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red mail Mithian near St. Agnes Cornwall - (Mithian - Cornwall)
Think I may have found Nankivell ancestors in Mithian Cornwall first names so far are BENJAMIN and JOYCE associated surnames are TOWNSEND and JAMES. Is there anyone who lives nearby who could check monuments in the local parish church or is there a book or pamphlet on local history that may have more information or even a Nankivell tree, I think they were ' gentry ' perhaps owning or running a mine ?
red mail woodrow - (Morval - Cornwall)
Woodrows of morval and ladock my maternal family also connected to pengelly of looe who still us the name woodrow as a christian name a lot of info on both names
red mail nutcher - (Morval - Cornwall)
Believe Morval and Plymouth anyone no of connections
red mail Little's of Cornwall - (Morval - Cornwall)
looking for any information on LITTLE's of Cornwall, particularly pre 1800's.
red mail Burrow family - (Morwenstow - Cornwall)
I have traced our family back to Peter Burrow who married Dorothy Neale at Morwenstow in 1721. Any more info on this line of the family will be welcome.
red mail William Elliot-Seldon of Morwenstow - (Morwenstow - Cornwall)
William ELLIOTT alias SELDON married Mariah ELLIOTT in Morwentstow Cornwall in 1841. Their witnesses at the wedding were Thomas PROUSE and his wife Mary whose maiden name was ELLIOTT. The PROUSE couple were both from Hartland, Devon. The SELDEN couple (as they were later known) emigrated to Oxford Co., Ontario, Canada in 1847, probably on the same ship as the PROUSE family who sailed on the Arab in 1847. Their ship encountered a storm and had to put into Trinity Bay Newfoundland, Canada for repairs. While there Trinity Maria PROUSE was born. The PROUSE family also settled in Oxford Co., Ontario.
red mail Everson and Millman - (Morwenstow - Cornwall)
HI. I am trying to trace the ancestors of Gidion EVERSON (born 1725/26 Morwenstow) who married Bridget MILLMAN (born 1730 Morwenstow). Thanks in advance for any information
red mail Nancekivell family - (Morwenstow - Cornwall)
My family ties in with the Nancekivell family of Morwenstow, Cornwall. Sarah ASHTON, daughter of John ASHTON and Grace NANCEKIVELL, was born on 27 September 1846 in Bideford, Devon. The address was: Market Square. Alfred Slocombe KNILL, son of Robert KNILL (1819?- ) and Eliza SLOCOMBE (1818?-1852), was born Q1 1844 in Barnstaple. GRO Ref: M1844 Barnstaple 10/21. Alfred was an Inland Revenue Excise Officer. He appeared in the census on 30 March 1851 in Barnstaple. The address was: Bear Street. Living with parents. Scholar. He and Sarah ASHTON had 7 following children. And so it goes on… Anyone willing to share findings with me?
red mail James Martin of Morwinstow and Middle Temple 1814 - (Morwenstow - Cornwall)
I am looking for the family of James Martin who is mentioned in the Devon Record Office 48/5/4/5/, which concerns the probate of his will 1814. I am looking for his connections with the 2nd Lord Ashburton Richard Barré Dunning.In 1795 he is described as James Martin of the Middle Temple,London,gent. Also, Devon Record Office  48/5/1/4  26 March 1804 Contents: Release (1) Richard Barre Dunning, Baron of Ashburton (2) James Martin. All accounts, etc. There are other pertinent entries in Devon Record Office. Thank you
red mail Mt Charles Free Help Available - (Mount Charles - Cornwall)
I'm the OPC (Online Parish Clerk) for St. Austell Parish, and have a fairly extensive database and reference sources which I'll check upon request. No genealogical data after 1900, as of now.
red mail Mary Ann UREN - (Mount Charles - Cornwall)
I am searching for Mary who says she was born 1857 app and whose father's name was Francis. She married a BENN(E)Y and, later in London, a HADDEN. I have found two entries in the civil registration but neither have the correct father.
red mail wakeham family - (Mount Hawke - Cornwall)
looking to find any information about Louisa e Wakeham and her family,do not have her married name..She was born in the channel islands guernsey about 1887 ,had sisters Daisy and Elsie and brother william Alli know is she lived at mount hawk redruth in cornwall.has any one got some information to share about this family regards joan
red mail Sukey Thomas - (Mullion - Cornwall)
Sukey Thomas b c1818 Mullion. Father Peter Thomas was a blacksmith.Am looking for more about her parents and siblings. She married William Hutchens (Penzance,c1818)
red mail Bray family - (Mullion - Cornwall)
Researching the Bray family and any descendants. Parents Richard John Bray (b 1867 Breage) and Annie May Bryant (b 1873 Mullion) and their children Olive (b 1890 Mullion), William J (b 1892 Mullion), Alexandra V (b 1901 Mullion), and Dorothy May (b 1905 Mullion)
red mail Williams/Roskilly - (Mullion - Cornwall)
I am looking for ancestors/descendants of Edward Williams and Phillippa Roskilly (variant spellings). I have them as showing up in the 1881 census aged 80. They are the parents of my gg grandfather.
