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red mail Clifton Hotel
Looking for the earliest records of this hotel's owners. Can anybody help?
red mail Harvey Grammar School Folkestone
I am looking for memories from boys who attended the Harvey Grammar School between 1950 and 1970 for a talk I am giving on growing up in Folkestone in the 1950s and 60s. I was there from 1957 to 1964. Thank you.
red mail St Andrews Convalescent Home c1911
My grandmother, Lizzie Louise Gander was a servant (age 19) at St Andrews on the 1911 Census. It was run by Anglican nuns. Does anyone have any other information, please?
red mail Keith Gates
I am looking for any information about and the current whereabouts of Keith Gates, a fellow pupil at the Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone 1957-62. He lived at 55 St Michael's Street.
red mail Walter Smith
I am looking for Walter SMITH. He would be around 70 years old. I knew him as a boy in Australia (around 1959 I think) where we were friend and went to school together. His father was in the British navy I think as a submariner based in Australia for a time. From my memory his address on returning to the UK was 2 Cornwallis Avenue Folkestone, Kent. regards John
red mail St. Margaret's School Folkestone
My mother, Kathleen Esther ROGERS, taught music at this school around 1936, following her training at the Royal Academy of Music, from 1928 - 1933. I would be very interested to know more about this school, if anyone has any records going back to this time, maybe old school magazines, etc., which might mention her. My mother went on to teach at Wakefield High School, and I have been most fortunate in that I have found out much of what she achieved there, so it would be good to have some idea of her life in Folkestone. Many thanks Belinda
red mail Irish in Folkestone in the 1960's
Hi, I have just joined the site. I am wondering if anyone knows of somone who came over to Folkestone around 1965, from Southern Ireland, most likely from KILKENNY, looking for work. All I know is that his first name was Tim or TIMOTHY. Surname unknown. He stayed in this Folkestone only for a few months: say 3 - 6 months, and then moved on, probably to London to find better work. Ring any bells? He probably would have been around 35 at the time. Apparently he looked a bit like Piers Morgan and brushed up well in a suit! What happened to him? Where is he now? Any relatives? Any information would be great! Many thanks.
red mail Mabel Rose Winch (nee RICHARDS)
My mother (Mabel Rose RICHARDS) was born in Etchinghill in Sept 1924. She often talks about some of her old friends and I thought I would try and locate some of them if possible. The names she mentions are:- Helen BAKER Pat MILLS Dorothy TUTT The girls had another friend named Daisy FAGG who, I think, died at a young age. Marion BAKER - wife of "GINGER" BAKER. They had a son called BOBBY who mum looked after. Mum also lived for a long time in Lyminge and latterly (before she married) in Folkestone. She was the youngest of 8 - the names of her siblings were, James, Fred, Ellen, Charles, Anne, Hilda and Bert. If anyone can give me any information on any of her friends, I would be very grateful. Pat
Samuel WELLS 1650-1690
I am looking for info' on Samuel who married Mary ?? about 1669 had children Hallam 1670 James 74 Thomas 82. Thanks.
red mail Jessie Ellison PATRICK
In 1911, Jessie Ellison PATRICK, my 1st cousin 2x removed, was 28, single and working as a Games Mistress in a private girls school. The address was 23-25 Earls Avenue, Folkestone. She was born in 1883 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in and died in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in 1974. I would love to know more about the school and about her later life - whether she married, had children. Thank you.
Hello, i am trying to find out more about my late mothers family, Mum was born Dorothy Hogben and was born on 10th Feb 1915 in HILL HOUSE LYMINGE. My Grandmother was SARAH HOGBEN. I have been told my Grandparents did get married, but dont know when, and that two sons were born, WILLIAM and another son Harold. If anyone could help me with some info i would be so gratefull. I had such great response when looking for my Dads family from you lovely people.
red mail Frank John Macklin born 1906
Does anyone have connections with or knowledge of the Macklin Family in the Folkestone Kent area. In particular Frank John Macklin (born 1906 in Canterbury).I believe he had 3 sisters,Violet (married Baker), Dora (married Scrivener) & Hilda (married Baker) also a brother Cyril who was born in 1922 In particular I can trace Frank John Macklin's birth and his two marriages but I cannot find his death recorded anywhere. Any information would be most helpful, thank you.
