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LONDON Capital of England
This page is for all general London enquiries. Use this page if all you know is that the family you are researching came from somewhere in London.

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red mail George Howard Hayward.
I am trying to trace my uncle George Howard Hayward. He was a master builder living in Hackney in 1942. He was born as Ernest Alfred Townsend in Hackney London in 1880. He changed his name in December 1941. Any information would be very welcome.
I am looking for an Australian baritone Alexander Bruce who was on stage in London in 1940/50. I can't see if he married Florence Ethel Barber? or if he died 1960? He was the son of a Dr Ernest Bruce-Smith of Toowoomba, QLD. Anything would be most helpful. Thanks
red mail Great Pulteney Street London
On the trail of my great grandmother Beatrice Bunce. The 1901 census finds her at Great Pulteney Street, Soho, London as an inmate along with 8 other women and a woman listed as matron. Census date 31/3/1901. Beatrice gave birth to a daughter in April 1901 and was not married until 1902. I assume this is a refuge for single mothers. Any suggestions where I might be able to find any information about this? The census did not give the street number. I'd like to be able to check if my assumption is correct and it is then another step forward in tracking her.
red mail Isaac Henry LAZARUS
Looking to find information about my great grandfather Isaac Henry Lazarus b 1860 6 Three Tun Alley Middlesex St London d. 6 MAR 1920 Broken Hill NSW Australia. Married Katherine May HEISER b 8 SEP 1893 in Mt Morgan QLD Australia on 18 JAN 1911 Rockhampton QLD Australia. Any information would be appreciated.
red mail Caroline Julia Groux Kerche died 28 March 1898
Caroline married Ezra Edward Twitchett, Name: Ezra Edward Twitchett Spouse: Caroline Julia Groux Kerche Record Type: Marriage Event Date: 31 May 1852 Parish: St Mary, Newington Borough: Southwark Father Name: Benjamin Twitchett Spouse Father: Charles Kerche Register Type: Parish Register it's strange because she was the daughter to a Charles Kerche. Many public member trees point to a Jakob Kirsh and yet this does not seem to be accurate. The source trail leads to a Charles Kerche. However, there's absolutely no record involving a Charles Kerche and anyone with the surname Groux, other than the Ezra Edward Twitchett- Caroline Julia Groux Kerche marriage listed above. Charles, who was working as a butler at the time in question, signed the actual paperwork as Charles. He was not the Jakob Kirsch that was on some other source. Presumably, Julia was the daughter to Louisa Carolina Groux. Here the trail again gets bizarre, as the German records at the time had a tendency to Latinise names, and Louisa's mother is impossible to trace as the German records put her as Mariae Victoriae Du May when she had Louisa on 9 December 1804 though other than that, there's really no record involving a 'Mariae Victoriae Du May', and the name has clearly been altered somewhat, and the real one be something more like Maria Viktoria DuMais etc. Probably some Hugenoet extraction. They were in Braunschweig which had a hugenoet population similar to Shoreditch. The Charles Kerche individual is hard to trace- he may have married Louisa in Germany and not England. He worked as a butler somewhere but where he did is not listed on the public records. Who were they? Caroline sometimes even appears as Julia Caroline Groux Kerche. It's just a strange situation. There's certainly no traceable record that a Charles Kerche and a Louisa Carolina Groux ever actually met.
red mail WICKS, Sarah, and, CLULEY, Richard.
Hi, any information on the above people would be much appreciated of course. They married in Bethnal Green London 20 Nov 1829 Parish: St Matthew, Bethnal Green. Richard lived between 1801 and Unknown; Sarah was 10 years younger 1811- unknown. Their children were Sarah, Thomas, Richard, and then William. Sarah would marry MCCARTHY, James (sometimes written as Carter). And they would have a son John James McCarthy. They seem to have been mostly located in Shoreditch. John James McCarthy would then marry Elizabeth Sarah Hutt. They would have a son Louis John McCarthy/ Carter. Can't get any deeper into the Wicks line though. Thankyou.
red mail Violet Dora Carter (married name Twitchett) 16 December 1905- 31 December 1985
She was the daughter to Louis John McCarthy (also known as Carter at this point in time), and a Ms Sarah Harwood. Got that much. However, there are multiple Sarah Harwoods in the Shoreditch area, and it's impossible to place which one is the mother to Violet Dora Carter 16 December 1905- 31 December 1985 and thus can't get any deeper into the whole tree. Louis was the son to John James McCarthy/ Carter, and Elizabeth Sarah Hutt. Got all the records necessary there. But haven't got a clue who Violet's mother Sarah was. Thankyou.
Are there any lists of workers at munitions factory Woolwich WW1 or 2? Led to believe a relation of mine may have worked there during these times.
red mail charles James Massey of London
I am trying to find Charles James Massey of London who wed a Caroline Jane Barrett in 1902 now I think it was in ottery st mary, or thereabouts but I am not sure. I am told he is in Metropolitan Police, so whether he was working in the area, or on holiday from London I don't know. has anyone got him in their family I would be interested to hear. and also any parent names etc., of him or his wife etc.,
red mail Baby girl b.abt.1905 to kitchen servant at St. George s Hanover Court
E Steel originally from Scotland had a child out of wedlock while working in London. I would like to find any descendants of that child. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone having any information to contact me. Thank ýou.....
