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red mail McCallum/McFarlane - (Arrochar - Dunbartonshire)
Hi I am researching the family of Peter McCallum and Margaret Mcfarlane. His dob - 1780 in Glasgow not sure where. Do not know who his parents are, but the children are: Dougal- 15/01/1803 david-29/6/1822 catherine -24/06/1815 margaret-7/03/1813 margaret7/07/1811 john 19/06/1817 robert-nov 1804 peter-12/04/1809 I have Dougal's wife as Janet McFarlane Davids wife as Eliza Mitchell Johns wife as Margaret Mcfarlane can anyone help me fill in the rest of the family? thankyou
red mail Christie - (Auchinstarry - Dunbartonshire)
My grandmother Mary Ann Christie was born in Auchinstarry in 1892. She had 16 brothers and sisters.I am interested in contacting anybody who had relatives in what was a series of miners' rows.
red mail Gow / Browning family - (Balloch - Dunbartonshire)
Can anyone help me to find my cousins who lived in Balloch? Two of my cousins, Carole and Campbell had the surname Browning, The other three, Janet, Pauline and Billy had the surname Gow. Their mother was my Aunt Ruby married to Bill Gow and my Grandmother Caroline Hill also lived with them until she died. As far as I can remember, Campbell went to South Africa and Pauline to America. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be able to tell me what has become of them.
red mail David Lang / Annie Moore - (Bearsden (New Kirk, New Kilpatrick) - Dunbartonshire)
My Grandfather David Lang , I am told, moved to Bearsden with his second wife Annie Moore , my fathers stepmother, where he resided until his death some time in the 1980's Any information on the Moore or Lang families would be appreciated. I believe David's father was called Robert and his first wife Agnes McClusky
red mail Margaret Sharp(e) - (Bowling - Dunbartonshire)
i am searching for information on a Margaret Sharp(e) who married a Hugh Barr and had a daughter Margaret Barr. Any information would be greatly appreciated
Woodside - (Cardross - Dunbartonshire)
My mother Helen Norris(daughter of Janet Nicol(Bain)and Walter Norris) was born in Cardross in 1921. Her address is given as Woodside, Cardross. Have visited but unable to find this house, post office had no idea. Does anyone know where this house was?
red mail "Woodside", Cardross, Dunbartonshire - (Cardross - Dunbartonshire)
I have located Woodside on an old map of the Cardross area! Please feel free to contact me if anyone needs help to find it. I have a distant relative, Jessie MacLachlan MacDonald, who married there in 1918. So I think Woodside would very likely have been her home at the time.
red mail McGowan Cardross - (Cardross - Dunbartonshire)
Does anyone have any information about family of a Malcolm McGowan who lived in Cardross Dumbartonshire and would have been a young man about 1900
red mail Searching for Henry Arthur Potts - (Cardross - Dunbartonshire)
My paternal grandfather was Henry Arthur Potts from Cardross. My father (born in 1921) never knew him but he was given his name. I would be interested in finding out if I had any living descendants of this man.
red mail Searching for information on the Davie family - (Cardross - Dunbartonshire)
I am looking for details of Humphrey Davie's family. He was born to Alexander Davie and Elizabeth Fraser at Villa Field, Cardross, on 15/08/1842. In the 1851 Census he is staying with his uncle Humphrey Davie at Geilston Brae House, Cardross. In 1861 census he is a lodger in Virginia Street, Glasgow, but his occupation is unclear on the form. I then found his marriage to Jane White in Hackney, London on 25th February 1866. They had 3 children - Alexander John, Mary Hadley Fraser, and Humphrey, and lived there until Jane's death in 1872, whereupon he eventually returned to Scotland, as a travelling salesman, which presumably is how he came to meet his second wife Mary Flett in Wick. I have traced him from 1879 onwards to his death in Glasgow on 15/12/1915. He certainly moved around, as he married in Wick in 1879, then moved around Glasgow, having various occupations. I know that there were butchers in Cardross called Davie, and I wonder if there is any connection, as in the 1891 census his occupation is cattle salesman's clerk. Any information on him and any ancestors would be appreciated.
