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Lahert/Costello - (Ballycallan, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any one who may have a connection to John (possbly Jhon) born 1906 in Reisk/Ballycallan area of Kilkenny. Father Patrick, Mother Margaret (was Costello) had two other children who sadly died in infancy. Margaret also died young in 1910, John and his father are shown in the 1911 census of Ireland living in Reisk with Patricks father in law James Costello.
red mail Ballygub, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland - (Ballygub - County Kilkenny)
Looking for more information in regards to ancestry. My GGG Grandparents were Mary O'Keeffe born in 1775. Died 10-04-1849 in Cluen Cemetry, Ballygub. Mary married Michael O'Keeffe born 1786 in Ballygub Inistiogue Co. Kilkenny. Died 02-05-1857 in Ballygub, buried in Cluen Cemetry. They had three children - Thomas O'Keeffe, Christina O'Keeffe and Mary St. Ledger or Leister nee O'Keeffe. Christina born in Ballygub but died in USA. My Grand Mother was Margaret Cummins and she married Michael Grace, Charlefield, The Rower, Co. Kilkenny. If you know of any connection please email me.
red mail Ballyhale/Bardon/Barden - (Ballyhale, Baile Heil - County Kilkenny)
Ancestors were from the Ballyhale area of Kilkenny, John and James Bardon (en). Most immigrated to Quebec in early 1830s. Some remained in Kilkenny. Would like to connect to anyone with information about Bardon or Barden from Kilkenny.
red mail Richard Connors Ballyhale - (Ballyhale, Baile Heil - County Kilkenny)
Searching for birth and marriage records for Richard Connors born 1829 to John Connors and Bridget Reid / Reed. Richard married Mary Dunne in Ballyhale in 1852 and they emigrated to Australia in 1855 with their baby son John born 1854.
red mail John Dunn - (Ballyhale, Baile Heil - County Kilkenny)
Searching for details of parents of John Dunn baptised in Ballyhale in 1868. Father Martin Dunn and mother Bridget (maiden name unknown.)
Dalton - (Ballykeefe Cross Roads - County Kilkenny)
Lookiing for relation of Patrick Dalton born Kyle Ballykeefe 1870s, father Phillip married to Kitty O'Shea (possibly Margaret Shea) children James Michael Thomas and Edmond. Michael married a Miss Brunton of Kilkenny City and had a son Dennis who became a priest and a daughter- name not known.Possibly emigrated to Australia early 1900s. Thomas also went to Australia early 1900s possibly with Michael. Edmond married Alice Townsend and lived in Whitesland Callan. Edmond might have managed dairy in Callan.
red mail Blake family, Ballynamona - (Ballynamona - County Kilkenny)
Researching the BLAKE family, Andrew Blake, James Blake et al of Ballynamona, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. They lived in the house called Ballinamona mid 1800s. Andrew Blake was married to Mary GALWAY. His son James married Cornelia RONAYNE. Another son John married Adelaide POWER of Faithlegg (Waterford).
red mail Mount Eland - (Ballyragget, Beal Atha Ragad - County Kilkenny)
Mount Eland is the name of the estate just outside of Ballyragget where my ancestors, the Mossom family, resided from the middle 17th century till around 1870. The Mossom's were MP's representing Kilkenny in the Irish Government prior to 1800. One of the Mossom daughters married a Montmorency and they resided there till the earl 1900's. The house and grounds were still intact when I visited in 2007.
red mail Denis Ryan/Catherine Farrell - (Ballytobin, Ballytobin House, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Denis Ryan of the townland of Monassa in the civil parish of Ballytobin, Co Kilkenny, married Catherine Farrell in the Dunamaggin Catholic Church 13 Feb 1831. Known children were Michael, 1833, Ellen, 1836, Mary, 1838, John, 1841, Thomas, 1847 and Kitty, 1850. John was my g-grandfather and migrated to Mackay, Queensland, Australia in 1862. He married Mary Anne Martin, born 1849, from Loughrea, Co Galway, in Mackay in 1867. Would love to hear from any descendents of these families.
red mail lost family in ireland - (Baurnafea - County Kilkenny)
william wixted was in the british army,and the r.i.c.married rose murphy in about 1888,they lived in kilkenny,and roscommon,had 5 children,one thomas wixted lived in wicklow and was a policeman.the others lived in kilkenny.
