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Kinnell ... Liff
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Trail - (Kinnell - Angus)
My GGGGgrandmother, Margaret Trail of Kinnell, married Thomas Crab, wheelwright, in Brechin in 1768. I would be grateful for any information on Trails of Kinnell. or Crabs of Brechin.
Family Surnames: Trail, Crab.
Downie from Glenisla - (Kirkton of Glenisla - Angus)
My Downie family go back to David Downie born 24 may 1760, and married Jean Barnet 4 Apr 1790.If anyone can go back further, please get in touch!
Family Surnames: Downie, Barnet
John Macdougal of Glenisla - (Kirkton of Glenisla - Angus)
Has anyone ny information about John Macdougal, retired publican from Edinburgh. His daughter Marjory married James Leslie in Glenisla and then moved to Newtyle.
Family Surnames: Macdougal
ROBERTSON/SAMSON - (Kirkton of Glenisla - Angus)
Seeking information about MARGARET ROBERTSON who married John Macdougal, retired inn keeper. Marjory died in 1868. Her father was John Robertson and her mother Martha Samson.
Family Surnames: Robertson/Samson
SMALL - (Kirkton of Glenisla - Angus)
I am seeking information about JULIA SMALL, daugghter of Finlay Small and Marjory Macdougal. She was born in 1834 and adopted into the Leslie family when her mother married James Leslie.
Family Surnames: Small
Duncan Family Bellie Hill - (Kirkton of Menmuir - Angus)
HI, My brother has searched the 1841 Census records and found James and Jean Duncan living on a property at Menmuir just outside Brechin called Bellie Hill. James was 83 and Jean 72. Searching the records back it turns out to be Jean Grant born in 1769 in Kirriemuir, right next to Lethnot. The only record of children is an Isabella Duncan born 1792. we are looking for information on the Duncan line as our Ancestors James Duncan and Agnes Ross immigrated to Australia aboard the Anne Milne in 1842 from Dundee with their 6 children. If anyone has any information on anscestors or descendants from James Duncan and Jean Grant from Bellie Hill please contact me ASAP. Thanks, Shellee
Family Surnames: Duncan/Grant
Writer & Journalist - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 James Matthew Barrie was born at Kirriemuir Forfarshire 9th May 1860, A Scottish writer. He was for some time a journalist in London.
Family Surnames: Barrie
Smart, whyte - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
James Smart son of William Smart and Katherine Ross, married 14 April 1833, Ann Whyte daughter of Thomas Whyte and Janet Whyte
Family Surnames: Smart Whyte
York Family - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Looking for relatives of William Drummond York aged 36, at 1901 kirriemuir census. Living at 16 Jamiesons Lane. Married to Jessie. Children; Jane(7), Jessie(1), Martha(under 1 month), Andrew(5) and Peter(3). Peter migrated to Australia, arriving at Geelong, Victoria, 1924 with wife Jessie Alexander Foreman, children were William, Alexander & Peter born in Kirriemuir, Scotland with Irene born Australia. Plenty of Australian descendants to add....
Family Surnames: York, Yorke
Foreman, Forman - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Alexander Robertson Foreman age 46@ 1901 Kirriemuir Census. Married to Jessie May(whyte) Mathers. Living at 34 Glamis Road. Children; Maggie(20), Alexander(18), William(16), Susan(13), Bella(12) and Jessie(5). Alexander was a 'jute warehouseman' in1901 and would love to hear from anyone regarding this family. Jessie Foreman(aged 5 in 1901) married Peter York in Kirriemuir, May 5th 1916. They migrated to Australia in the late 1920's and had 3 boys in Kirriemuir and a daughter in Australia.
Family Surnames: Foreman, Forman
Kirriemuir - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
NICOLSON John Nicolson & Elsie Nicolson m.s. Garrow both died in Kirriemuir. Elsie 1928 38 South Street. John 1902 40 South Street.
Family Surnames: Nicolson Garrow
Lawson Summers - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Robert Lawson Tailor/Clothier married Christina Summers 16.7.1842 Tealing three children David b.3.7.1853, Margaret b.3.6.1850 Kirriemuir and William Elder Lawson b.1849 became a gamekeeper in Caithness.
Family Surnames: Lawson Summers
J M Barrie and housekeeper - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
My grandmother was housekeeper to J M Barrie, who was born in Kirriemuir. Her name was Mabel Bessie Llewellyn and she worked for Barrie and his wife Mary Ansell at their summer home at Black Lake Cottage, Tilford, between 1903 and 1906. I am writing a book about this titled It Might Have Been Raining, published by Elijah Editions, and would be grateful for any details which might be relevant, please.
