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Newcastle upon Tyne ...
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Youll - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
any Youll's from Newcastle and Gateshead Whitesmith, Bellhanger, and Slater's were their occupation, other names also Pyle, Archibold ( butcher in Newcastle) Bridges, Kennedy
Family Surnames: Youll Pyle Archibold Bridges Kennedy
Anderson M. Wilson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I would like to find the ancestors of Thomas Anderson of Newcastle upon Tyne, whose daughter Elizabeth married Roger Wilson of Casterton Hall (1690-1755). Their son, another Roger, became Recorder of Kendal and died (unmarried) in 1769.
Family Surnames: Anderson Wilson
Madonella Pseudonym - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Mary Astell was born at Newcastle upon Tyne 1668 and died in 1731. She was a writer the author of - A Serious Proposal to Ladies, published anonymously 1694-97. The proposal was for the erection of a monastery or home of religious retirement to be conducted under the rules of the Church of England: a scheme which later brought its author considerable abuse; as in The Tatler (32) where she appears under the name of Madonella.
Family Surnames: Astell
Composer And Writer On Music - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Charles Avison was born at Newcastle on Tyne in 1710 and died there 9th May 1770. An English composer and writer on music. He is best known for his 'Essay on Musical Expression' 1752, in which he placed German music below that of the French and Italians.
Family Surnames: Avison
Stott-donnison - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for decendants of Sott-Donnison married about 1800 in All Saints Newcastle on Tyne. William Stott married to Jane Donnison.One son named Francis ?.Any help greatly accepted. Thank You.
Family Surnames: Stott-Donnison
Iron Founder And Politician - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Sir Isaac Lowthian Bell was born at Newcastle upon Tyne 1816. An English manufacturer and politician. He founded, with his brothers, Thomas and John Bell, the Clarence Iron Works on the Tees in 1852 and was Member of Parliament for Hartlepool 1875-80. Author of - The Chemical Phenomena of Iron Smelting 1782 and Report on the Iron Manufacture of the United States and a Comparison of it with that of Great Britain 1877.
Family Surnames: Bell
Alfred Thomas Young/sarah Nixon - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Alfred Young - son of Thomas Young dob c1854 and Sarah Nixon, (wife) dob c1865. Daughter Emily Nixon born 18.09.1892 in sub-district of Westgate. Emily married my grandfather in Canada in 1918 and came to New Zealand in 1921. The address on her b/cert is 28 Nun Street; later 2/6 Phillips St. Anyone out there with information on this family?
Family Surnames: Alfred Young Or Sarah Young Nee Nixon
Atkinson Henderson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Atkinson Henderson. born about 1865 in Newcastle. Any info.welcome.
Family Surnames: Henderson
Barker / Summers / Laverick - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Helen Barker b 1906 Newcastle, daughter of Thomas Barker b 1867 in Stockton & Margaret Summers b1870 in Tyne Dock. Thomas son of Thomas Barker b 1844 Middleton Tyas, York & Sarah Laverick b 1845. Anyone with any information please get in touch.
Family Surnames: Barker Summers Laverick
Pearson, Turnbull - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for imfo. on decendents of Charles Pearson, father John a labourer.He married Jane Turnbull, her father Jacob, a pitman, in Newcastle St Nicholas in 1850. Henry Pearson born in 1852.
Family Surnames: Pearson Turnbull
Pritchard - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for any pritchards from newcastle early 1800's. immigrated to scotland sometime between 1800 to 1864. can anyone help me.
Family Surnames: Pritchard
Ryles - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any information on the Ryles family, All Saints and Benwell areas c1840.
Family Surnames: Ryles
Askew - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
seeking any details of Mary Ann Askew probably born Newcastle 1824. Married Joseph Dove born Jan 19 1824. Mother of Robert Ridley Smith born Apr 24 1860
Family Surnames: Askew
Goldsmith - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for information on the Goldsmith family from 1827 in Newcastle upon tyne, Moved from Sunderland before 1847. In 1881 lived in the Westgate area.