red mail Michael Butler of Blackwell Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny - (Bennettsbridge, Droichead Bineid - County Kilkenny)
Looking for ancestors of Michael J. Butler, who emigrated to the United States in 1846 and settled in Newport, Rhode Island. Michael is my great-great grandfather. Michael wrote poetry including remembrances of Bennettsbridge, recorded in a pamphlet still held in my family. He was apparently from Blackwell Bennettsbridge. Among siblings may have been a Mary Butler Murphy who had several children. She remained in Ireland. Thank you.
red mail John Shortall - (Bennettsbridge, Droichead Bineid - County Kilkenny)
I am trying to find a birth record for John Shortall born sometime between 1850 and 1870. Father's name was Nicholas Shortall and mother was Anastasia Roache. I also have infomation from another source that he had a first cousin named Ellen Drew from BennettsBridge.
red mail McCarthy Doolen - (Bennettsbridge, Droichead Bineid - County Kilkenny)
Looking for James & Mary (nee Doolen) McCarthy. Born around 1800. Daughter Brigid came to Australia circa 1860. then Married John Cairns. Was English illiterate born circa 1842. Have found various spellings of surname on different certificates. Carty, Carthy, McLuthy and McCarthy but feel that McCarthy is right one.
Michael O'Neil Hanora (Moore)O'Neil - (Brittas Cross Roads - County Kilkenny)
I am searching for the townland in Ireland of my great great grands. They were Michael O'Neil b-1801 and Hanora,his wife born 1803(or '08). She was he daughtr of Thomas and Hanora Moore and she left writings which said she was from Kilkenny. These people left Ireland in 1849/50 for Canada, were in the Ottawa area 3 years then went to New York and settled in Lewis County where they lived and died. Several (6) children came with them, 2 were born in Canada and several more were born in USA. They were farmers here in the states. Any information will be appreciated and info resulting in an absolute match will be rewarded. Thank You..Francis. I'm going to Ireland in Spring of '07 and would like to visit where they lived there.
red mail Martin Dolan-Newlands, Kilkenny - (Burnchurch House,Viper and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for family of Martin Dolan b.1823. Had sister Catherine. Emigrated to Canada circa 1850. Married Honora Fitzmorris b. 1834 before going to Can.
walton Cappahayden district - (Cappahayden - County Kilkenny)
Looking for connections to Thomas Dalton born 1810 at Damma Upper Co Kilkenny.I beleive-although i am not certain- he may have been related to a Matthew Walton who married Mary Grace early 1840s. Thomas daughter Johannah born 1840 married Patrick Dalton 1865 Ballycallan district. Matthew and Mary children where Mary born 1846 Pierse born 1848 Thomas born 1850 Patrick born 1852 Edward born 1856 Anastasia born 1857 (Thomas Walton a sponsor) Johannah born 1859 and James born 1861 all Cappahayden County Kilkenny.
red mail Quinn Family - (Carrigeen - County Kilkenny)
Hi, My great grandmother, Catherine Quinn, was born at Carrigeen near Johnswell just north of Kilkenny city, in 1843. Her parents were Thomas Quinn and Judy Carrigan who were married there in 1839. Catherine came to Australia in 1861. The other family members were, Bridget, Phillip, James, Michael and possible a Thomas. Any one with a connection to this family.?
red mail Mary Manning - (Castlekelly Cross Roads - County Kilkenny)
Mary, maiden name unknown, was born at CastleKelly around 1786,and married Thomas Manning from Thomastown, Kilkenny, ? where, before moving to Warwickshire by 1816. She died 11 Apr 1876 age 80!!
red mail Finding Hennellys - (Castletown - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any Hennellys. My GGGrandad was Patrick Hennelly a Farmer dob aprox 1819 . Any info would be great June.
red mail Broderick family - (Clomantagh, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
James Broderick born 1813 son of Martin Broderick
red mail Murphy - (Coan - County Kilkenny)
Jane Murphy (1827-1913) daughter of James Murphy and Eliza Makin of Carlow. Married Robert Bryan at Coan in 1852 and emigrated to Victoria Australia in 1862. Her younger brother Edward (1838-1896) joined them a year later.
