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red mail Swan Fossey - (Glenfield - Leicestershire)
Family in Glenfield 1900-1947
red mail The Ireland Family - (Glenfield - Leicestershire)
I am trying to find the name of my Great Grandmother's parents. Her christian name was Sarah and she was born in Glenfield in 1839. She married John Ireland who was born in Tilton on the Hill. Help please.
red mail Hassall - (Glenfield - Leicestershire)
The Hassall family lived in Glenfield, Leicestershire from at least 1611. Any information would help
red mail mary elizabeth Garner - (Glenfield - Leicestershire)
trying to trace any information regarding mary elizabeth garner born glenfield 8th august 1893 married willie Barratt died chesterfield derbyshire . any info please .
red mail John Bateman BIRTH 1730  Glenfield, Leicestershire, England - (Glenfield - Leicestershire)
John Bateman is my 5th great Grandfather. Would like to find his parents and his siblings. He married Elizabeth Stanley in 1755.
Belton family - (Goadby - Leicestershire)
Any information sought for Belton family in Goadby - Samuel 1835 mrd Elizabeth Harrison, 1794, 1767 mrd Mary Walker, 1736 mrd Elizabeth, Thomas 1796 mrd Catherine Lettimore, 1700 mrd Elizabeth Bond, William 1667, John 1696, Israel 1667 mrd Ann.
Brutnell & Morris - (Goadby Marwood - Leicestershire)
I am looking for any information in connection with the Brutnell and Morris families from Goadby Marwood, Scalford, Waltham on the Wolds and the areas of Leicestershire around these villages.
red mail Walkers of great Dalby - (Great Dalby - Leicestershire)
Looking for a marriage of George Walker B 1788 and Ann Skerritt B 1805, children Eliza B 1827, possibly died as infant, John Robert Skerrit B 1847 and a second Eliza B 1831, George possibly died in 1864.
Freestones Of Great Easton - (Great Easton - Leicestershire)
The Freestones of Great Easton go back at least to the 17th century. I am also interested in the following names who married into the Freestone family: Clarke, Palmer, Rhodes and Spriggs
red mail Great Easton families - (Great Easton - Leicestershire)
I am looking for details on my ancestors from Great Easton. I would appreciate any information on families Russell, Adkins, Atkins, Clark(e), Boon
red mail DENCHER family in Great Glen - (Great Glen - Leicestershire)
Searching for details of the DENCHER family in Great Glen (Glen Magna or Great Glenn), Leicestershire for 1700s and 1800s. They married several families, such as EASOM, GRAIN, HAYCOCK, HOLYOAK and WARD.
red mail GRAIN HOLYOAK FAMILIES - (Great Glen - Leicestershire)
I have lots of info on GRAIN families but require more.I would like info on HOLYOAK family 1840/50 as I believe there is a connection during this period
red mail Grain, Middleton, Nosely, Miles, Campion - (Great Glen - Leicestershire)
Particularly looking for info about William Grain (c1801) who married Ann Nosely 13/9/1827 in Great Glen. Would like details of their parents and connection with other William Grain (c1808) who was parish clerk. Also looking for info about Middletons. John Middleton (c1778)married Hannah Miles 1811.Hannah's parents were Joseph Miles and Dorothy Campion.Dorothy was allocated land in the Enclosure Awards 1759 with Thomas Blackwell. Anyone know the connection?
red mail Holyoake and Chamberlain Families - (Great Glen - Leicestershire)
I'm looking for more information on the Holyoake and Chamberlain families. My 7x great grandfather was William Holyoake who was born about 1706 in Great Glen. He married Mary Chamberlain on 24 June 1732 also in GG. If anyone has any information about these families, especially the parents of William and Mary, I'd really appreciate it.
Clara White & John Richards - (Greenhill - Leicestershire)
I am looking for evidence of the birth of Clara White b. 1837-8 in Green Hill, Leics & her marriage to John Richards b. 1832/4 in Colston Bassett. They may have married in Hose, where their 2 eldest children were born. Can anyone help with any other info about Clara or the White family, as I can't find anything prior to 1861 census. Thanks.
red mail wesley - (Griffydam - Leicestershire)
looking for details on the wesley family my farther was ronald wesley married to mary agnes amelia parker
red mail Grimston. - (Grimston - Leicestershire)
Ancient stocks stand under a chestnut tree planted in 1871 to celebrate the coming of age of the lord of the manor's son, Earl of Aylesford. An attractive school built in 1867 closed in the 1970s,is now a private house and The Black Horse Pub looks down on this pretty village scene where time seems to have stood still on a quiet Sunday morning. My Sleath ancestors were here in 1661. Edward Sleath married Alice Nickerson and three children are recorded. One son left for the Caribbean in 1684 as a bondsman to William Martin. His brother became a tailor like his father. His sister Elizabeth's life is unknown. Over the intervening years many Sleaths left Grimston, my Grandfather William Anstey Sleath included. But Isaac, his father remained producing butter and cheese for the market. His father, John was there in 1881 Census aged 70 and termed a Grazier. Should you be related to this Grimston family, or maybe to the Frisbys, the Freestones or the Sharps and have a strong interest in Grimston's history, please make contact.
