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Newfound Hope
Hello, I have an ancestor who appears in a couple of Census's with the place of birth given as Hereford, Newfound Hope. Can anyone explain what this is or point me into the right direction to find out? Many thanks
GEORGE BAKER of Hereford 1858 & 1861
I am hoping that someone can suggest a way of solving this problem. Was George Baker of the City of Hereford in 1858 & 1861 the same person as George Baker of Geneva, Switzerland, a famous musical instrument maker in the 1870s to 1890s. If you search the internet - "George Baker" musical instrument maker, you will discover several items about him - including one of his instruments dated c1893 sold by Bonhams in 2008. I believe that GB of Geneva was an Englishman. The GB in Hereford 1858 advertised that he was a watchmaker & clockmaker. In the 1861 Census for Hereford, GB was staying at a pub - 27 years old, born London, a musical instrument maker. Any suggestions about how to prove that GB of Hereford was also the BG of Geneva would be greatly appreciated. Jean.
JAMES ADDIS of Mordiford 1881 Census
Can anyone read the occupation of James Addis of Mordiford in the 1881 Census. He was a 68 year old widower born at Allensmore. Living with him was his married daughter Rebecca Bailey. James's occupation consisted of two words "? cleaner". Can anyone read the word before "cleaner". The occupation has been translated as "clock cleaner"; however, on every other document, he has been described as labourer or agricultural labourer. His father & brothers were all labourers or agricultural labourers. The change from labourer to clock-cleaner is so big that it is unbelievable. What do other people think? References: Mordiford, village Backberry, Piece No. 2589, folio 54, page 12. Jean
Albert James Adams
Does anyone have any information on Albert James Adams believed to have been born in Herefordshire. He married Annie Cartwright in Cardiff in July 1909. He was 25years old and Annie was 23 years old when they married. Alberts father was Thomas who had unfortunately passed away by the time of the marraige? I will be grateful for any information on either the Adams or Cartwright families. Thankyou.
ELIZABETH MORRIS of Hereford 1841
Can anyone read the occupation of ELIZABETH MORRIS (wife of RICHARD MORRIS) in the 1841 Census. Richard Morris was a pavier - i.e. in the business of supplying & laying paving stones & doing kerbing. His business was financial successful - so it is hard to understand why his wife had an occupation. Her occupation looks like FRUITER - but a dealer in fruit is usually called a FRUITERER. Another possibility is SPINSTER. Richard died in 1846 at Hereford. I cannot find Elizabeth Morris in 1851 Census - or Jane Morris (presumably their daughter) (bonnet maker in 1841) in 1851 Census. In 1841, family was living at Victoria Street, parish of St Nicholas, City of Hereford. Hopefully, someone with better eyesight than mine can read that occupation. Piece 433/5. Enumeration District "part of 5". Folio 8a. Page 28. Jean
Can anyone read the occupation of DANIEL GREEN (aged 30) in the 1841 Census for the City of Hereford. I found him & his wife Catherine and some of their children in the 1851 Census at Newton, Lancashire - and in the 1861 Census at Tunstall, Staffordshire. It is the 1841 occupation which is important to me. In 1841, the family were at Mountain Yard, Bewell Street, parish of All Saints, City of Hereford. Piece No. 433/1. Enumeration district 2. Folio number 11b. Page 7. I'm hoping that someone with better sight than mine can read the 1841 occupation. Jean.
