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Hurstpierpoint ... Isfield
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Pierce family Hurstpierpoint - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
I am trying to trace the Pierce family from Hurstpierpoint. I am directly related to George Pierce b 31/12/1867 d 26/2/1932 and his father George Pierce b 30/9/1828 d 18/10/1913 they were resident at Shaves Cottages for the 1881 Census. Can any one provide further information on their ancestry please.
Family Surnames: Pierce
DAVID STEEL - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
I am looking for baptism of David Steel about 1813.He married Mary Tullett at Hurstpierpoint in 1832.
Family Surnames: Steel Tullett
Tester, Taylor - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
My grandfather George William Tester and grandmother Sarah Louise Maude Taylor were married at the parish church in Hurstpierpoint in 1902. The story goes that Sarah's father William Vine Taylor and wife Sarah Taylor ran the New Inn and daddy road his horse up the stairs to show the new baby (grandmother). Having seen the stairs in the New Inn I have my doubts. Sarah and George had two sons Charles William Roy and Ronald George. Were there any cousins? Can anyone help. The name Brazenor comes up in some info.
Family Surnames: Tester, Taylor, Brazenor,
Halifax Lodge - Bryant - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Looking for information on family of Basil George Bryant of Halifax Lodge Hurstpierpoint circa 1928
Family Surnames: Bryant
Wickham - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Mary Ann Wickham b 01.05.1836 in Clayton Wickham near Hurstpierpoint was my Great Grandmother. Her parents were Henry Wickham and Arthery Vincent m. 12.10.1819 at Hurstpierpoint. Would like to make contact with descendants or those researching Wickhams from sussex area.
Avery/Aynscombe - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Thomas Avery married Ann Aynscombe, Twineham 3 May 1716. Thomas's parents were Thomas Avery and Eden nee Box(Books)
Wickham - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Researching Wickham family history, would like to hear from anyone connected to the Wickham family from Hurstpierpoint Sussex. My greatgreatgrandparents were Henry Wickham and Audrey Vincent. My greatgrandparents were Mark Wickham and Martha Perry.
Family Surnames: Wickham
ELIZABETH HENTY - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Family Surnames: Henty
WICKHAMS - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
My GGGGGrandfather was Elliot Wickham, his son was Henry Wickham (1815) of No1 School Row, Hurstpierpoint.(8 children) My GGGrandfather was his son George (4 children). My GGrandfather was his son Walter and my Grandfather his son Herbert. Would love any information on Wickham (hurstpierpoint) or Garman (ashtead, surrey)
Family Surnames: Wickham, Garman
Ann Owen Pierce / Peirce / Burrows - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
May 8, 1880 married James(son of Frederick and Phyllis (?)); James had 3 children with Ann Owen (pre 1892): James (1881), Minnie (1888; born in Brighton), Annie (1890?) -- researching Ann Owen Pierce/Peirce (daughter of Alfred and Matilda Hawkins Owen, E. Ilsley, Berks) who LEFT London with only one child, Minnie (?) on the steamship, Richmond Hill, arriving New York in Nov. 1892 -- accompanied by Alfred Robert Burrows; they were all under the name of Burrows. Ann Owen Pierce/Peirce (originally from Farnborough, Berks), apparently left her husband and other children, but we are unable to find any further information, in particular on Alfred R. Burrows if that is his name; we have only that he was born in 1858 in Brighton; was educated and was said to have gone to naval school as a youngster)....we can find nothing on him at all, aside that he was from Hampshire.....and that his mother was very upset with his relationship with Annie Owen Pierce/Peirce (pardon).....
Family Surnames: Pierce Or Peirce Or Burrows
Howell - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Thomas Howell born in Brighton in 1843 lived in Hurstpierpoint where he was a carpenter. In 1868 at St Nicholas, Brighton he married Harriet Brown b 1834 in Pycombe. There were three daughters Mary Brown Howell b 1869, Lucy Brown Howell b 1872 and Harriet Brown Howell b 1874. Does anyone have any links with this family?