red mail Robert WHEATLEY and Hannah NEAL - (Gumley - Leicestershire)
Looking for any information on Robert WHEATLEY, who married Hannah NEAL in Gumley, in 1789. One son known to be William WHEATLEY, b. Gumley 1790.
red mail History of Gumley - (Gumley - Leicestershire)
I am interested in the History of Gumley
red mail Staples - (Gumley - Leicestershire)
Looking for parents of John STAPLES (b abt 1725 in Gumley). John married Susannah Dunmore (b abt 1727 in Stonton Wyville). They had one known child, Susannah Staples (b abt 1768 in Stonton Wyville).
red mail Walker family Halstead - (Halstead - Leicestershire)
I am looking for information on the Walker family who were butchers in Halstead
red mail Wright - (Harby - Leicestershire)
Edward Wright born 1796 at Harby, family came from Long Clawson. Parents buried in Harby.Interested to find any family living in the area
red mail weston or wesson - (Harby - Leicestershire)
searching for details of the weston (wesson) family pre 1816 in Harby or Eastwell.
red mail Kemp - (Harby - Leicestershire)
Seeking information on any Kemp born in the Harby/Hose/Long Clawson/Langar/Vale of Belvoir area. Most of my ancestors were born in Harby but my grandfather was born in Langar and my father was born in Long Clawson.
red mail Knapp - (Harby - Leicestershire)
Hi I am looking for the Knapp family, headed by William Knapp who married Sarah Butterworth. Lived around the area around 1806-1890 period. Or any knapps that may be connected.
red mail GADSBY Heather - (Heather - Leicestershire)
Elizabeth GADSBY came from Heather, she married John CARTER on 26 June 1825. After their marriage they lived in Carlton, Leics. Her parents were Richard GADSBY and Sarah née CHAMBERLAIN also from Heather.
red mail GADSBY, WAIN, CHAMBERLAIN, CARTER - (Heather - Leicestershire)
John GADSBY married Mary WAIN 15/8/1769. They had a son Richard bapt. 16/10/1770. Richard (born Ibstock) married Sarah CHAMBERLAIN 13/10.1796 (born Swepstone).They had seven children, the second eldest being Elizabeth ch. 10/11/1799 (born Heather, Leics.) who married John CARTER 26/6/1825. John & Elizabeth lived in Carlton, Leics after their marriage.
red mail FAMILY TREE - (Heather - Leicestershire)
red mail William MILLETT - (Hemington - Leicestershire)
My GGG Grandfather William was born about 1812 in Hemington. He married Elizabeth HARDY 13 Nov 1834, and they had at least 6 children, Anne, Hannah, Thomas, Jane, William, and Mary. He later moved to 45 Erasmus Street in Derby (1881 census). His sonThomas married Elizabeth FAIRBANKS 26 Dec 1860, and had at least 9 children. They moved from Derby St Alkmunds to Lancaster in the 1870's. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
red mail John Wainwright - (Hemington - Leicestershire)
My great great grandfather John Wainwright was born in Hemington in 1825, he married Jane and moved to Castle Donnington then Kegworth where he was a shepherd and had 8 children. I havent as yet been able to find any other information about him. If anyone knows anything about him I would grateful to hear. Sarah
red mail Reeve - (Higham on the Hill - Leicestershire)
Any person interested in the Reeve family, gentleman farmers in 1700-1850's
red mail Jebbett family - (Higham on the Hill - Leicestershire)
Would like to hear from any Jebbett connections in uk
red mail Felsteads Hoby - (Hoby - Leicestershire)
Our Felsteads originate from Hoby. Many moved to surrounding villages e.g.Thurmaston and Ab Kettleby and some moved to Burton on Trent to find work in the breweries, as did our Felsteads. We have an extensive family tree now which we are happy to share with any other Felstead researchers.
red mail Wolfe, Woolf, Wolf - (Hoby - Leicestershire)
Interested in any family that has a George Wolfe born 1774 in Hoby. Joined Army in 1794 and served as a Master Gunner, retd and died in 1854. There is a Matthias Wolfe, Lacemaker in this family.
red mail Hickling family - (Hoby - Leicestershire)
Interesed in JOHN+MARY Hickling who had a son WILLIAM christened on 29/1/1810 at HOBY
red mail Samuel Staniforth - (Hoby - Leicestershire)
I am looking for information about Samuel Staniforth, born in Hoby in 1832(?) and married to Elizabeth Storer. Any information about his parents, siblings(?), spouse, occupation and place of residence would be most welcome.
red mail Hicklings of Hoby - (Hoby - Leicestershire)
John Hickling (employed as a groom) married Mary Waldram (ex of Belgrave) and they lived at the Rutland Arms in Church Lane. They had several daughters and sons (all of which I have details of) One of the daughters Martha (b 1807) married my GGG Grandfather (William Bennett) William was employed as a gardener and I suspect may have met Martha in the workplace OR at the Rutland Arms. Although supposition, I wonder whether all three (John, his daughter and future son-in-law) were employed at The Rectory which is an enormous house opposite the Rutland Arms and as well as having huge gardens had a substantial stable block. If anyone has any knowledge of the people in service at the Rectory I would be very grateful. The Rector was one of the Beresfords from the village.
red mail Holwell - Goodacre - (Holwell - Leicestershire)
I'm interested in the Goodacres of Holwell. I have some information but am interested in more about this part of my wife's family background.
red mail Hoe, Marsh, Hose, Leicestershire - (Hose - Leicestershire)
Looking for Richard Hoe, b. around 1750, married Ann Marsh, and ancestors. Their son Robert emigrated to the US in 1802.
