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Benwell ... Berwick-Upon-Tweed
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STANTON John - (Benwell - Northumberland)
I am looking for any information on John Stanton of Benwell who married Margaret Harrison, daughter of Cornelius Harrison of Stubb House, Co. Durham. Margaret was born in Bowes 1770 (or 1776), John was born in Bishopwearmouth 1765. I would particularly like to find their marriage.
Family Surnames: Stanton, Harrison
Joseph Carr, Minerva Villa - (Benwell - Northumberland)
My g.g.g.grandfather, Joseph Carr, lived in Minerva Villa, Benwell, shortly before his death in 1865; it was sold very soon after. Does anyone have any pictures of Minerva Villa, or know anything about it? I assume it no longer exists. Any information would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Carr Barras
William Malcolm Ross - (Benwell - Northumberland)
Im looking for information about William Malcolm Ross, I know he married Jane Davidson and had 10 or 11 children I would like to know about his parents Alexander Ross and wife Alexander was a soap boiler in1839 according to William`s wedding cert.William died in 1909, They come from Newcastle, Elswick and benwell areas
Family Surnames: Ross
Liddell Family - (Benwell - Northumberland)
Looking for information on the above family. i am part of a group called the Friends of Jesmond Old Cemetery, we are trying to clean and restore it back to its original state. While clearing some graves I have come accross a few graves belonging to the Liddell family from Benwell Hall Benwell and Longbenton. They are lovely graves and was just looking to add some history to them on our website. Regards Alison
brumwell/gillespie/molloy/scott - (Benwell - Northumberland)
looking for any info on brumwell, gillespie, molloy and scott names my family members all lived in the benwell/elswick area around 1900
Adam Henderson - a Miller from Berwick - (Berwick Hill - Northumberland)
Adam Henderson was born in around 1812 in Berwick Northumberland - Was a miller. - Married an Isabella of 1817 Warkworth. - They had at least 1 child - Margaret Ann Henderson 1846 in Dunston. Margaret Ann Henderson at some point ended up in Hartlepool where she had a family after marrying a Thomas Lake who was from Holkam Norfolk born 1835. Any links - would be great to hear from you. Thanks Helen.
Family Surnames: Henderson Lake
Douglas Family - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for information on the Douglas family of Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland. Daniel Douglas was born 1857, son of John Douglas, a shoemaker. Daniel married Isabella Hay Purves at Berwick in 1880. Her father was John Purves who was also a shoemaker. Daniel and Isabella moved to Sunderland, County Durham shortly after 1881. I have info on the Sunderland connection but would like more from the Berwick upon Tweed side.
Family Surnames: Douglas
Edmeston / Edminson - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Name change for political / religious reasons in 17/1800's. Searching for information to establish this link, especially of John Edmeston 1778,John Edmeston 1793 and Alexander Edmeston Abt.1770. Also Robert Edminson 1793.
Family Surnames: Edmeston Edminson
Berwick Dispensary & Poor-house - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Berwick on Tweed - Parson & White - Durham - 1827/8 - p 366/7 Dispensary: The hand of benevolence in Berwick is not merely extended for the purpose of disseminating knowledge amongst the poor inhabitants, but it also affords pecuniary & other assistance in cases of sickness & distress, for the alleviation of which here are several charitable institutions, at the head of which stands the Dispensary, which was instituted in 1814, for the purpose of affording medical & surgical aid to the lame & sick poor. Though the medical gentlemen of Berwick give their service to this benevolent institution, it annual expenditure generally amounts to about £130, out of which a yearly salary of £25 is paid to Mr Johnson Haw,the dispenser; but its receipts seem to be more than adequate to its disbursements, for, according to its last report, the charity possess a stock amounting to nearly £600. The Poor House: which is the legal asylum of the indigent inhabitantsof Berwick, often contains about 1000 inmates. It stands in a healthy situation in Castlegate, & was formerly used as a sacking manufactory, but it is now fitted up in a comfortable & commodious manner for its present purpose, & has, as w...
Frier, henderson. - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Any Information on John Frier,Married to (Marjory Graham Henderson From Berwick)
Family Surnames: Frier - Henderson
Riley, Heslop, Kitchener - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I would like to swap information on the Riley, Heslop, Kitchener families of Berwick.