I am looking for Dennis Alan Luckett born 5th april 1928. It is known he had one daughter and 2 grandsons but do not know anymore than that.
Richard Rowed and Catherine Fraser
I am searching for info on my great grandfather Richard Rowed, born 03 july 1830 in london, london and died 04 july 1910 in Melbourne , Australia. He married Catherine Fraser.
Robert Arrol Cochrane
I am looking for any information on my Grandfather, Robert Arrol Cochrane, born May 7th, 1887, in Scotland. I know that he began working for the Bank of New South Wales,(now Westpac) in London on Nov. 1, 1909, went on war leave, Feb 26, 1916, and resigned from the bank Feb 11, 1919.
Ann Seymour Jones
Looking for anything relating to Ann Seymour Jones. All that is known is that she married Henry Batchelor on the 28th May 1801 in St Georges church, Hannover Square London. They ended up with 9 children.
Looking for anything relating to Henry Batchelor. All that is known is that he married Ann Seymour Jones on the 28th May 1801 in St Georges church, Hannover Square London. They ended up with 9 children.
Wilfred Murdock Edwards b1919
Would like to speak with anyone who may have any connection / information concerning Wilfred Murdock Edwards b1919 Queen Charlottes Hospital, St Marylebone, London. Mother - Amy Edwards Kind regards
red mail REGIMENT
I Dont Know If Anyone Could Help Me.IamTrying To Find Out Which Regiment My Father Was In In The Second World War His Name Is Leonard Harry WatsonHe Was Born In 1909 In Lewisham S.E. LondonHe Died In 1992 In Essex I Have Tried To Find Out From Different Places With No Luck .He Was In The Army Any Information Will Be Greatly Received. Thank You
John and Merioti Bennett, Bernard Clarke, Mabel Greene/Clarke
We are looking for John BENNETT born circa 1825 who sailed to New Zealand and resided in Auckland in 1850/1853, I believe his wife, Merioti (1832), came from Opotiki. My father Jack's grandfather was John, his father was George (1854-1917). My Grandfather was Bernard Caleb CLARKE from Nottingham. My grandmother Constance Pamela Mabel GREENEGreene (known as Mabel Clarke) born in London, died aged 30 in 1915 in Nottingham. Anne
Ellen Wilson was born about 1846 in London and emigrated to New Zealand. She settled in Greymouth, on the West Coast and married Henry Samuel Castle there in 1870. Would be interested in any information regarding Ellen and her family.
red mail William John Glover
Does anyone have any knowledge of William John Glover (my grandfather)? All I have is a marriage certificate when he married Helen Dorothy Robinson. That was in 1920 and my father was born 3 weeks later and on his birth certificate his father is shown as a Butler/Servant  both mother and baby were living at grandparents address. My Grandmother married again as a widow a couple of years later  but her widowhood is in doubt  as there has been no trace of William Johns death anywhere and poor mans divorce (bigamy) seems to have been a family tradition. All the information on the marriage certificate has been exhausted. It shows William John Glover working as an Indoor Servant at St Johns Wood, London and father (John) deceased, occupation (indoor) servant. William John Glover was born circa 1900 and there are several with the same name on the 1901 census none of which have a father John and the places of birth vary widely thought the country  including Scotland. The nearest scrap of info I have come across is in the 1901 census where a William John Glover was born to Arthur John and Maria Charlotte Glover from West Ham  but that William John became a Railway worker not a servant.
Harry Christophers.
I am looking for any information about Harry Christophers. He was a Grenadier Guardsman. Harry fought in the Second World War, 1939 - 1945. I am guessing about his date of birth, possibly about 1910. Harry's mother was Cornish, so he could also have been born there. I have no info. on his father. I would be glad of any news, hoping some-one can help. Thanks..
red mail Anna Matilda Francis - William Felstead Lord
I am trying to locate the family of Anna Matilda Francis. I have records of what may be her brother Thomas James Francis dying on aldgate street? in 1850 and being buried at St. George in the East. I have record of James Francis dying in 1772 and being buried at Cripplegate cemetery. He was in the Cold Stream guard. I am not sure I have posted this in the correct town/village. If i have not please help me get it to the correct place. I have just learned form a kind member of this board that Anna was married at the parish church in the parish of St Lukes in Middlesex county 1839.
red mail Kingsdown House, London
Does anyone know where Kingsdown House was in London? possibly upper Holloway and what it was?
red mail Brinkley
Looking for relatives of Joseph Brinkley who lived in Holloway approx. 1920 -1990.
Florence Lillington nee Hatton
Florence Lillington nee Hatton married Robert Arthur Lillington 1911. Can any one advise whether she divorced Robert A (sometimes known as Bruce) or tell me when she died please.
Workhouse St Marylebone 1922
Seeking access to records for the St Marylebone, No 1 Northumberland St, Workhouse as my father was born there in 1922. Previous attempts to find records for 1922/1923 have not been successful. On my father's birth certificate it is stated that he was born there, I want to know when his mother was admitted and when she and or the baby was discharged. Can anyone help please?
red mail Gompertz. Hollaman. Forster.
