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Chiddingfold ... Clapham
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Looking for Denyer family members - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Hi my name is Paul, I am the son of Frank, Grandson of George, all from Chiddingfold, does anyone have any detail of where this line goes to, I know it starts in the 16th century in Chiddingfold, but there is a large gap in between. Please contact me. Many thanks. Paul
Family Surnames: Denyer
Gauntlett family - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Am looking for any info on my father's family who lived at Beckhams from 1907-1954. My grandfather ran the Sydenhurst Nurseries from 1910.
Family Surnames: Gauntlett
Pickett - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
I am searching for information about the Pickett, aka Piggott, families who were living in the Haslemere, Chiddingfold and possibly even Hambledon areas from before 1700 through to the mid 1800's at least. My interest concerns the ancestors of Jane Pickett b 1813 Haslemere who "married" William Collins and settled in Chelsea. I think her parents were John Pickett b 1785 Haslemere and Jane Ellis b 1780 Chiddingfold. I believe his parents were John Pickett b 1760 Chiddingfold and Ann ?. I believe her parents were Thomas Ellis b 1840 Charlwood and Jane? John's parents were probably Abraham Pickett and Elizabeth Matthew. I am looking for any input from anyone - I have several dead ends here - I have lots of stuff but much of it mainly conjecture. I will share anything I have with anyone interested. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Pickett, Piggott, Ellis, Mathews
lintott - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
my ancestors came from chidding fold my great great great great grandfather was leonard lintott 1832 . leonard was the founder of the walking stick factory which now is an industrial site . the lintotts were quite a large family and most of them worked at the walkingstick factory until he late 1800's /early 1900's . if any one has any information on the lintotts i would be most gratefull . thank you denis
Family Surnames: Lintott
Bartlett - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
I am looking for information on the Bartlett family of Chiddlingfold.
Family Surnames: Bartlett
Town Frances - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Frances Town married William Foster in Chiddingfold,1828
Family Surnames: Town
Enticknap - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Looking for information on a William Enticknap, possibly from Chiddingfold who married Hannah Prior in Easebourne, Sussex in 1809. william died some time before 1825. william and Hannah had 7 children: Maria (1809), Thomas (1810), James (1814), Sarah (1816) George (1818), Ruth (1820), William (1824), all probably born in North Ambersham (Bexly Hill). thomas and George are known to have emmigrated to Canada.
Family Surnames: Enticknap,Prior
Mann / Murrell - Chiddingfold, Puttenham, Godalming - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Looking for any information on John MANN and Mary MURRELL who married on 5.5.1788 at Chiddingfold. John was born about 1766, possibly in Puttenham. Mary was born about 1769. Mary Mann (nee Murrell) was buried on 5.2.1830 in Godalming, aged 61 years. John Mann was buried on 22.12.1850 in Godalming, aged 85 years. They had 11 eleven children, all baptised in Godalming: Elizabeth Mann (1790); Mary Ann Mann (1792) married John Hoare in Godalming in 1818; John Mann (1794); Sarah Mann (1796) married James Bever in Godalming in 1815; George Mann (1799); Ann Mann (1801); Jane Mann (1803); Amelia Mann (1806) married William Hampton in Godalming in 1825; Esther Mann (1808) married Robert Kurn in Godalming in 1830; Harriet Mann (1811); & Daniel Mann (1814). I am descended from Mary Ann Mann & John Hoare. I am very happy to share or receive any information. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Mann, Murrell, Hoare, Northeast, Page, Leer, Quirk
Walking Stick Factory - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
My great grandmother's sister, Mary Ann Puttock, married Leonard Lintott, she was born in Kirdford in 1857. I know the factory was still in existance in 1911, does anyone know what happened to it and how long after that it was still in production. Have some info on the family and lots on the extended families. Thank you, Anne
Family Surnames: Lintott, Puttock, Voice
Catherine Turner 1803 - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
I have a birth or christening date of 29 May, 1803 for a Catherine Turner. Hoping to find out who her parents and siblings were. Grandparents...too would be very exciting. CT went on to marry a John PHILPS in Kingston in 1826 (would love a precise wedding date) and migrated to NZ in 1841. Any help excitedly received.
Family Surnames: Turner, Philps
Bartlett Family of Chiddingfold - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Hi. I'm hoping to make contact with anyone who has an interest in the Bartlett family of Chiddingfold.
