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Bates-Brown - (Kilcaddan - County Donegal)
Information sought on the family of Fannie Bates, born c. September 1863 to James Bates and Eliza J. Brown Bates. She emigrated to the US and married John Riley of Ballybofey, Donegal. They lived in Worcester, Massachusetts.
red mail McCauley - (Killea - County Donegal)
I belive my great grandfather was from here. His name was John McCauley and his father was a William McCauley who was a fruit dealer. This is in the late 19th century
red mail Gillespie - (Killygordon, Cuil na gCuirridin - County Donegal)
Am looking for any info on William Gillespie,a blacksmith who owned Forge at Crossroads,Co.Donegal. I think the family may have owned the post Office in the village too.
red mail Bella o Brien killygordon - (Killygordon, Cuil na gCuirridin - County Donegal)
Hi I'm looking for info on a woman called bella o Brien who would have lived in the area in the 1930s I know she went to the hiring fair in Derry around late 1930s
coole upper - (Kilmacrenan, Cill Mhic Reanain, and Parish - County Donegal)
looking for any coyle family from a place named coole upper in the 1840,s county donegal
red mail John Duggery - (Kilmacrenan, Cill Mhic Reanain, and Parish - County Donegal)
The Griffiths 1857 lists a John Duggery as a farmer at Golan Townland in Kilmacrennan. In the 1901 census the same man, I think, is listed as John Doochary. Any information about this man and his family would be welcome.
red mail BRADY - (Kilmacrenan, Cill Mhic Reanain, and Parish - County Donegal)
red mail Rodger or Rodgers - (Kilmacrenan, Cill Mhic Reanain, and Parish - County Donegal)
Any info on David Rodgers married in Kilmacrennan c. 1840+/- 10
red mail Lawn - (Laghy, An Lathaigh - County Donegal)
Thomas Lawn married Catherine (Cassie)(1900's ish), children Bridie,Eddie,Gussey,Margaret & Semus all lived in the main road in Laghy. Catherine had two sister who went to USA, I think one came back. I am trying to locate any information on either Thomas or Catherine's parent, brothers, sisters, grand parents etc. Pls contact me if you know of their ancestors.
red mail McDaid in Legland - (Legland - County Donegal)
My grandfather William McDaid was born in Legland on November 22, 1875 to John and Catherine (McNamee) McDaid. He also had a brother Neal. I am looking for any information on the family or any living relatives still in Ireland.
red mail Moore family of Lifford, Donegal - (Lifford - County Donegal)
My 2xg grandmother, Ann Moore b.c) 1811,(parents, James Moore & Margory Armour) was married in Lifford c1833 to Nathan Rodgers/Rogers, (parents, Nathan Rogers & Rachel Moore) they had 4 children prior to migrating to Aust in 1841, Andrew, James, Thomas & Margery. Ann had a brother Galbraith b.c) 1822, Glencush, which I believe to be now part of Co. Tyrone. Many thanks.
red mail McGinley/McDermott families from around Lifford area - (Lifford, Leifear - County Donegal)
I am looking for more information of the parents of Daniel McGinley, born c. 1860 in Ballindrait, Lifford. All the information I have at the moment is that his father was called Hugh McGinley, born c. 1830 and his mother was called Nancy McDermott, born c. 1835. I do not know where they came from & can only assume that it was from around the Lifford/Ballindrait area. Daniel married Mary Ann O'Donnell born c. 1864 in Clonleigh, Lifford (died 1932). Would love to hear from anyone with any information regards Caroline
Looking for information on John Gearge Hewitt - (Lifford, Leifear - County Donegal)
While researching my family tree I found that one of my ancestors was borne in Egypt in 1799 to John George Hewitt and ? .John George was in Napoleon,s army of occupation in Egypt and from what I understand had been involved with Wolfe Tones struggle for freedom in 1797 and had left Ireland on the failure of the campaign. From family rumour John George came from the Lifford/Strabane area,any information concerning this man would be greatly appreciated.
red mail JOHNSTON-BUSTARD-SCOTT-ELVIN - (Lougheask and Castle - County Donegal)
Researching these names around Lough Eske.
red mail Orr, Belleeghan, Manorcunningham - (Manorcunningham, Mainear Ui Chuinneagain - County Donegal)
My grandfather Robert Orr was born in 1904 in Letterkenny. In the 1911 census he lived at 18 Belleeghan Manorcunningham. His fathers name was James and mothers name Catherine. He had older brothers James and John, he also had a younger brother Phil, who, last heard of lived in the midlands in England. He also had two sisters Maggie and Martha J, who I think was known as my Auntie Jeanie. It's possible they had another sister Mary who died somewhere between 1901 and 1911 at a very young age. Robert came over to Scotland and married Elizabeth Watson not sure if they married in Scotland or Ireland. Robert had four Children, John(my father), Maisie, Catherine and Elizabeth. If any of this information sounds familiar to anyone I would appreciate you making contact, would like to hear from any of the Orr family. Thanks. Bob.