I am researching/writing a biography of humanitarian ((R)SPCA, Animals' Friend Society) and inventor Lewis Gompertz (1783/4-1861) and am on the lookout for any of his (or the Animals' Friend Society's) papers, archives, diaries, correspondences, pamphlets, tracts, models, portraits, etc. I would be most grateful if you could let me know if you hold any such materials or point me towards them, and also any similar information/material relating to Ann Gompertz (nee Hollaman), wife (1779-1847); Ann Hollaman, wife's niece (1800-76); and, especially in connection with the Animals' Friend Society, Thomas Ignatius Maria Forster (1789-1860).
red mail Rist family
Searching for death of Charles Rist b 1852 Stepney, Middlesex. Married Emma Ricketts 1872. Cannot find a death for him. Suspect he may have died prior to 1898 as he did not witness son James' wedding. Last record is 1881 census living in Lismore Road, St Pancras. Any help appreciated.
I am researching the family of Walter William Selway (my grand-mother's brother) who married 1905 Anna Marie nee Ohms back to her great grandfather Johann Heinrich Oheus born c.1820 in Germany. They had 5 children, Louise Alice, B.1906 Married to Charles A Hawkins m.1930. Frederick b.1909 m.1933. d. 1967. Anna. b.1910. Ivy Lillian b.1911 to John William Price m.-. d.2003 and William H. b.1914. Louise and Charles had 2 children Ronald C. b.1932 and Jacqueline b. 1948. I am now interested in the descendents of the families. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks. Christine.
This was the name by which Elizabeth Murphy was known on the stage. She came from Ireland (b 1873) but there is no written evidence of her and no reference anywhere. The only family information is that she did perform in London around the turn of the century. Her only living relative (granddaughter) was never told anything so no help there ! She did use her stage name on a birth certificate but this happened just once. Her married name was Sinkings. Any help would be welcome just to see if and where she did perform. Tony.
red mail Mann
Alfred Mann married Margaret Taylor and they had twin daughters, Ann and Katherine in 1953. Margaret was the daughter of Margaret Lancashire and John Taylor. Any info on the twins would be appreciated. Last saw them in 1960 in Hemel Hempstead.
red mail BARRETT: Harcourt, Ellen Rosina, & Caroline Yeoman
My great-great grandfather Harcourt BARRETT (b. late 1838, Walworth Surrey) was married to Louisa Emma STEDMAN in 1862. They had 5 children together between 1864 and 1868. Harcourt appeared to have had an affair with Ellen Rosina YEOMAN (b. 1859, St Pancras Middlesex) and deserted his family in January 1881. They came to South Australia and had a daughter, Caroline Yeoman BARRETT, born 29 Nov 1881 at Kent Town. They had Lina BARRETT (b. 1885 - d. 1886, age 15 mths) and Eugene (Edward) Harcourt BARRETT, b. 1887. They moved to Western Australia around March 1904, and settled in Perth. Harcourt died 22 Oct 1904, Subiaco WA (age 65). His death certificate states that he married Ellen when he was age 37 (making the year of marriage 1876) and that it took place in London. I can't find this marriage anywhere in English records. Now I'm thinking that the marriage may be illegitimate. I also can't find the passenger list or name of the ship that they came on to Australia. On 18 July 1908, his second-youngest child from his first marriage, Julia, puts out a search for her father in the Perth 'The Daily News' newspaper. It says her father left home in January 1881. In the 1881 England census, Louisa has her status as "Married", but in 1891 is stated as "Widowed". She may have assumed he had died mysteriously, until hearing whispers of otherwise. Just wondering if anyone out there can shed some light or information on the questionable marriage with Ellen, or why I cant find their names on any passenger list. Was it common for people to use fake names?? The whereabouts of Ellen Rosina after 1914 is unknown to me. In that year, she was listed as Edward Harcourt BARRETT's next of kin in his AIF enlistment. Ellen was living on St Georges Terrace, Perth WA. Edward was sent over to England during WW1, and married Ethel Mary BATEMAN. I also would like to know what happened to Caroline Yeoman BARRETT. She moved from Australia to England some time before 1911. In the 1911 England census, she was working at a nursing home in West Kensington. She is recorded as single and age 29. I have no idea what became of her after this, or if she even married. Since both surviving children were in England, Ellen may have had no reason to stay in Australia and may have headed back to her homeland. So many holes to fill in! Any help would be kindly appreciated :)
red mail Islington, London, in 1936
My Grandma (sent by Barnardo's, to Canada in 1923) had a brother who, according to Barnardo's (in their letter re my Grandma's file) was "last recorded as working in a situation in Islington, London, in 1936 (21 yrs old). I have a photo of him as a young man in a military uniform (passed down from my Grandma). Would there have possibly been a workhouse there at that time? Any ideas anyone could offer as to what type of "situation" this young man could have been in at that time, would be appreciated. Thank you!
red mail Lavinia Campbell Mullins, mother unto LESLIE ROBERT GEORGE GAULD.
