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Bartons of Fulham & Wiltshire - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Charles Barton came from Wiltshire was was born c.1805. He married Eliza (nee Atkins) who came from Odiham Hampshire. They had Robert, George, John, Sarah, Eliza, Martha & William most of whom were born in Fulham London. I am looking for anyone who has traced similar names please. I believe Charles came to Fulham with a relative called Henry who married anothe Eliza (nee Brooks. They had Samuel & James. Ring any bells?
Family Surnames: Barton
CHARLES WATTS - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Charles Watts was the father of my grandmother MARY ANN ADELAIDE who later married JOHN THOMAS LONG in November 1895 at All Saints Church, Stoke Newington, London. Mary and John had four sons, Richard, George (my father born 1904), Joseph and William. CHARLES WATTS was a blacksmith and farrier in Fulham but was deceased by the time Mary Ann married according to the marriage certificate. Does anyone have any info on blacksmiths during the 1850s-90s in FULHAM. It was still classed as a village then.
Family Surnames: Watts, Long
Shorrolds Road - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am trying to find out if in the 1900's there might have been a stables at 55, Shorrolds Road Fulham? My grandfather was a groom in the Royal Scotts until 1902 and that is an address I have. Grateful for any info. Thank you
Herridge/Beverton - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for any info about a Ethel Elizabeth Emily Herridge b1886c her father a Leonard Herridge - occupation Farrier. She married a Joseph Henry Beverton in 1913 - divorced some years later. Her address at time of marriage 6,Effie Mews. They married in St.John's Church Fulham
Godding family tree - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I'm looking to find the family tree for the Godding family, I could really do with some help. My father's name is David John Godding who married Yvonne Scott and my Grandfather's name was John Godding who lived in Bayswater, London. He was in the forces. Very little info is known apart from his wife died then he remarried to a woman called Minni.
Family Surnames: Godding
Mann family - (Fulham - Middlesex)
William Hart Mann born 1844 in Westminster married Mary Ann Light in Chelsea in 1868. Their children were Louisa 1869 ( married Casimir Dreux)Mary Ann 1871 (not on 1881) William Joseph 1872(my grandfather M Emma Julia Clark 1898) Augustus 1874( m Ada Rayman1901)Elizabeth Hannah 1875 D 1875, Henry john1877 (m Eleanor Raymen 1903) Ada Therese 1878 d 1880,George 1883 (m Annie Raymen 1907) Alfred Hart 1889 (mAlice Cox) and Charlotte 1887 William diedin 1888 and in1891 Mary was in Parkville Road Fulham. I cannot find her on the 1901 but I dont think she had died . I would love to hear from anyone who may know of this family, It is interesting that 3 brothers married 3 sisters.
Family Surnames: Mann Light Raymen
Seeking information on the Thompson family who came from Chelsea although some married and lived in Fulham. Two names I know are Dorothy and Mary who were sisters although there were many other children in the family both male and female. They attended the Servite Roman Catholic School in Chelsea in about 1912.
Family Surnames: Thompson
Letitia May Court - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for any info on Letitia May Court born on 29 Feb 1896 (it was a leap year). Cant find her on any census and cant find her birth cert either but she definitely did exist! She married James Boreham and they had 4 children. Her father was William Court born around 1870 and he died in Bristol in 1945. He was married to May and she was French.
Family Surnames: Court
Henry Spencer - (Fulham - Middlesex)
My grandmother Ellen Elizabeth Spencer(nee Scott) Was lodging in Stokenchurch Street in Fulham c 1915 when her fist child was born Helen Margaret Spencer. The father was Henry Spencer a Commercial Traveller in Drapery, his address was 9 Hammersmith Road, West Kensington.London.He later fathered a second child in 1916 Kathleen Amilia Spencer she was born in Persey Road .Whitton.Middx. Henry Spencer was on the birth cert. but no address and still a travelier in Drapery.He then dissapears and does not stay with the family.He had a brother who was a bank manager in the 1920/30. who did keep in touch with my grandmother.We don`t know where Henry was born or where he died but we do belive he died before the 1940`s or at least before 1948. I need to find the Spencer family who had at least 2 sons, Henry & a brother who was a bank manager. We also have a very large , expensive looking tablecloth with the inscription W.H.Spencer 1874 Can anybody link in with this family, one of his daughters is 90 this year and finding out about Henry Spencer would give her so much pleasure. We have a table cloth with the mark. W.H.SPENCER 1874 is this a lady or my Henry`s real initials and birth date? Birth place not known.
