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red mail Brown/curry/Allen...Bradleys/oxberry/hood/Pearson
Hi all Im looking for info on my family first is my mums side browns currys Allens my mum has John David tammy abby brothers and sisters her mum is called Margaret Allen originally known as Margaret curry my mums dad is called Joshua now my dads his father is called kenneth w Bradley born 1943 has children Micheal Bradley Michelle Paula Knox there mum is Catherine oxberry known as Catherine bradley her parents Josephine Pearson 1919-1974 father George oxberry 1915-1987 any info would be brilliant for my tree and any living relatives mainly lived jarrow and hebburn
Yardley family South Shields
in 1943 my Grandmother received a letter from Mr and Mrs W Yardley, of 268 South Eldon Street, South Shields. The letter was regarding their son whose ship had been sunk that year. My Uncle's ship had also been sunk but he had been taken as a prisoner of War and was in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp. They had written to her asking if their son had been on the same ship . I would love to trace some family members to return a copy of the letter to them as I am sure it would mean a lot to the family. The letter has been in my late Grandmothers bag for 76 years. She kept their letter and two others se received from other families to remind her how lucky she was to have her son back.
Gray John
I am looking for details of John Gray assistant Station Master who died in Cleveland Street South Shields 1916. In particular where he was born and who his parents were. I have found him from 1891. I know his wife/partner Margaret Alice Woodcock was in Usworth in 1881 with their new born son Richard. I have no clue as to John's birth except his year of birth being 1858. I can find no marriage and I can find no trace of Margaret's death. Also do you know what happened to Cleveland Street? Only one house remains. Presume bombing during the war. Thanks. Irene G.
red mail Fenwick, Nicholson or Bond
Looking for any members of the above families last living in South Shields
red mail TODD HALDER
I'm interested in finding about the Todd or Halder families. I know that one of the Halders married a Todd and one of the Todd daughters married a Readhead of the ship building family. Shirley
red mail Alice Coyle 1884 -1957
Alice Coyle 1884 -1957, mother was Elizabeth Hunnum 1853, and father, Henry Joseph Coyle 1846 - 1911. I have only found Elizabeth on census records 1901 and 1911. I believe her parents were, Adam Hunnum 1830 - 1913 and his wife Mary. I would like to know Mary's maiden name and any possible dates. Henry Joseph Coyle is a huge mystery to me. Census documents show his birthplace as St. Johns New Brusnwick, Canada, but I can find no record of him. I have found a couple of newspaper articles regarding him. Can anyone help me?
red mail John Henry Williamson 1872 -1957
Looking for information about my grandfather. I am following my paternal paternal line first as there are multiple marriages on both sides and lots of children. He married Alice Coyle in 1929. They had 4 children to my knowledge ( including my father Alexander) His first wife was called Martha and they had 7 children to my knowledge. On his death certificate it shows occupation as Stoker (poor law institution for South Shields) I'd like to know more about this, if at some point he was a resident in a workhouse, I have looked at some institutions but his name does not appear.
red mail John James Shaw
John James Shaw is my grandfather. I cannot remember him as a child. According to the 1939 census at 38, Eleanor St. South Shields. His D.O.B shows as 31/1/1894. I cannot find a near enough accurate record for his birth, or any other records. He was an able bodied seaman, and I may have found a military record for him. There may be a Scottish link here too.
red mail SHAW/PURVES
I am searching for information on Olive Shaw, born 1927. Mother was Jessie Shaw ( nee Purves) Purves, father John James Shaw. Family rumours say that she was evacuated in September 1939, but I don't know where she went. Her and her older brother James were possibly evacuated together. I have photos, and know that when she was a young woman aged about 18 to 22 before she married my father, that she worked in the ice cream parlour on the seafront esplanade in Scarborough. We lived at 6, Eleanor St, South Shields until I was 3. Can anyone help.
red mail My Uncle
I am looking for some details about my uncle his name was Stanley Cox and he was born in South Shields, In 1912. He joined the Merchant Navy when he was 17. I believe he could of lived in Bournemouth and married in 1945, but I not totally sure. I think he had a daughter called Priscilla. Many Thanks. Pat
red mail Thomas Paul 1853
Hi I have really hit a brick wall concerning my Great Great Grandfather Thomas PAUL born 1852/3 in North Shields. I have his marriage certificate and his death certificate but can find no trace of his birth certificate. His marrage certificate states his father as George PAUL, a blacksmith from Newcastle however his census information from 1861 and 1871 has no mention of Thomas. The confusion is all of George PAUL's family were born in Newcastle except Thomas who on census 1881 to 1901 states he was born in North Shields and who lived all his married live in South Shields. He fathered Thomas PAUL 1881 who then fathered my Grandmother Harriet Morgan PAUL in 1909. The only other George PAUL I can find was a blacksmith from Tynemouth but he was single until he married Catherine APPLEBY a divorcee in 1866. She had a son called Thomas APPLEBY but he was born in 1861 so that can't be him. Please help Dave
red mail Jary families
Interested all Jary families Sth Shields and Sunderland areas. Which Jary--female--was a teacher at Boldon school about 1939? I have the Jary line back to abt 1702 in Norfolk,--where the Jary's of South Shields originated. Robert
Sarah Thompson gave birth to my mother in 1943. She was put up for adoption, the father was believed to be a Jack Harper living in Renfrewshire at the time. Sarah worked at the chemical processing plant and lived in Wouldhave street. Does anyone have any further information about Sarah or Jack.