Family Surnames: Howell
Family of Herbert Crook - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Hello to anyone that can add a jigsaw piece for me. I am searching for any records of Herbert Crook, wife Mary nee Joys. He was born in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex in 1862. He is my grandfather and He died in Australia in 1943. All I know of mary is she was born in 1864-1942.her death was in Australia also. I would appreciate anything, no matter how small. thanks Kindly.
Family Surnames: Crook Joys
John Davey c1714 - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
My family-the Davey family- were resident in Hurstpierpoint for about 200 years. I have traced most of them (I think !!) back to John Davey c 1714 who married a Deborah Friend in 1739. He died in 1799 in Hurst.Some records suggest he may have been born in Ditchling but lived in Hurst. If anyone has any info on John Davey I would be most grateful for their help. Thankyou Eric
Family Surnames: Davey
Pierce, Owen - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
James Pierce (or Peirce; born 1859 in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex; father's name, Frederick) married Ann Owen on 8 May 1880 (she was born 4 Dec 1858; Farnborough Berks; daughter of Alfred Owen and Matilda Hawkins Owen). James and Ann Pierce had three children (James Pierce Jr. 1881; Minnie 1888; Annie 1890). Ann, however, left James Pierce for another man; taking Minnie with her. Ann (and Minnie) left England for the United States in Nov 1892. In 1901 census, James Pierce, Hurstpierpoint, was listed living with another woman who had been widowed and a 14 year old son (and I'm assuming also, if still at home, with James Jr. and Annie). HOWEVER, trying to find NAME and ANY information about the man with whom Ann (and Minnie) left England with in Nov 1892.
Family Surnames: Pierce, Owen, Hawkins
Pierce, Owen - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Rec'd possible further info re James Pierce (born 4/7/1858), Hurstpierpoint. Is this the same James Pierce who married 8 May 1880 Ann Owen (she was born 11 Dec 1858 in Farnborough, Berks.; daughter of Alfred and Matilda Hawkins Nicholls Owen)? We have that James' father was Frederick. So, was he the son of Frederick and Phillis (Phyllis) Pierce; brother of John (2/3/1856); sister Alice (2/11/1862); brother Herry (Harry?) (4/6/1865), Hurstpierpoint? James and Ann Pierce had three children (James Jr.(1881), Minnie or Mary (1888), Annie (1890)) -- Ann, per story, had worked at the races (which races?) as a barmaid. Ann left James Pierce for another man. The children, James Jr. and Annie, were recorded in the 1891 British Census living in Brighton; assuming with their mother, sister, other man. Ann, Minnie (Mary) and the man sailed from London-Southampton, 2nd cabin area, arriving America in Nov 1892. James Jr. and Annie remained in England (with whom?). Trying to find ANY information on the 'other man' -- name/etc. Per my Mom's recollection, he appeared well educated, reserved and stern; stood very erect; had manners; jet black hair; was about the same age as Ann; definitely English but maybe schooled in France; maybe affiliated with the Royal Navy? We have not been successful finding anything from anyone on the name he gave and now have concluded, due to circumstances, perhaps he had gone under a false name. Ann and the man (my g gf) had three boys in America (one of whom was my gf). Anyone? Anything?
Family Surnames: Pierce,Owen,Owens,Hawkins,Nicholls
John steel - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Looking for any info on John steel born may 1848. his naval records show born in Hurst, whilst others say St Johns Sussex. anyone able to help, please contact me. I know form his marriage cert that his father was also a John and that he was a taylor.