Lavinia was originally Argyll; her dad Sir Robert Mullins was in the Royal Navy, and her mother Isabella Bell Hamilton was originally a Glasgow resident who moved to Argyll with Robert, in between having lived in Portsmouth. Lavinia became GAULD when she married George. Here's where the actual problem arises: I was under the impression this was GEORGE OGG GAULD, the son unto EDGAR and CATHERINE. However, whilst GOG was the right age range, and worked as a military psychiatrist whilst Lavinia was a mental health nurse, so it's likely they were together, George Ogg Gauld- originally Aberdeen though who lived in Dublin and Nottingham- does not seem to have lived in London. Lavinia shows on multiple censi and the electoral rolls living in London with her husband George. Who's surname was Gauld. Leslie Robert George Gauld, and his younger brother Stanley John Gauld, were Londoners despite Leslie's very Scottish name betraying his ancestral roots, lol. I don't think it's correct that GEORGE OGG GAULD married Lavinia, unless they actually divorced and he returned to Nottingham and hospital where he worked, as George died in Nottingham, played cricket in Nottingham, worked within hospitals in Nottingham, and this is recorded on the hospital records and a internet search concerning GEORGE OGG GAULD turns multiple results up on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) including his actual photos, as the guy I have believed was the great grandad was a semi celebrity. Could somebody help, please, as I am really getting close to giving up with genealogy now; I don't know whether George Ogg Gauld and Lavinia divorced, or whether a separate George who just happened to have the surname GAULD, originally have come Aberdeen, same time range as GOG, and also get involved with a mental health nurse (as already stated, GOG was a military psychiatrist), was the actual husband. I don't think it's possible he commuted to Nottinghamshire; we're talking early C20th and they were living in the very southern areas London (Chelsea, Westminster, Richmond, Kingston, Merton, etc). Please somebody help. Lavinia died 7th May 1947. George Ogg Gauld died 16th June 1951. So a similar time. Lavinia only granted any estate to Leslie; George doesn't turn up, and neither does Stanley, only Leslie was given any estate whatsoever. Leslie would die 18th November 1954.
Dr Edward Clement FERNANDES and Evelyn May GORE
This couple married in Hove in 1935, and had three daughters: Angela, Rosalind and Mary. I believe they moved to London. All three daughters married in the 1950s/60s. I'd be very interested to get in touch.
red mail HANINGTON, William
HANINGTON, William of London England, son of William HANINGTON and Mary ? (Surname may be spelled HANNINGTON.) William was bap. On 23 Feb 1726/7 in Wokingham, Berks. He married Ruth ALISON of London, England on 30 Aug 1744 or 1747. I am looking for information about his life, and the lives of his children (his fourth child William is my direct descendent who married Mary DARBY and I have information regarding this line). Also if there is any information about Williams (wife Ruth) siblings, parents, aunts and uncles. I have names and baptism dates but not much else. Would like to know about marriages, children, occupations, where they lived, death info and any stories about them.
red mail LOUIS JOHN CARTER 1881-UNKNOWN, Shoreditch
Seeking information on the above person, Louis John Carter; he was the son of John 1853-unknown and Elizabeth 1856-unknown- don't know Elizabeth's maiden surname. LouiS would marry Sarah of the family Harwood. They would have children; Violet Dora Carter and Gladys Diana Kathleen Carter. Violet would marry William Ezra Twitchett and die on New Years Eve 1985 of a heart attack. Gladys would die in 2003 of Dementia. I think the Carter family originated in Ireland just judging by what the late grandfather said, and was originally MacCarty; however, sadly he'd not given any clue how long ago they left and, certainly, Violet and Louis and John were all London. Was wondering whether anybody else could help, plox?
red mail Brockway
Looking for information on William Brockway b:1580 d:1635 married Sibbel Jacob. His grandson Wolston Brockway b:1 Jan 1638 Silver St, London, Middlesex, England immigrated to America any info would be greatly appreciated! Melanie
red mail John Smart - London
Does anyone remember John Smart who was in the Coldstream Guards in the 1940's
red mail CURTIN, Mary and GALLIERS, Herbert marriage circa 1958/1959.
I'm trying to discover anything on the marriage above mentioned between the Irish immigrant nurse Mary and her new husband Herbert T Galliers. Mary already had some bastard children, Robert and Georgina, with GAULD, Leslie Robert George Gauld. Mary did not marry Leslie, who died im 1954. She took her actual husband's name, Galliers, under which she died in Sutton, London, England , 2013. I'm wondering id anybody knows her actual parents. I have personally discovered a Mary J Curtin of a Kerry town called as Brosna on the Irish census records 1911. However, this Mary daughter of Curtin, Charles & Shine, Bridget, seems have died in America late 1980s. And thus is not grandmother. Even though she was thus 1911, and this the right age for Leslie (1907). Thank you so much in advance, -Oliver.
red mail Jefferson
Looking for info on Jefferson family..Supposedly two brothers left for America in the mid to late 1600's. They corresponded with an aunt in London whose name was Annie, don't know last name. Possible names of brothers could be John or Obidiah. They went to Virginia and then into eastern North Carolina..I have a John Obediah linked to Craven County, N.C. in 1730 but have hit a dead end...Thanks for any help..
