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Parry (school teacher) in Aylesbury around 1939
My Taid (Welsh Grandfather) had an older brother William Thomas Parry who was born in Brynrefail in 1884. He became a teacher and married Jennie Taylor in Hailsham in 1909. He was a headmaster in Wimbledon in 1925. I lose track of him then but can see his wife in Aylesbury on the 1939 Register, shown as Married (not Widow). But the entry above her is blanked out so presume it is him though don't know why he was blanked out but she was not. I don't think they had any children but would be interested if anyone in that area is related to them. MB
red mail Please could anybody help me find information on Thomas Albert Kempster?
Please could anybody help me find any information on my 4x Great Grandfather Thomas Albert Kempster? I have lots of information about him after 1871, he married Mary Ann Bradshaw and settled in North Shields, Northumberland and became an Umbrella Maker owning his own business and having 12 children according to the 1911 Census but I've only managed to locate 8. He seems a mystery as I can't find for him before this date 1871. Census records tell me that Thomas Albert Kempster was born roughly 1845/1846 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire however, I can't find a birth index or locate him in the 1851 and 1861 Census. I did find two prison records for an Albert Kempster born roughly the same dates. 1862, Guildford for assault and in 1863 he was convicted for begging in Wandsworth. I'm certain that this is him as is says he was partially blind in one eye on the records and in the 1891 Census it says he is blind in one eye from infancy. No birth index for this Albert Kempster either. I would be entirely grateful if anybody could help me find any information on Thomas Albert Kempster! Thank you, Olivia
The Happy Warriors Hall
Anyone come across this? Elsie Colburn was running health clinics during WW2
red mail Munday Family
Hello, Im trying to help a dieing friend to find out more about his family.His mother wass Emma Munday born 16 dec 1911, did dec 67/68. he said she remebered something about four winds and being in service. he doesnt remember his grandfather Munday, only that he died from gas in the 1914-1918 war. His mother had 2 older sisters Ivy and Elsie, there was a pair of male twins (Andrew and Edward) and then Lillian, Jack Reen? and then Hilda. He also said his father (william jones 1904-1970) had a step brother Frederick and a step sister Bessie, I am having a nightmare trying to find any of them in the Aylesbury area, especially when my friend thinks they worked for the rothschild estate.
red mail Griffin Johnson Barlow Bravington
Griffin's from East Moseley 1800 Bravington's of High Wycombe 1800 Johnson's of Haddenham and High Wycombe 1800 Barlow's of Downley, High Wycombe 1800 Any info please?
red mail STANLEY
Looking for decendents of Josiah/Joseph Stanley born 1842 in Buckingham.His chidren married into the Hedges,Gomm,Wheeler,George families of Bucks
Wilson, Guy,Wimpenny
Frank Wilson c1893 married Winifred Lucy Guy b1904 Chipping Norton.They had two sons Peter b1931, Michael b1938,There may have been a half sister Betty& brothers Sidney, Wilfred. (Franks Children from his first marriage to Isabella Wimpenny living with them) Winifred his second wife was my father's sister. Any info on the family greatly appreciated, thanks.
red mail John Walker - 1839 to when ?
My great great grandfather John Walker was born in Longwick, Buckinghamshire in 1839. He married Kate Hodgkins and they had 2 sons. I have records for his birth, marriage and for the 1851 census. In the 1861 and 1871 censuses his wife and the boys are living with her parents. In the 1861 census she is "married" but a widow in 1871. Several John Walkers died in that 10 year period; can anyone please help me find the record for the right one ? I think he was a wheelwright.