Henry Powell a butcher in Hereford
Hi, I am searching for my father's father. My father was an "orphan" sent to Canada in 1937. His father is listed as Henry Powell a butcher in Hereford on dad's release form (to be sent to Canada). The form was signed in 1936, but may have referred to in 1926/1927. (No father listed my father's birth certificate) My father's name is Frederick Henry Bishop (mother's surname), he was born in 1927 in Cardiff, Wales at a birthing home for unwed mothers. Dad's mother was Violet Nellie Bishop, born 1900 in Bristol (moving to Bromyard area soon after) Her father John Bishop was born in Pencombe in 1860. (Her mother was Annie Maria Orford also of the Bromyard area. They lived mostly in Bromyard area, Pencombe (at Mill Farm) and Bishop's Frome. Violet who went by Nellie later, lived (off and on between 1927 and 1994) on Villa Street in Hunderton, Hereford. The closest to a match in the 1939 registers is a Sydney Harry, butcher in Hereford, but dad is not a dna match to his granddaughter. Any clues could be helpful. Thank-you, Lori Krogel
THOMAS INNS of Hereford, in 1841
Can anyone read the occupation of THOMAS INNS of Blueschool Lane, Parish of All Saints, City of Hereford in the 1841 Census for Herefordshire. Piece No. 433/1. Enumeration District No. 1. Folio 3b. Page 29. Also, can anyone read the first name of his 7 year old son? It is possible, that his first name was in fact a surname e.g. his mother's surname - which I do not know. Hoping that some kind person might be able to read what I can not read. Thank you.
JOSEPH HENRY BAKER of City of Hereford
Can anyone find Rev Joseph Henry Baker of the City of Hereford in the 1841 Census or 1851 Census or 1861 Census? He is known to have lived in the City of Hereford in at least 1842 (at St Peters Street) and 1863 (at St Martins Street). In 1842, he was Chaplain at the Hereford Infirmary. If he can't be found in the 1841, 1851 & 1861 Censuses, can anyone find a Marriage entry or a Death entry for him in the Civil Registration Indexes. The complication in this search is that he was usually known as Rev. J.H. Baker or Rev. J. Henry Baker. He was probably a poor clergyman who cobbled together an income by holding several curacies & official positions anywhere in Herefordshire. Hopefully, some kind person might have better luck in tracing him than I have had. Thank you.
SAMUEL PROBERT of Hereford, victualler
From about 1832 to 1834, Samuel Probert was victualler of the Rummer Tavern in City of Hereford. He became an insolvent debtor and his bankruptcy proceedings were finalized about 1837. I am trying to find him in the 1841 Census. Does anyone know if Samuel Probert, the former victualler in City of Hereford in 1830s, was the Samuel Probert of Holmer, ag lab, living in parish of Holmer, Herefordshire, in 1841. In 1841, John Probert (14) & Susan Probert (10) were living with Samuel Probert of Holmer. Rather surprisingly, the name "Samuel Probert" was unusual in Herefordshire. Any ideas about how to resolve this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Can anyone find the entry in the Index to Civil Registration of Marriage for Elizabeth Dowling / Dooling / or similar? Elizabeth Dowling / Dooling married EDWARD DEVLEN (aka Devlin, Develin, & many other variations) on 12 November 1837 at the Roman Catholic Chapel in the City of Hereford. They were Irish - and it seems that their accent caused the locals trouble when trying to spell their surnames. The Civil Registration Index has an entry for Edward Devlen but I cannot find the entry for Elizabeth. For Edward: 1837; DEVLEN, Edward, Hereford, Vol 26, Page 249. I am particularly wanting to discover the spelling of Elizabeth's surname in the Civil Registration Index. I will be so grateful if someone can find Elizabeth's entry.
HENRY MASKELL, 1841 Census
Can anyone read the occupation of HENRY MASKELL (alias HENRY MASHELL) of Eign Street, Parish of All Saints, City of Hereford, Herefordshire. In the late 1840s, he was a grocer & tea-dealer and his wife ELIZABETH MASKELL (alias ELIZABETH MASHELL) was a dressmaker. Henry's occupation in 1841 looks like "B****maker journeyman". Reference in 1841 Census: 433/1, folio 15a, page 14. Any suggestions will be gratefully acknowledged.
Thomas Fowler of Hereford, 1841 Census
Can anyone read the occupation of Thomas Fowler of Bartonsham, City of Hereford, 60 years of age, in the 1841 Census. He used to advertise in the Hereford newspapers - so he is known to have bought bones, horns and hoofs to convert into bone manure for use on farms. On the Census return, the last two words of his occupation are "bone manure" - but what is the word or two before "bone manure"? Any suggestions will be gratefully acknowledged. Reference: Parish of St Owen Parish; Piece No. 433/6. Folio 16b. Page 13.
