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red mail ellingworth - (Haconby - Lincolnshire)
William Ellingworth, born Haconby about 1816, married Ann Sharp in 1841. They had a number of children and seem to have been in Horbling in 1881.
red mail BROWN - (Hagnaby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for info. about Rebecca Brown bc.1835 dau. of Charles. She married John Simons 1854 in Sutton and ran the 'Jolly Bacchus'there.
red mail WALLS JEFFERY HAGNABY - (Hagnaby - Lincolnshire)
hello....does anyone have access to hagnaby parish records please? WALLS JEFFERY married in hagworthingham in 1777 and is stated as, of hagnaby. he would most likely have been born in hagnaby about 1750. I would be so grateful if anyone can find a birth or baptism for him. thank you
red mail Wright - (Hainton - Lincolnshire)
seeking relatives of Charles Wright b. Hainton 1871, father george blacksmith, bros. John Arthur and george sisters Allice and Harriet. Any info please feel free to email me.
red mail COOKE - (Hainton - Lincolnshire)
George born circa 1841 Hainton Lincs. Moved to Derby and married Elizabeth Hinds. Anyone with info on the Cooke family would be welcome to contact me or anything about Hainton. Thanks Jean
red mail Marriage George Scott/Elizabeth Vickers - (Hallington - Lincolnshire)
I live in New Zealand. I am researching my great grand parents George Scott/Elizabeth Vickers. I have obtained a marriage certificate for a marriage of a George Scott and Elizabeth Ann Vickers 19th May 1862 at the Parish Church in the Parish of Raithby ??? Hallington. Witnesses Joseph Vickers and Sarah Scott. Parents, John Scott and John Vickers. My great grand parents came to Christchurch, New Zealand 1865/6 and unfortunately information on their death certicates does not help to tie them in with the Raithby marriage. Can anyone tell me what happened to the George Scott and Elizabeth Ann Vickers as per the Raithby marriage. I have not been able to trace them past this marriage in England. If there are any records of them or their children in England after 1866 I can at least eliminate them from my possibilities. Thanks for any assistance.
red mail Lea in Haltham - (Haltham - Lincolnshire)
I am researching the Ancestry of Joseph and Prudence Lea (nee Mitchell) who lived in Haltham in the mid 1800s
red mail densil johnson 1811 john sutton 1796 - (Halton Holegate - Lincolnshire)
densil johnson of halton holegate b 1811 and john sutton b 1796 had children who married. thomas johnson 1833 and elizabeth sutton 1833. does anyone know anything about these families? thank you
red mail Shaw - (Halton Holegate - Lincolnshire)
Looking for members of the Shaw and Marshall family from Halton Holegate and the surrounding area in the 1800s and early 20th century incl. William (1844),Aaron (1866)and Edward (1892) butchers, publicans and farmers.
Sarah Orrey - (Halton Holegate - Lincolnshire)
Sarah Ann Orrey was born in Halton Holegate in 1846. She was the daughter of Samuel Orrey and his wife Susanna. Sarah was one of 8 siblings (Ann, Mary - died aged apprx 9, Joh, Susanna, Sarah, George, Mary and Samuel). Sarah married Edward Wright in Spilsby in December 1873 and they had 8 children also. I am interested in the Orrey family and in finding out what Susanna's maiden name was - I do know that she was born in East Keale Lincs, in approx 1810 and that she died in 1897. Thank you.
Samuel Orrey's parents - (Halton Holegate - Lincolnshire)
Further to my previous entry..... Samuel Orrey (Horrey/Orry) was born in Halton Holegate, Lincs in 1809. He married Susannah Bog(g) in June 1836 in East Keal. I just cannot find his parents anywhere - can anyone help? I have tried all the sites I know, all the varient spellings I can think of and tried altering the dates a little but can find nothing. I would appreciate any help I can get on this one - if you need further info (like names, dates of children etc) please ask. Thank you in advance.
red mail Francis fowler, sarah smith - (Halton Holegate - Lincolnshire)
Any information appreciated about Sarah smith born Bilsby 1822-1904 and husband Francis fowler 1821-1885 grandparents to the shaw family in Halton
red mail Hameringham Lincs - (Hameringham - Lincolnshire)
Trying to find a birth date and reference for Joseph lea Born 1857 or 1858 mother Mary Ann lea father ? Charles Bavin
red mail Looking for Willey family - (Hannah - Lincolnshire)
I am trying to trace the baptism about 1764 of William Willey somewhere near Hannah. I have found his marriage to Esther Johnson on 8 Sept 1789 at Hannah cum Hagnaby and would like to know who his parents were.
