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Yorkshire, North Riding
Surnames, Family History, Genealogy and Local History

High Ellington ... Hudswell
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Josias Truslove - (High Ellington - Yorkshire, North Riding)
When Josias Truslove married in York in 1675, the minister wrote in the register that he was from Ellington. By the naming of his children his father may have been Robert or George; his mother may have been Dorothy or Elizabeth.
Family Surnames: Truslove
HANNAH SANDERSON - (High Hawsker - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Hannah SANDERSON was born in Hawsker in 1776 the dau. of John SANDERSON and Elizabeth FLETCHER. Hannah m. William BRECKON in 1793 in Danby.
Family Surnames: Breckon, Fletcher, Sanderson
Kirtley - (High Worsall - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for info on the family of Kirtley
Family Surnames: Kirtley
Sayer family of Worsall - (High Worsall - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for any info regarding John, William and Francis Sayer and families while they lived at Worsall in the 1500's or before. They also owned Preston Manor, Yarm and Marrick Park around this time. Their land and properties were forfeited to the Crown due to their Catholic faith in the reign of Henry VIII. Any info about their families would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Sayer
Michael BALMER - (Hilton - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Buried St Peter's Church (Anglican) Hilton on 21 March 1849 aged 89. Any further information on the Balmers buried there would be appreciated. His wife could be Ann nee Porrit buried 13 May 1831 aged 73
Family Surnames: Balmer
Hilton Manor - (Hilton - Yorkshire, North Riding)
My Great Grandmother, Mabel Brown, lived and worked at Hilton Manor House around 1915 before giving birth to my Grandfather in Glasgow (Tom Park Brown). Looking for any information on Hilton Manor and possible Park families in the area.
Family Surnames: Park Brown
Cummings, cummins family - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am researching the above families in Brotton,Skelton,Loftus,Easington,Staithes, Hinderwell,Lythe,Sandsend & Whitby and would welcome any information.thankyou (also the moors areas)
Family Surnames: Cummings,Cummins
George Evans and Hannah Mason - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Seeking information about George Evans and Hannah Mason who were married in Hinderwell in 1817. Hannah was born 23 Feb 1800, the daughter of William Mason and Mary Harrison.
Family Surnames: Mason And Evans
Acre Ings Farm, Hinderwell Area - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Does anyone know where Acre Ings Farm is (or was)?
Jefferson Dixon - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
any info about the Jefferson family of Hinderwel, and Margaret born1839 who married Thomas Dixon.
Family Surnames: Jefferson, Dixon
Andrew family of Staithes - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Is anyone else researching the Andrew family from Hinderwell starting in 1601, when the Parish Registers begin?
Family Surnames: Andrew
Zachariah Campion - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am trying to find info on Zachariah born 1760 who married Zebra born 1758. Any help will be greatly appreciated
Family Surnames: Campion
Featherstone, Hinderwell, N.Yorks - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
An ancestor, Tom FEATHERSTONE (son of Thomas Featherstone and Jane Jackson) was born in Hinderwell on 5th November 1857. In 1880 he married Hannah NOBLE of Egton Bridge (daughter of James Noble and Dinah Garbutt). In the 1881 census Tom (an ironstone miner) and Hannah are living at Port Mulgrave, Hinderwell along with Hannah's brother, James Noble (then aged 18, also an ironstone miner). According to family hearsay, Tom subsequently moved to London, became a builder and then emigrated to America. I have found no trace of Tom, Hannah or James after 1881 and would love to find out what happened to them.