Mrs Starie, Castle Street, Hereford
Mrs Starie's death was reported in the Hereford Journal of 3 December 1834 - but her "first name" was not mentioned. Does any one know who she was? It was also stated that she had "highly gifted mental endowments". This suggests that she was a well-educated woman who, perhaps, had written a book. Does any one know anything about this woman?
Victoria Inn, Ross Road, Hereford
Does anyone know the exact location of this inn? The first innkeeper was probably William Biggs (either senior or junior). The name of "Victoria Inn" seems to have been adopted after 1837. However, the inn probably existed at least 10 years before 1837. Various addresses seem to have been given for these two men - but I suspect that they were always in the same house. Addresses: Red Hill (which is near Grafton Lane), St Martin Street (at that time, St Martin Street included a large stretch of what became Ross Road), Ross Road. The Biggs family were growers of apples, makers of cider, and had a Cider Shop (which I suspect became the Victoria Inn). Victoria Inn itself was in the parish of St Martins but the stable & an outbuilding were probably in parish of St John the Baptist.
Rebecca Cramp MORGAN
Does anyone know anything about this woman? From at least 1835 until 1841, Rebecca Cramp Morgan, a widow, was a Fishmonger or Fish dealer in the City of Hereford. In January 1835, her youngest daughter (Mary Ann Morgan) died. In the 1841 Census, Rebecca lived at Packers Lane, City of Hereford. The only other person in her household was her 25 year old daughter, Elizabeth Morgan. Both women were described as "Not Born in County of Hereford". I can find no trace of either woman after 1841. Any scrap of information about Rebecca or her daughters Mary Ann Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan. Thank you.
WARGENT, James of Hereford
Can anyone find James Wargent, wife Ann, and daughter Sarah (about 5 years old) on the 1841 Census or 1851 Census. James Wargent & Ann Davis married at St Martin, Hereford, on 9 November 1834. Daughter Sarah was baptised at St Martin, Hereford, on 14 February 1836. If not, perhaps, the family emigrated to a British colony? Jean of Hereford
George , John and Margaret Gouldrick
Interested in George Gouldrick the governor of the City Gaol in Gaol St from 1850s till it closed and his parents who were my wife's Gt Gt Gt Gt grandparents. John Gouldrick died 1837 at home in Union st. he had been a Sergeant in Sgt 36th Regiment of foot. Margaret born c 1775 Willington, died 1861 in Hereford. Any other Gouldrick information is also of interest.
BEACH, John - of Hereford, 1841 Census
I am hoping that someone can read the occupation of John Beach in the 1841 Census. In the early 1830s, he was the innkeeper/publican of the Coach & Horses in the City of Hereford. When he voted in the Parliamentary Election in October 1841, his occupation was farmer. In the 1841 Census, the occupation of John Beach of Newton Cottage is either a very long word or two words - but I can't read it! Census reference. City of Hereford, St John the Baptist parish, Piece 433, Book 3, Folio 59, Page 31.
PROBERT, Samuel - of Hereford, victualler
Can anyone identify Samuel Probert who was the publican at the Rummer Tavern, in Bewell Street, City of Hereford - probably from 1834 to 1836. He became a Freeman of the City of Hereford in 1832 - as a yeoman. He became an insolvent debtor in 1836. I can find no mention of him before 1832 and none after 1837.
