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Heywood ... Higher Wheelton
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Collinge-Briggs - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Granddad was James Collinge born 1873, married Rebecca Hudson. Woods. his Grandma was Betty Briggs born(1825) lived Heywood who was James Mum and Dad. audrey
Family Surnames: Collinge--Briggs
Heywood Town Hall - Municipal Buildings - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Has anyone any old photos of the old Heywood Town Hall - Municipal Buildings on Longford Street at all to share please? Also has anyone any old photos of Manchester Road Hopwood, Heywood to share too. I am looking specifically for photos near to or of and around the railway station at Hopwood. Thank you very much, hope to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Newton
Bolton Family - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am looking for information on the family of Marquis Bolton 1830 - 1889 who married Ann Rawlinson 1839 - 1899. they had at least 11 children. Mary Lydia, Jane, Tom, Henry, Marquis, William, Rawlinson, Ernest, Joshua, Harry, Annie Isabel. At one time Marquis kept The Lamb Inn at Heywood. William (a joiner)married Eliza Annie Pownall daughter of Ralph and Naomi Pownall, Jane married Ellis Birch son of Johnson and Sarah Birch, Joshua (sewerage works amnager) married Esther and had Jessie b 1900. Ernest married Ann and they had at least two children - Bessie b1900 and Ethel b 1893.
Family Surnames: Bolton Pownall Birch
Nicholls - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking to contact any descendant of Annie Nicholls (b 1841 Bridlington Yorks). She was married to James Francis Nicholls and her children were Edwin, Arthur, Alfred, Charles, Bertha and Clara
Family Surnames: Nicholls
John Kershaw of Gristlehurst b.1697 - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Trying to find details of John Kershaw of Gristlehurst b.1697, who was married to Mary Leach, who had 6 sons and 1 daughter and who died 23 February 1778 and interred at Heywood. My family tree on my mothers side has six generations of Kershaws interred at Heywood. Any help pushing the Kershaw tree back before 1697 would be very helpful
Family Surnames: Kershaw
Looking for John Reddy - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am trying to find out what happened to John D.O.B.10/02/1876 and Margaret Reddy D.O.B 28/8/1888 parents were Simon & Sarah Reddy moved back to Heywood in 1877 then went to Birkenhead. Moved back in 1882.and had 14 children I have found all of the 12 children, but for John and Margaret. The Family stayed in Heywood. One went to live in the USA. Any help would be welcome.
Family Surnames: Reddy
Coleman and Varney - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Seeking any connection to Isaac Coleman who married Jessie Varney (Emerson) 1908 in Salford, then lived at 55 Miller St. Heywood.
Family Surnames: Varney & Coleman & Emerson
Cheers - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for information on John Cheers born c 1862 Heywood. Wife Sarah Ann Barker married in 1888. Sarah died 1890. Did John take a second wife. Any info appreciated.
Family Surnames: Cheers
Barlow, Heywood - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Have done a little research on the Barlow family, Heywood, would appreciate any information
Family Surnames: Barlow
Pilkington family - (Heywood - Lancashire)
trying to locate any pilkington 's my ggrandad was Daniel Pilkington, who had the kings head in Heywood, my Grandad was James Pilkington, he had a brother Richard and a sister Lily, James was married to Mary Agnes Parkinson, and they moved fron Heywood to Rochdale,they had 4 Children one which was my dad WILLIAM He was born 1911 any info gratefully received, Thanks Gloria
Family Surnames: Pilkington
Crossley/Butterworth/Hammersley - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for Crossley in Heywood, Grace & Alfred (greengrocer) born early 1800 had a son Marshall (greengrocer Manchester Street Heywwod) who married Adeliza, they had two children - Elizabeth Ann born c1880 and Alfred born c1890. Afred was killied in WW1 in greece 1918, Elizabeth Ann married James Butterworth and had a daughter Ada born 1902/3 We do not know the maiden names of Grace or Adeliza or anything of James. Ada had a daughter Joan, and later married Harold Hammersley, who already had 3-4 children one of whom was named Ileen, she became Ileen Breen and emigrated to the USA. We believe that adeliza, James & Elizabeth Ann moved to Chester, but are unsure when. any info would be greatly appeciated. many thanks
Family Surnames: Crossley/Butterworth/Hammersley
Matthew - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for info on the Heywood branch of the Matthew family. Samuel Matthew was born about 1835 in Heywood and his father was Richard Matthew born about 1811 in Lancashire. His mother was Sara. He married Elizabeth, also from Heywood born about 1834. I am happy to share the info I have so far.