JAMES - Laura and Elizabeth © 1927-1942 - (Nancekuke - Cornwall)
Unmarried sisters Laura and Elizabeth JAMES - daughters of John James, Colour Sergeant, RMLI MSM and Prison Warder, of Princetown (b:1829 d:1920) - are believed to have lived in Nancekuke sometime between 1927 (when Laura retired as the Headmistress of Princetown Prison School) and 1942 (by which time they had moved to St Just in Penwith). The only evidence I have is verbal family history from my late father and a single postcard from Laura addressed from Nancekuke. Most likely they moved as a result of the requisitioning of land for RAF Portreath in 1940. Any information about their time in Nancekuke - dates of arrival/departure, address - would be most welcome.
Ninnis, William Henry - (Nancledra - Cornwall)
I'm interested in a William Henry Ninnis, born in Nancledra around 1875. Married and emigrated to Australia. Anyone following this family?
red mail Matthews, Palmer, Hoyte - (Newquay - Cornwall)
Names: Matthews, Palmer, Hoyte
red mail James Pappin Moyses - (Newquay - Cornwall)
Most born in St Columb Minor but as so close to Newquay was put as place of birth or residence.So if you recognise any of these names then look under St Columb Minor.
red mail Runymead,Runymede Hotel - (Newquay - Cornwall)
Looking for information on the Runnynead/Runnymede Hotel, Narrowcliff, Newquay. The hotel I think was in Narrow cliff,Newquay and was run by John (Johnny) Jones and his wife Helen Mary (also known as Nellie). nee Medlin. John was born in Barry,Glamorgan so would have had Welsh acsent.John died in Newquay in 1961 and was buried in Barry,Glamorgan,Wales. It was open in the 1960,s. I do have a photo of it and can email if anyone is interested or can help.
red mail Wright - (Newquay - Cornwall)
Interested in any Wrights in the Newquay area, particularly John Bonnington Wright and Mildred Wright (nee Maries) in the 1930s. Children Muriel and Madeleine?
red mail Frederick Marshall and wife Mabel Aulaby Marshall formerly Bird - (Newquay - Cornwall)
Frederick and Mabel had a Guest House in Newquay during the 1940s. Mabel was my mothers sister. If anyone recognises these names I would be delighted to hear from them. Ron.
red mail Rogers / Hooper - (Norris Green - Cornwall)
James Henry Rogers (Born Gwennap 1839)married Matilda Jane Cooke Hooper (born 1837 Calstock)Their children were Elizabeth, James, Robert, Sophia, Nicholas, Eliza, Alfred, Ben, Sidney, Nelson. Any assistance with research on the family would be appreciated and I could reciprocate with info that I have.
North Country Village - (North Country - Cornwall)
north country village situated just outside redruth,towards portreath from the a38,steeped in mining history with the tolgus tin mine and other old mines around.looking for further information on area as well as family history on people who lived inthe village.
red mail Philip Spoore of Misterton - (North Hill - Cornwall)
My great great grandfather Richard Spurr was born in Truro Cornwall in 1800. He married Ann Mary Babot of St Helier Jersey on his 21st birthday in 1821. He became a leader of the Chartist Movement in Truro, and by 1840 in London attending the first national conference in Manchester. In 1850 he and family migrated to Australia. In his wallet were hand drawn Coats of Arms of the Spoure and Spurre families. From the book General Armoury Spoore, or Spoure Trebartha and Northill, co. Cornwall, andMisterton, co. Somerset; RICHARD SPOURE, of Trebartha, temp. James l., son of HENRY SPOURE, of Northill, who was fourth in descent from PHILIP SPOORE, of Misterton. Visit. Cornwall, 1620). ARMS:..Gules on a chev. Or, a rose of the first between two mullets pierced Sable. CREST:..A demi antelope Ermine erased Gules maned and attired Or, holding in the mouth a broken spear Sable headed Argent point downwards. Spurre (co. Cornwall). ARMS:..Gules on a chev. Or, a rose of the field betweentwo spur-rowels Sable. Spurre (co. Cornwall). ARMS:..Gules on a chev. Or, a rose of the field between two spur-rowels Sable. WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANY DISTANT FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE ABOVE NAMES
red mail DAWE and REYNER - (North Hill - Cornwall)
I am searching for any information on my 4GGParents, Walter DAWE (bp. 23 Apr 1786 at North Hill) and Jane REYNER (b. ablt. 1786). and their siblings, ancestors and descendants. Also, their daughter, Elizabeth DAWE, md. a William GILL, and had five children. About 1847, William GILL disappeared; his wife, Elizabeth moved with her children into the home of her father, Walter DAWE. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
red mail 17 th & 18th Century Werrings' - (North Hill - Cornwall)
Any Werring family information welcomed especially John Werring b.1699/1700.
