westminster before joining the police force in the 1880s. (2 of his brothers were also policemen in London.) I think James served in Lambeth and Westminster before ending up in Ealing by the 1911 census but I've no idea what happened to him and his family after that. James married Emma Eliza Beecheno or Beechens in 1888 - her sister married one of James's brothers. One of James's daughters was born in Dersingham in Norfolk while he was still a serving police officer. Does anyone know why he was there? Any information or help would be welcome.
red mail Arthur Avery
Does anyone have access to the Middlesex Register of Marriages 1582-1837. I am interested in an entry dated 14 Dec 1790. The marriage is between an Arthur AVERY and a Sarah OWEN.
red mail Tuohy
looking for any info on john micheal tuohy last known to be in south oxhey.I think the late 70s.Also known in the stoke newington/Hackney area
red mail procter
i am looking for leonard procter.
red mail Ealing Cemetery
I was told my relative from Battersea maybe buried at Ealing. (1883). Can anyone give me a phone number for Ealing Cemetery please? Where are the burial Registers kept?
red mail GAY, FULBROOK
Seeking b. details for John GAY and Mary FULBROOK who m. in Parish Church Ealing, Middx on 13 Oct 1839.Any leads appreciated. John
red mail Jordan, Flora Elizabeth
The above, my great aunt, born in the 1870's. Never married. Was ladies maid to a Lady Hyslop for many years. Died in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire some time in mid 1950's. Her sister Ruth married William Chivers in the late 1800's. I am trying to find Flora and Ruths' DOB's and details about their parents. Any help much appreciated.
red mail higgins
martha higgins married william bignell at ealing parish church about 1844,lookin for any info about martha before 1844, parents names if possible,thank you
Any info on the garden centre at Hangar Lane, Ealing. It was owned by the Webb family in 1930's. My grandfather was related to the family,but I can't find any info.
red mail Ealing House School
Has anyone any info regarding Ealing House school? My mother, Kathleen Mary Clarke was there in 1928 during her parents divorce proceedings. I believe it my have been a childrens home
red mail Anne Leigh
I am searching for any information about the mother of Anne Leigh, who was born in Ealing in March, 1854 and married William Murrant in 1881. The only information I have about her father is that his name was John Leigh, so any additional info about him would also be appreciated.
red mail Lyon Herbert David John
Of 26 Uxbridge Ealing in 1932 a gentleman who died in April 1957. He had two daughters Dorothy and Lorna. Looking for descendants. Dorothy married Michael Patrick Concannon in 1928 at Hendon. They lived in Bournemouth and had three sons.
red mail Robert James Brown Graham and Joseph James Pearson Graham
We are trying to trace the descendents of Robert James Brown Graham who was born in 1921 in Ealing. Also those of his brother, Joseph James Pearson Graham born 1918, also in Ealing.
red mail Pearson Graham
Hi, we are trying to find what happened to Pearson Graham, born 1909 in Acton, London, and last known to be living in Ealing in the early 1980s. We have been unable to find his death record, and really hope that he is still living. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Also, we would like to communicate with any descendents of the Grahams born in Acton from 1904 to 1922. Gill.
red mail Phebe Watts
I believe Phebe was living at Heathfield Villa,Ealing with the Occupier C Wetherall c1857-can someone please enlightn me about this property or whether there is any likely family connection. Phebe had a daughter while at this address although no father appears on the birth cert. Can anyone help me fill this piece of Puzzle please.
red mail Phillips, Aitken
I am trying to find out what happend to my great Grandmother Emily Mary Phillips.She married my Great Grandfather John Aitken at Ealing Congregational Church in 1906. She had my Grandfather John Aitken and then another Baby, George who died of TB in May 1911. Emily is not shown on the 1911 Census but my Grandfather was living with an uncle and the baby was in the family home with his father and Emily's mother also Emily Phillips.The baby died 1 month later. My G. Grandmother was born in Ealing in about 1880 and had three older brothers , George, Charles and Samuel Phillips. I suspect thet Emily also died of TB about 1911. The story always was she died in Childbirth but I have found she lived at least 18 months longer as my G. Grandfathers status on the census is " Married" not "Widowed". Does anyone know how to get hold of hospital records or does anyone know of the families of her brothers? Charles Phillips was a carpenter and Samuel was a motor mechanic on The Mall in 1911.
