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red mail Dugan, Poynton, Robinson & Scattergood
I have been researching a distant branch of the family, the Dugans, who lived in Ashby de la Zouch from the mid-1860's. James Dugan (Abt 1837 - 1897) was an Irish hawker who married Sarah Poynton (Sept 1838 - ), daughter of Thomas Poynton (1812 - 1822) & Hannah Banton (Abt 1814 - 1887). James Dugan & Sarah Poynton had six children: James (1861 - 1937), Frances (1869 - 1950), Elizabeth (1872 - ), Thomas (1874 - ), John Michael (1878 - 1942), and Joseph (1883 - ). James Dugan (1861 - 1937) married Alice Robinson (nee Scattergood) in December 1893. She was born in Netherseal and had previously been married to James Robinson (1862 - 1892), a native of Ashby de la Zouch. James Robinson and Alice had two sons, George (Abt 1887 - ) and William (Abt 1888 - 1896) and a daughter called Rose Annie or Rosannah (1892 - ). James Dugan & Alice also had two sons, Charles (1894 - 1937) and Thomas Scattergood Dugan (1896 - 1967). In the 1901 Census, James Dugan is shown as being married, but living in a lodging house apart from Alice and their sons. Alice, the boys and Rosannah (as she is shown in the Census) are living with James' brother, Thomas. Thomas passes himself off as Alice's husband and James' children are shown as his and Alice's sons. By the 1911 Census, the boys are back living with James, who is shown as their father, and there is nothing to be seen of Alice. If anyone has any more information on the fascinating history of this family, I'd love to hear from you.
red mail Goacher family Ashby/Coalville areas
I am looking for my husbands 3 times great grandparents names both husbands and wives,Thomas and Ann Poxon, their son was Isaac and his wife Ann Needham, her parents ?? and Joseph and Ann Wardle,William Goacher and Victoria Ann Wardle and Isaac Poxon and Ann Needham were my husbands great great grandparents his grandparents were John Hammersley Goacher and Sarah Ann Poxon, any help would be appreciated.
red mail Hamlet The Calais
Any information regarding the small hamlet Calais sometimes Callis in Ashby de la Zouch c.1851 and home knitters??
red mail Everett Family in Leicestershire
My 2x Great Grandfather Alfred Everett was Station Master at Ashby de la Zouch in the period 1870 to 1900. He married Harriet Saunders in Nottingham in 1867. They had (at least) 7 children; Frank Harold, William D., Alfred Walter, Charles Dudley, Frances M. (daughter), Arthur Harry and Frederick Saunders Everett. I would love to hear from any of their descendents.
red mail MORRIS. Henry
Said to have been born at Ashby-de-la-Zouch 1815. About c1826 was at Clarence Dock Liverpool, later at Birmingham before working at St. Katherines Dock, London. Went to Victoria, Australia c 1848 with wife and three children. Seeking name of wife, marriage date etc. etc. Mary.
red mail Tow of Leicestershire
Am researching the Tow family of Leicestershire in particular William Tow born c 1801 who married c 1825 Ann Knight born c 1806 in Scropton. They lived in Ashby de la Zouch. Would be pleased to contact any of their descendants. Many thanks
red mail J Stretton born in Stretton
born 1636 in stretton en le field, Leicestershire. died 1684 in Appleby magna. Who where the parents and who did J Stretton Marry and when?
red mail Baggott in Ashby de la Zouch
I have traced my Baggott line to Ashby de la Zouch; to possibly John Baggott(c1770) and Mary Perkins (c1775). Any additional or supportive information would be most welcome.
red mail Hodson Ashby De La Zouch
Hello I am researching Hodsons who lived there around the 1820s. Love any info you have. Thanks Di Australia
red mail George Burrows
Has anyone got any info on George Burrows, born in Ashby-de-la-Zouch 1782, married Ann Standley 1818 at the Parish Church, and died 1865 at Thirlby's Yard, Ashby?
red mail Smith- Ashby de la Zouch
My grandmother was born in Ashby de la Zouch in 1914,Hilda Maud Smith she had 3brothers William(Bill) Thomas and George and sister Mabel.Her parents where William Smith and Elizabeth Hodgkinson. Hilda married John(Jack)Pougher in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire and lived her married life there. I would like any info on the Smith side of Leicestershire. Jayne
red mail Charles Masters
Looking for information regarding Charles Masters born about 1811 in Westminster. He married Ann Chambers who was born in Taunton. They had five sons, Edwin, Charles, Henry, Francis and Thomas. The last address was 8 Mill Bank in 1872.