Family Surnames: Goldsmith
Watson family - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any info on Hugh Watson b. 1848 in newcastle on tyne to John Watson & Catherine McClusky, John & Catherine were married 28 March 1836 in Hawick Roxburgh. I don't know when they moved to Newcastle but I expect it was for work. I would be grateful for any info thanks
Binney - congregationalist - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
From The Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Thomas Binney was born at Newcastle on Tyne in April 1798 and died at Clapton 24th feb. 1874. A noted English Congregationalist divine and controversialist.
Family Surnames: Binney
Henson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for Clement Sivado Henson. Born around 1870? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Family Surnames: Henson
pickard - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for anyone related to the Pickards of the scotswood area of newcastle-upon-tyne
Family Surnames: Pickard
Bake - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for anyone related to the Bake family
Family Surnames: Bake
rowell - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for anyone related to Annie Rowell
Family Surnames: Rowell
James Baker / Dorothy Booth - m.@ 1850 - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm looking for parents of James Baker and/or Dorothy Booth, my 2nd great-grandfather & grandmother. They emigrated from Newcastle upon Tyne to the US with their son, Harris, about 1855. A Mary Booth was also with them and we believe she was Dorothy's mother. Baker is my maiden name and I've been looking for more information on James & Dorothy for many years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Baker Booth
trying to find - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for any living relatives of simpson family from newcastle i have many names and places but need help from a living source to put it together i do know there are cousins of my late father but i dont know them
Family Surnames: Simpson
Capshaw - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am looking for information on the surnames Capshaw or Copshaw in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.
Family Surnames: Copshaw Capshaw
Bobby Lowes/Lows - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm searching for my father Bobby Lowes/ or Lows who was born circa 1925 and knew my mother and her family from Winlaton Mill in the 1950's/60's her maiden name was Stewart, he knew me as Dawn Patterson from Rowlands Gill. I think he had some connection to mining/singing/music. Any information would be great. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Lowes/Lows/Patterson
Thomas Binney - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am looking for any and all info from decendants of Thomas Binney. My ggrandfather was William in an article it stated that he was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, parents were Thomas Binney and Mary Biggse. Our name has changed in spelling... Bennie .any help would be most appreciated..I live in Texas, USA.. thank you
Family Surnames: Binney/ Bennie
THOMPSON - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Look for anyone related to James Thompson family of Newcastle upon Tyne James married Mary McKie had son George daughter Mary
Family Surnames: Thompson
THOMPSON - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Look for anyone related to James Thompson family of Newcastle upon Tyne James married Mary McKie had son George daughter Mary
Family Surnames: Thompson
Binney - Thomas - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My G G G grandfather was John Binney of Newcastle on Tyne, his brother was Thomas Binney, both boys were baptised at Wall Knoll Chapel between 1794 - 1798. Thomas became a Minister to a London Church for over 40 years while John remained in Newcastle, John's decendants still live there.
Family Surnames: Binney, Thomas
Louie Jones - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
When Louie Jones registered birth of her son, John Lee born 17 March 1890 in Byker, she stated his father was Easten Lee. Gave her surname as Lee, formerly Jones - rather implying that she was married!. Unable to trace their marriage and accept thatJohn was illegimate. Found marriage of Easten to Lily Muller 1899, Gateshead when he was shown as a bachelor. Can anyone shed any light on Louie? Apart from Louise or Louisa, what could have been her 'proper' name? Does anyone know of Louie beingused as a family name for Elizabeth?
Family Surnames: Jones Lee Newcastle
Cross Cromwell Street c. 1897/98, Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My father, James Herbertson Jackman, says he was born in Cross Cromwell Street in Newcastle upon Tyne (in August 1897/8). His birth certificate, recently acquired, confirms this. I have entries in 1901 Census which show him as a 3 yr oldliving with his father, James Richard (son of Joseph Jackman & Harriet late of Great Yarmouth then of Newcastle) and mother Margaret Alder (nee Dixon) at Beaumont Street. Added 24/2/05 - I have found Cross Cromwell in a trawl through 1971 - it seems to consist of one house No.2 lying between No 53 & 55 Cromwell St. & was a grocer's shop in the 1990s - ward's Street Directory Newcastle. The occupant doesn't seem to have any connection with my family.
