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John Thorpe, WWI
Many thanks to the several curious foxes who replied to my request. I have received very helpful replies and they are most appreciated. John Moloney
William Parr
Looking to trace William Parr and his relatives. Born 1896 in Blackpool.
red mail Blackpool Circus Performer
I am looking for information on my great, great aunt Kathleen Crabtree-Banks...although they were not actually married. Apparently the couple had a knife throwing act together in Blackpool, I think in the 1920's? I am not sure if it was a traveling circus or local show? The more I hear about her the more I want to know!
Kaye/Canada/Blackpool/ Dulhanty
Looking for info on Jennifer Kaye believe she was adopted by Margaret Dulhanty and Ronald Kaye ,This couple married in 1950 they went to live in Canada, in the fifties .I don't believe they had any more children , They are related to the Gregson family via Ronald any information will help Her mother is related to my husbands family she was Eliza Ann Kirk .
Bell Hanger & White Smith
Hi, I have an ancestor, John Wright, who was an apprentice at Bell Hanger & White Smith in Blackpool in 1881. Does anyone have any idea what kind of firm this was. Thanks.
red mail Frank KAY
Looking for info regarding my uncle, Frank Kay born in Manchester January 1928 and lived in Blackpool with his parents George and Eliza Kay. May have lived at Red Cott Camp, Normoss Avenue. Frank died 14 January 2005 his address was 84 Portland Road Blackpool, he worked as a bar cellarman at 25 Portland Road Blackpool. Michael MONKS was the informant at death
red mail Red Cot Holiday Camp, Normoss
Does anyone remember Red Cot Holiday Camp, Normoss? My parents had a holiday bungalow there in the 1940/50s, and we spent some very happy holidays there.
red mail Mariden Kathleen Brown nee Haslam
this lady passed away in 2006 in poulton le fylde.. he husband the late William Brown passed in 1996...I am trying to find any living relatives of these people as I am doing a family tree for a family member...any information would be appreciated.
red mail looking formy relatives from south tawton devom.
Aaron sampson born 1812 his son george sampson born 1858.devon his son charles.s sampson.all born in devon. any one else with the same family tree, any information on my family tree please help
red mail Norman Dutton
I am looking for any info on Norman Dutton born 1908 in Blackpool, his mother was Mary Ellen walker. I believe Norman to be my grandfather's cousin and was present at my grandparents marriage. My grandmother Beatrice Walker married Harold Smith in 1910 in Blackpool and were living with the Dutton's in 1911 at 50 Charnley Rd, Blackpool. We know very little about this side of the family and any help would be appreciated.
red mail Ernest Walker son of Thomas and Ruth Walker
I am looking for any help in the whereabouts and place of death of Ernest Walker. My g grandfather Ernest was born in Blackpool on 7th January 1886 and baptised in Sowerby Bridge, his parents were Thomas Walker and Ruth Taylor. I have not been able to trace him since the 1911 census, where he lived with his parents, wife Dorothy and son Edward at 3 Police St, Blackpool.In 1911 he was listed as a painter for the Pablo Co. My father knows nothing of his grandparents, the only Walker family member he met was his g- Aunt Emily who was married to Archibald Edward Wilson Baylis. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
red mail Mrs. E. P. Newton B&B
My father's auntie ran a B&B in Blackpool through the 1960s at least. It was called Mrs. E. P. Newton Board Residence Bed & breakfast. I have a photo of the sign at the door. I would love to know the address of this place, which I visited as a child. Her family name (maiden) would have probably been Brice. Can anyone help me? Deb
red mail looking
do you know Marcus Wright lived in blackpool all his life until 1953 was an ambulance driver i think. had brothers and sisters in town but saeems to have been estranged from then had a son possibly 2 name is Allen any help would be appreciated. wifes name was Annie Liversedge
red mail blundels
hi looking for any info on benny blundell was in the army and in 1945 he made friends with family of mary mcguigan and her family they used to live in granvel rd middlesbrough can any one give me any info
red mail William Wilson
Looking for relatives of William Wilson, born around 1900, lived in Blackpool with wife and children in the 40's / 50's. Drove a double decker bus. Died around 1957/58.