Family Surnames: Bartlett
MOULTON - (Chiddingfold - Surrey)
Any help with this family would be appreciated as I appear to have hit the proverbial brick wall. From a marriage certificate I have the following information: 1935 January 23rd Edward Moulton married Lilian Alice Harmsworth. Edward who was 24 at the time gave his occupation as horse breaker and the name of his father as William Moulton deceased occupation postman Both Edward and Lilian give their address as what looks like 'Reat Holme, Ash Tale' I have quite a bit of information with regard to Lilian's family but I can't be sure that I am finding the correct Edward
Family Surnames: Moulton
Berry's of Chilworth, Surrey - (Chilworth - Surrey)
Looking for information on Leslie Berry, Norman Berry, Ernest Wilfred Curtis Berry and Lesley Berry all sons of Christopher Henry Berry and living in the Chilworth area. Looking for any desendants or any information.
Family Surnames: Berry
Mugshole Cottage - Chipstead - (Chipstead - Surrey)
I am looking for any information on Mugshole Cottage in Chipstead. My gg-grandparents lived there on the 1871 census (Henry Fowkes b1843 Hammersmith), but I'm unable to find where exactly this is? Any help would be terrifically appreciated! Henry was a farmer.
Family Surnames: Fowkes
kempsell - (Chipstead - Surrey)
James Kempsell, born Chipstead 1827
Family Surnames: Kempsell
Stevens/turner - (Chobham - Surrey)
I am researching Stevens in Chobham and surrounding parishes. They seem to have mainly been decorators, glaziers, plumbers etc. Also Turners - the 2 families seem to have inter-married several times. Joanna
Family Surnames: Stevens Turner
Bond Or Steel - (Chobham - Surrey)
Seeking information re Charlotte Julia BOND nee STEEL. Also Sarah WOOD.
Family Surnames: Bond Steel Wood
Spong - (Chobham - Surrey)
My Great grandmother was Annie Spong and I am interested in finding out about the family who lived in Chobham and surrounding parishes back to the start of the parish register.
Family Surnames: Spong
Rapley - (Chobham - Surrey)
Tracing the Rapley/Drury trees. Chobham area for the Rapley's and Horsell then Byfleet for the Drury's. Have managed to trace back to Indigo Rapley 1827, and possible his father/mother John and Phebe. Most were born and married at St.Lawrence's Church Chobham. Any info would be appreciated. They lived BurrowHill, Brimshott Lane and Little Heath Lane.
Family Surnames: Rapley Drury
Street - (Chobham - Surrey)
Researching the Street family of Chobham in 18th century.
Family Surnames: Street
Frank Gregory of Chobham - (Chobham - Surrey)
Frank Gregory was born at Alton in 1879. After serving in the Hampshire Regiment during the South African Wars of 1902 he married and went to live in Chobham where he was a market gardener. He had 2 children, a boy and a girl, but their names arenot known. His wife is believed to have been Ann. He probably died in Chobham ca.1950. Any information will be welcome and acknowledged
Family Surnames: Gregory
Rapley/Chobham - (Chobham - Surrey)
James RAPLEY born Chobham approximately 1861. Listed as a gardener living in the gardener's cottage at Cross Deep in 1891 census. Married Annie HAYTER and had three but possibly four sons; Bertie, Cyril (Cyd emigrated to Canada), Percival (sent toCanada by Bernardo Home via Rev.E.G.Falconer Home), and Charles(?) Annie was living in Rose Cottage, Hampton Wick in 1906 and Kingston-on-Thames from 1918 until at least 1945.
Family Surnames: Rapley,Hayter
CHITTY/CHOBHAM - (Chobham - Surrey)
Family Surnames: Chitty
LEGG, TAYLOR & LEWRY Families - Chobham - (Chobham - Surrey)
Seeking information on my grandmother 'Annie' Legg (1868-1965) who kept a small grocery shop next to Dayborn's garage, Windsor Road, Chobham from the 1930s to 1950s; and also my uncle 'Frank' Taylor who lived in Chobham/West End from the 1930s to the 1960s and a distant cousin George Gristock Lewry who lived in the same area at about the same time
Family Surnames: Legg, Taylor, Lewry
LOMAS - (Chobham - Surrey)
Looking for information and family related to Frederick LOMAS born New Malden, lived in Chobham, killed WW1.
Family Surnames: Lomas
Allen, Theophilus. - (Chobham - Surrey)
looking for relatives of Theophilus Allen, architect. Lived in Chobham in the late 1800's.
Family Surnames: Allen
MUNDAY - (Chobham - Surrey)
Looking for relatives of Edward Munday killed at the Battle of Jutland, aged 17. Lived Chobham.
Family Surnames: Munday
DABORN family of chobham - (Chobham - Surrey)
Has anyone got any information about the history of this family which I believe can be traced back to 1066?
