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Lincolnshire (County, LIN, Lincs)
This page is for the entries of people who don't know the name of the village or town their family came from and only know it was in Lincolnshire.

County town: Lincoln
Other major towns: Boston, Grantham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes
Origns of name: Lincolnshire, (District around) the Lake, Brittonic,
The county has three ancient distr...
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Alice Bray
Anyone have any info on an Alice Bray, born in 1837 in Lincolnshire she dies in America in 1925
red mail Leake, Welton, Cumberworth, Wainfleet St Marys
I am looking for my KIRKHAM ancestors, mainly in Leake and Leverton in the 1700s-1800s; also for COUPLANDS, in Welton, Cumberworth and Willoughby with Sloothby (especially those named Austin (and variants). My direct Kirkham ancestor, Candace, married Henry Stewart in Leake, 1805, and their son Kirkham Stewart married Austina Coupland, 1839, at Boston. Candace and Henry's daughter Ann married Robert NELSEY 1832 at Wainfleet St. Marys. Another daughter, Mary, married John MASON 1834, and a third, Sally, married John VAMPLEW 1838 at Wrangle. I am most interested in tracing any links with these families.
Porter/Darbyshire Marriage
Am trying to locate the birth records and family of Jane Darbyshire that married William Porter 12 Jan 1764 shown on Bishop's Transcripts Spalding, Lincolnshire, family history centre film # 504763. Thanks.
red mail Arundel, Appleby, Lambert, Colton
Does anyone have info re Charles Arundel b.Lincoln 1809 (aka Charles Lambert from c.1816), and his mother Maria Appleby, b. 1787, daughter of Wm. Appleby and Sarah, nee Colton? Maria married Wm. Lambert in Lincoln 1816. And also re Maria's family, the Appleby's, likely in Boston 1780-1835?
red mail Norma Holt b1949 Grimsby
I'm searching for relatives of Norma Eileen Holt born 1949 Grimsby. Norma married a Raymond Dyson in Grimsby in 1965. She then married Terence Bartlett in Grimsby in 1973. Also searching for Samantha Eileen Dyson born 1968/1969 in Grimsby.
red mail Mayfield connection
I have a DNA (4th to 6th?) "cousin" who likely shares a Lincolnshire relative. My great great grandmother was Elizabeth Mayfield born 23 Sep 1806 in Gedling, Nottinghamshire and died in 1843 in Boston, Lincolnshire. My "DNA cousin" is related to Rebecca Tooley, born 1820 in Chapel Hill, Lincolnshire. Rebecca is the daughter of Anne Mayfield, birthdate unknown, married in York 1819 to Samuel Tooley. Do you see any connection between Anne and Elizabeth Mayfield?
red mail Baines/Baynes of Trusthorpe
Seeking all information on Baines/ Baynes family known to have lived Trusthorpe, Lincs about 1760-90 onwards. William Baines/Baynes b abt 1730 bur 1810 Trusthorpe--married Deborah Hunter,b abt 1740, bur 1828 age 88, at Trusthorpe. Married at Trusthorpe 1763, daughters Lydia Baines b 1772 , Deborah Baines , b 1774, son John Baines, b 1767--all at Trusthorpe. Deborah Baines appears to have had 2 illeg daughters--Mary Baines 1793 @ Trusthorpe and Alice Baines 1798--probably at Trusthorpe. John Baines moved to Blakeney in Norfolk abt 1790, and married Sarah Murrell 1791--.7 children all born Blakeney. John Bains died 1844. Perhaps someone else has /is researching this family. I would like to know more about their Lincolnshire origins.
red mail Alice Hattrick
Alice Hattrick born Nottingham 1851/2. Alice took the name Parnham along with her brother George but like him may have married in either name. Thank you
red mail Joseph Henry Twells DNA
I have a DNA "cousin" who is related to Joseph Henry Twells, b 24 Oct 1892 in Coningsby. His 1901 England Census says his mother is Elizabeth Twells but his 1911 Canadian Census says his mother is C L Cameran. His death certificate says his parents are unknown. Is it possible that he was adopted? Were adoptive parents allowed to give the child their surname immediately? My relative William Mayfield Shaw b 20 Dec 1867 had gone to the USA but was back for attestation in the British Dragoon Guards in 1890. (unfit for service, too tall) He voted in California in 1892. I can't see other ways I could have a DNA connection to Twells so I'm thinking of this as a possibility. Thanks, Dave
red mail Mackrill
Mackrill: Mackrell: MacKrille: so many different spellings of this name, mainly in Lincolnshire area
Thomas Overton
Seeking Thomas OVERTON who lived at Wharf Farm Nocton Fen Nacton Lincolnshire before the SECOND WORLD WAR,I believe his wife`s name was EMILY HANNAH EGGETT but not sure.I have no details of where he was born but think he was from Lincolnshire,Emily Hannah was from Norfolk. I have no more information on them,would be most pleased for any info on these people.