Caunt family c1580 - c1925 - (Hose - Leicestershire)
The earliest trace of my family I have found was an Agnes Cawnt of Long Clawson in 1580...the spelling of the name changed in the early 1600s to Caunte. There are many records that most of my ancestors lived there till the late 19th century. After leaving Long Clawson they lived in the village of Hose from approx 1876 and headstones are still in churchyard. After 1918 onwards most of present family relocated to Grassmoor, Chesterfield area. If anyone has information or records for the 1500 -1600 period I would be very grateful.
red mail Whalley - (Hose - Leicestershire)
Researching this name in Hose, Long Clawson and Goadby Marwood. Any references welcome- especially pre 1600.Unfortunately the manorial records are with The Duke of Rutland and not available for research
red mail Lane family - (Hose - Leicestershire)
Researching the Lane family of Croxton Kerrial and Branston but I'm missing the birth of Thomas Lane, son of William born circa 1880. Would love to know who his mother was and where he was born
red mail Rouse family - Hose Leicestershire - (Hose - Leicestershire)
I am looking for any information on the Rouse family from Hose in Leicestershire. I have a family - Joseph Rouse 1803 - 1839 ) married Ann Meek ? with 7 children - she ended up as a publican - my main interest is a John Rouse ( possibly his brother ) farmer from Hose born about 1800 - I can find some details of his later children including a Nelson John but I need to link him with one of my ancestors Joseph Rouse born about 1820 who ends up as a builder and then a railway contractor. His daughter Clara Mary gave his background as Hose Leicestershire. Does anyone know where the parish records are kept for this parish ? Thanks to everyone who put me onto the records at family search - I have now found Joseph's baptism in 1823 with father John and mother Mary - I just need to establish whether he is the brother or son of the John Rouse born in 1807 ? still got no surnames for the two marys
red mail Arthur Tyler Brotherton - (Hoton - Leicestershire)
Worked at Brush Electrical in Loughborough. Married 1900 to Minnie Eva. Had one of the first cars in Leicestershire - a De Dion Bouton. Any info on his ancestry would be welcome.
red mail BAILEY family in HOTON - (Hoton - Leicestershire)
I would like to contact anyone who has BAILEY or HARDY ancestors living in Hoton or PRESTWOLD and BURTON on the Wolds, Leicestershire, particularly during the period 1820-1900.
red mail Trigg - (Hoton - Leicestershire)
I am looking for any information on the Trigg family in Hoton Leicestershire especially Thomas,George and Harry Trigg.I know Harry was killed on 28/05/18 in France.I have no information on George and if there is any information on the early years of Thomas my great grandfather
red mail Marshall's of Hoton, Leics - (Hoton - Leicestershire)
My direct ancestor is Ann Marshall born Hoton in 1838. Her parents were William and Hannah born 1816 and 1819 respectively. (William born Hoton also). Ann married John Gregson in Derbyshire. Is anyone linked to this family?
Village History - (Houghton on the Hill - Leicestershire)
I am researching the Fielding, Clifford, Willey and Bramley families and am also interested in the general history of the Village.
red mail Merrill /Merrell family - (Houghton on the Hill - Leicestershire)
I am researching the family of George Leonard Merrill born 1874 in Woodhurst Huntingdonshire, who married Mary Jane Mattock in 1896 and had two children, Ellen Edith born 1898 and George Leonard born c. 1899. The children were brought up by relatives as Mary Jane died in 1899. I think Ellen was living in Scotland Lane in 1901 with her aunt. She later married Henry David Gandy. I would be grateful for any information about her life there at school and at the Wesleyan chapel.
red mail Clough of Houghton on the Hill - (Houghton on the Hill - Leicestershire)
My great Aunt Henrietta nee Williams lived in Houghton would like to know of any descendents with information
red mail Horspool, Joseph - (Houghton on the Hill - Leicestershire)
Does anyone have any information about Joseph Horspool born about 1777, He joined the army and was married in Exeter. Thanking you in anticipation. Keith
red mail Neal - (Hugglescote - Leicestershire)
Looking or Neal's of Hugglescote Especially ones conected to Burton on Trent and family of Joseph Ridden Neal
red mail PAYNE FAMILY - (Hugglescote - Leicestershire)
John Payne b:16 Jun 1822 in Hugglescote. Parents believed to be Charles Payne (1793- ) and Mary Dean (1797- ) and siblings; Anne (1822- ) and Peter (1839-) ?? Both John and Charles were Wheelwrights. John migrated to Australia in 1842, married Frances Ross (b:1827 Cavan, Ireland) in Brisbane and settled in Queensland for 8 years, then NSW until their deaths. I am hoping to find out more about Charles and Mary and their heritage. Any help would be most appreciated.... John, Australia.
