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Sunderland ...
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Blacklock - (Sunderland - Durham)
Does anyone have any information on the artist William Kay Blacklock born in Sunderland about 1872? Also interested in the Blacklock family of pawnbrokers/jewellers and their connection to the Brown family of Eggleston.
Family Surnames: Blacklock, Brown
Rush - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for info on the Rush family. Thomas Rush born 1807 married Isabella Carruthers born 1808. They married in Sunderland in 1829. They had 7 children, Mary, Anne, Isabella, Dorothy, Eleanor, Sarah and Thomas. Many Thanks
Family Surnames: Markham, Carruthers
monkwearmouth -Sunderland - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for any info on the Cook or Wright family esp Luke Wright-Sarah ann Cook married 8-8-1857 their parents and offspring
Family Surnames: Cook- Wright
gamblin - (Sunderland - Durham)
Family Surnames: Gamblin
Cecil J Taylor - (Sunderland - Durham)
Does anyone know anything about Cecil J Taylor, who had a son with Mary emma armstrong in 1935, Cecil street Sunderland, He later moved to Skeeby, Richmond. Thanks Karen
Family Surnames: Taylor
cobb - (Sunderland - Durham)
Hi does anyone have any info on John Parkinson Cobb, Southwick, Sunderland. How he died? Thanks Karen
Family Surnames: Cobb
Robson - (Sunderland - Durham)
Hi, does anyone have any info on william Robson and Hannah Major family living in Sunderland. Robson family mainly.I think his parents were William and Barbara. Thanks Karen
Family Surnames: Robson
Cessford - (Sunderland - Durham)
Hi, does anyone have any information on David Cessford, Tailor married Eliza Armstrong. Sunderland. Where he worked? Thanks Karen
Family Surnames: Cessford
Wilsons in Sunderland - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am looking for descendants of Robert Wilson of Sunderland (b 1831 Newcastle) married to Hannah and produced many children inc John Robert, Matthew, Michael, Isabella, Hannah and my ancestor: William who married Elizabeth Lavinia gribble in Barrow in furness 1894. Robert Wilson's family have been found in misc census and lived in Ropery Road and Hartley Street. He was a corwainer/shoemaker
Family Surnames: Wilson
Hutchinson - (Sunderland - Durham)
Currently researching HUTCHINSON in Sunderland. My father, Thomas Michael Hutchinson B:1951 son of Norah & Eric Hutchinson who lived at 29 Nth Milburn St Sunderland and were married in Seaham in 1948. Eric is the son of Thomas & Margaret Hutchinson who lived at 3 Nth Milburn St Sunderland and had a general grocery shop just round the corner. Both died 1964/5. My father's Mam, Norah (nee Murphy)committed suicide in 1954 after being left by Eric in 1952. Only known information for Eric is that he went to London, no birth records fro him or further info. Any potential information on the family will be most welcome. Thanks
Family Surnames: Hutchinson, Murphy, Baker
Thomas DUFFEY - (Sunderland - Durham)
born in Scotland in the early 1800s, he and his brother James moved to Sunderland where they worked in the glass industry. Thomas married Eleanor McDonald, they had a large family. Are there any descendants of Thomas Duffey?
ALICE KELSEY - (Sunderland - Durham)
born in Aycliffe sometime between 1785 and 1795. Is anyone researching KELSEY of Aycliffe?
SCHMIECHEN - (Sunderland - Durham)
originally from Germany/Prussia; were settled in Sunderland by 1870s. Mariners, and photographer. connected surname Pearson (Mary Bowman Pearson and Alice Bowman Pearson)
JOHN WILLIAM WITTE - - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am researching the Witte family of Sunderland, connected surname PEARSON (Annie Pearson married John Witte, these are the parents of John William).