Chevins, Allison, Robinson in Lincolnshire - (Hannah - Lincolnshire)
These families are from Hannah cum Hagnaby, Lincolnshire. Peter Robinson Chevins married Elizabeth Ann Allison 14 Oct 1872 and had 8 children. Urgent contact needed please as I have plenty of Information to pass on.
red mail help needed - (Hannah - Lincolnshire)
Hi im really in need of help im tracing my family tree although im doing quite well im at a sticking point my Great Grandad Benjamin Richardson is shown as being born in Hannah 1848 according to the 1881 census problem is i cant find any info on him apart from this an ideas ???? many thanks pete
red mail Wight of Hareby - (Hareby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on Wight family in Hareby. Thomas Wight born 1607 married Alice Roundy on the Isle of Wight in 1630 and emigrated to Massachusetts.
red mail Baker - (Harlaxton - Lincolnshire)
My ancestor John Baker was in Harlaxton c. 1787. Connections sought.
red mail Woodruff / Harlaxton - (Harlaxton - Lincolnshire)
Looking for infromation about the Woodruff family in Harlaxton, in particular Tiplady Woodruff, born ca. 1775. His first wife was called Esther (maiden name not known, but possibly Oldham, nor place or date of marriage). He moved to Barnsley, Yorkshire where he was a bootmaker. He married again in 1830 at Silkstone, Yorks. His second wife was Sarah Ringrose. He died in Barnsley in 1857. His name has sometimes been wrongly transcribed as Joplady or Siplady. He may have had an older brother William (born ca. 1767) and a younger brother, George (born ca. 1780). Any information would be gratefully received.
red mail Ogden/Torville. - (Harlaxton - Lincolnshire)
My great grandfather x2 Thomas Ogden married Frances Torville of Harlaxtion about 1825. They had thirteen children. Are there any remaining Torville family out there? Any information would be welcomed.
red mail John Ashford - (Harmston - Lincolnshire)
Does anyone know anything about John Ashford who died aged 27 in 1837. Any information please
red mail Proctor & Elkington families - (Harmston - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on Proctor & Elkington families c1800-1950
red mail NUTTALL, DOWMAN - (Harmston - Lincolnshire)
Charlotte Nuttall I believe was married to a Benjamin Dowman (1858 at Ashby De La Launde) they had 2 girls Elizabeth and Rebecca. Charlotte died in 1862 (possibly at Harmston). I believe Benjamin remarried 2 yrs later (possibly to Mary Nuttall? - was she related to Charlotte?). It appears that Benjamin and the girls moved to Hemsworth area(W.Yorks)along with his 2nd family. I descend from Elizabeth. If you have any further info I would be glad to hear from you purely for my own interest.
red mail Saunderson - (Hatcliffe - Lincolnshire)
I'm loking for the parents of Jane Sunderson,born Hatcliffe about 1830. She married Edward Burgess in 1856. Anything on Saunderson would be appreciated.
red mail The Parr-tt Family, Lincs. - (Hatton - Lincolnshire)
John Parratt married Susanna Phillips on 27/5/1743 in Hatton. Philip Parratt born 1744. Am searching for John Parratt, brother of Philip.Also looking for Eustace Phillips, who I believe was Susanna's father. Susanna, daughter of Philip Parratt married John Turner in 1792 in Dorrington.
red mail CROW - (Hatton - Lincolnshire)
Joseph CROW married Elizabeth Dauber/Boulton here in 1813, his 2nd marriage. 8 children including John,my 2xgreat grandfather.Where was Joseph from? Possibly Hagworthingham?