red mail Elizabeth Young Born 1875
I am looking for any information regarding Elizabeth Young, born 1875. She married Timothy Evans (or Evens) on 7 June 1897 in South Shields. She is the mother of Sarah Annie Thompson and the grandmother of Edna Thompson (Gardiner). If anyone knows info about Elizabeth's Young's mother (or further details), please let me know. Thanks.
red mail BROWN Lydia Mary
Seeking Mary BROWN born 23 aug 1919 last seen 1944ish South Shields. The Browns of Hull are still looking. Mothers maiden name MARY JANE SKELTON.Mary is Niece to John, Herbert, Sydney & Ethel SKELTON.
Brigs, Barques and Snows.
My g.g.grandfather William Ross was a mariner (Mate and Master) sailing out of the Tyne during the 1840's, 50's, and 60's, and was associated with the following vessels: St. Peters, Cowslip, Queen of the Tyne, James and Francis. Interested to hear from anyone with ancestral connections to, or interest in, these vessels.
red mail Tracing ancestor
Tracing any member of the Fraser family whose ancestor Andrew Fraser married Alice Ada Rennie, Nov 8th 1915 in Durham they had 9 children , she died in South Shields in 1954 aged 62.
red mail Blair family
I'm trying to trace other members of the family of Thomas Blair who married Hannah Hawks in 1764 at St Hilda's Church, South Shields. Thomas and Hannah's son Francis was my 4x great grandfather. I am particularly interested to know if anyone has been able to positively identify this Thomas Blair as the Thomas Blair born in Queensferry, W Lothian in 1743, son of Robert Blair and Jane Ramage? Hannah was the daughter of Francis Hawks and Mary Pickering, born 1744 in Durham. I'm also interested in tracing any descendants of Hannah's siblings.
red mail JOHN RAMSEY
Hi, can anyone help me to find John Ramsey, born in South Shields about 1814. He was married to Mary Ann Bell and had a son Alexander born 1840. I believe he died in 1840 the year Alexander was born aged 26.( Why did he die so young ?.) I think he is buried in Holy Trinity church yard. Also any information on his father John who was born in 1781 would be welcome.
red mail SIMPSON
ralph and Barbara simpson left on ship Indiana for nz 1858 with their 6 children.trying to trace their history before their departure.south shields,durham and sunderland appear to feature
red mail Carr Family
I am looking for information about Margaret Ellen Carr who married Robert Wilson in Sunderland in Sept. qtr 1904. According to the 1911 census return on the South Hylton website Margaret Ellen was born in South Shields in 1869. I can not find her birth in the BMD index. I would like to know the names of her parents. Any information on the family would be appreciated.
red mail gallagher/mack
jack joseph gallagher born ?warrenpoint ireland 1890 son of arthur henry gallagher .mother ? jack lived in s/shields was married to alice mack who was born in south shields was a domestic servant for the gomperz family(second hand /pawnbrokers in dean road.i believe jack was a baker and confectioner journeyman.for a time they went to south africa, in the bakery shop he owned in south africa he was blinded by steam from the ovens . they returned to s/shields where he became a collector for the blind institution in south shields they lived alice st alexander st/whitehall st south palmerston st at various times. i'm trying to find out the location where both jack and his father came from .arthur the father was a chief engineer ?maritime or other i do not know. i know nothing regarding mother/wife. ?even if born in ireland. . only certain facts are their names .and occupations from marriage cert for jack and alice in south shields at parish church of st mary,s 25 august 1923. does anyone know anything about them. they are (were)my grandparents and would be very grateful for any info time line----1890 to 1964 jack/alice arthur?1800 onwards
red mail Joseph Forster
Hello all, as a new member I am hoping someone out there is able to help me!! Joseph Forster was my Grandfather and he married my Grandmother in 1899. Together they had a son called Ralph who was my Father. The marriage was short lived and Joseph died on 28th May 1943 in South Shields.I never did get to meet him and was wondering if anyone had information they can share with me. Perhaps he re married and had another family? Joseph was born about 1870 in North Shields. Heres hoping???? Kind regards.......Joan
red mail William Wood spouse Esther Craigs
My ancestor,William Wood,born South Shields(date unknown) married an Esther Craigs on 29th December 1750 in South Shields.They had the following children:Elizabeth b.1753,William b.1755,Jonathan b.1757,James b.1759,Joseph b.1762,Catherine b.1764,George b.1766 and Susannah b.1769 -all born in South Shields.I have been unable to trace Esther's parentage,despite checking various spellings e.g. Craig,Craggs,Crage etc,so it is possible that she originated from a different area.Can anybody help as I have been stuck on this one for ages?