Charles William PAGE
I am looking for any information on Charles William PAGE who was named as the father of my aunt, Victoria Caroline Annie PAGE, born in July 1907. The mother was Annie Amelia, formerly SEDDON. The address given was Folly Street, Folkestone and his occupation is given as Newsagent. I cannot find any trace of him or of their marriage.
red mail West family in the Elham union work house
MY 2 Xs great grand mother JANE ANN WEST nee TAYLOR died in the chartham asylum in 1901 age 80 i would like to find where they buried people that were in asylums would anyone know... im trying to find a head stone or some mark as to where she would be.... this lady was born in sligo Ireland were do i go to find out how she got to be in the Elham union work house so many times. her husband William was a soldier...and a pensioner.... would he have been station at folkestone in abt the 1853s.. were do i go to find out can any one help me with this please.. cheers lana
red mail Agnes Louise Davis
I am looking for some information on Agnes Louise Davis - who married Frederick Grundy and who died a couple of years later.
Hart family of Folkestone
Looking to find more details / descendants of John Hart (a fisherman) and Caroline Punnett. John, b.1832, and Caroline, b.1833, had 11 children, Elizabeth b.1853, Mary A. b.1854, John b. 1855, Caroline b.1857, Jane b. 1862, William b.1864, Thomas b.1865, Sussannah b.1866, James b.1869 (my grandfather), Margaret b.1870 and Ellen b.1872. Alan
red mail Patricia Deakin, Allendale, Folkestone, Kent.
I knew Patricia in Sheffield, Yorkshire from 1941 to 1949 (approx.) when we were children. Pat lived with her Grandmother in Sheffield until she was 15 years old. She then moved to Folkestone to live with her parents in Allendale. I last met her in 1955 in Dover where I did my National Service. After I returned to Sheffield in 1957 I learned from her Grandmother that Pat had married a sailor on one of the cross channel ferries and that they had a child. I would be delighted to learn what happened to her and her family.
red mail WEBB
My Grandmother Florence Maud Somerfield WEBB was born in Fancy St FOLKESTONE in 1873. Her mother was Jane WEBB, nee Jane TOLHURST (Jane's father was Joseph TOLHURST but her mother had been widowed and remarried Robert SINCLAIR). Jane married Henry WEBB, a Fisherman in 1860. In the 1871 census Jane is described as a Widow, BUT 2 years later Florence's birth certificate gives her father as Frank WEBB, Butcher. Maybe Henry had not really died by April 1871, but was just posted missing and later became a Butcher preferring a different forename. I have looked in many places for Henry's death with no result. Family legend tells of our Great Great Grandfather, a lifeboatman, dying on the Goodwin Sands during a rescue. Florence's birth was registered by her mother so maybe the Registrar asked the forename of the father and she being a widow said Frank the Butcher, and gave her own name - WEBB!!! All and any ideas welcome!
red mail cyril trevor reid
my grandfather, cyril trevor reid, was born in Folkestone in 1912. I found out that at the age of about 9, in 1921, he was placed on a ship from London to Sydney. I have his marriage cert to my grandmother stating that his parents were 'unknown'. I assume he came from an orphanage in Folkestone? Any info or advice on how to find more info would be appreciated. the surname of this side of the family is 'Reid'.
red mail Shorncliffe barracks 1900
I am tring to find out what regiments were stationed at shorncliffe barracks in cheriton at the time of the 1901 census as I have located my great great grandfather on the census but it does not give the regiment so I can't get any further. I know that he left the army by the time of the 1911 census but still lived in folkestone but would really like to find his army records.
red mail WEBB/MARSH - Folkestone, Kent
I'm looking for the ancestors of Richard WEBB and Keziah MARSH who married sometime in the 1820's in Folkestone. As far as I can tell so far, Richard was the son of John and Sarah and Eldridge may appear as a family name - either surname or second name. Kezia was the daughter of John and Elizabeth. I would like to know both their mother's surnames if possible and any siblings
red mail Hackney Family
Does anyone have any information about the Hackney Family especially living in Folkestone (not Hythe) from late 1890's until present day
red mail Ralph Family
Frederick Ralph & his wife, Ada Florence Remnant, arrived in Folkestone sometime between 1871 & 1881. Frederick was a hotel proprietor & kept the Rose Hotel at 24 Rendezvous St. in Folkestone. Two children were born in Folkestone, Violet Ada Ralph 1882 & Frederick Henry M. Ralph 1890. I believe Frederick married in Folkestone in 1936 to Dorothy Jessie Hire. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.
red mail Hoile Family in Folkestone
Hi - I am trying to find information about Robert Hoile born1870 in Folkestone, Kent and his son Robert W Hoile.