MINTON, Elizabeth - Hereford, 1841 Census
Hopefully, someone with better eyesight than mine, can read the details of age & occupation of Elizabeth Minton of All Saints, Hereford, Herefordshire. The age has been transcribed as 20 years - which is unlikely. did not transcribe occupations for the 1841 Census. I expect it to be "ind" (= independent). The reference is HO 107 / 433 / 2 / page 12. I have also wondered whether the surname of Minton is correct - as it too is very hard to read. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Jean of Hereford
PROBERT, James - child - climbing boy
Can anyone identify this unfortunate boy who died on 26 March 1829. He was one of the children apprenticed to a chimney-sweep in the City of Hereford (unnamed in the newspaper report of the Inquest). The boy, 7 or 8 years of age, was overcome by the "deleterious gas" when going down the chimney. The very young thin boys whose job it was to go up & down the inside of the chimneys were known as climbing boys. Jean of Hereford
BULLEN, James - victualler
James Bullen was the victualler at the Redstreak Tree Inn (aka Redstreak Inn), Maylords Lane, City of Hereford - at least from 1831 until his death in 1839, aged 43 years. However, he is known to have been a victualler in 1826. His widow Mary Bullen was the victualler of the Redstreak for a short while after her husband's death. Does anyone know which pub James had in 1826 - and when he became the victualler of the Redstreak. Jean of Hereford
William Moore of Hereford
Can anyone find a Will for William Moore of Bridge street (aka Wyebridge street), City of Hereford, timber merchant & auctioneer (possibly, gent)? He was alive in 1795. He died before August 1799. Wife Ann. Daughter Parthenia Moore (died 1838, spinster, Bridge Street).
BLACKWELL, George of Hereford
I am trying to trace the ancestry of George Blackwell of the City of Hereford, shoemaker - living at Portfield Cottage in 1841 Census. He was then 55 years old & wife Ann was 60 years. They may have been the George Blackwell & Ann Harper who married at St Peters Hereford in 1802. There was an entry for him in Pigots Directory 1830 but not in 1835.
Queenie Freer -nee baker at Hereford munitions
our family Auntie Queenie worked at Hereford Munitions factory during the 2nd world war . i know she travelled from a bus from Ross on Wye any history of this factory and if you knew any family who lived at the Hereford Redhill Hostel i will be grateful Thank u ..Margaret
red mail R.C. Boarding Schools, Hereford, early 20th Century.
During the late 1900's or early 1920's, my mother (born 1908), was a pupil at two R.C. boarding schools, run by nuns, in "Hereford". As she said Hereford, we think that she meant Hereford itself, rather than Herefordshire. Please does anyone "out there" have any information on any such schools? Any information at all will be most welcome.
red mail Haines maiden name Prosser
Hello all, I am looking for an obituary for a Harriet Isabella Haines (Prosser). She passed away August 19, 1955. Much appreciated. Nancy
Owen / Owens family of City of Hereford
Hoping to hear from anyone with information about Francis Owen (gent) (born c1660  alive in 1707) & Charles Owen (tailor) (born c1670  alive in 1717). In 1707, Rev. Robert Jones, rector of Leckhampton, Gloucestership, bequeathed money to both men  calling them his cousins. Rev. Jones was probably much older than Francis & Charles. Jean of Hereford
MADDY of City of Hereford 1700-1841
The founder of this family in City of Hereford was Benjamin Maddy (baptised 1699 at Dorstone). Many of his descendants remained in the City. Principal names were Benjamin, James, John, Thomas & William. Benjamin (baptised 1724) was elected Mayor of Hereford in 1790. Wanting to hear from anyone with information about the Maddy family.
red mail Williams Family
I am searching for any information re my Grandfathers siblings and descendants. His name was Benjamin born 1881 at Wellington Marsh. His parents were Ben and Emily and his siblings were Alfred, Charlotte and Alice. His mother Emily died about 1884 and Ben and Alice moved with Father to Watermans Court off St martins street where Benjamin Senior was a Baker who later moved to 101 Eign Road. Charlotte possibly married a John Griffiths and Alice possibly married a William Williams. I would very much apreciate any help. Ron
red mail folly house, hereford
Can anyone please help, i am trying to find the history on Folly house, folly lane hereford. I am looking for the history on the building and the people who owned the house. Folly house holds some special memories for me.
red mail obit
dorothy jessie evans lived Herefordshire ex mental nurse at Holme Lacy. Any information could be of help.
