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Dunfermline Masseuse married descendant of Edward III in Dumfermline
In 1923 Mary Helena DAWSON, a Dunfermline resident married an Edmund Frederic Herbert SMITH who was a direct descendant of Edward III of England. He was a Petroleum Engineer from London. I have their marriage certificate of 12 Jan 1923. The marriage took place in Mary's family home on Headwell Road. I am thinking that the marriage might have been reported in a local paper, but I can find no mention of it in the Dunfermline Weekly paper. Is there somewhere else I might search? I have searched on Ancestry with no success. The couple fairly quickly emigrated to the U.S.A. where they both died, along with a daughter, conceived several years after the marriage. I would welcome contact with anyone else who is working on the DAWSON tree. Thanks
1911 - Physical Training in Dunfermline
I have a relative who was described in the 1911 census as being a Physical Training Student. She was living in Dunfermline. She went on to become a Masseuse, as did her sister. Can anyone tell me where this training was done; what it might have included; and where I can search for more information, please ? Many thanks.
red mail Littlejohn Family Tree
I am looking for any information that may be available for James Littlejohn born 13Oct 1583, John Littlejohn born 18 Sep 1608 or John Littlejohn born 1639. My ancestry search indicates these men are related and lived in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. I do not have the death dates or any spouse names fur these individuals. Thanks, Kenneth
Searching for descendants of the above couple. Their children were: Christian; Jean; Andrew; William; Cecil; Robert; Cecelia; James and George, born: 1763; 1765; 1767; 1769; 1770; 1772; 1775; 1778 and 1780 respectively.
red mail Geils Burne
I am anxious to find more about my ancestor Geils Burne who was baptised 11 March 1572 at Dunfermline. Her parents were William Burne and Janet Brown of whom I know nothing and hence would like to know their birth or baptism and marriage dates and the names of their parents.I also have another ancestor Henry Rainy baptised 18 October 1722 Dunfermline whose parents were James Rainy and Margaret Wastwood whose birth/baptism/marriage dates I should like to know as well as the names of their parents.
red mail looking for blood relatives
my grandfather came to the united states in 1910 or 1911. His name was Andrew Collier. His father was William and his mother was Janet. maiden name was Mackie. I sent for his birth certificate and the address for his residence was 8 Gardener in the county of Fife in Dunfermline. I am coming to Scotland on the 9th of September. I'm going to check out that address. If anyone has information about that address or know of descendants of William Collier or Janet Mackie, please reply . Reggie
red mail Cook
I am researching the Cook family who I have traced to Dunfermline in the 18th century. They had a son Adam who had a son Archibald who had a son George who had a son Archibald who had me Janet. They were miners right into the 20th century and moved to Lanarkshire and then to Ayrshire where they are to this day.
red mail Any Information
Seeking any info re above decendents James Chrystie (may not be correct spelling b about 1738. Isabel Chrystie b 15 sep 1757. John McKenlay. Janet Sands b about 1742
red mail Walls of Dunfermline 1700s, 1800s
I'm searching for info on the ancestors (and descendants) Thomas Walls (born 1788) and Helen Kirk (c. 1790).
Agnes/Ann Thomson (daughter of James Thomson & Agnes Steedman) married John Reid (son of William Reid & Janet Anderson) in Carnock, Fife, 13 September 1812. Children - Anne, James, Janet, Ebenezer, Margaret, John, Mary, Elizabeth. Most of the family remained in Carnock, some moved to Edinburgh. Would like to contact descendants of these families. Thank you.
red mail Kelly_Dowlan
Am trying to find info. John Kelly and Mary Dowlan are together in the 1851 English Census and again in the 1861 England Census living at Liverpool. The census info is that John came from Downpatrick, Down and that Mary came from Ireland. I have since acquired a birth certificate from one of their children, thus the surname Dowlan. Can not find them married in England or Ireland. Any one have info it would be appreciated.First child born 1845. Thank You
red mail Bathgate
I am descendant from Christopher Miller Bathgate B1881 D1961, Son of Robert Bathgate (1855-1916)and Mary Bathgate -Nee: Miller- (1851-??). Christopher Bathgate married Christina Donaldson (1880-1950) and fathered my grandmother Jane Donaldson Bathgate (1911-1987) and Robert Bathgate (1914-2002). Christopher Bathgate had siblings Jane Bathgate (1877 -?), Archibald Bathgate (1886-1953), and Mary Bathgate (1893-?). I am looking for descendants from any of the above. Most of this extended family lived and died in Dunfermline.