red mail Thomas Williamson and Alice Wagstaff
I am trying to confirm that Thomas Williamson and Alice Wagstaff were married in Leicestershire (possibly Whitwick)and in which year. Their son, also Thomas Williamson, was born in Whitwick in 1842. I don't know how many children they had in total
red mail Spurr Family
Elizabeth Spurr, from Ashby, married William Bayes in Lincolnshire in 1806. Any information about members of the family in Ashby would be very welcome
I have traced back to Robert Davenport b 1742 and married to Sarah Croxall b 1747 in Ashby-de-la-zouch. Robert's father was Joseph b 1710. Any information would be much appreciated
red mail Tilsley of anneswell
I am looking for information about my great grandmother Mary Tilsley born about 1864 at annes well ashby de la zouche 1891 census has her married to my great grand father John sant from Middlewich living in Bucknall Staffordshire
I am trying to find information on a bus company called Pride of the forest in the Charnwood area in the late 1800s to 1900s. Any info please.
red mail Cheatle
Looking for information about Mark Cheatle born around 1874. Believe his father was also Mark Cheatle but know that he had a son Leslie born 1904, probably Burton on Trent.
red mail Lace manufacturer
I am seeking information on Frances Bush (nee?) born in Ashby in 1845. By 1881 she was a widow living in Long Eaton, Derby running a lace factory employing 12 hands. She had 6 children.
red mail Pub owned by James Coburn
I'm trying to find the name of a pub owned or managed by James Coburn some time between the 1890s and 1900s. I have a photo of it but there is no hint of a name. Is there a history of Ashby or Leicestershire pubs? Any registers I could reference? Would the Ashby museum have any records or photos of pubs?
red mail Thomas Clews (Clewes) 1842
Can anyone point me towards the family/parents of Thomas Clews please? * Births Jun 1842, Clews, Thomas, Ashby de la Zouch, 15, 1. * He seems to have been born in the Ashby area but moved to Burslem, Stoke on Trent, where he married Ann Wain in Q4 1876 in Wolstanton District. * This was Ann's third marriage. * His name seems to have been spelt differently with the birth of his son Andrew Clewes in 1878. * Any clues to Thomas's (1842) parents and/or siblings would be very usefull. Thank you. Mike.
red mail Bowley Hull 1826 (1837?)
Bowley Hull and Charlotte Bilson had a daughter Sarah who married Edward Smith, (ggrandfather). In 1871 Bowley is married to Emma age 22 (2nd wife?). His parents were Samual Hull and Mahala Perry. Does anyone have any information of this family - were they part of an entertainment group going round farm shows?
Matthew Henry Roe
Born Ashby de la Zouche c.1822. Married Sarah Ann Newsome in 1845. Emigrated to New Zealand c.1847 His parents were Stephen Roe and Elizabeth Stretton. Are there any descendants around?
red mail thomas wayte 1770
hi i am looking for info on thomas wayte 1770 married mary platts in ADLZ in 1813. had children jane, william, ann and sarah. thomas was the son of william. thanks
red mail Turner
I am looking for information about the Turner family. They lived in Ashby de la Zouch c. 1820's.
red mail Harris of Ashby De La Zouch
Looking for the family of Emma Frances Harris born in ADLZ in 1900. She married Sydney Freakley and had children in ADLZ. Any info would be great. Thanks.
Pilkingtons of Ashby de la Zouch
I am interested in the Pilkington family of Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire- in particular I would like to locate the descendents of of Middlemore Pilkington and Ann Ridgeway - 8 children 3 boys and 5 girls.
red mail Ashbys from Ashby
I am looking for information on the Ashbys from Leicestershire, from whom I am descended via my American mother. Sally Ashby, Halifax Ashby, both born in the UK. Curious to know why they left England for the American South.
red mail Winks and Woodward Families
Looking for connections to the WINKS Woodward and Bowman families of Ashby-dlz and various other places such as Gainsborough, Bole and Leicester
red mail Ashby Sharpes and Kirbys and Sharpe's Pottery.