red mail LOVELY/SISSONS - (Hatton - Lincolnshire)
In 1871 found my forbear William Lovely (born in Rand) as a 78 year old 'pauper' with address 'in the fields' - any one with any knowledge of what happened to such paupers?
red mail John Jeffrey - (Hatton - Lincolnshire)
looking for information on my great grandfather John Jeffrey born 1826 Hatton appeared in 1871 census as coachman Sudbrooke Lincolnshire married to Catherine.No trace of him between the two dates .Any information gratefully recieved
red mail Hall - Haven Bank, Lincs. - (Haven Bank - Lincolnshire)
Trying to trace family of my gggmother Mary Hall b. 1834 Haven Bank, near Coningsby. Father John Hall farmer. She married Edwin Lawrence in Leeds 1854 - how she came to Leeds is a mystery, as are her roots in Haven Bank. Any help appreciated.
Elizabeth Fanny Grundy, Haven Bank - Probably solved - (Haven Bank - Lincolnshire)
Now found through Alberta Archives that she was a widow and have her parents' names. Almost certainly no connection to Haven Bank. Thanks for all the help Martin I have been trying to find the maiden name of my Grandmother's elder brother's second wife for ages. Last night I found that it was Grundy. They married in Banff, Alberta, Canada in 1910. She had arrived in Canada in 1897. They returned to the UK, probably before WWII and she died in Newark just after WWII. We also presumed that she must have come from the Newark area but I am seeing someone of about the right, same name from Haven Bank so wondering if it could be her.
Rumford Family in Heapham - (Heapham - Lincolnshire)
Has anyone any connection to Mary Rumford born 09 Feb 1812 in Heapham, Lincolnshire.
red mail Rebecca Chaney - (Heighington - Lincolnshire)
Further to my request for information about Rebecca Chaney I now find on the 1861 Census that she comes from Heighington, which is next to Washingborough but I still have had no luck finding her birth in 1784/5/6/7. Does anyone have any information about her at all. She does have a settlement order sending her back to Wilesworth from Scotton after being widowed in 1807. Is there a parish chest for Scotton or Wilesworth? She also returned to Branston with her second husband William Robinson in 1821 for a number of years. Pauline
red mail Holmes - (Hemswell - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on John T Holmes b 1840. Carrier in Grimsby but originated from Hemswell.
red mail coy/tesh family - (Hemswell - Lincolnshire)
I am researching my late husbands family. His great grandfather WILLIAM COY m Elisabeth Ann Tesh in 1870 and lived in Hemswell in 1891 with 9 children. Charles Coy - my husbands grandfather -moved to Salford and became a hairdresser. William died in Gainsboro Workhouse - described as paraplegic on death certificate. Did he have a farming accident? He had been married previously to possibly Sarah Anyan or Sarah Coggan. Has anyone any information?
red mail Redhead - (Hemswell - Lincolnshire)
Interested in any connection to the Redhead family of Hemswell. Henry Redhead was my Great grandfather
red mail Longland, Sharp, North families - (Heydour - Lincolnshire)
Looking for info. Relating to Richard Longland (d.1894) and wife Catherine Sharp of Heydour. Worked as Carpenter at Culverthorpe Hall. Other relatives wheelwrights, carriers at Oasby and Aisby. Sharps originally from Pinchbeck.
red mail Savage family of Holbeach Bank - (Holbeach Bank - Lincolnshire)
Would like to find out more about William Savage born around 1807 to John Savage and Dinah Willmore. Also his children. William was listed as being married to Frances Jacklin in the 1851 Census, but Frances was listed as being widdowed in 1861 Census dispite no record of William's death to be found. Did he die or did he emegrate as ledgend has it leaving his wife and children behind? Any help would be appreciated to solve this mystery.
red mail Plank Hook & Shovel - (Holbeach Bank - Lincolnshire)
I am trying to find pictures or information around a pub in Holbeach Bank, that used to be called the Plank, Hook & Shovel, which was built around 1860. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful. T
red mail Dams Family - (Holbeach Drove - Lincolnshire)
Thomas Dams born ca 1780 but probably NOT Lincs. His son Thomas Dams born Gedney Hill/Holbeach Drove 1813 and his grandson David Dams born Nov 1848 Holbeach Drove. Appreciate any information.