red mail Elizabeth Margaret Watkinson
Born 1931 Oliver Street Cleethorpes long lost family member married Jack Bills 1954 marriage did not last. Elizabeth (known as Margaret) joined the RAF in 1955 left in 1960. Her mother was Susan Elizabeth Watkinson nee Mussell and her father was Frank Watkinson both parents died before she was 11 and her relative Frank Medd became her guardian. My connection to her is from the Sherriff and Mussell surnames, we would love to know what happened to her when she left Grimsby, she also has relations who live in Nottingham who also would like to know Any clues however small would be greatly appreciated been looking for her for years
red mail Mackrill's within Lincolnshire
Am interested in any Mackrill's born in Lincolnshire, I can directly link myself to 7 generations of Mackrill's from now back to 1730. The earliest 4 generations all born within Lincolnshire with a convict back in 1830 been sentenced to Van Diemen's (Tasmania) Australia for the term of his natural life. I have verified up to the 6th gen a John Mackrill born 1770 I am still in the process of confirming other data. Would love to know & chat with other family members of any Mackrill who may be related to me. Looking forward to hearing from someone soon. Regards Cheryl
Seeking any personal information about a George Cook known as Cookie. He lived in a flat with my grandma in the early 1970's on the grange estate in Grimsby. If anyone knows him of of him, all i am looking for really are stories of him and my grandma together, Thank you Barbara-ann.
I am seeking any information as to my maternal grandfather Philip Scott-Philip Scott Pearce. He used both names. He was born in Grimsby in 1902 to John Henry & Kate Scott. He had a fair few siblings, Naomi,Maggie, John Henry, Charles, Kathleen, Priscilla to name a few. In 1933 he married my Grandma Barbara Yvonne Alp and together they had Annie, Martha, Norma, Herbert & francis. He was a very colorful chap so please don't worry about shocking me should you know anything about him. I know he was in the newspapers many times. I have been able to track all the birth and census records about him and his family, what i am looking for are stories, someone that knew him or knew of him. I have reason to think he maybe re-married to a Jean M Woodley in the 70's but i am not sure if that is my grandfather or another Philip Scott. Anything anyone can tell me now matter how bad please i would love to know so i can answer just a few questions. Many thanks Barbara-ann
red mail Rannard from Bradley, Lincolnshire
Looking for Elizabeth Rannard b.1811 Bradley, Lincolnshire. I can find no birth or baptism records for her. Can anyone help.? She is on the 1841 and 1851 census as Elizabeth Swaby, and is the mother of Matilda Brocklebank Rannard b.1829 Waltham. I have an Elizabeth Rannard b.1801 in Gainsborough, Lincs. whom I know is the wrong one, but I can find no other Elizabeth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail William Mayfield Shaw
I'm trying to figure out how William Mayfield Shaw signed up for the Dragoon Guards in 1890 (unfit for service because he was too tall) and was naturalized in the US in 1892, which takes 5 years. Over and back? He was born in 1867 in Boston, Lincolnshire. 1871 census with his parents Thomas and Mary. 1881 census at Loughborough School (any records there). He had 2 children in the US including my grandfather and then disappeared when my grandpa was 1 in 1899. Thank you very much. Dave
red mail Olive Wilkinson - where did she go?