red mail Clara Dawson
Clara lived at 18 Grenfell Avenue in Blackpool, in 1919, where she had a son out of wedlock. She was on the birth certificate as a domestic servant, or waitress. This may not have been her actual address. We believe that the father of the child was a David Arthur Baxter, (not on the birth certificate). Any information what so ever would be much appreciated.
red mail Winifred Whatmough
I am looking for information on my aunt, Winifred Rozella Whatmough (maiden name Bull, born Kentish Town, London on 8 July 1909)who married Edgar Whatmough in Blackpool 2Q 1941. Edgar was in the merchant navy during the war and there is a record of him marrying Mary Preece in Sep 1958 in Blackpool and dying in Blackpool in Oct 1969. There are two identically indexed death entries for Winifred in March 1996, Blackool & Fylde (I have ordered DC), one giving her surname as Whatmough, the other as Coombes. At the moment I presume she divorced Edgar prior to 1958 and possibly remarried a Mr Coombes, but I cannot find a second marriage entry to confirm this. If anyone has any information on either Winifred or Edgar, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks .. Peter
red mail Hurr
Looking for any details of a Mrs Hurr who lived at 66 Bedford Road,Blackpool in the 1920s may also have had a connection with Knight or Whiteside She was known as Momar Hurr
Jean Taylor(later McIlravie)
If anyone remembers Jean Taylor(later McIlravie) of Wyre Grove Blackpool, I would love to hear from them.
red mail Fisher
Can anyone help. I am looking for information on Agnes Ellen Fisher (Nee Cardwell) she married a James Fisher in the 1890s. and later ran a Boarding house at 110 Coronation Street under the name of Desborough, although she didnt marry Alphonso Desborough until the 1930s. I am wondering what happened to James Fisher, did he die or were they divorced.
red mail looking for christine marie whelan
l am looking for christine marie whelan /felton born in westminster london on 16/05/1960 she was in shirley oakes childrens home from 1971 to 1978/79 shirley croydon london home closed early 80s so can not get information to where she went social worker only told me she was married but did not last would love to find her she must still live around london have tried every where with out any luck would love any help in trying to find her.
red mail My confusion deepens
3 April 2011 The more I get into this, the more confused I become. On my mother's birth certificate, from Blackpool, Lancashire 1922, her father is listed as Edward Francis Leigh, her mother as Florence Leigh formerly Dawson. However, on her marriage certificate and while I was growing up, she claimed her maiden name was Parkinson. Mysteriously, on her death certificate, her father is listed as James Henry Parkinson and her mother as Florence Bruce! This leads me to believe that my mother may have be born out of wedlock and perhaps adopted or put into foster care. Because of this, I am having trouble finding information on her and her siblings. Any clues as how to unravel this?
red mail Louise Elizabeth Jackson
Louise Elizabeth Jackson born 1969 St.Annes on Sea or Blackpool. Mother Pauline Wilson or Brennan or Jackson. Father Derek Jackson.
red mail Irrgang
Any info plz on my Irrgang family who lived in blackpool/poulton/gt Eccleston mainly 1940-1970s esp George,+ Mary (vera) Eddie George jnr Eileen Hedwig thanks
red mail Carleton Hotel Backpool 1960's
Im looking for any information about the Carlton Hotel in Balckpool around the 1960's it was situated on the Glodlen Mile My Grandmother Clara Butterworth was the mannageress at the time we are trying to find out anything about her life Thankyou
red mail brandon family
my nan was of this name and had several brothers in and around blackpool in the 1930s.She had my dad with a guy called claude denton in 1934 who dissapeared after he was born as i bear the denton name it would be nice to know any info thanks
Looking for any information on FRED WILSON PLATT, who lived in or near BLACKPOOL in the 1970's. Fred Wilson Platt was the son of ABRAHAM and MARTHA PLATT, and was born in SHAW, near OLDHAM in May 1898.
