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Montrose ... St Vigeans
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GrGr Grandfather James Crow - (Montrose - Angus)
I am looking for any information on James Crow and Jane (Jean) Strachan who married 7th Dec 1823 Montrose Scotland
Family Surnames: Crow - Strachan
DAKERS, George (Merchant Seaman) Bn:1847 - (Montrose - Angus)
Son of David Dakers and Mary Porterfield, husband of Jane Strachan (M:1871) George was listed as a seaman on the 'Prospect' in the 1871 Census. Latterly he was a ships rigger and a fishmonger in Montrose. They had a son, David Dakers (Bn:c1880). George died in 1924 at Palmerston St, Montrose, aged 77. Any info on him, his parents or his wife in particular would be of great help.
Family Surnames: Dakers
Petrie Donaldson - (Montrose - Angus)
Would like any information on John Petrie and Ann Gardyne married 27th March 1825 Joseph Petrie and Agnes Scott Crow married 12th Dec 1856 Charles Donaldson and Ann Dick married 18th Aug 1848
Family Surnames: Petrie, Donaldson ,
James Dunn - Montrose - (Montrose - Angus)
Am tracing Family tree of James Dunn married to Mary Farquharson, I think they both were married before. Any information would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Dunn Farquharson Webster
Stratton/Aitkenhead - (Montrose - Angus)
Looking for any details on Elizabeth Stratton or Straiton and James Aitkenhead. They were married around 1775 and had 7 children all born in either Craig, Angus or Logie-Pert. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Irene
Family Surnames: Stratton/Aitkenhead
Sherrits and Kennedys - (Montrose - Angus)
I am seeking info on my gg/grandfather james sherrit who married?isabella kennedy c1850's he was a merchant seamen and may have been lost at sea.they had at least one child robert who was lost at sea when the barque "star" foundered in a storm east of aberdeen.robert married mary ann anderson c1876
Family Surnames: Sherrit ;Kennedy;Anderson
Anderson/Mills - (Montrose - Angus)
seeking info re William Anderson born Aberlemno 1813 and his wife Christine(a)of High St. Montrose c1850/70 his inlaws were James Mills and Margaret Thomson
Family Surnames: Anderson, Mills & Thomson
Boyek/McIntosh family - (Montrose - Angus)
Are there any Curious Fox members come across this family in Montrose. My grandmother Mary Ann Boyek(1897-1985) left the town around 1920 when she moved south with her husband Samuel Swain (1892-1967), returning in 1922 just before my dad was born. Want to contact any relatives in the area for more background information.Her grandfather was the town's lamplighter, James Mckintosh, ex Sutherland Highlander who served in Crimea (photo of him in uniform) held the rank of Pipe Major before quitting and moving to Montrose.
Family Surnames: Boyek ,Mcintosh
Christie - (Montrose - Angus)
Looking for info on the Christie Family from Montrose 1841
the Craik family, Kingston,and Montrose - (Montrose - Angus)
My sister and I are loooking for information on the Craik Family still living in Montrose. My father James Craik was born at beginning of the 19th century, in Kingston, Angus and came from a large family. My aunt Rhoda lived in India street, Montrose, some 50 years or so ago. There were other family members nearby. Is there anyone out there that can possible fill in gaps for us. Thanks for your time and interest.
Family Surnames: Craik, James
Margaret Morrison - (Montrose - Angus)
I'd be grateful for any info on Margaret Morrison who was married to James Watson in 1780. I would like to find out who her parents were.
Family Surnames: Morrison Watson
FINDLAY, MARY ANN SMITH - (Montrose - Angus)
I am looking for information/descendants of Mary Ann Smith Findlay, my Great Grandfather James Alexander Findlay's eldest sister. Mary Ann Smith Findlay was born in Forfar on 31 Aug. 1859. Father Alexander Findlay, Mother Mary Ann (nee Milne). Alexander Findlay was in the British Army and moved around U.K. a lot because of this, eventually the family moved back to Montrose to live. Therefore, some children were born in England as well as Montrose. Some brothers moved to Australia and others to U.S.A. to live permanently.