Family Surnames: Steel
William Vine Taylor - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
William Vine Taylor (b 1847 d 1908),wife Sarah.(nee Flesher. b 1851 d 1893) at one time of The New Inn at Hurstpierpoint. William had second wife, Fanny Day, (suicide1914). The first marriage gave 8 children. Cecil ("Ike"), William,Elizabeth ("Bet"), Dorothy {"Doll"), George, Louise, Sarah ("Maude"), Thomas {went to Canada). Second marriage to Fanny gave Harold Vine, (m Vera, no issue). 1. "Ike" had 3 children, Cecil,(Australia), Kitty, and Sadie. 2.William - 2 daughters, Cissie and Phyllis. 3.Bet - 1 daughter, Dorothy. 4.Doll,m, no issue. 5.George no info. 6.Louise,(m Henry Hodges) 1 daughter, Jean. 7.Maude, 2 sons, Ronald & Charles ("Roy.") 8.Thomas(in Canada, 2 sons). Any further info? W.V.T was my G-Grndfthr. I am Jean's daughter, Anne (Anna}. Mum is now 92.(m Herbert "Jack" Green, divorced 1956). For a short while we lived with Mum's aunt Sarah ( "Maude" )and husband George Tester at Scaynes Hill. Son Ronald never married. Their other son Roy had first marriage to Evelyn Brazenor and she and their 2 little children Carol & Michael were tragically Killed when an American bomber crashed on their home in Oxfordshire. (I have info). Roy then m "Jackie", and had Linda & Janice. Are these 2 cousins around anywhere? Anybody else? Mum's memory at 92 is slowly fading and I am desperately trying to put pieces into a large family jigsaw for my own grandchildren to see. {names in double commas denote the names by which people were always called by family,, rather than their actual birth names}.
Family Surnames: Taylor. Flesher. Tester. Hodges. Brazenor
The Steel/Steele family of Hurstpierpoint - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
Hello! I am researching and writing about my father's family connections and very keen to make contact with, or hear stories about, the Steel/Steele family of Hurstpierpoint: Frances (Fanny) Steele (1843) who married Stephen Taylor, her father David (1812) who married Mary Tullett, his father John (1777) who married Mary Goodwin, the two previous John's (1741 and 1706) and Richard (1671) who I believe married Ann Midhurst. Anything at all is much appreciated! Regards, Elly
Family Surnames: Steel Or Steele
Family of Freeman, Hurstpierpoint, Cuckfield - (Hurstpierpoint - Sussex)
I am trying to find the family of Clara Maude Freeman born In Hurstpierpoint, Cuckfield on 8/9/1904 who married William Robert Naylor on 3/1/1926 at St. Johns Waterloo Road, London. They migrated to Australia. Would love to hear from anybody who can help, Thank you.
Family Surnames: Freeman
Icklesham Masters Family - (Icklesham - Sussex)
Greetings from Australia . My Masters ancestors came from Icklesham would appreciate anyone contacting me who has details on this family. Kevin
Family Surnames: Masters
Clark(e)s in Icklesham - (Icklesham - Sussex)
Hi from Berkshire. I am researching Clark(e)s from Icklesham and have found a number named Zebulon dating back to circa 1750. I would be glad to hear from anyone carrying out similar research. Graham.
Family Surnames: Clark
Eldridge - (Icklesham - Sussex)
Hi, I'm searching for any information on WILLIAM ELDRIDGE who was born in Icklesham in 1762. He married a woman named ANN, but I have been unable to find the marriage date or the maiden name of his spouse. WILLIAM & ANN had a daughter SARAH in c.1788. WILLIAM's father was also WILLIAM ELDRIDGE (b.c.1741) and so was his Grandfather (b.c.1715) But his wife is a mystery to me. Can you help?
Family Surnames: Eldridge
FELLOWS - (Icklesham - Sussex)
Richard married Hannah Harris at Icklesham 4 Nov 1820 Son of Henry and Mary nee Phillip any info on the Harris familly welcome
Family Surnames: Fellows
Butchers, Cloake, Crowhurst, Morris, Barden, Brooman, Wood - (Icklesham - Sussex)
Seeking connections with above families in this area. Thomas Butcher married Mary Cloake 1779 - family descendants include above surnames
Family Surnames: Cloake, Butcher/S, Crowhurst, Barden, Brooman, Wood
Playford Family - (Iden - Sussex)
Stephen PLAYFORD and his wife Mary had the following children - Mary b1794, Elizabeth 1795 (married John WOOD 1815 and lived MIDLEY, Kent) Stephen 1798, George 1800. He then married Hannah and they had William and John c 1808, Eliza 1810, Henry 1812,Edward 1813, Eleanor 1814, Jane 1817, Thomas 1818, Matilda 1820, Jesse 1822 and Maria 1826. Stephen married Harriet GORRINGE 1824, George md Hannah HASSELL, 1822, Eliza married Philip MOOR 1831
Family Surnames: Playford Wood Moor Gorringe Hassell
Dive Family - (Iden - Sussex)
Looking for Dive family in Iden and surrounding villages
Family Surnames: Dive
Dive Family - Worldwide - (Iden - Sussex)
Researching the name Dive both as a surname and first name. Mostly in Sussex and Kent, but also America, Canada and Australia. Looking for anyone also researching this name to exchange information.