Looking for Christine A.Clifford born 1951, Shoreditch, possibly married Gerald Hull in 1972 and John T. Clifford born 1960, Essex, father Cyril Clifford, mother Estella nee Leman, grandmother Estella Leman nee Howe. Family history interests.
red mail Helen Marie MARTIN
Helen was born in 1860 in Stratford, London. She was my great-grandmother. I am looking for her parentage, which I cannot trace. She married Mathew O'CALLAHAN in 1885 in St. Pancras, London, and they had six children. They lived in the Peabody Buildings in St. Giles and he was a grocer. I have been told her father might have been named Charles or Carlo. Mathew died in 1898 and I believe she may have married Alfred V. SYMONDSON in Camberwell, 1924. I would appreciate any information anyone can offer, both concerning her parentage and also any details of her second marriage. Thank you. Belinda
Campbell /Kelly
Edwin CAMPBELL(also formerly known as Barnes) married Ina Eloise KELLY on 19 Sept 1959 in Edmonton Register Office. It is thought that they divorced some 5 or so years later. It is thought that Ina Eloise subsequently moved to the US and may have married again. So far been unable to locate any corresponding entries. If anyone has access to divorce registers would be pleased to know if there is a record.
Henry and Mary SCOTT
I am researching Henry James Richard Scott who appears to have added the surname RIDGEWELL to his name. He was born in St Pauls, London according to census data. Henry was I believe the son of Henry & Mary Scott (nee Rimell). He joined the army in the 1870s, retiring in the 1890s and lived in Newcastle upon Tyne. Some of his own children were born in the Army Barracks in Newcastle. Thank you.
red mail Charles Conway Ferrors/ ferors
I am wondering if anyone has any information on the ancestors of Charles Conway Ferrors (1809-1888), born in London to George, married Caroline F Jellett(1824-1902) in South Australia, Australia.
red mail King family pictures(Philip son 8 yrs. Eliza Mother
A friend of family was a nanny in Britain.(king family) Philip was the son. Eliza mother They had 6 nannys. I have no date for these pictures. These pictures belong to their ancestors not in my drawer. The photographer name might give me a hint of age. My guess is before ww1.
red mail Lock,Mary Elizabeth
Trying to find out any information reguarding a Mary Lock(maiden name , Worth).born abt 1857 in West Bergholt. she married my great uncle, one James lock in 1875. James died in 1877, I found Mary in the 1881 census working as a servent in the parish of Pancras,London.after that i'm at a loss. any help would be great.
red mail Paroissien French Huguenots in London
I would be interested to hear from anyone researching or related to the French Huguenot family of Paroissien, who lived in Spitafields in the east end of London in the 1700's. Keith
Grayson family of South East England
Hi, I am researching the Grayson family who were in South East England during WWII. So far I only know of a Joe Grayson (possible Greyson or similar) who was an RAF Flight Sergeant in 1943 and may, or may not, have survived the war. I appreciate this is very sketchy information but would appreciate any help. Many Thanks
red mail Katherine Price born c.1845 in Ireland. Lived London
Katherine Price was born in Ireland and arrived in London prior to 1875 when she married Job Wilkins (1848-1912) originally from Purton, Wiltshire. She had a daughter Helena (1868) who could not be Job's , but took his name in the 1881 census. I am trying to find out what happened to Helena, and what the ancestry of Katherine might be. Any information appreciated.
red mail Susannah Chalk b. 1799
Susannah Chalk 1799 - 1842 was apparently born in Middlesex. She married Edward Taylor (1785 - 1843), a baker in 1825. I have been unable to find records of her birth, and therefore parents etc anywhere. The birth date comes from the 1841 census and her death certificate. The birth place from the census (not always the most reliable source of birth places). If anybody can assist with information it would be appreciated.
red mail CARROLL Family
Did you know the CARROLL Family of Caledonian Cattle Market , London N 7 ? Were you neighbours , friends , relatives ?
red mail Allen
Looking for information on John Allen b 1831 married to Margaret Allen b 1830 Maiden name unknown I think from Ireland, had son William Henry Allen b 1854 Stepney London married to Jane b 1861 ( maiden name unknown) Poplar London. The had 4 children William Henry Allen,Harry Allen ,Florence J Allen and Alice C Allen.
