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Yorkshire, East Riding
Genealogy and Local History

Kingston upon Hull ...
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McCunnell - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
We are researching the McCunnell family.Ellen McCunnell was born in Scotland in 1854.She married John Lang and she died in Hull in 1890.It may be that the surname is really McConnell. Is anyone else researching this family?
Family Surnames: Mccunnell
Marsden - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Thomas Marsden was born 1830 in Hull and married Elizabeth Steward . Their children were Thomas,John,Fanny,Charles,Elizabeth,Mary, Albert and Frank all born in Hull.Is anyone else reasearching this family?
Family Surnames: Marsden
Dixon - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John Dixon born 1829 in Hull married Ann Forth 1850. Their children were Benjamin, Mary, Roseanna, John, Lucy, Eliza, Charles and Thomas all born in Hull. Is anyone else researching this family?
Family Surnames: Dixon
John Dale (1824) Ellen Levitt of Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for any information about my Great Great Grandparents John and Ellen Dale nee Levitt They are listed as having two shops a poulterers at 21 Charles Street and in the 1881 census they are residing at 34 Wright Street this is listed as a Ale and Porter Stores. Any information no matter what it is would be very helpful
Family Surnames: Dale Levitt
ASHBRIDGE and PINDER Marriage - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for the parents of John ASHBRIDGE who married Hannah PINDER Jun 1838. i have john born 1816 Hull and Hannah pinder born 1817. these are the earliest ASHBRIDGE relatives i have. is anyone elce researching this family? Constance
Family Surnames: Ashbridge
Meanwell's in Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for information on my Father's family,Meanwell's who lived in Vine Court High Street Hull,in the 1800's.The Father's name was William married to Mary Groves,their son Richard came out to Australia ,inthe late 1800's and married Julia or Emily Minns.Julia or Emily was the Daughter of George Minns and Merenda Jemina Dunnett,who I believed also lived around Hull,any information would be appreicated.
Family Surnames: Meanwell
Branton - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Clifford Branton - may have been baptised Frederick Clifford Branton - son of Frederick and Emma (Greenwood)Branton. Clifford died at sea (I believe off the coast of Greenland) sometime between 1918 and 1922. Any information would be welcome. It is understood his death was recorded by local newspapers, but I have had no success with finding the article or any record of his death either in the usual places or in the list of maritime deaths.
Family Surnames: Branton, Greenwood
ELGEY family - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
looking for information on male siblings of Alice Amelia Elgey DOB 03.11.04 who married Harold Sydney Slade in 1923, particularly Sydney ELGEY b 1900 Hull died circa 1995 Cornwall, George H ELGEY b 1901 Hull and Albert EGLEY b 1903 English Street Hull. Joseph ELGEY died aged 20 in 1917 ANy info useful - thanks Sally
Family Surnames: Elgey
Town Clerk - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My father Alfred Wilson(1906-1974),son of Alfred and Eleanor, grew up in S.E.London. His father was from Malton Yorkshire, his mother from Sunderland County Durham.He told me that his cousin(surname not known to me) became Town Clerk of Hull. Any clues?
Family Surnames: Wilson
RICHARD SIZER Engineers, Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
My maternal great-great grandfather Charles Thompson Hardy married ELIZA SIZER in Hull in 1857 (marriage record confirmed). It is believed in the family that Eliza was related to the Richard Sizer who founded the engineering company of that name in Hull, but I can't confirm it. There seem to have been only two Sizer families in Hull (Sculcoates) in 1851, one of which included a Richard and a William both of whom were "forge men" and therefore likely to be the founders of Richard Sizer Ltd engineers, but there is no Eliza or Elizabeth in the family. Has anyone researched the Richard Sizer family?
Family Surnames: Sizer, Hardy
Bell - Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
searching for Harry or George Bell a fruiterer in Hull - 1910-1918 Wife Amy Attwood (nee Green), children Leonard Bell (1914), Morton Attwood Bell (1916), Marion Attwood Bell (1918) Rob
Family Surnames: Bell Attwood Green
Maull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
researching my family onnection in Hull looking for info on Albert Maull, Popular Court, Chapman St, Hull lost at sea on s/t Epine GY7 13.3.1948 and his family
Family Surnames: Maull Albert
CHARLWOOD/PATTINSON in Hull 1800s - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Seeking information on families of Charles Charlwood and Mary Pattinson who married in 1839 at Holy Trinity Hull.