Hi, I discovered that my Great Aunt had a daughter before she married & she is proving a real mystery lady so far! My Great Aunt's name was Florence Wilkinson, born in 1884 in Croxton Kerrial near Grantham in Lincolnshire, she was one of fifteen children born to George & Elizabeth (formerly Coddington) Wilkinson. Florence gave birth to her baby daughter on 14th May 1903, at her parent's home which was Fen Ends, Cowbit Road in Spalding Common,Lincolnshire. Florence is listed as a domestic servant, she named her daughter Olive May Wilkinson & she was baptised on 21st July the same year at St.Mary & St. Nicholas parish church in Spalding. Florence married George Frederick Betts on 2nd June 1909 at St. Paul's parish church in Spalding, they went on to have five daughters & two sons. The only other record I've found for Olive May is the 1911 census, she was living with her maternal Grandparents at Neslam Bridge in the village of Gosberton. This was where she first came to light, I knew Olive wasn't the daughter of any of George & Elizabeth's other children, so I ordered her birth certificate to confirm that she was indeed Florence's daughter. After the 1911 census she has vanished! I've spent many hours searching marriages, deaths, emigrations etc. All to no avail so far, any help would be fantastic.
I have posted before under Staffordshire and Huntingdonshire as the birthplace of my great grandfather, Wilfred Travers. However, LINCOLNSHIRE also appears in two cases as his place of birth on his children's birth certificates so now favour it as being most likely. His birth year should be 1831. His father possibly was a shoemaker and probably called Arthur Travers. I have not been able to find any record of him in the UK at all and do not know when he arrived in Australia but possibly on the General Hewitt in 1851 where there was a "Mr Travers". He married MATILDA MARGARET WEBSTER from Aston, Birmingham, born in 1845, in Melbourne in 1869. He was expert at lawn bowls and deemed fit to be a greyhound judge. He was the Manager of the Omnibus companies (horse drawn) in both Melbourne and Sydney.
charlotte southern
Trying to find the maiden name of my gt gt grand mother ,Charlotte .she was born abt 1848. She married one Thomas Southern, don't know when they got married any help would be great. Thanks
red mail William Cooke
William Cooke was born 17 Sept 1795 in Boston, Lincolnshire, he was son of James Cooke born 1760 in Kirton, Nottinghamshire. William Cooke married Elizabeth Bacon and after his wife died he emigrated to Canada in 1841 and remarried Hannah Mary Smith there and had more children. Looking for direct descendants to build a Cooke family tree.
red mail Arundel, Arundell, Appleby, Lambert, Colton
Desperately looking for my family history and trying to find some connections to Charles Arundell APPLEBY or Charles Arundel LAMBERT who was married to Mary Ann Gardner in 1837. It is understood that Charles Arundell APPLEBYs' father was William LAMBERT and mother was Maria APPLEBY. Marias' fathers name was William APPLEBY and he married Sarah COLTON. It is also understood that Charles Arundel LAMBERT was married to Mary Ann GARDNER, his father was Charles LAMBERT who married Maria APPLEBY and his father, Charles LAMBERT was possibly married to a COLTON.
red mail Edna bovington
Edna born 1739 in lincolnshire married a Woodlifffe waddingham in1760 born 1734 in Legsby from that point on things go cold so glad of any help J.R
red mail Ann foster
Ann born1801 outside of Scunthorpe married a William skinner in1821 looking for her parents she died in 1843 glad of any help J.R
red mail Marstons of Lincolnshire
I am researching my antecedants Solomon Marston (b 1813 Redmile), his son James who married into the Musson family of Little Bytham and their son John Robert Marston (b1861). He had a sister Rose Amelia (who married Reuben Gibson) and 2 brothers William and Edwin.
I understand that he married an American Lady Jessie Williams and that he died in America. However I have not found any cetificated evidence of this marriage, his death or her subsequent marriage ( if there was one). Their son Walter Henry Marston was born in Liverpool and was my grandfather.
Can anyone help??
red mail Rebecca Cook
I am looking for some information on my great great great grandmother Rebecca COOK born April 1818. Rebecca married Robert Shield in 1838. I would like to trace her family starting with her parents etc.
red mail Pell Family Tree
I have been doing my family tree for many years. I have been told there is a book on the Pell family including families here in Australia. If there is please contact me as I am very interested in purchasing the book. Thank you Sally
red mail Arthur Fox b1562
hello I Am from the US I've researched my family history back to an Arthur Fox Born 1562 in Waddington he married Helen Fletcher on September 11 1587 at what is now St Mary & St Peter's church I have his father John Fox and his wife but cant seem to make it any further and its difficult to make connections "Across the Pond" any help would be fantastic and graciously appreciated as I am running out of places to look and I know that 1562 is a great depth back into history I am just looking to find exactly where I come from Thanks in Advance William
Green Family
red mail crowson
Does anyone have any information regarding the Crowson family who I think had a public house in Alford? Also, Blackburn and Quincey families who lived in and around Binbrook/Caistor area. Part of the Quincey family eventually moved to Hull probably late 1880's to work or live with a member of the Crowson family. Mary Blackburn married Thomas Curtis abt. 1863 any info. on this please.