Samuel Parberry
Hi All I have Samuel Parberry, born 25 Dec 1821 in North Kensington, Middlesex, Marriage in 1839 to Elizabeth Jennings, Saint James,Westminster,London Death 30 August 1864 in Isleworth, Middlesex, I cannot find his parents, so any help you good people can offer would be much appreciated. Many thanks Tom
Robert Galloway
Hi I'm looking to find the birth of Robert Galloway. Birth July 1854 in Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England, 1880 Marriage to Emma Baigent, June 1880, Age: 25, at ST GILES London MIDDLESEX. Death Sept 1928 in Kensington, Middlesex, England. Whilst I have this information I cannot find a record of his birth anywhere on the various sites. Also, I cannot find the marriage of his parents either, who are listed as John Galloway and Catherine Galloway. On Roberts marriage cert it gives the father's occupation as a soldier . I cannot find the family on the 1861 census, but I can find Catherine and Robert on the 1871 residing in St George Bloomsbury and that Catherine was a widow and she was born in Ireland, whereabouts I don't know!! It's the same story with Roberts father, no birth,marriage or death records that I can find..........!! so any help or information that can be offered would very much appreciated...........!! Kind regards Tom
Armagh Road. Old Ford. Bow
Looking for a photo of Armagh Rd, Old Ford which may include the site of my Gt Gt Grandfather's GINGER BEER BUSINESS at 152 Armagh Rd ( this section of the road was known as little Armagh Rd as it was divided in three). This business was sited near the corner of where Armagh Rd ( "little" Armagh Rd) joined Old Ford Rd. Nearby landmarks were The Salvation Army mission Hall in ( little) Armagh Rd ( now demolished), the public toilets next door and adjacent to The Marquis Of Cornwallis PUB ( now demolished and which was actually in Old Ford Rd) and the Methodist (?) chapel on the opposite side of the Rd ( still there). A photo which shows any of these landmarks may also include the site of my grandfather's business premises. "Thanks".
old ford road. Pub The Marquis of Cornwallis
Looking for a photo of this pub ( publican George Penney). Now demolished in the 60's, it was near to where my gt gt grandfather had his ginger beer business and hoping a picture of the pub will also include a shot of this nearby. The business of S.C. Bailey was on the corner of Armagh road and Old Ford Road. Thanks.
red mail Ernest Bravender Thornton Melton 1888-1956
I'd be grateful for any information on Ernest B T Melton, electrician/electrical engineer. He was born in Scarborough (son of Thornton Melton and Sarah Jane, née Nichols), but left sometime in the 1900s. His last address was in Santos Road, Wandsworth. I'm interested in finding out what he did after leaving Scarborough as a teenager and how he ended up in London. best wishes, Marianne
red mail CONYERS
I am looking for any information on Beryl Jeanette CONYERS who married my great uncle Cyril George FITZGERALD in Calcutta, India in the early 1900's.
red mail Tower Hamlets Fox Family
Looking for any info on Cornelius Fox born approximately 1853 who immigrated from London to Canada in 1865, and his parents George (John) & Eliza Fox. All that is known is that they were from London (possibly Bethnal Green) and he may have immigrated with an uncle. Also looking for info on James Fox, wife Amelia, and daughters Eliza and Irena (Dowsett) and her family all of Tower Hamlets in the 1850's. Also helpful would be info on Thomas Radley and mother Mary Radley who lived with Fox's during the mid 1850's.
red mail Spall family of London
any details please on Violet Lillian Spall b Dec 1918 in London and Jessie Elizabeth Maud Spall (sisters) b 1910 in London. They had a brother George William b 1907, a sister Dorothy Jessie b 1906 (my grandmother) and another sister Alice. Their parents were George and Jessie Elizabeth Spall. George b 1865 and Jessie 1879. It's strange I know to know nothing about gt aunts and uncles, but I know very little about them.
red mail Ann Colson Watts born 1814
Does anybody have any information regarding the above, she was born in Limehouse St Annes to John Watts ( a Weaver) and Maria watts formerly Moore. She was married in april 1836 in Gateshead to George Shillinglaw and died in London in 1838.
red mail informaion on riddle and simons brown families
Hello, Im looking for information about my paternal grandmother, Christine Simons Brown who married Dr. Hugh Howard Riddle in 1910 in England. They had two boys, my father Hugh Joseph Riddle and my uncle, John Christopher Henry Riddle. Id be very grateful for any pointers as Ive got stuck on this one. Im also looking for info on the Scottish Irish ancestors who emigrated to America  the only leads I have take me to John Sims Riddle married to Kate Howard (Daughter of William Alanson Howard) and son of Robert Moore Riddle mayor of Pittsburgh married to Mary Johnston-Dickinson. Ive tried working down from that and back to Ireland but I dont actually have any dates. Thanks
red mail Fredrick Clayden
Hi iam looking for any information about Fredrick Clayden he was born in 1901.i think he was born in London.iam not sure.he married a Sylvia Burnskill between. 1955-1957 they moved to Plymouth Devon at some point.i cant find any marriage for Fredrick and Sylvia.Fredrick died in 1957 in Plymouth.any information will be greatly received.
The birth of my Gt. Grandmother, Selina Ann, was registered in 1851 in St. George the Martyr, Southwark. Father named as MAX COHENIME, "Teacher of foreign languages". I can find no other trace of this name from Census. Selina's mother is named as Sarah Cohenime formerly COANDE, although her maiden name was DEACON. Sarah later had 3 more children but never mentioned Max Cohenime again, just giving her name as Sarah Coande. Does anyone recognise the name Cohenime, or have any suggestions where to search for him, please?
NINNIS, Belgrave Edward Sutton
Belgrave Ninnis was a member of Mawson's Australian Antarctic Expedition of 1911-14. His Antarctic medal is in someone's collection. I am searching for a photograph of it to include in a book. Any help welcomed.
TRIPP, Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor Tripp baptised 1816 in St George the Martyr Southwark. Any research to share on his family welcomed.
red mail proudfoot
Looking for info about Gilbert Proudfoot that married Christina or Patricia Maher in 1936 in Kensington London England
Looking for descendents of Mary Hughes who married Arthur W A Sprigg. Not sure of any dates but any help would be appreciated.