red mail The Rummer Inn
I'm looking for the George Davies family that ran the Rummer Inn Pub/Boarding House/Coffe shop in Bewell St, Hereford. There were at least 7 children and their mother was Elizabeth Tongue. I can't find them after 1901.
red mail Powis families
Hi any info for Thomas Powis c1839 one of the children of James and Mary.Chidren being born in Aymestrey and other surrounding districts.John
red mail Dennis Family - St. Owens Gate
Granfather, grandmother and extended family lived there up to and some time after WWI. An extended family lived there - children Wynn, Florence..There was a tailors on the upper story. Several of the young men were long-time members of the Hereford Cathedral choir.
red mail ryland
looking for information about francis henry ryland, born about 1882 married to sarah eliza beavan 1914 lived in hereford.
red mail beavan family
looking for information about james william beavan born 1896 married Cugley 1920 and died about 1971 in leominister. was son of william george beavan who died 1940
red mail witherstone commercial street photographer
to if anyone remembers a ted or thomas witherstone who was a photographer in commercial street or passage of same name in Hereford. To if remembers anyone remembers his his siblings and if anyone knows if a war memorial shows a edwin witherstone died in 1944 burried in singapore but told he is commemorated on a memorial in Hereford. but do not know where?
red mail Fox, Price
I am researching John Fox, b c1791 in Hereford. He married Mary Ann Price in 1818 at St. Peter's Hereford.
red mail Mayo, Roberts
I am researching William Mayo b.c1740 in Hereford and Elizabeth Roberts b. c 1738 in Goodrich. They married in 1762 in Hereford. One of their sons was James born in the mid 1760's. He married Mary Pedlingham in 1790 in Aston Ingham, Hereford. James had a brother born 1769. There may have been other siblings but so far I have not found any. I would like to hear from anyone researching these families.
red mail Thos and son William Williams b 1863/4
Seeking info on family of William Williams born Hereford 1863/4. Have traced William's marriage to Mary Reece from Shirenewton, Mon. Marriage took place in 1887 at Selhurst, Bromley, Kent. Father Thomas described as Woodsman. Possibility that William served in Navy.
Hereford & District Working Boys Home - John Anton
I am researching my grandfather John Thomas Anton who I believe originated in Peterborough about 1877. I have found an entry in the 1891 census for a John Anton (aged 13) from Peterborough living in the Hereford & District Working Boys Home and Industrial School, Bath Street, Hereford, and think this may be him. Does anyone have any information about this home, or know where it may be obtained? I have searched on the internet and have found some general information about the home which apparently closed in 1933. I would like to know if more indepth information about the inmates still exists. Many thanks in advance for any help.
red mail Charles Francis Greville
I am looking for information/descendents of Charles Francis Greville born 1807 Bletchingon Sussex . He married Prudence Richardson (second marriage he was first married to a Maria , and they had a daughter Emma). On his marriage certificate it states his father as being John James Greville ,a soldier. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail BRADLEY
I am seareching for info on William BRADLEY born in Hereford/Herefordshire around 1824. I can find him in 1841, 1891 and 1901 cenus as living in Shropshire, but in between I cannot find him. His occupation is given as a hawker or tinker, so he could have moved around a bit. He supposedly married JANE DAVIES from Sedgley (born around 1836)but I cannot find evidence of the marriage. I'd be grateful for any help
red mail The Lodge Dewsall Hereford
Anyone know of Henry Charles Waldron and wife Catherine nee Weir married Swansea 1891 Henry died in Derbyshire 1897. They had a daughter Florence Gwendoline born 1891 Swansea. I can find no death for Catherine Waldron (wife) but do know their daughter Flo then aged 19 years was living with grandparents Patrick and Elizabeth Waldron in Hereford 1911 at a place called The Lodge Dewsall Hereford.
red mail St Johns, Hereford or anywhere!