Family Surnames: Barrie, Ansell, Llewellyn
looking for peter swan - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I'm looking for details about Peter Swan, born about 1808 in Kirriemuir. He married Jean/Jane Muir, and they had at least 3 children. Peter died in around 1872. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Swan
PROUDFOOT - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Seeking information about ANDREW PROUDFOOT who died in 1915 at Maryton (?) Kirriemuir. HIs wife was Mary Adam and one of his sons was William Proudfoot.
Family Surnames: Proudfoot
morrison, lindsay - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
jane morrison, b kirriemuir to david morrison and agnes lindsay. david was an insurance agent, his father was a tailor in the area. anything out there?
Family Surnames: Morrison, Lindsay
Begg Family - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
information on Children of George Begg and Jean Watson=(M)Aug.10,1857-Northmuir Kirrmuir-Children-Peter Begg b.Feb.21,1858-Gibson Begg b.April 22,1860-Jane(Jean)Begg b.June 2,1862-all born Kirrmuir=This was George Begg (2)second marrige (1st)Wife Mary Grant,d.Aug.28,1855-buried Kirrmuir-they had (6)Children
Family Surnames: Begg
Jenkins Born 1779 - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
My GGGrandfather was Rev. William Jenkins. He was born in or around Kirriemuir in 1779. He reportedly married Jane Forrest or perhaps Jean Forrest. Her parents were Michael Forrest and Isobel Mathers. Mrs. Jenkins died and Mr. Jenkins went to the US and became a Presbyterian Minister. He married Mary Hatfield Stockton in Oneida Castle, NY. Later they moved to Richmond Hill, north of Toronto, Ontario. Any information on these families would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Jenkins, Forrest, Mathers, Ogilvy
Eliz. Ogilvy and Wm. Reid - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I've got as far as Elizabeth Ogilvy b. 1794 Kirriemuir, and married William Reid 6th Jan 1827, in Meigle. I know nothing of William Reid, other than he was a weaver, and must have died before the 1841 Census, as Elizabeth is shown as widow. She eventually lives with son James Reid and wife Isabella (nee Millar)and family, until her death? Any clues or help with William or Elizabeth gratefully received! Thanks
Family Surnames: Ogilvy, Reid, Millar
Whitecross - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I'm looking for William Whitecross (Whytcross) who married Betsy Murphy in Kerriemuir, Scotland in 1840. William was born near Kerriemuir in 1813 and died 1895 Victoria, Australia.
Family Surnames: Whycross Whitecross
Stewart/Chalmers - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Looking for any information on the family of William Stewart and Margaret Chalmers who were married in Kirriemuir in 1832. They had children James, David, John, George, and twins Agnes & Alexander.
Family Surnames: Stewart , Chalmers
William Stewart - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
William Stewart was born around 1811 and married married Margaret Chalmers and they lived in Kirriemuir. She died in 1882 at Balmuckety, Kirriemuir and he was still alive at that time according to her death certificate. Does anybody know when he died? I can't find his death certificate.
Family Surnames: Stewart
Barrie Kirriemuir - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Jane Barrie b.15 Apr 1857 Kirriemuir Angus. d. 22 Mar 1922 Slieview Ruthven Angus. married Francis William Grant Gray b. 1853 Kirriemuir Forfarshire d. 25 Aug 1946 Ruthven Angus Age 93. Isobel Barrie (Mother of Jane) b. abt 1826 Kirriemuir Angus. 3 Children. Jane Barrie b.15 Apr 1857 Kirriemuir Angus. d. 22 Mar 1922 Slieview Ruthven Angus. William R Barrie b1866 Kirriemuir Angus. Mary Ann b. 1851 Kirriemuir Angus. d. 8 Jun 1856 Kirriemuir Angus. Alexander Barrie (Father of Isobel)c.28 Sep 1797 Kirriemuir Angus. d.29 Dec 1876 Kirriemuir Angus. Married Catherine Broke b. 1795 Glasgow Lanark Scotland. d.23 Aug 1863 West Town End Kirriemuir. David Barrie b. abt 1750 (Father of Alexander) Married Margaret Prophet.
Family Surnames: Barrie
David Lowe SMITH - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
born in kirriemuir scotland around 1860 lived next door to JMBarrie..not sure if as a child or an adult. He was a jeweller and migrated to australia where he married caroline maude tynan from Ballarat in Victoria. He was my great grandfather and I would I to find out any info about him or his family.
Family Surnames: Smith
Irvine - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Any information on Irvines living in Kerrimuir, Dundee from 1700s to 1929 would be so welcomed
Family Surnames: Irvine
Irvines in Angus 1700s to 1900s - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Father's family came to Canada in 1929. Prior to that they lived in Angus County. Any information would be so welcome. My Grandmother was a twin (Isobel) Isabella born in Dundee approx. 1898.