red mail Penman, Colliar, Collier
I am looking for information on Christina Penman who was married to James Colliar or Collier around about 1810/1811 in Dunfermline. They had at least one child called William Colliar who was born in Auchterderran,Fife on the 12 March 1812. Any help would be gratefully received as this is my brick wall!
red mail clockmaker
Looking for information on a grandfather clockmaker, A.Richardson of Dunfermline about 1780.
red mail Francis Mulvey(ie) and Catherine McCue Dunfermline
Trying to establish if the Francis Mulvie and Catherine McCue listed as having New York connections and being born in Cavan and Leitrim could be the same two that I am looking for and who were in Fife in 1859. Francis Mulvie (y) died in Glasgow in approx. 1890. I am particularly looking for a date and place of marriage for them.
red mail fogg.banks
I am looking for info. on James Fogg and Margaret Bank's family. They lived and married in Dunfermline between 1830 and 1850 but also lived in England.
red mail Collins-Smullins
I am looking for information about my grandmother's family. She was born in Edinburgh in 1886 to her mother Mary Collins but was raised as by her grandparents James and Mary Collins nee Smullins. Her name was Catherine and was known as Kate Collins. When she married Andrew Bayne in Burntisland, Fife, in 1907, she went by her father's name, McLennan. They migrated to Australia before World War 1. He was killed in France in 1917.
red mail Auld / Murie
Robert Auld, flesher on Bridge Street, married Elizabeth Murie (daughter of James Murie from Crook of Devon and Kingseat in the Cleish hills) in the late 1700's. I believe he was a brother of Jabez Auld, a flesher in Inverkeithing. Their father was David Auld, also a flesher in Inverkeithing. This family (David and his sons) moved to Inverkeithing in the early 1790's. I am looking for information concerning their home prior to moving to Inverkeithing. I believe they may have come from the Falkirk area or from nearby parishes.
red mail Robert/Thomas Mudie (Masterton)
I'm very interested in Dunfermline because the ancestors of my mother were born here. The lastest I could find was Robert Mudie (ab 1510 Masterton) and married to Catherine Mudy. From his descendants, a Thomas Mudie went to The Netherlands. I have very little information about the children and other relatives who stayed in Dunfermline (or went elsewhere). In the old parish records I can find some data about Mudies, but I can't relate them to one another. I include the information I have: Robert Mudie (ab 1510 Masterton) x Catherine Mudy (???) children: Thomas Mudie (ab 1535 Masterton) and others??? Thomas Mudie (ab 1535 Masterton) x Beatrix Lun (???) children: Robert Mudie (ab 1560 Masterton) and others??? Robert Mudie (ab 1560 Masterton) x Besse Ponto(u)n (ab 1580) children: Thomas (1582), Robert (1583) and James (1589). I don't know what happend to Robert and James. Thomas Mudie (1582) x Margaret Turnbull (???) children: Bessie (1611), Robert (1613), Jonet (1616), James (1618), Thomas (1621) and Margaret (1623). Except for Thomas (1621) I have no further information. Thomas Mudie (1621) x Elizabeth Steven (ab 1635) at Rotterdam on 6 Oct 1664. From here the information is more disclosed.
In course of family history am looking for Robbie Sharp son of Johnny born in Edinburgh in 1930's.His paternal grandmother was a Brown and he may have family information.
red mail Moodie/Macdonald - Dunfermline
I have very limited details of my maternal side of the family. My mother was Jessie Macdonald who was born c 1923 and she had a sister Isabelle. My grandmother was first married to a 'Moodie' and following his death in the Great War re-married to a 'Macdonald'. We used to visit my grandmother (I never knew my grandfather) in the early 60's. My mother married a Raymond Middleton and they had 8 children and moved to Woodcote in Oxfordshire. Sadly my mother died in 1968. I remember an Aunt Bella who I liked to stay with, she was my great aunt. There was also a son John Moodie who was from the first marriage. Any information anyone has will be great.
red mail Lathalmond Lime Works
My great grandfather John Glancy was a lime stone miner at Lathalmond Lime Works and my great grandmother Susan Linay a dairymaid at Lathalmond Farm. Can anyone give me details
red mail Colville Thomas Grandfather D.O.B.1860?