red mail Andersons of Knockderry, Cove, and Auchengower, Cove - (Cove - Dunbartonshire)
Knockderry House, now Knockderry House Hotel. The current owners tell me that an Anderson descendant visited them in about 2004 & gave them photos which are now on the hotel website. I would love to make contact with him. The first owner was David Anderson (1793-1879). His wife was Anne Blyth, sister of my great-greatgrandfather. He bought (or built) Knockderry House in 1846 as a summer residence. His main residence was in Glasgow. His son, John Anderson (1827-1911), inherited Knockderry in 1879 & extended it in 1897. His main residence was in Park Circus, Glasgow. 1881 census - 3 children of John Anderson & Jessie Harvie were at Knockderry, with 2 servants, while their parents were at 3 Park Circus. He had two sons, David Blyth Anderson (1872-1944) and A (Alexander) Harvie Anderson (1873-1939). I'm fairly sure DBA was the elder brother, and I don't know how he ended up at Auchengower rather than Knockderry. A. Harvie Anderson and some of his seven sisters lived at Knockderry - by 1904 he was listed at this address. He is in telephone directories to 1938. The Misses Anderson were still there in 1940. Ida Katherine Anderson & Norah V Anderson both had some art exhibited (several mentions on the web). I am also interested to know about Auchengower (built in 1850?) My greatgrandfather Blyth & his family spent 6 months there in 1895 and again in 1896, but I don't know who owned it then. David Blyth Anderson was living there by 1926. Any information would be very welcome, thankyou.
DEARY / Dalmuir - (Dalmuir - Dunbartonshire)
Does anyone know of the DEARY family they lived in (High) Mount Blow, Dalmuir before Jimmy & his wife Lizzie died. there were three daughters, Elizabeth (Betty, Margaret & Christine) Margaret married in the early 1950`s and at some stage she went toCanada (she was there when her father died, but was expected to return to Scotland) Christine may have married, I do not know. Elizabeth (Betty) moved from (High)Mount Blow but was still in that area, I would love to contact either of the sisters with a view to sharing our family history. If anyone knows of them or can supply any info I would be delighted, Than you
red mail McGee - (Dalmuir - Dunbartonshire)
Looking for connections with David McGee(John Brown & Co) also his sister Catherine McGee. Later generations were resident in Clydebank & West End of Glssgow Related surnames are McKenzie, Crawford, Kidd & McGill
red mail Bowman - (Dalshannon - Dunbartonshire)
My Great Grandmother was Barbara Belle Bowman of Hartfield House Farm, Dalshannon, daughter of a Farmer. She left for Australia in 1878. I would love to hear from anyone with information about this family
red mail Gilchrist, William - (Duntocher - Dunbartonshire)
Apparently my great grandfather is from Duntocher - he emigrated to South Africa in the 1800s but I cannnot find any other information about him.
red mail Duntocher/Old Kilpatrick - (Duntocher - Dunbartonshire)
Mary Gillan married Patrick Logue(my great grandparents) Mary was born in Duntocher, her brother Thomas, was born in Old Kilpatrick. I am not sure where Patrick was born. i now live in Australia, which makes it very difficult for me to research my history without help. Any information would be most appreciated. Ann
red mail Kean/Kane - (Duntocher - Dunbartonshire)
My great grandfather, Samuel Harkin,was married to Sarah Kean/Kane.They lived in Duntocher. I have been unable to find Sarah on any census before the marriage, and am unsure as to what her name really is. I have found who I assume is their son, my grandfather, James as 'grandson' to Henry Kean as a three year old, in the 1881 census, but had previously been informed that her (Sarah's) maiden surname was Kane. It is all very confusing! Can anyone help, Please?