Family Surnames: Spencer
stokes/paulton. - (Fulham - Middlesex)
William stokes b 1865 partnered Florence edith paulton, maiden name was Batt born to Dennis Batt from Barton Stacey Hampshire.their daughter was florence louise b 1900/1 and she married into the holland family when w stokes went to hounslow barracks, the batt family history goes back to 1600s in hampshire,stokes i only have info for in london but trying to trace in liecester has anyone info on william before fulham .William is my great grandfather,
Family Surnames: Stokes
James Charles Hunt - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Hi - I'm seeking information about James Charles Hunt, b. 14.1.1847; d. 27.12.1911 who started James Hunt Ltd. in the 1870's which was sited at 49 Atalanta Street, alongside the Fulham Cemetary. James started the co. and a majority of his sons - Charles, Frederick, Ernest, John D and James (Jim) worked there. Later family members also worked in the co. including my father Peter Ernest Louis, born 1916, his brother Norman James William and others too. The co. was wound up in the mid 1970's. Any information about Hunt family and the company much appreciated. I have compiled list of some 140 names of young workers in James Hunt Ltd. who joined the company early 1886 through to mid-1902 if any help to your searches - they do show dates of birth and addresses.
Family Surnames: Hunt, Dyer
Do you know Winifred??? - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am seeking any info on a Winifred Dean; possibly not her maiden name - who was living at 21 Jerdan Place , FULHAM_ LONDON 1n 1934 thru 1937 with A JOHN THOMAS DEAN from STOCKTON. John was my Grandfather & I have been searching for 10 years!! Can anyone help to identify Winifred??
Family Surnames: Dean / Fulham
Bartons - (Fulham - Middlesex)
HENRY BARTON of Wiltshire married ELIZA BROOKES/BROOKS of Fulham Middlesex. Both born circa 1811. They only had two children to my knowledge, SAMUEL BARTON born circa 1833 and JAMES BARTON born circa 1847. If you are researching or know more about my distance ancestors, please let me know. Many thanks Maureen
Family Surnames: Barton
Maud Ethel Herbert Coombs-Disappeared Fulham 1931 - (Fulham - Middlesex)
If a person was living in Fulham and Kensington in 1931, and they left their family would they have been reported to the police? Are these records still around? Maud Ethel Herbert Coombs born 1903 although she might not have known her birth year and was also called Ethel Maude Herbert Coombs.
Family Surnames: Herbert/Coombs/Gladwell
my father - (Fulham - Middlesex)
does anyone know of my father john chamberlain born in st dunstans rd fulham in 1920 his father was edward and his mother was annie. i believe he had several siblings maureen, anne, ted i dont know anymore iwould love to hear from anyone who could help thank you joy.
Family Surnames: Chamberlain
genealogy - (Fulham - Middlesex)
andrew/joe Duke or Duck who lived in the fulham area with irish connections please longford ireland
Family Surnames: Duke/Duck
Hendy/Lury - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Flo Hendy who Married Horace Lury was my grandmother.
Family Surnames: Hendy / Lury
Buttress - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am researching the Buttress family tree. Reuben Buttress seems to have been born in Fulham circa 1803, does anyone have any infomation.
Family Surnames: Buttress
Williams-Fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for any information on ALFRED J WILLIAMS grandson of Lilian Knight. Mentioned as informant on Lilian Knight's death certificate 31.01.1930. Address was 46 Barons Court Road Fulham.
Family Surnames: Williams,Knight
Hince - (Fulham - Middlesex)
info on george ernest hince living and working in the fulham area from the 1920's up until the 1980's. was married to a whilimina pennykid, they had a joan alexis who was born @ 1931 and died in 1974.she married a Roy Bull. any info as regards georges parents, brothers sisters.
Ethel Maud Herbert Coombs b. May 5, 1903 - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Ethel Maud(also known as Maude Ethel)Herbert was born in Camberwell May 5, 1903. She married Walter James Coombs in 1923 and lived in Fulham. In 1930 she left her husband and children and disappeared. She was said to have been seen in Central London after 1930. Maud might have married again and had another family living in London...Does anyone know about Maud(e)Ethel?
Family Surnames: Herbert/Coombs/Gladwell
Duke/Green/Smith - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for relatives from Fulham area. Gfather William Duke married Rubina Green in 1920s. Rubina's twin, Amy, married a Ted Smith and had several children (Betty, Lesley, Stan, john, Fay and Margaret)whom I would like to trace.