red mail Dawkin's
Hi, i'm doing my family tree and need help trying to find 2 people. Lily Dawkins (born abt 1908) and Walter Dawkins (born abt 1909). They are both bother and sister. There mum's name was Emily Elizabeth Dawkins (Formaly Walker) and there dad's name was Alfred Richard John Dawkins. All i know is they lived at 33 Radnor Street in Folkestone, Kent in 1911. Both there parents died in 1913. There Younger Brother Robert (my great grandfather) Went into care when he was very young and didnt know about any of his family. I really want to find out what happened to walter and lily, so if anyone can help please contact me asap. Kind Regards
red mail Saunders - Chemist
Searching for info on Hubert E Saunders, chemist in Sandgate Rd, Folkestone. Married Ivy May in 1928 Thanks
red mail Bushell
i am looking for anyone who has any information on the Bushell family in folkestone relating to John Bushell who married Ada J ? im not sure of her maiden name they had a daughter called Dorothy Mary Bushell who died in WWII after a bomb hit there house she was 16, also Leo Francis Bushell (my great grandfather), Peter Bushell and John Bushell. Ada was my grandfathers step mum im not sure of his birth mothers name but i do know she owned 5 pubs in kent but her husband drank the profits and she lost them any info on this would also be great. thanks
red mail CHIDWICK
I am trying to follow my Mum's Mum line. She was a Dale who's mum was a Chidwick from the Folkestone area. We have a photo of Emily Clara Chidwick take at Wm Tiddy 60 Tontine Street Folkestone. If any one can offer any info I would much appreciate it.
red mail Louie F Newman (nee Bailey)
I'm looking for details of my Great Grandmother Louie Francis Newman. She was born in 1894(approx)In Brighton. Then married my Great Grandfather Bernard Bailey in 1913 and lived in Hythe. Bernard and Louie had one child My grandfather. Bernard died in WW1. Louie Bailey then re married a Mr Newman (in the 1950's approx)and lived in Folkestone, Kent. I want to know more on the Newman side as I do not have alot of information on my GG Grandmother. Thanks
red mail A. L. Robinson
Hello, I'm looking for information on Arthur L. Robinson who moved to Folkestone in the mid 1930's. I believe he ran a pub that was bombed or shelled in WW2 - could this have been The Ship?
red mail interested in grayling family of elham
My Gr. Grandfather,Thomas Grayling married Sarah Ann Crump(father John Burville Crump) in St Mary's Dover in 1860. Their son John Major Grayling was my Grandfather who moved to Co.Durham in 1900.
red mail 1971 - adopted girl born in Folkestone
Hello - I was born 29/8/1971 in Folkestone - I have a wonderful family, a wonderful life and had a very happy up bringing but have no idea of "who" I am - all I know is my birth parents were 15/16 and gave me up at birth, they were not married. I dont want to make contact but would like to know if anyone knows where/who I may come from?
red mail Setterfield/Quaife/Norris
looking for any info on Setterfield, Quaife or Norris families living in Folkestone c1900.
red mail COURT, Thomas b. 1848, Folkestone
Thomas Court was born at Fancy Street, Folkestone, 25 Aug 1848 to Susanna Court (possibly from Acrise, Kent). There is no father mentioned on the birth certificate. Does anyone know if Fancy Street was a workhouse, orphanage etc. because there is no trace of this boy until he possibly 13 years old? Has anyone got access to orphanages etc. where he is likey to be at this time? He later married an Elizabeth Cater in London and had 3 sons, plus another 5 children from a second marriage with Elizabeth Brandley, also in London.
red mail Identification of old addressess, Folkestone
Can anyone pinpoint where Palmerstone Cottages, Folkestone were -an address given on an 1891 marriage certificate, also the address on an 1872 birth certificate of Fancy Street, Folkestone. I cant find these on a map of the town.
red mail harkett
looking for my dads family the harketts my dad tony harkett married karren morton. i dont no much i just want to find the rest of my family i no my dad died but i dont no when or how i would really like to find them i am tony harketts 3rd child that he didnt no he had as my mum was pregnent with me just before they got devorced and then he died so please if you have any information please please let me no
red mail Looking for Sheila Davidson/Harrison
Looking for Sheila Davidson (or relative of) born in Aberdeen. Moved to Folkestone with mother (Jeanette Beveridge). Jeanette married a MacBean in Ashford and may have moved there, Sheila also. Sheila married Bernard Harrison of Ashford. Your half sister would like to hear from you.