I am looking for information re decendants. His son went to U.S.A in 1914 he was Peter Colville, family Tom Harry Robina & Annie. They went to Pensyvainia. There is family still in Dunfermline.
red mail andrew graham /wood
looking for information about my fathers parents,he was born 1915 andrew graham, but was brought up with his grandmother being very young he took on her name, which was Wood, thats all i know except i think she was partly blind,any help would be great William (Bill)
red mail James Harley / Jane Gray
Looking for information in relation to James Harley and Jane Gray who lived in Grieve Street Dunfermline. They had the following children John Currie married Elizabeth Hutchison 24/11/1924 Annie married James Somerville lived in Bridge of Allan Alexander (Sandy) married Nettie McClellan, Jean married George Donaldson James (died) Lizzie married James Arnott Robert married Millie Hay
Dunfermline and Crossgates
My grandfather's sister Margaret HAY was born in 1863 in Dunfermline. My grandfather Thomas HAY was born in Crossgates in 1866. How close are these villages?
red mail Peter MOIR and Barbara DONALDSON
Married 1804 Dunfermline. Children Helen, William, Thomas, Rachel, Janet and Barbara. I am descended from Thomas b1810 who married Margaret FINLAY.
red mail Redpath
Interetsed in the Redpath family who came to Fife area from East lothian. Alexander Redpath & Mary Dalgeish.
red mail Innes Family Dunfermline
i'm looking for anyone with any info on the Innes Family,originally from Haddington area,then Fife, My gran Mary Innes was born in Lumphinnans Ballingary in 1899 she married Alexander Stephen and had some of her children in 29 Beveridge Place Lumphinnans,she has a cousin Minnie Innes from Lumphinans who married Larry Williams who had children,Charles,Tilda,wilma.Adelaide,Ian,Clarence aka Click..also any info on my Father Len Prescot
red mail Kirk family of Dunfermline, Fife
I am researching the Kirk family of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland c. 1643 - 1780. Connected families are Baillie, Dick, Boost, Anderson and perhaps Adame. Would appreciate contact with anybody researching this family.
red mail Robert Anderson
Looking for ancestors of Robert Anderson and Mary Philp who married Dunfermline on 26th November 1816.
red mail McArthur
Does anyone have any information on the Fife McArthur Family? My grandfather, Alexander(Sandy)McArthur was born in Dunfermline in 1857. His parents were John McArthur b. 1817 and Mary McAuley who were married in Dunfermline on the 9th. Jan 1852.John came from Paisley in the west of Scotland and started farming and butchering in the Cowdenbeath/Kelty area. All of John's children, Mary, William, Alexander, Robert, David Brown, Catherine, Thomas Scott,and Mary, were all born in Beath or Dunfermline between 1854 and 1874. I believe that my grandfathers brother, my great Uncle, John, who was the firstborn around 1854, emigrated to New Zealand sometime in the late 1860's or 1870's. Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated.
red mail David Cusine/ Jean Halkerston
I am looking for information about David Cusine/ Jean Halkerston who married in Dunfermline in 1786. Jean died in 1849 in Dunfermline. Only other info is that David was a writer, and that a daughter, Elisabeth was born in Dunfermline in 1787.
red mail Morris Dunfermline
Trying to find info on James Morris b.1761 M. Christian Kerr b. 1765. Any info is appreciated. This is my husbands family I am researching.Thanks Chris, Australia
red mail Lorrimer
Looking for family of Alexander Dempster Lorrimer Born c 1901.Joined merchant navy at age 15.Jumped ship in Canada and changed his surname to Smith.