red mail William James Shepherd
WJS was a man of cheerful disposition, but few words. His death certificate gives his place of birth as India (verbally confirmed to me)(place not specified) on 15th January, 1922, but I have been unable to find a birth certificate. He told me that he was given a University scholarship to study electrical engineering, but that he had dropped out because he was ribbed and worse about his accent, which he never completely lost. He served as a signalman RN (bunting tosser!) in WW2, hostilities only I believe, and had a ship sunk from under him on a Russian convoy from a near miss. In 1942 he married Gladys Welford, and subsequently had a son and three daughters. I believe that his father spent the last years of his life in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He once mentioned that the familly had contacts in South Shields. Like I said, a man of few words
red mail Thomas william Errington
I am trying to piece together my family tree, my father was Thomas William Errington , born 1924 , my grandfather was also thomas William Errington , my grandmother was Isabella errington ,her maiden name was Douglass , and lived in south shields i have very little imformation , of my fathers family , , but the names Errington/ Coverdale seem to be connected any help would be great thanks.
red mail patricia. a. wallace
I am trying to find Patricia Wallace borrn 1947 in south shields , father was thomas wallace, mother was Ruth Wallace , I think they moved to London , any help would be welcome . Think Thomas wallaces mother was Hannah Coverdale , but dont know patricia married name .
red mail McCuller
Looking for info on a family called McCuller living in South Shields Mary McCuller born C1873 married a Henry Gallagher St Bedes Roman Catholic church 1893. Her father was a Thomas McCuller.
red mail Fenorty or Simpson
I am looking for information about Ellen Fenorty (b-1839, d-1889) from Ireland, who was married to Richard Simpson (b-1831) from South Shields. One of their daughters, Mary Jane Simpson (b-1867, d-1906), was married to Vincent Smith whose father also came from Ireland. Richards parents, Nicholas Simpson and Isabella Allan, were also from South Shields.
red mail swinburn,bailes,benson
I am seeking any details of my grandmothers family. Grandmothers name Hilda Evelyn Benson. Mother Mary Bailes Swinburn Benson, Father Edward Benson. Sisters Ethel Benson, Gladys Swinburn Allison, Florence Swinburn Hunter and Annie Louisa Swinburn. Born on Oct 12 1905. I think my gr.grandparents are buried in Harton cemetary. My grandmother came to Canada and married Norman Rowe. Her 2nd marriage was to Albert Stonhill, my grandfather. I would appreciate any other information on any of these family members.
red mail Jopling
I am seeking information on the following - Charles Rudolph Jopling died on 10 November 1957 at the age of 86 years. According to the death certificate a 'Jos.Jopling, Son' of 17 Belloc Avenue, South Shields was present at the death which occured at 46 John Clay Street, South Shields, Durham. Does anyone have any information on 'Jos.Jopling' or even on Charles Rudolph himself ? As background I append the following :- Charles Rudolph Jopling was born Rudolph Jopling in 1872 in Herne in Prussia (now Germany). He was the son of John Jopling and Lisette Sophie Amalie Wundsch. Sometime between 1874 and 1881 Lisette died and John Jopling brought his three children back to England. In the census of 3 April 1881 Rudolph is to be found at 71 Low Moorsley, Durham and is listed as a scholar. In the census of 5 April 1891 he is at 22 Meriden Street, Westoe, Durham and is listed as a coal miner. He married Jane Greathead, daughter of Edward Greathead and Mary Owens, on 30 December 1893 in St Mark, South Shields, Durham. The ceremony was witnessed by Mary Lizzie Greathead and Septimus Major. These two married later the following year. Rudolph is listed as head of household in the census of 31 March 1901 at 100 John Clay Street, Westoe, Durham, being described as a bank labourer living with his wife and two children. Sometime between 1901 and 1903 Rudolph appears to have decided to change his name (whether officially or unofficially) to Charles Rudolph Jopling and it is under this name that he is listed in the census of 2 April 1911 at Smith's Cottage, Claypath Lane, South Shields, Durham. He was a colliery onsetter living with his wife, his two sons and a niece in their two-roomed home. Rudolph and Jane had four children but only two were still alive in 1911, John Edward and William. When "Jos.Jopling" was born is unknown as is the identity of his mother.
red mail Elijah julier/julian
Info required on my g grandfathewr elijah julier/julian who was a mariner in the south shields area in 1875 (known because some of his children were born there), one of which was my grandfather Edward William Julien, also a mariner! He was born in 1875 & 3 no younger sisters were also born there, Laura 1873, Mary ann 1876 & Harriett Priscilla in 1878. has anyone heard of this family? What became of Elijah from 1875 to 1925 when he died in Dover aged 84. His spouse (my g grandmother was Mary ann Garwood a netmaker b. 1846 in Gorleston, Norfolk. Are there any photos of them ?
