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McNally - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
My great grandfather James McNally was born in this area about 1846 and later settled in Cumbria, UK. His father Terence assisted to build the convent in Cookstown. James's youngest daughter returned and settled in Cookstown in about 1920. I believe she married a man called John Morton. I would be greatful if anyone could fill in any gaps.
Family Surnames: Mcnally, Morton
Toner - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Family story is that JAMES TONER was born 1795 in or around Cookstown, Co.Tyrone; trying to locate parents &/or siblings. James emigrated to Canada in early 1800's and settled in Hastings Co., Ontario where he married and raised a family. Likely brothers are Francis and John but unable to make the connection thus far. Father's name may have been Francis. Any information appreciated. Willing to exchange information to establish connection.
Family Surnames: Toner
McKinnie - Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am helping an elderly relative find out about her husband's family. Her father-in-law was Robert McKinnie and we think he was born in Cookstown on 4.7. 1881, moved to Glasgow about 1908 and then to Co. Durham where he married. If anyone help us, it would very much appreciated. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Mckinnie.
henry, milligan - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Trying to locate family of William Henry(Henery)of Cookstown-married Martha Milligan of Cookstown. They had children: Maria b abt 1879/1884, Thomas, Margaret Jane, and Agnes. Margaret Jane married a Rbt Weir and lived usa Wash d.c. Agnes married Hugh Hamilton and lived in Ontario Ca.. Maria married James Thomson and lived in Newport R.I. Any help on this family in Cookstown, County Tyrone, N. Ireland would be greathy appreciated. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Henry, Milligan, Hamilton, Weir
mckee/black family - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
james black married sarah mckee 3 oct,1861 in cookstown,desertcreat.. any info regarding either party would be beneficial to our search. we have quite an extensive tree on the mckees but the black family seems to be a dead end.. james father could be joshua...but we are not sure..
Family Surnames: Blacks/Mckees 1837
McCristal - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Edward McCristal/McCrystal son of Thomas and Margaret (McKeon) was tried in Cookstown 1833 and transported to Australia 1834. Married Elizabeth Cook, daughter of Michael and Sarah (Clarkson)
Family Surnames: Mccristal, Mckeon, Cook, Clarkson
Wier-Faulkner - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Thomas Wier (son of James), was born in 1708. His wife was Elizabeth Faulkner, whose father lived at the waterside of Londondery. They were farmers. They had but four children, all of whom emigrated to America, settling in South Carolina, as follows: 1. James Wier, married Mary Hamilton; 2. Samuel Wier, married Alexandre ? ; 3. Nancy Wier, married James Boyd; 4. Thomas Wier, married Mary Withrow I would like to know more about the Faulkner family. I believe they were involved in the flax industry. Thank you, Paula
Family Surnames: Wier, Faulkner
Robert Bell Born 1796 - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
My ancestor, Robert Bell, was born in Ulster in 1796. I believe that his father was named James. The family migrated to South Carolina sometime before 1820, when Robert first appears in the Laurens County Census. I am trying to establish exactly who Robert's parents were and where he was born. I understand that there are many Bells from the Cookstown area. I would appreciate any help in identifying my Ulster ancestors.
Family Surnames: Bell
Foster - Howe - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Cookstown, Tyrone. William Foster b. abt 1813, Married to Jane Howe b. May 28, 1820 Both emigrated to Barrie, Ontario, Canada, prior to 1846. Both Barried in Tay Cemetary, Barrie, Ont. Raised about 11 children. Son James Henry Foster, married to Jennie Side, Chataham, Ontario, December 28, 1880, emmigrated to Detroit, Michigan, 1875. Any info. on Foster or Howe families would be much appreciated.