red mail Great Great Grandparents - Hood/Cuddy - (Manorcunningham, Mainear Ui Chuinneagain - County Donegal)
My great Grandfather Alfred Albert HOOD arrived in NZ in the late 1800's and on his death certificate was his fathers name William HOOD and his occupation was Coast guardsman - there was no name under mother. I have done a big of digging and found that a William H HOOD was married to a Margaret CUDDY - does anyone know if it is the same family that lived house 2 in Magheramore, Mannorcunningham according to the 1901 Census their children where Sara, Mary, Margt and Samuel- at this stage Margaret was a widow -if it is the family it would mean that my GGfather would have been the eldest as he appears on a 1881 census taken aboard the Royal navy Boat 'Garnet' showing his age as 17 thoug with his death certificate age he would more likely to be 15 Thanks Denise
red mail woods - family - (Meenasrona - County Donegal)
I'm looking for any info on a Anthony Woods. I know he is buried in the Colaghty C I in Lack, parish of Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh. Anthony had at least one son William Henry Wood who immigrated to Australia some time in the 1880s. He told various people he was born in Meenasrona but on Anthony's headstone it says Meenamossa. Can anyone help, even if it's just to sort out the place where William was born.
coyle - (Mevagh, and Parish - County Donegal)
looking for descendents of edward coyle a farmer married to mary mcfadden in rosguill(old name for mavagh) Their son patrick was my grandfather born in 1861. he came to scotland where he married in 1888 to catherine mckechnie. he could have had a brother neal and sister maria
red mail Gallagher/McPaul - (Milford, Baile na nGalloglach, Millford - County Donegal)
Hello from America! I am researching my paternal great-grandparents: John Gallagher, b. 1860 married Isabella Gray, b. 1870. John worked for a wealthy Donegal landowner as manager of his horse stables. I am sure there is an official title for this position, but I don't know what that is. John and Isabella had two children, John Peter Gallagher, born 9 April 1886 in Milford and Elizabeth, born in 1890. John and Isabella then emigrated to Philadelphia in 1891. John Peter Gallagher married Julia Mary McPaul in NYC in 1906. Julia was also born in Donegal, and I have found via other ancestry sites that most McPauls lived in Cratlagh, just northwest of Milford. John Peter and Julia are my great-grandparents. Julia's parents were Patrick McPaul and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bradley. Patrick, Lizzie and Julia emigrated to Philadelphia in 1891 also. If any of this sounds familiar or of interest, I would love to hear from you. Kind thanks in advance.
McMahon - (Milford, Baile na nGalloglach, Millford - County Donegal)
Three McMahon brothers from Milford served with the North Irish Horse in World War I - Arthur E, William J and John D. All born presumably in 1890s. If anyone has a photo of any of the brothers, especially in uniform, we would love a copy. Also photo of any other person who served in NIH in WW1 would be most welcome.
Colvin family of Mountcharles - (Mount Charles, Moin Searlas - County Donegal)
My great-grandmother was Elizabeth (Bessie) Colvin, born c. August 1866 in Mountcharles. Her parents appear to have been Robert Colvin and Jane Wilson. Bessie emigrated to Boston around the 1890s, where she met and married my great-grandfather Charles Macy Hall. As far as I know, the rest of the family remained in Mountcharles (my grandfather told my dad that his mother took him back to Mountcharles when he was 3 years old to visit relatives). My dad and I would be very happy to hear from anyone who is related to these Colvins.
red mail Dunsmore - (Muff, Magh, and Parish - County Donegal)
John James Dunsmore born in Muff 1911 moved to Scotland at two weeks old with his father James Dunsmore and his mother Elizabeth (possibly Orr). He married Maryann (possibly Spratt) in 1934. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Hamilton, born Donegal - (Muff, Magh, and Parish - County Donegal)
Moore Hamilton was probably born in Donegal about 1807 and married Mary Jane Long. Their son Moore Hamilton (born about 1843 at Drumanael, a farm near Muff in Donegal) came to Pt Phillip, Victoria with his sisters Mary Jane 18 and Sally (Sarah) Ann 16 in 1864. In 1868 at Skipton, Victoria he married Janet Wilkie. Moore's brothers George and James Hamilton also came to Victoria. They all settled in the Redesdale/Barfold district in Victoria. Does anyone connect with this family? Tom Melbourne
red mail McConnell - (Muff, Magh, and Parish - County Donegal)
Looking for info about James McConnell, farmer of Ardmore in Muff parish. He had a son Robert, born in 1866 who married Frances Brooks, daughter of Samuel Brooks of Muff.