Family Surnames: Irvine
John Bowie Stark - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
1891 census lists John Bowie Stark age 24 as an evangelist boarding at 48 Roods St, Angus. Can't find him in a 1901 census. Hoping to find some info about him during the time that he lived in Kirriemuir - if he did missionary work etc. Does anyone know what local parishes there were in the town at that time and how or who I could contact to locate additional info about him. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. thanks
Family Surnames: Stark Bowie
alexander Mackenzie - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Alexander Mackenzie was born Nov. 1789 in Kirriemuir and married Catherine Munro in 1815. His father was James. I need his mother's name and both birth dates and where born. Hope someone can help me as I have been searching for years with no results.
Family Surnames: Mackenzie
Young Kirriemuir Angus - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Would be gratefull for any information on my 3xGt Grandads ancestors........he was GEORGE YOUNG born c1776 in Angus..he had a son George who was born in Logie-Pert Angus in 1802,he died in Kirriemuir in 1858,he was a wood merchant.... he in turn had a son William born in Kirriemuir in 1840,he died in Alford/Kirriemuir in 1916,he too was a wood merchant.......he was my Grandmas father,she was Maggie Eassie Young born 1876 in Alford do not seem to be able to find anything on the family before this can anyone help please?
Family Surnames: Young
Osler - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
My great grandfather married Jane Smith of Knowehead Kirrie in 1852. His son James married Catherine Bethune and his daughter Mary married Dickson Fleming. Anybody know them or have more info?
Family Surnames: Osler, Smith
Christie/Kirriemuir/Dundee - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Interested in any info on David Christie listed on my gggrandfather Charles Christie`s marriage certificate as his father/fish dealer. Also his mother listed as Margaret Adamson/Laundress. Can`t find any details of a marriage between them.
Family Surnames: Christie
Newport Family lived in Great Coxwell - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Looking for any info on William, John, Jebez or Eliza Newport born and living in Great Coxwell. They are brothers of Albert Newport my Great Grandad and father of Jesse Newport who was my Fathers Dad John Newport. Albert moved to Windsor were my family lived. It appears they were all farmers and William was a cattle dealer! William was married to Jessie and had 3 children (Miriam, Frank and Harry).
Family Surnames: Newport
John James Stewart - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Request info on John James STEWART born 1851 or there abouts in Kirriemuir, son of Charles Stewart. John married Bridget Rosebery Spain Scott in Edinburgh. Had younger sister named Margaret.
Family Surnames: Stewart
Smith/Fraser/Alexander - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
James Smith and Janet Wilson (of Lintrathen) lived at Outer Longbank, Kirriemuir. They had two children: Robert, who married Elizabeth Forbes, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth also had two children: John Fraser who married Jane Forbes (who was a sister of his uncle's wife) and Isabella Alexander. Isabella is with her father, George, in the 1861 census but where did she go after that? Alexander Smith, nephew of James, lived in Glasgow while Wilson relatives lived in Arbroath.
Family Surnames: Smith, Wilson, Fraser, Alexander
Findlay Family - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Looking for information on David Findlay born about 1855 in Kirriemuir. I can only find him with the family on the 1881 Scotland census. They had Bella (b.1877), Helen (b.1877), James Adam (b.1890), Stewart (b.1896). Some of the children are registered as illegitimate with father unknown. If anyone has any information on David Findlay and his family I'd love to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Findlay
Stewart - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Seeking information about James Stewart, who married Ellen (or Helen) Gray, in 1793, and had the following children: Jean (b.1796), Alexander (b. 1797), James (b. 1799), John (b. 1804), and charles (b. 1806. All children were born in Kirriemuir, and I would like to know more about their parents, and their own lives. I know Charles married Catherine Milne in 1840, and they had 7 children, but I don't know Catherine's Milne line either.
Family Surnames: Stewart
Mary Bella Stewart - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I am looking for any information on Mary Bella Stewart. She had a son out of wedlock name John, Her only child. (my Uncle). She went to Canada and married Daniel Sutherland. Any info would truly be appreciated seeing my Uncle John (jack as we call him) is 89 now and in a nursing home. I would love to know more about his background. Thank you for your time.
Family Surnames: Stewart, Sutherland
Mary McBain - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I am searching Mary McBain, married Daniel Robertson Smith, in Logieraitt, lived at Blair Atoll. James (McBain) Smith, son, went to America in 1858. thanks for any help.
Family Surnames: Mcbain
Lindsay, Kirriemuir - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
My earliest known Lindsay relative is John 1774-1831. He married Janet Blews from Johnshaven & settled in Montrose, where he is buried. I'd love to take my history back further by finding his ancestors. They were probably from Kirriemuir as he was born there.