red mail Jessie Tomlin
I am trying to help my father-in-law Ronald John Tomlin, to trace where and when his father Jessie Tomlin died. Jessie was born in Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire. We have no idea where, or when he died, though we know he has died. As no-one knows where or when he died, I don't now how to find a record of his death. Jessie Tomlin had been married to Evelyn Elsie Mayho, now deceased. Any information, very gratefully received. With kindest thanks, Anne
red mail Reeve
Looking for information re Emily May Scutchings , born Reeve (1905), and Joseph and Mary Scutchings nee (Waring }, who raised Emily in Stone, Bucks. Her birth mother was Elizabeth Reeve. I would be very grateful to receive any information possible regarding this side of my family Thanks
Defraine family
Also spelling as DeFrane and de Fraine etc. Would be interested in making contact with anyone tracing the De Fraine family from the Aylesbury area - particularly connections to John DeFraine b. 14.1.1810 and Christened at St. Mary, Aylesbury and his wife Eleanor Stevens ( also recorded as Helena Stephens) Does anyone have recorded information about the parents of John 1810 from county records?
red mail Ivatts of Aylesbury
Family of shoemakers in Aylesbury for 250 yrs. Anyone else interested? Sue
red mail Jarvis family
Is anyone researching the surname Jarvis in Aylesbury? The family line consists of tradesmen who were tailors and bakers. I have lots of information but also some gaping holes and would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help. There is also a connection to thomas and Ellen England. Thanks.
red mail jim hemsley and joan duncombe
looking for any information on their familys they married in surrey in 1949 and had a son david in lincoln in northhamptonshire in 1951 jim hemsley was born in surrey in 1925 his parents were fred hemsley and emily west jim died in aylesbury in 1977
red mail king
i am looking for anyone that new the cross family in shabbington aylesbury walter irene mary or lilian
red mail Mary Seed
I am looking for the wherabouts of Mary Seed (married to Peter Seed) who lived on a small farm in Weedon, Nr. Aylesbury over 25 yrs ago. She was a breeder for Giant Schnauzer dogs (salt and perpper). She moved away from this area around 1987 ish to Lymington, Hampshire. Her late Mother was a huge Landowner around Aylesbury. Does anyone know her exact whereabouts or if she has now died ?
red mail North
Trying to find some info about my great great grandfather Jessie North's mother and father. I think there names were William and Elizabeth North(nee Richardson)I think there were 3 other siblings. Jessie appears to have come to Australia by himself and married my gg grandmother Sarah Browning. His marriage certificate states that both parents were deceased in 1881 when he was married. Any info would be appreciated.
red mail Taman
Looking for information about my great x4 grandmother Dennis Taman, who was born in 1767 in Aylesbury. Her parents were William and Mary. She married Charles Stevens in 1787, also in Aylesbury. She died in 1848, in Walton, Aylesbury. Any information about the Taman family, direct or otherwise would be wonderful, as I can find almost nothing about any Tamans. I know that there were Tamans that migrated to Canada, but cannot find a link. Dennis was one of 5 children - Mary, William, Fanny and Rebecca and Dennis was the youngest. Her father William died in 1791 in Aylesbury and was buried in a pauper's grave.
I am searching for information regarding Joseph Love Fetherston, born c1819, Mitchelstown, Co Cork, Ireland. He left Ireland for Canada about 1860 with two of his brothers, then moved to Chicago. At some stage prior to 1871, he moved to England. I have found him on the 1871 Census at Aylesbury St Mary, with wife Eliza, born c1827 in Berkshire. In the 1881 Census, he is at 49 New Road, Aylesbury as a Supervisor of Inland Revenue. Joseph Fetherston died at Clifton in the county of Bristol on June 21, 1886.
red mail Mew Family
Am researching Mew family earliest entry William Mew from Oving, Bucks married Mary Deeley 1737. Trying to find out if there is a connection to Mews of Upton cum Chalvey or Swanbourne, Bucks.
red mail Miller/Rainbow
Thomas Miller of Aylesbury DB 1752 M 1777 Sarah Rainbow of Stone DB 1760. Their G Grandson George DB 1832 moved to Chesham M 1849 Rebecca Plested DB 1828.D 1858. 2nd marriage 1858 to Ann How DB 1842.George's Grandson (my Grandfather) Albert DB 1888 moved to London, joined Metropolitian Police Force. 1st marriage ????? widowed ???????. 2nd marriage 1929 Mary Dwyer (widowed 1827)DB 1897.Would welcome contact with any persons having proven conections to these Millers and related families.