Family Surnames: Duke, Smith, Green
ORMAN - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Appealing for any information on the ORMAN'S of Fulham, London. Kind Regards, Natalie
Family Surnames: Orman
from devon to fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
joseph brook sanders, b. devon 1836/7 married lydia sifert, details unknown. First child, clara agnes sanders, b. devon 1865, 2nd child joseph brook sanders jnr b fulham 1867. Reason for move unknown. Joseph snrs sister, mary ann married thomas wise in cornwall, 1861. Some of the Wise family are also in fulham area. All males are plumbers/builders/carpenters. Last child Lydia Brook Sanders, b 1875, fulham. By 1881 joseph snr had apparently died (no record found yet) and the rest of the family had moved, the daughters were in mile end, joseph jnr was in cornwall with the wise family. Any information please on these families, especially why they moved from devon to london.
Family Surnames: Sanders Saunders Wise
Barton/Wolstenholme - (Fulham - Middlesex)
John James Wolstenholme & Sarah Barton married on Christmas day in 1861 at the Holy Trinity Church Brompton Road Brompton in the then boro' of Middlesex I think. Now probably in Chelsea. They had Sarah, Eliza, John, Alfred, Martha, Henry, Lilly, Ada, Rosina, Alice and Ernest. Are you researching the same names? If so, please do get in touch. Maureen
Family Surnames: Barton/Wolstenholme
Clark - (Fulham - Middlesex)
searching for the family of Harriet Emma Clark. She was born in 1839 and married Henry John Randall in 1862,but her birth does not appear to be registered and I am having trouble finding the maiden name of her mother and details of her father. Any help appreciated
Family Surnames: Clark
Newman - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Any information on Thomas Henry Newman 1869 married to Mary Minnie Sullivan in St Johns Church Fulham on 15/7/1889
Family Surnames: Newman,Sullivan
Booth - (Fulham - Middlesex)
My father Cyril Booth was born in Fulham around 1910. He came from a large family, siblings in total and I have never had the good fortune of meeting any of them. If anyone out there knows of this family I would love to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Booth
Baker/Newman of Fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for any connections with Mary Ann Newman of Westerham who married George Frederick Baker at Fulham in 1902. Thank you Cynthia
Family Surnames: Baker /Newman
CAHALARN(E) - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Seeking anyone connected with this Irish name who lived in Fulham. I am researching the origins of the name and have a partial family tree from which I will be happy to share information.
Jones / Atkins - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Seeking information on the family of Frederick Edward Jones born in Fulham circa 1840 married in 1862 to Emily Jane Atkins. Son Frederick John William Jones born in March 1866 who immigrated to Australia in 1883, married Isabella Bell in 1889 in Charters Towers, Queensland, Australia.
Family Surnames: Jones,Atkins
Monks-Pell - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for info on Albert and Joyce Elsie Monks formerly Pell living in Fairholme Road Fulham in 1955. Joyce sadly died in 1955 after giving birth to a son. Albert died in the 1990s.
Family Surnames: Monks-Pell
Freeman - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Alfred Freeman born Trowbridge 1858, married Maria, children Alfred born Gosport 1883, Margeret born Gosport 1886 and Viola born Gosport 1907
Family Surnames: Freeman
Butler family Fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am searching for any information on the Butler family of Fulham, Known to have owned Butlers Laundry Pownall Road Fulham also of Claybrook Road Fulham also known to be boatbulders
Family Surnames: Butler Hunter Levis Lamb
Cowdery - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am trying to trace my father Thomas Cowdery,and I beleve He may have been born in Fulham in1886 ,any help please
Family Surnames: Cowdery
ISABELLA WILLIAMS married to WILLIAM GEORGE MAILE/FULHAM 1901 - (Fulham - Middlesex)
My Great Aunt ISABELLA WILLIAMS (Daughter of my GreatGrandparents Richard and Mary Ann Williams) was born 1869 in Llanfihangel Talyllyn BRE. and later moved with her Parents to Tredegar Mon. She Married George William MAILE (born 1867 Fulham.) in 1891.Any information would be appreciated and happy to share. thank you.
Family Surnames: Williams/Maile
Henry James Ambrose - Fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I'm looking for Henry James Ambrose, born 1877, who worked in the family laundry in Star Road Fulham but vanished after the 1901 census. I've never found a death record for him (there is a man of the same name & year of birth who wasn't him)and family legend has it he may have ended up in an asylum. Any possible sighting would be a big help.