Family Surnames: Charlwood, Pattinson
ancestor - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
am looking for any info on Mary Ann Feetam Born 1882 sheffield parents Mary ann Brady Thomas Hawkins she married Charles Feetam 1900 in Hull i think they had a son about 1901. any help appreciated thank you.
Family Surnames: Feetham
family - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
can anyone help please am looking for any decendents from Charles Andrew Robinson and Emma Stringer thier children were Louisa b 1881 Alice b 1886 Ellen b 1888 Catherine b1894 Susan b 1896 Charles a born 1899 all born in Hull. Regards Barbara
Family Surnames: Robinson Family.
Pinkney - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am searching for decendants and relatives of the Pinkney family, some in Hull, or near areas, others in Leeds Yorkshire. Would be pleased to hear from anyone connected to this family as I am only just starting to research this branch and have scant information. Regards Jean
Family Surnames: Pinkney
Alice Ellen Ellis - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information and relatives of Alice Ellen Ellis, married John Robert Ellis in 1905
Family Surnames: Ellis, Waudby, Johnson
Ashbridge Pinder Marriage - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for more information on the following family. I Have a John Ashbridge married to a Hannah Pinder. John born 1816, Hannah born 1817. John is my 4x great grandfather. they were married in 1838 Sculcoates I have no information from an earlier time from this family and about 30 names in connection with this family. My line goes down from his son Thomas Ashbridge born 1843, then his son walter gilbert crackles ashbridge born 1876, then his son Charles Hart Ashbridge, then my grandma Rhoda Constance Ashbridge born 1923 in NZ. any extra information appreciated. Constance
Family Surnames: Ashbridge, Pinder
William James (JIM) McCann - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for any information on Jim McCann,he was born 1900 in Canada and lived in Sculcoates Lane in Hull,he married Edna McCann but laterly lived in Folkstone street Sculcoates lane any information or pictures.
Family Surnames: Mccann
Kathleen McLoughlin ( Grandmother) - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
kathleen mcloughlin (martin) born in Hull parents Charles and Fannny sister mirrium brother charlie John and Tim had older son born Lancashire area, 1940s died tragic along with her five children, she was a very musicle person who played the pianoe and arcordian. could go on for ever about this lovely lady my cousin. the person her grand daughter wanting any information get in touch through curiouse fox.
Family Surnames: Fallonmarlene
Sabina Albertha Scott - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
any relations out there thanks
Family Surnames: Scott
ashbridge/ Pinder (GG Grandparent - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have John Ashbridge parents Benjamin Ashbridge dob 1787 married Anne Tennison to Constance.
Family Surnames: Ashbridge
Richard Henry Tadman of Hull 1839 - 1908 - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Tadmans in Hull and Beverley very complicated family we have quite a lot of information if you are connected from William Tadman died 1644 in Beverley.
Family Surnames: Tadman
ansell from hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
my grandparents are Arthur and Lily Ansell, they had 1 son and 5 daughters, Arthur, Audrey Jean later Smith, Dorothy later King, Glenys later Needham, Barbara and Christine later Macklin, any information would be helpful
Family Surnames: Ansell
Lockham - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Did someone want to know about the Lockham family in Hull? My maiden name is Lockham and I would like to hear from you,
Family Surnames: Lockham
NODDLES - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Can anyone help, my grandfather ERNEST HERBERT NODDLES (born 1900)came from Hull. I believe his wife and child died in a zeppllien attack on Hull. Would love some info from any other NODDLES to see if there is a connection
Family Surnames: Noddles
king jackson - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
has anyone any information on 'King Jackson' a sailing ship owner and master from Hull in the early 1800's. Who went down with his ship. I am trying to find out if there is any substance to a family tale. thanx jeremy
Family Surnames: Jackson
Olssen, Watson, Tong, Betts, Longman - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Anybody searching for these names in Hull let me know, especially a William Jordan Rice Watson born around 1849 and died around 1872-3 (supposedly) or the Olssen family and in particular Charles Olssen born around 1850 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Family Surnames: Olssen Watson Tong Betts Longman
price chatterton darvell - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
am trying to find any info on Elsie May Price born May 1898. Her father was believed to be George Price. We think there are links to an E Chatterton and W Chatterton both witnesses at her wedding to Arthur Darvell in Beverley. She had connection to london too. ALSO DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT A SUNSHINE HOME FOR CHILDREN WAS IN THE 1900S AND HOW I CAN GET INFO ON THEM.