Family Surnames: Riley Heslop Kitchener
Dodds/Pringle of Berwick-upon-Tweed - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Searching for the Dodds and Pringle families who lived in/around Berwick-upon-Tweed 1700-1850 - especially Ann Dodds b abt 1789 who married John Pringle in 1810 in BUT. However Tweedmouth, Ford and Eccles may figure. It is possible that Ann Dodds was born in Canongate, Edinburgh - father John Dodds, James Dodds or Alexander Dodds. Any info at all appreciated.
Family Surnames: Dodds, Pringle
Ogle boys - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
On 1861 census for Westgate area Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the household 5 members all born Berwick-upon-Tweed. Two young boys are described as lodgers and who are John OGLE aged 13 (c1848) and Thomas OGLE aged 11 (c 1850) Who are these boys - some distant relatives / friends' children from Berwick? Widow Elizabeth DOUGLASS is head of the house and widow El-? REID Elizabeth's sister together with Alexander DOUGLASS son of Elizabeth are the other occupants. Who are the OGLEs?
Family Surnames: Ogle
margaret best - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
on the 1881 census my great grandmother margaret parkinson nee best said she was born in berwick on tweed we can not find any information about the best family in that area her fathers name was benjamin can anyone help. we think the family may have come from ireland at some time
Family Surnames: Best
Marion Young - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for connections to Marion Cunningham Young, father Andrew Young, from Berwick. She married Joseph Taylor in Newcastle upon Tyne and settled in Sunderland. Any information will be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Young, Taylor
BURN family - Berwick Upon Tweed - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
William Burn and Betty Landles had 6 children I am aware of. The childrens births were as follows: Adam, Dec 178; John, Nov 1790; Neill, Jan 1792; Margaret, Dec 1793; Betty, Sept 1795; and Adam, Oct 1798. Does anyone have any information on this family?
Family Surnames: Burn Landles
Hope - Berwick upon Tweed 1830's - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Have got a family of Hopes from Berwick upon Tweed. Parents John and Margaret HOPE nee Slight/Flight. Daughter Barbara born 1830 - she married twice firstly to John McLaren a soldier. They had a daughter Jane McLaren born c1856 in Berwick upon Tweed. John died or was killed. Barbara re-married - Thomas Farmer in 1861 in Edinburgh - a soldier of the 71st Regiment of Foot believed to be same regiment as John. Desperate to find out about parentage of JOHN HOPE, MARGARET FLIGHT/SLIGHT and JOHN McLAREN
Family Surnames: Hope - Slight - Flight - Mclaren
Furby - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Edward Furby born in 1870 Berwick-upon-Tweed, with parents Edward and Ann Furby and sister Jane and brother William arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1876.
Family Surnames: Furby
Atchison Skeen - Berwick and Tweedmouth - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am looking for the marriage of William Skeen (1812-1873) and Ann Atchison (c.1814-1864), which reputedly took place in c.1832 - possibly in the Berwick area, although maybe it was a cross-border wedding; Ann and William were both from Berwick/Tweedmouth. William was, however, working in Edinburgh by this time so the wedding could have taken place there.
Family Surnames: Atchison Skeen
Leydens - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am looking for Leydens born around this area, In particular those connected with John Leyden (chemical worker/soldier) and Margaret Lamb (Leyden) who lived here until her death in 1901/02 Thanks
Family Surnames: Leyden
James Tait . Berwick-on-Tweed - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for anyone connected to James Tait born 1807 in berwick. Married Margaret from penshaw durham. Moved to shropshire possibly late 1840s. Nothing else known at present
Family Surnames: Tait
BUGLASS and SIMPSON - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Seeking any connections to the BUGLASS family of Berwick, and origins of John Archibald SIMPSON born c.1797 and married Barbara BUGLASS.
Family Surnames: Buglass, Simpson
BOAK - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for the marriage of Samual Boak born Tosson 1789 to Margaret (surname unknown) in Berwick on Tweed probably c1818. Any help appreciated.
Paxton/Distinton - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Searching for Isabella Paxton, born ca 1795 in Tweedmouth, married in Berwick, 1813, to Thomas Todd. Also James Distinton, born ca 1739 in Tweedmouth and his daughter Elizabeth, married in 1786 to Ralph Todd in Berwick.
Family Surnames: Paxton/Distinton/Todd
Lamberts - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for anyone with Lambert connections in Berwick, especially Vincent of which there were many going back generations - my Greats!