red mail Woodward
Charles, wheelwright b. 1816, lived and married Mary Arnold here abt. 1838 after he left Oxford. Changing his occupation he left for London where he -married again in 1855: Harriet Brown from Walton. I am now tracing his brothers William and John. His father John lived a few miles distant in Whitchurch with his daughter Matilda in 1841. Exchange of information would be welcome.
red mail Winifred Harper
Winifred lived with her daughter Peggy in Aylesbury until her death in 1977. Any info about her would be appreciated.
red mail Aylesbury
I am looking for info on the following surnames of my ancestors who lived in Aylesbury: Spencer, Walker, Purcell, Hallett. I am happy to share the info I have so far.
red mail Corban-Baldwin marriage
Am interested in details about Phillippa Corban who married Richard Baldwin in Aylesbury 1607. Richard was possibly born in Cholesbury and died at sea. I have nothing further on this family, except 5 children's names and probable years of birth. Hoping someone else will have info to share.
red mail Bierton, Barney, Archer
John Bierton married Anne Barney at St Marys, Aylesbury, 1753. Son James married Ann Archer in 1781 in Bierton. Emigrated to Australia in 1844. Barry
red mail haystaff
william haystaff b. 6/9/1910 - d. oct/nov 1984 in aylesbury he was my grandfather's(fred humphreys) step father sadly i have no other info and love to find out if he had any brothers/sisters or what his parents may have been called, along with any dates, if anyone has any info it would be great to here from you thanks ainsley humphreys.
red mail North Family
I am trying to trace any further data on Thomas North born 1631 in Aylesbury to possible Francis North born 1598? who's father was Willyam/William North. Willyam may have married Margaret Paris in 1596. William's parents may have been Willyam and Agnes Pratt married 1571. Margaret may have been born in 1575 to James Paris. James may have married Kathrin Eytinfeild in 1568. Kathrin could have been either the widow or daughter of James Eytenfeild who died in 1567. Can anyone confirm whether any of this is (preferably) right or sadly wrong!
red mail EVETT
red mail Norton, Elizabeth
Married 1842 Marylebone, Middlesex to Henry Griffits
red mail Griffits, John Thomas
John Thomas Griffits born 1854 Aylesbury, Bucks- father Henry, Mother ELIZABETH. Died Sydney Australia 1934
red mail Uff, White
I'm looking for any information about Charles Uff born 1877 Aylesbury and Sarah White born 1877 Beccles Suffolk. I have a photo of them dated 1929 aged 52. When did they marry? did they have children? when and where did they die?
red mail priest/prest family
Trying to trace decendants of the priest family who lived in Aylesbury bucks, my great grandmother Elsie May was their housekeeper in the 1920/30's they possibly had a son who if alive would be around 100yrs old,if anyone knows anything about this family please contact us as we think we have something for them.
red mail Clark of Aylesbury
Seeking anything regarding Daniel Dell Clark, Christened St.Mary, Aylesbury on 31 Aug 1828. Son of John Clark(?). Daniel married Martha Alderman 3 Sep 1860 at Winslow, Bucks. Anything regarding Daniel, his wife or offspring very much appreciated.
red mail Aylesbury 1799 to 1857
Am looking for any info on the Jarrett (Jarret) family who lived in Aylesbury 1779 to 1857. Thomas b1779 married Sarah Osbourne b1780 had Richard, Sally, William, Robert, Edmund, James & Mary. Robert married Laura Evans had several children then left for Australia. Sailed on the Hastings and arrived in Brisbane on 30th May 1857 Robyn M
red mail miller
My Miller family were well established in Aylesbury from 1600s until mid-1800s when they moved to Monks Risborough. Anyone else have connections with this name?