Elizabeth H. . BANKS - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for information on Elizabeth H. Banks Born 20 February 1827. Emigrated to Toronto, Canada with her parents about 1837. Mother's name might have been Mary. Married Albert Side in Chatham, Ontario, 20 Jan. 1850. Any help would be appreciated
John Watters and Saeah Louisa White - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
My fatherÂ’sfamily was large 11 children Ella Sophia Watters Became Mrs Kells Born Tamnavalley 19-10-1885 William James Watters Emigrated to America Born 13-2-1887 All Tamnavalley Hugh Henry Watters No record Born 2-9-1888 Robert White Watters Ditto Born 24-4-1890 John Watters Married Anna White and stayed in N.I Born 19-9-1891 Charles Leslie Watters emigrated to America Born 18-4-1893 Ethel Rebecca Watters I have no records Born 19 10 1894 Minnie Maud Watters Married A Mr. Anderson and they lived in Canada.born. 1-5-1897 Glover Anderson their son was an executive with Bell Telephone In Canada Kennedy Watters Remained in N.I He was my father Born 4-6-1900 He married Sarah Jane Ruddell Agnes Watters died in her teens? 1902
Family Surnames: Watters
James LINDSAY - Gortagowan - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Trying to trace ancestry of James LINDSAY and his family born about 1837 to James LINDSAY and Mary TAYLOR in Gortagowan, Cookstown, Tyronne. James married Rose Ann MENARY/MANARY/MANERY/MANEERY and had 5 children: Mary b 1857, Thomas 1859, John 1862, Sarah 1864 and Annie 1867. The family, without Rose Ann, migrated to Australia in 1875, departing from Glasgow. I can find no birth record for James or Rose Ann, any marriage record for them nor any death record for Rose Ann. The only childs birth I can verify is Sarah's (LINDESAY) in Cookstown. Can anyone advise me how to find out any more information about this family in Ireland? Does anyone recognise any of these details? Thanks in anticipation. Wendy in Australia
Family Surnames: Lindsay, Manery, Menery, Menary, Maneery, Taylor
looking for information - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
looking for william anderson. Son brian moved to england. brother thomas,sister annie(maginnis) born in 1881,married 1900 the third molesworth church. Margaret born in 1888.henrietta(hattie)born in 1893. Parents Joseph,Louise-born in scotland in 1854 don't know when joseph was born.
Family Surnames: William-Thomas-Etc. Anderson
Samuel Glasgow - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Samuel Glasgow married Ann McCormick. Their daughter Leticia born circa 1829 in Cookstown Tyrone according to her death certificate was my gt gt grandmother. I would like any information of Samuel Glasgow and Ann, birth, death, marriage dates, anything at all.
Family Surnames: Glasgow, Mccormick
HARRIS FAMILY - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am trying to find any distant relations of the Harris family. I believe we came from an area called TULNACROSS starting with Robert and Esther. They had nine children. My family descended from James who was born in 1849 and moved to Kirkham in Lancashire. James married Sarah Ann McGee from Sligo. I wonder if there are any relatives or descendents from any of the children still living around the Tulnacross/Cookstown area. Any help would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Harris
Cahoon - Alexander and Lily - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
My grandfather Alexander Cahoon migrated to Brisbane, Australia in the early 1950's, from Cookstown Co Tyrone. The only information we have about his family is that his parents names were Lily Reid and Alexander Cahoon. I'd be very interested in any information anyone has on any Cahoons, living or dead, from Cookstown, especially as I am planning a trip to Ireland.
Family Surnames: Cahoon
Rankin, Johnston, Faulkner - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Greetings, I am looking to find past and present relatives in or around Cookstown or Londonderry. What I know is that my G. Grandfather, William Johnston Rankin was born in Cookstown have the following information: ID: I14930853 Name: William John RANKIN Given Name: William John Surname: Rankin Sex: M Birth: 1846 in Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland Death: 1883 in Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland Marriage 1 Elizebeth JOHNSTON b: 1853 in Co. Londonderry (Derry) Married: 6-17-1870 in Cookstown, Tyrone, Ireland Children William Johnston RANKIN b: 6-7-1876/6-17-1878 in Tyrone, Ireland Margaret RANKIN b: 5-6-1871 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland Mary RANKIN b: 9-4-1874 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland Elizabeth RANKIN b: 9-1881 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland Annie RANKIN b: 12-13-1882 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland John Johnston RANKIN b: 11-25-1872 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland Sarah Jane RANKIN b: 7-25-1876 in Maloon,Cookstown,Tyrone,Ireland I received an email from a cousin in California last week that indicated that a cousin of ours with the last name of Faulkner owned a shop in Cookstown but has passed away within the past couple of years. If you have any information that you feel would help, kindly feel free to contact me. Regards, June
Family Surnames: Rankin, Johnston, Faulkner
Glasgow - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
William Glasgow born circa 1840 who married Isabella Kennedy April 20th 1863 at Orritor Presbyterian Church, Tyrone. His father was William born Craigs it is thought and was a farmer. Any info on siblings , parents anything welcomed
Family Surnames: Glasgow
Kennedy - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Isabella Kennedy married William Glasgow 1863 at Orritor, Tyrone. Her father a farmer was named Thomas Kennedy and any info would be welcomed regarding the Kennedy family.