Mary BROWN was born c. 1841 in Ardoyne, Antrim, while her parents, of Dunfermline, were involved in the linen industry there. Her father William BROWN was born 31 March 1812 at Pittencrief Dunfermline and married 26 Sept. 1832 at Dunfermline Elizabeth SIMPSON born c. 1815. William BROWN was the son of another William BROWN and was born 20 May 1790 at Dunfermline. He married Elizabeth WATSON (who had been born c. 1790) on 25 May 1811 at Pittencrief, Dunfermline. William BROWN was the son of Andrew BROWN who had married 5 Mar. 1784 at Dunfermline Margaret SANDS, who had been born c. 1761. the daughter of Alexander SANDS (b.c. 1735) and Katherine KINLOCK (b. c. 1740) Andrew BROWN had been chr. 5 Dec. 1756 at Dunfermline, the son of James BROWN who had married 13 July 1749 at Dalgety, Fife Janet MUIR, Chr. 5 March 1727 at Dunfermline, the daughter of James MUIR and Bessie ALLAN. James BROWN bapt. 17 Jan. 1728 at Dunfermline was the son of George BROWN who married 6 Sept. 1721 at Dunfermline Sarah BAYNE. George BROWN chr. 17 Oct. 1704 was the son of William BROWN and Margaret CRIEGH. Mary BROWN born c. 1841 Ardoyne Antrim had emigrated to South Aust. as a single young woman without accompanying family, and married 29 Aug. 1861 at St Mark's Anglican Church, Penwortham, Henry CAVENETT. This couple were my great grandparents. KJI
red mail Gibson, Peter and John
I am interested in finding out more about my ancestor John Gibson from Dunfermline. He was born to Peter and Jean Gibson, nee Watson, and he married Christian Inglis. They had a family of at least 7 children, Christian, Peter, John, Jane, Ann, Janet and Jessie. I am also interested in finding out more about John's parents and any other relatives in the area.
red mail The Foot(e) family
Does anyone have information of the Foot(e) family ? Alexander and Marion Linsday ; one daughter for sure- Ann(e)(ie), born 1826 , died 1906. she married a John Henderson from Dunfermline or Dysart in 1850. They moved to Bo'ness and had Margaret, John, Alexander, Robert, Annie, William. Thank you. Donna
red mail DAVID RITCHIE m. 1896 Dunfermline
Seeking the descendants of DAVID RITCHIE and JOANNE FORSYTH who were married in DUNFERMLINE on the 8th April, 1896.
red mail Toshack/Toshach/Duncan
Looking for descendants of Isabella Toshack and Andrew Duncan m27/7/1833 Isabella's parents were Andrew Toshack and Barbara Horn.Isabella had a brother William who was a PC in Burntisland
red mail THOMSON Alexander
Alexander Thomson,born Dunfermline c1812,married Isabella Moodie (born c1805 Carnock). Address in 1851: Maygate St Dunfermline. Would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of Alexander and his children after Isabella's death in 1857. I have information on his daughter Helen/Ellen.
red mail Brown,Drysdale
I am looking for any information on Browns from Dumfermline. I know some of them lived on Netherton street. Peter Brown m Margaret Graham, son Andrew M Betsy Bonnar their son Peter married Marion Lockhead Drysdale all in Dumfermline. Any information would be great.
red mail Peter Gibson & Jean Watson
Looking for the burial site and date of Peter Gibson b abt 1782 in Dunfirmline. He married Jean Watson June 20 1806. Peter shows up in 1841 census but not Jean Watson. Any info on these families would be welcome. Tony
red mail Archibald Duncan and Janet Brown
Archibald Duncan was born in Halbeath on 20th January 1791 and was christened on 29th January 1791. He married Janet Brown. Archibald died on 26th November 1841 at Dunfermline and was buried on 28th November. His parents were John Duncan (born approx. 1765) and Janet Harrower (born approx. 1769). Anyone got any details of these people, ancestors or decendents?
red mail William Penman and Janet Duncan
William Penman was born on 18th July 1824 in Faskin, Lanark, Scotland. He married Janet Duncan on 5th January 1844 at Halbeath, Dunfermline. They had Janet, Elizabeth, John, Grace, Archibald, Jane, Euphemia, David and William. He died on 29th July 1864 in Dunfermline. His parents were John Penman and Eliza Sharp. If anyone has any details of any of these people or ancestors. It'd be very interested
I am looking for assistance in finding out family members of Francis Slim(e) (soldier of 21st Regiment of foot or Scots Fusiliers). He married in Dunfermline in 1799 to Helen (Nelly) Peddie who was born in Fife. They had a daughter Janet Slim. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. *UpDate* Helen Peddie or Slim, died on 9 Dec. 1850 aged 70 in Dunfermline. No trace of birth or death in Scotland for Francis, anyone help?
red mail Sinclair
searching for any information on Thomas Sinclair and Margaret Sinclair (nee adamson) who were married in Dunfermline on June 3, 1922
red mail Shaw
I am looking for anyone with connections to the Shaw family living in Dundermline late 1700's
red mail Reekie/Niven; Reekie/Hogg; Niven/Moodie
Agnes Reekie b. Abdie Fife was mother of my gr. grandfather Angus Niven and my gr. grandfather John Niven was d/o John Reekie & Isabella Hogg. She was married in DUNFERLINE Jan. 21/1843 (North Church) to Robert Niven s/o John Niven and Agnes Moodie. When Agnes died Robert m. 2nd Margaret MacIntosh. If you feel there is a connection & would like to exchange information please contact me.