A family of tailors in Hereford. Father Joseph MALLITT, wife Ann (COOK). Links with Madley. Several children - one in particular Esther/Hestor born 1816 died 1836. Did she have an illegitimate child called Ann Abigail born in 1836? Possible father James GURMAN who was already married at the time. Free exchange of information and would welcome any contact.
red mail daniel herbert
Daniel Herbert b 1801 unknown..married Elizabeth..unknown..1841 census Innkeeper..children..Hannah Maria Herbert. b 1828 All Saints, Hereford.. William Henry. b 1825..Charles Frederick. b 1826 Daniel Herbert was a Glazier in 1828...No sign of him after 1841. Please help.
red mail spilsbury
hi looking for will of james spilsbury of rock dated 1711,can anyone look in record office for this will,what his wifes name was or anything about him thank you
red mail alfred godsall
I am trying to find information on the workhouse at Hay i need to find any information on my Great Grandfather who i think was born in the workhouse in 1845, i can find no information in the 1851 census on him at all, if anyone can help to tell me how i could find records of the Hay Workhouse it would be a great help. Many thanks. Sheila
red mail BROOKS Joseph
I am trying to find family/details of my great,great grandfather JOSEPH BROOKS born about 1817. He was Transported to Norfolk Island on the ship "John Cain" in 1846, after his Court Case at the Worcester Assizes on 10 March 1846, where he was convicted of Rape ?? of a young woman he had been with before in a "House of Ill Fame" (Brothel). In June 1847 he was moved to Hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia, where in 1854 he married Matilda Morley who was the daughter of Free Settlers to Hobart - James and Martha (Dalton) Morley. On his Court Papers Joseph gave his native place as Hereford. I have been unable to trace his family - Can anybody help me ???
red mail William Henry Davis
I am looking for information about the family of my great grandfather. He was born in 1850, was married in Bridgend on 1 January 1870 to Emma Stock(s). His trade was a stonemason. He immigrated to New Zealand in about 1876. In the passenger list he is listed as having two children; one Albert was born in Hereford in 1872 and the other listed as WH was born in 1876 a few months before they embarked. According to my mother they came to New Zealand to build Christchurch cathedral which is built to stone. My mother always said that her father's family was Welsh. When I pressed her about where in Wales she conceded it was close to the border with England.
red mail Reece
Any information about David Reece a wheelwright my GGfather who worked in Hereford about 1861. I have traced some origins but come to a wall prior to residence in Stretton Sugwas. I cannot find his birthplace and parents.
red mail Smith Family
Information sought regarding an Edward Smith (b. abt 1797 Llwynren, Herefordshire) and his wife, Ann Smith (b. abt. 1805 Wolvesnewton).
red mail Davi(e)s
Martha Davis born 1789 +/- 1 and her sister Catharinah Davies.Lived in the county.Information deduced from a sampler done by the sisters.
red mail treherne family
Arthur Treherne married Alice Wyatt later half 1800. Several children Elizabeth, George.Florence, Amelia, Phyllis, Frank. There maybe have been others who died very young. Interested in all information about the family. Also interested in family of Alice Wyatt Arthur's wife. See died around 1939. The family lived in London and owned a shop.
Nancy May Bottom
I would like to hear from the descendants of Nancy May Bottom, who was born in 1918 and died in Hereford in 1997.
Martha Hannah Bottom
I would like to hear from the descendants of Martha Hanna Bottom born 1911, who died in Hereford in 1987.
red mail Meredith
Looking for any info on Edward Charles Meredith, son of Michael and Eliza? born 1847 or there abouts, and his ancestors or descendants. He came to New Zealand and married Clara Elizabeth Jenkins. I am a gg grandson of his.
red mail GWILLIAM
red mail Davies
I would appriate any infomation on my grt grt grandfather John Davies born in 1814 at St Owen,he married Elizabeth Dobbs on the 25th of December 1834 his parents were William and Esther Davies.In the 1841 census John was living in Ross On Wye. I have no information on him before 1814.