red mail Rebecca Nottle - (North Hill - Cornwall)
Any information about the Nottle Family would be useful. Rebecca was born here in 1811 and married Isaac Buckingham in 1836.
red mail Webb Family - (North Hill - Cornwall)
I am trying to find out about John Webb b. 1800 at North Hill. He was married to Fanny unknown b. 1801 also from North Hill. They both died in 1882 and are buried at Bolventor Church. any information would be much appreciated.
My BOND and FAC(E)Y families - (North Tamerton - Cornwall)
Margaret BOND (BIND) who was b. Sept. 5, 1683 and who d. 1763, both of which advents took place in North Tamerton and who married Phillip YEO July 4, 1704 in North Tamerton, was the daughter of Richard BOND (poss. BIND) and his wife, Julian FACY. Richard BOND and his wife Julian FACY had six other children, as follows – Mary BOND, b. abt. 1865; Mary BOND, b. abt. 1867; Elizabeth BOND, b. abt. 1689 and d. Dec. 19, 1689 in North Tamerton; Elizabeth BOND, b. abt. 1690; Peter BOND, b. abt. 1694, and Doroty BOND, b. Feb. 15, 1694/95. Julian FACY, wife of Richard BOND, was the daughter of Philip FACY and Julian. Of their other know children besides Julian, there were two other children - John FACY, b. abt. 1643 in North Tamerton and d. Feb. 3, 1649/50, and Jullian FACY, b. abt. 1650 in North Tamerton and d. Feb. 21, 1658/59. Am Looking for further informatin on these family!
red mail William Bray - (North Tamerton - Cornwall)
William Bray was born in North Tamerton Cornwall in 1792 and married a Harriett--------- from Northlew Devon. William was a farmer -tailer and the strange thing is that he employed a tailer called Titball who turns up later in another branch of the family tree.
red mail WILLIAM AND JOHN BRAY - (North Tamerton - Cornwall)
William Bray of North Tamerton 1794 son of John Bray 1746 and Jane. Any further information would be greatfully recieved.
red mail John/Elizabeth Paynter - (North Tamerton - Cornwall)
my great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Paynter, born June 10.1844 in North Tamerton to John Paynter and Prudence Furr...anyone have any info??? They set sail for USA in 1850 and that is where I live...this is my first overseas inquiry...THANKS.
red mail My relations on my mother's side - (Old Kea - Cornwall)
My great-great-grandfather's name was Jacob Eddy, born in 1818 married to Eliza born 1826. They had 6 children, Annie born in Kea in 1855, Mary J. born in Kea in 1858, Mark (my great-grandfather born in 1859, and died in Virginia, Mn. in 1916. I knowhe was divorced before he came to the US I'd like to find out who his first wife was I think it was Abigail Ambrose, but I can't find out any more. There was also Fanny born in 1861 Claria born in 1864, and Bessie born 1864 I'm assuming they were twins. All the children were born in Kea. Jacob was born in Perranarworthal, his wife was born in Cubert. I would appreciate any information that you could give me.
Joseph Gill, Miner - (Old Kea - Cornwall)
Joseph and Grace Gill from Kea, immigrated to South Australia abt 1854 with their two youngest children, Grace 13 and James 11. This family line may have originated in the St Ives area. After arriving in South Australia Joseph worked in The Burra Mines, about one hundred miles NNE of modern day Adelaide. Joseph died shortly thereafter and the youngest son James married (Pollard) in his early twenties. We have since learned that most of the older children, adults followed to South Australia, with one son William settling in Orange, New South Wales.
red mail Tamlinson - (Pelynt - Cornwall)
Thomas Tamlinson wife Elizabeth Jeffrey and son Amos born abt,1735 married Mart Hendy 1756 all Pleynt Cornwall
red mail Hoskin or Hosking families - (Pendeen - Cornwall)
Family names were Hoskin,Noy and Tonkin.Eliza Jane ,my great grandmother married James Hoskin,was widowed(?) with two sons,William and James and mrried James Nicholas,A widower with five children.
red mail Pendeen Coast Guard Station - (Pendeen - Cornwall)
My Gt. Grandfather George Henry Sheppard was chief Officer at Pendeen from 1892 ? 1898 when he died following injuries sustained during a rescue. I am researching the coastguard station at Pendeen from its inception to 1900 and would be interested inany local information photographs, newspaper accounts etc. relating to the station, wrecks, rescues its staff and their families and their interaction with the local community
red mail Wilson J/Bedlington J - (Pendrift - Cornwall)
Looking for info re John Wilson married Jane Bedlington 1903. May have come from Pendrift area. Any info appreciated.