I am seeking links between the Kirbys, who originated in the Ashby area, and their kinsfolk the Sharpes, who may have been related to the owners of Sharpe's Pottery. The Kirbys and the Sharpes from whom they are descended, were pot hawkers, of Hillmorton Warwickshire, and I wonder if they shipped pots from Ashby by canal to the canalside at Hillmorton, near to where they lived, and from their visited markets all around the country
red mail Maud Emily
Maud said she came from Ashby and her maiden name was Ashby born 1899 got married to Ernest James Jones and they lived in Woodford
Trying to find information on Elsie Poyser (my Grandmother) born in 1904 - Mother was Agnes. I beleive there was a son. Also understand that Elsie was sent to a childrens home.
red mail owen gorman ,hawker
Hopefully somebody would be able to help me, i am looking for Owen Gorman who lived at 3 millbank ashby de la zouch around 1920 to 30 he was a licensed hawker,looking for any information on Owen Gorman or his family, any help with this would be appreciated.
red mail Peyrol and Wragg
We are looking for information regarding Martha Peyrol or Marthe Peyrol. Born in Ashby-de-la-Zouche in 1793 and the first wife of Amos Wragg born Shepshed 1801. They had five children Mathilda, John, Joseph, Harriet and Amos. The couple lived in Basford and St Mary in Nottingham in 1841. Although sometime between 1841 and 1851 they lived separately.Martha lived with the children (the eldest 2 went to australia with the Lacemakers of Calais )and died circa 1860. Amos her widow remarried to Ann Durose in 1863.
red mail Greensmith
Hopefully somebody would be able to help me. I am looking for my Great Uncle 2 of his cousins whom he lost contact with a couple of years after the second world war. They are Victor and Eileen Greensmith. Victor and Eileen's parents were Arthur Greensmith and Lucy (nee Perkins). Lucy was born in 1887 in Newhall, Derby. I do not have dates for Arthur. Arthur and Lucy were married in 2nd Q in Ashby de la Zouch in 1914. I belive Victor and Eileen to have been born in about 1920's? We would be very grateful for any information.
Houses on Tamworth Road, Ashby
Does anyone have any information that will help to date when one of the terraced "two up, two down" houses were built on Tamworth Road, south of the old station (which was also known as Measham Road on the census records up to 1871)in Ashby? The road itself dates back to 1760, and from the census records I'm guessing at the 1850s.
red mail Miller
I'm looking for the family of Mary Miller born c1811 Ashby de la Zouch. Mary married William Harrison.
If anyone would like information on the ORTON family as follows, all born Ashby de la Zouch: Ralph ORTON.... his son Thomas ORTON (b circa 1780) married Frances PILKINGTON. Thomas and Frances ORTON had two sons: William ORTON (b 1853), and Thomas ORTON (b 1852). Thomas was a butcher / fishmonger. Thomas's wife, Clara (nee MINISTER) was killed in train crash at Desford West Junction in Oct 1881. Many others killed. I have reports from The Times newspaper. Thomas Orton married Clara's sister Julia MINISTER and moved to Australia with his two children. Many descendants. Information freely given.
red mail Dewis / Franks
Does anyone have any information about my aunt Ellen Elizabeth Franks born in 1904, or her husband or children. She married Gerald Robert Dewis at Portsmouth in 1928. I belive G R Dewis was born in Ashby de la Zouch.
red mail Bull/Harrison
Caroline Harrison, born c1829 Ashby de la Zouch married Charles Bull, Baker & Confectioner. They lived in Birmingham until about 1862 then lived in London. Does anyone recognise them?
red mail Tompson/Thompson -Raven - Ward - Towers - Freggleton
Looking for any information relative to Tompson/Thompson marriages: Tompson & Ward - Castle Donington, Tompson & Freggleton - Castle Donington, Tompson & Towers - Hanbury or Burton-upon-Trent, Tompson & Raven - Hartshorne, Date range: 1775-1815
I am looking for further information on Thomas Bacon & Ellen (Eleanor) Buckerfield. Married 27th July 1789 in Ashby de la Zouch. Ellen born in Ashby de la Zouch in 1764.
red mail William Perrott
My g,g,g,grandfather William was living in Ashby de la Zouch in the 1861 census. His occupation was leather dresser and he was a lodger in the household of Elizabeth and Thomas AUSTIN. I have not been able to find William in the 1841 or 1851 census. He was born in Bristol circa 1800. Any info would be most apprciated.