Family Surnames: Findlay
DUNCAN - (Montrose - Angus)
Seeking any info on George Duncan son of Phanuel & Susan(nee Graham)Duncan born April 1836 believed to have married Emma Weatherley in England 1866
Family Surnames: Duncan,Weatherley
Charles Dixon Gordon - (Montrose - Angus)
I am searching for the parents of Charles Dixon Gordon who was born at Montrose C.1808
Williamson. Immigation to Norway from Montrose Scotland - (Montrose - Angus)
According to genealogists and written sources, I have ancestors who immigrated to Norway from Montrose in Scotland. This is the story I have so far: Robert Williamson (born 1641 (Montrose)) was married to Margaret Beattie (died 9th of December 1671). They had three children: Robert, Thomas and Agnete. Agnete married James Rennie. Robert Williamson (the one born in 1641) immigrated to a place nearby the norwegian town Kristiansund after his wife died. He died in Norway in 1716. His father was also named Robert Williamson (died 1678 (Montrose)), and was married to Margaret Guthrie (died 1662). I am looking for the ancestors of these people or at least a confirmation of the information I have so far. If anyone can provide any information, I would be most greatful.
Family Surnames: Williamson,Guthrie ,Beattie,Rennie
James Gibson/susan graham - (Montrose - Angus)
good morning, does anyone have info on my great-grandparents James Gibson and susan graham who lived in montrose? they later emigrated to Ontario, Canada. thanks, Alice
Family Surnames: Gibson Graham
LAWRENCE DOBBIE, seaman - (Montrose - Angus)
One of my grand uncles Lawrence Dobbie was born Craig, Montrose 1886 was probably a merchant seaman as he was listed in 1914 as member of RNVR, between 13-8-1919 and 17-3-1920 he served with Royal Engineers in Russia, visited his family in Montrose in the 1920s. after that he was never heard of again, Could have moved anywhere in the world after that. Would love to contact any family he might have had.
Family Surnames: Dobbie
Stephen family of Montrose - (Montrose - Angus)
Stephen, James b. 1826 in Montrose, moved to States in 1850. Brothers George moved to New Zealand and William stayed in UK. Seeking info on parents, siblings, descendants.
Family Surnames: Stephen
Foote Surnames - (Montrose - Angus)
Seeking info on David FOOTE Duncan 1838-1839 Montrose twin brother of Susan Duncan(1838 - 1841) parents were Phanuel & Susan(nee Graham) Duncan may have some connection to Grandparents Alexander Graham & Isabel(nee Young) Graham or John Duncan & Jean Murray.There is a family grave in St.Cyrus,Kincardine
Family Surnames: Foote,Duncan,Graham, Young,Murray
Lawsons - (Muirhead - Angus)
James b1838 m Euphemia Jack. Children James & David. David b1885 m Helen Suttie b1900. Children David, Stuart & Ethel. David b1934 m Andrina Smith, children Shona & Carol. Stuart b1936 m Elizabeth McLaggan, children Susan & Gregor. Ethel b 1943 m Gordon O'Donnell, children Kevin & Kim.
Family Surnames: Lawson Jack Suttie Smith Mclaggan O'donnell
Roberts And Burman In Newtyle, Scotland - (Newtyle - Angus)
I'm pursuing a mystery. One of my grandfather's first names was Burman. As this isn't a family name, it looks as though his father, shoemaker Alex Roberts, chose to "honor" a benefactor. This would be in the 1870s. I'm wondering if he was apprenticed to this mystery Burman, perhaps in the 1850s. Any Burmans out there?