red mail Marshall & Allen families of Pointon & Silk Willoughby
I think that my great x 3 grandmother Sarah (born c1794 in Silk Willoughby, info from census returns) was baptised at Silk Willoughby Lincolnshire on 14th July 1794. Sarah married William Marshall & settled in Pointon Fen Lincolnshire, where they farmed. They had the following children, Sarah, Susanna, William & Mary Ann. I have never found William & Sarah's marriage. After searching Silk Willoughby parish registers for baptisms of a Sarah around the right time & by a process of elimination (& finding marriages for any other possible Sarahs) I came to the conlusion that her maiden name was Allen, the baptism record gives her parent's names as James & Susanna, I haven't found a marriage that fits for them either. Any help would be great, thanks.
red mail Gainsborough Lincolnshire
Looking for a death or other information on John William Ball B April q 1893 parents Ambrose Ball and Jane Tear
Anyone in your family with the surname 'Bones ??? born around Wragby, Panton, Caistor, Walesby and all surrounding villages.
red mail Leusby family
looking for info. on Sarah A Leusby born 1856 Ohio USA married a marriner called Hames unable to find marriage or death, also Eliza Luesby B 1897 Spalding and Henry Luesby B 1904 Holloway London
red mail Joseph Luesby
Have been working on Luesby/Luesley and variants of my family and found a Joseph Luesby who died in WW1 in 1917 Private 11768 Lincolnshire Regiment but no other information and I wondered who he was.
red mail Malkinson
Does anyone have any information on the Malkinson family? James Jaques Malkinson was a station master at North Cockerington and married a Betsy Ailsby. Their son Herbert married Lillian Spalding. Herbert was a tailor and later went into the church, he was then known as Vic! They mioved to the parish of Winterton from Scunthorpe in the war. They had a son Clifford who went into the church and a daughter Stella who used to run the girl guides in Winterton. Stella married Geoffrey Raymond. I would like to know more about the Ailsby family and where James came from before North Cockerington.
red mail TAYLOR, Joseph & Amelia
Any Taylors traced back to a Joseph and Amelia (nee Richardson), born between 1794 & 1815. Letter dated Jan. 1830 states "one brother and four sisters in Lincolnshire". First names not known.
red mail The Quickfall families in and around Lincolnshire UK
Please can anyone supply details of any families surnamed Quickfall from the Lincolnshire area U.K. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
red mail Thorpe Family of Manthorpe nr Grantham
Looking for any information on the Thorpe family of Manthorpe nr Grantham. I know that a Joseph Thorpe was a cottager and postmaster and is buried outside the entrance to the local church. I am a descendent of his brother Robert and would specifically like to know more about their lineage prior to 1864
red mail OXLEY/OXBY
red mail Joseph William Lawson
I am searching for my ancestor named Joseph William Lawson born July 14, 1815 in Lincolnshire, he died June 3, 1899 at Beaver Township, Minnesota. He was married to Hannah Howlett on August 28, 1842 at Waterloo, Canada. Any information on his parents would be appreciated. Family story is the Lawson family actually was French Hugenot with the surname Montague. The father was killed and his widow and son moved to England and the son took his wife's name (Lawson) upon marriage.
red mail Freeman family
Hi, Does anyone have information on Arthur Freeman b1865 inBarrow Rutlandand Emily E freeman b1889 Rutland Lincs. Thanks Peter
red mail Cooling Street, Lincoln
Trying to find the whereabouts of Cooling Street in Lincoln. Was there on the 1911 Census but no record on any webpages I can find now. Was the home of a family named Minkley in 1911, lodgers were two brothers named Charles and Tom Allen. Anyone know of any connection. By coincidence Mrs (Anne) Minkleys maiden name may have been Cooling. Any help gratefully received
red mail Allen family Fulbeck/Lincoln 1850 - 1950
Thomas Allen, thought to be the son of Edward Allen and Matilda Brown was born in Fulbeck Lincs 1853/4. Joined Royal Artillery and went to Indian. Served two terms in the areas of Dinapore, Agra and Cawnpore - although some records have him working on the Indian Railways. Married his wife Josephine and had at least 4 children in India, Matilda Grace, Charles, Robert and Thomas Valentine. Returned to Lincoln abt 1898 and married Maria and had several more children. Any info please
red mail Reid /Buxton
Hi Am tracing family of Reid/Buxton that I believe lived in the Saxilby, Lincolnshire area in the 1870's. George was born in 1870 and parents were listed as Thomas Reid and Mary Buxton. I believe that George could have had a niece Lizzie.Can anyone help.