red mail Methodist history - (Holbeach Drove - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for information on the history of any of the chapels in the Holbeach Drove / Whaplode Drove area, either people or buildings, record books, photos, anything really.
red mail Walton Tinkley - (Holbeach Drove - Lincolnshire)
Looking for ancestors/descendants of Henry Walton (1815-1892) and Mary Tinkley (1830-1895) who had one son George Edward Walton (1865-1951)
red mail Dams - (Holbeach Drove - Lincolnshire)
Searching for the Dams family which lived in the area from late 1700's to 1960. Would appreciate any contributions.
red mail TRAFFORD & CARTWRIGHT FAMILY - (Holland Fen - Lincolnshire)
Details wanted of any member of the Trafford and Cartwright families who lived in Holland Fen in the early 1800's, especially Thomas Cartwright who married Elizabeth Flowers. They had 9 children - Elizabeth, Thomas, David Wood, William, Mary Lucy, Henry, Eliza, Matilda and Alfred. Details also needed on Edward and Sarah Trafford who had 9 children - Betsy Anne, Edward, Richard, John, Anthony, Hannah, Richard, Betsy (2) and Robert.
red mail Millicent Trafford - (Holland Fen - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for any information about Millicent Trafford,born Holland Fen 1835, married Samuel Hall of Algakirk, had several children including Annie Hall.Any info would be appreciated.
red mail Cartwright, Hilton, Babington at Holland Fen - (Holland Fen - Lincolnshire)
I have a lot of information on the Hiltons and Babingtons based in and around Holland Fen but I'm trying to trace Thomas and Elizabeth Cartwright (my 3x greatgrandparents), married 18.6.1839 in Holland Fen. Does anyone share any of these family names from this area?
Turner Family - (Holland Fen - Lincolnshire)
Does anyone have ancestors by the name of Turner who hail from Holland Fen in the 18th century?
red mail Holland Fen Algakirk Wrangle - (Holland Fen - Lincolnshire)
Am researching family tree which includes these people, all agricultural labourers and would love to hear of anyone with more information, including the people who had allotments / tenements on Pelhams Lands, and any migrants into the area. Is anyone aware of Spanish migrants?
red mail Bee,Hunt - (Holme - Lincolnshire)
I am researching the family of William Hunt and Elizabeth Bee who were living in Holme in the 1861 census.They were both born in and married in Waddingham 1849 and had Betsey Ann,Jane Bee,Henry,Hannah,Arthur,Martha and Mary there.Her father was John Bee and mother probably Anna.His father was Joseph who may have married a Frances.I would be most grateful for any help at all.Thanks Roger
red mail Goy / Musgrave / Horsewood / - (Holton cum Beckering - Lincolnshire)
Hi I'm looking for anyone wih information on Joseph Goy and Emily Horsewood who lived at Holton Hall in 1900. Their daughter Eleanor Hamilton Goy married Alwyn Musgrave of Holton Grange in 1899. These are my gg grandparents. Steve
red mail Hop Pole - (Hop Pole - Lincolnshire)
Hop Pole is a hamlet within the village of Deeping St. Nicholas (over 6 miles long) which only became a village of that name when the church was built in 1846. Before that it was known (still is on ordnance survey maps) as Littleworth Drove, locally as Main Road, and is actually the A16. I live there and if I can offer any information on the surrounding district I will be pleased to help. Doreen
red mail LOUTH HORBLING - (Horbling - Lincolnshire)
William Louth marr.Theodosia Patchett May 21st 1874 At Tattershall but they lived in Horbling all their lives they had 10 children, info from descendants would be welcome.
red mail Wm &Theodosia Louth - (Horbling - Lincolnshire)
I am a descendant of this couple if you would like to contact me to share information
red mail Lane - (Horbling - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on Alice Lane,b.1916, and siblings,Sally,Gladys,Kit,Doris and possibly a brother. Fathers name was Charles, I think.
