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Croft ... Deeping St James
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REED.HUNTER - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
Tomothy Reed married Ann Hunter in Croft in 1845 they had 6 children 5 of them born Croft.
Family Surnames: Reed.Hunter
rhimes - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
I am trying to research any information I can on my great great grandmothers family, they were the Rhimes from croft in lincolnshire. The only other information that I have is that my great great grandmother was called Jane Rhimes, her father was called James rhimes and her sister was called betsey rhimes. Both Jane and her sister Betsey were born in Croft and her father was forn in Friskney. I cannot find any more information on the other family members (IE) mother or other siblings, I would be greatful if anyone can help me find anymore information. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Rhimes Rhymes
Bulmer - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
Does anybody out there have any information on the family of the Rev. Peter Bulmer and his descendents?
Family Surnames: Bulmer
FLETCHER-BAILEY-MUSSON - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
Family Surnames: Fletcher/Bailey/Musson/Haywood
Sargisson - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
Samuel Sargisson and Mary Roughton married at Croft in 1819.Samuel was baptised at Croft 1796 but can find no burial for him.Their last child Charles was born 1831 and I can't find Samuel on the 1841 census.
Family Surnames: Sargisson
Bulmer/Tinker - (Croft - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information which may exist regarding George Bulmer born 1791 - married Frances Tinker. Was shown in 1841 Census to be of "Independent Means", but was apparently a farmer.
Kirk Family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Researching the Kirk family in Crowland (1577 to 2002).My great great grandmother Sarah Kirk left Crowland for London, married my g g grandfather and died there in 1921.Would like to trace Crowland relatives.
Family Surnames: Kirk Townsend
Re Parochial Library - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
FRom Cassells Gazetteer c1896 Crowland Lincs : 1891 Population : 2,800 - There is a Free Parochial Library of 1884
Lyon Family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
We are researching children of Joseph and Hannah Lyon who were 41 & 40 respectively at 1901 cencus and living in North Street, Crowland. We are also looking for the parents of Joseph Lyon who was born in the village around 1860.
Family Surnames: Lyon
Owen - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
We are searching for the parents of William George Owen born in Crowland 6/5/1888 or 8/5/1888. we think that there may be some connection to the Slater family
Family Surnames: Owen
Setchfield - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Any reference to this name. Trying to find bith of grt grandfather John William 1869?.Known names William and Wisdom.Wisdom burried in Crowland Abbey.
Family Surnames: Setchfield
Buffham Family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Im tring to help my mum trace her family her fathers name was Arther Buffham he was born in 1927 in the Boston area he married Eva Smith she was born in 1927,They had 7 children Carol(died when she was a few months old)Barbara,Brenda,Susan(my mum)Colin,Jayne and Peggy they all grow up in the Boston area then all moved to the Crowland area if any one is able to help us we would be most grateful.
Family Surnames: Buffham
Rippon - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Researching Rippon in Crowland particularly looking for parents of william born bet 1772 and 1775 in Crowland. I know there is a Tho Rippon (assume Thomas) with two daughters one Katherine born 1664 so guess Tho was born about 1640 ish. Sirname can be spelt rippon, rippin or even rypen etc
Family Surnames: Rippon,Rippin
George Stanley Pickard - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Born 1837 Crowland. Married Emma Southgate (bn 1834 Belstead)in 1861 in London. Next appears 1881 in Gloucester then 1891 in Birmingham. Seeking details of the missing years pre 1861 and 1861 to 1881.
Family Surnames: Pickard
Looking for Robert & Elizabeth Smith - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for my Great Grandparents who lived in Albion Street Crowland in 1901. In that year they were 23 and 24 respectively. I know that Robert is buried somewhere in Crowland Abbey.
Family Surnames: Smith
Andrew/Hudson - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
My gt grandfather William Thomas Andrew born Crowland Lincs 1835 married Mary Ann Hudson born 1840 Boston, Lincs at Boston in 1860 Trying to trace his or her parents. William Thomas Andrew's father was William Andrew I am looking for his birth or marriage or mothers surname or any family details.
Family Surnames: Andrew, Hudson
Hensman - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for any hensmans in the area especially relations of John Hensman who married Mary Ann Alcock in the early 1800's
Family Surnames: Hensman
hudson - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
i am looking for information regarding the hudson family from crowland. my great grandfather was arthur henry hudson born 1865 in crowland, mother mary ann hudson born about 1825. arthur moved to london (st pancras) and married clara (surname unknown) and had children james hudson b.1890 and maggie hudson (birth unknown) arthur moved to asfordby later and married lily manchester (marriage date unknown) and later died around 1926 of TB. Any information would be appreciated
Family Surnames: Hudson/Manchester
Hickling, Woodward - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Sarah Hickling (born 1808 in Crowland LIN) daughter of John Hickling & Elizabeth Robinson. Married William Woodward 1831
Family Surnames: Hickling Woodward
Ireland - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for information on family and descendants of Curtis Ireland, who died in 1849. His son William, born 1821, was one of my Great Great Grandfathers. He married Mary Ann Wain in 1842 and then they moved to London in mid 1850s. William and Mary had six children, William, Harriet, Charles, Mary, Druscilla and Curtis (who died soon after birth in 1844).