red mail Griffith Family in Coolcullen - (Coolcullen - County Kilkenny)
I have a record that is dated 1817 called "Mothell Families Desiring to Leave to Go to Upper Canada. Iy list the following names: Coolcullen 1. GRIFFITH, Widow, Lewis, Elizabeth?, Jane1, Catherine, James, Jane2 , Mary, 2. GRIFFITH, Richard, Sarah, William, John, Lewis, Richard 3. PRESCOTT, Richard, Mary, Lewis 4. JAMES, Thomas, ?, Anne, Catherine, Jacob, Thomas, religion RC 5. PIELOW, name missing, Sally, Dinah, Elizabeth 6. SMYTH, John, Molly, Mary, Sally 7. KIRFOOT, William , Elizabeth, Jane, Thomas, Samuel, Eliza, (this KERFOOT family settled Con 4 lot 25 Beckwith Twp. Lanark Co. 8. GRIFFITH, Henry, Catherine 9. LETT, John, --olly, Martha, 3 more unscrambled names,( this family was one to move with some of the Willoughbys to Lambton Co.) 10. STONE, William, Susanne, John, Eliza, Jane, William , George, 11. FLEMING, John, Betty, Jane, William ,Richard, Dorah, 12. WARD, John, Anne, Ellen, Mary died, 13. WARD, Luke, Betty, Richard, John Anne, 14. GORDON, Samuel, Mary, John, Samuel, 15. KIERFOOT, George Senior, Jane, Jane Foxstone servant,( George KERFOOT was known to come but died at Nepean’s Point 1819 before rest got to Beckwith) 16. MORRIS, Joseph, Sarah, Susan, Jane, James, Mary, 17. MORRIS, William, Jane, Henry, James Mary, Joseph? Betty?, Jane, Ellen, 18. WILLOUGHBY, George, Anne, (nee Kerfoot), MaryAnn, Peggy, Alley, William, Thomas, Richard (I descend from Mary Ann) 19. GRIFFITH, John, Mary, Betty, Sally, Anne, Peggy, Jane, May, John, Betty Gregg= servant 20. Missing 21. PENDER, Widow, Mary, Samuel, John, Mary Langford=servant 22. LANGFORD, Widow died Oct. 1817, George, Sally Joseph, William, Richard, 23. STACEY/ STEACY William, Allie/Sally/Alice, Sally, Joseph, Annie, Betty, Jane, 24. BRADLEY Samuel, Betty, Isaac, John, (Samuel will be related to the Kerfoots via Wm’s wife Elizabeth. Records indicate she was Elizabeth Bradley, the widow Wilson before her marriage to Wm Kerfoot. Sam might be a son of Eliz) 25. BASSETT, Edward, Mary, John, Peggy, Thomas, William, Edward? Bassett? Michael Leach/Leech apprentice, Sally Bradley, gone to America 1817, family emigrated to America, probably Canada in 1817, 26. BRADLEY William, ..ea perhaps Jane Shea noted in burial Register Mothel ,Shea Bradley Coolcullen died of fever Oct 12th buried Coolcullen, ..illy, Betty, Henry, John, Alley, Thomas, Samuel, 27. SCARF James Anne, Enoch, Joseph, John, Becham,(Scarfs are found throughout Carleton Co. Scarf family is being traced by Barbara Hadden) 28. RATHWILE/ Rathwell/Rothwell, Edward, Jane and Jane FENNEL(Rothwell is the spelling used in the Tithe applotment book 1824 for Prospect church Coolcullen. Ireland and in land records for Con 4 lot 26 Beckwith Twp.1880) 29. ROSE Widow, Joseph, Betty, James, and James servant 30. KEAYS/ KEYES/ Keys Thomas, Mary, Mary left 1818 ,Mary Married William ??, William left 1818 William married Mary??, Jane, Mary or May, Elizabeth, Richard 31. KIERFOOT/KERFOOT George, Deborah, William, 32. EUSTACE William, Catherine, left 1817 33. GARLAND Thomas, Jane, Elizabeth, Thomas, Nicholas, Anne 34. ALCOCK, Thomas, Dorah, Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Francis (Alcocks settled near Kerfoots on Con 4 at Prospect, Beckwith Twp. Peter Light is tracing some of these) 35. TRISTRASSE??, Thomas, Catherine, Patrick, Mary, Thomas, Adam, family left 1817 36. SHIRLEY Basil, Jane, Ellen Morris servant (see families 16 & 17 Shirleys married into Willoughby, some Shirleys stayed in Ireland)
red mail Griffith Coolcullen - (Coolcullen - County Kilkenny)
I would like to contact any Griffith family who cam from coolcullen. Trying to complete a family tree project.
red mail Stapleton in Corbetstown - (Corbetstown - County Kilkenny)
Recently begun researching my wife's mother's family, Stapleton. Maire Stapleton was born in 1919 and married Anthony Vincent John Brennan, whose father, John Brennan was also from County Kilkenny.