Walter Brown 1823
Walter Brown b 1823 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland married Margaret Rentoul 1850 Dysart, Fife, Scotland. At this time we only know of three Children Walter, Thomas McLaren, William. I believe there were more children due to the dates of the children only found family in the 1881 census at this time. I would love to learn more about this family. Thank you Claudia in Seattle
Andrew Brown 1855
Andrew Brown was born in 1855 Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland. He married Isobella Strang (b: 1855 Ballingry, Fife, Scotland) in 1876 Dunferline Parish, Fife, Scotland. These are their known children to date: Marion,Andrew,Isobella,John,Christina, Margaret, Janet. The first three children were born in Dunfemline, Fife, Scotland, it is believed. The others were born in the United States. Would love to here from any relatives and share information that I know. I have listed a few of the names associated with this family. Claudia in Seattle
Seeking information or descendants of my 2nd G Grandparents David Page and Catherine Campbell, both born Dunfermline. Married 1843 Clackmannan. Both born around 1820, eight known children. Have been unable to find Davids birth/baptism.
red mail Dr. Alan Rutherford
Seeking the relatives of Dr. Alan Rutherford born and bred in Inverkeithing, son of Thomas Rutherford Collessie and Christine Finlay who were married in Edinburgh 1910. Alan had a sister called May. Dr. Alan possibly retired to Dunfermline. Any information please
red mail Clunie - Drylie
can anyone help with a birth around 1853 for John Clunie ?Dunfermline his father was also John Clunie and his mothers maiden name was Ann Drylie cant find a marriage for them either.Thank you.
red mail Andrew/Elizabeth Burt
Looking for any information on Andrew Burt and Elizabeth Dunlop, married in 1835. They had 11 children who were born in various villages around Fife. Andrew's family is from Dunfermline. Both Andrew and Elizabeth died in 1859 in Falkirk, buried in Polmont.
red mail Bennett/ Wilkie..Dunfermline
I'm seeking information about my ancestor, Andrew Bennett, son of Alexander Bennett, a tanner and his wife Catherine nee Wilkie. He was born in Dunfermline in 1823 , came to Australia about 1842 and has many descendents here...Jan
red mail Johnstone/West/Hutton
Ethel Johnstone born Sept 13,1898 at Castleblair Park,Dunfermline.Parents:George & Grace (Hutton).Youngest of 7 children.siblings,Grace,Janet,George,Jeannie,Elizabeth,Albert. Married:Albert Edward West June 11,1919 Dunfermline,Fife.Had four girls : Muriel,Audrey,Yvonne,Irene. any info would be appreciated, family tree.
My ancestor, William YULE, coalminer, was born c1816 Kirkcaldy or Abbotshall to parents William YULE, Damask Weaver, and Mary YULE (nee THOMSON), and died 14 Feb 1879 at Townhill, Dunfermline. Unable to find parents' marriage or birth/baptism of William or any other children. Does anyone have these people in their family tree?
Poor House Dunfermline
My 2x gt-g'mother, Mary McINTYRE (nee GRAHAM), died 28 Nov 1907 in Dunfermline Poorhouse. I have located its position on map of Dunfermline (now a Nursing Home there), but can anyone tell me where its records are kept and when the Poorhouse closed?
Bonalay's In Dunfermline
In 1561, when the parish registers began, there were 5 BONALAYƕs in Dunfermline ? Lowie, Cathrin, Wilzem, Kirsten and Jonat. They were probably either siblings or cousins. If siblings their father was probably Robert. They all married and at least 3of them had children. The families into which they married were ANDIRSON, PATRIK, PEIRSONE, RAMSAY and HUTSON. The families continued in Dunfermline until about 1600, when they moved into adjoining parishes that did not keep registers. As the registers began they appeared as separate families in surrounding parishes. I have some information that I will gladly share, but need to known a great deal more.
red mail Helen Wilkinson (nee Fox)
My mother migrated to Australia 1950's. Looking for information about her early life and her ancestors. Born 1926 died 1993 in Perth Western Australia.

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