Family Surnames: Dixon, Jackman
Mass immigration 1870s-80 - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
While trawling the 1881 Elswick census returns, I have been struck by the huge influx of people from many walks of life: labourers, skilled trades, tradesmen & professionals, who moved into the area between 1870 & 1880 - worked out by their place ofbirth and the fact that many had offspring born elsewhere: they came from all areas of England and Wales. Many came from Ireland - potato famine? and Scotland - land clearances? others from Russia, Poland & other countries in central Europe - Jews fleeing pogrommes? and Scandanavia - not so surprising, as many were shipbulders or seafarers. More surprising were the odd individuals who had married locally, but were born in Africa, West Indies, & the far east. What I would like to know is, whatwas the magnet that attracted them at that time to the Newcastle area? It was too late for the railway boom, I would have thought. Was shipbuilding experiencing a great expansion at the time, with lots of jobs available in this and the support industries? the other support workers & professional would be attracted also by the opportunities for work & trade. Have I got that right, or was there another reason for the influx & does my hunch correspond with a known demographic change in the perio...
Family Surnames: Jackman
STEPHENSON, William Harrison - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for info on William Harrison Stephenson (father Arthur, mother Mary Harrison) emigrated to Australia 1860's. Worked as grease monkey at Emmavale (Elmavale?) Colliery from 1840's.
Family Surnames: Stephenson
Elizabeth MATTISON - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
States on both the 1871 and 1881 census that she was born in Newcastle in about 1855/56. The 1871 census has her listed as a Dressmaker, aged 15. She is living with her mother Margaret, aged 50 and born in Newcastle also, her mother was a Seamstress.There is also a George Bamborough there, described as son in law to Margaret Mattison, and a Margaret aged 20, described as wife, presumably to George Bamborough. Elizabeth married Edward HALL in Newcastle Upon Tyne Register Office on 23 May 1876.At the time her residence was Byker, Newcastle. Her father was Joseph MATTISON, he was apparently dead by the time she was married. He was a cork cutter. At the time of the 1881 census she was living with her husband Edward and newborn daughter Henrietta at 30 Carlton Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne (All Saints).
Family Surnames: Mattison, Hall, Bamborough
Jane Ann Cooney(Newcastle) - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
JaneAnn, Veronica May & Margaret lived in Percy Street, they attended St. Mary's Catholic Church between 1898 to early 1930's. They were on the music halls especially The Palace Theatre which was near their home. Their mum was once the housekeeper for the Lord & Lady Mayoress of Newcastle and their mum was also the person responsible for cleaning the altar inside St. Mary's. Their mum was a very outspoken lady and was known to shout about the rights of the working man. Their mum died in Newcastle in 1957 aged about 97rs. This lady was my great grandma. I would like any information on them all so I can complete my family history. Many thanks.
Family Surnames: Cooney, Wilkinson, Walton, Sedgwick
Wm Tickle, Clock & Watchmaker - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
William Tickle was born abt 1737 not sure where, he married Mary about 1755-1761 dont know where. He then settled in Newcastle upon Tyne and had several business addresses in Wool Market, Bigg Market, Mosley St. & lived in Westgate & Saville Court until death in 1799. Children Margaret, William,Dalton & Mary.