red mail John Cooper
I am seeking information on John Cooper (born 1749) wife Mary Skeath, Married at Morton by Boune 1772
red mail Jessie Tomlin
Hi I am searching for information on my grandmother Jessie Tomlin. Thought to have resided in spalding lincolnshire.We know she was a resident of the The union workhouse pinchbeck road spalding. (also known as the infirmary), in 1915. She gave birth to a son on 27/09/1915 called Arthur Tomlin and soon after she died in childbirth. He was later fostered by william and elizabeth douglas, who lived in moulton seasend nr spalding. If you are a member of the family who fostered Arthur Tomlin or know any information on them or Jessie Tomlin or her family (mother & Father Children ETC.) Please get in contact.
red mail Housam
Looking for any further info/links with any Housams, around Lincolnshire. So far have traced back as follows HANNAH SOPHIA HOUSAM (b. 1888) daughter of Sarah Hather and GEORGE HOUSAM (Kirton Lindsey,b. 1848, agriculatural labourer) Son of Rebecca? married THOMAS HOUSAM(Grayingham, b. 1824, agricul. labour) son of William Housam and Ann? (Middle Rasen, b. 1791, ag. labour) Any links or further info would be appreciated, please send a message
WILKINSONs who went to AUSTRALIA 1840
Hi to all Wilkinson researchers and family, GEORGE WILKINSON (b. 1803?), wife Mary (b. 1804?), and family came to AUSTRALIA from LINCOLNSHIRE ENGLAND in 1840 on the Bussorah Merchant. His son, WILLIAM WILKINSON (b. 1833) settled in TAMWORTH NSW and died there in 1902, aged 72, after raising a large family. WILLIAM married HANNAH BODLEY (b. 1843) at TAMWORTH IN 1861. Hannah, also Brittish, died at Tamworth in 1918. WILLIAM'S daughter EMMA married ANGUS McINTYRE of GLEN INNES NSW Seeking more information about George, Mary and family. Can anyone help me add to our Wilkinson history?
red mail robinson family tree
i am looking for any information on the Robinsons family tree, my mother was from Hogsthorpe in Lincolnshire her name was Winifred PHILLIS henry born 1911 her mother was Anne Elizabeth Henry born 1889 her father was William Edward Henry born 1850 i think her mother was Mary Anne smith?,she was my grandmother on my mothers side but my grandmother on my father side come from Hogsthorpe also her name was Marion Cooke,born 1883.
red mail John Ashton/Lucy Vere marriage 23.11.1767 Bilsby
Looking for any family history connections to the above. Believe John Ashton bpt 9.12.1739 Sausthorpe parents John Ashton & Ann (or 1.05.1737 father Robt Ashton) and Lucy Vere bpt 16.11.1746 Strubby
Looking for any descendants of Mary Elizabeth Bate, known as Pollie born 1875, she married a Charles Edward Bate and lived in the 1960´s at Ulceby Manor, Lincs.I beleive she had two sons who had a garage at Ulceby Cross- Bates Garage?, also a daughter called Helen.Pollie also lived on Trent Boulevard Nottingham.
red mail George dickinson
Looking for the dickinson's of lincoln George was born circ 1856. He married a a. laney in cardiff and that is where he died on 26/2/1898 it states he was a green grocer. His son james was killed in action in WW1
Seeking information on Thomas Sumpter
I would appreciate any information on Thomas Sumpter who married Anne Cowper by Special Licence on October 15, 1819 at St Botolph's Church, Boston.
red mail Grasons of Langton by Partney
I am researching the Grason family who lived in Langton by Partney, Lincs, in the late eighteenth century and particularly Benjamin and his children, born in Lincoln. Am interested in making contact with other Grason reearchers.