Walton - (Damma - County Kilkenny)
Lookong for relations of Thomas Walton BORN C1810 Damma Upper. Daughter Johannah born 1840, married Patrick Dalton Ballycallan 1865.
red mail Corcoran family - (Danesfort, Danesfort House, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
My Gr'grandfather Nicholas Corcoran baptised 12th Jan 1841 Danesfort Catholic Church Cuffes Grange Kilkenny (son of Michael Corcoran and Mary Walsh) married Joanna Bradbury Ipswich Qld 1933 (11 ch,incl 2 died infancy) Siblings James (born 1849/50 m Margaret)living in Stoneyford 1920 & Thomastown 1925; Margaret also stayed in area(died 20th Dec 1924 adged 66); Kate (m Martin Denison ( he died 8th Jan 1920 aged 60) again stayed in area. They had 2 daughters (who both married); Bridget who came to Australia and Patrick who went to America as a Policeman. I think there may also have been an Ellen. I am visiting Ireland in June and would dearly love to make contact with relatives or have information from anyone else pursuing this family tree. Mary, Australia
red mail Michael Walsh Welsh born Danesfort Kilkenny circa 1829 - (Danesfort, Danesfort House, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
My ancestors parents were Michael or John Welsh or Walsh and Ellen Carroll born Danesfort Kilkenny (on his death certif age 48 1877 in Rushworth Victoria Australia.) circa 1829 Michael joined the 11th regiment 24th Feb 1844 said age 21 yr 8months which would put his birth 1827.He deserted 7 Oct 1848 in South Australia to marry Judith Mulvhille (b Galway) Would love to be able to find his parents or siblings have alway come to a standstill in every avenue I have persued any help would be appreciated Regards from down under Trish
Sliney, Mary - (Dungarvan, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
I am looking for information about my Great Grandmother, Mary Sliney. She listed her home town as Dungarvan. She went to America and Married Andrew Cochran and lived in Meriden, CT, USA. They were married Nov. 9, 1870 and later had two children. William Cochran, and Andrew Cochran. Thanks for your help. Howard
red mail William Connor and Johanna Travers - (Dungarvan, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Anyone with information on this couple. Their daughter was Mary Connor(s) who was born around 1851 in Dungarvin (I hope). William and Johanna were married on 2 Aug 1856 at Ossory. Hope to find out more about them. Thanks, from Perth Australia.
red mail Mary Anne Floyd and Samuel Jason Flewellen - (Ferrybank - County Kilkenny)
I am looking for information about the ancestors of Mary Anne and Samuel Flewellyn who were married in Waterford in 1874. Mary Anne, Samuel's first wife, died following the birth of their son Thomas William Flewellen in April 1875, and is buried at the Abbey at Kilculliheen, Ferrybank. Perhaps Mary Anne's son and other members of her family and possibly Samuel's are also buried there. Samuel's father was probably Thomas. Any relevant information would be appreciated.
red mail Boyle Mary - (Ferrybank - County Kilkenny)
I am trying to trace my maternal grandmother Mary Boyle nee Power who had 16 children and lived in Waterford from 1887 - 1947. She was married to Philip Boyle who ran a taxi Cab business, he died around 1908.
red mail Flood Hall - (Flood Hall - County Kilkenny)
My grandfather Joseph Basil Cummins, son of Laurence Cummins b. 1846 and Maria Brannock Cummins b.1854, was born in Flood Hall which is between Stoneyford and Knocktopher around 1881. They left Ireland in 1883 for New York. I am putting together the family tree. Anybody that knows some of the Cummins who live in the vicinity of Thomastown and Kilkenny or their history, let me know. I would appreciate that. I would be very happy to share any information I have, too. Peace.
red mail Kilkenny Cuddihy's - (Garryduff - County Kilkenny)
Researching from Australia. Andrew Cuddihy (b May 1835) son of Richard Cuddihy and Johanna Welsh. Married Elizabeth Carroll in Australia. She (b Mar 1842) daughter of James Carroll and Margaret Power. Cuddihy is from the Garryduff, Parish Templeorum, Kilkenny area. Looking to research Cuddihy back through him.