red mail Botley
I am looking for any info on the Botley family who lived in Aylesbury, Bucks about 1879-1900. The head of the house was Thomas Botley (born c1850)and one of his sons was Sir Thomas Moore Botley (b.1888). I do not know how he became a 'Sir' but he was not knighted! He was my Great Grandad, who I never met as he died before I was born. There were at least 6 other children in that family. Sir Thomas married Elsie Weedon and they had 8 children, some of who died young. Elsie was married previously to Walter Freeman. She died approx 1928 and Sir Thomas remarried but had no more children. I do not know his 2nd wife's name.
red mail Cutler William
Born 1814 Aylesbury. Married Eliza Ayres and had four children. Grateful for info about his background.
red mail Tasker/Fell
On 5th. September, 1825 James Fell, Lace Merchant, married Ellen Tasker at St. Mary's Church, Aylesbury thay had one daughter, Ellen, who married Frederick Willmott. I am interested in details of the Fell familyand also the parents of Ellen Tasker.
red mail Sparks
I am looking for info regarding William Sparks who left Aylesbury for Australia aboard "The Hastings" arriving Sydney May 1857.Had 5 children Joseph, oldest son went to Dr. Bingles School in Aylesbury
red mail Foster,Henry
I am trying to locate any info on HENRY foster b1821 (Aylesbury) -d1889(Aust} & his wife Elizabeth Lee b1827 Aylesbury -d1915 (Aust)I can trace their history from their arriavl in Aust on the Phoebe in 1847 but can find nothing prior.Any info would be much appreciated
red mail Brooks
I am looking for information on Walter Geathly Brooks born in or perhaps near Aylesbury in the 1870s or 1880s. Also on the family of Florence Walker of Aylesbury, born a little later. Thank you for any help.
red mail bignell/stevens
any info on either bignell or stevens from aylesbury or stoke mandeville
red mail Butler
looking for Anthony Butler born 1838 parents possibly Elizabeth and Benjamin
red mail Jacksons of Walton Green
Looking for info on what happened to Alice Jackson, born Walton in the 1870s, daughter of John Jackson and Mary Ann Phillips. Alice's siblings were Eliza and Walter.
red mail ELLIOTT and GINGER's from Aylesbury
All Ginger families from late 1700s on and Elliott's from Walton Green/Aylesbury mid 1800's
red mail Glenister / Dwight / Elsden. Lye Green, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Im looking for information on Maria Glenister (nee?) who was 74 in 1901 and a widow living with her daughter Mary Dwight and her children David J, Ben, May, Rose M and Violet Dwight (my great grandmother - married William C Elsden) The family livedat Lye Green, Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. I believe Rose M married a man called Charles Strand and Ben married a lady called Gladis or Gladys. They had two children, Ron Dwight and Alan Dwight. Ron married Shirley (nee ?) and I believe moved toSouth Africa. Alan married Carol (nee ?) but may have got divorced. If anyone has any information or is descended from any of these people, please do get in touch so that I can fill in some of the blanks!
red mail Bernard - governor
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Sir Francis Bernard born 1711 ? died at Aylesbury 16th June 1779. A British lawyer and politician, colonial governor of New Jersey 1758-60, and of Massachusetts Bay 1769-69.
George Elliott (b.1834/7) married Eleanor Janes(christened.1846)at Ivinghoe. Information about their family please
red mail Library Institute Of 1880
From Cassells Gazetter c1896 Aylesbury : 1891 Population : 8,922 - The Library Institute a gift of Lord Rothschild was opened in 1880 in Temple St.+ a Working Mens Club of 1887.
Descendants of Benjamin BATES born circa 1833 in Aylesbury. He was a son of Francis BATES and Susannah READ. This Benjamin BATES married Elizabeth ORSMOND in 1855. Benjamin BATES emigrated to Australia and died in 1882. His wife Elizabeth ORSMOND wasa daughter of Thomas ORSMOND nad Elizabeth CATTERNS or CATTARNS.

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