Looking for any info Ronald Tapping Lived in Cheriton Folkestone left Folkestone about 1961.
red mail Emma Finch b 1873
Have been looking for my illegitamate grandfather Alfred Finch b 1901 'mothers' line.He was born folkestone,she was born Clapton, her father named as William Finch farm bailiff. She married Mr Hatt 1916 and moved to Canada. She had another son George Finch who had connections with Austrailia.My grandad was a bare knuckle fighter Folkestone Fishmarket,his real father surname Vye.Any information gratefully received.
red mail Maxted/Godden Families
Hi, I'm after any information about the Maxted or Godden families in and around the Folkestone area please. Anything at all would be gratefully received. I am in Australia and have no living relatives in the UK to ask. Thanks to anyone to can help.
red mail Simmons
Looking for any information on Louis and Jessica Simmons of 10 Allandale St circa 1910.They had three daughters,Elsie,Millicent, and Doris.Jessica originated from Edinburgh and worked below stairs, Louis`s origins are unknown, but its thought he worked as a gas fitter/labourer.They emigrated to Sth Africa at some point.The only family member who remained in UK was Elsie, who married a soldier (Percy Norwood),who was stationed at St Martins Plain
Robert Davidson, Store keeper
Searching parents/relatives of Robert Davidson, Died Australia 1911. Death Cert shows born Folkestone, 31/08/1829. Parents Robert Davidson - Storekeeper - and Ann Robson
red mail BARTON
Requesting information about Thomas Barton, born 1575 (or 1595) married to Mary Glover in Folkestone. Both are buried in Kent. They are ancestors of Roger Barton who emigrated to USA sometime in the mid-1600s.
red mail Carden Family
I am researching the Carden Family : Thomas of Herne Born : 1734 - GG/Grandfather. Thomas the Eld Born : 1776 - G/Grandfather. John Born : 1818 - Grand Father. Joseph Born 1887 - My Father. John had a son called John, a Butcher of folkestone. If any person has any information relating to any of the above please contact me. Many Thanks Paul
red mail Redman-Weeks families folkstone
I am lokking for information on John Redman (aka Henry on later census ) born abt 1811, wifes name Sarah born abt 1816. They were living with Edward Weeks born abt 1801 and his wife/sister Jane born abt 1811, at Bail Street Folkstone. Also living with them was a Clare/Clara Leaver age 14, would like to know if and how they were related. Other relatives were Edward Weeks age 14, Thomas Weeks age 5, Jane weeks age 1, Henry Redman age 2, Ellen Redman age 1 month, all info from 1841 census.
Looking for any information about the WARMAN name in Folkestone - I am a descendent of Elizabeth WARMAN b.c.1782 and John Galloway who lived in Lydd. Believe Elizabeth came from the Folkestone Warmans.
red mail Southern/Dowsett
hi I`m looking for family members of Constance Southern( nee) Dowsett,Ann Susan ? Southern of Folkstoneor any info on the Dowsett Family
red mail Sewing machines 1890's
My grt grandfather CHARLES SUTTON aka JAMES SUTTON was a sewing machine canvasser - commission agent - in 1891 (census and son's birth cert.). Has anyone any idea what company he might have worked for?
red mail HALL-JONES
Looking for any family or knowledge of William Hall-Jones - he was born 16.01.1851 in Folkstone, Kent - He was married there and then his wife died and he left for New Zealand - I would like to know more
red mail Majors of Folkestone
Looking for anyone with any information about Major families of Folkestone, particularly those running butchers shops in the town. Also any information about Grayling family of Folkestone/Kent.
Carters of Folkestone
Looking for family or descendants of Henry Harold CARTER and wife Hannah Elizabeth(nee DRAKE) Henry was a fisherman and member of the local Masonic Lodge. Children were Edward G 1868, Ann 1871, Frank 1880,Hannah 1877, Harry H 1867, Louise 1875,Roseannah 1876, William R 1874. Lived in the area of London Street. Son William and Daughter Ann emmigrated to Newark, New Jersey, USA in the 1880's early 1890.
red mail Giovannini & Travers in Folkestone
My gt gt grandfather, Giulio Giovannini, was manager of the Royal Pavilion Hotel in Folkestone in the 1850s, and later of other hotels in the town. Looking for info about him particularly, as well as the hotel. My gt grandfather, Giulio James Sagrini Travers Giovannini (later James Travers) was born in Hastings, along with other brothers and sisters. Their mother was Mary Anne (Marianne) Travers. Any info on any of these gratefully much appreciated.
red mail my lot from folkestone
hi, im looking for info on a few diffrent families from folkestone, if you are related to any of the listed please drop me a line....Cullen, Godden, Baker, Gilbert, White and Rolfe, any info would be greatly accepted. mik
red mail William Baker & Mary Hinds
Seeking information on marriage of William & Mary - abt 1828, but not married in Folkestone. William b 1802 Folkestone and Mary b abt 1803 d 1850. Children William 1828, John 1830, Mary Ann 1833, George 1837, Thomas 1841, Henry 1846 - all children b Folkestone.