John Spence, Surgeon of Hinderwell 1841 - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
John SPENCE was enumerated at Hinderwell in 1841 with his wife Jane (nee BODDY) and their children. Does anyone have ANY additional information about this family? Have any histories of Hinderwell been written? Thank you. Patricia
Family Surnames: Spence, Boddy
HINDERWELL/Family Vallette - (Hinderwell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for any information about MARGARET VALLETTE cica 1742 who married JOHN PEARSON at Hinderwell 6th Aril 1786. Thanks
Family Surnames: Vallette
THOMPSON - (Hipswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Seeking burial details for James THOMPSON, yeoman and his wife Frances (nee CLARKSON), who lived in village of Coleburn in chapelry of Hipswell, parish of Catterick. They married at Richmond in 1741, and had children all baptised at Hipswell. Their youngest daughter Anne was married 17 April 1781, to Rev Reginald ORTON, who was the curate in charge of Hipswell/Hudswell.
Family Surnames: Thompson Clarkson Orton
Brown Alfred Charles - (Hipswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Seeking my husband's father known as Charlie.The only information we have is that he was resident in Hipswell in 1916 when he was a soldier in the KOYLI regiment,1st battalion.This village is given as his address on his marriage certificate. We have information after his marriage in London in 1916 but nothing previous to this except that he was born probably in 1880. Any leads would be appreciated
Family Surnames: Brown
GREATHEAD - (Hipswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
PAUL GREATHEAD baptised 20 feb 1714/1715 in Hipswell,son of WILLIAM GREATHEAD.PAUL GREATHEAD married ANN...about 1737.What was his wifes surname?They had 6 children all baptised in Hipswell.PAUL GREATHEAD died in1786.
Family Surnames: Greathead
Michael Sayer - (Holtby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Seeking information on my ancestor Michael SAYER (bap 1742 Kirk leavington). Michael's parents were James SAYER and Elizabeth WOOD. Michael married Rebekkah BELL (born c. 1741) in Hutton Bonville in November 1777 where they settled and had two known children, Michael (1778) and Thomas (c. 1783?). Michael appears to have left the area before 1793 and moved to Holtby where he appears on the Manor and Court Leet records in 1793 in the lists of tenants. In Sept 1794 he acted as juror there and in October 1794 he was again listed as tenant. Michael appears to have remained there until his death in 1806. His wife Rebeccah was buried in Holtby in 1809. Michael had three brothers - John, James and William (the latter two being millers and farmers who remained in the Middleton on Leven area and died in 1815). James is known to have married Elizabeth SPENCE, and John married a Dorothy HARRISON, while William married Margaret FEETHAM. There were also two sisters - Margaret, and Dorothy who married a John GELDART. There was also a half sister Elizabeth. If you have any information about Michael - his occupation, parentage, siblings, or offspring, I would love to hear from you. I would also like to find more about Rebecca BELL as I have no information about her at all. Thanks
Family Surnames: Sayer, Wood, Bell, Spence, Harrison, Geldart, Feetham
Harker - (Holtby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for any details of my great grandfather John Clappison Harker and his wife Pamela Jayne (nee Waines from Bempton) who I think had a grocer's shop in Holtby around 1885. Any info ref them in this village, or location of the shop would be great.
Family Surnames: Harker Waines
I'anson family - (Hornby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am looking for the marriage of Robert and Ann I'anson who had a child Robert I'anson baptized in Hornby in March 21st 1819 and recorcxed as being born in Hackforth and who died in 1906 Darlington.
Family Surnames: I'anson
George Walker - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
George Walker was born in 1820 to Thomas Walker and Mary Douthwaite. He married Dinah Addison and lived most of his life in Stonegrave. Any info. on either would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Walker
Suffield/Maddison - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am researching my family tree and am related to George & Ann Suffield of Hovingham listed in 1881 census, their daughter Ellen who married William Maddison of York. The men folk were Common Agricultural Workers around Fryton & Hovingham and Ann born Nunnington & or Ellen worked at Nunnington Hall, any info please
Family Surnames: Suffield
Info on William Christopher Calvert - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for information on William Christopher Calvert. Born in Hovingham, Yorkshire, England in 1809. At the age of 19 he migrated to Canada. In 1836 he married Mary Buggs who was also born in England, but immigrated to Canada with her father.