Family Surnames: Burman Roberts
PROUDFOOT - (Newtyle - Angus)
Seeking any information (or descendants) about JAMES PROUDFOOT born 1836 in Errol. He married JULIA SMALL in 1864 in Church Street, Newtyle. Their children were James Leslie 1864, Marjoty Mcdougall 1866, Alexander Leslie 1867, William 1869, Mary Leslie (1873, Julia Small 1875, John 1879. The Prodfoots travelled between Scotland, Kent and Surrey; some children were born in Scotland, others in Surrey. I am searching for James's death and also the death of his brother David who, in 1901, was ,living in Dundee.
Family Surnames: Proudfoot
Leslie family of Newtyle - (Newtyle - Angus)
Is anone researching the Leslie family of Newtyle. James Leslie married Marjory Macdougal in Glenisla and they moved to Newtyle about 1850. Their children were Janet, Alexander, James, Mary, David, Marjor, Agnes, William and Mary. James became a tailor in Kirriemuir.
Family Surnames: Leslie
Fyffe - (Newtyle - Angus)
I am seeking infomation about AGNES FYFFE born 1868 to Marjory Macdougal and David Fyffe. Her mother died three years afteer her birth. Are there any deescendants out there?
Family Surnames: Fyffe
BUTTER - (Newtyle - Angus)
Seeking information and descendants of DAVID JANE BUTTER, the illegitimate son of Julia Small and David Butter. In 1881 he was living in Cheam Surrey and in 1885 he married Mary Louise Tyler.
Family Surnames: Butter
Robertson Oligivie Butter? - (Newtyle - Angus)
I would like to more on Allan Robertson b. abt 1806 in Renshire Dull his wife was Jane OGLIVIE of variations of the name possible b. in Kittins or Cattins? abt 1816 there children where 4 males one female John Robertson Abt. 1837 Alexander Butter Robertson b.June 3, 1839. Allan Robertson b.November 17, 1841 in Newtyle Angus. Janet, Stewart, and Thomas From the Newtyle Census 1851 94 Belmont Street Allan 45 head Coal and Grain Clerk b. Renshire Dull Jane 35 b. Cattins John 14 scholar b. Forfarshire Newtyle Alexander 11 Scholar Allan 9 Scholar
Family Surnames: Robertson Oligivie Butter?
Walker/MacPherson/Anderson - (Newtyle - Angus)
I am researching my grandmother's family. she was born Barbara Walker later known as Macpherson, 24th December,1874 in Newtyle Angus. Mother Isabella Walker father unknown.Mother?married George MacPherson who may or may not have adopted Barbara who married Robert Anderson a tailor in the Black Watch regiment. They had 7 children born wherever the regiment sent them i.e. Sth Africa, India,Ireland,and Scotland. After her husband's death in Edinburgh she eventually immigrated with 5 of her children to N.Z.in1921.I would be very grateful for any information I could get. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Walker,Macpherson,Anderson.
Robertson, Kinnear - (Old Montrose - Angus)
I am researching Dr. Kinnear Robertson born 13 July 1808 in Montrose. He came to Australia and married Catherine Throsby in 1833. Kinnear's parents were (Captain) John who was lost at sea about 1810 and Janet (nee Kinnear), whose parents were John Kinnear and Helen Archibald. John Robertson and Janet Kinnear married in Angus, Montrose on 30 July 1797. I live in Australia and would be most grateful for any info.
Family Surnames: Robertson, Kinnear
George Clark and Helen Carcary - (Old Montrose - Angus)
George was born in Balnakettle about1785 he married Helen in 1811.They were Inkeepers in New Wynn, Montrose.George died in 1852 and Helen 1832 They had 6 children John b 1812 Stacathro married Ann Guillan of Dundee d Bay of Biscay shipwreck 1866 Jane b 1813 Stacathro Anne b 1815 Stacathro Isabel b 1817 Stacathro Agnes about 1821 Robert b Logie Pert 1827 d Melbourne Aust.1872 Would love further information
Family Surnames: Clark
James Stewart Dunn and Hellen Bowman - (Old Montrose - Angus)
James was born in May, 1859. Sometime before 1893, he married Hellen Bowman and they had a child. I do not know what became of Hellen and their child. Does anyone have a lead on this? Thanks.