red mail BALE / BURTON - (Hugglescote - Leicestershire)
Seeking family connections with the BALE and BURTON Families. My Grandfather RICHARD ARTHUR BALE married FRANCES HANNAH BURTON, thus I am linked to both. Thank You So Much. David
red mail Harris family - (Hugglescote - Leicestershire)
Looking for the Harris family of Hugglescote Grange.
red mail Redfern? - (Humberstone - Leicestershire)
I am looking for an irish family believed to be the name of Redfern who lived on Victoria Rd (east), it was classed under Humberstone, St. Baranas. I think? This is during the 1960's, My information is shady sorry to say, the person I am trying to locate is Bill? He drank in the local pub that stood on the corner of this street and Hastings Rd. The Great Northen Hotel (Inn) He would have been in his twenties during thisa time. If anyone could throw any light on this I would be truely gratefull.He was tall, black curly hair and blue eyes, apparently worked on different stalls on the Leicester Market, I've been told his mother ran the 'cut price stall' and others say he sold 'dog Foods' and also helped someone from Birmingham with thier shoestall. Please, if anyone can help I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks.
red mail Smith - Shoemakers Circa 1890-1900 - (Humberstone - Leicestershire)
My ancestor, Bathsheba Smith (nee Clarke) lived in Humberstone with her five children, Mary, Sarah (married John Edmund Jephcote), William, Ada and George, four of whom were making shoes. I am looking for any information on this family.
red mail Garner - (Humberstone - Leicestershire)
I'm after any information about the Garner family who lived in Humberstone in about 1870 then moved to Thurcaston. Thanks Terry
red mail Alexander H Baillie born 1839 - (Illston on the Hill - Leicestershire)
I am looking for relatives of the Baillie family who lived at Illston Grange, Illston on the Hill, Leicestershire. I am interested in finding out more about Alexander H Baillie born 1839 Middlesex, England and died at Fairholm, Church Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire on the 5 June 1926. I know he attended Trinity College Cambridge around 1861. Alexander H Bailie was the brother of James William Baillie born 1833 Middlesex and lived at Illston Grange, Illston on the Hill, Leicestershire. Their father was David Baillie born 1787 Scotland, their mother was Lousia Stewart. Any information about Alexander H Baillie and his family who I am researching would be gratefully received. TIA Lynne Cox
Eggleston family - (Keyham - Leicestershire)
My great grandparents were John b.c. 1835 and Eliza b.c. 1842, they were bakers and millers who lived at 1, Main Street, Keyham in 1901 and had 6 children John b. 1866 who joined the army Leicestershire Tigers Regiment and became a colour seargent and in 1907 married Elizabeth Freeman, he was killed in an accident in 1911. His siblings were Rachel Jane b.c. 1859 d. 1952 and married a John Bryant in 1909, Thomas b.c. 1872, Annie b.c. 1874d. 1894, Samuel b.c. 1876 married 1901 and Frank b. 1897 married 1908. From one of these marriages was a son Charles born c. 1914 but I don't know which one. Charles also had 2 children a daughter Joan and a son Edward who would still be living. I would dearly love to find out more about the family and also if anyone has any information on John Bryant who may have been a farmer or landowner.
Bryant Eggleston - (Keyham - Leicestershire)
Anyone with information of John Bryant who married Rachel Jane Eggleston b.1869 to John and Eliza Eggleston of Keyham. They married in 1909 and John may not have come from Keyham but the surrounding districts. He had a lot of land aroung Keyham so may have been a farmer or landowner.
red mail haywood - (Keyham - Leicestershire)
looking for any information about samuel haywood born keyham 1779 wife elizabeth wildman born 1778 keyham leics
red mail Martin - (Kilby - Leicestershire)
Researching all Martin's born in Kilby
red mail SIMONS - (Kilby - Leicestershire)
I'm after any information about the Simons family of Kilby.They also lived in Fleckney and Shearsby. Many Thanks Terry
red mail Holyoak/Freestone - (Kilby - Leicestershire)
Searching for info on Brice Holyoak, born in Kilby 1804, (parents Wm & Ann) married Mary Ann Parsley in St Marylebone Parish, Middlesex 1825. After a while changed his name to William Freestone and moved to Brooklyn NY 1836. Will appreciate any information! Thank you
Peberdy/Paybody/Pebody - (Kilby - Leicestershire)
Researching the Peberdy family who moved into Kilby around 1600s before migrating to Saddington
red mail cox family(joseph married jane smith)1830s - (Kimcote - Leicestershire)
tracing cox fam blakenall(1865)or bloxwich.originally came from leicester area in 1750s any help appreciated. thanks Alvin
red mail Scott - (Kimcote - Leicestershire)
Looking for info parents of John Scott he was born about 1712 in Kimcote married Frances Herbert
red mail Kirby Bellars, Leicestershire - (Kirby Bellars - Leicestershire)
There are 42 burials of Gillson, Gilson in St Peter's Churchyard, Kirby Bellars. 1st recorded William Beeby Gillson 26:8:1771 to Richard Batchelor Gilson 15:11:1991. There are none living in the village now. Many are my predecessors, hoping to find descendants and their whereabouts.