Looking for descendents of my Great Aunt, Susannah Hughes (born abt 1863) and who married William Henry Pierce in 1906 at St Stephens, Islington.
Looking for descendents of my Great Aunt, Susannah Jackson (born abt 1851) and who married George Brandon in 1875 at Bethnal Green, St James the Greater Church, London
red mail CARROLL of Islington etc London
TRYING TO TRACE _ John Carroll abt 1805 Ireland , married , Margaret Driscoll 28-6-1829 Shoreditch, London then Alicia Scarlett Children from Margaret , John 1826 married Susannah Sarah Brooks , St Giles Charles 1831 Henry 1838 Would love to hear from any-body related , share info . All the best , Hoping Dave
red mail Skinner
I am searching for my ancestors, Skinners and Dowlings. Charles Edward Skinner b. 1863/4 and Mary Ellen Dowling b. 1863/4 approx. Charles and Mary were married in Hampstead, Middlesex in 1885 and lived in Drummond Street, London, before their marriage. Mary's father was John Dowling and Charle's father was also Charles Skinner. I am looking for Charles Skinner the father and where he was born, and looking for Mary Ellen's family and where she was born. Any help very much appreciated.
Fiddes in Stepney/Whitechapel areas
Researching the Fiddes and Crutchley families who were based in St George in the East/Stepney/Whitechapel areas in the 1700s and 1800s.
red mail Frederick Ebsworth
My Great Grandfather, Frederick Ebsworth, B. 11th April 1860. at 16 St Pauls Alley, London. Married Sarah Anne Andow (B. 31 August 1861) on 28th August 1886 at Trinity Church, Grays Inn Road, London. The witnesses at the marriage were F.W. Ebsworth, I think his father and Mary Ann Ebsworth. Mary Ann was not his mother. His mother was Charlotte Ebsworth (nee Green). I am looking for siblings of Charlotte Ebsworth and any other relations and trying to find out who Mary Ann Ebsworth was. Also any information at all of my Great Grandfather's family, siblings, cousins, nieces etc. Much appreciated.
Sheehan, Henry & Sarah formerly Criddle
Henry & Sarah Sheehan, living in London 1860's & 70's with children Roseinna, Harriet,Louisa, Emily, Henry. Where were they born, where did they get married and what happened to them after this? Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
red mail CLIFFE
I am seeking information about Dorothy June Cliffe. She was born approximately 1930 and was living in Camden Road, St Pancras in 1954. I would be very grateful for any information whatsoever. Steven
red mail Borthwick
George Borthwick, born 1760 lived in London.He is described as 'silversmith' on his daughter Elizabeth's marriage.He was married three times,Susannah Arthur(St Leonard's Shoreditch 1804) Susannah Rice(st Ann's Blackfriars 1819) and Elizabeth Pool (St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey 1822) .He died in 1837.We have quite a lot of information about his descendants but rumour only about his antecedents. My interest is that he is my ggg grandfather. His Daughter Elizabeth being my GG grandmother (daughter of Susannah Rice).I am struggling to make headway.Old family papers show him to have been descended from Borthwicks in Scotland...his father or grandfather was also George and had several wives including a Miss Chalmers... also someone (father or grandfather ) was a barber surgeon.Does any one have any thoughts?I would also add that the Cornell family are closely involved with the Borthwicks;Ebenezer Cornell having witnessed several marriages and Sarah Cornell living with her 'niece' Susannah Borthwick.This is all in the same era.Other Borthwicks also get mentioned as witnesses at marriages but i cannot link them.
red mail Caroline Kensett, Baptism search, b. 1810
I am searching for details of a Caroline Kensett who was my ggg grandmother born around 1810 and was caught for theft in Barbican on 5 March 1829. She was convicted on 9 April 1929 with a Thomas Daniels for 7 years and transported to Australia. She was 19 at the time. I am looking for any details of her birth and possibly parents names.
red mail Amy & Doris Williams
AMY & D0RIS were the daughters of George Wm Williams (junior) born 1878/79 Battersea London, & his wife Charlotte Morrell, born 1886, they married 1909 or 1911 in London. George died 9/9/1931, buried Harlington Cemetery. Cannot trace births of the daughters or any info on them, or if there were any other siblings. Can anyone help please?
red mail Great grandparent search
Seeking information Johan Gabony/August Mathilda Agnes Schmuser lived at 109 Guilford Street London District Pancras.He was born HUNGARY she Born Germany.
I'm searching for a long-lost cousin named Bryan Butler, b. in Marylebone 4th quarter 1947 (mother's maiden name : Ada Smart) Does anyone know him ? Thanks for any help.
red mail Woodal
Looking for family of Valentine Woodal, master mariner. Born c. 1763
Accident in Hyde Park
A family story goes that during the 19th century, an ancestor of mine was involved in an accident with a horse drawn carriage in Hyde Park. Several census records for my 3x great, grandfather, Joseph Jackson records him as 'paralyed'which I am assuming should read 'paralysed' and would perhaps be the person involved. Can anyone help with confirming this please? Laura.
red mail Battersea
Would like to find a link to Barbara (formerly Darroch/Lacey) now Hogan. Thanks in anticipation
red mail STILEMAN
I am trying to discover the family of Charlotte Stileman who married John Watson 16.7.1843 in Shoreditch. Their marriage certificate shows that her father was a James Stileman a bankers clerk. Charlotte's address at the time of her marriage was Long Alley in East London. I have no real idea of her birth date but I suspect that it might be 1815-1820.