Pensilva (once Bodminland) In St Ive Parish - (Pensilva - Cornwall)
I am the Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for St Ive and live by the parish. I have loads of information on the parish, its people and its history. Over 50,000 people in my database, so feel free to contact me.
red mail Pentewan shipping - (Pentewan - Cornwall)
I am interested in any information on the families involved in the coastal shipping trade from Pentewan
red mail Hicks - (Penwithick - Cornwall)
Looking for descendants of John Hicks and Elizabeth Grenfell married 13.11.1859@St. Justin, Penwith, Cornwall. They had 7 children.
red mail Mark And Mary Richards - (Perran Downs - Cornwall)
I have in my database many Mary Richards either by birth or by mariage in the Perranzabuloe parish area. What dates are needed? Who needs information? What names are linked?
red mail Gowin of St Agnes - (Perranporth - Cornwall)
I am looking for a birth for Francis Gowin probably born 1760-1780? He died in London in 1808. Married Mildred Jesson in 1804 in Southwark. I notice on I.G.I a Francis Gowin born 1706 married Temerance Martin and Amelia Penlee. He died in St Agnes 1793. Could he be father or grandfather of the later Francis? Descendants of this family changed the surname to Garrick for unknown reasons. Would appreciate any assistance and happy to share information with other members of this family.
red mail WILLIAM KENNETH POPE - (Perranporth - Cornwall)
My Late Father was born in Truro,but spent his married life in Perranporth,He was born in 1912 and died in 1986,He married My Late mother Doris Laura Creamer in 1935.I believe he was a Carpenter by Trade,Any information on him would be most gratfully recieved.With Thanks
red mail Gundry - (Perranuthnoe - Cornwall)
I descend from Charles and Ann Gundry of Perranuthnoe but collect information on Gundrys all over the world, not just Cornwall and am happy to exchange information with any Gundry researchers.
red mail John Thomas UREN of Perranuthnoe, Cornwall - (Perranuthnoe - Cornwall)
John Thomas Uren (born 1773) of Perrnuthnoe and his wife Grace KEMP had 7 children born in Cornwall between 1799 and 1812. The family immigrated first to the USA and then to Ontario, Canada. One sone returned to England and stayed there. They bought farms in Oxford County and Middlesex County. They were active in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
red mail FOX FAMILY Perranuthnoe,Cornwall - (Perranuthnoe - Cornwall)
John Fox married Emily Floyd in 1865 at Perranuthnoe. The family moved to Canada and I am trying to find out when they left Cornwall. John's father was Nicholas Fox
red mail John Johns - (Perranuthnoe - Cornwall)
Looking for any information on my great great grandfather John Johns born 7 AUG 1836 in Cornwall and died 24 JAN 1916 in Adelaide South Australia. He married Anna Maria McGrowey circa 1860 in Moonta South Australia (other names Manning/Magoury/MacGowan/McGowrie). Anna was born circa 1838 County Wicklow and died 1930 in Broken Hill. Any information for Anna would also be appreciated.
red mail John JOHNS - (Perranuthnoe - Cornwall)
My great great grandfather John Johns b.1836 in Perranuthnoe and died 24 Jan 1916 Adelaide, South Australia. He married Hannah Maria McGrowey (aka Anna Maria) on 23 March 1862 Wallaroo Mines, South Australia. I have conflicting information from Roots Web for John Johns - it states he married Elizabeth Gartrell 7 Mar 1860 in Penzance Cornwall - she was born 19 March 1838 in St Hilary and died 18 June 1928 in Caulfield Victoria Australia. I don't know if these are related to me or not as there seems to be a lot of "Johns" in Cornwall. John's Father was also named John Johns - I don't have any information for John's Mother. Any information would be greatly appreciated to help to unravel this mystery.