Edinborough Hotel - (Sunderland - Durham)
My uncle Jack Wilkinson b 1900c was a local boxer went under the name Jack Clansey, famous fight John London. Jack fought some of his fights at his grandparent Edinborough Hotel Sunderland, does anyone in the Sunderland area know where this hotel was?
Family Surnames: Wilkinson
Bonallie, Lower - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am looking for info on The Bonallie family of Sunderland sometimes known as Bonella and also Elizabeth Lower the wife of Alexander Bonallie who married in 1844.
Family Surnames: Bonallie, Lower
INNERD - (Sunderland - Durham)
My Innerd family is special inasmuchas all Innerds in Britain and Canada are related. There are only about 100-140 families with this name in the world! The earliest we can find is c 1740 Robert Innerd. No one seems to know where he came from or birth/death dates. He married Jane Atkinson in Feb 1789 in Wearmouth. They had a son, also Robert - there are many Robert's in this family! When Jane died in 1793 he married Mary Mackpherson in 1793, Bishopwearmouth. They had a daughter Mary born in 1795; died 1866. Anyone connected with the family and knows anything about the early members of the family; would love to hear from you. PS: the name is French in origin. Louise
Family Surnames: Innerd
Trying to trace - (Sunderland - Durham)
trying to find some family history, my grandmother was Margaret Temple, she married a William rutherford who was killed in the 2nd world war, he is buried in Pelton.She then went on to marry a John Carlton they had a child called Sarah Ann Carlton(always called herself Sally)they lived at 64 West Street,Grange Villa, Co Durham. i think they were quite a big Family, would like information on this family there could be existing members of the family still living in the area.
Family Surnames: Carlton,Garside.
Dobson - (Sunderland - Durham)
Edward Dobson married Ann Donkin in 1832 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland. I am searching for his parents/siblings and any children from this marriage. Any help would be most appreciated. Joan.
Family Surnames: Dobson, Donkin
SHOUT!! - (Sunderland - Durham)
It's true. I have a surname to SHOUT about. I am descended from Margaret Shout who married John Hardcastle in Sunderland (1789) : and from one of their children - Matthew Shout Hardcastle. Anyone know of this surname??
Family Surnames: Shout
LAWRENCE - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am looking for any information on George Lawrence, born 1811 and lived in Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland. He married Eleanor Steel from Whitby. I believe his parents may have come from Monmouthshire. Any information would be very welcome.
Family Surnames: Lawrence Steel
george barker murray - (Sunderland - Durham)
Possible son of John Henry Murray and Ann Eliza Barker.Any information please.Lived in Sunderland,Co.Durham
Family Surnames: Murray
Green or Scott? - (Sunderland - Durham)
my father was Charles Ranson Green.He was born in 1922. He said he was called after his father. I do not know his mothers name but it may have been Elizabeth nee Scott. I know he lived at Millfield and at Deptford.I would like to know more about his roots and earlier family members
Family Surnames: Green Scott
Sally Garside - (Sunderland - Durham)
trying to find info on a Sally Garside and a James Harold Garside they lived in sunderland first in the Roker area, then moved nearer town possibly to Cecil Street, No 18.this would be sometime in the years 1945 - 1949 ish.
Henderson - (Sunderland - Durham)
James Henderson living at 11 Bennett st on 1861 census with wife Isabella and children,Francis,Mary, Elizabeth,John and Jane<my gt gran>.Isabellas parents are also listed as Francis,70 and mary,70. i cannot make out their surname. thought it was cowans but have hit a brick wall. Any help appreciated.
Family Surnames: Henderson,Cowans
Hall,Green. - (Sunderland - Durham)
does anyone have a Ness or Nessie Hall in their family line or a NESS Green? Possible connection to Limehouse,Middlesex and definately Sunderland. there is a link to my family but not yet worked it out properly.can you satisfy my curiosity?