red mail Harris Hughes
Seeking information on the John Henry Harris Family. John Harris (son of John and Mary Ann Harris), was born in 1850 at Dawlish. He married Susan Hughes and they had one child, Clifford Henry born 1890. In the 1891 census John is shown as living at 27 Canterbury Road Folkeston with his wife and son. His occupation is listed as agent for the Prudential Insurance Company. Any information on the family will be appreciated. Allen
red mail peale
Has anyone any info on the death of William John Peale who died between 1901/1907 he was a chimney sweep - thank you.
red mail Chapel in Foord Rd
My great grandfather Edward Bland was living in Foord Rd in 1881. I believe he may have been a member of the Plymouth Brethren, and that there was a Plymouth Brethren chapel in Foord Rd. Can anyone tell me more about this? I visited the area recently, and noticed what looked like an old chapel next to the viaduct. It is now a children's nursery. Could this be the chapel I have heard of?
red mail Two Beer Mugs
My family's oral tradition has an ancestor owning or operating a public house in Folkestone in the mid-1880's. I have two mugs given to him by the beer company. Would appreciate any information. Last name Pope. No further details.
red mail CASTLE, LOWE, KENNETT, Malo, Longhurst. Gardner and Nantucket Whaling Colony of Dunkirk France
Looking for connections to the descendents of Christopher CASTLE b1745/1746. He had connections to smuggling, customs and tabacoo trade; lived Folkestone and Dunkirk France where he died. may have sailed with Capt Shubael GARDNER of Nantucket, Massachusetts, Whaling Fleet to set up a whaling colony in Dunkirk c1784. His daughter Elizabeth married Capt Gardner in 1800 and emigrated to Nantucket First wife Elizabeth KENNETT 1746-1783; second wife Elizabeth LOWE d1792 Dunkirk, France. Eventually took 2nd wife's surname of LOWE. CASTLE - KENNETT children are Richard 1769-1772, James b1771 married Helene MALO of Dunkirk, Ann 1773-1776, Mary 1775-1788, Ann b1777, Elizabeth b1883 (married Capt Shubael GARDNER) CASTLE - LOWE - son Richard 1784-1873 born Dunkirk, France was a mariner and customs officer. Married Ann LONGHURST - 9 children born around England and Wales.
red mail Grundy
Looking for any relations or acquaintances of agnes louise Grundy(nee Davis)
looking for decendents of robert/joy fleming, from 50/60 robert was in RAF and had 3 daughters ann alma susan any info however small to Eion please thank you
red mail Margaret Pegden
Margaret Elizabeth Mary Pegden (parents Robert Banks Pegden, Esther Ann Weatherhead) married Albert Henry Rigden 1916; he died 1918. They had one son, b 1918, died the following year. I'm trying to find out what happened to Margaret Pegden after these events.
Valyer surname in Kent
Looking for information on Valyer, Voller, Vallier and variant versions of the name in Kent.
red mail Care/ Cordon ancestry
I am researching the Care's who lived in Cheriton and Folkestone during the 18th and 19th Century, any connections please contact me.
red mail william marsh
looking for info on my grandfather: born about 1883, folkestone kent, may have spent years at sea from the age of about 12-14, married alice whitfield in 1902, immigrated to canada in 1926.
red mail Grundy
I am looking for anyone who knew Frederick Grundy who died in December 1992
red mail Looking for Rogers
Please, I am looking for any information relating to my mother Charlotte Louise married Harry Roberts 1933 or thereabouts had a sister Lilian married name Bartlett who lived at 1,Crete Road, East Folkstone or at St Margarets St?
red mail RIGDEN John
Born 29th April 1753 this John RIGDEN is my 5 times Great grandfather! He was born in the St Martins area of Folkestone and married Selvester Lowes, but that is as far as I can get. If you are researching the RIGDEN family we may be connected so feel free to email me so that we can work together. My ancestors ended up in Sandwich so I have various archives for this town too.
Elgar family
I'm looking for info on the following family: Mary Ann Elgar resided at 26 Park Road in 1901 with her children, May, Charles, Edward and Victor Mainly i wish to know her husbands name as this was my great great grandfather
red mail BROOKS & BARTON of Folkestone
My grandfather, James H Brooks was born at 34 Warren Road Folkestone, in 1901 - I'd like to hear from anyone who is connected to his mothers side (Emily Kate Barton 17/11/1870)- daughter of James Barton & Sarah Ann Hughes and sister of Helen and Susan. JAmes father was called Andrew and he came from Fuffield in Derbyshire.