Family Surnames: Dive
iden sussex - (Iden - Sussex)
Seeking information on family of Hilda Constance Piggott (nee Peirce). It is understood her son charles Gosden Pearce died 24 April 1945. any contacts out there.
Family Surnames: Peirce/Piggott
Penfold - (Ifield - Sussex)
Researching Penfolds in Ifield and surrounding areas. Also any info on the family of Jane Mann who married William Penfold in 1754 would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Penfold Mann
Sayers - (Ifield - Sussex)
any info welcome on the Sayers of Ifield have Thomas and Mary Gatton mar 1836 and Thomas and Ann Barnard mar 1808 on my tree.
Family Surnames: Sayers
Ifield - (Ifield - Sussex)
Willam Eade, a blacksmith & widower from Crawley, married Sarah Risbridger on 27 March 1788. Sarah was OTP. Would so much like to know who their parents were. They were my ggg/parents. They finished up in Bury, Sussex. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Eade, Eede, Ede, Risbridger
Charlotte Barnard - (Ifield - Sussex)
Looking for the parents and siblings of Charlotte Barnard b1785 approx in Ifield, Sussex. She married James Chantler in 1805,the surname is sometimes spelt Chandler. Any details of the Chantler/Chandler families would also be welcome, they came mostly from Ifield & Worth also in Sussex but later appeared in Charlwood, Surrey
Family Surnames: Barnard, Chantler, Chandler
easton - (Ifield - Sussex)
looking for relatives named Easton about 1764 in ifield and worth area. sue
Family Surnames: Easton
Ede / Still / Wright - (Ifield - Sussex)
Grateful for any information please: William Ede, Married Elizabeth Still 1 May 1758 Reigate (farmers; owned and rented land in and around Reigate. There is still a place called Edes Fields in this vicinity)Probably parents of: William Ede born 1761 (recorded on 26 Jan 1761) Reigate, Surrey. Married Ann Wright 27 May 1786, Ifield
Family Surnames: Ede,Wright,Still
William and Annie Hobbs - (Ifield - Sussex)
Looking for information on William Jeffrey Hobbs (bn 1877?) and Annie Hobbs (nee Carr, bn 1876?) from Ifield, England before they emigrated to the US in 1908. They had two children, Albert William (bn 1904 in Wateringbury, England) and Maxwell Peter (bn 1907). I have no idea who their parents were or what happened to William once they arrived in the US. Maxwell is my grandfather.
Family Surnames: Hobbs, Carr
SPICER FAMILY - (Ifield Green - Sussex)
I am looking for anyone who is related/knows of the spicer family from Ifield. Parents were Charles born 1860 in Minster Isle of Sheppy,and Emily Eliza born in Charlwood in 1866. All the children were born in Ifield. Mabel b.900, William Charles b.1897, Ida May/Mary b.1894, Charles William b.1893, Georgenia b.1895, John b.1899 known as Jack who was my grandfather. I have very little information on this side of my family so would love to hear from anyone who can help
Family Surnames: Spicer
Iford School - (Iford - Sussex)
My grandmother Ellen Peirce (nee Rusbridge) went to school at Iford in 1890. I was wondering if there are any old photos anywhere?
Family Surnames: Peirce, Rusbridge
Penfold and Simmons families in Iford - (Iford - Sussex)
We have several members of these families in the mid 19th Cent. Would you be able to add to our data, or maybe we can help you?
