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CuriousFox is a membership based contact site. To protect members' privacy and prevent spam, CuriousFox operates a messaging system. No email addresses are available on the site. When a member clicks a mailbox, a message form appears. The message, and the sender's email address, are forwarded, by email, to the person who made the entry.

Our red box, green box system means one side in any message transaction has to be a paid member. This funds the site without ads and endless affiliate links.

Free members can add entries with red mailboxes, send messages to green mailboxes, and search for surnames.

Paid members can add entries with green mailboxes, send messages to all mailboxes, search for surnames, add a profile, submit a website address and be alerted when new entries are added to one of their stored villages. Full membership costs $8.00 a year.

For more information, see How CuriousFox works


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Annual subscription $8.00 US
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