Family Surnames: Ambrose
Richard Benjamin Hunter - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Richard Benjamin Hunter was an artist or artiste in 1908 married to Marian Grace (Rolt), living in Fulham. Trying to discover if he had any children and if he stayed in the Fulham area
Family Surnames: Hunter, Rolt
Perry Smith Pasco Gregory - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for any relations or information on: Harry PERRY who ran 'The Red Lion'Fulham Broadway, from about 1905 till 1922. Had a brother-in-law, James SMITH an Ironmonger/Silversmith in Fulham Palace Road about 1905-1930. James' Daughter married a Sidney PASCO, also living in Fulham Palace Road. Brother Herbert Gordon PASCO. And finally .. interested in a 'Alice GREGORY' who ran a sweet shop up to about 1920. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Perry Gregory
White lighterman - (Fulham - Middlesex)
My 3x great grandfather William White was born in Fulham about 1793 and worked as a lighterman in Chelsea until his death in 1871. Any information on his family of origin would be warmly welcomed. I have not found him in the parish baptisms.
Family Surnames: White
CLAUDE ABSALOM-HILL - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I am searching anyone who may be connected to CLAUDE ABSALOM-HILL born 1885 (registered in Southwark). His parents were WILLIAM THOMAS HILL born c.1844 and MARY ANN ABSALOM née COWPER born 1843.
Family Surnames: Absalom, Hill, Cowper
Eldridge - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for information about my grandfather who was born in Fulham in 1903 He married Nellie Winifred Ankrett in 1920 and had seven (that iv'e found) children including my father in 1923 I know nothing about him as my father died when I was young so I couldn't find out any information.I know that my aunt Pat moved to Austrailia sometime in the early 70's or maybe late 60's and she had a son called Ricky.
Family Surnames: Eldridge
Selig (Zalick) from Embden, Germany - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I recently discovered my 4g-grandfather, Jonathan, a Jewish people, who emigrated to BRUSSELS in 1815 and died there in 1829, was probably born in FULHAM (today the greater LONDON) around 1750. His father wasn't because he came from Embden (Germany) at the beginning of C18 without yet surname (his children should adopt as surnames JONES or JOHNSON or . . ). Perhaps useful : Selig from Embden is given in a family tradition as a mill owner and occupier at Fulham. How and where I would learn more about ? Add-on : since a while we know the hebrew name of Selig should be Reuben Selig Jacob b. Naftali (FULDA) Ha-Cohen.
Family Surnames: Embden, Emden, Jones, Johnson
Eleanor Fitzgerald - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Can anyone assist with my search for Eleanor Fitzgerald, born 1809-13 Lambeth. Unable to locate her christening, or any siblings. Her father Thomas was a gardener, born about 1790 in Ireland. Ken
Family Surnames: Fitzgerald
Violet Catherine FORD - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Looking for anyone with information on Violet Catherine FORD, born 10 January 1910 in Fulham area. Left as orphan and adopted.
Family Surnames: Ford
DONOGHUE - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Catherine DONOGHUE b circa 1890. Father Edward mother Catherine (?). In 1891 census she is in St Joseph's Home Kensington Hall 83 North End Road Fulham. I have found Kensington Hall on an old map. Does anyone know what became of it and St Joseph's? Catherine had a brother John b 1895.
Family Surnames: Donoghue
williams-maile - (Fulham - Middlesex)
I have been searching the MAILE family line for 3 years and have a lot of info for my line.
Family Surnames: Maile
Butler & Brooks - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Researching Jessie Butler (b1880) and marriage to Edward Thomas Brooks (b1872)and his father Edward Reed Brooks (b1844 USA)
Family Surnames: Brooks Butler
Talbot and Mclennan ancestors at Fulham - (Fulham - Middlesex)
Marian Louise Talbot born in approximately 1879, married John Mclennan (or McLennan) in approximately 1900 at Fulham, Middlesex, UK. Their children included John Talbot Nelson Mclennan, born in approximately 1902 and George Talbot Lewis Mclennan, born in 1911. One address in Fulham included 37 Lysia Street Fulham. All information gratetfully received and I'm happy to share all my data. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Mclennan, Talbot
ivy rose constance watkins - (Fulham - Middlesex)
born 1907 fulham, then lived in ealing w 13 london. attended godolph and latimer school. would like to know any classmates.
Family Surnames: Watkins/Gibson
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