Moir family in Chobham - (Chobham - Surrey)
My grandfather was George Moir, born in Staines, Middlesex and then lived in Chobham. In his teens the family moved to Earlswood Road, Redhill. His parents were Arthur Moir and Sarah Rapley, Arthur's parents were John Moir (born about 1806) and Mary Ann Wallis - married about 1830. I am trying to find out more about John Moir so I would appreciate any information.
Family Surnames: Moir, Rapley, Wallis
the history of CHOBHAM - (Chobham - Surrey)
Has anyone got a book titled The History of Chobham by Dr. Robert Schueller as I would like to purchase a copy.
lunn - (Chobham - Surrey)
looking for information on herbert and eva lunn who lived in chobham from around 1869-1957 or any desendents
Family Surnames: Lunn
Smallbone - (Chobham - Surrey)
I'm looking for any descendants of a Smallbone who lived in Chobham circa 1920. I know my side of the family but understand there was a second marriage and am curious about further family history/relatives.
Family Surnames: Smallbone
Horace Daborn (1889 - 1918) - (Chobham - Surrey)
I am trying to find information on HORACE DABORN (1889 - 1918)who was the son of ALFRED DABORN (1841 - 1915) and CATHERINE GOSDEN (1848 - 1927). HORACE was born in Chobham, and was listed as living at Chapel House, West End in the 1901 Census and as living at Brookside, in the 1911 Census. On both occaisions with his parents and some of his siblings. During the First War he served with both the Hussars of the Line (13916) and the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (30764), dying whilst serving with the latter Regiment. Any information about HORACE, his family,or the properties where they lived would be greatly appreciated. NOTE: HORACE is often confused with a second-cousin once removed: HORACE JOHN DABORN (1887 - 1914).
Family Surnames: Daborn
Terry - (Chobham - Surrey)
My GreatGrand-father was James Terry born 1872 Died 1958 in Hellingly Hospital in Sussex He was married to Martha Williams from Wales. His son John Henry being my Grand-father was married to kate Nutton from Aberford Yorkshire. I have hit a brick wall as I can't find James Terry's Parent can any one help? please
Family Surnames: Terry . Nutton
Driscoll, Jessie Theresa - (Churt - Surrey)
The 1901 census shows a Jessie Theresa Driscoll working as a chambermaid in Churt and gives her birth place as America Stevson, Dacota. Family 'history' tells that my grandmother, Jessie Theresa Driscoll (b.abt 1880) lived in N.America as a child. Her father, Daniel, was a 'captain' in the 'army' who was cashiered for gambling and returned to England, loosing all the family records during the journey!! Jessie had a brother Daniel, who served in the 1WW and a sister, Annie. She married Frank Clarke in Dover in 1906 and they had 7 children. Frank was a soldier. Jessie and Frank spent their married life in London, living in Meymot St., Collingwood St., and Roupell St., Does anyone recognise anything here as I've hit a brick wall!!
Family Surnames: Driscoll Clarke
Stride, Fredrick William - (Clapham - Surrey)
Fredrick William Stride (born about 1839, Westminster). In 1881 was living at 26 Roundell St, Clapham, Surrey, (a widower and, by trade, a plasterer) with children Elizabeth, George, Edward and Charles. I'm not sure if I'm connected or not. Is anyoneresearching this line?
Family Surnames: Stride
Chapman - (Clapham - Surrey)
George and Sarah lived at 75 Balham Grove, Clapham in 1881 with their children: Walter, George, Chas. and Albert. Seeking information on the older three boys.
Family Surnames: Chapman
Edwards - (Clapham - Surrey)
edwards marjory joan ogilvie born 1912 in clapham maternity home was cared for by a middleaged couple with two sons. husband could have been a train or tram driver, lived with themuntil circa 1918/19 placed in a charity school in forest hill area. mother gave her name as mary james edwards working in kings cross area home address battersea
Family Surnames: Edwards
WEBB - (Clapham - Surrey)
George WEBB b.1822 Tamworth STS, surgeon, m.1852 St Pancras LND to Jane and had one son, George Matthew Walter WEBB b. July 1853 at Paddington LND. In 1881 Census, George was supposedly widowed and living at 101 Hollydale Road, Camberwell but his son (is he the same?) is an engraver of wood (draughtsman) at 362 Wandsworth Road, Clapham with his wife, Louisa (nee TOMKINS), and mother, Jane WEBB (married). I asume George and Jane were living apart hence the variance in marital status? WHO WAS MRS JANE WEBB?Any help appreciated and contact with descendants sought. Jane WEBB was nee BINT, d/o John BINT, glass manufacturer, of St Pancras (1852).