Family Surnames: Dunn, Bowman
William Hunter MD, HEIC 1755-1812 - (Old Montrose - Angus)
He of the school of Oriental Languages in Fort-worth India,who died in Java, bio says he was born in Montrose who were his parents/siblings. Any info please?
Panbride, Cathro Family - (Panbride - Angus)
I am searching on my wife paternal side for details of Alexander CATHRO born about 1710 probably in Panbride, in 1736 he married an Elspet SCOTT b. abt 1715. They had at least two children, Isobel b. abt 1737 and William b. abt 1738 spouse unknown but they had at least three children, James b. abt 1769, Agnes b. abt 1771, Cathrine b.1773 who married in 1798 an Alexander ORAM b. 1775 in Angus, Sct. Alexander and Cathrine had at least four children, David b. abt 1807, Alexander b. abt 1809, Jamesb. 1812 and William b. abt 1815. James Oram married in 1833 to Isabella MENZIES.
Family Surnames: Cathro Oram Orem
Various Panbride families - (Panbride - Angus)
I've many ancestors from the West Haven/East Haven areas of Panbride, Angus. My main interest is in the BISSET family, dating back to Thomas BISSET and Jean SIMSON, who married circa 1744. Their son, Robert BISSET (bap 1754, Panbride), married Helen CAITHNESS on 15 Sep 1776, Panbride. Robert and Helen's youngest son, James BISSET, (bap 1790, Panbride) married Margaret SCOTT in 1815, Panbride - their daughter, Janet "Jessie" BISSET, (bap 1828, Panbride) was my GG Grandmother. Other Panbride family names in my ancestry are CAITNES, SPINK, REID, WATT and PATTON. I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of Panbride data, so if you connect to any of the above, do please contact me - always happy to share info.
Family Surnames: Bisset, Simson, Caithness, Caitnes, Scott, Spink, Reid, Watt, Patton
smith/sturrock - (Panbride - Angus)
Looking for info on john smith born 1777 panbride married to elizabeth sturrock barry area had a son elliott smith born 1824 barry area.
Family Surnames: Smith,Sturrock
George Hogg b.abt 1670. - (Panbride - Angus)
married Margaret Ritchie Panbride.They had three children - William b.28 Dec.1694;Isabel b.20 Aug 1698;David b.26 Jun 1701
Family Surnames: Hogg
Beattie Born at Pitempton - (Pitempton - Angus)
On the 7th August 1877 at Pitempton,to John and Jane Beattie a daughter,Betsy Jane Ramsey Beattie was born. John Beattie Died on 9th January 1869.Later in life Betsy imigrated to New Zealand.Any more imfo would be great
Family Surnames: Beattie, Milne, Cunningham,
McKenzies in Rescobie - (Rescobie - Angus)
Margaret Ann McKenzie, my 2gg-mother, was born in Rescobie in 1800. She married John Mackie of New Deer abt 1829, probably in Rosehaugh. Am looking for her parents.
Family Surnames: Mckenzie, Mackie
WALLACE parentage uncertain - (Rescobie - Angus)
My ancestress Ann Wallace was born at Rescobie 27 Jul 1797 to William Wallace and Ann/e Gardener, who were married there 31 Mar 1792. But which William Wallace? I currently show one born in 1736, but he would have been a bit ancient.
Family Surnames: Wallace Gardener Paterson
Copland - (Rescobie - Angus)
I am researching the Copland family who lived in Rescobie as far back as 1750 until at least 1840. Any help would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Copland
Roberts - (Rescobie - Angus)
I am looking for information on Peter Roberts (GGG Grandfather) married to Isabella Milne and living in Rescobie in 1804-5 when my GG Grandfather, Peter Roberts was born.