Eason - (Horbling - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for the background to Martha Eason, Chrstnd 15/6/1813, who went on to marry William Hall 23/5/1833 in Threekingham, Lincs. I believe her parents were Joseph and Mary Eason, but there seems to be several to pick from. In the 1841 census I have come across Joseph Eason, age 75 and wife Mary, age 50, together with children Jane, John, Emma and Isaac + a John Eason, age 60, who I assume is Joseph's Brother ? There seems to be a substantial difference in ages between Joseph and his wife, which makes me think that he may have married more than once. I have come across a Joseph Eason marrying Mary Phenix/Fenick? in 1793 and also marrying Mary Tupholme in 1815. So...can anyone please say if this is the one and same Joseph, if and when did the first wife die, if there was one, when and where was Joseph born , and who were his parents ? This may be a lot to follow, but I live in hope. Thanks
red mail JACKSON families of Horkstow, Lincs - (Horkstow - Lincolnshire)
Seeking information/descendants for George Jackson 1791 Horkstow, m Sarah Unknown 1788 Winterton, Lincs. They had children Elizabeth 1826, William 1829 and Mary 1833. My line lies with Elizabeth who had an illegitimate son William in 1847. William moved to Pontefract and married Annice Senior b1872 Pontefract and they had Melissa 1872, Ann E 1877, William 1880 , Lily 1885, and Gerry 1893. My line descends from this William who married Mary Eliza Brook in Pontefract. They moved to Barnsley and had children Nellie c1905, William 1907, Arthur 1908, Polly 1909, and my father Cyril 1911. Pleased to connect with anyone on this line and happy to share any info I have.
red mail TATE - (Horsington - Lincolnshire)
JOHN TATE was born in Horsington in 1813. He married Elizabeth, born at Fiskerton the same year. By 1871 he was farming in Skirbeck, Boston where their daughter Charlotte had married David Palmer (see Palmer, Boston) Any further details gratefully received.
red mail Lincolnshire Pecks - (Hough-on-the-Hill - Lincolnshire)
My great-grandfather William (born Lincoln) and his wife Mary (formerly Willis-born Londonthorpe) left Hough in 1886 with their firstborn Charles my grandfather and went to Australia. Any connections out there with W & M? He was a farm labourer.
red mail Beecham Family - (Hough-on-the-Hill - Lincolnshire)
My great grandfather Reuben Beecham was born in Grantham Union Workhouse in 1844. His mother was Mary Ann Beecham; father unknown. I believe he had an Uncle, Joseph Beecham of Beecham's Farmstead in Wellingore. I am looking for any information regarding the Beechams's.
Philip Constable - (Hough-on-the-Hill - Lincolnshire)
Philip Constable "of Hough, co Lincoln" married Mary, daughter of Charles Towneley sometime around 1670. Another source says Philip was "of Houghton", with no county specified. Can anyone tell me more about Philip? What was his provenance? Was he the father of Catherine who married Thomas Markham, sometime about 1690? Was he of Hough-on-the-Hill, co Lincoln, or of Houghton somewhere? A clue: Robert Constable of Hough married Eleanor, daughter of Alexander Thorold of Hough-on-the-Hill, Lincolnshire, sometime in the 17th century. Is Robert connected with Philip?
red mail KERMAN - (Hough-on-the-Hill - Lincolnshire)
I am trying to trace my Grandmother Minnie Scott's 1896 ancestors. Her father was Edward Scott born 1862 in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire and mother Sarah Kerman born 1862 in Frieston, Lincolnshire. Sarah's father was George Kerman born 1827 in Fishtoft and mother Ann Kine born 1831 in Hough on the Hill, Lincolnshire. Can anyone help me please.