red mail Thomas and ? (Malone) Doherty descendents - (Glenmore, An Gleann Mor - County Kilkenny)
Looking for Doherty family farm since 1780 and descendents of Thomas and wife (Malone). He had two sons John (married Bridget Walsh 1836), Edward b. 1814? married Catherine Walsh in 1842 at St. James Church and their son Michael b. 1844 married Elizabeth (Murphy) from County Wexford. Michael and Elizabeth were my great-great grandparents.
red mail Richard Walsh - (Glenmore, An Gleann Mor - County Kilkenny)
Looking for Richard Walsh family land and descendants. Daughter Catherine married Edward Doherty at St. James church in 1842. They were my great, great, great grandparents.
red mail Hickey-Sheehan Family - (Goresbridge, An Droichead Nua - County Kilkenny)
Looking for details of Michael Vincent Hickey born 1919 the son of Annie Hickey. She later married James Sheehan and had three further children. Previously she had Eileen Hickey born 1910. All children baptised in Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Goresbridge, County Kilkenny. They lived at Barrowmount.
red mail Brennan - (Goresbridge, An Droichead Nua - County Kilkenny)
Looking for information on my Grandmother Alice Brennan c1898. She had an older brother John Brennan they both moved to England John returned to Ireland (1950's) and died there. Johns birth place is listed as Barraghcore, Coverbridge. Thanks
red mail Loughlin of Gowran Kilkenny to Australia - (Gowran - County Kilkenny)
Tracing the Loughlin family who immigrated from Kilkenny to Australia in the early 1850s. Patrick Loughlin (farmer) married Sarah McDonnell or McDonald- children Edmund b 1932, Patrick b.1833, Mary b. 1835, John b. 1840, Bridget b. 1845, George b. 1850 at Gowran Kilkenny. Edmund, Patrick & George all came to Victoria Australia. I think others also came.
Doyle - (Gowran, Gabhran, Castle, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for Kathleen Doyle born 31.03.1930 was in England around 1960s Bridget
red mail BERGIN/BARGIN/BERRIGAN, Bridget - (Gowran, Gabhran, Castle, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
born abt.1835 Gowran, Kilkenny. Died 1902 in Paterson NSW. Married David Dunning 1856 in Maitland NSW. Emigrated 1853 on "Telegraph". Seeking parents possibly John and Alice.
red mail CUTHBERT - (Gowran, Gabhran, Castle, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any data on the CUTHBERT family, esp in Ireland, Scotland, or UK.
red mail kelly and murphy - (Gowran, Gabhran, Castle, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Am looking for help to find out about my great grand mothers family,she was born here in Australia in 1842,Ellen Mary Kelly. Her mother Mary (Nolan) and father Michael arrived here in 1839 on the Andromache they had a daughter Maria 6 months old with them.Their travel papers state that he was 29, from Gowran Kilkenny the son of Michael and Mary. She was 25 the daughter of John Nolan and Mary Murphy.Ellen Kelly married a Master Mariner, John Charles Bennett in 1864 in Sydney.If nobody is reseaching this family would someone be so kind and tell me how I research for them on the WWW from this side of the world please.
Coolapogue Co Kilkenny - (Grange, Cuffes Grange - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any one who may have information about a village called Coolapogue Cuffesgrange Co Kilkenny.My wifes relations resided there 1870s. Dalton and Dowling are names connected with the family all farmers by profession.Any help greatfully received.
red mail Annie SHEEHAN b. abt 1829 - (Johnstown, Baile Sheain - County Kilkenny)
Annie SHEEHAN/SHEHAN came to Victoria,Australia(don't know when), married William Henry Brock, Ballarat, 1860. Parents listed as Patrick Sheehan and Maria (maiden name not listed). I would appreciate any information Stephanie
red mail Mary Whelan daughter of James and Eliza - (Johnstown, Baile Sheain - County Kilkenny)
Looking for anyone descended from Mary Whelan born about 1883 Johnstown Kilkenny Ireland. Her father was James Whelan b 1837 and her Mother was Eliza Grady b abt 1861. We believe Mary went to England and married there. I am descended from Mary's sister Ellen who came to Australia.