red mail south shields
my late grandfather was john calder ross born 1853 and grandmother was margaret gray nee leask born 1867 lived in percy street in 1907 but after that i carnt find where my grandfather and grandmother went can anyone help
red mail casalina
i am looking for anyone called casalina in the 1920's to the 1940's.There was gino,nanita,sivvi,bobby and chrissy.Christine
red mail CHAU or CHOW/ ALLEN
Looking for family of Ann G Allen and Den Chow or Chas D Chau. Ann was my great - aunt. She was born North Shields 1892, daughter of John Allen and Ann ( nee Dodgson ), Den Chow/ Chau was a Chinese Herbal Doctor with connections to Hull, Yorkshire. I believe they had 3 children.Possibility marriage took place late 1911. My grandfather, Albert Edward Allen, was Ann's brother. I live Melbourne, Australia and am trying to find information on my family tree.
Looking for family of JAMES and SARAH HARRIS.James b Wales 1856.5children born Leith, Edinburgh. Thomas b 1884, Maggie(Margerite) b1886, Martha (my grandmother) b 1890, Sarah b1897, Annie b1898. Martha married Albert Edward Allen 1904-5. 3 children. James Albert b 1904-5, Albert Edward b 1909, Richard b1910 ( my father). Martha died 1914. Albert Allen then married Annie 1914-5 ( she had come to look after the children). 2 more sons, John and Douglas. Douglas went to New Zealand. Like to find out more and share my info.
red mail Kennedy-Hamilton.. So. Shields
Looking for relatives of my Great Grandparents....................... Harrison Smith Kennedy b 1877 Gateshead (lived & died in So Shields had connections in Tynemouth & Newcastle) & Hannah Garlick b 1886 South Shields (Had connections in Yorkshire & Houghton Le Spring) They married 1905 South Shields. They had the following children :- Joshua Jobson Kennedy 1912, Harry Kennedy (my grandad) 1916, James Kennedy 1918, Sidney Kennedy 1922, Clara Winifred Kennedy 1924 & John Kennedy 1928............................................ Also looking for relatives of my Great Grandparents................................... Thomas Milburn Hamilton b 1871 South Shields & Eleanor Gardener Price b 1874 South Shields. They Married 1894 Jarrow. They had the following children:- William Laurence Hamilton b, 10/10/1895, Joseph Gardener Hamilton b, 21/9/1897 d, 25/8/1898, Oliver Hamilton b, 9/08/1899 d, 15/9/1899, Thomas Milburn Hamilton b, 22/10/1901, Frances Ann Price Hamilton (my Nana) b, 15/8/1906 d, 4/6/1983, George Richardson Price Hamilton b, 24/03/1909 d, 1/6/1911, Alfred William Freeman Hamilton b, 6/10/1913...................... Any info greatly appreciated Kind Regards Stephanie :)
red mail Widdas
Elizabeth Ann Widdas was born here and mixed with the Pearson and Thompson families. Other related families are: Faraday, Gibson,Hastwell. Other related places are Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland.
red mail WEIGHTMAN
Robert Nicholson NEWBY
Robert Nicholson NEWBY b.Q3 1886 in South Shields R.D., DUR GRO d.Q2 1919 in South Shields R.D., DUR GRO, age 33 {aged 32} bur.15 Jun 1919 in St.Stephen, South Shields, DUR {aged 32} {aged 18} m.15 Aug 1904 in St Stephen, South Shields, DUR to Mary Ann CLASPER (Q4 1884) {aged 19} They had seven known children: Jane Ann Carr Newby, b. 13 June 1905, Bap. 5 July 1905 Joseph Warden Newby, b.1907 Eleanor Lawson Newby b.1910 Mary A B Newby Q1 1912 Elizabeth A R Newby Q1 1914 Annie B Newby Q3 1916 Robert N C Newby Q2 1919 We are researching Mary Ann CLASPER, can you add anything to this family please? In 1911 Robert NEWBY worked on the Tug Boats we assume with Mary Ann's father  we are left with these questions: Why did Robert die young? Was it the result of WW1 or perhaps an accident at sea.? Did Mary Ann remarry after Roberts death? Many thanks
red mail kew family
my grand mother was margaret kew she married harry ramsey wold like to know more information about the kew side of the family to do a family tree i know 2 great uncles were killed in ww1 in france but dont know much more than that only there names were joseph and william also i would like to know how many brothers and sisters maggie had kind regards shirley
red mail Lowery
Mary married to Charles Blomberg ?1915 in South Shields. (second marriage) Any information please.