Family Surnames: Hall Green
Henderson - (Sunderland - Durham)
are there any descendants of sunderland Hendersons ?JAMES Born middlesex c1830 married Isabella Cowans march q 1851.CHILDREN:fRANCIS c1853,Mary E c1854,Elizabeth c1856,John c1858,Jane1861,Robert c1862,Isabella c1864,James c1865 and Ann 1869.Francis was a blacksmith.Jane married Robert Wood in1891 on new years day and remained in sunderland all her life.what happened to the others?
Family Surnames: Henderson
John Dolan - (Sunderland - Durham)
does anyone have any info on John Dolan born 1846 in Scotland.On 1881 census he was married to Alice but on 1891 she was down as a widow and had reverted to her first husbands name of Greiveson so it sounds as though they had split up. Dont know if he had died or cleared off.Cant find anything.Also wondered where in Scotland he was born and when he came to sunderland. anyone shed any light?
Family Surnames: Dolan,Greiveson
John Fisher - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for info on JOhn Fisher born 1841 mother Mary ?Pearson father John Fisher Master Mariner
Family Surnames: Fisher, Pearson
mushens - (Sunderland - Durham)
looking for more info on Elsie Mushens who married Ranson Green in 1935,sunderland.
Family Surnames: Mushens,Green
matty Green - (Sunderland - Durham)
Anyone have any information on Matthew H Green born sunderland.he was my dads cousin and bestman at his wedding in 1953.I understand he lived on Tunstall hill.He had a sister Dorothy and I think his mam was called Joanna.Sorry I dont have more to offer as yet.many thanks.
Family Surnames: Green
William Chalk/Elizabeth Benfield - (Sunderland - Durham)
William Chalk and Elizabeth Benfield are shown as the parents of Caroline Amelia Elizabeth Chalk born 28 June 1821 at Baptist Meeting House Sunderland on IGI. I am interested in the parents, where born and date. Happy to exchange information.
Family Surnames: Chalk/Benfield
Robert William Lay - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am looking for any information about the parents or siblings of Robert William Lay born about 1811 in Middlesex, he was a master mariner and he married Charlotte Hunter in 1833 in Sunderland, they had 6 children.
Family Surnames: Lay
Sunderland - (Sunderland - Durham)
Interested in and willing to share information on Straughan (also of South Shields and Alnwick), Williamson, Atkinson, Ross, Nichol, Douglass, Robson all from Sunderland. Cameron from Sunderland and Leeds. Dates roughly 1800-1900+.
Family Surnames: Straughan, Williamson, Cameron, Ross, Atkinson, Nichol, Douglass, Robson, Cameron
Crewkerne - (Sunderland - Durham)
Information available or sought on Stembridge in Crewkerne and later Bristol. Any occurrence of this name as a fore or middle name. Wilce of Crewkerne. Rendell of Crewkerne, Haselbury Plucknett and later Bristol.
Family Surnames: Stembridge, Rendell, Wilce
windley army? - (Sunderland - Durham)
Elizabeth Windley born c1813 married to John Hunter in sunderland on 1871 census ,birthplace listed as born in the army? I can find no info and dont know how to take it further as I dont understand.can anyone explain or offer advice please?
Family Surnames: Windley,Hunter
Robert Hunter - (Sunderland - Durham)
Robert Hunter born 1780 married Jane Barnes born 1788 in Newcastle - upon - Tyne. Marriage took place 1798 in Bishopwearsmouth, They had at least one child Robert born 1803 in Sunderland ,family moving to Scotland a few years later .
Family Surnames: Hunter Barnes
George William Herring - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am looking for information about my Grandfather George William Herring from Sunderland.
Family Surnames: Herring
Thompson, Rodham - (Sunderland - Durham)
Thomas Thompson of Earsdon, Northumberland married Ann Rodham of Hunstanworth, Co. Durham in Sunderland 1804. Any information on relatives would be great.
Family Surnames: Thompson, Rodham
greenlay - (Sunderland - Durham)
William Greenlay married Hannah Cook march quarter of 1867 in Sunderland.william was born in 1840 at Wykeham,Yorkshire and was a tailor.He died sept quarter 1896 at Sunderland.