red mail Johnswell, Ossoryhill - (Johnswell - County Kilkenny)
Hi! I am looking for the birth and/or death record of my gr grandfather EDWARD GRIFFITH. From census records I know he was born about 1851. He married 12 May 1885 in the Church of Ireland, Old Leighlin Cathedral in Co. Carlow to ANNIE HAYES. Marriage record states his father's name was JOHN GRIFFITH. A JAMES GRIFFITH was a witness to the marriage, his brother perhaps?? His mother's name was not mentioned. EDWARD GRIFFITH died in 1916, I believe in Johnswell as that is where they lived. My grandmother ELIZABETH HAYES GRIFFITH and her five sisters immigrated to Ontario, Canada in the 1920's. Their brother RICHARD GRIFFITH stayed behind in Ireland with their mother. I have been searching every avenue and record I can think of since 1992 and have not been able to find a record of EDWARD anywhere except for the 1901 and 1911 census and I was sent a copy of the marriage record. Granny's brother RICHARD GRIFFITH born circa 1888 married MARY CASE. ANY help will be greatly appreciated!! If you are related to me or even just interested in this GRIFFITH family I can and will give you the families on the Canada side.
red mail Thomas Dunne & Mary Egan from Johnswell - (Johnswell - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any information on the family of Thomas Dunne and Mary Egan who were married Dec 1, 1817. Thomas is listed as being from Carigeen. They had nine children James C, Michael John, Patrick, Thomas, John, Catherine, Mary, Richard and Laurence. James C married Ellen Croak, both from Ballasalagh, on 2 Nov. 1846 and emigrated to Newport, Vt. USA in 1848. His brother Thomas emigrated with Ellen and her daughter in 1849. According to baptism records for Thomas, John, Mary, and Catherine they lived in Kilderry and they lived in Johnswell for the remainder of the baptisms. All the children emigrated to the US at unknown dates. It is know that Mary Eagan emigrated to Canada according to a bible entry. It is unknown if Thomas emigrated. Ellen Croak was the daughter of John Croak and Bridget Coogan. She was baptized 28 Oct 1828 in St. John's Parish. We have extensive information on all these people in the US and Canada and would like to find more about the family in St. John's Parish, Kilkenny.
red mail Glass- Mullen - (Kells, Ceanannas, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Phoebe Glass born abt 1800 married Michael Mullen settled in Nottingham abt 1840. Also Mary Glass born early 1800 married Patrick Caffrey also settled in Nottingham
red mail Phelan - (Kellsgrange - County Kilkenny)
Looking for information on the family of Luke Phelan wife Mary Raggett?? of Kells, Kilkenny. Two sons Michael William Phelan and James Phelan came to Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada around 1842.
red mail Dunsmuir/Dinsmore & Smith - (Killaloe, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Hi, trying to trace my ancestors in ?Killalae?/Killaloe (spellings vary depending on the document you look at, and for the same reason, I'm uncertain if it's in the county of Kilkenny or Clare). Margaret Dunsmuir/Dinsmore (dau of William)married Patrick Smith 28 Aug 1851 in Killala/o/e. Margt & Patrick moved to Dalry, Ayrshire. Thanks
red mail Currah Hill in Kilmaganny - (Kilmaganny, Cill Mogeanna, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
I am searching for information regarding the 'Cooke' family who lived in Currah Hill aroung 1920. Patrick and I think Joanna Cooke married and had 11 children, the youngest was my mother Margaret. Does any one remember them?
Hoyne, Campion - (Kilmanagh - County Kilkenny)
Thomas Hoyne born Kilmanagh Kilkenny. Occupation: Farmer.Marriage: to Mary Campion. Thomas had a brother Valentine. Known issue: John 1825, William 1829, Jeremiah. John became a priest, William went to Australia. Any information on the family appreciated.
kyle kilmanagh co Kilkenny - (Kilmanagh, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any one who may have information on Kyle Kilmahnagh Co Kilkenny.My wifes family (Dalton) came from that area in the 1870s - farmers by profession. Bridget Dalton married Edmond Dowling 1874 in Ballycallan no children. Philip Dalton who married Kitty (possibly Margaret) O,Shea (possibly Shea) and had James,Michael Thomas and Edmond. She also had a sister Margaret Dalton who married James Nugent and had children James who married Bridget Hearns,Michael, James, Hannah who married John Hartley and resided at THE FOX COVERT (public house)? Desart Cuffesgrange and Mary who married Michael Clancey who resided near Ballingarry Co Tipperary. Bridget Nugent nee Hearns, James Nugent, Michael Nugent, Hannah Hartley where still alive in the late 1930s according to a will in my possession.