Family Surnames: Kennedy
Henry (MACOURT) - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
James Henry,listed in the Griffith,s valuation of 1850,described as the Macourt Henry.s, and possibly Presbyterian. Any information on the family would be appreciated. Other Henry,s in the Killycurragh area were Benbo, King,Grocer and Denie,all James with these pen names to help identify them
Family Surnames: Henry
Henry of Drumnaglogh - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Joseph Henry of Drumnaglogh married Margaret Henry of Killycurragh on 11.8.1846.All 10 children were baptised in Kildress Church of Ireland according to church records. Youngest child was born in 1869 and after this date nothing is known of the family. possibly gone to the Presbyterian Church . Any information of there wherabouts from 1870 would be appreciated. Many thanks
Family Surnames: Henry
BUCHANAN FROM ENNISKILLEN - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am trying to find a William Buchanan born in Co Tyrone circa 1838.All documents identify Co Tyrone as his place of birth but no town. Anecdotal family history has suggested Enniskillen which I understood to be in Co Fermanagh but have realised there is a townland in Co Tyrone called Enniskillen. Is there anyone who can confirm that I might be on the right track. William emigrated to Australia circa 1862 but I can't confirm his arrival.
Family Surnames: Buchanan
Hugh Lynd Tamlaghtmore Nr Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Does anyone have any information on Hugh Lynd died Tamlaghtmore Nr Cookstown 1898? He may have farmed in County Londonderry previously as a tennant farmer.The Hugh I am looking for,born circa 1815,was married to Rachel (unknown surname) in 1842 and had a son Thomas born 1843. Sue
Corr family - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for any info on a William Corr who married a Margaret Devlin on 2.12.1882 in the catholic chapel Cookstown, they then left shortly after and went to Glasgow where a son John was born 1884. They then disappear but the son John re-appears in july 1907 to marry. William's father is given as Henry and he was a carpenter to trade. If anyone out there can throw any light on the above William and any siblings ??? in anticipation.
Family Surnames: Corr
Black. - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I have just about given up on my Black family,but I'll try once more. Looking for the marriage of William Black bc 1795 who m'd Margaret ??? c 1820. They had sons Joseph 1822,John 1823,Archibald 1830,Robert 1833,and Andrew 1839. All this in Kidress, Co Tyrone.The only one I know anything more about is Joseph 1822. He m'd Martha Craig a widow, nee Weir, in 1856.He was a beetler in a linen mill at Glenmore,Belfast. Betsy
Family Surnames: Black
LOOKING FOR KELLY COOKSTOWN - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Family Surnames: Kelly
Hogg of Cookstown, Tyrone County - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for information about Samuel Hogg, son of Agnes Nancy Bayne , married Sarah Jane Farrell(1873-1944).She and children immigrated to the USA. She was the daughter of Robert Farrell and Agnes Nancy Cousley. Samuel Hogg and (Sarah)Jane Farrell's children were William, Harold, Fred, George,Nancie, Edward, Samuel, George and others perhaps from Samuel's first wife. Information on Hoggs, Cousleys, Farrells, would be marvelous, and I have American ancestry to share. Joy
Family Surnames: Hogg Farrell Cousley Bayne
Kerrigan family - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for information on the family of my gg-grandfather, Patt Kerrigan. His son, Hugh Kerrigan, is my g-grandfather and on Hugh's marriage to Mary Booth the certificate showed Hugh's father, Patt Kerrigan, was a resident of the townland of Drumnameel. Does anyone know where I can look for information on this family?
Family Surnames: Kerrigan/Conlin
Ferguson - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
In 1910 a R.A. Ferguson worked at the Royal Hotel Coagh St. S.A. Ferguson grocer on Oldtown Street and a Miss Ferguson lived on Burn Road. Would love some information on these Ferguson's.
