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William Tocknell - (Epping - Essex)
Searching for info re William Tocknell an engraver born in Epping about 1809 according to 1851 census.
Family Surnames: Tocknell
George and Walter Street - (Epping - Essex)
From census details I have a George Street and a Walter Street, both born 1866, in the Epping area, possibly at Theydon Bois. Their parents are Thomas Street, born 1844 at Loughton, and Hope Smith, born 1845 in Hainault Forest. George married Matilda Gleed and Walter married Phoebe Lee. However, I cannot find any record of their births. Can anyone help? Thank you.
Family Surnames: Street Smith Gleed Lee
Alice Salmon - (Epping - Essex)
I have a marriage reference for Alice Salmon, born 1871 in the Chigwell/Epping area, but do not know which of the men listed she married. Can anyone help? Alice Eleanor Salmon 1895 West Ham 1st quarter Volume 4a p.196 The groom was either James Allardyce Ewing or Charles Clarke. Many thanks.
Family Surnames: Salmon Ewing Clarke
Harriett Salmon - (Epping - Essex)
I have a marriage reference for Harriett Salmon, born c1876 in the Chigwell/Epping area, but do not know which of the men listed she married. Can anyone help? Harriett Salmon 1897 Epping 2nd quarter Volume 4a p.537. The groom was either John Pearce or Herbert Norton. Many thanks.
Family Surnames: Salmon Pearce Norton
Lost Gibbens, - (Epping - Essex)
Looking to find a John E Gibbens born Epping Essex 1945 or Stanley(Stanleh)W Gibbens.born Epping 1942. Children of Edward W S Gibbens and Hilda Florence Gibbens nee Ives Does anyone have any connection to these people they are related to my grandmother. Thank you .
Family Surnames: Gibbens, Ives, Arnull,
Collingwood & Par(r)ish - Epping & Theydon Bois - (Epping - Essex)
Looking to make contact with others also researching the Collingwood & Par(r)ish families of Epping and Theydon Bois.
Family Surnames: Collingwood; Par(R)Ish
Paice, Crocker, Barnard, Furness in Walthamstow, Epping , Worthing - (Epping - Essex)
Trying to find Laurence P Paice (B: 1937) who married Janet A crocker in 1962 in Epping, Essex. My Nan and your mother were sisters and my only link is 46 Grantock Road, Walthamstow, E17 where I remember seeing you and your sister Kathleen M Paice (B:1933), who married Derek E Barnard in Epping in 1962. They had two children, Jane D Barnard (B:1963 in Worthing, Sussex) and Peter D Barnard (B:1965 also in Worthing)
Family Surnames: Paice, Furness, Barnard, Crocker
William Hampton - (Epping - Essex)
Seeking information on William Hampton (sentenced to transportation for sheep stealing) - marriage, children (I've heard it alleged he fathered 14 - perhaps that's why he stole a sheep!), parents, etc. I've hit a brick wall on this side of the world. Many thanks to those who offered information on my previous requests. Kerry
Family Surnames: Hampton
Meads in Epping - (Epping Upland - Essex)
I have found William, James and Benjamin Mead baptising children in Epping in the 1790's and early 1800's. They could possibly be brothers. They were not baptised in Epping. Does anyone know where they were born? I have information on their descendants. There is a later Nazeing connection.
Family Surnames: Mead
Fairstead - (Fairstead - Essex)
My Great Great Grandfather THOMAS WILLIAM WAKEFIELD was born 18th July 1843 son of JOHN WAKEFIELD and JANE ELIZABETH, (nee WISBY). Married in Fairstead Church to PEOBE CHALLIS 17 mAY 1863
Family Surnames: Wakefield Wisby Challis
Chalk, Jerman - (Fairstead - Essex)
John CHALK born abt. 1804, married to Phoebe FULLER. John & Phoebe had nine children, between 1830 & 1850. John descendended from Thomas born in 1645. A number of the family, in earlier generations, married into the JERMAN/GERMAN/JERMYN family, descending from William GERMAN b 1710. Any information on both families appreciated.
Family Surnames: Chalk Fuller German Jerman Jermyn
Fairstead - (Fairstead - Essex)
My 3 Greats Grandfather JAMES WAKEFIELD (Son of JOHN WAKEFIELD & ANN MAYHEW) was bapt 14 Sept 1817 and died 5 Mar 1895. He married SUSANNAH MAY 27 Oct 1838 and they had 14 children.