DULLARD - (Kilmanagh, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any information with regards to the DULLARD famliy, father Patrick, mother Margaret nee Dunne, children Bridget,Patrick,Mary Ann, and Nora. Mary Ann married and had six children and resided Thomastown,Bridget married Philip Dalton about 1910. Dullard family in Riesk according to the 1901 and 1911 census of Ireland.
red mail BREEN / CASSIN - (Knocktopher, Cnoc an Tochair, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
red mail Kearney - (Knocktopher, Cnoc an Tochair, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Thomas Kearney born to Anne Kearney in 1867. Place of birth as Flood Hall. registered in Knocktopher. Present at birth a Catherine Kearney. Would dearly love info on the Anne or Catherine as mentioned. Thanks. Eric.
red mail milltown kilkenny - (Milltown - County Kilkenny)
are there any people out there who may be looking for information about milltown co. kilkenny and the quinns who lived there.and i am looking for info on the fitzpatricks of mallardstown just outside callan
red mail Patrick Brennan - (Muckalee, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Son of Michael and Catherine Brennan,who married Judith Dunn,daughter of Edward and Mary Dunn who lived at Kilmanagh, Co Kilkenny. Came to NSW in OCTober 1853 with wife and 3 children, Catherine, Mary and Michaelaged 6.4 and 1 resp.
red mail Regan from Muckalee - (Muckalee, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
I would also like to add..Tommy Regan would be about 68 now. His home address is Knockmajor Muckalee Co. Kilkenny. If anyone recognizes his name and place of birth, please reply..Thanks
red mail Byrne - (Muckalee, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
I am after information on Pierce and Annie Byrne from Muckalee,Kilkenny. They had a daughter Ellen born about 1825 in Muckalee. I am trying to find where the parents came from and when they married. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail CLANCY - (Muckalee, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for information on John Clancy who married Mary Brenan on 12 January 1829 in the Catholic parish of Muckalee. Witnesses were Edmund Cahill and Margaret Brenan.They had children Michael baptised 6 July 1844 when they resided at Clorinka and John baptised on 23 April 1847 with witnesses being Peggy Brenan and Richard Cahil. Son Michael came to Australia with wife Ann Kelly and 5 children in 1881. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail O'Brien, Bryan/ Heffernan - (Mullinavat, Muileann an Bhata - County Kilkenny)
Looking for information on O'Brien, Bryan family from Mullinavatt. They would of been ther the 1870,s Mary O'Brien born 1877 England, lived in Mullinavat. She Married Michael Heffernan 1897. Her Father was William Bryan( O'Brien ) born Tipperary. All info welcomed
red mail hartley - (Mullinavat, Muileann an Bhata - County Kilkenny)
hi im am trying to find out info on my great grandparents philip hartley who married mary boyle whom i think was from waterford or wexfordthey would of been born late 1800,s,early 1900,s they had 3 sons philip,thomas and peter(thomas is my grandfather who moved to england to find work)they also had a daughter whom i believe died quite young.i know they all lived in mullinavat any info would be gratefully appreciated.
red mail WESTON/HOLDEN - (Mullinavat, Muileann an Bhata - County Kilkenny)
James Weston b.1854 Mullinavat - Parents Thomas & Margaret. Married Margaret Holden in Mullinavat 1881 Children from marriage of James & Margaret: Margaret b. 1887 Michael b. 1889 Thomas b. 1883. Margaret Weston (nee Holden) died in 1893 age 42.(James wife) James Weston died in Wales in 1938 Her children Margaret I have details on married in Wales Michael married in Wales. I am interested to find details on Thomas, in 1901 census he is age 18 in Ballinva South (Killahy) with family of John & Ellen Weston (think John could be brother to his father James). Anyone with any information on this family or possible descendants, please contact me
red mail Holden's Mullinavat & South Kilkenny - (Mullinavat, Muileann an Bhata - County Kilkenny)
We are currently compiling a family tree encompassing Holden's from Mullinavat, Ballyhale, Hugginstown , Dunnamaggin, Kells, Callan and greater South Kilkenny. If you are a Holden (variants include Holding, Howling, Houldin)!or a descendant, please get in touch with us.
red mail Reen and Leader Families - (Newmarket - County Kilkenny)
I am searching for the parents of Daniel Reen c.1832 born Newmarket, Ireland. He was married to Elizabeth Leader c.1832 also of Newmarket. Daniel was a soldier in the British Army.