Family Surnames: Matthew
CURTIS - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Am looking for information on James & his wife Elizabeth Curtis, children Cable (Kabel) John, William, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Caroline & Sharlot. Sharlot was born in Lancashire all the others I think in Suffolk but the family had moved to Bury/Heywood by 1841.
Family Surnames: Curtis
Moore Family - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am looking for decendants or any information on a John Moore bn .c1794 Bury Lancashire ,occ Shopkeeper ,wife Martha Moore ,bn. c1797 Lancashire ,occ. Shopkeeper in 1841 living in Church Street Heap.Children of John and Martha ,Joseph Moore bn .c1820 ,Hannah Moore ,bn.c1824 ,Mary Moore bn. c1824 and Samuel Moore bn. c1835 , all born in Lancashire .
Family Surnames: Moore
Samuel Taylor - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for details of Samuel Taylor, b 1858 in Heywood, father Johnson Taylor, mother Sarah. He worked as a groom/coachman and later lived in Bury, married Jane Stott.
Family Surnames: Taylor, Stott
Edward Skelton..Heywood - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for information on Edward Skelton who worked at the tobacco factory and lived in Beck May Street,Heywood..think he died in 1956. any information would be a great help.
Family Surnames: Skelton, Hart ,Holmes,Smith
Tobacco Factory - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Understand there was a Tobacco factory around the bury area anybody have any info?
Wolstenholme - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am looking for information on Richard Wolstenholme. All I know, is that he was a "painter" and had a son James Wolstenholme born 1836 in Heywood, Lancashire and he was a clogger. He married Mary Evan in August 1857. Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Nancy
Family Surnames: Wolstenholme/Heywood
Simpson Hill Maternity Home - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Has anyone heard of or know of the existence of such a place in the 1950's in Heywood? It is named on my birth certificate as the place where I was born, but as yet have been unable to find out anything about it
Fred Brown - (Heywood - Lancashire)
My father was Harry Brown Holland born in Hill st Heywood in 1910 His mother was Annie Elisabeth Holland, I believe his father was Fred Brown. There were 2 Fred browns living in Heywood at the time but our one has passed heart disease on to our family so this could be a clue to anyone out there who may be related. Please contact me if you can help. Pete.
Family Surnames: Brown
Riley surname - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I have my Riley family in Heywood in the 1841 census. The family consists of John and Esther and their children - Mary, John, Hannah, Martha, James and Elizabeth. Their son, John, married Mary Barnes in Bury and by 1851 is in Pendleton. In the 1870's this family immigrated to Fall River, MA. Anyone else have Riley's in this area in 1841?
Family Surnames: Riley, Barnes
Dawson - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Gertrude Dawson born 1896 in Wigan married Fred Bell born 1899 in Heywood. They married in 1927 in Heywood. Anyone any contact with this couple or thier descendants. - Olive Tamar Dawson b 1893 married Thomas Ernest Dawson born 1892. They married in Heywood in 1918 - anyone know anything about this couple. - Looking for information or descendants og Gladys Dawson born 1903 and Fred Dawson born 1909 - both born Wigan. Parents were Newark Shipley Dawson and Jane Leech, family may have moved to Bury area. - Looking for information or descendants of Joyce Dawson born 1923 and Colin Dawson born 1924 in Heywood. Parents Sydney Dawson and Annie Lord who married in 1922.
Family Surnames: Dawson
pilkington - (Heywood - Lancashire)
my grandfather was richard pilkington married to edith they lived in heywood and my great grandfather had a pub in the town my dad was called daniel he had 2 sisters rose and may and a brother thomas
Family Surnames: Pilkington
Nobles of Heywood - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Trying to find any information on the Nobles (Mineral Water manufacturers in Heywood) William b.1829 and son James b.1873 ran the business. Cannot find the parents of William or his Birth and he seems to have evaded 1841/51/61/&71 census returns. Any info would be much appreciated>>>especially by family in NZ.