Family Surnames: Webb, Bint, Tomkins
Wiltberger - (Clapham - Surrey)
born 1858? John Wiltberger
Family Surnames: Wiltberger
adamson-cooper-mills-salmon - (Clapham - Surrey)
Seeking information related to these families in Clapham 1770-1860. In particular, John and James Adamson and families, & Thomas and Mary Ann Cooper (nee Mills).
Family Surnames: Adamson, Cooper, Mills, Salmon
Seeking details John Rhodes Wilson and family (b abt 1854) - (Clapham - Surrey)
Would like to find out about John Rhodes Wilson. I can only say his wife was Mary MONNERY of the Monnerys of Southwark (b Lambeth 02/03/1854) and they had a daughter Irene M(ary?) WILSON, born Brixton abt 1879 and a son Frank H WILSON, born abt 1882,Clapham. They were apparently married 22 Dec 1877 in St Barnabas, South Kennington, Surrey but I cannot confirm this. He must have died sometime between 1881-2 and 1891 as Mary is a widow in the latter census. I cannot find his birth nor a definite entry in the 1881 census (Mary is in her father's house with children both in 1881 and 1891). Daughter Irene Mary married Frederick William SMITH(a book keeper born in Stratford/Avon abt 1879)possibly in Brentford district Dec qtr 1898 and had ason Victor A SMITH. Son Frank H was an estate agent in 1901.
Family Surnames: Wilson, Monnery, Smith
smoker - (Clapham - Surrey)
i am looking for the smoker family in 1881 census. joseph smoker owned greengrocers shop at 115 park rd clapham. walter smoker owned a greengrocers at 68 queens rd peckham. i would love to hear from anyone connected to this family
Family Surnames: Smokers
LOOKING FOR RELATIVES - (Clapham - Surrey)
Looking for relatives of WILLIAM & ALICE HAYWARD who lived in Clapham during the 1881 and 1901 census at 4 Prescott Place Clapham with their children, ARTHUR b1865, ALICE b1868, WILLIAM b1861 M 1881 JANE VINN b1862, EMILY b1872, SARAH b1875, WALTER b1880, FREDERICK b1883
Family Surnames: Hayward
John Spring - (Clapham - Surrey)
Searching for information/relatives of John Spring from Clapham. He was married to Hannah Antrim. They had at least one child, Henry Spring who was born 29/01/1842. He married Ellen Murphy from Cork. Henry served in the army in India in the 1870's two of their children were born in India, one in Ireland and the rest in England. Their daughter Theresa Mary Spring was my G. Grandmother.
Family Surnames: Spring, Antrim, Murphy
Spring and Gellard familities - (Clapham - Surrey)
Looking for details on Spring family born in Clapham and also Gellard family. My connection is Henry Spring 1837 who married Johanna Gellard 1837. Johannas parents were John Gellard and Johanna Rich and Henry's James Spring and Ann Garaway. Any information welcome.
Family Surnames: Spring
SANDERS - Charles Robert - (Clapham - Surrey)
CHARLES ROBERT SANDERS was born 1861 , Clapham Surrey. Parents, Robert Coombe Sanders , Leonora Hall. There were five sisters born after Robert. Emily, born 1867 Islington, Florence born 1870 Middlesex, Maude born 1871 Islington. Leonora born 1875 and Betrice Louise born 1879 born Southwark. I have only recently found that Charles Robert and Florence existed. Would be very interested if anyone else is searching for this family.
Family Surnames: Sanders
Adamsons of Clapham/Lambeth - (Clapham - Surrey)
I am researching the family of John Adamson and Mary Ann Cooper (and also John's brother, James, wife Martha Salmon and family). My father's family tree detailed four children (Marianne, George, Caroline and Thomas Alfred) but I have since located four more, three of whom lived. I would be very keen to locate researchers interested in the following: Charles born 1846, Lambeth, married Emily Muller or Marcus, their daughter Bertha married Francis Gaywood in 1901. They lived in Lewisham and Charles was an engineer. James, born 1852, Lambeth. Lived in Woolwich, was a streamship engineer. William H, born about 1856. Lived in Woolwich in his youth, was last heard of as a shipping clerk in 1881, in Lancashire. Carole
Family Surnames: Adamson
Unknown great great Grandad - (Clapham - Surrey)
I am trying to find descendants of my Grandfather sydney Elliott born around 1889 in London possibly chelsea.His mothers name was Jeffery, but she gave him up and I believe her partner emigrated to Australia or America, family versions differ,and there the trail goes cold. Any help apreciated.
Family Surnames: Jeffery,Elliott,Powney,Newton
SPICERS - (Clapham - Surrey)
I am trying to trace descendants of Arthur Steve Spicer, married Eliza Pridmore Sept 1908 at St Pauls Church Clapham
Family Surnames: Spicer / Pridmore
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