red mail Frank Asquith
Am trying to establish if the Frank Asquith who was an optician in Cambridge Rd, Blackpool, and who died on 29th July 1954 aged 57, is the Frank Asquith born on 13/1/1897 in Thornhill, Dewsbury Yorkshire. Any information welcome.
red mail Morecome House
Does anyone have any information on a place called Morecome House, in Blackpool, which was a home for unwanted children in the 1930s 1940s.
red mail Jean Pendlebury
I am trying to trace Jean(nee Pendlebury) Daughter of the late Stanley Pendlebury. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Sincerely
red mail Parkinson/Leigh/Dawson
Everything about exploring my British family's history seems to be similar to peeling an onion. As soon as I think I have one layer sorted out, another mystery arises out of the next. One of the more mysterious aspects is that all the time I was growing up my mother talked about her sister Betty. I can't seem to find any information about Betty despite numerous Internet searches and letters to the Lancashire Council. My suspicion is that she was a foster child taken in by my grandmother. All of my British relatives are dead, so I'm finding it very difficult to construct my family tree that I so dearly want to pass onto my two children. If anyone on this message board could offer me any clues or answers, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.
red mail Margaret Parkinson
My Uncle Ted was born in 1903, preceding my mother's well-documented birth in 1922. This feels a bit unusual, but it is all I am able to find. I do have certified records of Ted marrying Lucy Jenks in 1935, but no certificates of divorce or death for Lucy. I believe my Uncle Ted (Theodore) married his second wire in 1948. I have wedding photos dated 1948, but can't seem to corroborate them with any marriage certificates. His second wife appears in the photos as Margaret. Any help unraveling this confusion, would be appreciated.
red mail Looking for family history
My mother, Florence Cecilia Parkinson, was born and raised in Blackpool. I'm looking for genealogical information about my maternal grandfather. On my mother's birth certificate her father's name is listed as Edward Francis Leigh and her mother as Florence Leigh (formerly Dawson). On her death certificate her father is listed as James Henry Parkinson and her mother as Florence Bruce. I have no idea what my grandmother's given name was. My mother came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1946 from Blackpool. She met my father, John Schuster, an American, when he was stationed at Squire's Gate airfield during WWII. In 1976, my career took me to California where I now live. My mother, Florence, was born February 1922 and died February 1988. Her sister, Irene was born born September 1924 and died October 1991. I don't have a lot of solid information about her brother, Ted. From what I've found online, I believe he was born June 1903 and died sometime in 1962. My wife and others have suggested that Ted, may in fact, be short for Edward or Edwin. I am terribly afraid that I've wasted a great deal of my time chasing dwn the wrong person. It always seemed odd that there was a nineteen year gap between the birth of my mother and her brother. My mother always referred to him as Ted, so I just assumed it was short for Theodore. All of this has led me to the decision to start the search for my mothers brother anew. This time I will begin the search looking for an Edward Parkinson and see if more plausible birth dates arise. Finally, there is her sister Betty, about whom I know almost nothing. The mystery of my British lineage is further complicated by the fact that my mother had two siblings each of whom had a different biological father. Her sister was named Irene and was married to Donald Stead. Her brother was named Ted (or Edward or Edwin). My mother and her siblings have all passed. Irene had one child, Susan, who died in 2002. I'd appreciate any help.