Family Surnames: Noble
Nicholls and Walmsley - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for information on Frank Nicholls (B:1891) and Jessie Redfern (B:1893) who lived in Heywood, Lancashire. They imigrated to Canada and had children. I have all the info from Canada but looking for Heywood info and pics. Franks parents were Edwin Nicholls and Maria Walmsley. Jessie Redfern's parents were George Redern and Rachael Drinkwater
Family Surnames: Nicholls Walmsley Redfern Drinkwater
john barlow - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Looking for ancestors/descendants of John Barlow (1814-1878) of Heywood who married Anne Gregson 1840. He was a weaver. They had children: Alice born 1841; Mary born 1842 married Abraham Holt; and my ancestor Robert (1846-1912) who married Emma Whitworth 1864 and emigrated to Fall River, Massachusetts, USA in 1873.
Family Surnames: Barlow Gregson Holt Whitworth
Mayor of Heywood 1915-1916 - (Heywood - Lancashire)
Any details please about Alderman Richard Grundy JP who was the Mayor of Heywood from November 1915 to October 1916. He lived at Lea Bank, Manchester Road, Heywood. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Grundy
Kent in Heywood - (Heywood - Lancashire)
My great grandmother (Jessie) was born in Heywood in 1876. Her parents were Francis Henry Kent and Alice Kent. Francis was a fireman and he died at the age of 27 in 1879. I would like to find out the cause of his death. The parents of Francis were George Henry and Rachael. George was a stationer and Printer. I'd love to see anything that someone may have that was from his store which was located at 26 York Street. I am looking for any family members connected to the Kents. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Kent
roah mill - (Heywood - Lancashire)
does anyone have any old photo's of the roach mill or any old photo's of "the back o moss" please.any old photo's of heywood would be appreciated many thanks
Family Surnames: Crook
Ashton/Peers/Howarth/Filton - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am looking for any information about Fred Ashton b. 26 Dec. 1888; Annie Peers b. 19 Mar. 1888, Both emigrated to Canada. Also Fred Ashton's Parents Thomas Ashton and Mary Ellen Howarth. Annie's parents William Peers (b. 1846, d.1906) and Elizabeth Filton. Also Fred's Siblings: George; Harvey; Alice; and Emily.
Family Surnames: Ashton Peers Howarth Filton
British Gunners Reception Toronto August 1907 - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am posting this here, as I'm not sure where to post it. I have a newspaper clipping about the British Gunners Reception in Toronto August 1907. People in the picture include: Sergt Ross QOR, Sergt Major Hewitt QOR, Sergt Shopley 9th field Battery, Sergt Nobe Royal Grenadiers, Sergt Major Burridge 9th Field Battery, Sergt Forlett 9th Field Battery and Quarter Master Sergt Wright, 9th field battery. Of course being so old it is a little grainy but not bad.
Samuel Street, Heywood - (Heywood - Lancashire)
I am trying to find out where Samuel Street used to be in Heywood. My great, great grandfather lived there in 1895 according to his marriage certificate. I am assuming that it was close or near to St James Church as that is where he was married to Hannah Maria Brown. I have tried numerous google searches but to no avail. Any information is much appreciated!
Family Surnames: Leach Brown
William Thomas Jones - (Higginshaw - Lancashire)
did you know a william thomas Jones ? he resided in the heyside /higginshaw area of royton / oldham in the 1950s/ 60s. Any information would be greatfully acknowledged ,tnx Jim.
Family Surnames: Jones
Travis family - (High Crompton - Lancashire)
Can anyone help with Joseph Travis (b.1870)who married Elizabeth Bradbury (b.1869) in 1894. They were both drowned in a boating accident in Ireland <1805> and left 4 children, Ann, Ben, Lillian and Joe who were raised by various relatives. Was Joseph the son of William and Nancy Travis of 69 High St. or George and Mary Travis of Cowlishaw Lane ? (1881 Census)
Family Surnames: Travis, Bradbury.
WESLEYAN SCHOOL - SHAW/CROMPTON - (High Crompton - Lancashire)
Looking for any information on the WESLEYAN SCHOOL in SHAW/CROMPTON, near OLDHAM in the period 1913-1920. Has anyone got any old records, photographs or information on this school, which closed in 1974?