Researching the family of JAMES GEORGE SMITH Jul 1811 Lambeth, Surrey married MARY ANN HARRIS ? from Bristol, Somerset., dau Sarah Maria, son Walter.
red mail Thomas MYERS circa 1796
I am looking for the parents of Thomas MYERS who lived in London. Thomas was born circa 1796 in London. He was reportly from a Russian Jewish family and have no idea when his family arrived in London or even if this family story is true. His occupation was a printer and he left London for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in 1817. I do know he associated with a David Benjamin (born circa 1803) and who was caught pick-pocketing. In Australia, Thomas wasn't a religious man but it is noted he was Church of England. I do not know what religion his parents were.
red mail Bernard M Makowski
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mr Bernard M Makowski whose last known address (2003) was in the Finsbury Park area of north London. I have information for him that may be to his advantage. Thanks Mick.
red mail alois winterhalder
My great-grandfather, born circa 1841 Baden-Baden. Migrated to UK as a young man, settled in Kensington, and set up business as a watchmaker. Married Charlotte Josephine White in 1870. First child, also Alois, died at age 2. Subsequent daughters Edith (Sanders), Minnie, Adelaide, Alice, Pauline and son Alois Alfred (Louis) all survived to adulthood. Spouse died in 1889. Alois died in 1905. I have found information of the family up to the 1911 census, but have little subsequent data except for descendants of my own grandmother Edith Winterhalder. In particular I would like to hear more of the descendants of the daughters, viz Bunker, Parish, Savory and Bush (my second cousins). Alois Alfred Winterhalder served in the Indian Army and served in the UK army in WW1 between 1914 and 1916. I understand that he married in Epsom, had a daughter, and died in Epsom in 1956, but have no evidence except for the death record.
red mail James Jellett/ Caroline Sewell
James Jellett was born in 1790 in London and died in 1867 in Adelaide. He married Caroline Sewell (1797-1855), their children were James (1820-1883), Thomas (1822-1876), William (1822-?), Caroline (1825-1902) who married Richard Mainstone and Charles Ferrors, Eli (1833-1911), John Henry (1840-?) and Mary Ann Catherine (1843-?). If anyone has any information about them please let me know.
red mail THOMAS BOON
iam looking for any information on Thomas boon.he was born in London about 1913.he married esther Louisa newman in October 1938.i would like to know of his parents and siblings.i know he was put in a workhouse when he was a child with some of his siblings.any information will be greatly received.
red mail GARTNER
Gartner George William was born 14/11/1897 in London he was the son of George and Elise Gartner. In 1925 he departed London at Southhampton aboard the SS ORMONDE and arrived at Fremantle Western Australia. Seeking any info on siblings of George or his parents. His parents fled Germany in the 1890's finding refuge in London
red mail Fitzgerald
I am looking for any information on Pamela Ethel Fitzgerald or her brothers Cyril George and Percival Fitzgerald. Pamela was born in 1883 in India and married Albert Valentine Shorter in 1903 in India. They had two sons Kenneth and Colin.The marriage broke up about 1910 and I have not been able to find out what happened to her then. Her parents were George Robert and Pamela Fitzgerald.
red mail Henry Langford (b.1847 roughly)
I am looking for any information regarding Henry/Harry Langford. Henry married a woman called Sarah who was born in Devon and they had six children. I know Harry was actually born in Devon and changed his name at some point. Henry died in Wandsworth in 1894. I have tracked his movements through the census records. I am looking for information as to why he changed his name. I'm hoping there might be Langfords around who know something about this.
Looking for any information re Fanny Allen b.1835 St Pancras Middlesex, father George Allen, mother unknown. Fanny m. John Day, (b. Barnet, Herts 1832), cab proprietor, on 1st Mar 1853. They had 5 children, John b. 1854, Fanny b. 1856, Rachel b. 1857, Thomas b. 1859 all in St Pancras. Youngest child Emma was b. 1864 and registered Regents Pk (Pancras). Address in 1864 - 9 Frederick Mews. Fanny died 1867 in Pancras. Her husband John has been hard to track. In 1871 Emma is living at 31 Little Albany St with GrParents, also John Day (b. 1800/1805 Barnet) and wife Elizabeth, formerly SIMMONDS nee ? (b. 1811 South Mimms Herts). Also living with John & Elizabeth in 1871 is Charles Day b. 1826, son, and Emma Eldridge b. 1865, grand child, mother Margaret Eldridge nee Day. The family all lived in close proximity to Regents Park and Marylebone for 70 years from 1841. Any information re anyone mentioned here very much appreciated.
red mail William Crowley/Rose Davis
William & Rose married in Lewisham London December 1939. If anyone reads this post & knows of any family of William & Rose, please contact me. Thank you

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