Stevens family Philleigh - (Philleigh - Cornwall)
I believe a Richard Stevens was born in Philleigh Cornwall around 1739 . I have not found much information about Richard and his family , although at least two sons were born to him. Matthew b. 1758 in Kenwyn went on to marry a Jane Cann in 1784 and they had 6 known children. The first born a William is also said to have been born in Philleigh.
red mail warwick+cloke families - (Pillaton - Cornwall)
I am wanting to find out more about Mary Warwick and her family. She was born in 1745 and married William Cloke (Cloak,Cloake variants) in 1770. They had 5 children. I know the Cloke family comes from Pillaton and thnk that Mary also came from the village or nearby.
red mail PILLATON MILL : PEARSE - (Pillaton - Cornwall)
Anyone connected with the Pearse family from Pillaton Mill 18th / 19th century. Also interested in Rickard. Edward Pearse married Elizabeth Rickard September 30th 1793. (known children : Robert, Edward, Mary, Archelaus).
red mail May family Polgooth - (Polgooth - Cornwall)
I have a long-standing interest in the May family of Polgooth and much details as at 2005 - I am trying to trace backwards from mid 1500s and, in particular, to establish a line from the Rev. Ralph May, vicar of St. Austell Parish Church circa 1670........all enquiries welcome
red mail HAWKE / St. Mewan / St. Ewe / Polgooth - (Polgooth - Cornwall)
Interested in contacting anyone with the name HAWKE from the Polgooth area (parishes of St. Mewan or St. Ewe). I am descended from Francis & Elizabeth Hawke both born c.1749, through their son John, a tin miner born c.1774, and his son Francis born 1810 (who left and moved to mine on Dartmoor). Lots to exchange / share.
red mail Scantlebury,Pont, Lanteglos-by Fowey - (Polkerris - Cornwall)
Looking for more information on the Scantlebury family who were living at Pont, Lanteglos by Fowey and are on the 1841 census as John born 1785, his wife Mary born 1789 and sons Thomas born 1823 and George born 1828. In the 1851 census Thomas was married to Elizabeth and they were living in Prospect Lane, Fowey. They remained in Fowey until their deaths both aged 66.
red mail Hicks, Polkerris, Tywardreath - (Polkerris - Cornwall)
Looking for any information on the Hick/Hicks family prior to 1841. Family headed by Henry Hick born Tywardreath 1801 and his wife Phillippa born 1796 in Luxilion (Luxulyan). They had in the 1841 census 9 children and were there until around 1891 when parts of the family can be found living in Fowey through to the 1901 census. Any help with tracing them back pre 1841 would be greatly appreciated.
red mail roose/Ruse/Rewse - (Polperro - Cornwall)
This family originally came from South East Cornwall. I cannot find any connection between this family and the other Roose's from other places in Cornwall. I have John Roose who married Dorothy Moone at Liskeard 1695. They had 3 sons, Phillip who married Ann, John who married Honor Giddy at Liskeard 1719, and Cornelius who married Mary Bray in 1727 at Duloe.
Barrett - (Polperro - Cornwall)
Barrett family of Polperro - John Barrett born about 1809 in Polperro. Married to Eliza? daughter Jane born about 1833. Moved to Stoke Damerel and show on 1851 census.
red mail Johns - (Polperro - Cornwall)
Searching for any information on William Johns(Smuggler) born(Polperro 1742-1802)or any decendants.
MATTHEWS - Polperro area - (Polperro - Cornwall)
Hello, I'm researching the Matthews family who lived in and around Polperro Cornwall in the 1800's. I would love to hear from anyone also researching the family.
red mail Bassett Arms - (Pool - Cornwall)
Looking for any information on the Wills family who once were landlords of the Bassett Arms, any information on the pub would be a great help thanks
red mail The Glover familly of Port Isaac - (Port Isaac - Cornwall)
My Wife Amanda is part of the Glover familly of Port Isaac. I am reserching our familly tree and would be interested in any information you could offer on the Glover familly or Port Isaac in general. I have come to love the village and would love tolearn more. Glyn.
red mail Smith family of Port Isaac. - (Port Isaac - Cornwall)
The Smith family lived in and around Port Isaac for several generations. There must be some descendants out there somewhere!! Would love to hear from you.
red mail Adams connections - (Port Isaac - Cornwall)
Please can anyone tell me about the Adams family that lived in Port Isaac and the surrounding areas. There maybe some still living there today. Perhaps there is a spanish connection from the armadas that were sunk off the cornish coast. Any info would be greatly appreciated as this is my family.
red mail LOBB FAMILY - (Port Isaac - Cornwall)
red mail VEALE - (Porth - Cornwall)
I am looking for any info on John Veale born in 1852. Parents may be Thomas and Jane.
red mail Rashleigh / Pascoe Families - (Porthallow - Cornwall)
I am interested in the Rashleighs Pascoes that came from Porthallow in the late 19th and early 20thC.
red mail peters family - (Porthallow - Cornwall)
looking for anyone related to winifred and alfred peters from porthallow and family from Helston,there my dads sisters family winifred was my dads sister,all replys answered
red mail DOBB - (Porthleven - Cornwall)
Interested in family details for Samuel Dobb (mason and innkeeper) born 1820 Porthleven. He married Jane(t?) Rowe born 1819 Porthleven on 5 May 1842. All their children were born in Porthleven - Mary Jane b Aug 1843; Edith b April 1845; Elizabeth Ellen b May 1847; Laura b December 1848; Frederick Adolphus b December 1850; Hellena b August 1856; Elizabeth Ellen b July 1861. The 1861 Census records them living at Peveral Row, Porthleven. Frederick Adolphus Dobb immigrated to New Zealand and in 1881 married Janet Williams. Mary Dobb married John Carlyon on 13 August 1840 at Breage, Cornwall.