Andrew Brooks married Emily Kate Barton in Folkestone sometime around 1900 - my grandfather was born at 34 Warren Road in 1901. I'd be interested to hear from any of Emily's family - she had two sisters Helen & Susan. Also if anyone can supply information on the Hughes family who lived at Tivoli Gardens (apparantly next door to 34 Warren Road) as Emilys mother was called Sarah Ann Hughes - seems a remarkable coincidence especialy as the lady of the house in the 1891 census was an S.A. Hughes!
red mail Stroud Family
Looking for Henry Stroud b about 1790 married a Eliz Wills in May 1814 he was a Sailor had son Richard Maxted in Jan 1820
red mail Birth of Stephen Edward HALL
I am looking for the birth of my GGGrandfather who was born about 1818 in Folkestone. He married Ann OVENDEN in 1837 at The Parish Church, Folkestone. The marriage certificate gives his occupation as Mariner and his father as John HALL,also a Mariner. Stephen appears on the 1841 census, age 23, Fisherman born in the county of Kent. Any help grateful, PH
red mail Roy SUTTON, Harold Clifford SUTTON of Folkestone
My great uncle Harold Clifford SUTTON b. Thanet Gdns, Folkestone,Kent on 9th Dec 1891. Married Florence (nee?). Son ROY SUTTON. Harold's brothers included Sidney Greeuw SUTTON (1888 b. Faversham m. "Bobbie" HALL in Lewisham) and "Tommie" Thomas Wilfred SUTTON (1882 b. Co.Durham unmarried) and sister Alice SUTTON (1880 Co.Durham unmarried). All these are children of Charles SUTTON and Harriett / Henrietta / Harrietta (nee LIDDELL). Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have any information?
red mail Thorpe Henry Stephen/Harry
Looking for information on my granpa who was based in Folkestone during ww1-1914-1918. He married a Gwen or Gwennie or Gwyn (don't know her maiden name) They were married a short while then divorced.He possibly left Folkestone in 1922 and may have boarded SS Gascon sailing to South Africa. His mom and dad were Henry Stephen (also known as Harry) and Fredericka Sarah Helen Allandale or Annandale.Gr.granpa Henry was a miner and had +- 10children of whom my granpa was the eldest. Any leads or info will be appreciated.Thanks Anne
red mail Charles Butler
I am looking for any information on a Charles Butler who married a Ada Mary Attwell.Was a Sergeant Major in the Scots Guards.Charles is believed to be from the folkestone/hythe area Their son Ernest James Butler(my grandfather) was born in Folkestone. Any help would be appreciated.
Henry Price
Searcing for HENRY PRICE born Folkestone about 1845; married Emily Shirley (Litchfield Staffs)on 1867; Moved to Yorkshire; Hemsworth on 1881 census; Father of MP Gabriel Price.
red mail Triplets
I am looking for information on the Hiles? triplets their mother Mary died in chilbirth, they are my mum`s cousins
red mail fleming/harmer where are you now
looking for children of robert /joy fleming(harmer) i daughter believed to have married a man called stone , looking for family history to know my husbands family. eion
red mail Journalist
Hi I'm looking for information about a journalist who lived and worked in Folkestone in approx 1940 called George Jones. Any help appreciated from a family tree perspective! Thanks Samantha
red mail Looking for Jane Golder in Folkestone
Jane Golder b. c1792, married John Robinson b. c1776. Any information about her or her family would be greatly appreciated.
red mail Fenn/Phillips/von Kamecke
Seeking Marian (Minnie) nee Fenn, married (1)Charles Phillips and (2) Baron Werner von Kamecke. She was present at her father's death in London but gave her address as 6 Radnor Park West Folkstone. Any leads appreciated!
red mail John Newman
Born Folkestone c.1832, lived 62 Dover Road, Folkestone, in 1881 census. Married to Martha J. Newman and had 10 children. I want to know if they also had a son James Thomas Newman born c.1862 Folkestone. James is my great great grandfather.