red mail Walker family of Kirby Bellars - (Kirby Bellars - Leicestershire)
Have been trying to find narriages and deaths of children of John Walker B Basford Notts 1811 and Sarah Ann Pears B 1812 I found a possible marriage for Lottie Walker B 1858 in Kirby Bellars 1882 but unable to find who she married, can anyone help.
red mail Moseley and Myers - in Kirby Muxloe and Manchester - (Kirby Muxloe - Leicestershire)
Arthur Moseley,a Civil Engineer, was born in Manchester c.1872, the son of John Moseley and Mary Myers of Levenshulme. He married Ellen (Nellie) Maud Lee in 1898 and they appear to have moved to Kirby Muxloe, where their daughter Kathleen Moseley was born in 1901. They had further children - Agnes, Ronald and Nora, and the family was back in Levenshulme in 1911. I should like to hear from any descendants, with a view to exchanging details about our ancestors the Cheethams, and the Collier clockmaking family of Cheshire.
red mail ASTILL - (Kirby Muxloe - Leicestershire)
Searching for information about the Astill family of Kirby Muxloe. Thomas Astill was born there in about 1799. He married Mary Ann Steele in Newbold Verdon Leicestershire on 25 Jan 1821. They later emmigrated to Australia with their children. Can anybody tell me more about this familoy and their ancestors.
red mail BROWN- EDWARDS_BALLARD - (Kirby Muxloe - Leicestershire)
I amlooking for the edwards family Kirby Muxloe Leicester, Elizabeth (Betty) deceased, husband Charlie daughters Julie_ Janine and son John. Paul son of Fred&Elsie Brown of Finsbury Rd Leicester.
red mail BISHOP/ASTILL - (Kirby Muxloe - Leicestershire)
Phillip Astill was born in Kirby Muxloe in about 1766. He married Jane Bishop there in 1787 I believe. Can anybody tell me anything about the parents of these two? I think Jane was from Bruntingthorpe. They both died in Kirby Muxloe in 1829(Phillip) and 1819(Jane).
red mail Mary PRATT - (Kirkby Mallory - Leicestershire)
Mary Pratt christened in Kirkby Mallory. Parents John Pratt and Mary Bown. Mary married Thomas Faisey in Temple Balsall Solihull in 1811.
red mail James Bevins David A Copson - (Kirkby Mallory - Leicestershire)
James Bevins Born Kirkby Mallory year unk. children were Sarah Anne b 1854, immigrated to US with THomas Scotton Nichols, later married David A Copson. She is my 2 ggrandmothers. died 1943 Knox, Indiana age 90 Other children Thomas Northover, married Jane Long Mar 1880 stayed in England child was Arthur Edward Bevins b 1880 James Strickland married Sarah Louise Long (sister of Jane) in 1880, immigrated to Vancouver BC, daughter was Mary Eva Bevins b 1882 died July 1954 Mary Elizabeth b 1867 I will be in UK Nov 2009 want to find gravestones
red mail Knaptoft - (Knaptoft - Leicestershire)
Warren Farm interested in the period 1890-1920. Believe it was owned by Oxford University or the Metropolitan Railway Company at this time.
red mail Frederick Price, Knaptoft Hall - (Knaptoft - Leicestershire)
Looking for connections with Frederick William Price and William Hill. Lived in West Langton and Knaptoft Hall. Connected to Holloway and Price Auctioneers, St Mary's Road, Market Harborough
red mail seddon family - (Knighton - Leicestershire)
William seddon, born 1791, married to Elizabeth was in Knighton 1n 1841. Anyone know any more about him? Christopher
red mail Rodwells of Knighton - (Knighton - Leicestershire)
Anyone out there connected to John Rodwell 1834, John Rodwell 1804, John Rodwell 1767. My line is through John 1834 and his daughter Emily. There are numerous Rodwells in Knighton
red mail Holwell and Hart in Knighton - (Knighton - Leicestershire)
Joseph Holwell married Hannah Hart - both on 1841 census age 35 yrs. Their daughter Elizabeth b. Knighton 1833? m. Thomas Chapman in 1854. Does anyone have details of Joseph Holwell and Hannah Hart / Knighton? Pamela
red mail Edlin Family - (Knipton - Leicestershire)
I am looking for details on three brothers and their families who immigrated to NewZealnd. They were ; Thomas, George, and Joseph.