red mail Norman Dean - (Hough-on-the-Hill - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any one who knew or knows of Norman Dean, living at Bleak House farm in the 1950's
red mail Hougham; Moss family - (Hougham - Lincolnshire)
Looking for the family of Elizabeth Moss born about 1763 at Hougham, who married Richard Rowland there in 1788
red mail Howell - (Howell - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for any member of the Howell family to help me with my family tree search. My Grandfather was Arthur Herbert Howell married Florence Eleanor Louise Waigh arround 1903/4 they had six children: Arthur, Dorothy,Florence,Walter,John and my father Alfred. The Howell family were though to come from Stapleford Abbotts in Essex.
red mail Howell Family - (Howell - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for anyone related to John Howell and Lydia Cater of Plymouth, Devonshire. Regards Margret.
red mail Drury/wood - (Howsham - Lincolnshire)
Researching the DRURY and WOOD families of Howsham between 1780-1900
red mail wilton road humberston - (Humberston - Lincolnshire)
am looking for any info and old pictures of the houses on wilton road humberston lincolnshire, around about 1920's too 1950's thankyou
red mail Collinson of Humberston - (Humberston - Lincolnshire)
COLLINSON, earlier COLLISON. I have managed to trace my family to Robert COLLISON born 1698 in Humberston Lincolnshire. I would be very grateful to anyone who could offer help on this family. Latterly COLLISON turned into COLLINSON
red mail William & Elizabeth Collins - (Humby - Lincolnshire)
Does someone know if the William Collins who married Elizabeth Smith in 1748 was the same one who was baptized in Fiskerton in 1724.
Balls Of Hundleby - (Hundleby - Lincolnshire)
While investingating my Descendants who migrated from Aslackby Lincs to Austraila in 1872, I found out that the family actually came from Hundleby near Spilsby, My gf x 5 was John Ball born Hundelby 1739 he married a Deborah Cobb at St Mary's in 1760 they later moved to Boston. If any one has any information on the Ball families around Hundelby and this region could you please let know ASAP as our Family book will be published by the end of 2006. Regards Ted, Australia
Old Photo's of Hundleby - (Hundleby - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for old photo's of the Village to include in my book soon to be published, I only want copies. If anyone has some old photo's of Hundleby could you please contact me . Thanks Ted
red mail Hundleby - John BOGG - (Hundleby - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for the baptism/birth and parents of John BOGG who married Mary SHOWLER in 1785 in Hundleby St Mary parish church. John and Mary had at least 5 children - John (1788), Richard (1789), Charles (1790), Edward St Thomason (1792) and Henry (1793) - all baptised in Hundleby. John was buried in Hundleby in 1829 aged 69.
red mail Ashton of Hundleby - (Hundleby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on William Ashton born abt 1865 Hundleby, Lincs. He married 1) Jane, and 2) Charlotte Allbones. William & Charlotte had 7 children on the 1901 census. I would like to find William's parents and siblings please.
red mail Hundleby family in Lincolnshire - (Hundleby - Lincolnshire)
A number of descendants of the family with the surname Hundleby have done extensive research on the family tree. We have traced all recent Hundlebys back to Robert Hundleby, a graiser in Firsby who died in 1766. I would be very interested in receiving information about any Hundlebys, particularly if it is information prior to the 1841 census. If you would like any information about this family tree please do not hesitate to contact me.
red mail George E Johnson - (Huttoft - Lincolnshire)
1950-1960ish Any memories of George and Laura. Think George was on the parish council. Why did they move from London/Surrey? Was there a family connection to the area?
red mail Dams, Brown - (Huttoft - Lincolnshire)
Do you know of Annie Dams,nee Brown, wife of Thomas Durant Dams, mother of Kathleen May Dams b.1912 Jolly Common Road,Huttoft?
red mail cornelius tong - (Immingham - Lincolnshire)
seeking information on tong family. Cornelius and mary tong married 1840. children Isaac, Arthur and Maria(h)
red mail eckersley - (Immingham - Lincolnshire)
barry eckersley 25/11/1954 one of four. three boys and one girl.
red mail Charles William Wilson Roxton Farm - (Immingham - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information on Charles William Wilson lived at Roxton Farm, Immingham and married Sarah Jane Smith in September 1917. He was possibly born in Kirton. Parents may have been Charles and Esther H Wilson nee Clay
red mail HANKIN/WINN - (Ingham - Lincolnshire)
Francis Hankin married mary Winn in Faldingworth in 1789 they moved to Ingham and had 5 children do you have Hankin`s from Ingham in your tree ?
