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Greater London ( Administrative County) ... London
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De La Riviere/la Riviere - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
My maiden name was "de la Riviere" and would like to know anyone of the same name who I don't know!My great grand father was "La Riviere" and I don't know why the "de"was put on or taken off!My brother is in touch with a family of "de la Riviere's"in Normandy,but with no definate connection.We presume we are decsended from the French Hugenoets,but there again cannot make any proper connection.I look forward to anyone who can help.
Family Surnames: De La Riviere La Riviere
Blofeld Blofield - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
My BLOFELD ancestors come from the City of London and also to the east of London around Holborn, Islington and just south of the Thames in Southwick and Bermondsey. They were mainly in trade - bakers, butchers, cabinet makers and tin plate makers. Variant Blofield.
Family Surnames: Blofield Blofeld
Hazard - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Joseph, Daniel and Richard are frequent names in our Hazard family, with links to St. Magnus the Martyr. Joseph (born 1787) was in the Commissary General's Office and lived in Lambeth. His brother Daniel was a veterinary surgeon who moved out to Hampstead. Others in the family may be printers or wool-brokers. Would love to make contact with others researching this name.
Family Surnames: Hazard
Oldfield, Godfrey - (London - County of London)
I am searching for information about Edward Oldfield and Mary Godfrey who emigrated to Australia in 1890 on the steamship "The Australasia" with their 3 children (Edward, Ethel and Daisy) Nine more children were born in Australia Mary's siblings were Alfred, Will and Maggie I would appreciate any information about these families
Family Surnames: Oldfield, Godfrey
Winterhalder/winterhalter/winterholder - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Looking for any Winterhalder or variants in the West End of London. In particular, descendants of Alois snr and jnr, both born in Germany but in London by the time of the 1871 census. Watchmakers. Alois jnr married Josephine Charlotte White. Theyhad many children, but only the girls survived.
Family Surnames: Winterhalder Winterhalter Winterholder
Young, James - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Looking for any other descendants or siblings of James Young, soldier who served in the Crimea. Private 1854? Married Elizabeth who was born in Exeter circa 1814. Deceased by the time of daughter Maria's (b 1843 Greenwich)wedding in Lambeth 1869 toCharles Frederick Bunker
Family Surnames: Young Bunker
Ball - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Anyone researching the family of BALL's from Kensington? I have William Ball (Gordon Highlander) marrying Mary Irons. One of their nine children is my grandfather William Henry Ball, b August 12, 1903. My grandmother is Florence Wood, daughter ofCharles Henry Wood & Mary Ann Lucy Wood Way.
Family Surnames: Ball Irons Wood Way
Meates, Any Where, Any Time - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Researching Meates, Meats, Mates World wide. Seeking contact with others researching any of these surnames, any where. Extensive data base.
Family Surnames: Meates Mates Meats
Byott/gould - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
I am looking for any descendants of Thomas Gould and Caroline Milam Gould and Frederick John Byott and Jane Baker Byott. Thanks Joy
Family Surnames: Byott Gould
Evans George B. C1812-1820 D.1888 - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
My 2 x great grandfather George Evans was a tailor and live in St. James, Westminster, Middlesex for at least 40 years. Curiously he always states that he was born in Liverpool in the census although family legend has it that the family came from North Wales. I have extensively searched forward from George but I cannot get back beyond 1851 due to this anomily. Is anyone else researching this family as I love to make contact.
Family Surnames: Evans Chantry Cantwell Roxburgh.
Thomas Chantry Born C1793 Master Wheelwright Of Clerkenwell, Middlesex. - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
I would like to hear from anyone researching the name Chantry in the Clerkenwell area. Thomas above married Elizabeth and produced quite a few children one of whom my ancestor Maria Chantry 1826-1888 married George EVANS a tailor in 1844 at St. James Westminster, Middlesex.