Family Surnames: Price Chatterton Darvell
Walker, John, of Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
John Walker, born about 1809, was a seaman who married Esther Hackshaw in 1849. His father was also John, but that's all we know. Grateful for any information on John, his ancestors or collaterals.
Family Surnames: Walker, Hackshaw
Carter - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Im looking for information on family members of my father John Gordon Carter his parents were Nora Tripp and John Henry Carter.
Family Surnames: Carter
Wright (Robert and Mary) - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
William (b. 1835) and Henry (b. 1837), sons of Robert and Mary, were born in Harford House, Howard Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire, England. The two brothers removed to Brewster, MA USA and then Pawtucket, RI USA I can not find this location or family in Bradford, England. I did find in the 1841 Census a family that resembles this living in Reedness, Whitgift, Yorkshire, England. There were no parents listed as living with this family however along with William and Henry (of the right age) are an older sister Mary age 13 and older brother Robert 12 and a 2 year old sister Ellen. However all the U.S. Census records state that William and Henry were born in Hull.
Family Surnames: Wright
Wressel, Richard & Elizabeth - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Seeking information on Richard and Elizabeth Wressel and their family. The 1841 census shows them living in the High Street, Holy Trinity, Hull, although both were born outside the county, probably in about 1766.
Family Surnames: Wressel
Johnson and Johnson - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
In 1854 William Croft Johnson (1834-1909)married Mary Johnson (1836-1885). William's father was Charles Johnson (born 1811), sometime confectioner and later a railway labourer. His mother was probably Phillis. In 1841 Charles and family were living in Alfred Street, Hull. Mary's parents were John (1811-1854?) and Mary (b 1813) Johnson. In 1851 John was described as a Victualler & Bricklayer living in Alfred Street! Were William and the younger Mary related? Can anyone provide any more information on these Johnsons?
Family Surnames: Johnson
Tynemouth Castle Inn(HULL) - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Any information on the Tynemouth Castle Inn Osborne Street Hull. 1901 Allso any idea when it was Demolished
George Joseph Johnson and Emmie Hepple - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Hi I am looking for information on my great grandad he was born in Hull around 1906 and am currently searching for information about him and my great grandma Emmie Hepple please if you have any information regarding either please contact me.
Family Surnames: Johnson
preston/nichols - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
i am trying the preston/nichols from 1800
Family Surnames: Preston
Manley Sculcoates Hull - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for a LAWRENCE WILSON MANLEY b1905/6 d1982 married to IDA DALE 1927 and his family, also his sisters ELIZABETH PIERCE, GERTRUDE BUCKLE, ELSIE DAVIS. They are part of my family tree. Any information would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Manley,Dale.Pierce Buckle Davis
GREEN/CLAXTON - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I have been trying to trace the following people: William Robert GREEN Born 1871 Married 15th July 1902 to Florrie CLAXTON Florrie's Mother name = Mary Ruth Beverley Florrie's Father name = William Henry Claxton I found William Robert in the 1881 Census, details are; 9 Seaton Terce, Sculcoates, York Head = Mary L. Green (Female aged 44) Son = William R. Green (Male aged 10) Daur = Esma E. Green (Female aged 6) Visitor = Agnes J. Norwood (Femail aged 17) My grandfather last received a letter from William Robert GREEN (his father) in 1939. I would love to hear from anyone with any connections...
Family Surnames: Green Claxton
Austin Families - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for descendents of 3 AUSTIN brothers who moved to Hull from Barrow and Barton on Humber between 1890 and 1901 . In 1901 : ROBERT STAMPER AUSTIN ( my Gx2 grandfather ) a Dock Labourer living in Raven Street Hedon Road , JOSEPH ROBERT AUSTIN , Dock Labourer , Haller Street and WILLIAM HENRY AUSTIN , Coal Heaver , Goulton Street Their father was GEORGE AUSTIN a Brickyard labourer who had lived in various villages in N. Lincs before settling in Barrow on Humber c. 1881 Two other brothers JOHN and TOM stayed in Barton & Barrow
Family Surnames: Austin
Nuttal Parsisson - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information about my G/G/Grandmother. Mary Ann Nuttal,she married George Parsisson in Hull 1847.I have Death Certificate,would like details of her Birth.When and where ?Also like information about Georges birth and Parents.