red mail Flight Sergeant Ronald Frederick Houghton
I am seeking to contact any living relatives, or friends of, Flight Sergeant Ronald Frederick Houghton, Service No. 1146101, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Born in 1921, the son of Frederick and Clara Houghton, and the husband of Betty Houghton, of Blackpool, Lancashire. He was the Wireless Operator, and Air Gunner, for the Nose Turret of the crew of a Halifax Bomber that was shot down on a "Special Operation" over the night of the 3rd/4th July 1944 in Yugoslavia. Their mission was to drop supplies to resistance group "Stojka" ("Jay" as in the bird), in Poland, and they were shot down before they got to their rendezvous. My cousin was the Dorsal Turret Gunner/Dispatcher on the same mission. There were no survivors. I am constructing a memorial, and would like to have a photo, and a short biography of, Flight Sergeant Houghton, for the memorial. Terry
red mail Talbot Road/Square
i come from a family called Talbot who are an old Blackpool family who were in the greengrocery trade and lived on High Street, i am trying to find out if Talbot Road and Talbot Square were named after them, if any one knows this information or can advise me where to look to obtain it i would be most grateful
red mail Thomas Calverley
Thomas and Martha (nee SMITH) CALVERLEY came to Blackpool from Bentham, Yorkshire, about 1911 with two young daughters Margaret and Agnes. We have found three more daughters (Annie, Mildred and Jenny) born in Blackpool, but wondered if there were more children. Thomas was a painter and decorator. Martha lived to be 102.
red mail Henry Etherington Doughty
I am researching Henry Etherington Doughty and his family. He was born in 1866 in New Holland, Lincs and was later a solicitor in Manchester. I believe he later lived in the Blackpool area and was still alive in 1945 but have been unable to trace where and when he died.
red mail Jean/Jeanne Bailey
I'm looking for my grandmother's twin sister, they're mother wasn't married, she was probably a maid for a rich family in Blackpool. She left them in an orphanige. They were born in 1916. I hope somebody can help me.
Stuart or Robert Taylor
Am seeking Stuart or Robert Taylor for photograph of their mother Jean Mcillravie. Many thanks.
red mail hatton
I am looking for the family of Maria Hatton b 1892 d 1974 (nee Johnson) she married John Parr in 1930.
red mail fletcher
I am hoping to trace any family of Gwendoline Bessie Fletcher b 1897 approx, she married Samuel Charles Murray b 1896 in 1922
searching for William Parr b 1896 he married agnes mulcaster in 1921 and had a son John henry in 1922. Williams brother harry married doris coulson. Williams sister mabel married richard william hardman.
red mail Charles Gardner
Looking for decendants of Charles Gardner born in St Helens in 1883 and married May Hill in Earlestown in 1913. They are believed to have had 2 sons Frederick (Freddy)and Allan (Alan)dates of birth unknown, and the family was livining in Blackpool in the 1940's
red mail Tower Balloom Dancers
I am told that the daughter of my Great Uncle was a dancer in the Tower Ballroom in the 1930s plus. Her name was Margaret Wagstaff; her father James Cyril; was born in 1894 in Hemsworth; Yorkshire. (he went by either Christian name) James managed a Pub or Club in the same town. Any help in tracing or finding information would be gratefully recieved. Anne, Australia
red mail George Albert Taylor, Evelyn Maude Taylor
Hi, I am looking for any information about George Albert Taylor and/ or his sister Evelyn Maude Taylor. Evelyn lived at 19 Leeds Rd, Blackpool until at least 1916, but the address was still mentioned on passenger lists until 1921. If anyone knows anything about either of these two I would really appreciate it. I am having problems finding death certs for either of them! Thanks Alison
red mail knight
Looking for information on Sharon Knight, born 1960 in Blackpool to Mary Nicholson? of Blackpool and Leonard Arthur Knight of Ealing in London
red mail Rachael Lewis, 6 Fleet Street, Blackpool, 1917
Looking for any information on Rachael Lewis, living at 6 Fleet Street, Blackpool in 1917. She had a daughter (May) and a son (Sydney) who may or may not have been living with her around this time. I believe her husband was called John and, again, he may or may not have been living with her. Any information, however small, would be extremely useful. Thank you.
red mail Baileys Farm
I am trying to find out more about Bailey's Farm I have seen it on a old map dated 1938 It was were Holy Family School is North shore Blackpool Any info will be helpfull Thanks Sandra
red mail Boarding house north Shore run by Wilson c1950
Any information about John or Annie or their son appreciated.