Stodden, Bowden/ Porthleven - (Porthleven - Cornwall)
Interested in families including Mary Coulson Bowden b. 1836 Porthleven who married a Mariner named Thomas Stodden,1860. Also a possible relation called Elizabeth Ellen Bowden b.c. 1834 Sitney, who married Thomas Reed, a publican of Truro, c. 1865.
red mail Carters - (Porthleven - Cornwall)
Interested in the Carters. My grandmother, Bessie Carter, married Wilfred Chrsitophers, shoemender in Helston, her sister was Kathleen carter.. can anyone throw any light on my grandmothers background and family.
red mail richards family tree - (Porthleven - Cornwall)
my great grandfather Edward john prior Richards who married myrtle venning rule (from redruth) had 7 sons and3 daughters. i know that around the 60's the Richards were well know in porthleven. i would like any information on any Richards in the porthleven area. Edward and Myrtles children:~ Edward(know as teddy) born abt1910 Arthur abt 1913 - 1940 Elizabeth (know as veenie)1917 - 1953 Viola 1920 James (known as Jim) 1922 Stanley 1924 Agetha 1926 still alive thomas (possibly known as percy??) 1928 John (known as vernon) 1931 - 1977 Frances (known as Trevor) 1934 still alive
red mail Maps of Porthleven circa 1871 - (Porthleven - Cornwall)
I am trying to find a map that shows the location of the Fisherman's Arms Inn located near/in Terrace Road or Pier Head, Porthleven. I have determined these possible addresses from searching the 1871 census. The inn possibly exists with another name. Of course, the ultimate prize in my search would be a painting/sketch/photograph of the inn! My Samuel Dobb ancestor was an innkeeper there prior to 1871.
red mail Hugh family of Portholland. - (Portholland - Cornwall)
Any information of this family who lived here late 1800's/early 1900's would be greatfully recieved. My Great Grandmother was Ellen Hugh and she ran a boarding house by the post office. Her husband Samuel was buried in Veryan.
red mail French or Wakefield - (Portreath - Cornwall)
Anyone with info on these surnames in portreath or St. Ives cornwall?
LEAN and JAMESON of PORTREATH - (Portreath - Cornwall)
I am loking for any descendants of the Lean Family who where living in the Portreath / Illogan area from least 1841 to the last date I can find of direct members, 1891. The family I look for comprised of Thomas b. c1799 at Bristol, his wife Mary b. c1806 (nee Tangye?) family, Eliza b.c1828 Elizabeth Anne b. c1833 (she was deaf and dumb) Jane b. c1836 Amelia b. c1840 and Ellen b. 1844. Jane married a Mariner, John Jam(i)eson, Amelia marries Thomas Lewis also a mariner and Ellen married William Dunn. In 1861, Amelia and Jane were living together with a child each at 12 River Row, Portreath, it appears their husbands were at Sea. All these three and their families came to live in New Zealand about 1865. In 1905 John and Jane returned to Cornwall for a visit so there must have still been family living there even though the Parents had died. John and Jane were my Gr. Grandparents and I would be glad of any information on any of the family.
Mark Truran 1825-1900 - (Portscatho - Cornwall)
Mark Truran was born in Merther but married in 1848 at the Independent Chapel, Portscatho to Ann Tiller Lower. They had 10 children - Louisa, James, Ellen, Richard, Frederick, Charles, Jane, Annie, Lavinia and Mary from 1849 to 1870. Many descendants still live in the Portscatho/Gerrans area. The daughters married the following:- Collins, Chaffin, Hyrons and Golley.
red mail Quintrell - (Portscatho - Cornwall)
red mail Skitch - (Poughill - Cornwall)
Thomas Skitch/Elizabeth Harris, of Kilkhampton - married 1714 in Poughill. Would like to contact any descendants worldwide. Peter Bolton - Ontario, Canada
red mail Battens, Poundstock 1760-1936 - (Poundstock - Cornwall)
I have information on the Batten family in Poundstock and surrounding villages.