red mail McDonald - (Garelochhead - Dunbartonshire)
Searching for information on John McDonald of Gareloch Head region who married Jean Erskine in Abbey Paisley Renfrewshire in 1809. The family came to North America about 1812, first to New York State and then to Oxford County Ontario by 1829
red mail Margaret Houston Browning was my maternal grandmother - (Gartocharn - Dunbartonshire)
'granma' (my great granma) raised my father (Duncan McFarlane born 1925) from the age of 3, in her wee cottage (Blairannaich) until he went out to work as a young lad with the forestry, and then conscripted down the mines in Yorkshire during World War II (one of "the Bevin Boys" as they called them for the politician who came up with the scheme). My mother, Catherine Browning, was evacuated to her granma's cottage at the age of 12 (1940), went to the village school, then Alexandria Academy, and then "into service" in 3 of the big houses nearby, including Ross Priory. Granma's husband, Guy Browning, went ahead to Canada to make a new life for himself, his wife and children (in the face of dire poverty and more children if he stayed) but in the meantime she changed her religion. She never followed him and he grew a second family out in Canada. Turned out, both a McFarlane and a Browning of these respective families (the previous generation to my mum and dad), my great granma's generation, went to Canada and made a life there.
Lyon - Hardgate - (Hardgate - Dunbartonshire)
Does anyone have information on other branches (and ancestors) of the Lyon family who lived in Thomson (now ThomPson?) Place, Hardgate prior to 1914. John Thomas Lyon married Annie Skae (born in the Orkneys) 4/9/1903, and moved with his family James, Peter, Grace (Chrissy), and Jack to Liverpool.
red mail Lyon Family - Hardgate Dunbartonshire - (Hardgate - Dunbartonshire)
In 2005 someone placed an entry asking about the Lyon family who lived in Thomson Place Hardgate about 1914. The family members where John Thomas Lyon, his Wife Annie Skae, Children James, Peter, Grace (Chrissy), and Jack (John Thomas Jnr).The entry stated correctly that the family moved to Liverpool. If that person or anyone else would like information about the Lyon family in Liverpool please get in touch. Grace (Chrissy) was my Mother.
red mail james edwardson - (Jamestown - Dunbartonshire)
i am looking for any information on the edwardson family from jamestown / alexandria area.
red mail Gardener/Gairdner/Gairdner - (Kirktonhill - Dunbartonshire)
I am trying to find information on COLONEL DAVID GAIRDNER, born 1740 in Montrose, Angus. (there seem to be many variations to this surname). He bought the property KIRKTONHILL in 1781 from a Mr. TAYLOR. I am looking for DAVID's parents. Can anyone help me on this one. Elaine
red mail Alexander Gardener - (Kirktonhill - Dunbartonshire)
I am looking for info on ALEXANDER GARDENER, born in 1761 in KIRKTONHILL. His father was DAVID GARDENER ESQ, 1740-1811. His mother was ELIZABETH CHRISTIE 1742. It appears that this family all lived in MONTROSE. This family's surname seems to have variable spellings. Elaine
Mcinnes Family Of Lenzie - (Lenzie - Dunbartonshire)
I am seeking information regarding the McInnes family of Lenzie. My maternal great grandmother was Julia McInnes (b.1860, married Robert Duncan 1884, moved to Partick d.1896.) She was the daughter of Daniel McInnes and Mary Darroch. Julia's brotherArchie McInnes, together with their sister Kate, ran a plumbing supply business in Glasgow and lived on Garngaber Avenue. I believe there was a younger sister Jessie McInnes who married Kenneth Haynes as I have a photograph of a headstone of DanielMcInnes of Concraig, Lenzie buried with his daughter Jessie and wife Margaret Bennett McInnes at Newport. Any information regarding the McInnes family would be greatly appreciated.
red mail David and Isabel Smith 1914 - (Lenzie - Dunbartonshire)
Searching for information on David and Isabel Smith who lived in Dumbartonshire. They had a daughter called Helen, and another daughter whose name I don't know. Helen had an illegitmate child by John Breadie of Milngavie in 1914. I'd like to find out anything at all about this family. The illegitimate child was my mother.