Family Surnames: Nuttal Parsisson
grayson/Denine - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Hi looking for any info on the graysons(sculcoates area) originally from ripon area watermen thomas henry grayson married Catherine Denine(born newfoundland}2 daughters Elizabeth born 1896 she married Daniel Johnston Catherine Mary born c 1898 married and as far as I know had children wonder if there was some rift as never mentioned but do recollect when I was younger a niece visiting my gran and still living in the hull area in the 1970s hoping someone has a connection as they might be able to tell me a bit about the Denine and Grayson family
Family Surnames: Grayson
Looking for Fisher Leng - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for ancestor, Fisher Scott Leng, b.1805 in Dryspool, Kingston On Hull. Son of Ralph Leng and father of John Scott Leng who came to USA (Staten Island) in the 1850s. All information greatly appreciated
Family Surnames: Leng
Harry Civil - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
looking for descendants of Harry F Civil born 1923, Sculcoates, Hull.His father was Frank Ernest born 1895 Erith (Dartford) and mother was Constance May Taylor born 1899 Great Limber just outside Grimsby.
Family Surnames: Civil Taylor
VINES - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for any info re Walter Sherard VINES who was Prof of English Literature at University College, Hull from 1929 to 1952ish and also a well known poet and writer in his day. Particularly interested to trace any children of his; acording to Who's Who he was married twice, first wife's name unknown but they had a daughter (name also unknown), second wife Agnes Rennie Cumming whom he married in 1930 and they had a child (daughter?) called Rennie J Vines b 1933. Walter was b 1890 the eldest son of Professor Sydney Howard Vines prof of Botany at Oxford; he had a sister Margaret Beaufort Vines, and a younger brother Howard William Copland Vines who became Prof of Pathology at London University. Any info re their descendants also gratefully received.
Family Surnames: Vines, Cumming
Brantons - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking to find anyone with further information on William Branton born abt. 1818 Patrington. He married Elizabeth Leake B. abt. 1816 Balkholme, Howden. I believe Elizabeth died abt. 1903 in Hull. Their children were ANN ELIZABETH BRANTON abt. 1849, EDWARD TOYNE BRANTON 5 December 1841, ROBERT BRANTON 6 December 1845, MARY BRANTON August 10 1846, JANE BRANTON abt. 1851, THOMAS L BRANTON abt. 1845, JOHN HENRY BRANTON abt 1857, if my dates are correct! ANN ELIZABETH Married George Green b.1848 Hull and had children WILLIAM BRANTON GREEN 25 Sept 1875, THOMAS 1871, LAURA ETHEL 1872, EDMUND 1877, ANNE 1880, HARRY 1882, & finally ARTHUR
Family Surnames: Branton Leake Green
John Dean, born Hull, about 1867. - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Searching for the name of John Dean's mother. John Dean was born in Hull, about 1867 and was the son of Thomas Dean ( also of Hull). On John's marriage certificate, his father was named Thomas, a labourer. I have been unable to find John Dean in the 1871 or 1881 censuses when he would have been living with his parents and would have been about 4 years of age, and 14 years of age, respectively. According to information in the 1891 census, John was born about 1866/7. I haven't found his birth record yet, and I am not aware of any siblings. John Dean married Jane Ann Penrose in 1887, in Hull. I hope that someone will be able to tell me who John's mother was as I haven't been able to find a record of Thomas Dean marrying anyone. Thomas Dean was born about 1841, so a marriage would have probably taken place somewhere between about 1863 and 1867, unless,of course, John's parents didn't marry. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Dean, Penrose.
Wenman,Bannister - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for a half sister. Result of my fathers 2nd marriage. Roland Raymond Wenman married Annie A Bannister in 1956, they had a daughter, Wendy, who I believe is my half sister. Anyone with any info please?
Family Surnames: Wenman Bannister
George Henry Alcock - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
Looking for information on George Henry Alcock, born in Hull 25 Jan 1910, died St Leonards on Sea 13 May 1986. Marriage to Mabel Boynton 22 Dec 1935 in Hull when listed as fish fryer, but became hotelier and owned a hotel in London in 1950s. Father Jabez Alcock (born 1886 in Hull from a family originating in Longham, Norfolk), mother Ethel Meada Johnson. Any information most welcome.
Family Surnames: Alcock,Boynton,Johnson
clark family - (Kingston upon Hull - Yorkshire, East Riding)
I am looking for info on William Clarks family, lived in Hull during WW1,William died 04/01/1916, also any relatives of his brother Richard who survived WW1 and died in 1970, Hull area, originated from Bridlington.
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