Looking for anyone with knowledge of James Ninian Hill also know as James Ninian Watts. He was an Engineer latter living in Ealing. Born around 1840 and died in 1915, married to Annie Watts. Prior to that he lived in several addresses in central London.
red mail Roberts/Eames Families
Has anyone knowledge of the above families who, at the time of the 1911 Cencus were living at 45 Rosebank Road,Hanwell and 30 Haven Green, Ealing respectively? Reginald Eames was a Coachman (domestic) at the time and George Robertswas an Engine Fitter. Good hunting!
red mail Beecher Family Ranelagh Road Ealing
I am researching my paternal Grandfather Henry Beecher who was born in Ranelagh Road Ealing in 1871. If anyone has any information about Henry or any photos of this area I would be happy to hear from them.
red mail Henry Courtney & Jessica Hannah Elson
Henry and Jessica are my grandparents and lived in Ealing on Curzon Road during the early part of the 20th century. My mother, Renee, was born there along with her brother, Charles, and sister Eileen. Henry moved to Leicester and lived on Long Shoot,near Hinckley with his second wife, from the Thirties up to the Sixties. We believe that he had cousins living in the area. We would be very grateful for any information about Henry and his life on Long Shute
red mail Oldham
Looking for anyone researching the Oldham family born 1841 - 1860 in Ealing, and living in Back Lane, Ealing?
red mail Moore - George Edward
Searching for possible relatives/information on Moore family. Living in Coningsby Road, South Ealing about 1927/29. Only know that George may have been an electrician or telephone engineer, his mother (name unknown) may have been a tailoress. Any clues gratefully received. Thanks.
red mail Fildes, Howard, Scotting, May
The above names all appear in my tree and predominantly centre around 6, Lawrence Road, South Ealing. The Fildes family moved there in 1906. Charles and Georgina Fildes, Charles being a Chimney Sweep and Georgina being the help a local Dr called upon when people were unable to afford his/her services. Georgina died in May 1920 and apparently the people lined the streets for her funeral. Can't find any evidence of this, They had many children Emma Phoebe, Georgina, Daniel and Alfred (1st sons named Simmons) Mary, Jane, Kitty, Alban, Henry, Jenny, Lilias, Florence (my nan) and the baby of the family. I am desperate for any information on these people. Jane married Leonard may and emigrated to Australia. Kitty married William Howard then a George Gater, she too emigrated to Australia but came back again. Florence married James Allen in 1919 then in 1937 married Charles levine and relocated to West ham. Please if anyone can shed some light on this family of Fildes with association with these other names I would be truly greatful. Thanks Belinda
red mail ARKELL
Would like to find any information on Arkell's who lived in Ealing. Also Brooks and Trim. St Mary's Church, Hanwell... Thank you Jean
red mail Roberts/Walker
william Frank Roberts married Cecily Beatrice Walker lived Ealing w5.Cecily's mother re-married name Uren, run Busy Bee cafe on the great west road in the early 50's. Anybody have any information on mothers side of the family.
red mail whitehouse
Looking for information of my Great Grandparents who lived in Williams Road Ealing and who had a firewood and chimney sweep business. My Great Grandfather was Samuel Henry White, his wife was named Sarah. They had a son Samuel Henry White and his wife was named Martha.They had four sons and one daughter,Leslie Robert born 1905,Ajax Lionel S White born 1907, Audrey Eva S White born 1908,Clarence Gannet S White (my Father) born 1911,Gordon S White bithdate unknown.Audrey Eva had her own dry cleaning business called Audrey's Valet service in Ealing Broadway also one in Hanwell, and her van was used in one of Norman Wisdoms films.That was her claim to fame.My father married Mary Jean Morris,who I believe came from Wales, but I know nothing at all about her background.Audrey married a man named Jim Langford and had one son John.The marriage didn't last and she then married Jim Underhill,they had a son Peter.My father and mother went there seperate ways in 1943 after myself, my sister Marion and my brother Brian were taken into care and ended up in Yorkshire.My oldest sister Sylvia Varerie was raised by my Grandmother Martha Stevens-White. Sylvia has unfortunatly passed away. If any one knows any of my relations I would be very pleased to hear from them.