Family Surnames: Wakefield Mayhew May
Bedell/biddle - (Fairstead - Essex)
I am looking for any information on John Bedell born in Fairstead Essex before 1604. Wife was Elizabeth Gina/Gynne. Son Robert, married to Blanche. No last name. Any info appreciated.
Family Surnames: Bedell Biddle
Chalk Fuller - Fairstead Essex - (Fairstead - Essex)
Re John Chalk = Phoebe Fuller. We have three of the nine children born between 1830 - 1850. Ebenezer 24 Oct 1835,Henry 23 July 1837, Mary Ann 12 Apr 1840. Have direct line for Ebenezer to present day. Willing to exchange information.
Family Surnames: Chalk Fuller
Richard STEEL 1549 Fairsted Ess - (Fairstead - Essex)
I would like to contact anyone who has info on the following:- 1. Richard STEEL son/Richard STEEL bn 1549 Fairstead. 2. Richard STEEL son/Robert STEELE, bn 1520. 3. Robert STEELE son/Robert STEELE, bn ca 1490.
Family Surnames: Steel, Steele
Bearmans of Fairstead - (Fairstead - Essex)
I am interested in any information of the Bearmans (Baremans and Beamans)born in Fairstead. I have traced my family back to a John Bearman c1830 married to Sarah Edwards c1735, who was born in Terling, and his son, grandson and great grandson, Thomas c1817, although also born in Terling married a Mary Ann Bright c1819 (Mary's family came from Fairstead) and they had six children in Great Leighs and then moved to Fairste(a)d and had another 6 children. As far as I can tell anyone with a Bearman ancestor from Fairstead is in some way or another related to my family. I would imagine the same goes for Great Leighs and Terling. If you have any information or want to learn more about this Bearman Family, I'll be pleased to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Bearman, Bareman, Beaman, Doe, Smith, Bright, Clarke
VALENTINE FAMILY - (Fairstead - Essex)
Searching for information of the Valentine Family from the area of Faistead. Essex. My Grandfather was William Joseph Valentine born 1868 at Fairstead, and my Great Grandfather was Daniel Valentine born 1830 also at Faistead. Any information or phot0's of the family or of Faistead would be most welcome. Can anybody give me details of any gravestones in Fairstaed Churchyard that bear the name of Valentine, and are there any of the Valentine Family that still live in the area today.
Family Surnames: Valentine
HAMMOND FAMILY - (Fairstead - Essex)
has anyone got any info on Thomas Hammond who was farming here in 1848
Family Surnames: Hammond
GINN, PRIOR & BOYTON - 1800's - (Farnham - Essex)
My 4 x greatgrandfather William GINN married Ann PRIOR in Farnham in 1823. Ann may have come from Albury. They had at least 8 children. I think Ann later married John BOYTON in 1857. Any body else researching these families?
Family Surnames: Ginn, Prior, Boyton
Warwick's in Farnham, Essex - (Farnham - Essex)
If you are looking for a Warwick in Farnham, Essex from 1776 to the early 1900's then please contact me. I am willing to share any information I have. Martin
Family Surnames: Warwick
Saggs - (Farnham - Essex)
Is there anyone connected to George Saggs born c1808 in Farnham married Mary born c1861 in Henham, and moved in Bishop Stortford. He had a son also George born 1853, Thank you
White family _Farnham Essex - (Farnham - Essex)
Looking for information on the White family Charles White born 1851; and his father James born 1826.
Family Surnames: White
Saggers - White - (Farnham - Essex)
Looking for further information on Noah Saggers and daughter Martha. Listed in 1841 census in Farnham. Martha married James White; see previous entry. Also listed in 1841 census is Thomas Saggers; is this Noah's father? Any leads please.