red mail John D.Vose
Does anyone know the wherabouts of this writer of repute. I would like to contact him by any means ie post , phone , email. I lived in the same area as him in the 1930s. Would like to reminice old times. Norman.
crabtree family of blackpool
I'm looking for distant relatives, my dads sister Mary/May Holdsworth married a Crawshaw Crabtree in Southport in 1907 they later lived in Blackpool and had 2 children Doreen born 1907 and Edward born 1915,Crawshaw was a music hall Artist I think they had a hotel or boarding house in Blackpool, if there is anyone who knows about the Crabtree family I'd like to hear from them regards Margaret
red mail Frank Peter Smith
Frank P, as my grandfather was called, lived in Blackpool until he passed away in 1970s(?) Two sons, Peter Bertram Smith, (otherwise known as Peter Bertram North) who was my father and Paul Griffiths (adopted) and Hazel Diane, his daughter. My mother's maiden name was Evelyn Louise Ashworth and she met and married my father Peter Smith in 1940. I know very little of my father's family. Could anyone help me?
red mail Sweet Shop near Central Pier late 1850's - Lees
My Grandpa William Walker born Oct 1895 lived in Blackpool from 1901 to 1910 approx. with his aunts Laura and Fanny Lees nee Walker who brought him up after the death of both his mother Sarah Jane and step mother Catherine nee Daly. The aunt's family lived initially in Bairstow Street and later in Central Drive. I am looking for proof of William being there and of the shop(s)existence. I need probably to consult the electoral rolls for the time but live in Bedfordshire. Any info would be brilliant. They allegedly had at least one shop near the central pier and possibly a second for fancy goods during that period. Abraham Lees Snr, Fanny's husband was then a tram line builder/worker of some sort. They were from Tong in Bradford West Riding of Yorkshire. William's dad was Isaac-Henry Walker.
red mail Edward Rifle Mann
Edward Mann drowned trying to save 2 holiday makers off Blackpool beach in the early 1880's. The people of Blackpool paid for a monument to be erected on his grave. Can anyone tell me in which churchyard the monument is situated please?
My Grandfather, Arthur Thomson, apparently lived in Blackpool, Lytham St Annes, Thornton, or Cleveleys in the 1950s / 1960s, with his common law wife, a Nurse or someone in the Medical profession apparently, and had 3 or 4 children. If anyone has any knowledge of this family I would be grateful if the would contact me as I am anxious to include them in my Family Genealogy
red mail lund comedy act
I am looking for any information relating to albert LUND and his wife clara mabel (nee TIMMINS). She was mainly known as Mabel. It is belived they worked as a comedy act in blackpool sometime before they died in 1934. I dont know if they had a stage name, but there act was something like a toy maker and his doll. Any info no matter how small would be fantastic as i dont know where else to look. Thanks
red mail james barnes
I am looking for a james barnes born approx 1909. He was asignal man in the army and i think came from the bury area but moved to blackpool. He had a sister called margo and his father was walter. If anyone has any info on this.
red mail Seeking ,Walter Townson, Susannah Schofield
Walter Townson born 1894, married Hilda (Lord/Entwistle)in 1925. Walter is the son of Walter Townson born 1860 and Nancy Thomber born 1862 Hilda's mother was living with them until her death in 1950..her name was Susannah Schofield. (Entwistle..nee Pilkington) She was born 1867 at Higher Booths. Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated Shelley
Henthorn family with Cross connections
I am interested to hear from anyone with a Annie Henthorn in their family. My mother Edith(Jones) nee Cross born 1920 had a brother Eric, their father was George Cross,wife Sarah Ethel nee( Hilton)They lived in Chadderton Oldham. His sister Annie married a ?Henthorn, their daughter was Annie They moved from Oldham to Blackpool last heard from them in the 1960's. Any relatives out there? Thanks
red mail Evaline May Brierly nee Lockwood
I am looking for marriage and death details for my Grandmothers sister. Evaline May Brierly was born in Jamaica in 1904, but the family lived in Blackpool. She was married before 1950 as she wrote a childrens book then under her married name. I believe that she had married and moved to London or the home counties, but I cannot find any marriage or her death details anywhere. I believe she died before 1954.