red mail John Thomas Harris bap St James Dover 4 May 1800
I am trying to confirm my belief that John Thomas Harris (bap St James Dover 4 May 1800) first married Elizabeth (Unknown) about 1825 and that she died before he married Sarah Saunders (bap Folkestone 9 Oct 1808/1809) in Folkestone on 30 Jul 1833, leaving a son Benjamin John (bap Folkestone 16 Aug 1826) to be brought up with John T and Sarah's children John Thomas (1833), William 5 (1835), Thomas (1838), Jane (1840), Henry (1842), Walter (1844), Jane (1846), Ann (1849) and James 1852. Can anybody prove the earlier marriage to and death of Elizabeth and her maiden name, please? The 1841 census shows the following at Fancy Street, Folkestone (all born in Kent):- John 40 (Ropemaker) Sarah 30 Benjamin 14 John 7 William 5 Thomas 2 Jane 10mths Ther is a possible death entry for first wife: HARRIS Elizabeth 24 4 Dec 1828 Folkestone
red mail Golder Family in Folkestone
I am trying to find links with the family Golder and any Jewish Community in Folkestone between 1700-1900. Gd. Mother Frances Susannah Golder, Gt,Gd Father Thomas Golder. GT GT Gd. Father William Golder. All from Fishing Community in Folkestone
red mail mary frances green
Looking for Mary Frances Green who was present at the death of Vera de Wassilko at 31 Grimston Avenue Folkestone Kent in 1984 - or anyone who knows how I can get in touch with Mary Green. Thanks. Michele
I am seeking anyone who knew Vera de Wassilko. She died in May, 1984. She was Austrian and lived on Grimston Avenue. I am looking for friends and/or next of kin. Thank you.
Abraham Keeler b 1841 married Emily Ellen b 26 Feb 1843 Elham children all born in Folkestone Fanny b 1868, Caroline b 1870, Edward b 1781, Albert Edgar b 1874, Arthur b 1875, Florence b 1877, William b 1879, Henry b 1880, Charles b 1882 married Agnes Head, Herbert b 1885, Bertie b 1883, Thomas b 1886, Elizbaeth b 1888 have a large Ellen tree, and would like to add descendants on. Any help appreciated.
red mail Wilson & Canterford
Looking for James Wilson born 1811 in Folkestone also his wife born Eliza Canterford 1811 in Folkestone, they lived in Croydon, son born Enebezer Wilson Croydon 1851, his son also Ebenezer born Croydon 1874, would love to hear from anyone following same lines.
My 4 ancestors there George PETTET (bp 14.8.1757) A pilot. 11 m1 at Folkestone m2 at Deal. Gittens TREVILLION (bp 1741 Folkestone-buried 28.3.1791Folkestone). Joseph TREVILLION (bp 25.11.1698 Folkestone, Kent-bur. 4.6.1773) Innkeeper at "The Ship", a pub at Folkestone Harbour destroyed in WW2. m 11.12.1729 by licence (at Folkestone, Great Mongeham or Deal). Elizabeth GITTENS 6 children all baptised at Folkestone, Kent. I also have MARSH cousins there.
King, Irene Mary
Born approx 1931 in Folkstone. Was in Cairns Australia in 1958. Any news of this person or family would be appreciated.
red mail Ashworth
I am looking for information regarding my Grandfather, William Ashworth who was a major in the Royal Engineers. He married Ethel nee: Nuttall. They had a daughter Margaret born March 8, 1922
William DARBY - Blacksmith in 1960's
I trying to find background details on my Great Uncle William DARBY whom I know from personal recollection ran a blacksmith's forge in Cheriton, near Folkestone, Kent. The business ran for many years up until the 1960's or even 70's (yes, 1960's not 1860's). The location of the forge was in an outbuilding in the back garden of a large Victorian House backing on to the recreation ground. The address was 100 Stanley Road, and the business was owned by Kemsley & Son's. Would be grateful for any links or references to information about the blacksmithing business or premises in this area or suggestions as to where to go to find more information on the topic.
red mail TAPLEY
red mail Thomas Hogben
Hi I am hunting for any information on Thomas Hogben married to Susannah Tunbridge. Am not sure if they lived in Folkestone or Elham. Any info would be gratefully received.
red mail Walter Tull
I am looking for details of Walter Tull's early years. e.g. His parents / brothers / sisters names. His stepmothers name. Where they stayed in Folkestone, what school he went to etc.
red mail Victor Halle/Susanna Southern
I am looking for any information on the Halle family. Victor Halle was my great grandfather and married Susanna Southern in 1902 in Folkestone. Any information on the Southerns/Southans (Folkestone) would also be of interest.
red mail ATTWELL 1913
I am trying to trace John George Herbert ATTWELL, who was resident in 1 Arthur St, Folkestone when his daughter Agnes Gladys Elsie was born there on 2 April 1913. He was married to Hannah Elizabeth DAWSON, originally from Kings Lynn, Norfolk. I knownothing else about John and would be extremely grateful for any help.