Cummins - (Paulstown Castle - County Kilkenny)
I have relatives who came from Paulstown Kilkenny to Australia in 1854-Patrick Cummins married Sarah Reynolds in Sydney New South Wales Australia 1856, would love to hear from any relatives
red mail Thomas English, Piltown, Kilkenny - (Piltown, Pilltown, Baile an Phoill - County Kilkenny)
Looking for information about Thomas English, who went to Newfoundland in the 1770's. Others in the family were named John, James, Richard, and the widow of William-the widow's first name is not given. They may have been from Piltown or Mooncoin.
red mail WARING POTTLERATH HOUSE - (Pottlerath - County Kilkenny)
red mail Holbrook Family in Prospect - (Prospect - County Kilkenny)
The Tithe Applottment data for the Townland of Prospect dates from around 1824-28. It lists the following renters: Robert Phillips Thomas Malone George Casy Edward Rathwille (Rathwell) William Stacy John Aselford Edward Houlbrook (Holbrook) Edward Houlbrook (Holbrook) Widow Tindle (Tindal ?) Thomas Tobin Charley Rathwille (Rathwell) William Saunders Ansla ? Shirley Phillip Brenan Widow Brenan Edward Foley Teady ? Foley William Willoby (Willoughby?) Caleb Tindle (Tindal) John Aselford (Astleford) Teady ? Foley I am very much intersted in Holbrooks - Saunders - Rathwells - and Astlefords
Dalton - (Three Castles, Threecastles House - County Kilkenny)
Looking for Patrick Dalton who lived at Kilrea/Killaree Three Castles County Kilkenny 1909 possible birthdate 1836,married to Johannah Dalton Nee Walton.Owned 2 horses Gamekeeper and Gameboy, a farmer by profession. Witness to marriage (RC Chapel Ballycallan)1865 William Parnell, Priest at marraige Fr Simon Fogarty.
red mail John Holden born circa 1850 - (Tobernabrone - County Kilkenny)
I am looking for any info on a John Holden who married Margaret Duggan and lived in the tobernabrone area of Kilkenny. He died around 1902 and had at least 8 children including Edmund Holden born 1897.
red mail Stapletons of Tullamaine - (Tullamaine, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
I am researching the Stapleton family from Tullamaine. They had a dairy farm of about 400 acres up the road from the old Tullamaine graveyard . My was Daniel James Stapleton d. 1928 m. Johanna Cahill("Muddy Jo") d. 1932.7 children, Daniel John, (my gr.father), James (emigrated to US), Mary, Joe, (priest) Margarite(nun) Kathleen & Frank. My gr.father Daniel John Stapleton m.Amelia Morrow in 1914.4 children,Mary(Josie), Amelia(Milly), Daniel (Donnie) & my father William (Liam). I am trying to find out the name of my's parents. Does anyone know of his brothers & sisters. Can anyone help?
Ballagh Clooneen Kilkenny - (Tullaroan, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for any information about Michael Mallone of Ballagh Clooneen Co Kilkenny who was married to Celia and had children Patrick, John, William, Peggy and Julie late nineteen twenties early thirties. Their neighbours where the Brennans and the Murrays. Foyle farm was also nearby.
red mail Tullaroan Kilkenny - (Tullaroan, and Parish - County Kilkenny)
Looking for family details of James Costello born in Tullaroan approx 1845.
red mail Corbett and Grace - (Turkstown - County Kilkenny)
John Corbett (b. ca 1789 -1844) and Anastasia Grace (b. ca 1790-1873) lived in Turkstown near Piltown and Fidown, early 19th century. He died before Griffith's Land Valuation was taken - she with sons Dominick (1837), Patrick (abt 1829) immigrated to Taunton MA USA and appear in 1855 state census. Richard Corbett (1830) another son also immigrated and arrived in NYC 1851 and later went to San Francisco 1855 and then to Shasta Co. California as a miner in 1856. Other children or related children appear in 1860 US census with Anastasia -Ellen 1839 William 1841 Johanna 1843. Dominick went to St. Johnsbury VT where he married Mary Shea in 1867. I am descended from Dominick and Mary Corbett.

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