red mail TRIPLETT`s - (Poundstock - Cornwall)
TRIPLETT`s of Poundstock 1500-1880. Mick, Cornwall
red mail Medland, Craddock - (Poundstock - Cornwall)
William Medland born1803, Poundstock marrired 12 May 1833 Stratton, Cornwall died jan 1861 spouse Elizabeth (Betsy) Spour Craddock born 1812 Stratton, Cornwall I do have Williams linage up to Richard Medland who married Phillipa French in 1702 if any one is interrested but Im interrested in the Craddock side if anyone can help
red mail John Heard - (Poundstock - Cornwall)
Does anyone have any information on a John Heard born in Poundstock around 1815. He married an Elizabeth Heard from Clawton and they emigrated to Australia in 1844 to become farming pioneers.
red mail BRAY - (Poundstock - Cornwall)
I am trying to trace a Maria Bray spinster ,who lived here in 1810 ,when she was left an annuity in the Will of Captain John Betton of The Abbey Foregate ,Shrewsbury, Shropshire.Who were her relatives,and what happened to her?
red mail Higham Family of Praze-an_Beeble - (Praze-an-Beeble - Cornwall)
In the Censuses of 1841, 51 and 1861 I have found the Higham family (Robert, Elizabeth and their 10 children) living in Praze, working as a shoemaker. If anyone has any information on Praze at this time or on the family I would be interested to hear from them.
Cock(s) Jenkin - (Rame - Cornwall)
Hender Cotton Cock married Ann Jenkin 1779 at Rame. Would love contact with others interested in this line
red mail Harris Rogers Avery - (Rame - Cornwall)
Rebecca Rogers b 1835, daughter of Joseph and Beatrice (nee Husband) living at Forder near Rame gave birth to a son in November 1857, baptised John Harris at Rame Church. John subsequently brought up in Torpoint by Richard and Elizabeth Avery. Grateful for any information. Regards, Paul
Julian - (Rame - Cornwall)
Nicholas Julian married Eleanor James 1766 at Breage Cornwall. Would love contact with anyone else interested in this line
Rilla Mill In Linkinhorne Parish - (Rilla Mill - Cornwall)
I am the Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Linkinhorne and live by the parish. I have loads of information on the parish, its people and its history. Over 50,000 people in my database, so feel free to contact me.
red mail Roseland Foundry - (Roseland - Cornwall)
I am researching my family tree my great great grandparents lived Roseland Foundry near Menheniot in the 1870's. Any information regarding the foundry or the Statton's would be most welcome
red mail Bray - Ruan Minor - (Ruan Minor - Cornwall)
Researching the Bray family - William Bray born in 1832 in Ruan Minor, Cornwall married an Elizabeth (not sure of surname) from Grade, Cornwall born in 1835.
stone family - (Ruan Minor - Cornwall)
Farmers from Longalley, Ruan minor , Helston. Robert Amerson Stone & family in 1841 census through to Charles Stone & family in 1911 census
red mail Bray - Ruan minor - (Ruan Minor - Cornwall)
Trying to find decendants of Nicholas and Elizabeth Bray. Their children were :William, Elizabeth Ann,b 30 July 1845,John and Samuel
Seabourne baptisms in ruan minor - (Ruan Minor - Cornwall)
PETER Seabourne b 17th MARCH 1833 to Peter & Sophia Seabourne EDWARD Seabourne b 7th SEPT 1834 " " " MARY Seabourne b 5th June 1836 " " " The family left in 1838 to go to Donegal Ireland
red mail Semmens - (Sancreed - Cornwall)
William Semmens born in Sancreed 1824 married Jennifer, from Ludgvan.Children born in Gulval:William Henry b 1851 married Jane(Pascoe) & Thomas b 1852 married Jennifer (French)
red mail Hosking - (Sancreed - Cornwall)
John Waters HOSKING was the son of Elizabeth (nee Richards) and John Hosking. He married Jane Ellis in 1849 in the Parish Church, Sancreed. John and Jane emigrated to Australia in 1852 on board the 'Time and Truth' with, it is believed, the White family (William and Elizabeth). Together the families eventually settled in the mallee part of Victoria, Australia. I am very interested in contacting anyone with links to this Hosking family.
red mail george - (Sancreed - Cornwall)
looking for anyone who has a connection with the surname george in particular an abraham born 1806 and was a miller at nearby roskennals
red mail Hoskin,Hosken, Hosking - (Sancreed - Cornwall)
Searching for anything on Gabriel Hoskens and Grace Wallis from Sancreed Cornwall or their descendants in Australia.