Family Surnames: Ireland, Wain
Welsh - Measures - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Looking for family of Elizabeth Welsh of Crowland who took out a bastardy order against John Measures of Baston in 1797- daughter born April 1797.
Family Surnames: Measures, Welsh,
wright - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
There were Wrights in Crowland for over a century.The first I can find is John (my g x 2 grandfather) born c 1785 and I know my grandfather Thomas b 1876 raised his family there. My father also Thomas was born 1902. Does anyone have info on Wrights that lived in Crowland or surrounding area? Many thanks, Robin.
Family Surnames: Wright
Setchfield - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Wisdom Setchfield married here. Any more information?
Herbert Lane - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Hi am looking for info on my grandad born in Crowland bout 1911,i no he had a sis called vera and one called mabs, he married gladysgoodridge anyone help thanks deb
Family Surnames: Lane
Cherrington, Price and Sutton - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information about Elizabeth Cherrington who married Samuel Price (from St Saviour, Southwark) in Crowland in 1818. An Elizabeth Price married Joseph Sutton in Crowland in 1826 and I am trying to find out if she is the same person. If anyone knows about the death of Samuel Price, or has any interest in the Cherringtons or Suttons of Crowland, please let me know. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Cherrington, Price, Sutton
Fenland Colson Family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I still need a male Colson with a family history in the Fenlands to participate in my FTDNA study based in the U.S. I will pay for a 12 marker test. Thanks, Steven
Family Surnames: Colson
page family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for details for William Ralph Page born in Crowland in 1821. He married an Ann Palmer from Folkingham and later moved to London.
Family Surnames: Page
Warren - Crowland - Death - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Hi, I am Researching the Warren Family. I am looking for the death of Mary Warren in July 1948 in Crowland and is buried in Crowland Abbey.Mary was born in 1864 as Mary Dodes, father Mathias Dodes. She married in 1898, Adolphus T. Warren. On the Certificate of marriage, her name is given as Mary Dodes Stimpson, and her father as Mathias Dodes Stimpson. I have no way of knowing what happened to her ca 1882, but her parents were Dodes on 1881 Census living happily together, but by 1882, a brother to Mary, also married using the surname Dodes Stimpson. I would seem that her Biological parents came to some sort of grief - I don't know what She would have been in her 84th year at the time of her death. I have scoured Archives...nothing. I went from 1947 to 1949. I went through the Free BDMs Nothing. Lots of Mary Warrens, but not this one. Can someone help. Lucy
Family Surnames: Warren
Martin family - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am researching my mothers side of our family history..her name was Margery Irene Martin she was born 16th October 1917 in Crowland and lived and went to school in Crowland or Eye.She married my father Wilfred Houghton Blackwell in the Abbey Church on 16th May 1936.She had three brothers Reginald(Reggie)Clarence(Clarry) and Ronald(Ron).I would love to hear from any relatives that still live in the area. Annette
ANDREW, John - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
I am searching for the parents of John Andrew who married Elizabeth Clare on the 14th July 1851 at the Parish Church. On the marraige certificate, John's father is shown also to be called John but I cannot find any details of John Junior's birth who on various censuses is shown in to be born around 1828 - 1829. There is a John recorded in the 1841 census living away from home and shown to be born in 1826.
Family Surnames: Andrew
Hall/Hinson of Croyland/Crowland - (Crowland - Lincolnshire)
Searching for details of John Hall and Martha Whyment, parents of William Hall bapt 23 March 1805, Crowland, Lincolnshire. Also Williams's wife Elizabeth Hinsons (bapt 29 May 1805) parents were also likley to be William and Elizabeth. Children of the younger William HALL and Elizabeth HINSON William HALL 1835 Elizabeth HALL 1836 Samuel HALL 1838 Ann HALL 1841 Joshua HALL 1843 Thomas 1847 Thomas HALL, my great grandfahe born 5 August 1847, born Peterborough. Died 7 Sept 1883. Thomas married Mary Ann Smith, b 15 June 1845, Bromley. Her parents were John Smith and Elizabeth House. Children of William HINSON and Elizabeth SENIOR Peter HINSON baptised 5 Sept 1785 Thomas HINSON baptised 12 March 1787 Mary HINSON baptised 27 Jan 1787 John HINSON baptised 14 Dec 1709 William HINSON baptised 7 Mach 1794 Peter HINSON baptised 18 March 1796 Peter HINSON baptised 18 May 1798 Peter HINSON baptised 3 Apr 1803 Elizabeth HINSON baptised 24 May 1805
Family Surnames: Hall/Hinson/Smith/Whyment/House
Staniforth - Crowle - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Looking for details relating to William & Ann Staniforth (nee Stoat) who were both born around 1777. William died in 1855 and Ann died in 1825. I have many details coming forward in history but am not able to find details of their parents etc
Family Surnames: Staniforth
Milan - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
I would like details of John Milan born in Crowle in 1858. Any help would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Milan
Cowling - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Searching for any information on the family of my GGrandmother Sarah Maria Clark formerly COWLING born Crowle, Lincolnshire 1863 any information would be wonderful as I know very little. Parents John COWLING, (b. 1825 Reedness) married Amelia (b. 1827) in Crowle. I have them on the 1901 census in Ashby, Lincs. Interested in hearing from any descendants of this couple.