red mail Hereford Saints
William Saint ,c 1760 - 1823, shoemaker, his wife Ann c 1760- 1840, (sons Thomas c 1798-1843,and James, a baker/ confectioner, c 1800-1871) had a daughter Margaret born c 1790 in America. Why was William in America and why did he come back to England? Margaret married Job Blick. They lived in Kiddermnster and he was a carpet worker.
red mail Wiggins - Hereford
Looking for information regarding Henry Edward Wiggins, known as Ted. Born 1921 Hereford. Had 4 children, Christopher, Joan, Peter and Helen
red mail Walter Green & Henrietta Millichap
Searching for any connections to Walter Henry Green, born 1869 Worcester and wife Henrietta Jane Millichap, born 1869 Bromyard. KNown to have moved to Hereford after 1901. Occupation publican. Last known address 1923, Widemarsh Street.
I am currently researching my family tree.I am looking for any information regarding my father's family,he had 2 brothers David and Andrew Farmer.Their mother was Emily Florence Farmer nee Francis.The boys were placed in what was then named Ivy House workhouse.If anyone has any information I would be very grateful to hear from you.Many thanks.
red mail George Hargest
Looking for any information on George Hargest who married Margaret Lillian Griffiths in Hereford in 1904.
red mail looking for
i am looking for any info concerning the following John wren housing in Hereford who was living there around 1940-60. Also any info on Blacks shop in Hereford who was working there from around 1930-60. any info would be most welcome
red mail Hanney
looking for info on surname Hanney pre 1850
red mail Joseph Gurney
Seeking information about Joseph Gurney, father of Thomas (born c.1835 at Newton, Herefordshire). Joseph seems to have been born c.1804 in Worcs. and married Frances. Any information about them, or the Gurneys in Herefordshire, much appreciated. Greg
red mail Edwards/ Williams
I am looking for family connections to the Edwards family (of Burghill, Hereford and later at Bromyard), Joseph George Edwards married Harriett Williams, 1901 (Hereford), his Father was Arthur Edwards, her father was Edward Williams. I cannot tie-in Joseph george to his Father (Arthur) at all as I cannot find any record of him (having a Son named Joseph George??) Also Charles Watkins married Mary Jane Cook/ Cooke (born at Avenbury) at turn of 20th Century, Her Mother was Eliza Cooke and she married Thomas Dennis who was licencee of the Holly Bush Inn at Munderfield/ Bishops Frome in the last quarter of the 19th Century. all information will be most welcome, thanks you
red mail VANSTONE
Looking for anything about Vanstone family in Hereford for family tree.
red mail St Owens Hereford.
Searching old photos/pictures/ copies etc in area of St Owens Gate, Hereford. 19th century if possible. Also of St Owens Street, Hereford.
Bridget Llanwarne 1680
I have in my tree a Bridget Llanwarne born c 1680, who married John Slade in Hereford Cathedral.The Slades lived in the Fownhope area for many generations after this. I have no information on the Llanwarne family or of where John Slade originated. Any information would be welcome.
red mail Harris
I am researching the family of James Harris who states he was born in or around Hereford c 1801. He married Judith Catherine Edwards of Abergavenny in the 1830s and the oldest child I have for them was born in Bath in 1836, but I have been unable to find either the marriage or his baptism. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
red mail LLANWARNE
Bridget Lavinia Cottenborough LLANWARNE was born on 10 Mar 1829,in Hereford, her parents being John LLANWARNE & Caroline Bridget. Searching for marriage of John & Caroline, to find her maiden name, and then be able to research back on both lines.
red mail Meredith.Hereford and Garway
Looking for any details of the descendants of the Meredith family of Hereford.Joseph,Mary Elizabeth Matilda (nee Burrows)and their children,Albert,George (died at Ypres)Joseph,Reginald and Kathleen born between 1888 and 1898.I believe they lived in Burghill at some point Thanks Chris B
red mail Rivers: Albert
Borm 1884 Family lived in Hereford roughly from 1900 onwards.