Family Surnames: Penfold Simmons
Alfred Stac(e)y and Emma Berry - (Iping - Sussex)
Looking for information on Alfred Stacey b 1843 in Linch, Sussex who married 9.9.1865 Fernhurst to Emma Berry b 1847 Fernhurst (Parents: Thomas Berry and Sarah Lambert)The 1881 census state that Alfred and Emma were living with their children: FloraEva b 1870 Trotton; Anne Lilly b 1871 Trotton; Rosa Dorcas b 1874 Iping; Frank Arthur b 1876 Iping and Mary Emma b 1880 Iping; at 9 Milland Marsh, Iping, Sussex. They may have had more children after this. If you have any information could you please contact me.
Family Surnames: Berry Stacey
Simmonds family - (Iping - Sussex)
Does anyone have information on the Simmonds family who lived in Iping from early 1700's to 1850's?
Family Surnames: Simmonds
Langley - (Iping - Sussex)
Robert Langley, my 3ggfather was born at Farnhurst in March 1807 and married Frances Steel at Iping in 1827. They made their home at St Helen's, Isle of Wight.
Family Surnames: Langley
JACKSON family of Iping - (Iping - Sussex)
Looking for anyone who links in to the JACKSON family of Iping and the surrounding districts. They are direct ancestors of mine.
Family Surnames: Jackson
Windibank - (Iping - Sussex)
I am interested in the family of john windibank,b abt 1835in Iping, a blacksmith,he had 4 children,Harriett,Albert, Kate, Ada. Think his father was Eli.
Family Surnames: Windibank
WHITE/ELLIOTT - (Iping - Sussex)
Elizabeth White (bpt 5 January 1780 at Iping) was also known as 'Bett' or 'Bet'. She married Richard Porter 13 October 1803 in Woolbeding. Her parents were Thomas White and Elizabeth Elliott who married 27 April 1779 in Stedham. Does anyone know anything about Thomas White or Elizabeth Elliott? Any information about these families gratefully received.
Allchorn - (Isfield - Sussex)
Researching this family who were living in Isfield between 1700 and 1725.
Family Surnames: Allchorn
Clarkes in Isfield - (Isfield - Sussex)
My father's family lived in Isfield in the 1920's and I am interested in finding out more about the village around that period. My grandfather was Albert Charles Clarke and I believe the family lived at a house named 'Latria'. I would welcome contact from anyone who is interested in the Clarke family and/or Isfield in the 1920's. Graham
Family Surnames: Clarke
foord - (Isfield - Sussex)
I am researching the Foord family in isfield William Foord married Ann Shaw 1863 Rita
Family Surnames: Foord,Alchorn,Shaw,Farrant
scutt - (Isfield - Sussex)
i am trying to find out more information about my uncle he was either known as John Thomas scutt his birth name or he was known as Thomas John Scutt. as a child he was at one time in a banados home. area not known until he was found by his brother Ronald Albert Scutt. John was living with Kathleen Cornford in Isfield i dont know if the council moved him there from banados John did some of the gardening there and enjoyed his time there but when Kathleen Cornford was unable to care for him he moved to a elderly persons home.Kathleen Cornford also looked after other people the same as my uncle. my uncle has since passed away and i am trying to find out about his earlier years if possable if anyone can help please get intouch look forward to hearing from you perhaps the relations of Kathleen Cornford can help any info will be greatly appreciated. i have been intouch with banados but they dont remember him perhaps he was not there long enough and went somewhere else before Kathleen Cornford thankyou for any help
John Alcorn - (Isfield - Sussex)
Hi. During my research on my maternal grandmother, Nellie Earle (born in 1890) Uckfield, I found her on the 1891 UK census living with her uncle and aunt, John and Mary Alcorn. Does anyone have any information on John and Mary Alcorn?
Family Surnames: Alcorn
Tylers in Isfield - (Isfield - Sussex)
I am trying to find info on my GGGrandmother, Charlotte Tyler, born around 1823 in Isfield. On her marriage cert. to Michael Waller in Ditchling, it names her father as Thomas Tyler.
Family Surnames: Tyler
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