Family Surnames: Chantry Evans Cantwell Roxburgh
Cantwell John 1825-1882 - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Is anyone researching the CANTWELL family of Saffron Hill, Middlesex? John above (a tailor) was apparently born in Dublin and according to his marriage certificate his father was Richard CANTWELL. John's daughter Elizabeth b.1868 was the second wifeof my great grandfather Henry Hugh Evans. Her sister Mary was his first wife!
Family Surnames: Cantwell Chantry Evans Roxburgh.
Aylwin Hinder Prinsep Richardson London - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
George Allen Aylwin born Febuary 11,1770 Midhurst.Lived 1 Finsbury Sq.1840s-1860s,married Mary Ann Cooper on May 4,1820 at St.George Hanover Sq.Mary Ann born September 11,1798 Leatherhead died Febuary 28,1866 Canterbury.Children David Cooper. Fredrick Arthur. Herbert Alan,married Anne Charlotte. Horace came to Ontario ,Canada,married Fanny Tracy Shepherd. Douglas. Emily Mary. George first married Hannah Smart on August 30,1804,Hannah died August 3,1806.Hannah was a half sister of Mary Ann. Chum
Family Surnames: Aylwin Hinder Richardson Dalziel
Beeton - (London - County of London)
My family of Beeton's lived in and around the City of London during the 1800's, including the most famous of us, Isabella Beeton, writer of the cookery book, Beeton's Household Management. Any one linked to this family, I would be glad to hear fromyou. Isobel
Family Surnames: Beeton
Kemp - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Interested in Jack Kemp, born around 1900 in Bedforshire. He moved to London as an adult and lived somewhere near London Airport. He worked for the Queen Mother in later life as a footman I believe. He is my G Grandfathers half brother. I belivehis daughter was called Joan.
Family Surnames: Kemp
Saker - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Seeking the Saker family from London. The earliest I can find the name is about 1840's, when a vaudeville actor named SAKER was given a benefit at an East London theatre. My father was John Henry Saker, born London 30 Jan 1916, emigrated to South Africa in Feb or MArch 1948. He was a draftsman in Town Planning. Married Frances Edwards about 1943. One child - Joy Frances Saker - 18/05/45 The surname Saker could have 2 derivations - one an occupational name - the man who looked after the SakerFalcons in the mews, or a middle''eastern family name of ancient lineage, named after the falcon 'falco saker' which is still used in the Middle East for falconry, and is a prestigous bird to own. You'll find pictures of these birds in any good falconry book. There are entries in many of the heraldry books claiming that Saker comes from Sacker (weaver of coarse cloth) and this initial mistake has been perpetuated in more recent books, but don't be fooled - we Sakers are named after the bird, count on it. Joy Saker, New Zealand
Family Surnames: Saker
Ethington, Etherington - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
We've been able to track the name "Ethington" or "Etherington" from the US back to England (and supposedly London) but have come up with blanks.
Family Surnames: Ethington
Dunn - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Emily Gordon Dunn b. 22.2.1840 know nothing else, she married William Hnery Alexander 14.6.1860 in sydney.
Family Surnames: Dunn
Searching For John F. Ferris - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Searching for relatives of John F. Ferris, b. April, 1833, m. Ellender Baycock & emigrated to U. S. 1854.
Family Surnames: Ferris
Bloomfield, Downes - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Looking for my mother's mother side is Harriet Downes,don't know her father and mothers name. Known that my grandmother has three brother's Alfred, George, Harry and two sisters Rosina and Lilly. My grandmother Harriet (Islington, London) married toCyril Bloomfield (Regular Navy) who had three son's Bertie, Ronald (married Sylvia, who has 5 sons Colin, Chris, Terry , Tony & Darren), Jack (was known to have lived in Cheshire and has two daughters Bernadette & Andrea whom lived in Slimbridge, Glos) and two daughters Rosina (whom is my mum, married to John Birch) and Renee. Renee married Fred Light (Tonbridge ?). My father John Birch, his father name Thomas Frederick Birch (Barnet, Hertfordshire) married Elizabether Whittaker(Northaw,Hertfordshire). That's all I know of, could not trace a date of birth or death, or where.