red mail Lang family of lenzie or Kirkintilloch / Glasgow - (Lenzie - Dunbartonshire)
any information on the following would help me trace my family, thank you in advance Brothers : James Douglas Lang and Raeburn Lang their Father : David Lang Their Mother : Agnes McClusky Their Grandparents : Robert Lang and Mary Lang (Lang was her maiden name too ) The children of James Lang's first marriage to Margaret Shovlin named Ann, Gordon and Graham (also known as Ross ) update July 2012 Living (possibly) People I am trying to trace Graham Scott Ross Lang Birth 1957 in MORNINGSIDE EDINBURGH CITY/MIDLOTHIAN 685/07 0017 Anne Avril Margaret Lang Birth 1951 in SPRINGBURN GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/05 0569 David Gordon Douglas Lang Birth 1952 in SPRINGBURN GLASGOW CITY/LANARK 644/05 0497 Margaret Shovlin< Birth 1926 in CAMPSIE /STIRLING 475/00 0045 and any information on the following :- David lang Birth 1897 in Old Monkland, Lanarkshire Death 07 JUL 1980 Agnes Gray Macluskie Birth 1889 in Old Monkland, Lanarkshire David Raeburn Lang Birth 1922 in CADDER (WESTERN) /LANARK 626/A1 0131 Death 1993 in KIRKINTILLOCH /DUMBARTON 508/00 0054 Margaret Jane MACFADYEN Birth 1930 in BUCHANAN /STIRLING 474/01 0004
Fulton - (Luss - Dunbartonshire)
I am looking for information on my Grandmother's Familiy (Fulton) who originally came from Luss in Scotland. In particular - John Fulton born 22/04/1836 Any information appreciated
red mail MCDADE FAMILY - (Luss - Dunbartonshire)
Henry Maried in Luss William born in Luss @ 1871
red mail McAlpine families in Luss - (Luss - Dunbartonshire)
Information sought on William McAlpine (b Greenock 1829), his wife Jane Taylor (b Lochwinnoch 1838) and their family Mary Taylor McA b 1859,Jane Taylor McA b 1865, Helen Agnes Taylor McA b 1867, William McA b 1869, Archibald McA b 1861, Jessie McA b 1871, Angus Taylor McA b 1863 and John David Taylor McA b1873. All the children were born in Luss. Also, William McAlpine's brother Donald (b 1827 Greenock) and his wife Margaret McDermid b 1832 who also lived in Luss and had a large family. Information on bot antecedents and descendants sought. Happy to swap info.
red mail Taylor McAlpine family - (Luss - Dunbartonshire)
I am descended from Jane Taylor McAlpine from Luss (born Lochwinnoch 1838). I have one photo of Jane but would love to have copies of any information or other photos of this family if anyone has any. Gillian
red mail ovenden - (Milton - Dunbartonshire)
Does anyone have any info regarding Charles Ovenden died 1995 Milton please?
Frederick Hope Pattison - (Mountblow - Dunbartonshire)
Frederick Hope Pattison (late of the 33rd Regiment of Foot), Widower of Janet Park, died 22nd April, 1875 in Mountblow. I believe he was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire about 1790. He fought at Quatre Bras & Waterloo and accompanied his regimentto Paris during the subsequent occupation. He retired as a Lieutenant on half pay on 18th March 1821. In 1868, more than 50 years after the battles, he recorded his memories in a series of letters to his grandchildren. In 1870 he published them ina book. My Grandfather was named after this gentleman, and I have no idea why? Frederick Hope Pattison STIRLING was born in Aug 1894. His parents were Robert STIRLING and Martha HART who married in 1885 in Bridgeston, Glasgow. Martha's father, Walter, was born in Old Kirkpatrick. Mountblow was near Old Kirkpatrick Railway Station so this may give a clue to the connection. Can anybody help.
red mail McKechnie family - (Radnor Park - Dunbartonshire)
I am looking for anyone who new my father and his family. His name was Archibold McKechnie and was born 1918 at 32 Second Avenue, Radnor Park, Dumbarton. My Grandfathers name was also Archibold Mckechnie. I would love to hear from anyone knowing my family Elaine
red mail king - (Rahane - Dunbartonshire)
Does anyone have any knowledge of a family called 'king' living in Rahane approx 1890--1920 any help appreciated. Thank you.