red mail Isaac White and Mary Holtzymer c1792
My 4 x great grandmother Lucy White was baptised in St Mary Ealing in September 1796. Her parents were Issac and Mary White. I have found the marriage for this couple, also at St Mary Ealing in May 1792. Mary was listed as a widow, Mary HOLTZYMER. This is almost certainly an English curates attempt at HOLZEIMER or HOLZHEIMER. I can't find any other mention of the surname (or obvious variants) on the IGI, Pallots etc, and I'm a bit stumped as to where to start looking for the marriage of Herr Holtzymer and Mary. What I'm trying to work out of course is whether Mary was German herself. If anyone has seen the surname Holtzymer/Holzeimer/Holzheimer anywhere in the 1790's, could they give me a clue please?!
red mail BAYLISS
I'm looking for my great Aunt. Her name was Phylis Price. She was born in Rhymney in South Wales c1920 but moved to England to find work with her sister Selina (Lena) and other young girls from the area during World War II. She married George Bayliss and had two children Teresa & Dennis. I am researching my family tree and would like to know more about her. Her parents were William John Price and Sarah Ann Davies who was know as Suranne. She was one of 10 children whose names were: William John (Will/Bill/Billy) Evan Benjamin Trevor Islwyn Richard (Dick) David (Dai) Gwynfor (Gwyn) Selina (Lena) Esther Any information how ever small or maybe that people wouldn't think was important would be much appreciated. Rhiannon
Thomas Prater was a witness at my grandparents wedding at St Mary's Church, Ealing, in 1909. He married Florence Johns and they had a daughter called Josephine. Josephine married Charlie Oliver and had 2 daughters called Eileen and Elizabeth. Elizabeth (Betty) married Robert Redmond. Can anyone fill me in with more details about this family. Thank you.
Frederick Mortimer
I am seeking information about Frederick Mortimer, said to have been active in the Salisbury Road area of Ealing around 1905-6. Does anyone know him, or his family?
Kate and Toby Dance
I am still seeking information about Kate and Toby Dance, who often visited the Ealing area during the 1930s. Another family name heard mentioned was 'Will Dance', who could have been their son. Does anyone know these people?
red mail Newman Alfred Bailey
Any information relating to Alfred Newman Bailey who died in Ealing around 1950. The information i have at present is that the Bailey family lived in Hanwell in 1935 and prior to that at Belle Vue Villas in Hounslow from around early 1900s and also 157 Hanworth Road at around 1913. At the time of the early 1900s, the wife Cecilia Bridget Bailey, nee O'Keefe had two sons, Alfred 2 years and Edward 4 months old. They had recently arrived from Ireland. There maybe a connection with the army Royal Engineers or newsagents. Their son Maurice Anthony was born in 1913. Any information would help. The Husband's name is Newman Alfred Bailey
john born abt 1830 brentford married maria born oxfordshire 1833.children eliza.1856. john 1858. william 1860.
red mail William Peter Gue m.Honor Arkell
My ancestors William Peter GUE and Honor ARKELL had thier son Palemon Morgan GUE baptised at St Mary's Ealing in 1808. They were married in Honors home village in Gloucestershire and then spent most of their life in Northampton. William was a schoolteacher. Any info on Williams parents, where he was born, and why they were in Ealing. Also any suggestions why they named their son "Palemon Morgan", I have found no other family member with this name.
red mail Family History
Looking for a lead to the Morrison family around this area who may have used St Mary's Church, Ealing in the mid to late 1920s.
red mail Kate and Toby Dance
My dad knew this couple as his aunt and uncle in Ealing during the 1930s. He thought Kate Dance nee Smith was his mother's sister but I can't find a record of her in the family. Does anyone know who they were?
red mail Hainsworth
Looking for Edward Hainsworth or could be Ainsworth. Edward was born about 1842 He married Selina Spencer in 1864 at Heston Parish Church Brentford. They have three children Edward, Rose Maria and Frances Selina.