Family Surnames: Saggers- White
farnham essex - (Farnham - Essex)
There is a marriage on BMD Dec.1915 (2a 365) between Kezia Smith and Horace West. I believe Horace West is a relative of Frederick Charles West b.August 1877 and married to Edith Crane of Singleton in 1902, and that Horace was born in East Dean in 1884, Sussex mother Mary Ward and father Charles West. Another relative might be William West b.1873 mother Mary Ann Hills and father Charles West (he married twice). There is mention of a Heather and William at the West/Crane marriage in 1902 in Singleton. AMW Perth
Family Surnames: Smith/West/Ward/Hills
Challis - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
Interested in any connection with the CHALLIS family, particularly James CHALLIS b. 16 June 1805 in Rivenhall & married Mary CORNWELL on 28 November 1828
Family Surnames: Cornwell Challis
Fitch - Faulkbourne, Essex - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
Searching for the baptism of Robert FITCH in Faulkbourne, Essex about 1803 to 1808. He married Abigail SUTLIFF in Maldon, Essex in 1824.
Family Surnames: Fitch
Horsnell, Young families - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
I am interested in any connections to the Horsnell (all spelling variations) and Young families of the Faulkbourne area.
Family Surnames: Horsnell Young
Horsnell, Davey Families - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
I am a descendant of Isaac Davey, son of James and Susannah (?), baptised 4/1/1829 in Rivenhall, Essex who married (on 22/12/1851 at St.Pancras) Eliza Horsnell, born 1830, daughter of Charles Horsnell. (Isaac's father James is said to be the son of Samuel Davey (b. before 1769) and Mary Cranmer, (b. before 1769) - they were married 29/6/1790 at Rivenhall, Essex.) Eliza Horsnell's place of birth is Falkstone or Faulkbourne, Essex - forgive my ignorance of the UK! They sailed to South Australia apparently on the "Shackamaxon" which either left Liverpool or arrived in Adelaide, S.A. (probably the latter) on 19/1/1853. I am told they had 9 children, Emma being one of them, and from whom I am descended. Emma's siblings included: Charles James (b.15/5/1856), Edward (b.1861), Harry (b.1865), Arthur (b.1868), Esther (b.1873) and three others, about whom I have no details except that one was a son and the others daughters. Both Isaac and Eliza are buried in Payneham Cemetary in South Australia. Emma Davey, thier firstborn, married Denis Landers Ryan of Limerick, Ireland in 1872 at Parnaroo, S.A. and had five children: Victor Herbert, Vincent Charles, Ethel Eliza Maria, Bertha Ida and Percival Myles, all born in South Australia. I have oodles of information from thereon in which I'd be delighted to share. I am the great grandaughter of Vincent Charles Ryan and Sarah Elizabeth Clode, married circa 1901 in Redruth, S.A. ...apologies that this is so haphazard. Isaac Davey was one of six children, the others named Uriah, Mary Jane, Emma, Jonas and Eliza. We seem to know so little about Isaac's wife Eliza Horsnell and her family. Nor a whole lot about Isaac's parents and grandparents. If anyone can make head nor tail of this, or it strikes a chord with anyone please get in touch. Kind regards, Rebecca.
Family Surnames: Davey Horsnell Cranmer Ryan
Hagreen / Haygreens at Faulkbourne - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
Family of agricultural workers who live in Faulkbourne, Essex c.1845-1855. Surnames appear to be interchangeable - George Hagreen (b.1845), Louisa Haygreen (b.1849) & Ellen Haygreen (b.1851), all children of George Hagreen & Elizabth Hardy, born at Faulkbourne. Any further information appreciated.
Family Surnames: Haygreen Hagreen
Hammond 1822 - (Faulkbourne - Essex)
Looking for info on parents and siblings of John Hammond b 1822 in the Faulkbourne/Witham area.
Family Surnames: Hammond
Raven - (Feering - Essex)
Searching for this surname. Later moved to Great Coggeshall, Essex (around 1760) and then Lechlade, Gloucester (around 1810).
Family Surnames: Raven
WOODWARD APPLETON - (Feering - Essex)
Family Surnames: Woodward Appleton
Gilson William & Hannah - (Feering - Essex)
William Gilson emigrated to Plymouth Colony in North America before 1634 with his sister Hannah's children, John and Hannah Damon. William and his wife Frances, who were childless, came from Feering. His sister's family was from Tenterden, Kent. William and his nephew built the first windmill in Plymouth Colony, suggesting he may have been a miller. Please contact me if you have any information about either the Gilson or the Damon family. I can provide a great deal of information about descendants of John Damon, of which there are a significant number here in the States. Many thanks!
Family Surnames: Gilson Damon
Thomas CORNWELL - (Feering - Essex)
Thomas CORNWELL b.c. 1793 at Feering, Essex. LDS records only go back as far as 1801. Does anyone know anyting about this man's birth detail and family connection?