red mail red cott camp normoss avenue
Researching my family history, my grandfather GEORGE KAY lived and worked at RED COTT CAMPSITE, NORMOSS AVENUE, BLACKPOOL in the 1950's, he died in 1959 and his wife was called ELIZA. If anyone knows anything about these two or about the campsite please contact me, thanks
I am seeking information on Harriet Hannah Brown who was born in Failsworth, Lancashire in 1881. She was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth (nee Rowland) and William Smith Brown of Failsworth. In 1901, Harriet was listed as a domestic servant to Sarah and William Butterfield of 40 Lord Street, Blackpool. She died on October 25, 1918 at her mother's address - 14 Bryan Road, Blackpool. She was 37 years old, a spinster and domestic servant.
I am seeking information on Mary Emma Bailey born 1893 at Blackpool. She married John Rowland Speakman at All Saints Parish Church, Blackpool on September 16, 1915. She was the daughter of John Bailey, a blacksmith striker and lived at 160 Central Drive, Blackpool in 1915. An Annie Bailey was a witness at the wedding.
I am seeking information on John Rowland Speakman born 1891, Failsworth, Lancashire. In 1901, he was a bookbinder, living at 14 Bryan Road, Blackpool. He married Mary Emma Bailey at All Saints, Blackpool on September 16, 1915. Mary Emma was the daughter of John Bailey a blacksmith striker, and lived at 160 Central Drive, Blackpool. She was born in 1893.
red mail KEY - BLACKPOOL
I am seeking information on Dorothy Key, daughter of William Key, living at 'Ainslie', Seafield Road, Blackpool. Dorothy married Harold Speakman (born 1894, Failsworth, Lancashire) at St John's Parish Church, Blackpool on August 11, 1920. Harold was 26 years, a baker and confectioner. He was the son of Sarah Elizabeth and Richard Speakman, and lived at 14 Bryan Road, Blackpool at the time of the marriage.
I am seeking information on Sarah Elizabeth Speakman who died at 14 Bryan Road, Blackpool on November 1, 1939 aged 86. She was the widow of Richard Speakman and moved to Blackpool from Failsworth, Lancashire prior to 1901. She had two sons from her marriage to Richard - John Rowland Speakman born 1891 in Failsworth and Harold Speakman, born 1894 in Failsworth. Harold married Dorothy Key in 1920 at St John's Parish Church, Blackpool. Dorothy was the daughter of William Key, of 'Ainslee', Seafield Road, Blackpool.
Hi my granmother Hannah Christianna Green worked for the BROOKES photographers and when her daughter Louisa got married in 1910 to Arthur Gorton the witness names were Joshua and Minnie Louisa Brookes marriage took place in Reddish Manchester...she had worked for the firm in their BLACKPOOL shop they did have others in Manchester
red mail Atkinson family in Blackpool, Lancs
I am looking for any relatives of Richard Atkinson who was born at Glenroyd Hospital in 1922. His mother's name was Amy Taylor and she was from Castleford in Yorkshire. She ran a boarding house on Charles Street in Blackpool until her death. She married Edward Atkinson (aka Ted). Diana
Florence Meachem (b.1880, Tettenhall, Staffordshire) married Asdik (or Astik) Bohjalian (an Armenian, b. 1876, Fursul, Turkish Ottoman Empire) @ the Blackpool Baptist Tabernacle in 1906. She was living @ Charnley Road, Blackpool - probably as a domestic servant. Asdik appears in the 1901 census for Leeds & by 1906 his address was Foxhall Road, Blackpool. When he died @ Fairfield hospital in 1919, he was living @ Balmoral Road, Fairfield, without Florence. At that time he had an oriental goods shop @ The Arcade, Lord Street, Liverpool. Would be grateful for any info on (a) whereabouts of Florence after marriage in 1906, as well as (b) burial place of Asdik (Manchester Armenian Church & St. Dunstan's, to which he bequeathed some money, have no info on him).