red mail hull family
looking for any connection to the hull family .. i believe thy lived at edward st south shield about 1917 when my grand dad george frederick hull was born noble / graham family of george frederick hull born south shields 1917
red mail McGregor - Cook
My grandmother Isabella McGregor (b1882) was listed in the 1891 census as being a scholar in Northumberland Village Homes, Whitley by the Sea. Does anyone know of the institution and why she would have been sent there? Looking for any information regarding her or my grandfather John F. Cook.(b1878)who appears not to be on the census??
red mail STOBBART
I'm trying to find the parents of Jonathan Stobbart, born c1836 in South Shields, who married Eliza Frances Heron in 1857.
red mail Walters - South Shields
Could anyone please help me? I am looking for any information on the family of my grandfather Herbert Sretlaw Walters, born in South Shileds in 1889 - as far as I know, on May 5th but registered in the Aug/Oct quarter of the birth registry. He emigrated to South Africa sometime later and married and died there - but I have no more details. Many thanks
red mail Morton St
Can anyone tell me if Morton St, South Shields is still standing and if so which would be the local churches/cemetaries around 1900-1920. My great grandfather is shown as living at this address on 1911 Census and I would like to find out where he and some of his children were buried. Any information will be appreciated.
red mail John Saunders
I am looking for my grandfather's parents. My grandfather was John Saunders born 1890 South Shields Co. Durham, he married Elizabeth Alice Anderson born 1889 in January 1916 in South Shields, on the marrage certificate his father is John Saunders. If anyone knows of him I would be greatfull for any imformation.
red mail blair / south shields
i am looking for any info about robert blair born in 1787 in south shields, civil parish, westoe. his parents were james blair and margaret ? he married sarah trenman 1812 at tynemouth northumberland. generations of blairs were sea pilots.can anyone tell me (apart from working on ships ) what their actual job entailed. thanks for any help.
red mail Harkus William
looking for information of William Harkus b,abt 1862 formaly Merchant Stephenson Srevice.
red mail dodd/clark
any info on family clark and dodd south shilds ..thomas henry clark,minnie florence clark ee dodd
red mail looking for family members-dixons south shields
looking for info on ( john james dixon b 1917's ?married sadie john dixon 1940 derek dixon 1943 i think the years are near enough from boldon area/biddick hall
My family came from South Shields. My Great Grandfather Joseph Wright married Elizabeth Grindle in the late 1800's. They had a son Samuel (b 1901) and another son John who was younger. This is all the information I have. I would like to trace the Wright line as well as the Grindle line. If you can help, I would appreciate hearing from you. thank you. Nola
red mail davison
I have some information about the Davison/Dawson family, parents Elizabeth (nee Dawson) and Thomas. Would like to find any relatives of John James born 26/27 Feb 1891 in Westoe South Shields also his brother Thomas. They were both sent to Dr Barnardo's and then sent to Canada to work as farmers.Would be pleased of any information or contact with family members.
red mail robertson sth shields
surname robertson sth shielsds I am trying to find info on Thomas andsara robertson who lived in sth shields They had a daughter named florence walton robertson born 1912 at gateshead Her birth mothers name was Margaret Walton from Gateshead Florences birth certificate has place of birth 12ord street gateshead Any infoon Margaret Walton or Thomas and SatraRobertson would be great
red mail Tate Family
I'm trying to find information on the John Tate who was christened on 15 Feb 1818 at St. Hildas, South Shields, Durham, England. This John Tate's parents were Henry Tate and Elizabeth Moore. There is some speculation that this John Tate is my g-g-g grandfather who settled in Alabama. The information I have on my John Tate was that he was born on 15 Mar 1818 in England. The birth date was taken from his daughter's family bible (I think it was hers). I don't know who his parents are.
red mail harry moore
can anyone help my grandad harry moved from leicester to run a pub in southshields ,,he is buried there, but i don,t no anything else
red mail Herbert Caldwell/Herbert Wallicy Caldwell
Not been researching for very long but have come to a complete stop with Herbert (my paternal grandfather). I have found him on the 1901 census with parents Christopher and Zilpha Caldwell, and two siblings Grace and Christopher. Their address at this time was 12 Clementine Terrace, (Botchergate?), Carlisle. I know he moved to South Shields and married Jennie Caisley but don't know dates. He may also have been in the Sherwood Foresters during WW1. It's possible he is our 'Black Sheep'; from scant verbal family history he left Jennie at some point after approx 1924. Any help, suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. Sue
red mail marilyn scott
looking for family brothers michael alfred sister sonia father george lived in chichester street 1950
red mail Clouston Family
Looking for descendants of James William Clouston and Robina Graham. They lived in South Shields and Sunderland. Robina's parents are Albert Graham and Ada Readman. Thanks Mel
red mail Readman
Looking for relatives/descendants of Richard Fletcher Readman. They lived in the Westoe area of South Shields. Many thanks Mel
red mail Egerton Square
Egerton square was off the South end of Egerton road in South Shields. I was born at No. 20 in 1949
red mail Thomas Crunn Davies
Thomas is a relation of mine, he went to South Shields and was in the salvation Army. He was born in Llanwnda Pembrokeshire, his father was Henry Davies and his mother was Mary nee Crunn. Please can anyone help me to find my family. Pearl
red mail ovnington famliy
looking for any member of the ovington famliy of john or matt .. also jimmy lyn sutton .. cousins of mine
red mail JOHN RUDD 1816
Looking for information on parents of John Rudd born in St. Bees Cumberland. John married Jane Sanderson at St. Hilda's church South Shields in 1848. They left for Virginia USA around 1849 had two sons William 1852 and John G.1854. They were back in Cumbria in 1858 where they had daughters Jemmima, Margaret,then in 1861 census living in Elswick, Newcastle Upon Tyne. They had two further children Thomas and Charles. Many of the family thereafter live in Northumberland.