Family Surnames: Calvert
George Foster - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Any details of George Foster born about 1762 would be greatly aprreciated
Family Surnames: Foster
Kendall - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for anyone researching the Kendall family, Ann married John Borton in 1805 at Hovingham Church
Family Surnames: Kendall
(Mac) Clean - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking and hoping for any infomation on the background to William Maclean, who was christened in Hovingham 16/1/1770, His father was Thomas, shown as a 'shoemaker of Ness'. William later married and settled down in the Norton area, but to confuse things a bit some of the early records show the family name as Clean rather than Maclean. I think there must still be some descendants in the Rillington/ Scampston/ Malton area, and ant help would be appreciated
Family Surnames: Maclean Clean
Audaer - elusive and starting to annoy me! - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking high and low for traces of Anthony AUDAER,(sometimes spelt quite oddly in records) Stonemason of Hovingham. Listed in PR as death aged 46, on 07/031804. Married to Jane MEGGINSON or MEGGISSON of Hawnby in 1784. Need his parents or birthplace - there are AUDAER families in the area, but can't make that vital connection - feel like banging head against the walls he would have made!!! Family were originally Catholic and Flemish, so we think. Please help!!!
Family Surnames: Audaer Megginson Meggisson
Pearson - farmers and woodsmen - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for connections to George PEARSON, bc 1787 Hovingham. Woodsman Headley Hall in 1841, and Wood Bailiff at Paradise Farm in Bramham in 1851. Parents suspected to be John and Elizabeth.
Family Surnames: Pearson
Joseph Thackeray - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
On his marriage bans in 1790 to Mary Horsley in AppletonLeStreet, it stated Joseph Thackeray born about 1766 was 'of Hovingham'. Anyone who knows about the name Thackeray/thackrah/thackery/thacker in Hovingham please reply. Julia
Family Surnames: Thackeray
Judson - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Any information about George Judson, married Ann Skelbeck, died 1863, and his descendants much appreciated. He lived at #1 The Lodge and is buried in the churchyard next to Hovingham Hall.
Family Surnames: Judson/Skelbeck/Skilbeck
Alice Smithers - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Alice Smithers b Hovingham 1864 can any one give me some information about the Smithers family. Alice married Thomas Scott in Guisbrough in 1884
Family Surnames: Smithers Scott
wilson - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for information on Mary Wilson born 1841 in Scalby I think she married William Ward in 1856 in Hovingham. Father Thomas mother Ann.
Family Surnames: Wilson
James Horner - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
A number of us are trying to find the birth details for James Horner, born in Hovingham between Apr 1849 and Apr 1850 (according to his census entries in 1881 and 1891). We can find nothing prior to his marriage to Tamar Duffield in 1874 in Kirkbymoorside. Can anyone help?
Family Surnames: Horner
Sidney Bean - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for details o Sidney Bean born 1894 Hovingham in the 1930s he was a Blacksmith contact me at Thanks
Family Surnames: Bean
Hawkins family - (Hovingham - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am trying to find some information on the background of Thomas HAWKINS, born around 1774. He married Ann TAYLOR in 1798, and was, I understand, the son of Edward HAWKINS who married Anne CLARKE. Thomas HAWKINS has been listed as an innkeeper (on his son's marriage registration) and I am wondering if there is any record of him having run an inn in Hovingham. The Hawkins family might not have been in Hovingham long, as Edward Hawkins seems to have been from Clifton in York, St Michael le Belfrey parish. Any informtion or help locating connections within this family would be greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Hawkins Taylor Clarke
Huby Nr York - (Huby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Researching Colquhoun, b. The Old Hall Huby any info also Robinson same area.