Family Surnames: Lambert
Brigham&Co - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Seeking info on a company called Brighams&Co.They where in Berwick around 2nd half of 1800`s-1900`s Looking for an address for them and any other info. Thanks
Family Surnames: Brigham
Patrick/Nicholson families - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for info on both Patricks and Nicholsons. George Patrick, Salmon Fisherman, born abt 1787 in Berwick, married Alice Nicholson. They moved to Fort William, where their children were born. Robert, Alice, Thomas, Alexander and, maybe Eleanor. After Alice's death, George returned to Berwick between 1841 and 1851. 1851 census shows him living with Elizabeth Aitcheson (pauper), Robert Nicholson (sailor) and Jane Douglas (sholar), in Berwick.
Family Surnames: Patrick, Nicholson
Wakenshaw - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Only recently started so not much to go on but here goes. My father Leslie wakenshaw (DOB 1945) has one brother Robert (DOB 1946/7) and two sisters, Christine (DOB 1950) and Alison (DOB 1948). Robert and girls were surname Storey. Fathers' Mother was Alison father unknown. She had three brothers, Robert who married Alice and live in Tweedmouth somewhere and William who married Ann in Newcastle but has passed on and Alex who married Jean in Portsmouth and has passed on. My fathers Grandparents were Robert Wakenshaw and Alison Wakenshaw nee Dixon (I think). All lived in and around Duns, Berwick, Kimmerghaim mains areas. Any help appreciated. Thanks Pete
Family Surnames: Wakenshaw Storey
BARCLAY - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for any connections with the BARCLAY family of Berwick, Andrew and his wife Ann (CURRIE), children George (1846), Mary (1848), John (1852), Andrew (1857), James (1861) and William Sudlow (1861). The family later moved south to the Amble area
Family Surnames: Barclay, Currie
Dryden - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for ancestors/siblings of Henry and Hugh Dryden both born in Scotland (Dunbar?) between 1809 and 1815. Father was Robert Dryden a flax-dresser. Henry was a tallow chandler and moved to Newcastle having married Jane or Jean Delgaty in Ayton in 1832. Hugh married Isabel Lisle in Berwick in 1838 - he was a rope maker. Would like to trace father and any other siblings of these brothers.
Family Surnames: Dryden, Delgaty, Lisle
Packstoun-Paxtoune-Paxton - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Seeking information abour James Paxton family born in Berwick - 1620 1640 1660's. Not sure how they spelled their name then; spelled it PAXTON when they emigrated to Americal in the 1730-1760's. James, Samuel, John, Thomas, Nathaniel, William are all family given names they used.
Family Surnames: Paxton-Packstoun
Unthank Hall - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Does anyone out there know of an Unthank Hall in or near Berwick on Tweed.
Shiel(d) - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I'm looking for information about Thomas (a tailor) and Jane Shiel(d) who lived in Berwick from about 1825. They had 5 children (Thomas, Isabella, George Wilson Cameron, John Paxton and Margaret) and went to live in London in 1837.
Family Surnames: Shiel, Shield
Union Workhouse - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am interested in any information concerning the Union Workhouse, Berwick around 1891/2. Lindsayina Robinson died there in 1892 of paralysis. (No mention of cause of this) Her husband William was living in West End Tweedmouth and working as a baker. Why was she in the workhouse?
Family Surnames: Robinson
Johnston, Andrew - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Seeking information on the father and mother of Andrew Johnston born in Berwick upon Tweed 17 March 1766. His father's name is believed to be George Johnston. Andrew became an architect in London before migrating to Australia in 1802. Any information would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Johnston
PAXTON, SMITH, HOGARTH (various spellings)THOMPSON, WEATHERSTON - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am searching for any information on James SMITH born c 1801, Hackney, London. His children are JAMES BURRELL SMITH (famous artist), ADELAIDE EMMA SMITH born c 1832 Rothbury, Northumberland (married WILLIAM JAMES PAXTON) , ELIZA SMITH, WILLIAM JAMES SMITH (also an artist) I am also trying to locate THOMSON/THOMPSON a BLACKSMITH from Berwick Upon Tweed, married to a HOGARTH. They had a daughter named ISABELLA THOMPSON who married JOSEPH WEATHERSTON early 1800's in Berwick Upon Tweed
Family Surnames: Paxton, Smith, Hogarth, Thompson, Weatherston
Johnson - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Robert Johnson shoemaker b1790 married to Ann living in Wallace Green, children James b1824, Robert b1822, William b1828 & Mary b1832. Robert became a baker and stayed in Wallace Green, James my great grandfather moved to Leeds & became a tailor. Does anyone have any information please. Catherine
Family Surnames: Johnson
Thomas Younger IRVINE and Wilhelmina Wallace DIXON - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am looking for details of the children and grandchildren of this couple, who married 8th May 1897 at the Register Office, Berwick. Wilhelmina was usually referred to as Minnie. It is known that she died as a result of Flu in 1924 and that Thomas remarried to Alice Annie Bailey formerly Palmer, a divorced woman. Alice had the children baptised into the catholic faith. It is known that Thomases father was named James, and so was Wilhelmina's. They had a large family, but not all children survived. The children known of include Edith Irvine b. 1899, Christian (female) b. 1891, Lilian b. 1920, Isabella Moffat Irvine b. 1913, Joseph b. 1915, Allan b. 1912,David Reggie b. 1917. It would be nice to make contact with cousins.