Paulger / Hallgath - (Ingoldmells - Lincolnshire)
Looking for relatives and family of the Paulgers, Ingoldmells or Hallgaths from The White House"around the years from 1900 to 1927. Both families came to Australia in 1927 and 1912. Both descendants have revisited Ingoldmells in the 1950s I think. The Paulgers were farmers on the Reed farm between Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe before coming to Ausralia in 1927. Kind Regards Ada
red mail Ingoldsby - (Ingoldsby - Lincolnshire)
Names: Ellis Welborn Stubley
red mail Barker - (Ingoldsby - Lincolnshire)
Researching William Barker of Ingoldsby Lincs. I have a letter in my possession that was written in May 1899 sent from Australia to England --stating William Barker lived in Ingoldsby where he kept a butchers shop and large hotel He may have m an Elizabeth Wing abt.1780 in Great Ponton Their children could have been Francis Barker, Thomas Barker William Barker of Lincoln. Mathias Barker, Mary Barker b at Boothby Hall, Ellen Barker, Eliz Barker b Boothby Hall and perhaps a Sophia Barker The 5 page letter has lots of other Christian names and some surnames listed in it as well Does this ring a bell with anyone hunting their Barkers Am willing to share names and other info in that letter
red mail MILLAR/MILLER - (Ingoldsby - Lincolnshire)
I am interested in anyone with connections to MILLAR's or MILLER's in Ingoldsby or nearby.
red mail Digby - (Ingoldsby - Lincolnshire)
I have many Digby's in my tree originating from either Ingoldsby or Burton Lazars dating back to 1672.James, William, Jarvis George , Gregory and John's are a few names to mention Many are buried in both villages so if any has descendents or know of living relatives do get in touch with me thanks Anne
red mail Poadham Family - (Irnham - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on the Poadham or Podam family from Irnham, Lincolnshire. Various spellings of this surname. Regards Ann
red mail Luddington - (Isle of Axholme - Lincolnshire)
Researching WATSON, SNOW, LEGGOTT, THEAKER and many more, mostly in the Isle of Axholme.
TWIDALE - (Isle of Axholme - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for any information on the TWIDALE family who have resided in the Isle for a long time. If anyone can help please get in touch
red mail Pettinger - (Isle of Axholme - Lincolnshire)
Johis Pettinger born in Axhlom in about 1600/1610. Any Information gratefully recieved. Keith
red mail COYSAREUS - (Isle of Axholme - Lincolnshire)
looking for information on coy family, isle of axholme (belton, haxey, epworth) also codd, rylatt,gunby and kelsey. regards, terry
red mail Axholme Ancestry - (Isle of Axholme - Lincolnshire)
Find your link to Kings and Queens, Heroes and History among a quarter of a million people. We connect people by blood, marriage and history through the Isle of Axholme which embraces Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire families and many more beyond. Axholme descendants have shaped western civilisation, from the Viking (Sea-robber or Wicingas; to go raiding) Danish invader Sweyn Forkbeard to the wife of Alfred 'the Great' to the Mayflower heritage of George Washington to the 70 million Methodist followers of John Wesley.
red mail looking for houghton or haughton in keisby lincs - (Keisby - Lincolnshire)
i am looking for any information on henry (born about 1803) and maria (born about 1808) houghton or haughton who in the 1861 census owned a farm in the hamlet of keisby
red mail Keisby - (Keisby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information about the Louth or Houghton family living in Keisby in the 1800's
red mail BROWN - (Kelby - Lincolnshire)
Seeking information about Samuel BROWN born Kelby 1840/41 to William and Mary Brown. His siblings were Mary, Susannah and John. William was a farm worker. When Samuel married, one of his sons Walter became my Gran's first husband.