red mail Maxted and Godden Families
Hi, I'm looking for any information on the Maxted or Godden Families from Folkestone, Kent or surrounding area.
red mail root family
looking for any info on the root family from folkstone
red mail Charles Iles born c.1871 London
Looking for more information on Charles Iles. He was born in London in about 1871. Married Annie Newman and had 8 children born in Folkestone, Kent; Arthur, Frederick, Walter, John, Charles, Maud , Ethel and Christopher (my Grandfather). Charles andAnnie moved to Canada in early 1900's; took only older children with them, definitely Maud who later married (Clifford Convey?) She died in Hamilton Ontario in 1973.Would love to contact family members in Canada.
red mail Woodley of Folkestone
Matthew Fuller Woodley and Lucy Bedford (Allen) Woodley are living in 1881 census at 17 Manor Road together with Eliza Woodley (Matthew's sister). The Woodley family were Corn traders at London Corn Exchange with Matthew and Eliza being christened atSt Olave Hart Street. Matthew and Lucy had children Matthew and Lucy Laetitia of whom I know very little. I should be very interested to know of their whereabouts in any previous Kent or London censuses.
red mail Timothy Lovejoy - where are you?
I am looking for Timothy Lovejoy, his father is Douglas P Lovejoy and his mother Gillian (nee Whiteway-Wilkinson). He was born in the Folkestone area in 1956. His sister Sussanah was born 6 years later in the Swindon area. Wish to make contact to find more about our family history. Timothy's great great grandmother Fanny Browne is my great great great aunt !
elusive Henry Price; born about 1846; Folkestone Kent. Annie
red mail Looking for relatives
Loking for relatives or decendants of David Snelling born 1879
Millar, Clark
I'm trying to trace Dorothy Louisa CLARK. She married Seth James CLARK in Elham in 1909 and died in 1929. Her parents were Edwin and Mary Jane MILLAR (nee Cousins). She seems to have been born around 1881 but I can't trace a birth record for her. Herfather was a Sergeant Trumpeter in the Cornwall and Devon Miners Artillery and based in Falmouth about that time. He was probably serving at Pendennis Castle.
Willesborough Workhouse Infirmary
Does anyone have any information on the Willesborough Workhouse Infirmary. My great aunt Mary Jane MILLAR (nee Cousins) died there in 1917. She lived in Folkestone but don't know why she didn't go into Folkestone at that time.
red mail Knight, Eva
Searching for information on Eva Smith, born 1866 in Surrey - married Walter Knight in Croydon in 1899. On 1901 census as teacher of Dancing.
red mail Edward George Broad
I am trying to find information about my grandfather Edward George Broad born c1885 he was married to Jeanie Joyce Helena Harris in 1919. They had 9 Children Dorothy, Joyce,Gladys, Walter, Ronald,Edward,Reginald,Jean & Kenneth. His first wife Jeanie died in the 1950s and he married her sister Kathreen Harris. Edward ran several shops one in the 1940s in Sheerness selling radios, after the warhe had two shops one in Folkestone and another in Cheriton. If this rings any bells with anyone please get in contact with me. I have further information to share. Thanks in advance
red mail Weller
Joseph Weller emigrated from Folkestone to Australia with wife and family in 1829. One source states that he sold property in Folkestone to the Radnor family for 'a six figure sum' (at least £4 million in 2003 value) and sailed with 'sackfullsof sovereigns.' I have been unable to find any record of the sale of property. Not in Radnor papers. Any ideas anybody? By 1840, after many adventures, Joseph's sons were bankrupt!
red mail Diwell Families In Folkestone
Am looking for information on Else May Victoria Diwell Born in Folkestone in 1897. Gave birth to a daughter in Toronto Canada in 1919. Anything at all. She is in the 1901 census living at 45 Foord Road.
red mail Sandford Family
John Sandford married Ann Rigden at St. Mary & St Eanswythe Church, Folkestone on 15th October 1799, they had eight children, John, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Mary, Mark, Margaret Bristow and my great great grandfather William Henry Rigden, if anyoneknows anything of the family please would you get in touch, thankyou
red mail Pettit Family
I am interested in the family of William Pettit and Elizabeth Musson m.1724 in Folkestone. Specific descendants are Thomas Pettit b.1725, Thomas Pettit b.1750 and Edward Pettit b.1773.
red mail Roberts
Charles Edwin ROBERTS (b. 1875) married Madeline Mary CHALLIS on 12 Feb 1898. Believed to be a motor dealer trading at Marine Parade in 1939 (Kelly's Directory)

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