Family Surnames: Irvine, Dixon, Younger
Marriage - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Can anyone help me find the marriage of Martha Lounton to James Thompson about 1846-8 They lived at Scremerston Martha was the daughter of Ann Lounton And James was the son of John and Jane Thompson
Family Surnames: Lounton And Thompson
Hawley, Archbold - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Jane Archbold b: abt 1797 mother of Elizabeth married Christopher Hawley all born in berwick northumberland any help very appreciated
Family Surnames: Hawley, Archbold,
McQueen Hall Middlemass - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I'm researching the family of John McQueen, b1789 at Berwick, married 1. Mary Hall (b.? d.circa 1827/8) at Belford on 25th Aug 1810, 2. Grace ?, (b circa 1895 Northumberland -acc. to 1841 census, d. 1844) at Paxton Toll, Scotland, in 1828 and 3. Eleanor Grant, widow 1857. He died 18th Dec 1860. Grace's family name may have been Middlemass as their first daughter is Margaret Middlemass McQueen baptised 19th March 1820 at Holy Trinity, Berwick. John McQueen was made a Freeman of Berwick on January 7, 1811 and is noted as "second son of John". His father seems to be John McQueen, gardener, b. circa 1760 at Berwick upon Tweed (made Freeman on Oct 25th 1784 after apprenticeship to Robert Nesbit, Gardener). If any kind soul has any info on this family I would be very grateful to hear from them. Thank you, Jane
Family Surnames: Mcqueen Hall Middlemass
lyall family - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
looking for lyalls who lived in berwick-upon-tweed got gggg grandad james born 1788 be grateful for information.thanks
Family Surnames: Lyall
GIBSON - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
I am researching the GIBSON family. Living in Berwick upon Tweed btwn c1845-1865. They were a family of hawkers. They travelled around the borders region of Scotland, inc. LAUDER, HAWICK, DUNSE, JEDBURGH. Associated surnames inc. YOUNG, MARSHALL, DONALDSON.
Family Surnames: Gibson Young Marshall Donaldson
Thomspon-Anderson-Tribe - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for relatives to MAry and Florence Thompson, Mary married to Bill Tribe ( lived at 1 dorset avenue, South Shileds) and Florence married to Cecil Anderson, they had a daugther named Thelma. PLease HELP
Family Surnames: Thomspon
Anderson Berwick on Tweed - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
revised :I am trying to find information, or relatives of John Anderson born 1818 died about 1892 he was a retired Saddler, he had 7 sons and 1 daugher, his eldest son jOHN BORN 1844 - 1884 was a general dealer, and his wife ran a Inn in Marygate,his son Peter was a whitesmith living in Newcastle. These are my GG - grandfather I am anxious to find the surname of John -1818's wife Mary, any help will be appreciated. thank you,
Family Surnames: Anderson
Walker - 1851 Census - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
William Walker and his wife Jane, with son William, were recorded as living in Chapel Street in the parish of Berwick upon Tweed in the 1851 census. I bleieve that William may have been my great, great grandfather. Does anyone have any information regarding this family?
Family Surnames: Walker
Wood family - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Robert Wood born approx.1790 to John Wood & Grace any info. on this family would be great
Family Surnames: Wood
BANNISTER/WATTERS - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
Looking for members of Bannister family. Thomas Bannister (1830 Berwick on Tweed) daughter Rachel (1860) married Benjamin Watters (Scotland 1858) in Berwick 1878. Any info welcome.
Family Surnames: Bannister/Watters
trying to find - (Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Northumberland)
one of my ancestors was a ships master and was lost at sea along with his wife and son any ideas as to how I can find out more about his vessel and death. Surname - Dumble.
Family Surnames: Dumble
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