Family Surnames: Cornwell
Mary Ann Motts - (Feering - Essex)
Looking for information on Martha Motts & William Motts (Husband & Wife) both listed as being 60 in 1871 and living in Feering. They are believed to be the parents of Mary Anne my G G Grandmother.
Family Surnames: Motts
Stowers Feering Essex - (Feering - Essex)
Hi I am looking for my fathers side of the family surname STOWERS they were born in Feering in the 1800's in particular William Stowers and wife Ann Rodgers Stowers nee Wood living 1881 Old Road Feering William was a farm labourer and his father also William was a gardener. any information however small please contact thanks
Family Surnames: Stowers
Howard family - (Feering - Essex)
Any information relating to the Howard family who lived in Feering in the mid 1800s would be welcome
Family Surnames: Howard
HARDING - (Feering - Essex)
Any information on the Harding family living in and around Feering c1835 would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Harding
Joseph Skingley - (Feering - Essex)
Looking for info on Joseph Skingley b 1771 and wife Mary (nee Manning) b 1784
Family Surnames: Skingle Skingley
Clark / Chapman - (Feering - Essex)
Seeking info. on Clarks and Chapmans who lived in Kelvedon and Coggeshall respectively. William Lenard Clark was later a policeman in Bushy, Herts., and was born 1865. Married Hannah Chapman 1887 at Braintree. She was born 1863. The father of one of them may have been a shoemaker in one of these villages. Any feedback appreciated.
Family Surnames: Clark / Chapman
Eldred and Noon - (Feering - Essex)
Looking for Eldreds and / or Noons from Feering in Essex My great grandfather, Charles William Eldred, was born there 1st Jan 1843 - have birth cert - and his mother, Maria Ann Noon,born circa 1815, claims on later census returns to have been born there Maria married Thomas Eldred in 1838 at Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire, and by 1851 census they were established there Can find no Eldreds or Noons in 1841 census for Feering and Weedon Beck's 1841 census is lost
Family Surnames: Eldred Noon
Smith/fuller/searles - (Felsted - Essex)
Felsted is not too far from either Great Leighs or Little Leighs so there tend to be inter village marriages. I have both Smith and Fuller cousins from such unions so would be pleased to help anyone who is likewise endowed. Although not yet proved Isuspect that Searles families will also play a part as Searles cousins are also part of my Smith line from the area.
Family Surnames: Smith Fuller Searles
Seeking the address of Ellen Clayton - (Felsted - Essex)
I am seeking any information on my great-grandmother and her family. Her name was Ellen Clayton and her father was James Clayton. He was a platelayer. I believe her mother's name was Julia Clayton.On the 1901 census, Ellen gave her birthplace as Felsted, but as yet I have been unable to find her in the records in the FRC at Islington. I believe they lived at Grismal Green, Felsted. She married Frank Forster and lived in Bow at the time of 1881 census.
Family Surnames: Clayton
FRENCH - (Felsted - Essex)
Family Surnames: French
Linn Fuller - (Felsted - Essex)
I am looking for information relating to the LINN family. I have Amy LINN born abt 1778. No details yet about her parents. She married James FULLER in 1799. Any help appreciated.
Family Surnames: Linn Fuller
SMITH - (Felsted - Essex)
Sarah Smith, presumably born c.1795-1800, married in Felsted on 30th Sept 1819 Isaac Estaugh; they had 10 children. She died in Terling in 1858. I have not been able to trace her backgorund and would welcome info from others researching this family.
Family Surnames: Smith, Estaugh
FULLER OVERALL - (Felsted - Essex)
Felsted, Fairsted and Little Sailing Area
Family Surnames: Fuller Overall
LING FAMILY - (Felsted - Essex)
Looking for decendants of Thomas Ling and his wife Martha nee Hammond, they had 6 children between 1840-1853.
Family Surnames: Ling
Sewell - (Felsted - Essex)
Looking for Sewell descendants from Felsted with a view to sharing research
Family Surnames: Sewell
Sarah PORTER - (Felsted - Essex)
Seeking info on Sarah PORTER, dau/John PORTER and Ann WHITE, bn 1624 at Felsted. In 1644 she married Joseph JUDSON, son/William and Grace Ann.
Family Surnames: Porter, Judson
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