red mail Marjorie Ivy Mouat/Bailey - (Leicester Forest East - Leicestershire)
looking for Marjorie Ivy Mouat died 2001 in Leicester previously married to Reginald Bailey Leicester. Marjorie married James William Mouat after the death of Reg James died in june 1989 Do not know her maiden name
red mail webb - (Leicester Forest East - Leicestershire)
tracing anyone that may have james,,middlesex and was a tailor and annie who was b. leicester.they had a daughter,ELLEN CHARLOTTE my grandmother.would love to discover any info on ancestors past or present.
red mail rodwell married mebberson - (Leicester Forest East - Leicestershire)
Hi I would appreciate any help with finding a marriage or any other information on william rodwell born abt 1811 married Elizabeth Mebberson. I have been told they got married on 15th july 1832 st.margarets leicester but cannot find any documents they had children francis henry rodwell (dagger) born 1949 mountsorrel who ran crafton street mission -married a harriet ragg or wragg from penkridge stafford they married 14th feb 1870 penkridge stafford. other children:ellinor 1835 leic james 1837 leic charles 27 nov 1840 wellington st leice married elizabeth cooke jane 1842 leic henry 1847 workhouse leicester david 1850
red mail Nosworthy - (Leicester Forest East - Leicestershire)
red mail Tew Family - (Leire - Leicestershire)
I am researching the Tew family of Leire Leicester in the early 1800's. My Great grandfather was Thomas Tew who moved to New Zealand in 1911 with his wife Annie Fairbrother. Thomas tew's father was George Tew who married Elizabeth Bray, they had 10 children, Henry 1865, Elizabeth 1867, Arthur 1868, Annie 1870, Fanny 1872, Kattie 1874, Emma 1876, Ada 1876, John 1884 and Thomas 1863. George Tew's father was John Tew and he married Elizabeth they had eight children, George 1862, Fredrick 1853, Comfort 1860, Elizabeth 1839, Henry 1843, Thomas 1845, Ellen 1847 and Harriet 1849. This is where I lose track of the family, I think John's father was a Joseph Tew 1783 and mother Jane Furborough. The family has lived in Leire for over 100 years, until my great grand father came to New Zealand. I would love to hear from anyone who are related to the Tew family and share some wonderful stories about them.
red mail The Shaw Family - (Lockington - Leicestershire)
My wife's ancestor was a man called John Shaw. In the 1881 Census, his place of birth was given as Lockington. He married someone from Castle Donnington and had some of his children born in this area. He move to Birmingham.
red mail Poxon/Lockington Leics. - (Lockington - Leicestershire)
My relative Ann Poxon was born in Lockington c1791. Her parents were Samuel Poxon and Ann Peach Ann married a James Slark and moved to London. Has any one any information on any of these people.
red mail George Wheelwright - (Lockington - Leicestershire)
I am looking for a George Wheelwright who married Ann Cliff in Lockington 1825 and had a son called John Wheelright. John married Jane Mercer in 1845 and shortly afterwards moved to Kegworth. They had 12 children.
red mail Loddington Hall - (Loddington - Leicestershire)
My great great grandfather worked as a groom at Loddington Hall and was entered in the 1881 Census as being a groom there. I would appreciate any info about the Hall and anything that would be of interest.
red mail KIRBY, Croftes - (Loddington - Leicestershire)
Am trying to trace the father of Edward Kirby carpenter of Blaston who married Alice Croftes at Loddington in 26Oct 1616. Edward was buried on the 7 Jan 1646 at Hallaton.
red mail Richard SHELAKAR or SHALAKAR - (Loddington - Leicestershire)
Looking for any information especially ancestors of Richard Shelakar (1616-1683) of Loddington, Leicestershire. Alternate spellings Shalakar, Shalaker, Shelacre, Shellacre, Shellaker.
Bourdet otherwise Burdett - (Lowesby - Leicestershire)
Looking for information about this Normandy French name, in and around Leicestershire. There is information that at least one of the 'Comtes' Bourdet were settled in the Lowesby area in the 13th Century,
Families In Lubenham - (Lubenham - Leicestershire)
I am trying to verify the birth of my Grtgrtgrandfather, George Buswell, born in leicester abt 1830. The only entry on the IGI is for a George Buswell Chr in Lubenham abt 1833. Are there any others any where in Leicester?
red mail Cowley - (Lubenham - Leicestershire)
I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather Arthur George Cowley, he was born in Market Harborough and as far as I know he is buried in Lubenham. He married Hannah ( Dixon) and had a daughter Constance Mary.
red mail Ernest Bell - (Lubenham - Leicestershire)
red mail Sumpter - (Lubenham - Leicestershire)
I am looking for any relations of Hannah Sumpter born 1767 in Lubenham to parents Daniel & Hannah Sumpter. Hannah married Thomas Woolmer of Marston Trussell and was buried in Martson Trussell in 1853 aged 86. Linda
Ashton family - Lubenham - (Lubenham - Leicestershire)
John Ashton (1833 - 1915) and his family lived at Lubenham Manor, on the Green. The recent decease of a great-grandchild means a considerable archive of family papers and photographs is now available for study. Work is in progress on a book(let) for the Executors, before the papers are deposited in a Record Office, but any additional information on this branch of the family wil be welcomed. Copies of much of the material will remain available. John
red mail Hart Family - (Moira - Leicestershire)
edward hart born 1834 in moira wed elizabeth curtis of ashby de la zouch any harts still out there they were my g g grandparents.