red mail Mary Ann Ward
Looking for details of family of Mary Ann Ward, daughter of Benjamin and Charlotte (nee Holmes) Ward born Spilsby district (Stickford?) about 1860, Married Charles SMITH 1882, had daughter Florrie 1884 or 5. What happened Charles SMITH?Think Mary Ann sailed London to Sydney Australia 1892 with Florrie and no Charles. In New Zealand by mid 1893. Lived out life in New Zealand as wife of James Ralph Harris (born London about 1856) but not sure if ever married him.
red mail Ann or Anna Burley
I am looking for any connections to Ann or Anna Burley born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England in about 1818 Mother to Joseph Burley Bn Stow, Lincolnshire, England 1846 Sarah Burley (Sheffield)Bn Stow, Lincolnshire, England 1848 Robart or Robart Burley Bn Stow, Lincolnshire, England 1850 Charles Burley Bn Stow, Lincolnshire, England 1848 According to the 1861 Census they lived in Leeds,Yorkshire and stayed in Yorkshire. I am trying to find the name of Anna's Husband or her maiden name Sarah was my Great Great Grandmother and I am currently working on the Sheffield line of the Family Thank you from Jacki
red mail Fred Bowers
Looking for any information on Fred Bowers born in Sutton St James Lincolnshire in 1892. He was one of ten children. Has any one got him or his brothers and sisters in their tree ?
red mail Fairey
Just starting with family tree Great Grandfather Joseph, Born abt 1839 had son my Grandfather Herbert Married Elizabeth Robinson Any info appreciated
red mail batty
seeking information on Robert Batty born lincolnshire england. Married Elizabeth Snell in 1869 Australia
red mail Hinton/Hinten
looking for hinton, hinten - Lincolnshire (County, LIN, Lincs) Hi, I am looking for decendants of Joseph and Elizabeth hinton from Sutton st Edmunds.They had four children Joseph, Mary Anne, James Desborough (who was my great great great grandfather who migrated to Australia,and Benjamin Hinten Elizabeth and Mary anne died I don't know how and Joseph Sr remarried to Elizabeth Lawrence they had two more children that I know of Mary Anne and Susannah. Susannah married William Troughton. I don't know what happened to Mary Anne,Benjamin married Ann they lived at Newton village Cambridgeshire I don't know if they had any children.Joseph lived at 3 North Lane Canterbury and I think he remarried to a wife named Hannah, his son Joseph lived at 54a North Lane Canterbury. His wifes name was Maria Stone they had five children Charles,Joseph,Annie,Nellie and Maude.If anyone has information on the hinton/Hinten family I would love to hear from you! P.S. Joseph Sr. was born in Peterborough Northamptonshire.
red mail Glenton, Simmonds
Looking for info on Edward Glenton b. 1909 Grimsby Lincs married Ivy Simmonds 1939 Grimsby, she was b. 1916, known children are Edward Glenton b, abt 1940 Grimsby & David Glenton
red mail Thomas W Donger & Charlotte Arms
Looking for info on Thomas W Donger b. abt 1842 Hertfordshire & married Charlotte Ann Arms 1868 in Wisbech, she was b. Abt 1847 Wisbech. Children Thomas W Donger, Gracie Annie, Daisy Ethel, Mary Bell, Horace W, Jenny Bell Donger all born Kings Lynn
red mail Gladys Simnet b. Abt 1900
I'm looking for any info on Gladys Simnet who married Frederick William Dowse b. 1900 Grimsby Lincs. They had children Margaret Dowse, Marlene & Mary Dowse, two of whom are still living. Gladys may be from Yarmouth/Norfolk area but unsure
red mail Frederick W Dowse 1872 Spilsby
Looking for parents or info on Fred W Dowse born 1872 Spilsby Lincs, married to Grace Annie Donger born Kings Lynn, children Grace Annie b. 1899 Fred W born 1900 Albert J born 1904 all in Lincs.
red mail Pickworth,village
We are a local history group looking for info on Pickworth near Folkingham Lincs.People places and photos are all wanted,thankyou.
red mail Coupland
Am looking for any info on Percy Coupland born c.1863 in Lincolnshire. He married in Christchurch, New Zealand to Emma Alice Atkinson in 1884.