Family Surnames: Bloomfield Downes
Greater London - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Seeking any information on the family of Henry H Brown born 1885/86 in London maybe Bethnal Green his father was Charles Brown born abt 1856 in Stepney . Henry married Annie Caroline Hewett in 1907 at Kilburn
Family Surnames: Brown Hewett
Cressey Cresey Lawton Dutton Richardson Allin Green Brown - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Betsy Lawton married George Harold Cressey and later married Fred Duton,Some children Harold Sidney Cressey born 1889, Eva Elizabeth Cressey born 1893 husband Herbert Brown,Charles Henry Cressey,Alice Maude Cressey born October 25,189? husband AllenGreen,John Staneley Cressey born January 30,1899 wife Violet Rose Richardson, Dorothy Irene Cressey born July 16,1901 Died Febuary 25,1972 husband Harold W.Allin,Ida Cressey born March 31,1904,Tommy Dutton,Isabella Dutton, Dorothy Cressey lived at Lowbanks,Ontario,Canada during WWI. Chum
Family Surnames: Cressey Cresey Lawton Duton Richardson Brown Green Allin Dalziel
Suger Baker Croft - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Have discovered that my Great Grandfather - George Croft - was born in Germany and came here to London to work as a Suger Baker. I can find no other trace of him. Any information on suger baking and why large amounts of Germans came here to work as sugar bakers in 1860?
Family Surnames: Sugar Bakers Croft
Croft/blanking - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Looking for information on the Blanking family of London. Sarah Ann Blanking married George Croft 1865 her father was Henry Blanking a sugar refiner. Can find no other information.
Family Surnames: Blanking
Wingfield Richardson - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Wingfield family came to Ontario,Canada mid 1800s and married into the Richardson family in Peel Township,Wellington County,Ontario.Chum
Family Surnames: Wingfield Richardson Dalziel
Abraham - (London - County of London)
Looking for info on the descendents of Victor Abraham, married Eleanor Lovegrove 1893. Three known children. Robert, John and Adelaide
Family Surnames: Abraham Lovegrove
Looking For Family - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Looking for information on Albert Chapman born within the sound of Bo Bells, father was Joseph and his mother was Alice Suzanna Mills. Albert was one of 9 children. He was born in 1898.
Family Surnames: Chapman Mills
Browns Of Fulham, - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
My ggfather was George BROWN, (dob 1819 Hampstead Norris, Berks) he married a Jane Silver in 1851 in Stepney. I believe their were several children, but I only know of four, John James (my grandfather dob 1858, Hammersmith), Edward, Albert and Alfred. John James married Mary BUSBY from Curbridge, Oxfordshire and they had 11 children between 1881 and 1901 (Eleanor, Amelia, George, Ethel, Millicent, John James jnr, Francis (Frank), Elsie, Rose, Ada and Albert Edward (Ted) (my father dob 1901) married Mary OAKHAM and they had 5 children, between 1940 and 1953, Janet (me), John James, David Alan, Marion Edwina and Kathleen. Any information on George's children would be very much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Brown Busby Silver Oakham
Samuel Mullins & Elizabeth O'Brien - (London, City of London - County of London)
I am trying to locate my maternal Grandfather  Samuel Mullins. His partner,was Elizabeth (also called Lizzy or Eliza) OBrien. I found them in the 1911 census, where it shows him as aged 49 and Elizabeth as aged 40. His occupation is shown as Cabinet Maker and they were living at 103 Mill Row, Kingsland Rd, Hoxton N. The 1911 census shown them as married in 1897, although I cannot find a record of it. They are shown as having 4 living children  John (10), Sam (7), Maggie (ie Margaret and also called Marie). Rose is my Mother.
Family Surnames: Mullins & O'brien
Jones Marriage Twigg - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Cecil William Jones to Alice Elizabeth Twigg Both 21 in 1921. Married in Nottinghill London. Benjamin Jones Father of Cecil. Information Wanted about Jones family. Benjamin was a bricklayer. Cecil was a soldier on marriage certificate. Witness Rose Kelly and Emma Theiolis (notclear) Was there a divorce or death before 1932.