red mail Hill's of Ashby de la Zouch
I have Timothy HILL, a brewer born c1773 in Leicestershire. He married Mary BATES in Ashby in 1803. Children incl. Timothy, Isaac, Catherine, Jane, John, Thomas, Joseph and more. I know that in 1841 Timothy Mary Thomas Isaac and Catherine were in Stoke on Trent. Timothy and Mary returned to Ashby sometime between 1841 & 1851. All their sons seem to have been plasterers. Would love to hear from anyone with a connection or any further information.
red mail Matthews
Looking for the family of Charles Matthews Bn 1813ca Ashby ,Chemist.Married Ann(e) Bn 1816 Ashby.She had a sister Mary who married Henry Marsh. Children:Francis Henry,Katherine Anne,Mary Jane,Constance Helen and Charles.Related Families:West and Ison.
red mail Ragg surname
Searching birth details (or siblings)of Thomas Ragg b abt 1816 Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. Father - James Ragg overlooker. Thomas (Bricklayer in England, Farmer in Australia) married Sarah Nuttall 24/7/1837 in Old Basford, Nott'shire. Emigrated to Australia pre1856
red mail proudman
Looking for Proudman family George Proudman wife elizabeth they had several chilren on of which was Thomas Bingham Proudman born Osgathorpe in 1848
red mail Joseph George Bowman
I'm looking for information on the family of Joseph Bowman, born Ashby de la Zouch in 1834 or so. He married Ellen Richman in 1859 in Portsea and they later lived in Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire. He was a police constable and later a bootmaker.
red mail Looking for Yates
I am trying to find out about the Yates's who lived in the Overseal/Ashby de la Zouch area in 1700's and 1800's. The main christian name that is coming up is Thomas. If you have any information or suggestions please let me know. Thanks
Susannah FREER and James BALL
Susannah FREER married James BALL 10/10/1771 at St Mary's Hinckley. An IGI entry shows "Mrs James BALL born c1740 at Ashby-de-la-Zouch". No parents given. I cannot find her in the parish registers. Can anyone help please
red mail Warrilows of Ashby
I am looking for information about the Warrilow family who had a son John William (b.1913). Father possibly William from the late 1800's into the 1900's. Any information gratefuly received
red mail ISON
red mail Shears family of Albert village
I am seeking information on John Thomas Shears, of Albert Village, who married Annie Bennett. They had one child at least, my grandmother, Mary Charlotte. She was born in Dec. 1879. If anyone could add to that I would be delighted. Thanks
red mail Poxon of Ashby de la Zouch
I am seeking information on Francis Poxon born in Ashby around 1848. He moved to Repton and married Louisa Measham. Does anyone have any connection?
red mail LEICESTER
red mail Riley ca. 1825-1845
Thomas Riley and his wife, Elizabeth, baptised four children in Ashby de la Zouch, before moving to Liverpool, where he was a haberdasher and toy and smallware dealer. Any information on the family sought.
red mail Coburn Family
I'm looking for the Coburn family who lived in Ashby de la Zouche in the late 19c after moving there from Monmouthshire. Parents James and Annie (nee Stephens)
red mail Godfrey/Topliss
Any info about Benjamin Godfrey and Sarah Topliss sought,they married at the parish church,ADLZ in 1794,they later moved to Liverpool,would like to know if any links still in the area, Thanks Kathleen
red mail Bainbridge
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 John Bainbridge was born at Ashby de la Zouch in 1582 and died at Oxford in 1643. He was an English physician and astronomer.
red mail Arthur Byatt-62 Market St 1880's
I'm researching the Byatt family who lived in Alton and Ashby de la Zouche. Arthur Byatt appears to have had more than one business in ADLZ. . He had a carpet warehouse and a linen draper and silk mercer business. He was also was involved in furnishing funerals. He lived at THe Cedars, Ashby de la Zouche
red mail Cheatle
Looking for CHEATLES from Ashby de la Zouch, especially Benjamin who died in 1766
red mail Heathcotes Of Ashby-de-la-zouch
Does anybody have any info on the Heathcote family , in and around Ashby around the early/mid 1800's, thanks, Steve Joyce.....

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