red mail Fairclough
I am looking for any information on a James fairclough and his family (wife Ellen Sykes) james was born in 1801 in Hardhorn and was a farmer and also Baptist Minister at Reads Avenue Baptist church Blackpool. any information on either the family or the church greatly appreciated
red mail ..?Brandon Manor, Blackpool
I have a photograph of two ladies taken outside this boarding house. It was owned, I think, by a Palmer in the 1920s to 40s. If anyone has any information about this place I would be very grateful as she is proving to be very elusive. The name is only partly shown and may not be quite that I've given. The address may have been Caunce Street or Wallburgas Road - they are both given on a death certificate.
red mail fozzard-mary roberts
looking for mary roberts,daughter of ARTHUR who married Ken SMITH,brought up by florrie FOZZARD, who had a boarding house nr Derby Baths. Ken was a well known swimmer. Mary would be born around 1941,she is my father's cousin and we lost touch about 30 years ago.
Joseph Collier.
Seeking in formation on a Joe Collier b1914 the son of John & Matilda Collier (nee Purcell) beleived to have moved to Blackpool to work in Hotel trade; Later on possibly have become a licencee of a pub in the town. Brother was Richard(Dick)and Sister Alice. Also stepbrother Louis George. Would be pleased to receive any links as I am linked with the Purcell family and have quite a lot of info. on this line Any of this I would be pleased to pass on
Elizabeth Cheadle
Looking for any information about sisters Elizabeth Cheadle and Emma Snape who lived at 30 Portland Road, Blackpool 1941-2.
red mail Klar, Lily
Looking for a Aunt who died 1970. She aparently lived in lytham st annes for a time also Blackpool
red mail Jones
I am looking for Robert and Margaret they lived in Blackpool around 1880. They had 6 children Alfred, William, Robert, Frances, Frederick, and Emma. Frances was my Grandma.Robert was born in Shropshire,Margaret? in LIverpool.
red mail Neilson or Nelson
NELSON/NEILSON Looking for GEORGE Dental Technician and his wife SOPHIA,relatives of their son LIONEL they lived in Blackpool in the 1940's and beyond.
red mail Cyril Craven - Actor
Looking for information on Cyril Craven (born abt.1870) who was an actor. He was working in Blackpool around 1929 - 1930.
red mail Atlantic Hotel, Blackpool
Am I right? I am sure we stayed at the Atlantic Hotel in Blackpool whenI was a child, in the mid 1950s and it was run or owned by someone called Harry Ashton. I know it is 50+ years ago, but I would just like to know if I have dreamt up this name or whether, in fact, I am correct.
red mail Joan and tommy Higgs
Looking for info on A JOAN and TOMMY Higgs Tommy had a garage and Joans D.O.B was 1920 They had a daughter named PAMILA and she married a chap Surname GLEGG OR GLEGGET not sure of the spelling there hope somone can help
Tower dancers
Does any one have information about dancers in the tower ballroom; I am told that one of my relatives (Margaret Wagstaff) was a dancer in the tower shows in the 1930s. Any help with this long standing mystery would be welcome. Annie
red mail STEEDEN - family of Victor
We are searching for Vicky and Lee Steeden, in the Blackpool and Preston areas.
red mail Corless: Blackpool Coaches
I amtrying to find information about William Corless who came from Oldham and who lived in Blackpool in 1915. He started the Coliseum Garage and ran coach trips to London. Some trips were for the benefit of wounded soldiers from the South Shore camp.