red mail My Dad
Does anyone know Kevin Michael James? He is in his 50s and married my mother in July 1983. I was born in Dec 1983 and shortly after they were divorced. He was seen in Withington about 6yrs ago but i havent seen him for 19yrs. He was born in Hereford. Any info on him would be grateful as i need to see him and want him to see his grandson.
red mail Fletcher
I am tracing the Fletcher side of my family who came from Hereford. John Fletcher b 1854 married Emily and were the parents of my great grandmother ethel (Eskins). I think John Fletchers parents were John b. 1824 and Susan b.1825
John Humphrey HARRY/HARRHY born Hereford about 1820 married Catherine Halliday at Newport 1842. Anybody researching this family.
red mail Roberts ... Hereford
Looking for family of William (occupation: baker) born 1854 and Eleanor (nee Preece) Roberts born 1861 who lived on Walmer Street, All Saints, Herefordshire at one time. Children of William and Eleanor born in Hereford are: Albert J., Arthur E., Florence, Frederick, Harry Edwin, Marion. Harry Edwin grew up to become a Policeman in Hereford.
I would like to contact James Henry Baskerville.He was a school friend of mine.He went to George Dixon Grammar School in the 1940s. his father had a farm in Morton Jefferies in Herefordshire.
red mail HODGES, Hereford All Saints
Arabella HODGES (ca 1794-1853) married William BROWN (ca 1794-1861) (originally of Tetbury) at St.Botolph's, Bishopsgate, in 1823. The couple lived in Oxford for some years before moving back to Clerkenwell (after 1841)where they ran the Fountain Tavern on Amwell St. Both buried Highgate Cemetery. Arabella had a niece, Louisa Arabella POWELL (1840-), also found at the Fountain in 1861.
red mail Looking for Keevil
In tracing my family I am looking for any information on Thomas George Keevil and Margaret Keevil (nee Burne). They had a son (my father) John Richard (or John James) in 1919 at which time they were living in Widemarsh Street, Hereford.
red mail Family
I am looking for the parents of my fiance'. Name is Iggulden, Victor and Joyce. They live in Hereford and they are an elderly couple. He volunteers at one of the local stables breaking in horses. Can anyone help?
red mail williams
looking for joseph william born approx 1914 his fathers name was henry, joseph married emily margaret dicker 27th dec 1937 in london were they were in service emily margaret died at st marys hospital from cancer in 1956 its said that joseph had two brothers richard? and stanley? one was in the fire service and giving a medal for service the other brother worked for hereford council their mother lived in the elms houses by the general hospital and also did the flowers for the catherdale? he may have been roman catherlic any help would be most welcome
red mail Bodenham
Looking for Francis Bodenham, born circa 1790 in Herefordshire. Engraver/watchmaker. Tried at Old Bailey for bigamy in 1815 and transported to Australia.
red mail Taylor/gorringe
Does anyone have any family history regarding Thomas Taylor born in 1839/41 in Oxfordshire married Alice Gorringe in Hereford in 1871 and had ten children. He was the butler in a house owned by the Clives called Treville in Hereford.
My GGrandfather Thomas Stead and his Father, also Thomas Stead were both caretaker and gardener for the vicars Choral of Hereford Cathedral. They both lived with their wives in the college (or cloisters) of the Vicars Choral Thomas Stead Snr appointed 3.11.1894. Thomas Stead Jnr took over 31.03.1914 - No idea of Thomas Snrs wifes' name but Thomas Jnr was married to Emma (Griffiths ??) Thomas Jnr was also appointed mace bearer
red mail Gagg, Hereford
Names: Gagg Hereford Area
red mail Hereford, Ross
Researching Hart, Ashpley and Hickson between 1822 and 1767 in Hereford, Ross Herefordshire and Foleshill Warwickshire.
red mail Yeomans Of Titley
My g.g.g.grandfather William Yeomans was born here in about 1802. He married Eliza Bradford (b.1804 Pembridge) at Titley Parish in 1833 dau. of Edward Bradford and Ann Powell. He died at Burcher Farm, Titley due to an accident ( a Waggon ran over him) on 4th July 1844.

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