red mail Roscrow/Roskrow Family - (Scorrier - Cornwall)
I am looking for information on Jane Roscrow/krow (married name). A widow who migrated to Australia with her children in 1838. Born c1789. Area; Scorrier children all born in Cornwall: Thomas b.c1812 Stephen b c1814 Jane b. c 1818 Elizabeth b. c1820 Mary b. c.1821 John b. c1822 Girl, age 4 at time of emigration
red mail Sennen Records - (Sennen - Cornwall)
I have done a lot of research into the village & Parish of Sennen in Cornwall. For on-line access to parish records, census details and muster rolls contact me.
red mail Nicholas and George - (Sennen - Cornwall)
As my maternal line were all born and lived in Sennen Cove, and most of them died there (some emigrated to the Isles of Scilly!) I'm always interested in hearing from anyone connected with the above families.
red mail John Short - (Sennen - Cornwall)
Does anyone know anything about John Short, schoolmaster who married Elizabeth Wallis on 17 January 1824 at Sennen?
red mail Ellis Family - (Sennen - Cornwall)
In approx. 1830 Carteret John William Ellis married Emily Railton. Carteret became the deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall in 1840. They had four children Streater Carteret John Ellis, Eveline Emily Caroline Penovla Ellis, Molesworth Lionel Carteret Ellis and another son. A plaque commemorating this family is situated in the church of St Sennen. Any further details about this family would be appreciated.
- (Sennen - Cornwall)
I am looking for the parents/ancestors of R.Thomas, born 1822 in Sennen. They were methodists. R.Thomas moved later to the Sancreed area when he was married.
Edward Vigus of Sheviock - (Sheviock - Cornwall)
Edward Vigass or Vigus married Mary Gully at Sheviock, Cornwall, on 7 May 1738. Despite many years researching, cannot trace either of them earlier. Many descendants in Sheviock, Antony, Plymouth and abroad.
red mail FLUELLEN - (Sheviock - Cornwall)
Henry Fluellen is recorded in the IGI as marrying Elizabeth ? in Portwrinkle about 1822. Henry was born in Exeter in 1787 and Elizabeth states her birthplace as Sheviock in the 1861 Census (East Stonehouse, Plymouth 147p.89). Any info re the family much appreciated.
red mail Joce - (Sheviock - Cornwall)
My earliest Joce relative is John Joce b. around 1595 in Sheviock. His son was Christopher Joce b. 1634 who emigrated to the USA. Do you know any Joces' in Sheviock prior to this? Christopher Joce married Jane Cummings in 1633 in Sheviock. Thanks!
red mail The Smithy at Shop - (Shop - Cornwall)
My great grandmother Elizabeth Anne Arscott Fish was born 17.1.1874 at the Smithy. Father, John Fish - baptised 12.3.1795 at Morwenstow; mother, Mary Anne (Kebby)- baptised 8.12.1805 at Morwenstow. Paternal grandmother, Dorothy Arscott - baptised 7.11.1760 at St Breock; paternal grandfather, John Fish - also a blacksmith - baptised 1.7.1764 at Morwenstow. These families are related to the Petherick, Trick, Grills and Wellington families.
red mail Phillips - (Skinner's Bottom - Cornwall)
John Phillips b: 1821,lived in Skinners Bottom Cornwall with his wife Susan (nee Trewartha) b: 1821 and children John N. Phillips b 1845, Elis. Jane b. 1847/9, Wm. Henry 1850, Emily Susan 1853/4 James 1854/55 and Joseph 1856/57. John died prior to his wife and children immigrating to South Australia in 1876. Anyone else doing this family?
red mail Bant family - (South Petherwin - Cornwall)
I am looking for information on Christopher Bant, b abt 1820, and his wife Martha Pauley Brown, b abt 1820, both from South Petherwin and their forebears.
red mail Mrs Elizabeth Jasper - (South Petherwin - Cornwall)
I am trying to find some details on Mrs Elizabeth Jasper of South Petherwin, Cornwall who was an assisted emigrant on the ship "Northumberland" which sailed from London on September 21 1863 and subsequently from Plymouth on September 26th 1863 and arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on January 9th 1864. She was listed on the passenger list under the Single Women section as Mrs Elizabeth Jasper so I am assuming she was most likely a widow. She was accompanied by 2 daughters Elizabeth aged 2 and Emma aged 6. There is a listing for a family named Jasper on the 1861 Census which includes John Jasper aged 33, agricultural labourer; his wife, Elizabeth Jasper aged 29; a son, William aged 9; a daughter, Emma aged 4; a daughter Elizabeth aged 2; and a son Albert aged 1. This appears to be the same family group but only the female members of the family appear to have emigrated. Can anyone shed any light on what happened to the male members of the family as I can find no record of these emigrating? Does anyone have access to any records to determine what this Elizabeth Jasper's maiden name may have been or anything that indicate who her parents were? There is a record of an Elizabeth Jasper marrying a John Lloyd in South Australia in 1864 but I am unsure if this is the same person.

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