Family Surnames: Roberts-Milne
Tyrie-prain Marriage - (St. Vigeans - Angus)
Mary Prain b Inchture 1823 married to Patrick(Peter)Tyrie b 1825 St Vigeans in 1847, they had 6 of a family, Mary, Susan,Jane,Elizabeth,Annie and Isabella. Mary died in Craig,Montrose 1871 Peter remarried Isabella Paton 1872 and he died 1898. Any Tyrie infor from around this area wouldbe appreciated
Family Surnames: Tyrie Prain
Mary Tyrie And John Dorward - (St. Vigeans - Angus)
Looking for infor on family of David Tyrie b. 1805? Married ?Burrell had Children 2 sons, daugther Charlotte and Mary Tyrie, Mary married a John Dorward in 1852 and immagrated to America.
Family Surnames: Tyrie Dorward
JAMES GUILD - (St. Vigeans - Angus)
I am searching for information on the family of James Guild Born 1854 St Vigeans, Angus. Father John Guild Mother Helen Guild ( nee Magowan )
Family Surnames: Guild Magowan
Robert White - (St Vigeans - Angus)
Looking for info regarding Robert White (b1822 St Vigeans). His parents were David White (b1796 Angus)and Elizabeth (b1791 Angus). He married Betsy Copland (b1823) children: David (b 1845) John (b1847) James (b1849) Robert (b1851) Mary G (b1854) Thomas (b1860) and Betsy (b1866). Son David immigrated to US in 1866.
Family Surnames: White
William Robertson - (St Vigeans - Angus)
Looking for information about William Robertson (b1812 Angus), wife Jessie Lawson (b1815)and children Mary Ann (b1836) William (b1841) James (b1843) Isabella (b1845) and Charlena (b1847). Isabella imigrated to US in 1860s.
Family Surnames: Robertson
Addison - (St Vigeans - Angus)
James Addison m. Ann Shand. Son James b. 1804 St Vigeans M. Jean Carnegie. Children Agnes c.11/9/1853. Ann c.4/2/1847. Helen c. 15/2/1856. Isobel c. 30/12/1838. Jean c. 19/7/1840. Jessie Ann b.14/12/1844. Margaret c. 4/6/1848. Mary b 15/2/1851. Alexander c. 12/11/1837. James c. 11/11/1842. Alexander M. Isabella Crabb. 2x Children Jean b.1864 & James b. 1866. James b.1842 Married Marion McDonald. Jessia Ann Married David Petrie on 22/11/1867 in Barry Angus.
Family Surnames: Addison, Petrie
ann watt - (St Vigeans - Angus)
born in fofarshire and was in st vigeans in 1851 census she married william ferrier later moving to thurso caithness ans then wick. If anyone knows anything about this lady.... dob parents siblings etc i would be really grateful to hear from you. She died in wick 20 Dec 1918.. she was my great great grandmother we believe she may have been a weaver.
Family Surnames: Ferrier,Watt,
William Hay - (St Vigeans - Angus)
I am looking for information regarding the death of William Hay, born to John and Mary nee Bowman. He was aged 4 according to the 1861 census.
Family Surnames: Hay
Andrew Robertson - (St Vigeans - Angus)
I'm looking for anyone who has information on Andrew Robertson and his 2nd wife Margaret Gardiner 1851
Family Surnames: Robertson
Duncan/Watt - (St Vigeans - Angus)
Seeking any information on Ann Duncan b Feb 5 1858 at Helen Street,parish of St Vigeans 2nd daughter of Aikman Duncan,railway policeman and Susan(nee Watt)Duncan who were married at Arbroath Dec 9 1851.Their firstborn child was Susan Graham Duncan born in Arbroath Jan 6 1855 .Unable to find whether Ann or Susan subsequently married.Later siblings were born in Lanark,Inverurie,Methven and Alloa.
Family Surnames: Duncan,Watt, Vallance, Paterson
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