Family Surnames: Ferguson
Are these Boyds &Allens related??? - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for any info on John Boyd born-Feb 28th, 1755 in Cookstown, Tyrone,Northern, Ireland and his wife Elizabeth Mc Millan born July 4th,1858 in Cookstown,Tyrone, Northern, Ireland and Immigrated to the Usa to Harrison, Freeport, Ohio in 1812 bringing their children,Elizabeth Betsy B-1796,Samuel B-1789,Rosannah-B 1798, William B-1794,all born in Cookstown.Rosannah married Austin Allen B 1784 in Ireland and Sister Sarah Boyd,who immigrated to Ohio with husband James Allen,in 1836, b- in cookstown, Tyrone, N, Ireland and children,John B-1810 married Margaret? Taylor? b-1816 Cookstown,Nancy B-1822 married Samuel T Boyd B-1807 in Tyrone ,Ireland, mother Sarah Maines Means Boyd born 1782,Husband Willim Boyd born in Tyrone, Martha B-1822 married Thomas Boyd 1815-17?,Mary 1828,Hugh B-1830. William,Samuel,Henry B 1817, was a clery man- preacher, those three came over by themselves.
Family Surnames: Allen-Boyd
McDonalds of Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I will be visiting Ireland from Canada soon, and would like any information possible on my great grandparents John and Anne (nee Irvine) McDonald. John born 1858. John and Anne emigrated to Canada 1885. thank you
Rodgers family In Cookstown Tyrone and Co Derry - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I would be grateful for any information on Catherine Quinn and John Rodgers, both of Cookstown and born circa the 1850s. These were my great grandparents. After their marriage in Cookstown in 1881, they moved to Co Derry. Their daughter, Ellen Rodgers, born in Moneymore, Magherafelt, in 1900, was my paternal grandmother. She married a Peter Rush and moved to Glasgow in Scotland. She had siblings named Catherine, Susan, Thomas, John, Philip, Emmet, Hugh, Maggie, Charles and Leo. By 1911, this family had moved back to Cookstown and were living at 9 Church St at the time of the 1911 census.
Family Surnames: Quinn Rodgers
patrick donnelly/bridget mallon - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
we are looking for grandparents patrick donnelly and bridget mallon married in 1888 at stewartstown in cookstown on 8th september. Bridget lived in brackaville at the time and was a spinner in a local linen factory her father was called henry, and patrick was living in gortgonis and was a labourer, his father was a labourer. any information as to where they came from would be most welcome. thanks
Family Surnames: Donnelly/Mallon
RUSH, CAVANAGH ON 1871 CENSUS - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
My paternal great grandparents, James Rush of Stewartstown and Isabella Cavanagh of Lisaclare near Stewartstown, married in Stewartstown on the 17th of October 1871. Their marriage certificate names Frank Rush as James's father and Hugh Cavanagh, a farmer, as the father of Isabella. No mothers' names are given. Isabella is said to be aged 21 at the time of the marriage and James, 22 years. I was thinking that if I could obtain copies of the 1871 census for both Rush and Cavanagh families, it may provide more information re mothers and siblings of this couple. Does anyone know how I go about obtaining these. ?
Family Surnames: Rush Cavanagh
Samuel Marks/Ella Ireland - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for any information in relation to a Samuel Marks who lived in the cookstown area and moved to England in the early 60's, married outside his religion to a Scottish woman by the name of Margaret Blair, Sam has 4 children Sharon, Steven, Wendy and Alan. His mother was called Ella Ireland she lived in England after her son died with his children and wife. Sam died in 1973 and his mother Ella died in Cookstown County Tyrone in a old people home in the early nineties.
Family Surnames: Marks
Hamilton/Ferguson - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Searching for records re Henry George Hamilton, b. 1856; m. Nancy Ferguson, 1878 in Cookstown. Emigrated 1879-1882. Any help much appreciated
Family Surnames: Hamilton/Ferguson/Burnside/Wallis
Four Sneath brothers from Cookstown area - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for the family of four Sneath brothers from the Cookstown area of County Tyrone who left Ireland c.1868. These four (Andrew, William, Robert and James) ended up on the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia.
