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2 Do not include your email address in your initial message to another member as it will be automatically deleted. You may only include your email address once you have received a response from the author of the entry. This is important for preventing people from sending spam or adverts via our message system.

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6 Both free users and paid members will be asked to validate their email addresses. You will be asked to re validate your email address from time to time. You cannot use some or all of the services on this site unless you have a validated email address. You are responsible for keeping any information you provide including your email address, up to date. If your email address does not pass our validation tests, the service we provide to you will be temporarily suspended. This will include the removal or labelling of any entries you have made.

7 You may use this site for the purposes of making contact with other people who are researching the same local history and family history. It is not a general "look up" site or a chat site. Any entries which appear to be chatting instead of using the messaging sytem will be removed and further access blocked.

8 We do not allow messages to be sent offering or publicising commercial services, or that are effectively adverts for one particular website instead of being focused on the research at hand. This includes research services, "look ups", and items for sale. Messages will be blocked if we see any pattern of use which suggests CuriousFox is being used in a manner which may be harmful to the viability of the site or annoy our members. We do permit provision of information including a reference to its source when it is not worded as a promotion for a particular website. We will decide what is reasonable and what may be harmful.

9 As an additional precaution against spamming, we do limit the number of messages that can be sent out by any one member within a certain time period, and the total number of messages sent by any one member. Some patterns of use will trigger abuse filters but this should not cause problems to any member using the site in a fair and reasonable manner for personal research and sharing personal knowledge.

10 We have no intention of providing a facility for reviews of commerical services at present but reserve the right to do so in the future.

11 In all cases we will decide what is reasonable use and what may be harmful to the viability of the site. We reserve the right to limit the number of entries and messages any member can send to a number we consider reasonable for personal research. We also reserve the right to block messages containing commercial content or trying to solicit contact via email. Partly this is to prevent inexperienced web users from revealing their email to third parties that may abuse the privacy of the individual.

12 You must not include any information in your entries which enables or encourages anybody to contact you without using the curiousfox messaging system. This includes postal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, web site addresses or any other information or suggestions which will enable people to make direct contact. You may not provide access to the facilities and services of this site for other people.

13 You are only permitted to post three entries within a week and six entries within a month. This is to prevent overkeen researchers flooding the site with multiple short entries. Also your entries will gain better responses if there is more detail than simply a name, a place and a year.

14 You may not provide access to this site as part of any other paid for service without our express written permission and approval. This does not apply to open access search engines, directories, bookmarks and links, just the entities providing services and products which claim, and charge for, access to multiple databases for genealogy research.

15 We are not a publisher. We provide a facility other people can use to post entries and send messages. We do not check the entries made by users. If we are alerted to any entries which cause offence or could be argued to cause offence we will consider removing the entries.

16 If you make an entry on this site which causes offence or could be considered to cause offence, you agree to edit the entry so that it no longer causes offence or to our removing the entry. You accept we cannot control the behaviour of our users. You undertake that your use of this site will not infringe the rights of any other persons or entities. You undertake that your use of this site will not breach any laws. Your entries or messages must not be libellous, threatening, offensive, obscene, racist, pornographic or misleading.

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18 Some of the data on this site is provided to help identify and locate settlements. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. If you enter into any transaction or communication, commercial or otherwise, with any other user of this site, you do so entirely at your own risk. We do not undertake any checking of users credentials apart from occasionally verifying that users have a valid email address.

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20 When information is added to this site the copyright will belong to This is not intended to cheat anybody of their moral and ethical rights to own what they write, it is to empower us to act if anybody copies any information from the site or abuses access to this site. We agree not to take any unfair advantage of this clause.

21 If any part or term of this agreement is deemed invalid in law, the remainder of the agreement will remain valid. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with UK legislation but we draw particular attention to the fact that these terms and conditions were drawn up without the aid of lawyers and by registering as a member you agree to observe the spirit of the terms and conditions and accept our decisions regarding what is permissible.

22 This site is not big business. It is not perfect and probably never will be, and by joining this site you accept that this is reasonable.

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