red mail ernest dennis - (Moira - Leicestershire)
does anyone know about elizabeth and ernest dennis. i am trying to find out what year ernest died. i know it was in bournemouth but it could be 1950-60s.
red mail Wileman - (Moira - Leicestershire)
I'm looking for an Arthur Wileman born in Moira around 1874. He married an Elizabeth Wright in 1894. They had 5 children,Agnes 1896,John 1895,Percy 1898,Rose 1899 and Horace 1900 and died 1901. All were born in Moira
red mail Thomas Jarvis - (Nailstone - Leicestershire)
I have the above named in my family tree. He was born in 1706 and married to Elizabeth Sampson in 1732. She was born 1708 in Nailstone thought to be daughter of John and Mary Sampson. I am looking for confirmation of the above
Hextall family - (Nailstone - Leicestershire)
I have traced back to Joseph Hextall b Sep 1728 and married to Mary Jarvis (Jervis) in 1752. I know his father was Thomas born around 1696 and have two alternatives one born in 1695 in Thornton and the other 1699 born in Barlestone. Any help would be much appreciated
red mail Enderby - (Narborough - Leicestershire)
I am researching the Wood and Derry families who had connections with Enderby, can anyone help. Many thanks Mary D.
red mail Haines - (Narborough - Leicestershire)
I am looking for information on the HAINES family of Narborough. Robert Haines and ELiza Hill, both of Narborough, married in 1850. They had 6 children Mary, Sarah Ann, George, Martha, Charlotte & Elizabeth. Does anyone have any information on Robert or Eliza's parents?
red mail White - (Narborough - Leicestershire)
Am hoping for any info on my great grandfather John White who was a police constable in Narborough in the 1880's. Also the whereabouts in the village of their address "Auburn Place" as struggling to find record of it.
red mail Blood and Bird - (Nether Broughton - Leicestershire)
William Blood of Nottingham did marry Mary Bird of Nether Broughton on 4 April 1768 in Wilford. Seven children are baptised in Nether Broughton. Mary Blood (nee Bird) also will marry Harry Wakeling on 29 October 1794. Mary Bird parents are John Birdand Mary Greasley.
red mail Bird and Greasley - (Nether Broughton - Leicestershire)
John Bird was born about 1718 in Nether Broughton and married Mary Greasley on 14 september 1739 in Nether Broughton. She was the daughter of Peter Greasley and Katherine Walker. Mary Greasley was born before 16 September 1719 in Nether Broughton anddied about 13 September 1780 also in Nether Broughton. Children: Elinor born 13 September 1741. John born 6 November 1743. Elizabeth born 9 Feb. 1744/45,died 3 July 1749. Mary born 19 November 1748 married William Blood on 4 april 1768.
red mail BAILEY, GILL, GREAVES in NETHER BROUGHTON - (Nether Broughton - Leicestershire)
I am researching the BAILEY family in Nether Broughton, particularly in the 18th century. Linked families are GILL and GREAVES. I would be pleased to contact anyone else researching these families, and I am happy to share available informarion.
red mail Daniel Barker/Elizabeth Helmsley (Gill?) - (Nether Broughton - Leicestershire)
In 1817, Daniel BARKER of Goadby Marwood, Leicestershire, married Elizabeth HELMSLEY, of Nether Broughton. Records indicate that both had been previously widowed. I have Elizabeth's will, in which she mentions her brother Thomas GILL, so I am working on the assumption that her maiden name would have been Gill. Can anyone assist with Elizabeth's origins please, and also the identity and origins of Mr HELMSLEY.
red mail History Of New Parks - (New Parks - Leicestershire)
I'm gathering information about the history of New Parks, and would love to hear from anyone who has any information/photo's/knowledge to share. I'm interested in everything...people, houses, street names, maps, boundary's, railway history, photographs, war experience, schools...anything!
red mail Strickland Family - (Newbold Verdon - Leicestershire)
James, Richard and Benjamin Strickland lived in the Newbold Verdon area of Leicestershire in the 18th century. Any information would be welcome.
red mail Argyle - Newbold Verdon - (Newbold Verdon - Leicestershire)
Researching ARGYLE (alternative spellings ARGILL ORGILL) in/around Newbold Verdon. John ARGYLE (Framework Knitter) born c 1802, married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) at least 4 children including Emily 1847, Catherine 1854, George 1857, Fred 1861. Will share info.
red mail STEELE - (Newbold Verdon - Leicestershire)
Can anybody tell me anything about Mary Ann Steele who was born in Newbold Verdon Leicestershire in 1804 and married Thomas Astill there in 1821. Would like to know about parents, siblings and other ancestors.