red mail catchpole
I am searching for any infomation on the catchpole family, i only know my granparents names, Hannah ang reginald, they lived in blackpool lancashire, they had two sons Roland and frederick and a daughter dorethy, if anyone has any info i will be so very grateful
red mail Batty family, Blackpool
Richard Henry Batty and wife Barbara Hannah plus daughter Mabel lived at or near Blackpool in 1919 Mabel was born around 1900. Any info?
red mail Bentley, Oscar
I am the great granddaughter of Oscar Bentley born in 1887 and married to Beatrice. They had four children Oscar, Cyril, Zena and Roderick. I am the granddaughter of Roderick. Roderick married Rose Horner in 1939 in Blackpool. They had two children Ronald and Carole. They moved to Canada in 1857. Both have since passed on and are survived by their children, four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren (to date). I would like to hear from anyone related to this family line.
red mail Green Binns
Looking for marriage of Green + Binns,Have found a Harry Green born 1911 Blackpool, mums maiden name Binns, same parents to son Jack born 1906. Or anyone with these names in their tree.Thanks Tina
red mail Entwistle
Trying to find details of my mother Elsie Entwistle.maiden name Leach.Father John William Leach, mother Mary Hannah. I cannot find her birth anywhere.Marriage certificate in 1924 gives age at 22.Have tried going earlier and later but no luck.Any help would be appreciated.
red mail 7 station Road, South Shore
These two people, Middleton and Crewdson, shared this shop in 1903 to 1905. Does anyone know what happened to them.
red mail Fredrick Sydney Raymond
I am searching for information on Fredrick Sydney Raymond. Born in late 1800's. In Blackpool. Twin brother Lesley, and father Christopher. His mother and brother an himself left to New York in early 1900's. He met and married Elizabeth Dunne and settled in Peterborough Ontario Canada.
red mail Cynthia pollard
Father Reginald pollard. Cynthia married a Norwegian and moved to Norway then South Africa. She has a sister Valerie
red mail pollard
vincent pollard, had a fishmongers. Lived in waterloo rd, south shore. His son reginald born in 1899
red mail HARWOOD
Trying to contact a member of the Harwood family who knows a Harwood who married Gertrude May Minchin in 1955 and she died in 1956 and possibly left a daughter with her husband. He is supposed to moved to Blackpool from Birmingham. Anyone with any information I would dearly love to hear from you. Regards Angela.
red mail Davies
John Henry Davies was my great grandad. In 1901 he lived with his father and mother Robert and Lydia Davies in Blackpool. They had a couple of lodging houses, one in Vance Road. He moved to Leeds about 1907, but his parents (and siblings?) stayed in Blackpool.Our family do not know any of our Davies relatives. Looking to find some! Also looking for info on Robert Davies (JH's dad).
Blackpool Church 1935
I hope someone can help. I am researching a family tragedy that happened in Blackpool in 1935. I would like to find a church that was mentioned, but only have the following information: "Walk along the Front until you nearly reach the Pleasure Beach. In a side road is a little church - you can see it from the Prom." Does this mean anything to anyone? Does anyone have a photo of the church if it is no longer there? Thank you.
red mail Threfall
Nora Trefall nee Chadwick. Daughters Pamela, born 1928; Greta marr,a ? Massey; and Joyce.
red mail Chadwick, Addison, Threfall, Harris, Massey
Edward Chadwick marr. Elizabeth Watson. Daughters - Edith marr.Bill Addison (son Jack); Nora marr.William Threefall (daughters Greta marr.? Massey,Pamela & Joyce). Frances marr. Willian Harris. More information please.............
red mail Watson, Chadwick
Harriet Sandford Watson, A Ridgemont School Head Mistress; lived 8 Manton Drive,Blackpool, died 1954. Younger Sister Elizabeth (born 1863) married an Edward Chadwick (4 Children)lived Blackpool. Any information appreciated
red mail PELHAM MOUNT CLUB, Blackpool
I am looking for any information regarding Pelham Mount Club in Park Road, where I lived in 1939. My parents, JACK and MABEL GORE, were the stewards there.

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