Family Surnames: Jones - Twigg
London & Middlesex: A Genealogical Bibliography - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Vital book for everyone researching in London! Lists thousands of books, articles, and fiche, which are readily available in libraries world-wide. Published F.F.H.S. Please inquire for overseas prices and further details.
Great Grandparents - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
I am looking for any information on the Dade's. The names are Arthur, Walter, and Albert Dade. They were born in Camberwall or Peckham. The date is the late 1800's
Family Surnames: Dade
Holwell , clara Emilia - (London (LDN, County, England) - County of London)
My Grandma on my Husbands side was Clara Holwell.Clara was suppose to have arrived to Canada in 1906. The party she was traveling with,was Dr.Barnardo who looked after orphans from England.She had a Sister,Flossie(Florence)& was living at84 EtonAvenue,Sudbuoy, Middlesex, going by a letter to Clara Holwell on Dec. 19,1937 & Clara is married at this time to,Michael Louis Schnitzler(Snitzler),Living in Regina,Saskatxhewan,Canada. Flossie (Florence)had a daughter,Evelyn, & also Evelyn had a child,too(unwed,at the time). Hope to hear from someone,any info on them. Thankyou.
Family Surnames: " Holwell "
Reed, Pettitt Or Carpenter - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Any details on REED, PETTITT or CARPENTER would be most helpful, Edith reed married Percy Pettit and Lola Isobel Pettitt married Horace Carpenter. Edith had sevral other sisters from Cirencester. Horace was from Ross-on-Wye.
Family Surnames: Reed Pettitt Carpenter
Looking For Paternal Ancestors - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
I am searching for my grandfather Charles Frederick William Clark born 1867/1868 London and migrated to Sydney Australia late 1800's and married Elizabeth Ellen Gallagher 1/3/1899. There is a possible link to family called Barker as this name was given to both my father and myself, this Barker could have been daughter of a clergyman in the Church of England and possibly married a Frenchman called Le Clerc which was later anglized.
Family Surnames: Clark Barker Le Clerc
Williams Family - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
researching the Williams family in East London - Dalby b. abt. 1855 was LCC councillor and publican, John D, b. abt. 1847 was a Thames lighterman. Probably ancestors in the area
Family Surnames: Williams
Dignum Family - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
I am researching my family name, 'Dignum' mainly from the Eastend of London, Stepney, Mile end road areas. If anyone has any contacts or information to share please get in touch.
Family Surnames: Dignum
Dove Mahoney Parsons Thurston Easton Links - (Greater London ( Administrative County) - County of London)
Most of my family were living in London's Lambeth area during the 18/1900's,although they came from Ireland the IOW and Birmingham originally,looking for family links that can expand on the family history I have already researched.
Family Surnames: Dove Mahoney Parsons Easton Thurston
Fruen, Fruin In London Or Kent - (London, The County of - County of London)
I am seeking information on Joseph Fruen, born about 1836. The 1860 census of Monroe County, Arkansas, USA listed his birth place as London. The LDS Family History Center has a listing for a Joseph Fruin, christened 22 May 1836 in Saint John's in Thanet, Kent, England. Parents were listed as Joseph and Mary Ann Fruin. This may be him, but I have no data to support it. Georgia Ann (Fruen) Aeverman
Family Surnames: Fruen Fruin Aeverman
East End - (London, The County of - County of London)
Looking for fathers family (Phipps)and mothers family (Ormes) in the east end somewere.
Family Surnames: Phipps And Ormes
An Abraham Man - (London - County of London)
From the Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Originally a mendicant lunatic from Bethlehem Hospital London. The wards in the hospital were named after saints or patriarchs. The one named after Abraham was devoted to a class of lunatics, who on certain days were permitted to go out begging. They bore a badge and were known as Abraham-men. Many, however, assumed the badge without right, and beggedm feigning lunacy. Hence the more common usage of the term to mean an imposter who wandered about the country seeking alms, under the pretence of lunacy.