Family Surnames: Briggs
Michll Mulvey, Irishman, of Cunsey - (High Cunsey - Lancashire)
Michll Mulvey, Irishman, married Margaret Roach in Cunsey on oct 31 1737. We believe that some Liverpool and Chester Mulveys are descended from Michll and Margaret. Willing to share info.
Family Surnames: Mulvey, Mulvee, Roach
Penlington Family - (Higher Broughton - Lancashire)
Looking for anyone with connections to this surname in this area between 1890 and present.
Family Surnames: Penlington
John Rickus, 35 Vincent Street, Higher Broughton, 1919 - (Higher Broughton - Lancashire)
John Rickus was a postal telegraphist living at 35 Vincent Street in Higher Broughton, Manchester in 1919. Who was his wife? Did he have children? Any assistance appreciated. Kim in Tasmania
Family Surnames: Rickus
Pacey - Pain - (Higher Broughton - Lancashire)
I am holding Probates and many family records relating to Jeptha Pacey who married Priscilla Pain in 1821 and their various children.We are direct descendants of their daughter Hannah who married Dr David Russell of Neston. I am happy to help anyone researching any branch of the family. Lynn.
Family Surnames: Pacey Pain
Burgess/Chadwick/Graham/Brownhill/Audrey/Audre - (Higher Broughton - Lancashire)
Lived Higher Broughton, previously from Pendleton, Salford
Family Surnames: Burgess/Chadwick/Graham/Brownhill/Audre/Audrey
MARLOW - (Higher Croft - Lancashire)
Hannah Marlow born Croft, dob 1813 married James Lyons, resided 25 Nelson St Barton Upon Irwell Lancashire During 1881 cencus. Russ
Family Surnames: Marlow
Astle - (Higher Ince - Lancashire)
Any help for Thomas Astle, married an Ada early 1900's. A miner. Unsure if Higher or Lower Ince. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Astle
Lomax - Horrocks - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
CAN YOU HELP? We are searching for the families of John Horrocks(1768-1804) and Mary Lomax (married in 1790), his wife. We have just met a family here in Australia whose daughter is in my sons class and she is the decendent of the Lomax's in the same region. Is there a family connection? Are we distant cousins? (the children think we are!) Is there anyone able to help with the Lomax side of the family tree
lomax john horrocks - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
Family Surnames: Lomax Horrocks
mullyknock littles/hamiltons - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
i am trying to trace back on the hamiltons and littles of mullyknock is anybody else researching the same families, if so i would love to hear from you
Family Surnames: Hamilton Little
church name - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
hi would someone know the name of the methodist church in tempo????
horrocks whitehead - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
Hi I have the Horrocks ( founders of the cotton industry) pedigree from the gentry book. John Horrocks married Mary lomax he was the brother to my ggg grandmother mary whitehead(nee horrocks)I am descended from her. does anyone have any info.By the way my sister is about to emigrate to Aus.
Family Surnames: Horrocks Whitehead.
GILLER - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
I am interested in the family of GEORGE GILLER who was born in Penwortham in 1801 ish and left to be a bed quilt weaver in Bolton in the 1840s. I am fairly certain of his movements and family when he reached Bolton but not what happened to him earlier. He seems to have married at least twice, and in Bolton is married to a MARY who has an older son JOHN WILSON, who was a hairdresser. However a GEORGE GILLER married an ISABEL SOUTHWORTH in Preston in 1840 and I can't find her death. Anyone who can help me with the mystery is welcome. Barbara
Family Surnames: Giller
William Robinson journalist & author. - (Higher Penwortham - Lancashire)
William was born in Alnwick c.1856.I know he was living in Addison' Yard in 1901 census for Penwortham with first wife Sarah & children Rachel & Oliver. He went on to live in London & marry his second wife Madeline Maude Granville. Any information gratefully received.
Family Surnames: Robinson
Pearson/Wheelton - (Higher Wheelton - Lancashire)
1891 Census - John Pearson 56 from Longton had married Margaret Pallister (50) from Whittle-le-Woods and had the following children: All lived in Wheelton - Jane 25, Eliz E. 23, George 21, Nathaniel 18, James 16 & Henry 12. John & Margaret were married 20 Oct. 1855 Hinderwell, Yorkshire, Eng. John had been married to Margaret Derbyshire Lea about 1854 (Eng.).
Family Surnames: Pearson/Wheelton
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