Renton John - (Renton - Dunbartonshire)
Think he was born Port of Glasgow In a village called Renton .He married Caroline Morrisson (nee)Green . Don't know when they had a daughter called Caroline Ann Renton they also had a son might John.Caroline had a son from her first marriage the sons last name was morrisson first name could have been william.Also any info on who Caroline Ann Renton married I think he came from italy (parma) any info welcome
red mail baird/mc nicol - (Renton - Dunbartonshire)
my great G/father lived at 48 back st renton he was married to a Isabella Stewart there marriage was at Cardross 12th March 1869 they had 7 children 2girls and 5 boys Bob, Hugh, williaim, Joseph cant remember the other one name and the father name was John Baird, william and Hugh were killed in the WW1. My G/father married an Agnes Kelso Mc Nicol she came from Renton they married 12th July 1912 Renton they lived at 17 Carman Rd Renton they had 5 children the fist child died when she was about 18 mths the other children were Jack,Mary,Andrew, Isa, thankyou for any information even if it is about The Renton
red mail macfarlane - (Renton - Dunbartonshire)
Looking for information on John MacFarlane born Renton 1825 (father John, mother Isabella Jackson)married Catherine McLean Sydney NSW 1849. Thankyou.
red mail Conroy's of Renton - (Renton - Dunbartonshire)
Anthony CONROY (b 1899 d 1931in Renton) married Mary Katherine MACKENZIE (b abt 1900) and resided in Renton, Dunbarton. Anthony was the son of Patrick Conroy (b 1860) and Ellen LACEY (b 1868). After Anthony's death, Mary married William GRAHAM. I do not know who Mary's parents are. Any info on these surnames would be appreciated.
red mail Cumming- Twins or name change? - (Rosneath - Dunbartonshire)
I have a curly problem in that I (well with lots of assistance from newly found family members)have traced back to a Walter Cumming, Rosneath, born about 1665, who had a son Patrick in about 1696. He married Mary McFarlane and they had a son Patrick in 1731. Patrick jnr married Janet Crawford and they had at least 10 children. I have record of Thomas being born in 1772, but after that no more record of him, until I came across a distant relative who has an Andrew with the same birth details and parentage as Thomas. I cannot find any official records of Andrews birth or baptism, with my relative's info coming I believe from family letters and alike. I can find marriage and death certs though. On the other hand I cannot find any further information on Thomas, apart from the Could they have been twins? Could Thomas have become Andrew between birth and marriage? Any educated suggestions (even wild guesses at this stage) would be welcome. Everything else fits except the name. Twins definately run in the family, but then there should be a record. I know there is probably no definative way to solve this, but I wonder what an experience genealogist would do? Thanks.
red mail Mary McWatty, born Rosneath abt 1794-1797 - (Rosneath - Dunbartonshire)
Searching for information on the family of Mary McWatty, born in Rosneath abt. 1794-1797, daughter of Alexander McWatty, tailor, and Peggy Campbell. Mary emigrated to Quebec, where she married William McDonald abt. 1815. Would like to know about Mary's siblings - who they were, and whether they emigrated or stayed in the area.
red mail Matthew,Russell,Lennox,Rennie,McFadyen,McGeechan - (Twechar - Dunbartonshire)
Matthew, Rennie,McGeechan,McFadyen I searching for family of William and Prudence Stewart Rennie MATTHEW who were married in Kirkliston West Lothian September 1854. Anyone related please get in touch to share history.
red mail munros 1890s era - (Twechar - Dunbartonshire)
alexander munro1852 stone mason appren.wife mary ,5 children ,moved to twechar approx 1886 ,resided there untill his death 1900 .nephew malcolm munro is named on death witness living at 57 barhill rows kirkintilloch.children were alexander jr.1877m-khristy mclennen-jesse 1878,, donald 1880=effie macleod 1868,flora 1882=norman macfarlane 1882-1939 27 melbost,murdo 1884 WHO WAS MY DAD .D 1947 ,john 1886,died in infancy as did ann macleod,1st wife,gr father then married mary maciver & had 6 more children of witch 3 died in infancy .if you have any knowlage of any of these ancesters of mine i would surly like to hear from you ,have a good day .don
red mail William Tannahill Stirling - (Waterside - Dunbartonshire)
Looking for information about the parents of a William Tannahill Stirling who married Isabella Gifford in 1850 at Kirkintilloch, I believe he may have come from Waterside.Also would like to know his approximate date of birth

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