red mail Crosher - (Newbold Verdon - Leicestershire)
Looking for information on the Crosher family. Elizabeth was born 1808 in Newbold Verdon and married William Neal. Her mother had the distictive Christian name of Theodica, but I know nothing of her father. Any hints very welcome
red mail Gardner, Jordan - (Newbold Verdon - Leicestershire)
I am looking for ANY information at all, about the Gardner family.In the 1901 census Joseph was running The Swan Inn in Main street. I am particularly interested in finding any information about Elsie Gardner,b1894, who was living with her brother Jesse and his wife Ethel in 1911 at the Swan Inn. Also I think the Gardners were somehow connected to the Jordan family. Can anyone help please.
red mail Thompson Throsby - (Newton Harcourt - Leicestershire)
My greatgrandad Joseph Cook was nursed in old age in Leicester by his niece Emma Throsby (dau of John and MaryAnn Thompson), who was born 1874 in Newton Harcourt, next door to Joseph and family. Have Emma's mums family tree way back, happy to swap data for Throsby info.
red mail Johnson family - carpenters? - (Newtown Linford - Leicestershire)
I'm looking for information on the Johnson family who were the village carpenters/blacksmiths in the 1800s. My g g g grandfather John Johnson took over the family business from his father Henry? in the 1860s. If anyone can give me further info it would be much appreciated. Thanks
red mail newtown linford-gamble family - (Newtown Linford - Leicestershire)
researching the gamble family living on the 20row newtownlinford lane which became bradgate road anstey they lived there around 1926 to 1956 edward, pauline and jocelyn
red mail Johnson family Newtown Linford - (Newtown Linford - Leicestershire)
Would be interested in any information on parents of my g g g Grandparents John and Sarah Johnson of Newtown Linford. He was carpenter and coffin maker. They married March 1st 1840.
red mail Johnson family - (Newtown Linford - Leicestershire)
Would love to find out more about my g g grandfather John Johnson carpenter born July 12th 1821. Have some photos and a few more dates, wife Sarah, children Jane Elizabeth, Robert, John Henry and Emma. Jane Elizabeth married William Brooke Cooke. Can anyone help with information about parents of John and Sarah please.
red mail Wain - (Newtown Linford - Leicestershire)
Would love to get more information on John Wain and Ann Clarke and their descendants. John worked as a woodman and carpenter in Newtown Linford and married Ann Clarke (born in Swithland c. 1814) in 1839. He apparently looked after the trees in Bradgate Park. They had at least six children. John and Ann later moved to the Belgrave and Humberstone areas of Leicester and John died c. 1890. Who were John Wain's parents and when was he born? There seem to be a lot of Wains in Newtown Linford in the early 19th century!
red mail Thomas Choyce - (Normanton le Heath - Leicestershire)
Thomas Choyce,born abt. 1805 Normanton le Heath wed Ann Parker at Lockington 26 Nov.1832.Mary Ann Parker lived with them and Sarah Ann Dakin with them on 1861 census,both daughters of Anns sister Hannah Parker.I am trying to find where Parkers moved to Hemington from,Anns father Joseph Lockington as well as brothers John,Thomas and William,between 1786 and 1800,parents John and Sarah,do the family originate from Normanton area
red mail Hastings Rd - (North Evington - Leicestershire)
This area was my childhood upbringing, when everything was black and white. Mum would take me across two main roads to leave me at the swings. I met my best friend on these by giving her a black eye. I went to Merrydale school. My Father lived on theMerridale Rd. that opened into the 'Black pad' he worked for 'Bungy Richards' foundry where he would take me on a Sunday to feed the cats, that caught the rats. As men were thrown out of the two pubs on each corner of Hastings road on a Friday evening, children would avoid the drunks whilst rushing to collect a bag of scratching from Doo's chip shop on the corner of Morton Rd. If any body has any more memories of this area that could help me with my project please contact me. Thank you very much.
North Kilworth, Husbands Bosworth- Loomes - (North Kilworth - Leicestershire)
Earliest records for Loom(e)s show of a Marriage between Thomas Loom(e)s and Alice Pabody, both born about 1678. Assuming that Alice was living in North Kilworth at the time of her marriage, this being a 'local' name, then Thomas was probably an 'incomer'. I believe that the Loom(e)s side originated at Gilmorton, although there is a missing 'link' The family remained at North Kilworth for some time, migrating to Husbands Bosworth later, although a branch of the family returned to NK and remained there until the last, Ellen Gertrude (married name Bozzoni) died in 1962. Any information pertaining to either of the families mentioned would be appreciated. I have an (almost) full 'tree' of the NK branch of the family if anyone is interested.
Miller family - (Norton-Juxta-Twycross - Leicestershire)
Hi, my ggg grandfather William Miller was born in norton in 1829, there are a lot of Miller's in the area at this time, please contact me if your ancestor is one of them!
red mail Smith, Norton Juxta - (Norton-Juxta-Twycross - Leicestershire)
Hoping to find some information on Elizabeth Smith born around 1830s. She was from a Romany family in this area. Married Robert Lycett around 1854 and living in Warton,Warwicks.

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