red mail Nundys - (Kelstern - Lincolnshire)
Does anyone know of, or have any connections with the Nundy family in Kelstern, late 18thC, early 19thC
red mail Taylor - (Kelstern - Lincolnshire)
I am trying to find any persons who relate to the Taylor family of Binbrook (or Binbrooke as the old records show)and Kelstern and Fotherby, Lincolnshire. If you have any links please contact me.
red mail hurst-carrott - (Kelstern - Lincolnshire)
arthur + eliza hurst-carrott lived in the village of kelstern in 1901 he was a farmer.they lived at no 21 and no 23 was the end of the village there is a church but it hasnt been in use for years
red mail 1819 approx - (Kelstern - Lincolnshire)
can anyone shed light - My ancestor Joseph Cropper married Mary who in census returns claimed to be born in Kelstern, but have been unable to ascertain her family name
red mail Margaret Tennyson Holbrook - (Kettlethorpe - Lincolnshire)
She was buried 6th Dec 1872. Anybody out there related,or who has knowledge of her and/or her family? If so, please get in touch. Michael
red mail kettlethorpe - (Kettlethorpe - Lincolnshire)
Does anyone have knowledge of the Scatliffe family who lived in Kettlethorpe approx1800-1910.
red mail Rogers-Atkinson - (Kexby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for ancestors: John Rogers born 1786 in Upton. Married Mary Atkinson(born November 22, 1791) on May 15, 1816. Had four children; Ann, William, Elizabeth, and John.
red mail wright - (Kexby - Lincolnshire)
Harriet Wright b. 1874, Kexby had brothers Charles, John, Arthur and George as well as sister Allice. Any info please email me.Father George, Head Blacksmith, wife, Charlotte nee Springer?
red mail BARNES family 1800-1850 - (Kirkby la Thorpe - Lincolnshire)
My GG Grandfather was William Barnes (b: 1806). He married Mary (Ann) Newcomb (b: 1805) in Sleaford in 1842, and they had children William (1843), Mary (1845) John (1847) and Benjamin (1851). The family emigrated to Australia on the ship "James T Foord" sailing from Liverpool in August 1852, arriving in Geelong in December 1852. I believe William's parents were John Barnes and Sarah Mason, who married in about 1803. I would be interested to hear from anyone with more information on the Barnes families from this area. I suspect there were several families with the same surname, but our Barnes's seem to have come from Kirkby la Thorpe, Sleaford or Holdingham. Info on the Newcomb or Mason families may also be helpful. Thanks, Ron
red mail Patchet - (Kirkby on Bain - Lincolnshire)
My gx4 grandmother was Lydia Patchet, probably born in Kirkby on Bain c. 1770. She married William Askwith in Lincoln in 1802. I would love to know more of Lydia's family.
Motley - Greetham - Would - (Kirkby on Bain - Lincolnshire)
My KOB ancestors: Mary Motley daughter of Greetham Motley & wife Ellen (Humerston). Greetham's parents: John Motley & Mary (Greetham). Mary Greetham's parents: Wiliam Greetham & Susanna (Would). John Motley's parents: John Motley & Elizabeth Would be pleased to make contact with anyone else researching these families and their forebears.
red mail Marshalls Of Kirkby Underwood. - (Kirkby Underwood - Lincolnshire)
I Have a family history going back to mid 1700's. Jane Marshall is my Gt Grandmother she married Henry Dawson. Any Connections? Please get in touch.
red mail Marshall / Wyer - (Kirkby Underwood - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any connections especially in the Kirkby Underwood area, for connections to either of these families.
red mail elizabeth - (Kirkby Underwood - Lincolnshire)
looking for infomation about thomas tipler whofarmed in the 1800s was married to susannah effield and had 4 children including my grandmotmer mary elizabeth who married william henry blacker gamekeeper
red mail Codd - (Kirmond le Mire - Lincolnshire)
Looking for information on my ancestral GGgrandparents Anne CODD 1805-1877 born Grasby died Ulceby (GGgrandmother married George MARKHAM) Parents William CODD (b. abt 1775) Kirmond, married Esther Bell (b. abt. 1775) Winteringham. Interested in hearing from any descendants of this couple.

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