Family Surnames: Sneath
McKenna/O'Neil Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
seeking info on John McKenna marrying Mary Jane O'Neil, also their son, James Maxwell McKenna b.par.Lissan, Cookstown in 1863.
Family Surnames: Mckenna, O'neil
Glasgow/Bole - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am trying to find more information of surviving descendents of Thomas James Glasgow and Frances Bole. They married in 1860 in Orritor Church. Their residence - Drumnaglough. Thomas's father was called James. They had 11 children. One of the family - Catherine married a Joseph Kerr in 1880. Any information would be very helpful.
Family Surnames: Glasgow
QUINN & MULLIGAN - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for any information on, and hopefully descents of, JOHN T QUINN b. 1825 COOKSTOWN, CO TYRONE. He emigrated to the US in 1845 and died in Long Grove, Iowa 1901. He married CATHERINE MULLIGAN b. 1828 unknown town/county Ireland. I do not know if they married in Ireland or in the US. ANY information would be helpful!!!
Family Surnames: Quinn, Mulligan
Stone cutters in Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
In an 1889 birth certificate, the occupation of John McKenna, the father, was given as 'stone cutter Cookstown' John McKenna was born in Kilrea, Co.Derry, and this was where his wife and family lived. He died some time between 1891 and 1901. I'm looking for information on firms of stone cutters based in Cookstown in this period. And any major building project of the period in Cookstown which would have involved stone cutters. All help appreciated.
Family Surnames: Mckenna
Kerrigan/Conlin - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
I am looking for information on my ggg-grandfather, Patt Kerrigan, and his wife, Sara Conlin. I found the birth of a son, Patt Kerrigan, who was born Oct. 26, 1826 in Cookstown. I would be grateful for any information on this family.
Family Surnames: Kerrigan/Conlin
Margaret Glasgow - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Margaret Glasgow b.1803 married Samuel Winter abt 1828. The following children were born in Derryloren Parish btw 1830-1840: David, Nancy, Jane, Abraham and Thomas. Samuel & Margaret Glasgow Winter immigrated to Canada in 1843. Would like to connect with others researching Glasgow and solicit any information about the Glasgow family.
Family Surnames: Glasgow, Winter
James Mc gucken - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
james and Sarah mc gucken Commercial hotel cookstown co tyrone born in co Antrim. need information on his brothers/ sisters and parents
Family Surnames: Mc Gucken
Looking for the descendants of Margaret Jane Henry and Robert Weir - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for the descendants of Margaret Jane Henry and Robert Weir. Both were from Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. Margaret's parents were Martha Mulligan and William Henry also of Cookstown. They left for the US likely in the 1890's and were married in New York and may have moved to Washington DC. They had children - Elizabeth, Robert, William & Marie. If you can help track down the lost Americans it would be most appreciated.
Family Surnames: Henry - Weir
mcgilligan - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
family in oritava crescent i am his daughter looking to viset any relatives and find where he is buried
Parents of Martha Mulligan (Henry) Co. Tyrone - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Martha Mulligan 1841-1905 married William Henry 1867 at the Presbyterian Reform Church Grange and had 4 children - Thomas 1869, Margaret Jane 1872,& Maria Henry 1876. Any information about her parents would be appreciated. She was a member of the Band of Hope in Newton Mills before her marriage.
Family Surnames: Mulligan
Robert Weir/Cookstown - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for information about Robert Weir born Cookstown 1888.The 3rd son of James this young man seems to have disappeared in his teens. Do you have an inlaw that may have emigrated. Any scrap of information however small is welcome.
Family Surnames: Weir
Ferguson - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Looking for information on Thomas Ferguson, born Feb. 4 1968 of Cookstown, parent Thomas Ferguson and Mary Moore. Like to know who he married, and children. Parents are buried in Kildress Parish Church yard.
Family Surnames: Ferguson
Anderson,Cookstown,Donnelly, Dungannon - (Cookstown - County Tyrone)
Anderson, Joseph was a harness, saddler, lived at the age 66 in 1901 census, sons Wm., Thomas,and died in N.Ireland...... Donnelly in Dungannon, on a farmer, wife name is Maggie, several families in the area names are Mary Kane, mother name Eileen, Francis Gilroy, my daughter had visit the Donnelly.....10 yrs.ago Can anyone give me information...Appreicated for information
Family Surnames: Anderson Donnelly
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