Family Surnames: Lindsay
James LOGAN X YOUNG, Jane/Jean - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
Searching for descendants of the above couple whose children were: Elizabeth "Betty"; James; Isabel/Isabella; Joseph; Robert Young and David, born 1803; 1805; 1806; 1809; 1812 and 1815 respectively.
Family Surnames: Logan, Young
Looking for information about James Gibson Kirriemuir - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I am looking for information about my grandfather James Gibson,born maybe 20th Aug 1888 at 32 Prospect Place St Thomas Devon England. He is my father Arthur's father. He was married to Elizabeth Brownlie (my grandmother) 12 Dec 1906 in Kirriemuir. Children Margaret, Ann , Helen, James, George, Arthur and Elizabeth (Betty). Divorced maybe around 1933 /34? He remarried and had more children. I started to build a family tree but cannot find his birth or death certificate. According to the marriage certificate his father's name was James Mathew Gibson (a bricklayer deceased in 1906)and mother's name was Mary Oram. Can you help?
Family Surnames: Gibson
WWI Medals - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
I am looking for my great grandfather's WWI medals. His name was William Chalmers born in Kirriemuir in 1881. He served with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France (75th Battalion) and was killed in action October 25, 1916. His regiment number was 163808. His medals were sold on ebay approximately September 2006. Along with his medals were his death plaque, letter from the King, death certificate, a badge from the 84th Battalion (original battalion he was assigned to), a photo of him, and a few other items. If anyone has any information or ideas where I can look further, please let me know. I am hoping we can get these items back in the family where they belong. Laurie
Family Surnames: Chalmers
Burnett-- George - (Kirriemuir - Angus)
George Burnett was my great grandfather. I do not know where he was born, the year was possibly 1838. He was a headmaster of Carroch school, married Helen Ligertwood and they had a son John and possibly a daughter. He died in 1885. An address-- wheel house has come up. Does anyone know of this house, the school, the daughter or where George was originally from?
Family Surnames: Burnett
Hill family - (Letham - Angus)
the Hills lived in letham from around.1939? - ? Some still there,,Margaret and Edith Wright were Hills... Father Robert, and mother Eliza...
Family Surnames: Hill Wright
Leysmill - (Leysmill - Angus)
Please can someone help? In the 1940's when I was a bairn I used to visit Leysmill with my "Granny Donaldson" We stayed at the big house which was set on the left side after you crossed the railway lines . Can you tell me who would have lived there at that time.Granny Donaldson was Margaret Colston and she married David Donaldson she lived at Quarry House St Vigeans in 1915. Grateful for any help.
Family Surnames: Colston/Donaldson
Researching the HILL family from Liff, Angus. Have researched the family back to John HILL, a Mason Journeyman, and Isabella LOW, who married about 1790. They had numerous children at Liff, who married into the CRICHTON, STEWART, LINDSAY and HALLYBURTON families. My other interest at Liff is the HALLYBURTONs, also spelt HALLIBURTON, HALLABURTON and HALIBURTON. Happy to share information with other researchers.
Family Surnames: Hill, Low, Crichton, Stewart, Lindsay, Hallyburton, Halliburton, Hallaburton, Haliburton
Myles Family - (Liff - Angus)
My family David Myles who married Helen Isles in Fowlis Easter in 1815 raised a family of David, William, James, Peter, Helen, and John and Mary in Liff. I am trying to track down the parents of the above David Myles who married Helen Isles
Family Surnames: Myles
robertson,mackie - (Liff - Angus)
Searching for parents of William Robertson born Liff and Benvie about 1795 married to Janet Mackie 1819 in Dundee Angus. Believe his father was Peter Robertson. Looking for his mother.
Family Surnames: Robertson,Mackie
Sparks/Banks/Riley /Hudson - Liff - (Liff - Angus)
I am in search of information regarding my great grand mother & father. Thomas Banks Sparks and Annie Hudson Sparks, ms Riley had two daughters, Mable (died Crieff, Scotland 1968) and Norah (d.b 9 March 1896, died Barbados 1950). In 1919, 12th November Annie Hudson Sparks and Norah Hudson Sparks sailed from Avonmouth to Kingston, Jamaica, final destination Cuba where they were to meet Thomas Banks Sparks (engineer). Mable Stewart m.s. Sparks married and had two sons, George (died WWII,Sicily) and Brian (living in Crieff) Norah Hudson Silvera m.s. Sparks married Vincent Bradley Silvera, Jamaica, BWI and had two daughters, Leigh Edwards m.s. Silivera and Honor Ritch m.s. Silvera. If you know any information regarding the Sparks, Banks, Hudson or Riley families from the Angus/Dundee area please MESSAGE me.
Family Surnames: Sparks,Riley,Banks,Hudson,Stewart
lindsays or doigs - (Liff - Angus)
i am searching for lindsays or doigs from liff.
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