red mail McDonald McDonnell - (Muff, Magh, and Parish - County Donegal)
I am looking for Daniel McDonnell who married Catherine Lafferty 1850 in Muff Donegal. His father was also Daniel and Catherine's father was Arthur Lafferty. They had four children Daniel born 1862 in Coatbridge Scotland who married Jessie Weir in 1887. Daniel died in Glengarnock Ayrshire Scotland 1925. Matilda born 1864 in Derry John born 1867 in Derry and Martha born 1870 in Kilderry Muff. Does any of this sound familar to anyone
red mail Bowers - (Muff, Magh, and Parish - County Donegal)
Samuel Bowers, born Muff. Oct 1901. His father Samuel Robert was with Royal Irish Constabulary. He died 1916. No mention with RIC. He may have been born in Kinlough and may have died in Donegal. May have been killed by a cow!!!!
red mail sidney gerald mcnally - (Mullingar - County Donegal)
looking for my paternal grandfathers family he eventually moved to England
red mail Kerr / Carr - (Old Town - County Donegal)
My Grandfather was called James Carr/Kerr he married Violet Holloway from Derry. My Great grandparents names were John and Mary Kerr/Carr they had another son called William. James and Violet had 2 sons John born approx 1940 and Terence born May 1942. I would appreciate any info. Thanks.
red mail Armstrong - (Pettigo, Paiteago, Pettigoe - County Donegal)
I am researching James Bedad Armstrong b.January 1773 Pettigo Fermanagh Magherculmoney m.Jane Johnston d.1882 emmigrated to Australia on 'Susan'. Father of James is Robert Armstrong m.Isabella.
red mail KEYS-FUNSTON - (Pettigo, Paiteago, Pettigoe - County Donegal)
Researching these families from around Pettigo
red mail Slavin/O'Donnell - (Pettigo, Paiteago, Pettigoe - County Donegal)
I'm researching family tree has anyone any knowledge of Annie Slevin or slavin who married Arthur O'Donnell around 1871 they moved to Glasgow around 1881/4 but I've lost track whilst they were in Ireland I know Arthur O'Donnell was baptised in 1842 and I think Annie's family came from Donegal Thanks Bill
red mail Conaghan, Toland, Pluck, Manorcunninghan - (Pluck - County Donegal)
My great great grandfather Andrew Conaghan was born in Pluck between 1814-1819. He married Sarah Tolan or Toland. They emigrated to Ayreshire Scotland and lived around Maybole in the 1851 Scotland Census. Andrew emigrated to Australia with his youngest daughter Ellen in 1869. Andrew lived in Queensland Australia and was buried in Rockhampton. Three of his sons William, John and James emigrated to Australia before him.
Thomas Milligan - (Port - County Donegal)
I am looking for any information on Thomas Milligan who was born in Port around 1791. The village doesn't seem to exist anymore but was obviously a small but thriving community back then. He joined the Royal Artillery at Ballyshannon in 1810 and married Mary Griffin on 22nd May 1810 in Greenwich. He served in the West Indies for a few years and, after leaving the service he became a shoemaker at Woolwich Arsenal for a number of years. He had two daughters, Isabella (b.1819) and Eliza (b.1820). He died in 1866.
red mail McClintock - (Port Hall - County Donegal)
Walter McClintock, born c1805, Port Hall County Donegal, Ireland. Married Matilda Stewart, born c1809, St Johnstown, County Donegal, Ireland, came to New Zealand in 1866 aboard the "Bombay". Settled in Prebbleton, Canterbury, New Zealand
red mail Gallacher Family - (Rathmullan, Rath Maolain, Rathmullen - County Donegal)
James GALLACHER left Rathmullen abt.1884 for Glasgow married M.S GLENNON. Siblings left in Rathmullen were Bridget, Denis, George & Sarah. Want to find Mother & Father & beyond believe owned a farm & sold it to Reid family ? James (Jimmy) was a locomotive driver in Glasgow
red mail Rosnakill - (Rosnakill, Rossnakill, Tully Rossnakill - County Donegal)
Family Rodgers, David and Mary and 6+children who lived in Rosnakill Co Donegal, married in Kilmcrennan Co Donegal 1855. Any other info on this family would be much appreciated. Cath
red mail Morrow family - (Rosnakill, Rossnakill, Tully Rossnakill - County Donegal)
Does anyone know of the Morrow family who were baptized and married at the Church of Christ the Redeemer in Rosnakill? I should be glad to hear of anyone researching the family.