Family Surnames: Greenlay Cook
Gooderick - (Sunderland - Durham)
1901 census for 51,Potts st,Pallion,sunderland.Francis R.Y. Gooderick age 52 occ,shipyard plater born sun.ANN Gooderick wife age 46 born sun,Rod w. Gooderick son age 24,shipyard plater.Frances Gooderick dau age 22,Charles Gooderick son age 18metal moulder, Francis son age 17ships caulker,Ann dau age 15,John S son age 14 rivet heater in shipyard, Allward son age 12,Lovie dau age 10,Edith dau age 8,dorothy dau age 4,and Arthur son age 0yrs.all born sunderland.
Family Surnames: Gooderick
Jane Ann Hutchinson - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for any information about Jane Ann Hutchinson b1838 Sunderland i believe she married Robert Pounder b 1838 Catterick, Tunstall North Yorkshire Thanks
Family Surnames: Hutchinson
Perry - Simmons - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for information about my great grandparents Walter Frederick Perry b.1877 in Barrow in Furness & Isabel Simmons b. 1878 Sunderland. Isabel lived at 10 Clark Terrace, Bishopwearmouth (1881) and in 1901 they were living at 6 Gladstone Terrace. They had at least 8 children one of whom was my grandmother Florence. Does anyone have any information about this family or pictures of these 2 addresses? Thanks Lyn
Family Surnames: Perry Simmons
HOWELL - (Sunderland - Durham)
would like to hear from anyone researching the descendants of Mark William HOWELL born Bristol, moved to Sunderland and settled there, he married Catherine nee DUFFEY.
Family Surnames: Howell And Duffey
Dobson of Sunderland - (Sunderland - Durham)
William Clarice dobson, my GGgrandfather, was born in Sunderland (Monkwwearmouth) in 1838, son of Thomas, a gamekeeper, mother not known. He was a ship's carpenter, and had one child who survived infancy, Thomas b 1858. William died around 1865,(drowned, according to family story) after which his widow Hannah (nee Ratcliff) married Edward Goodman. Does anyone have any information about him? thanks
Family Surnames: Dobson
William CARTER - (Sunderland - Durham)
William Carter a 50 yr old Spirit Merchant in 1841 census with wife Mary 23, daughter Mary 3, Elizabeth 9 months and a servant. Living at Church Walk ,Sunderland. Any further info on William's family gratefully received as can't locate them on 1851 census. William could be dead and Mary remarried? William was definately dead by 1857 when his daughter Mary married into the LORD family also of Church Walk, Sunderland. William possibly married before due to gap in age William 50 & Mary 23 yrs! Thanks
Family Surnames: Carter
John W.H. Smith - (Sunderland - Durham)
I am trying to trace my uncle john Smith born 1898 in Sunderland. His parents were Albert and Frances Smith.
Family Surnames: Smith
Dee Family - (Sunderland - Durham)
Looking for William Dee b abt 1796/9 Bishopwearmouth Durham, looking for a connection with Hook norton Oxford.
Elliott Mark - (Sunderland - Durham)
Mark Elliott B C 1825, Marr, Isabella Hudspith C 1850, arr Vic Aust C 1856. Mark F John, M Ann Davison. Isabella B C 1825 F Edward Hudspith ,M Ann/Rachele Arthur. any help appreciated,thanks Norma G
Family Surnames: Elliott
Help needed please - (Sunderland - Durham)
Can anybody help me with a search. I have been trying to locate a JOHN RUNDLE dob 1865/1867. He was born in SUNDERLAND. I cannot locate his birth certificate to clarify who his parents were. Also his first marriage to SARAH GIBSON around 1886/1888 I think, is proving hard to find. Hope there is someone out there that can help with this problem.
Family Surnames: Rundle
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