red mail Sanderson, "Male" Birth 1840 South Shields.
Does anyone have any information on a birth registered as "Male" Sanderson March Quarter 1840.South Shields. This could be my G.Grandfather as all other searches for him have drawn a blank. I am rather reluctant to send for the certificate without any further information. Thanks. Sandy
red mail Elizabeth Gibson
Im looking for info of my grand mother ELIZABETH GIBSON born about 1892, living in South Shields at 1 Moor Lane West Harton in 1911, was house servant to Jones family at 61 Dale st South Shields, she was single,and had a son on 4 April 1911, Harold who was sent to Australia on a child emigration scheme some time later. would love to find any relatives or other info.
red mail HARRISONS
Any assistance in researching this family is appreciated 1. Richard3 Harrison (John2, John1) was born 18 Feb 1759 in St. Hilda Church South Shields England. He married Ann Major 08 Nov 1777 in St Hilda Church South Shields Durham England, daughter of William Major and Martha. She was born 05 Mar 1759 in St. Hilda Church South Shields England. More About Richard Harrison and Ann Major: Marriage: 08 Nov 1777, St Hilda Church South Shields Durham England Children of Richard Harrison and Ann Major are: + 2 i. Thomas Whitby4 Harrison, born 14 Jun 1780 in St. Hilda Church South Shields England; died Abt. 1826. + 3 ii. Sarah Harrison, born 05 Jun 1774 in Jarrow Durham England. Generation No. 2 2. Thomas Whitby4 Harrison (Richard3, John2, John1) was born 14 Jun 1780 in St. Hilda Church South Shields England, and died Abt. 1826. He married Mary Dalkin 12 May 1805 in St Pauls Church Jarrow Durham England, daughter of Robert Dalkin and Jane. She was born 01 Aug 1786 in Chester-le-Street Durham England, and died 12 Jan 1867 in 58 D'Aiguillan St Quebec City. Notes for Thomas Whitby Harrison: There is said to be a connection to Robert Moorsom More About Thomas Whitby Harrison: Occupation: Ships Captain Master Mariner Residence: 1813, E King Street South Shields, Durham Notes for Mary Dalkin: Burial records of possible parents Dalkin, Anne of Daudry Shield aged 34 - 14 Apr 1826 - St John's Chapel Dalkin, Ralph of Crooked Well aged 24 - 7 Aug 1814 - St John's Chapel More About Mary Dalkin: Baptised: 01 Aug 1786, Chester le Street, Durham Burial: 15 Jan 1867, St Matthew's Church, Lot 77 Mount Hermon Cemetery, Quebec City, Quebec Marriage Notes for Thomas Harrison and Mary Dalkin: George Jameson John Goodwin More About Thomas Harrison and Mary Dalkin: Fact: M000481 1572-1812 0091096 Film 6901722 Film Marriage: 12 May 1805, St Pauls Church Jarrow Durham England Witnesses: 12 May 1805, George Jameson and John Goodwin Child of Thomas Harrison and Mary Dalkin is: + 4 i. Richard Moorsom5 Harrison, born 23 May 1814 in South Shields England; died 10 Jul 1881 in 150 Scott Rd Quebec City. 3. Sarah4 Harrison (Richard3, John2, John1) was born 05 Jun 1774 in Jarrow Durham England. She married Strickland Hillary 24 Dec 1804 in Jarrow Durham England. He was born 20 Sep 1780 in South Shields Durham England, and died 20 May 1854 in Stephney. More About Strickland Hillary: Facts (Facts Pg): 1853, Applying for a Trinity Petition having served for 44 years at sea Occupation: Master Mariner More About Strickland Hillary and Sarah Harrison: Marriage: 24 Dec 1804, Jarrow Durham England Child of Sarah Harrison and Strickland Hillary is: 5 i. 10 children5 Hillary. Generation No. 3 4. Richard Moorsom5 Harrison (Thomas Whitby4, Richard3, John2, John1) was born 23 May 1814 in South Shields England, and died 10 Jul 1881 in 150 Scott Rd Quebec City. He married (1) Ann Dalkin 30 May 1839 in Metropolitan Church Quebec City Canada, daughter of Robert Dalkin and Ann Duncason. She was born 08 Nov 1814 in Quebec City. He married (2) Sarah Williams Gillespie 13 Oct 1860 in Metropolitan Church Quebec City, daughter of William Gillespie and Catherine Williams. She was born 1821 in Cork Ireland, and died 23 Feb 1909 in At New York. Notes for Richard Moorsom Harrison: 1881 Census Richard HARRISON M Male English 64 England Lands Commission Agent Church of England Sarah HARRISON M Female Irish 52 Ireland Church of England Horatio HARRISON Male English 25 Q Farmer Church of England Mary C. HARRISON Female English 19 England Church of England Richard HARRISON Male English 17 Q Clerk Church of England Sarah E. HARRISON Female English 16 Q Church of England William GILLESPIE Male English 14 Q Going To School Church of England Source Information:
red mail Hume/Anderton
hello my James Smith Hume, married Louisa Anderton S/Shields 1861 could anyone possibly look up this marriage for me, I would like to know the fathers names, or if anyone has any connection with this family, would you like to get in touch, many thanks
red mail Dorthoy Porteous
Hi i looking for Dorothy Porteous born about 1916. Dorothy married Frank Attaway in 1952. Dorothy was Frank 2nd wife. I am trying to find Dorothy family parents and sibling. Thank you
Byethorpe Street
Maps and pictures of South Shields 1920-1930's
red mail McHenry
Looking for Henry McHenry 1885 - 1963. Married Rachael Morris/Munro in 1920. Children Hannah and Robert. Father possibly John.
red mail Pollard Morrison Storey
William and Margaret Pollard were born about 1790, in 1841 they had children Thomas 20, Margaret and Jane 15, Joseph 11, Phillis 9 and Caroline 6. Thomas was a keelman,he married Mary Ann Morrison in 1842 at St Hilda's, South Shields. Their daughter Mary married Joseph Storey in 1863. Thomas Pollard Storey their first son b 1864 was a boot and shoe dealer in the town. I'd like to hear from anyone with connections to this family.
red mail Pearson
Seeking details or relatives of ELIZABETH SHEWAN(or shevan) PEARSON, born September 1905 in South Shields. Parents John William and Elizabeth Jane. Shown on 1911 census as living in salmon street, south shields
Trying to find any relatives
Am trying to find any descest or living relatives of my father who 's name was Cecil Johnson or also called Tex to some people. He told us that he came from South Shields, My father's date of birth is 21/10/1930. I have been trying for many years to find any of his family. My father has just past away on the 21st December before we was able to find any of his family please help
red mail Kazenberger or Later Kayes
I am trying to trace any information about the Kazenberger family that lived in and around Rutland and Stanhope Street in the early 1900's. The family became Pork Butchers and ran that for some time, so any information that anyone has or can point me to the right place would be gratfully accepted. Also a Eliza Sophia Kazenberger ?, as well as a Wilhelmina Magdelena Kazenberger, who could be related in some way.
red mail Pearson
Seeking relatives of John William Pearson born Robin Hoods Bay, Yorks, 1874. Married Elizabeth Jane in 1899. 3 children William Stanley born 1900, Elizabeth Shevan born 1905 and John born 1907. Family shown on 1911 census living at 23 Salmon Street, South Shields
I am looking for details of the above families, they are my relations and lives in the Westoe/Harton areas of South Shields. Other surnames associated with the family are SPOONER, BRASS and MEEKS Thanks Sue
red mail Bussey
Looking for a Robert Bussey who lived in the South Shields area in 1923. He may have married a lady called Ethel who's parents ran a sweet shop.
red mail William Kitching
Lived in Eaglescliffe Village nr Yarm co Durham. in 1910 Ocupation Journeyman (Painter and Decorator)
red mail George Ross
Lived in South Shields in 1913 Worked in the Corporation Yard Corporation Street responsible for horse transport.
red mail FORD FAMILY
red mail John Burfield, shipowner
Can anyone tell me anything about the antecedents of John Burfield of South Shields? He was sometime captain of the Cove and died a shipowner. He married Elizabeth Snowdon, a daughter of John Snowdon and Mary Ann Bittleson, and fathered four daughters and a son John.
red mail Thomas Pippet Snowdon
Can anyone tell me more about Thomas Pippet Snowdon, (born South Shields, a son of John Snowdon and Mary Ann Bittleson) who was captain of the barque Burnhopside (lost on the Goodwin Sands)?