red mail William Rodgers / Jane Starrit - (Rosnakill, Rossnakill, Tully Rossnakill - County Donegal)
Any information regarding above appreciated Married c.1815
red mail School master - (Saint Johnstown, Saint Johnston, Baile Suingean - County Donegal)
William McConnell was a schoolmaster when his daughter was born in 1876.Her birth was registered in Tyrone.I would like to find information on William as I do not know where or when he was born.He was married to Catherine Lynch in 1875.Any info would b appreciated..
red mail Postman Bill - (Saint Johnstown, Saint Johnston, Baile Suingean - County Donegal)
William MARTIN, came from the town of St Johnston. His father, James, was a butcher (at least for part of his career), his mother was Elizabeth BURNS FROM Droheda. He was born on either 1 or 12 January 1857, baptized on 1st March 1857 at St Baithin's RC Church (sponsor Mary MARTIN) He married on 31 January 1889 in Derry City to Bridget MCSHEFFREY, whose father William came from Fahan. William MARTIN was employed as an RP (rural postman), Londonderry to St Johnston, from 1 July 1873 until 19 December 1876. I have not been able to locate the marriage of William and Eliza or details of any more of their children. Any assistance would be appreciated.
red mail Looking for Daniel Heron - (Stranorlar, Srath an Urlair, and Parish - County Donegal)
Daniel Heron was buried in Stranorlar c 1878. Trying to find if this Daniel married ? Crane (Crain?) or had a son Daniel. Thanks
red mail Toorish/Tourish and McKelvey Families - (Stranorlar, Srath an Urlair, and Parish - County Donegal)
I am interested in the Toorish/Tourish and McKelvey families of the Stranorlar area. My grandmonther was Ellen Toorish (1881 - 1974) of Meenanilta, who married William McKelvey (1876-1938) of Meenagrauv. My g-grandparents were Charles Toorish (b. c1846) and Margaret Boner (b. c1853), William McKelvey (b. c1823) and Susan Patton (b c1838). Charles Toorish's father was Patrick Toorish (b. c1825) Margaret Boner's father was James Boner (b. c1828). Any information waould be gratefully received.
red mail GRIFFITH-KEE-HUMES-BUSTARD - (Stranorlar, Srath an Urlair, and Parish - County Donegal)
Researching these families from ALTNAPASTE near STRANORLAR.
red mail CROWN(E), CROWNER 1850 - 1900 - (Stranorlar, Srath an Urlair, and Parish - County Donegal)
I am looking for information about the Crowner family, probably from 1850 to around 1900. William Crowner was born in Rusky around 1880. A John Crowner was related to Kelly's in Raphoe (1970's ?) , also a Gallagher (Ireland or Paisley, Scotland) and there might be a connection to Convoy as there is a headstone in St Mary's graveyard there for a Josephine Crowner. Any information most welcome, thanks
red mail currans boyles - (Teelin - County Donegal)
Peter Boyle born about 1850, parents.William Boyle Margaret Boyle,Bridget Curran born about 1853 parents Patrick Curan,Bridget Curran ms warren,Peter and Bridget married in Glasgow 1872 One of their children Mary Boyle was born in BALLYMORE TEELIN DONEGAL 1874.Looking for any info on the boyles or currans from BALLYMORE TELIN
red mail ballymore teelin - (Teelin - County Donegal)
update on my Boyles Currans Peter Boyles parents William Boyle Margaret Boyle MS Sweeny Bridget Curran parents Patrick Curran Bridget Curran ms BARRON
red mail McCallion: Gortnamona, Three Trees - (Three Trees - County Donegal)
My great great grandparents James McCallion and Nancy (Barr) McCallion had 6 children; Denis, Sarah, Michael, Thomas, Catherine and James. They were born from 1861 - 1875. I am interested in connecting with the families' of Thomas, Catherine, Denis and James.
James Balmer - (Tievelough - County Donegal)
James Balmer married Elizabeth Seabourne in Moville lower 0n 2nd May 1867. On the marriage Certificate he is down as "constabulary Tievelough"
red mail McConnell - (Tully Beg - County Donegal)
I am researching the McConnell family, most of them seem to be in Ayrshire but George McConell was born 1848 in Tully Beg,(information from the 1911 U.K.census) parents George Tennant McConnell and Jane Buchanan. Can't find any more information about the Irish connection. Any help appreciated
red mail Jane McLAREN-Ture - (Ture - County Donegal)
Seeking information on the ancestry of Jane Eliza McLAREN(c.1821-)d/o Robert McLAREN(c.1774-1837)and Elizabeth ?. Robert brought four children with him to Saint John,New Brunswick in the 1820s;I assume that Elizabeth may have died in Ireland. Jane married William KNOX(1810-1871)in 1838. Her brother John married William's sister Elizabeth Jane KNOX(1819-). I believe their brother Hugh married Ann MORRISON and their remaining brother Robert died in 1838. "First Families in New Brunswick" lists the home in Ireland as Ture.

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