Lambert Appleby
I am looking for any information on Charles Arundel Lambert he was born to Charles Arundel Lambert and Maria Lambert (nee Appleby) Profession noted on documents as a Gentleman.Any information that anyone can pass on about Charles or Maria would be appreciated.
red mail dobney
trying to trace my descendants, now daubney but name changed from dobney around 1730. I am interested in richard dobney born 1732 and brotehr joh n born 1730 to parents richard and mary (both born bef 1709) in swayfield/swinstead area.
red mail borman burman
I'm researching Borman's of the Lincolnshire area. LOuth, great Carlton, Withern... Namely Thomas 1865, Thomas 1841 JOhn 1804 Parson 1771 whose father was John.. Does any one have information of this family??
red mail Solomon Janney or Janney
I seem to be collecting references to theis name! One of them was an ancestor of mine from Fulstow; others hail from Strubby, Grainthrope among other places. Any one with links - please contact!
red mail THORLBY
I am looking for any info on WILLIAM GEORGE THORLBY b. 1911?. place of birth unsure but he married in LINCOLN to LILLY PROCTOR in 1931. His father was called John and was deceased at the time of the marriage.
red mail PROCTOR
I am looking for any info on LILLY PROCTOR b 1911. Where she was born is not clear yet but she married in Lincoln to William George THORLBY in 1931. Lilly's father was called Harry.
Looking for any connection to Priscilla Markillie born Long sutton/Holbech.
red mail Meanwells of Lincolnshire & beyond
I'm carrying out a single-name study on the Meanwell (orginally Maydenwell/Maidenwell) family. I have quite a bit of information already so if you think I can help you please let me know. Always pleased to receive any information on the Meanwell family.
red mail Rawnsley
I am researching the Rawnsley name in Lincolnshire.
red mail Robert Metcalfe
Am looking for relatives who were related to Robert metcalfe. There was a George and John Metcalfe, possible related to George Searancke birth 1834 and Ruth Fox birth 1836.
red mail William Cooper - Lincolnshire
William Cooper married Eliza Mercer in 1833 in Stepney, Middlesex. The 1851 census says that he was born c1812 in Lincolnshire but I have no more information to pinpoint an area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Edward Louth
Looking for any descendents out there who are from Edward Louth & Sarah Barnard, Sarah born 1759, no year for Edward. I am descended from their son Edward born 1800 but would like to fnd if there were mor siblings to either Edward. They were originally from Lincolnshire but eventually ended up in Hull , East Yorkshire. Many thanks Pauline
john Scott . 14 aug 1800 south Kelsey son of Benjamin Scott and /rebecca? Lincs would like to find there marriage please. John married Ann Cooper , she was b. 1799c Sutterby Lincs.Any Cooper info related to Ann would be a HUGE help.
red mail Thompson Frank
Am looking for any information about this family, frank thompsom born 1862 ,normanby by spital, glentham, lincolnshire, he married Kate Box or Fox , she was from scothorne lincolnshire, they had 6 children,l might be rong on birth dates, Dorothy born 1894, Horace born 1893, lilly an rose were twins , born in 1895, Kitty was born in 1896, an Agnea was born in 1899 , any information would be great .
red mail Grantham area
Looking for any information on Leonard Gamble Brown married Mary Wright 1927 in Grantham Lincolnshire, 4 children, Martin, william ? Stephen ? and Judy, Mary died in 1947, Martin and Stephen were fostered then adopted, would now be in their 70s, information required for family tree only ,to be passed down to the grandchildren.
red mail Marshall - Crowle Lincs
William Marshall 1807-1875 born Crowle parents William Marshall and Mary Wressle died Burra Sth Aust any info pre 1807 or in Australia
red mail Looking for Great great Grandparents
My great great grandfather, James hallam was born in either 1841 or 1851. He married mary Starr, who was born in County Tyrone in 1858. They married in 1878, then at some stage, emigrated to New Zealand. my great grandfather, Arthur was born in Christchurch, NZ in 1884. Help appreciated
red mail Frankish
Searching for info on John Frankish born 1837.(His father also John Frankish) Married Mary Ann Waller in 1858 & Had son Walter Frankish born 1859.Came from Lincolnshire.