red mail searching my gt grandfather
looking for charles eden photographer, 1900-1950
red mail BAKER
Joseph Baker was born in Ealing about 1822. Married Ann Chambers there in 1855. Had been in army, worked as labourer, ended up as signalman at Willesden Junction, living in Hammersmith. Children were Richard, Frederick (born Kentish Town), Henry and Fanny (both born in Hammersmith) Ann on 1871 census reported as born in Cork, Ireland. Joseph committed suicide in 1878.
red mail Mary Elizabeth Brunt
I am looking for any information on Mary Elizabeth Brunt. In 1902 she was working at 11, Mount Park Crescent, Ealing, for a Mrs Hawk.I believe she remained single. Any help would be much appreciated.
red mail Knevett Family
Seeking information about Knevett's, who lived in the area between 1600 and 1800.
red mail Pritchard
John& Margaret Pritchard children John b.1831 m. Charlotte Powell, James b. 1833 m. Caroline Mason, Jane b. 1841 and Emma b. 1845. All believed to have been born in Ealing. Any information at all about Pritchards in this area would be appreciated.
red mail Townsend
Looking for any Townsend Wilton Hopkins family from 1900 from Acton or Ealing
Crowe Family Ealing
Looking for any info on Crowe family Ealing from Frederick Crowe 1831 Greenford married to Emma born Thame 1831 and following family.
red mail The Worley or Brown Families of Broomfield Road,Ealing
Henry Worley,born 1854 in Bucks,and his wife Eliza,born 1850 in Wrotham Kent.Their daughter,Florence,was born in Bucks in 1872 and she married HerbertE Brown.Their children included my mother,Evelyn,born in Ealing in 1907.She married Stuart Williams in 1927 and was widowed.She had a younger sister,Peggy.Any information would be very welcome.
Rooke, Nellie
I am trying to find any information regarding Nellie Rooke who is my garndmother. Her Husbands name was James Gadd and they had 13 Children one of whom was my mother Vera Kathleen Gadd. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I am researching the name of GADD of Ealing.James married Nellie(or Eleanor)and the children were: Jack, Fred, Reginald, Leonard, Joyce, Hilda, Winn, Audrey, Dorrie, Vera, Violet and Ronald. Can anyone help?
red mail Messer
Looking for any information about Messers who lived in Ealing and Brentford
red mail Ball / Redding family in the Ealing area
Thomas Redding moved to Graham Gardens (now Framfield Rd, Hanwell) around 1907. Married to (?) who gave birth to my nan (possibly at sea) in 1900 - Gertrude Helena Redding. Who in 1919 married my grandfather, Albert Edwin Frederick Ball (Fred) who was living with his mum at 46 Northfield Rd, West Ealing. The father was John Ball, although he is not mentioned in the 1914 Kelly's directory, (only Mrs Ball as head of house). Mrs Ball was Emily Brown (b. 1869 (Abington oxon.) & m. Oct 1891) At the time of their marriage they were living at 2 Church Lane Ealing. Great grandad's father was also John Ball, who was possibly married to Elizabeth. And there the story goes cold. Amy help would obviously be appreciated.
red mail William Henry Jones
I am trying to find birth and parents of William Henry Jones born around 1813 Ealing Middlesex. Also his marriage around 1840s. He is sometimes known as Henry Jones
Harry BEARD and Rose (nee MANSFIELD)were in their 70's in 1951, when they attended the wedding of their gt.niece Betty BANNISTER to Laurie BLAKE. They lived in Ealing,and had a daughter, Rose, who married Capt. BAKER, and had a son David. Descendants sought.
red mail cowdrey-nelhams
Seeking information related to the families of Thomas Cowdrey (lived in Alperton) and James Nelhams. Their children, William Cowdrey and Mary Nelhams, married in Acton in 1843.
red mail Green - Henry Charles (mayor)
Henry Green was a mayor of Ealing - interested in finding any descendents of this person.
red mail Family History
I am looking for my Uncle William Frost and his family - ast known to have been in Ealing or thereabouts in 1947. Two daughters one named Kitty, also the name of his wife.
red mail Congregational Church
I am looking for a photo of the Congregational Church of Ealing where my 2nd great Grandparents were married if someone has one or knows where I could find one.

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