Pyne/Poole/Ginger/Sturgeon/Lawton - (London - County of London)
I am researching the above names, all from London. I have little info. on Mary Lawton born 1911 married Albert Ginger. Also Emily Lawton died 1956. Arthur Sturgeon died 1955. Father of Mary Lawton. Trying to confirm Charles Pyne was Freeman of the city of London abount 1850. He owned The White Horse Hotel, fetter lane, London.His son William T Pyne (1844-1881) inherited the hotel William was also in the City of London Volunteers, his captain was Captain Crickshank(artist).
Family Surnames: Pyne/Lawton/Sturgeon/Ginger
Martha Church - (London - County of London)
looking for any info,about MARTHA CHURCH,who married EDMUND LEE,ABOUT 1884/86,martha had three children,frank,edmund,and walter lee,then she died young,edmund remarried a BERTHA BUCKLY,around 1888 thanks for any info
Family Surnames: Church Lee Buckly
Hall, Arthur - (London, City of London - County of London)
Looking for anyone who has more information on the HALL & ARTHUR families: George HALL & wife Elizabeth HALL Had son: Henry HALL B. 24 MAY 1819 at Aldgate, Stepney, London? George was a Miller by trade. Their son Henry HALL married: Elizabeth Mary ARTHUR on the 27th DEC 1841 at St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England. Elizabeth Mary ARTHUR was the daughter of a William ARTHUR who was a Baker by trade. William's father is supposed to have been an Alexander ARTHUR B. about 1773 in Scotland. Alexander is also supposed to have been a Chelsea Pensioner, but I haven't found proof of that.
Family Surnames: Hall Arthur
Clilverd - (London, City of London - County of London)
Looking for Clilverd Family in London, William b1832 m Anne E and listed as stable manager in the 1881 census. Any information on his decendants would be a great help.Any other information on the Clilverd family.
Family Surnames: Clilverd
Phipps And Ormes - (London, The County of - County of London)
Looking for details of Fathers family(Phipps) and Mothers(Ormes)somewhere in the east end of London
Family Surnames: Phipps And Ormes
Elizabeth Lamming - (London - County of London)
Seeking any info from descendants of Elizabeth Lamming,born 1851/2 in blackwall middlesex,married Charles Matthews sometime in 1867/8/9.They had a girl called Minnie Matthews,david matthews,to name a few any info would help.
Family Surnames: Lamming Matthews
Jones - (London - County of London)
William Henry Jones b 1845 Thomas Dickins Jones b 1847 Edward George Jones b 1849 Anne Louisa Jones b 1851 Rosetta Charlotte Jones b 1854 All the above born Bethnal Green to William JONES b 1820 and Ann DOWSE b 1824 William Edward Jones b 1871 - South Hackney Emily Jones b 1876 - Homerton (married Othen) Florence Jones b 1884 - Homerton (married Douglas?) Charlotte Jones b 1878 - Hackney All the above born to Edward George Jones and Emily Moody Very interested to hear from anyone researching same Regards Linda
Family Surnames: Jones Dowse Moody
Moody - (London - County of London)
Children born to Jonah Moody b 1826 Hilperton, Wiltshire, and Elizabeth Franklin b 1825 Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Sarah Moody b approx 1848 - Trowbridge Emily Moody b 1850 - Trowbridge Henry A Moody b approx 1852 - Hackney Frederick Moody b approx 1854- Hackney Martha Moody b approx 1857 - Hackney Oliver W Moody b approx 1859 - Hackney Rosa Moody b approx 1866 - Hackney Florence Moody b approx 1869 - Hackney Very interested to hear from anyone researching same Regards Linda
Family Surnames: Moody
Index Of Wills Proved In The Archdeaconry Court Of London 1700-1807 - (London - County of London)
Do you need to check if your ancestor`s will was proved in the London Archdeaconry Court? Published by the Society of Genealogists, 1996. Please inquire for details.
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