Looking for any one conneted to my family, surnames..Gilmore,Boddy,Carter, Tully,Lloyd,Wood,Dunn, McStea all living in the Tyne Dock,Stanhope Road,Biddick Hall,Whiteleas and Marsden areas of South Shields. Many Thanks
red mail The White Swan, W. Holborn 1871
My great great grandparents, John and Mary Arkley ran the White Swan, West Holborn in 1871. I am trying to find out more about the establishment and whether there are any sketches/picture of it anywhere.
red mail Death due to fall
Would appreciate any info. on D/C report of Charles James Davies.17th Oct.1916.Aged 53. Chief Engineer. @Ingham Infirmary,South Shields. He died after falling from gangway of S/S Hurlford at the TyneDock Engineering Works.Given address: 7 Septermere Ave. Redmondstreet Boulevard, HULL.Are there any Newspaper reports etc.I think this was my G/grandad and would like to confirm.
red mail CHRISTOPHER family
I'm trying to find information about Nicholas CHRISTOPHER, born about 1775, possibly in Norway. He married Elizabeth DIXON in South Shields in 1797 and had a daughter Mary Ann born in 1815.
red mail looking for relatives of Samuel Johnsband/orMary Henry Bell
lived in South Shields,had a daughter, Gladys Johnson, born, 1913 - mother was Mary Henry Bell
red mail CAREY
Researching Carey trees from South Shields,North Shields, Tynemouth, Newcastle. John Carey wed Frances (Fanny)Stewart/Stuart 1880 Gateshead. children,John,Thomas,Frank,Kate,Peter,James,Lawrence and Joseph. Most born Felling, Gateshead. These line married into the Carey family are Kelly, Cain,Frazier Lynch and Sloan.
red mail John Wilkinson born 1839
I am trying to find information on a John Wilkinson of South Shields. He appears on the 1861 census as living with his wife Amelia and daughter Mary I. Wilkinson. Although I know that his wife was born Amelia Wills, I have been unable to find any evidence of a marriage taking place.
red mail Johnson,Howe
Looking for info on my greatgrandfathers family.He was John Robert Johnson,as was his father,born in S Shields.His mother was Mary Bell Scott(born in Berwick on Tweed)He had many siblings,George and Isabella were two,and I believe Walter.I will be adding the other names in near future.I would hope there must be family descendents still in the area.John married a MaryJane Howe,also from S Shields.Her father was John Howe who was a confectioner.Thanks for any info
red mail Dickinson Herbert,George,Albert
My Father Herbert Dickinson was born in South Shields in 1913,his Brother George 1918 and Albert (Ted) 1908. Their parents had moved from Leeds to S.Sh. prior to their 3 sons birth.My Grandparents were Benjamin Dickinson & Mary Lavinia D. nee Wharton.My Father aged 14 went or was sent to Canada on the 'Home boys'scheme where he worked on a farm for 5 years, on his return to England in approx. 1932 he returned to Bradford,Yorkshire where his parents had then moved to. Has anyone got any information about the Dickinson family during their time in South Shields.I am trying to fill in a lot of blanks. Thankyou
red mail Snowdon
I am trying to find where John Snowdon was born in about 1790.He died in South Shields in 1850 and was a ship owner. Married to Mary Ann Bittleson in 1810 at St.Hildas church. Does anyone have any info please?
red mail Looking for a Elizabeth Lambert born 1883 in South Shields
Hi, I am looking for my Great Grandmother who I think was born in South Sheilds in Durham in 1883, her name is Elizabeth Lambert and her dads name is Geogre Lambert. She married a Alfred Ware my great granddad and their had five children Margeret Elizabeth Ware, Eva Maude Ware,William Ware,Ellen May Ware and Charles Ware. around 1920 to 1927 Elizabeth went off and Alfred re married in 1927, what im trying to find out is what happened to Elizabeth after 1927, if anyone could help or has any infro i would be very grateful.
red mail Hindmarsh/ Foster
Searching for information on Barnabas Foster Hindmarsh born 22 May 1807 at South Shields. In 1832 he married Margaret Ann Forbes at Cromarty Scotland. The marriage records show him as " a seaman from South Shields". His parents were John Hindmarch ( spelt variously as Hyndmarch or Hymers) and Barbara Foster. The IGI shows them as being married in 1799 at St Peter's Monkwearmouth Co Durham. Any information on the families valued.
red mail Dixon Susannah
Dixon Susannah/Susan Born in South Shields C1806 known to have lived at various addresses in North Street, and Union Alley South Shields, she worked as a Labourer in the glass works. Susannah had a daughter called Elizabeth born in S/S C1848 who married a James Peacock and had three children James C1874 Susannah 1876 Margaret 1865 who married a John McMillan St Stephens, S/S 1884 Any help on the Dixon family would be helpful Many thanks Sharon.
red mail Kincaid
Does anyone have information re. John Alexander Kincaid, born 1870 and died 1925 in South Shields, buried in Harton Cemetery? I think he may be related to me.
red mail John Anthony Burnett
Born 31st March 1919. Mother Rachel Burnett, nee Normandale died 10 days later in flu epidemic. Descendant of Edna May Burnett wishes to make contact for family history. John Anthony had son of same name believe lived Chester le Street

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