Family Surnames: Colquhoun Robinson
Snowden - (Huby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am looking for information on the Snowden family living in Huby in the 17-18 century. I would be grateful for your help Margaret
Family Surnames: Snowden
LAYTON FAMILY - (Huby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Family Surnames: Layton
GEORGE SCOTT c1816 HUBY - (Huby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am trying to trace decendents of George Scott born about 1816 at Huby, Nr. York, married Mary Anne Richardson Born about 1819 at York. and they had three children:- Ann Nevis, Abraham, Mary Richardson.Then after Ann's death he subsequently remarried to a Hanna Jennings, born about 1824 at Huby, Nr. York.and they had two children:- Elizabeth and Bob. He was my G.G.Grandad. Please help if you can, many thanks Geoff.
Family Surnames: Scott
ABRAHAM SCOTT c1840 - (Huby - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I am trying to trace decendents of Abraham Scott my Great Grandad who was born about 1840 at Huby, Nr York, he was a Boot and shoe Maker at Gate Helmsley, and married Amelia Yeoman, who was born at Scoreby Nr York about 1843, they had ten children:- John, Hannah, Ada, George Thomas, Herbert, Emily, Abraham, Herbert, Harold, Wallace, I would be grateful for any help or information many thanks, Geoff.
Family Surnames: Scott
Thompson James ...will - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
4 Apr 1774, James THOMPSON, of Hudswell, parish of Catterick...son James and son George, executors. George THOMPSON (son) and Elizabeth his wife - my house, and after their decease to my son James THOMPSON. My daughter Mary COATES; my daughter Isabella WARE; my daughter Margaret JEFFERSON, deceased; (?her) younger children Margaret JEFFERSON, Elizabeth JEFFERSON, Mary JEFFERSON, Peter JEFFERSON. My daughter Ann BAKER, deceased - grandson James BAKER, granddaughter Ann BAKER. Grandson GeorgeCOATES, my daughter Mary COATES. Witnesses, Thomas WILDIN, Elizabeth EDON, Mary MEDCALF. Proved 11 Mar 1775.
Family Surnames: Thompson Coates Ware Jefferson Baker Wildin Edon Medcalf
Marmaduke Coats family of Hunswell - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Looking for any info about Coats family and Thompson family (I have Marmaduke b 1684 prob married to Ann Thompson 1706) Their son Marmaduke b1717 moved to Bolton in Bowland and married there.
Thomas Blades - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Thomas Blades was my great great grand father, born 1798 and who married Rachel Harrison in Hudswell, near Richmond, Yorks in 1821. Their daughter Eleanor, who was born in Hudswell, married my great grandfather Anthony Winn circa 1856.
Family Surnames: Blades,Winn
EDON - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
I'm researching Edon's of Hudswell, North Yorkshire
Family Surnames: Edon
Metcalfe - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Thomas is my (name of wife not known) His daughter Eleanor married Leonard Raw on 17.08.1850 in Hudswell Chapel. They had 2 sons, John who I beleive was blind, and Leonard Thomas who married Julia Bedlow. I'd love to hear from anyone who has any info.
Family Surnames: Metcalfe, Raw, Bedlow
Bulmer - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Trying to find the family of Matthew Bulmer. He was born in Hudswell around 1832 and was the son of Matthew Bulmer and Jane Ozelton. He married Ann? and they had 3 daughters - Margaret Jane Bulmer (my Great Grandmother) born 1864 in Shildon, Ann Elizabeth born 1870 in Shildon andIsabella born 1861 in Shildon.
Family Surnames: Bulmer/Ozelton
Thompson and Coates - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Researching family of Thompson at Richmond and Hudswell. Includes Robert Thompson (died 1741), fellmonger, and sons Ralph and William, also Thomas Thompson (died ca. 1797), father of Jane Thompson William Coates and Deborah Thompson ma. to George Coates.
Family Surnames: Thompson Coates
Thompson - (Hudswell - Yorkshire, North Riding)
Researching Ralph Thompson who married Jane Emmerson at Hudswell on 18th Jan 1729.His heir was Henry Thompson who died on 24th Jan following a fall from his horse, leaving three daughters: Jane who married George Bowe, Mary who remained single, and Anne who married George Firby. I am especially interested to know who Henry married. Her first name was Jane.
Family Surnames: Thompson
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