Family Surnames: Tickle, Shayler,
McIntosh, Sharp, Hutton - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My ggrandmother, Euphemia Hutton McIntosh's death certificate says she was born on 3 August 1833 at Newcastle on Tyne. She and her sister Anne Kermath McIntosh and brother William migrated to Australia in the 1850's where she married a James Smith. Her parents' names on the death certificate are William McIntosh and Betsey Sharp. Brothers John and Edward are a possibility. Any information would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Mcintosh, Sharp(E), Hutton
Maud Catherine Mary Sinclair - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for information about my wife's grandmother.She was in Newcastle at 8 Rothbury Terace in 1931 to give birth at 24 Grosvenor Road to My wife's father Graham. Many thanks
Family Surnames: Sinclair
McNestry, - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm looking for any info on The McNestry family in Newcastle Upon Tyne. My Great Grandfather was Edward Mcnestry died around 1937. I also Know he had a brother who was a preist. Also any Austin, Gibson, Creighton's in the area
Family Surnames: Mcnestry,Austin, Gibson, Creighton
Rawling / Honeyman - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
James Rawling Married Jane Honeyman at All Saints Newcastle on 29th Oct 1827. has anyone any connections?, I am trying to find a Birth/christening record for James.
Family Surnames: Rawling
Annie Rowell - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My grandmother's maiden name was Annie Rowell, married to Thomas Edward Rowell (her cousin), she died in 1950's/60's. Message me if this is the Annie Rowell you are looking for.
Family Surnames: Rowell
Arnisons - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Does anyone have any information regarding the Arnison family from Newcastle. My Great-great-grandfather was Joseph Simpson Arnison who ran the Sandyford Brewery. He married Isabella Coulson, the reputed daughter of Ralph Naters. My Great-grandfather was Joseph Naters Arnison, born 1860 in Newcastle and died 1896 and was buried in Husthwaite. My Grandfather was Charles Henry Arnsion MC who was born in 1893 also in Newcastle, and died in 1974 in Ealing.
Family Surnames: Arnison, Naters, Coulson
Doctor Dennis Embleton - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My great Grandfather in 1852 was appointed reader in medicine at the Durham University and physician to the Newcastle Infirmary from 1853 to 1878 when he became consulting physcian until his death in 1900. He wrote papers on local Folklore,dialogues,and poetry in the Northumberlans vernacular and the histories of the Newcastle Medical School and of Featherstone Castle as well as several papers on natural history subjects. I would be interested to know if these writings still exist. Can anyone help? Anthony (Tony)
Family Surnames: Embleton
Bridges - Thomas Barnabus - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My gg grandfather was John Charles Bridges born 1826. Son of Thomas. Any other info available greatly appreciated
Family Surnames: Bridges
RYLES/ROYLES - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any Ryles researchers out there.
Family Surnames: Ryles Royles
Thomas Tierney - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any descendants of Thomas Tierney who died January 1915 in the Workhouse Hospital (now the General Hospital) Newcastle upon Tyne. He was my grandfather's brother. I don't have any more information, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Cheryl
Edward Waites - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am looking for information on my grandfather Edward Waites born 1 September 1900, he married Mary Ellen Dixon, and then later married May Ovington. He was a coalminer in Newcastle. Up until his death he and May lived at 48 Woodlands Crescent Newcastle upon Tyne. Any information greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Waites, Waits,Dixon,Ovington
Cusworth Grant - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for information on Cusworths or Grants of Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne. I have Adah Grant married James Cusworth, date unknown, before 1844. They had a daughter Adah Cusworth 12th September 1844. Father's occupation Leather Dresser. Adahmarried John Anderson 12th October 1867 in Bethnal Green Register Office. Witnesses include James J Cusworth and Phoebe Cusworth.
Family Surnames: Cusworth Anderson Grant
Penman,Watson,Clark,Hughes - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Am researching Penman and Watson families from the 1800's,who intermarried with the Clarks and the Hughes.
Family Surnames: Penman
Kelsey - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for anything on John Kelsey and wife Jane(Black) known to have lived in Newcastle. 1881 shows John as a tailor. Believed to have died around 1898.
Gardner - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for Jane Gardner born in Newcastle at 3pm on Sunday 25/4/1841, she married Samuel Hemingway of Leeds in 1858, beleive her father was John a Pettern Ring Maker. Any info on these Gardners much appreciated.
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