red mail Noble - Fillingham Derby
Searching for links to this Noble family (parents): International Genealogical Christening: 1. ELIZABETH NOBLE -23 OCT 1774 Fillingham,Lincoln 2. JOHN NOBLE - 13 JUN 1779 Fillingham, Lincoln 3. WILLIAM NOBLE - 18 JUL 1776 Fillingham,Lincoln 4. BENJAMIN NOBLE-17 DEC 1786 Fillingham,Lincoln 5. REBECCAH NOBLE - 26 AUG 1781 Fillingham,Lincoln 6. ESTHER NOBLE -12 JUN 1791 Fillingham,Lincoln 7. JOSEPH NOBLE - 22 FEB 1784 Fillingham,Lincoln 8. SAML. NOBLE - 19 JAN 1794 Fillingham, Lincoln 9. RICHARD NOBLE - 16 NOV 1788 Fillingham, Lincoln
Wilfred Ernest Brown
Looking for information on Wilfred Ernest Brown who was born 1908 near Glanford Brigg Lincolnshire his family moved after he was born and went to Manchester
red mail Joseph Smith m. Jane Todd
Joseph Smith m. Jane Todd in Grimsby 1855 and had about 14 children including Ann E Smith, John W, Alice Ann, Sarah J, Maria, Harriet, Joseph, Margaret, George Edward, Mary Ann, Ernest, Eliza, Corie, Albert Smith (died age 9) Any others with any of these names in their tree please get in touch.
red mail Johnson & Needham Lincs
John Johnson married Sarah J Needham 1870 Lincs, lived in waltham area with children Charles Henry, Elizabeth, Fred, William, Ada & Francis. Would love to find others tracing same family tree as mine.
red mail William Thompson
Looking for information about my Great great grandfather William Thompson born about 1848 in Lincolnshire. Gives place of birth in 1881 census as Lincoln and in 1891 and 1901 census' as Leadenham. Married Mary Clements(Clemence). Lived in Nuneaton, London and Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire. Was working as signalman when he died in 1907 and is buried at Morden. Can't find marriage or birth certificates. Any help gratefully received.
red mail Thorndyke, John
Am looking for parents of John Thorndyke born c1827 and married 1854 to Maria Manning Allen. Had a son John William Thorndyke 1854.John (1827) poss. born in Tealby to a John & Sarah but names not on His marriage certificate.Record of a marriage & birth in Tealby parish records but Tealby not mentioned in later census returns. Proof needed.
i am looking for any descendents of an edward pollexfen.married in bardney in the early 1700. any information would be very gratefully recieved. thank you
red mail william bainbridge davey
william bainbridge davey acording to his marriage certificate was born in "louth" Lincolnshire in 1848 emigrated to australia (year not known) married alice jane ward in devonport tasmania on 14th of aug 1883 later died august 1928 aged 80 . any info on him and his relatives would be appreciated preceding my trip to the u.k. don
red mail Heron
Looking for info on Bezdena Heron born March Chapple Lincs Marr 1878 to Isaac Wilkie
red mail Fletcher / Drinkall
Looking for info on Doris Harriet Drinkall b 1899 marr Frederick Fletcher had a son Roland b 1822 and Dau Elaine, also any info on Roland or Elaine Roland lived in South Africa for a while and married Molly Walker came back to UK on his own died 1966 Bedford
red mail Dobbs of Lincolnshire
I am looking for the family of Charles Tom Dobbs and Mary Ellen (Mumby) Dobbs. I know that their son George was born Oct 26, 1898 in Lincolnshire. He married Annie Camplin in 1920 and they both moved to the US that sme year. I would like to find any descendants of Charles and Mary Ellen. Thanks!
red mail CUMMINS
Looking for information on Dorcus? CUMMINS born 1900 in LINCOLNSHIRE i know she married AMOS/ALFRED BILLINGER in 1924 in HORNCASTLE LINCOLNSHIRE any help would be much appriciated.
red mail Sanby
i am looking for any infomation on the parents of my grandparents john henry sanby who was born in 1914 and married kathleen doris beaumont in 1939 in blackpool they had a son john arthur sanby in 1941 they both lived and died in lincoln so if anyone thinks they can help please get in touch
red mail Metcalfe/Popple/Kendall
Looking for info on parents of Henry Metcalfe b.1816 in Gainsborough, Lincoln. Married Sarah Ann Popple b.1819 of Frodingham, Lincoln. Henry came to Canada abt 1850.I have 2 sets of parents for Henry, trying to figure out which is correct!!

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