Family Surnames: Cowling
gray - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
looking for info on sidney gray who married emma clamp in thorne.there son thomas gray was my grt grandad and married grandparents alfred and mary gray lived in ashby.but alot of relatives still live in the thorne and crowle area .can you help trace them
Family Surnames: Gray
looking for - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
im looking for any ancestors of my grandad, ernest parkin who lived in crowle, all i know about him is that he married edith annie coultard
Family Surnames: Parkin
Endicott - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Looking for ancestors of George Henry Endicott born Crowle in 1864. His children comprised George W, Alfred Q and possibly an Emily-any info regarding Emily would also be welcome.
Family Surnames: Endicott
Meggitt - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
My g g grandfather John Meggitt was born in Crowle in abt 1833 his father was William Meggitt b abt 1782 in Burringham, Lincs. we think he married Ann Gell but are not sure of this. Their other children were Fanny,Henry,Rebecca
Family Surnames: Meggitt, Gell
Walker - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Isabella Walker born 1795/8in Crowle or Epworth
Family Surnames: Walker
SARGEANTSON - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Roly West Sargeantson and Lilly Sargeantson Commonside Crowle
Family Surnames: Sargeantson
Looking for ancestors - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for ancesors of Doreen J J Sargeantson b at Mexborough 1918, her father had a drapery business in several villages and towns in 1930s at Retford
Family Surnames: Crawshaw
william meggitt - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
my great grandfather was william meggitt he was born in crowle abt.1850. He married Fanny Hunt,(born abt. 1852 in Crowle)3.12.1876.My grandmother was Martha Meggitt, their daughter b.1887.Can anyone supply further information as I have come to a standstill tracing my ancestors.
Family Surnames: Meggitt
BRUNYEE family - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Looking for anyone who has any links whatsoever of the BRUNYEE / BRUNYARD /BRUNYEA etc. family of Crowle and the surrounding area.
Family Surnames: Brunyee Brunyea Brunyard Bronyee
George Thompson Meggitt - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
Interested in any info about George and his wife Sarah Garner who emigrated to USA around 1885 with their family. Sarah was my Great great Aunt.
Crowle brickworks - (Crowle - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for any information on the Barker family please who worked at the Crowle brickworks, in particular James Barker born 1858. He was a brickmaker at the works, as was his Father (also James). James was married to Eliza Frankin and the whole family lived on the Walesby Road.
Family Surnames: Barker
Sharp family - (Culverthorpe - Lincolnshire)
I am interested in hearing from anyone connected to the Sharp family of Culverthorpe and Pinchbeck. My 2x gt grandmother was Elizabeth Sharp born in Culverthorpe.
Family Surnames: Sharp Hart Malim
Coot(e) family of Dalby and Partney, Lincolnshire - (Dalby - Lincolnshire)
I am searching for information about the Coote family who came from Dalby and Partney in the early to mid 1800's. George and Ann Coot(e) were living on the Dalby road in Partney in 1881 and were in their 80's. They are classed as paupers in the census.I am really keen to find out Ann Coot's maiden name as I can't find details of a marriage, but perhaps they did not marry.
Family Surnames: Coot, Coote
BINGHAM - (Deeping St James - Lincolnshire)
Family Surnames: Bingham, Andrew
Oldham Family - (Deeping St James - Lincolnshire)
Does anyone have any information on James Oldham, born Huntingdon ca. 1807, or the Oldham family in general? They were millers and bakers in Deeping St James in the 19th century. I have all the census records from that period, but I'm particularly interested in earlier records and more detailed material. Thanks, Neil
Family Surnames: Oldham
John Broughton born Deeping St James c 1808 - (Deeping St James - Lincolnshire)
John Broughton married Amelia Ann Wright at St James' on 16 May 1833. He died about 1890 apr-june in same district. According to the 1841 census they had the following children George b 1840, James b 1837, Jane b 1838, John b 1834, Joseph b 1836, also Mary Ann b 25 July 1841. All at Deeping St James I am trying to trace John Broughton senior b about 1808 but can find no details of birthdate or parents names. Any help would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Broughton
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